Bercow, Vaz and Farter Cuck

Vaz appears to have engaged solicitors Carter Ruck in an effort to keep people quiet, according to Guido Fawkes, spreading “letters before action” around like confetti. HT   Government Watch [13]


I am not sure whether Bercow is using Carter Ruck as well or has employed another firm of solicitors, but this Times article is marked that it is subject to a legal complaint by Mr Bercow.

2017 Feb 11 Times Bercow blocked Vaz revelations after accepting poll donations [2] 


The article revealed that Bercow had blocked revelations about Keith Vaz, and that Bercow had accepted many donations from friends of Vaz.

That full article is here – Three Times Articles on Bercow and Vaz 11 Feb 2017 [1] , see also Appendix 2 below

I wonder if Bercow is paying his legal bill or whether the public is being forced to?


Golden Bercow

Vaz has also made legal moves against the Mail

vazrentboysue2 vazrentboysue

That is covered in post Petitions, Pinheads, Police and Vaz  [4].

The Telegraph has also withdrawn an article about Vaz – Order Order Telegraph Vaz Bercow Story Disappears [16] 


Legal action via Carter Ruck from Vaz could also well explain why this petition was taken down.


The orginal Sun article about a paedo MP however is still up  Cops told: Top Labour MP is paedo [17]


According to the Sun the MP

  • had  lads “delivered” to his room at a hotel near a police station
  • abused boys at a hospital’s mental health unit
  • left one so terrified he fears for his life if he ever speaks out
  • showed an “unhealthy” interest in the two young sons of a local councillor
  • displayed a liking for “young ragamuffins”,
  • was seen as untouchable by police because of his revered

Guido Fawkes published that the MP was Keith Vaz [5]


The Mirror’s original articles are here as well  Married MP Keith Vaz tells prostitutes in his flat: ‘Bring poppers’ … ‘We need to get this party started’ [12] 

mirror-vazOrder Order reported Carter Ruck as saying that Keith Vaz

  • has never paid “rent boys for sex”
  • never had “sex” with “rent boys”

I would like to see Keith Vaz say that.

alisdairpepper2Alisdair Pepper is a partner at Carter Ruck and believed to be behind some of the legal threats to defend Vaz’s reputation.

Pepper has been known to defend “a conman, a liar and a disgrace to the legal profession”. Defending of course often involves attacking others.  A disgraceful conman, an over-zealous libel firm, and the question of press freedom [14]

“Salty” has been with Carter Ruck since he qualified in 1984.

Carter Ruck have a special reputation.

To explain what Peter Carter Ruck was like, please read this enlightening obituary from a ex partner of Carter Ruck solicitors, in Appendix 1, which follows this section.

He “did for freedom of speech what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door salesmen”. He liked to  “bill the clients as the tears are flowing.”

Many think Carter Ruck are bad for free speech, such as when they tried to keep quiet this report on toxic waste dumping in West Africa, Minton report: Carter-Ruck give up bid to keep Trafigura study secret [6]

Carter Ruck even tried to stop a Commons debate on the grounds that it was sub judice, Carter-Ruck in new move to stop debate in parliament [9]. Luckily the Speaker, a more youthful John Bercow said “It is not sub judice under the house’s rules … There is no question of our own proceedings being in any way inhibited.”

Carter Ruck have been accused of “legal bullying” and their speciality in their letters is using phrases like “private and confidential, not for publication or broadcast”, to do so “would risk incurring considerable liability”. They often pick on the small and vulnerable, not capable of paying for legal action.  Soil Association given libel warning after objection to huge pig farm  [7]

A high court judge branded a Carter Ruck bill bill of nearly £20,000 for a half day court as “grossly extravagant”.  Judge rails at law firm’s £20,000 bill [11]

When money is your king, ethics go out of the window, if you had any to start with.

His clients included Princes Elizabeth of Toro, Stewart Granger, Robert Maxwell, Diana Lamplugh, Randolph Churchill, Sir James Goldsmith and Lucian Freud. He also acted for many members of the Conservative Party, including Neil Hamilton, Norman Lamont, Michael Heseltine, Norman Tebbit, Nigel Lawson, Cecil Parkinson and Edwina Currie, see Peter Carter-Ruck [12] Many will say yes exactly.

