Kathleen Sullivan – Mind Controlled Slave

Trigger Warning – pictures and text are disturbing

Kathleen Sullivan’s book Unshackled, about her life as a mind controlled slave is less well known than Cathy O’Briens and Brice Taylor’s books on mind control. It should not be.

It is a true story of a girl abused and mind controlled by torture and trauma since a baby, by her father, various US secret services and covert personnel and institutions.

Kathleen’s mind was shattered into over a thousand alters, many of which were black ops and assassination alters.

My post on Fiona Bartlett – My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”  [9] which comprised pictures that she had drawn in therapy is extremely popular, partly I think because it crosses any language barriers. This present post on Kathleen Sullivan includes the pictures Kathleen drew in therapy, which all come from her book Unshackled [2] pdf download [2a]

Further information from Kathleen can be found on her archived personal website [8] and her archived survivor help website Parc-Vramc [1].

Kathleen adopted the policy of not revealing names in her book, as the blowback was potentially too great, but she made a revealing comment after these articles, The True Story about Mark Phillips [6]. The articles make a good case that Mark Phillips,  partner of Cathy O’Brien, who saved her – is actually her controller. Kathleen gives her experience of this and includes that Kissinger was one of her primary owners, along with the White House, the CIA and Robert Maxwell of Great Britain.

After the drawings in Appendix 1, I have also included lists of people and institutions who were involved in Mind Control which are from Kathleen Sullivan website archive U.S. Government Human Research Project Lists:CIA’s MKULTRA and other related projects [8b] There is a section on British involvement.

In Appendix 1 and 2 there is also information about people who worked for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation with some of their quotes from the above link and Kathleen Sullivan website archive Head Games [8a]

Kathleen Sullivan’s Drawings c 1990 from her therapy


After the Murder of Baby Rose

Fear clutched my heart as I held my baby girl tightly. I felt doom,
although I didn’t know why. When I looked at Dad again, he held out a
large, sharp knife with a black handle, similar to the knife he’d used in
rituals when I was a child, putting his hands over mine and forcing me to
kill precious babies.
My mind short-circuited. Dad looked into my eyes and said, “If you
don’t kill her, I will.” Instantly, a succession of ritually conditioned alterstates
emerged. Each one frantically assessed the situation, trying to figure
a way out. When one part saw no way out, that part went under and
the next part came out.
They knew they could try to run with Rose to the distant houses and
yell for help, but since Dad was a cross-country athlete, they couldn’t
outdistance him. They could try to fight him, but he was much stronger,
and where could they put the baby to keep him from hurting her in the
struggle? And if he killed me or I killed myself, there was no telling what
he’d do to her.
A mother-part emerged and stared at my baby’s sweet face. She tried
to comfort herself with the knowledge that Rose would soon be with
God in heaven, where He’d keep her safe and surrounded with His love.
And even if it killed the mother-part, she was determined to be the one
to do it with every ounce of love in her. She would not allow Dad’s cruel,
filthy hands to touch Rose’s innocent body. She’d seen Dad rape baby
girls to death. He was not going to do it to Rose! She’d kill her first, with
love and gentleness. She wanted the love and reassurance in her own
eyes to be the last thing Rose would see.
As she prepared to cut Rose’s carotid arteries, she felt such piercing
pain, she realized she couldn’t go through with it. She couldn’t kill the
most important person in her universe. When she submerged and a
ritually conditioned child alter-state emerged, Dad noticed the shift and
grinned. As he’d done so many times in the past, he put his right hand
atop mine and forced it to cut Rose’s soft neck. I believe it was a mercy
that the child alter-state didn’t recognize Rose as her child. Dad forced
my hand to cut Rose’s carotid arteries, one at a time.
After the deed was done, the mother-part reemerged. She wanted to
scream with wild grief as she saw the blood pulse and Rose’s precious
eyes faded to dull, then black. She was losing her baby, dear God, she
was losing her baby. As Rose’s eyes stopped seeing, she told herself,
“She’s with God now. She’s safe.” But the dark pain of her baby’s leaving
was unbearable.
She didn’t move as she watched Dad carry Rose by her ankles to keep
from getting her blood on him. He wouldn’t allow the alter-state to bury
Rose. He said that since the baby came from my body, she was garbage.
He put her precious body in a black, plastic garbage bag and threw it into
a nearby commercial sized, metal dumpster.

Dad clamped me to his saw table to torture me with electricity


Woman Ritually Murdered by Dad

Dad with ritual robe and knife


Dad ritually killing boy atop me


Dolly/Dreia Ritualistic Energy Transfers

Dolly, who also answered to the cult name Dreia, was developmentally
stuck at the age of seven. Dad had taught occult beliefs to her that he’d
said he had mostly gotten from the writings of the infamous British
Satanist and intelligence operative, Aleister Crowley.
Sometimes, Dad’s cult had met in a large old gray stone building in or
near Reading. A thick, gray, granite altar, upon which babies were murdered,
was in one of the rooms. Dad told Dolly that the most powerful
life-energy was stored in the blood of babies because they hadn’t sinned
yet. He said that a weaker but still effective life-force was stored in the
semen of animals and humans. He seemed to believe that his body would
never deteriorate or grow old if he continuously ingested both. He made
Dolly do the same.
As Dolly tried to explain these beliefs to a nurse at Bethesda, she said
that Dad acted as if he were a battery that needed to be recharged by
blood and semen–either human or animal. In my sketchbook, she drew a
succession of diagrams of hooded adult cult members positioned in and
around the encircled hexagram. She drew pictures of the sequence of one
ritual from beginning to end. Dolly was proud to have been an occult
practitioner and wrote a page–with graphic illustrations–about the
Magick that Dad had taught her during those rituals.
Eventually, Dolly felt the horror of what she’d been involved in
as a child. Alone in the hospital bedroom, she frantically searched
for something to kill herself with. She tried to remove metal screws
from a metal window frame to cut her wrists, but they wouldn’t
come loose. She tried to escape by opening an emergency door–it didn’t
There wasn’t any point of trying to walk out the building’s main
door–the staff constantly checked with me and other clients to make
sure that unfamiliar alter-states wouldn’t break and run if we strolled
around the hospital grounds. Dolly was trapped with no way out, other
than to talk and heal.Catalina channeling little Kathys rage

Catalina and Andreia – Dad beat man to death

Andreia – Teenaged Part
Andreia recalled having watched Dad beat a male cult member to
death in a ritual room in Pennsylvania. In the picture, the unconscious
man hung by his wrists that were tied with a rope that was attached to a
pulley Dad had previously fastened to the ceiling. (These were the same
pulleys Dad used, when making me and other children hang from the
ceiling in cages—sometimes for days.)
Andreia mourned the red-bearded man’s death. Although she’d been
one of his sexual “partners” during orgies, he’d been kind to her. And
because of what she’d seen Dad do when he lost control of his rage,
Andreia feared her own anger and worried that her rage might go out of
control and hurt others.


Andreia – My Rainbow Programming


Renee – her part of the memory of Dad Ritually Murdering a female cult member

During Friday night rituals, Dad had created Renee and then triggered
her out by name. Each time, he had commanded her to sit naked on a
wooden altar. The guilt of not being harmed, while being forced to watch
Dad hurt other children and adults, had been unbearable. Renee still felt
partly responsible for what was done to them because she was, after all,
Dad’s daughter. She had also been conscious during a part of the New
York City ritual. She provided more details about that event. Softhearted,
Renee wept every time she emerged. She was so full of grief that she had
great difficulty speaking.

Renee wrote that she’d watched Dad commit several daytime murders
of adult cult members in Pennsylvania. They were so gory and inhumane
that Renee was convinced nobody could save her from Dad. He was allpowerful,
not just at home, but even within the cult! Because he first
accused each victim of having told outsiders about cult activities, Renee
also believed she must never talk about what she’d witnessed.