Peter Carter Ruck asked Private Eye if they would stop printing the first letter of Ruck as an F, (ie Carter Fuck). Their response, not unpredictably, was to print the first letter of Carter as an F as well (ie Farter Fuck). “I think my relationship with Private Eve is now definitely hate,” he said later. [12]

Many of these stories are shown here Guardian Carter Ruck [5]

I thoroughly recommend a book called The Poor Had No Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland and How They Got it [21] It tells of how landowners became landowners and then made a class of well paid liars (lawyers) to justify it for them.

poor-had-no-lawyersThe book is by Andy Wightman who coincidentally has just released a blog post called Defamation [20].  Lawyers bullying people essentially.

Lawyers and IICSA  and child sexual abuse, well better not get into that just now..

But I digress, here is a classic taking apart of Carter Ruck by an ex partner, which shows what the man was like, and the values he imparted to the company that carries his name.

Appendix 1

2003 Dec 23 Guardian The Carter-Ruck Chill [3] 

The man who created the modern libel industry was a dedicated liar and a reactionary with a lust for cash

The libel lawyer Peter Carter-Ruck, who died on Friday, had a chilling effect on the media. He was a chancer, out for the maximum fee. And he did for freedom of speech what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door salesmen.

Until Carter-Ruck got his teeth into the libel law, actions were infrequent and inexpensive. But from the 1950s, Carter-Ruck became the leading libel lawyer and clients sought him out. He honed his menacing letters to encourage socialites to sue for imagined slights and fashion a weapon for politicians to suppress hostile stories. He preferred the bludgeon of the writ to the rather more effective call to an editor preferred by Lord Goodman. He established the idea that libel law was complicated and merited very high fees. In the process he became very rich. “I like to bill the clients as the tears are flowing,” he told me.

Libel was good to him: four homes, a Rolls-Royce and a string of yachts called Fair Judgement. But perniciously he built a libel factory, paid for by the media’s legal and insurance bills. Carter-Ruck had some novel techniques. You could only settle a libel action by paying his exorbitant fees without any question of the bill being checked by the court. He hit upon the wheeze of Randolph Churchill retaining all the libel QCs to prevent them acting for Private Eye (a practice since banned) and of serial libel actions, as in the case of Princess Elizabeth of Toro (which brought us the term “Ugandan discussions”).

His practice had rightwing connections. With Carter-Ruck at the helm, the firm of Oswald Hickson Collier acted for the Conservative party and the likes of Norman Tebbit and Cecil Parkinson.

In his memoirs he praised the rightwing financier Sir James Goldsmith for alleviating the injustice of the lack of legal aid with money from a foundation. He said it let solicitors assess cases in the same way as the Legal Aid Board would. However, the assessor was none other than Carter-Ruck, and his firm was paid, win or lose. The beneficiaries tended not to be widows and orphans but rightwing politicos such as Neil Hamilton, who trousered £20,000 from the BBC for a Panorama programme – Carter-Ruck’s bill was £240,000.

The Goldsmith Foundation’s other beneficiaries included Brian Crozier, a cold war enthusiast with intelligence links, and an official of the breakaway Union of Democratic Mineworkers who sued Arthur Scargill.

Once described as the Margaret Thatcher of defamation law, Carter-Ruck was a conviction libel lawyer. If he acted for the plaintiff, he thought it the most outrageous libel; if for the defendant, the case should never have been bought. The common thread was to extract the maximum.

Carter-Ruck had one row after another with his partners. In 1977 they tried to boot him out and after four years’ litigation were successful when he decamped to another part of the same building to form Peter Carter-Ruck & Partners. Within four years all his founding partners had left, including his daughter.

I left his firm in pure Carter-Ruck circumstances. Heinemann, for whom we acted, was publishing a book about the Ford family, by Robert Lacey. I was told by Carter-Ruck that there was no conflict in our advising. Lacey sent part of the book to Henry Ford for comment. Later I found Carter-Ruck advising Ford that the book was full of libel. He proved unable to give a truthful explanation.