Andreia Coffin Memories

Andreia remembered another terrible childhood memory and drew
four sequential pictures of it. I was about six years old. It was a warm
day; the grass was green and Andreia was clad in blue shorts and a red,
short-sleeved T-shirt. At first, she stood near Dad and several other male
cult members in a cemetery. She clearly felt helpless because in the first
picture, in which she stood next to a deep dirt hole holding an unearthed
coffin, she didn’t draw her legs or feet. She wrote, “They made me stand
beside the coffin they put the dirt on the black cloth.”
In the second picture, she was lying on her back inside the open
coffin, down in the hole. She drew her legs, but her hands and feet were
still missing–signifying that she’d been unable to run or fight against
the men.
She wrote, “They take the lady [fresh corpse] out and make me lay in the
coffin and shut it. I pretend I am dead then they open it and put her back in
on top of me. I will not draw that she has no head. This is just a bad dream.
I will wake up soon. She has juices come out of her neck, they get on my
face and hair and top. Bad Bad Bad. I am dead. No more bad things.”
The memory of the “juices” was, by far, the most gruesome part of the
entire memory. It was beyond any horror I’d previously relived. Because
I couldn’t stand the physical sensations and visual flashbacks, I called
Bethesda and asked one of the nurses for help. She talked to Andreia and
asked her to draw a closed coffin. On that page, Andreia wrote: “The lady
told me to close my memory until I can see the doctor. Coffin U R Locked
until I say so!”

Exactly one week after the memory first emerged, Andreia met with
the therapist in his office. Having a supportive listener helped Andreia,
tears and snot flowing, to survive the memory of the decapitated woman
lying atop her, crushing her to where she could barely breathe.
At home that night, she drew a picture of the open coffin, with Andreia
lying beneath the decapitated body that still wore a dress. Because young
child Andreia was now blending and sharing information with me, and
me with her, she now used grown-up words to explain the logic that had
kept her sane: “Her body was there but her soul was gone. My body was
there and my soul was still there too. She was dead but I was alive. Not
the same! Who was she? Was she somebody important to them? What
was the purpose in them doing this?”
Underneath the picture, she wrote: “I got gooey stuff–slimy–on my
face and hair and shirt. They took me to [a female cult member’s] house.
She made me take a shower and she washed my clothes so no one would
ever know.”
In this journal entry, Andreia seemed to be describing the trauma that
had initially created her. Because her personality was like mine, and
because she didn’t identify herself by a new name during that horror, Dad
hadn’t realized that she wasn’t the host alter-state. I believe this is why
Andreia was able to stay hidden from Dad for decades, conserving my
sense of innate goodness and my ability to love.


Gloria – Recurring Childhood Nightmare

Gloria – tortured by Dad with Cattle Prod

Teenaged Gloria held my grief over a fetus that Dad had forced me
to abort and then ingest during a ritual, when I was a teenager. She
held other memories, too. She was the female I had seen in the bathroom
mirror in recurring childhood nightmares. During each of those
dreams, I was unable to cover my ears or turn away as she screamed.
I’ve never forgotten waking up from these nightmares, drenched with
sweat, praying that I wouldn’t see the screaming lady again in my
When Gloria drew pictures of her experiences in my sketch pad, I
finally learned why she had screamed in the nightmares. Dad had bound
her to a wooden cross and had vaginally tortured her with a cattle prod.
Gloria seemed to compartmentalize my blackest rage and my strongest
memories of physical pain.


Margaret Bed of Nails    Margaret tortured by Fire

A child part that Dad had named Margaret was my only fully analgesic
alter-state. Because she’d been created through torture paired with
hypnosis, she was able to block out all physical pain. Margaret had
stopped developing, mentally and emotionally, at the age of nine.
One day at home, Margaret proved to me that she could feel no pain if
injured. She took control of the body while I watched (at those times,
I visualized my body as a vehicle; the dominant alter-state “drove” while
I observed from the “back seat”). She pushed a fairly large sewing needle
through the web of skin between my left thumb and index finger. As long
as she had control of the body and I just watched, I felt no pain at all;
neither did she. When she receded and I regained full control of the body,
however, I felt the pain. I was in awe.
Margaret drew several pictures of childhood torture sessions. She
wrote about a gray-haired man she’d known as a “pain giver.” He had
spoken kindly to her while he’d done the most awful things. His gentle
voice and demeanor had been crucial in helping Margaret to dissociate
completely from the pain he’d inflicted. By focusing on his voice, she
totally blocked out what he did to the body.
In one picture, Margaret drew a picture of him holding the flame of a lit
candle under my left arm’s soft flesh. She wrote, “Old Man Gray har [sic]
likes me.” The cognitive dissonance created by what he was doing, as
opposed to his presenting himself as a caring person, was mind-splitting.
Suppressing her fear and horror, Margaret emotionally attached to the
torturer. He was much kinder in his face and voice than Dad had
ever been.
During another “test,” Margaret noted that Dad seemed fascinated as
he stood silently, watching. First, the older man threw a live cat on a bed
of nails that were affixed to a large wooden board that had been set on
the floor, the points of the long nails sticking straight up. The cat
screeched loudly as it scrambled off, bleeding. Then the older man told
Margaret to lie on her back. When she obeyed, she felt no pain. As he
examined her back afterwards, he said, “Very impressive,” and commented
on the absence of blood. Dad seemed pleased, which added to
Margaret’s sense of pride.
The older sadist’s final act was to dislocate all the fingers on one of my
hands. Again, Margaret felt nothing. The torturer popped each digit back
into place, telling Margaret that she had “passed the test.” Again she felt
The ability to block out pain when injured, and to trance so that I
didn’t bleed, was crucial when I was sent into dangerous situations as an
adult. I was made to believe that if I was disabled by any injury, my handlers
would kill me. Since I wanted to stay alive, I tranced to stop any
bleeding. I didn’t want them to notice an injury and kill me!


Melissa Aged 8 Split off Dick Tracey Alter State 

Triggered by the robes, I developed a new part, Melissa, that was able
to remember both the rituals and portions of my experiences in this big
Knowing that Melissa couldn’t express her rage directly at the blackrobed
men, Dad pointed at the “bum” and said, “Kill the bad man.” After
he told the man to “start running,” Dad then handed Melissa either a large
knife or a loaded handgun. He never ordered Melissa to go after more
than one “bad man” per training session.

Because I loved reading Sunday morning comic strips, I created a new
alter-state that split off from Melissa. Dick Tracy visualized himself
wearing a black fedora and overcoat as he chased after each man, fully
intending to end the bad man’s life. Each time he cornered the man, he
brutally killed him. (I think this happened because: the rage made me
unusually strong; the street people that Dad chose were probably weakened
by malnutrition and debilitating alcoholism; and the shock of being
attacked by an eight-year-old girl may have kept them from fighting back
until it was too late. Knowing Dad’s bag of tricks, he may also have
drugged them.) My Dick Tracey alter-state felt completely justified
because Dad had said they were bad men.

Marla was taught how to cut a body and remove organs. Annie shared consciousness

Marla, an adult alter-state, wrote that when she was young, she’d
been sent to “special classes” to learn how to dismember bodies. She
wrote about a black liquid that had been poured into the stomach cavities
by an adult male trainer. She’d been given black gloves with a red border
around the wrists, and had used a special set of surgical tools kept in a
black velvet-lined case. She wrote that she’d only emerged to dismember
bodies after the victims were dead. She’d used “precise, scientific thinking
and over-awareness of colors and artistic patterns of the bodies as
coping mechanisms.” She had no noticeable emotions.


Left Hand Writing The drawing above has not reproduced in correct proportion. I leave it in to illustrate that when Kathleen wrote with her left hand, memories stored on the right side of her brain came out, instead of the usual memories.


Group of child alters as diagrammed by a child part

At home, Dad-the-engineer drew flowcharts of my “systems” of alterstates,
leaving them on his easel in our upstairs screened-in porch.
Because he drew the systems in code, only he and some of my alterstates
understood what the charts represented. Those parts believed him
when he told them he knew me better than I knew myself.
Although non-traumatic hypnosis could have effectively been used to
control my mind, Dad clearly preferred using trauma-based programming
to split it. To create a new system (group) of alter-states, he first triggered
(called out) a primary alter-state that he’d previously created. When that
alter-state emerged, he traumatized that alter-state, sometimes using electricity,
until that part couldn’t take any more pain. That part “went under,”
leaving another part of my mind conscious to endure the next trauma.3
Dad called this technique chain programming. He traumatized one
alter-state after another, verbally assigning each one an individualized
code name, until I stopped functioning altogether. When that happened,
he knew he’d gone as far as he could. He’d start the next session on
another day, again calling out a primary alter-state and then traumatizing
that part to create another succession of linked alter-states and personality
Somehow, Dad knew that if a trauma was familiar, a previously conscious
part would emerge that had coped with that type of trauma before.
The only way he could create new alter-states and personality fragments
was to expose me to traumas that I hadn’t yet learned how to cope with.
Using this technique, Dad eventually created over a thousand alter-states
and personality fragments in my shattered mind. He assigned each one a
code name that was later used by him and other professional handlers to
trigger them back out into consciousness. He also took me to spend time
with other adults, allegedly working for the CIA, who used more sophisticated
techniques to program and train many of these alter-states.