Cases brought by Tudor Roberts, a solicitor, and the journalist Derek Jameson illustrate the Carter-Ruck techniques. In 1985 Roberts was awarded £20,000 damages against Private Eye plus costs on the higher scale. I agreed before I left Carter-Ruck’s firm that he would only pay the costs recoverable from Private Eye. Carter-Ruck, however, billed Roberts £60,000. The cost judge allowed only £18,567. My assurance was ignored. Carter Ruck wanted the lot. It was two years before Roberts was reimbursed his damages and the legal costs he had earlier paid.

Derek Jameson, as a tabloid editor, had been unwisely advised to sue the BBC over a satirical sketch. Carter-Ruck said Jameson would get £25,000-£50,000. David Eady QC advised Carter-Ruck in writing that Jameson accept the £10 that the BBC had offered in settlement plus his costs. Carter-Ruck concealed this opinion from Jameson. Jameson lost the case and was sent a bill by Carter Ruck for £41,342.50. When he learned by chance of the QC’s pessimistic advice, Carter-Ruck told him a string of lies.

· David Hooper is a media lawyer and was a partner of Peter Carter-Ruck

This is also very interesting Guardian  Carter Ruck [5]

Appendix 2

2017 Feb 11 Times Bercow blocked Vaz revelations after accepting poll donations [1]

John Bercow stopped the Commons being warned about police inquiries into Keith Vaz after accepting tens of thousands of pounds from the MP’s associates.

The Speaker, who is required to be scrupulously fair as chairman of the lower house, took the gifts to help him to hold on to his parliamentary seat at the general elections in 2010 and 2015.

The Times used the Freedom of Information Act to request details of all Mr Vaz’s communications with the Speaker’s office but Mr Bercow forbade any material to be disclosed. He signed a formal certificate presented to Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s information commissioner, saying that to hand anything over would “prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs”.

However, he has recently made decisions that may be seen as helpful to the Leicester East MP, raising concerns of a potential conflict of interest.

When the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen privately alerted the Speaker in September 2015 about allegations being made to police, Mr Bercow declined to ask Mr Vaz to quit as chairman of the influential home affairs select committee. The Speaker also stopped Mr Bridgen from telling the Commons details about the police looking into an alleged abuse of public office by Mr Vaz.

The Labour MP’s role as the select committee chairman enabled him to question police chiefs. He resigned only after an unrelated scandal last year involving a sex party with two rent boys. Less than two months later MPs appointed Mr Vaz as a member of the justice committee, which scrutinises the director of public prosecutions. He remains under investigation by the Commons sleaze watchdog for damaging the reputation of the House.

The contributors had every right to give Mr Bercow donations. The Speaker broke no rules but his judgment may be called into question.

The Speaker is traditionally returned unopposed at general elections but Nigel Farage and some independents stood against Mr Bercow in his Buckingham seat in 2010. Ukip did so again in 2015. The Times has now discovered that most of the gifts accepted by Mr Bercow to fund his re-election campaigns came from associates of Mr Vaz.

When Narinder Chadha, chairman of the management board of Mr Vaz’s Silver Star charity, was asked about a £2,501 gift he gave Mr Bercow, he responded: “Who is John Bercow?” Informed that he was the Speaker, Mr Chadha said that Mr Vaz asked for the donation. Mr Vaz was entitled to encourage a donation to the Speaker.

Other donations include:

• £5,000 from the London College of Accountancy, founded by Ravi Gill, which also donates to Mr Vaz;

• £2,500 from Arjan and Jaya Vekaria. The late Mr Vekaria, a leading Hindu, was once singled out for praise by Mr Vaz in the Commons. Vascroft Holdings, in which Mr Vekaria was a shareholder, gave £3,500;

• £2,500 from the late Lord Noon, a Labour donor whose memorial tribute in the Commons was hosted by Mr Vaz;

• £2,500 from Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s fundraiser who, along with Mr Vaz, was named in controversies over donations from the Hinduja brothers and the steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal;

• £2,500 from Dreamsland, a business owned by Neeraj Patil and his wife. Dr Patil was encouraged by Mr Vaz to place a bust of an Indian statesman opposite the Commons. At an event organised by Mr Vaz, Dr Patil gave a statue of the historic figure to Mr Bercow. The doctor later gave a bust of Mr Bercow to the Speaker;

• £5,000 from Madhu’s, a restaurant chain run by Sanjay and Sanjeev Anand, friends of Mr Vaz and Mr Bercow. The Speaker first met Sanjay Anand at a competition co-founded by Mr Vaz for MPs’ favourite Indian restaurants;

• £7,500 from Sun Mark, founded by Rami Ranger, a businessman whose Dr Rami Ranger CBE Enterprise Lecture at South Bank University last year was given by Mr Vaz. Mr Bercow wrote the preface to Dr Ranger’s autobiography;

• £5,000 from Kishorkant Bhattessa, part of a movement that runs Hindu temples where Mr Vaz has been a guest;

• £2,500 from APX Autopart Express, whose directors included Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia, who was presented with a business award at an event attended by Mr Vaz.