Through methodical manipulations via drugs, hypnosis, torture and
training, it is possible to create a Manchurian Candidate; a programmable
person with absolute obedience. There seems to be no limit to the
complexity and ingenuity employed in this process. Handlers pick and
choose alters, assign them duties, and give them their own set of memories,
instructions, triggers, and fail-safe booby traps, to ensnare anyone
attempting psychological reconstruction of the self. Once the ability to
fragment has been established, other alters are cultivated to amplify their
skills and taught how to best serve their master. Examples of controlled
programming can be found among serial killers, mass murderers, and
even terrorists whose “inexplicable” crimes explode in living color on
our television screens.

These are some of the activities that my covert op programmed alterstates
performed while under the control of professional handlers:
• Protection, body-guarding, and escorting
• Assassinations
• Hostage interventions and rescue
• Arms smuggling, including transportation of small rockets
• Bombings and sabotage
• Teaching children how use standard and makeshift weapons
against mock adult attackers
• Kidnapping
• Taking out snipers
• Surveillance
• Torture and interrogation
• Clandestine photography
• Clandestine search of an organization’s files
• Killing assassin-programmed individuals who had gone out of
control and were an imminent danger to those around them.
(Because they were so dissociated they felt no pain when injured,
I was trained to kill them in a particularly gruesome way.)
Professional handlers used a succession of my pre-programmed covert
op alter-states to successfully perform each operation. Afterwards, I was
transported home with no memory of the event.
My black op (assassin) trained alter-states were even more specialized.
Through hundreds of repetitive acts, each was conditioned to kill in at
least one of the following ways: zip wire, gun, knife, or chemicals. Other
methods were also used on certain ops. The zip wires were sometimes
sewn into loosely-basted hems of garments, particularly blouses and
jackets, with soft ends to protect my hands from being sliced through.
Each black op alter-state was trained to use at least one type of
weapon. Some were also trained to select a certain number of objects or
surfaces in any environment to use as makeshift weapons.
In the early 1990s, I was severely re-traumatized as I remembered
the crimes that I’d been forced to commit. As I resuscitated the dead
parts of my soul, I felt the immense emotions of pain, grief, and horror
that I hadn’t felt during the actual ops.

Reversing Dads Guilt Messages

Appendix 1

Hospitals, Universities and Government Facilities involved in human experimentation

The information is from Kathleen Sullivan website archive U.S. Government Human Research Project Lists:CIA’s MKULTRA and other related projects [8b]

The following list is of hospitals, universities, and other facilities and organisations that were, in some way, involved in the hosting, funding, and/or enactment of government-sanctioned human experimentation in the past.  This list is not intended to implicate any organizations or individuals connected to them, who neither condoned nor participated in harmful human research.


  • Clifton Hospital, York
  • Marlborough Day Hospital, Wiltshire
  • Powick Hospital Malvern, Worcestershire
  • Roffey Park, Lincolnshire

Mainly US

bulletAero Medical Laboratory, Directorate of Research, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio bullet Air Force 657 1st Aeromedical Research Laboratory bullet Allan Memorial Institute, Canada bullet American Psychological Association  bulletBoston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts  bullet Army Chemical Corps bullet Canada�s Defense Research Board  bullet Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) bullet Children�s International Summer Villages, Inc., Mainebullet Clifton Hospital, York, England bullet Columbia University bullet Commission on Viral Infections, Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, Office of the Surgeon General  bullet Cornell University, Cornell Medical Human Ecology Programbullet Creedmore State Hospital, Children�s Unit, Queen�s Village, New York  bullet Dugway Proving Ground, Utahbullet Edgeware Arsenal bullet Edgewood Arsenal, Edgewood, Marylandbullet Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia bullet Florida State University bullet Fort Benning, Georgia bullet Fort Sam Houston bullet Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC bullet George Washington University bullet Geschickter Foundation bullet Geschickter Fund for Medical Research  bullet Hanford Nuclear Facility, Richmond, Washington  bullet Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts bullet Hollywood Hospital, Vancouver, Canada  bullet House of the Good Shepherd, New York bullet Human Ecology Foundation bullet Ionia State Hospital bullet Johns Hopkins University  bullet Leler University of Georgia  bullet Los Alamos bullet Louisiana State Penitentiary bullet Marlborough day hospital, Wiltshire, England bullet Massachusetts General Hospital bulletMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bullet McGill University, Department of Psychiatry, Canada  bullet J. P. Morgan and Co., Inc. bullet Montana State University bullet Montreal Neurological Institute, Canadabullet NASA bullet New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute, Bureau of Neurology and Psychiatrybullet New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute, Clinical Investigative Unit of the Bureau of Research  bullet New Jersey Reformatory at Bordentown  bullet New York State Department of Mental Hygiene  bullet New York State Psychiatric Institute bullet New York University, New York bullet New York University School of Medicine Committee on Human Experimentation bullet Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studiesbullet Oak Ridge National Laboratory bullet Oak Ridge, Tennessee bullet Office of Naval Researchbullet Ohio State Penitentiary at Columbusbullet Penetang Psychiatric Hospital, Oak Ridge Division, Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada bullet Powick Hospital, Malvern, Worcestershire, England  bullet Public Health Service bullet Rand Corporation bullet Roffey Park, Lincolnshire, England  bullet Rome State School, Rome, New York  bullet Scottish Rite Foundation bullet Scottish Rite Foundation Schizophrenia Research Foundation bullet Scottish Rite Research Committee bullet Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology  bullet Seventh Day Adventist Church bullet Stanford Research Institute (SRI)  bullet Stanford University bullet St. John�s Orphan Asylum, New York  bullet Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences (TRIMS), Houston, Texas bullet Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana bullet UCLA Violence Project bullet University of Denver, Colorado bullet University of Illinois bullet University of Indiana  bullet University of Maryland  bullet University of Minnesota, Department of Psychiatry  bullet University of Oklahoma, Department of Psychiatrybullet University of Pennsylvania bullet University of Rochester, New York  bullet University of Texas bullet U.S. Air Force bullet U.S. Army bullet U.S. Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratory, Edgeware Arsenal bullet U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command bullet U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Fredrick, Maryland bullet U.S. Army Special Operations Division, Fort Detrick, Maryland bullet U.S. Department of Defense bullet U.S. Department of Energy bullet U.S. Federal Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia bullet U.S. Navy bullet Utica Community Chest, Utica, New York bullet Vacaville State Prison bullet Vanderbilt University, Tennessee  bullet Walter Reed Army Medical Center  bullet Wayne State University College of Medicine, Lafayette Clinic, Detroit, Michigan bullet Willowbrook State School, New York bullet Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts bullet Worcester State Hospital  bullet Yale University

Connected Individuals

The next list is of individuals who are documented to have either participated in or supported human experimentation, or to have worked closely in the past with those who did.  The descriptions of any positions or affiliations are of those that were held in the past; they may not apply now.  

Several of the listed individuals have openly testified about their past  involvement in human experimentation; many others still refuse to acknowledge their  connections.  Some of the researchers who administered biochemical agents to subjects also administered it to themselves.  Not all human experimentation was harmful to participants. 

This list is not intended to incriminate any innocents who may be named along with perpetrators of civil rights violations.  It is for educational purposes, only.  Some of the named individuals who worked closely with government contractors, may not have been directly involved in human experimentation.