Of £58,000 raised for Mr Bercow’s campaigns, £41,000 came from donors who would have been familiar with Mr Vaz. Three gifts worth £7,500 from Mr Vaz’s associates were registered by the Speaker on one day in 2010. In the space of 11 days in November 2014, Mr Bercow received £17,500 from five sources who would have been known to the MP.

Apart from Mr Chadha, the other donors who responded to The Times said that they knew Mr Bercow and denied that their gifts were influenced or solicited by Mr Vaz.

Mr Bercow’s friendship with Mr Vaz has been looking increasingly unwise. On the day after a Sunday newspaper revealed details of Mr Vaz’s sex party, Mr Bercow called on him in the Commons to speak. The Speaker squeezed Mr Vaz’s wrist and gave him a pat on the back. Police cleared Mr Vaz of criminality over the orgy.

When Labour nominated Mr Vaz for the justice committee, Mr Bridgen tried to alert the House about the Leicestershire police issue. Mr Bridgen launched into a speech about police examining claims that Mr Vaz may have “abused his position in public office” but Mr Bercow twice interrupted him. From the Speaker’s chair, Mr Bercow defended his own refusal to act on the previous tip-off. He said it was “not for the Speaker of this House to persuade someone to step down as the chair of a committee because of suspicions that some people might have”.

Mr Vaz has said he knew of no investigation.

When an MP asked Mr Bercow to publish his letters with Mr Bridgen, the Speaker declined, saying: “There is no uncertainty or dubiety whatsoever about the correspondence.”

Mr Bercow found himself in an unprecedented situation, being advised that police had heard a complaint about a committee chairman. There was no obligation on the Speaker to act.

Mr Bercow told The Times that all the donors were known to him and he had met them all in a variety of settings and on a number of occasions.

Mr Vaz said members of the Asian community contributed to the election campaigns of MPs including Mr Bercow who were admired because of their commitment to diversity.

Edited Transcript

The Times “Did you donate money to John Bercow in 2010?”

Narinder Singh Chadha, former chairman of the management board of Keith Vaz’s diabetes charity “Who is John Bercow?”

The Times “The Speaker.”

Narinder Chadha “Yes. He, Keith Vaz, said you know we need to make some money or something so for the . . . who is he . . . is the House of what?”

The Times “And you paid that money because Keith Vaz asked you to? Why did he ask you to pay for it? Why did he ask you to donate to John Bercow?”

Narinder Chadha “He normally asks for Labour party things like that so just for the party sake or something. He asks me so I just gave him.”

The Times “I know it was a long time ago. Did he tell you any more about why he wanted you to do it?”

Narinder Chadha “No, he says it’s for the Labour party, for the Labour Party.”

The Times “Are you a member of Labour party?”

Narinder Chadha “No.”

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]

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  2. Tom Young says:

    Interesting to see Brian Crozier mentioned… Bercow’s best man, Dr Julian Lewis was one of the key players in his UK operations with Le Cercle and the ’61’.

    Also worth bearing in mind it was Lewis who was responsible for the demise of Scallywag, including disappeance of many of the original documents regarding abuse in North Wales. He also helped Gordon Anglesea, the Paedophile North Wales Police Superindendent escape justice.

    How convenient then that Nadhmi Auchi, a key player in Le Cercle has done extensive business with Vaz over the years, including Vaz’s time at General Mediterranean Holdings, Auchi’s company which has also seen former head of Le Cercle Norman Lamont on the board, along with head of investigations into Dutroux, Marc Verwilghen

    Believe you me, they ain’t gonna libel any of that

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  3. Yes i saw the Crozier reference but hadnt followed it through. thanks for all that info, very interesting and useful


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