Member of the FMSF’s Scientific and Professional Advisory Board
# =  1995
+ =  2002


  • Dr. Ewen Cameron
  • Dr. William Sargant, British authority on brainwashing

Mainly US

Harold Abramson, M.D., MKULTRA contractor
Dr. William Ross Adey, brain electrode researcher
Erik Allardt, University of Helsinki, MKULTRA contractor, Dr. A. Ames, contractor to Office of Naval Research, created the Ames leaf room bullet James A. Anderson  bullet James Angleton, Chief of Counterintelligence Staff, CIA bullet William Sinclair Augerson, M.D., Commander of the US Army Medical Research and Development Command bullet Dr. Hassan Azima, psychiatrist at Allan Memorial Institute  bullet Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Bahlin, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Development) bullet Dr. Maitland Baldwin, neurosurgeon, MKULTRA contractor, MKSEARCH contractor bullet Dr. Elliott T. Barker, President of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children  bullet Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, Mead�s husband, funded by the OSS/CIA  bullet Dr. Lauretta Bender, child psychiatrist  bullet Eva Bene, Ph.D. bullet Edward Bennett, University of Houston, MKULTRA contractor bulletSandor Borsiczy, M.D. bulletDr. Neil Burch, CIA contractor and co-author with West, Director of the Research Division of the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences, co-author with Heath  bulletBurton, W. D., co-author with Burch, Saltzberg, etc.  bulletSister Callista, Utica Community Chest bulletDr. Ewen Cameron, McGill University, Canada, CIA MKULTRA contractor bulletEmily Farrell Carota, wife and co-author of Martin Orne bulletJohn Carrol, Harvard University, MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. James Cattell bulletDr. Cholden bulletDr. Cleghorn, associate of Cameron and Azima bulletDr. Sidney Cohen bulletWilliam Boyd Cook, MKULTRA contractor bulletRobert Cormack, Children�s International Summer Villages Inc., MKULTRA contractor  bulletCramer, colleague of Azima  bulletMelvin DeFleur, University of Indiana, MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. Jose Delgado, neurosurgeon, professor at Yale bulletE. W. Demarr bulletA. J. Derbyshire, Director of the Utica Community Chest  bulletGeorge Devereux, Ph.D. bulletDr. Bruce Dill, Director of Medical Research at the US Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratory, Edgeware Arsenal bullet#+David F. Dinges, Ph.D., co-author with Orne. Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry; Chief, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology in the Department of Psychiatry, Cardiopulmonary Disorders During Sleep; and Director of the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania as of 2002 bulletKenneth R. Dirks, M.D., Brigadier General, MC, Assistant Surgeon General for Research and Development bulletDr. Keith S. Dittman, Research Psychiatrist, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA Department of Psychiatry  bulletAllen Dulles, Director, CIA bulletBrigadier General Don D. Elickinger, ARDC, U.S. Air Force bulletDr. Joel Elkes, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins bulletDr. George H. Estabrooks, has acknowledged “the building of Manchurian Candidates,” associate of Martin Orne bulletW. J. Estelle, Jr., Director of Texas Department of Corrections bulletFrank R. Ervin, M.D., psychiatrist, Director of Stanley Coob Laboratories for Psychiatric Research, Harvard Medical School bulletF. J. Evans, co-author with Martin Orne bulletDr. H. J. Eysenck, MKULTRA subcontractorbulletDr. Fenimore, TRIMS bulletForgy bullet#+Dr. Fred Frankel, MbChb, DPM., co-author with Martin Orne, Harvard University Medical School as of 2002 bulletDr. Daniel X. Freedman bulletDr. Frank Fremont-Smith  bulletDr. Peter Freyd, husband of Pamela Freyd (FMSF’s Executive Director) bulletCharles Fritz, University of Florida, National Research Council, MKULTRA contractor  bulletFunk bulletDr. Charles Geschickter, MKULTRA contractor, MKSEARCH contractor bulletDr. John Gittinger, lead psychologist for CIA�s MKULTRA bulletDr. Jacques S. Gottlieb, psychiatrist bulletSydney Gottlieb, Chief of Medical Staff, Technical Services Division, CIA bulletWilliam J. Grace, M.D.bulletDr. Wilson Greene, Technical Director, Chemical Corps, Chemical and Radiological Laboratories, Army Chemical Center bulletDr. Robert D. Hall, Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology bulletDr. James Hamilton, Vacaville State Prison, CIA MKSEARCH contractor, MKULTRA contractor, associate of Mead bulletDr. P. L. Harriman, U. S. military psychiatrist, “experiments done to create multiple personality” bulletDr. Robert G. Heath, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Tulane UniversitybulletDr. Donald Hebb, Head of the Department of Psychology at McGill bulletDr. Carl Heller bulletWilliam Hermann, Westbrook�s control officer, Stanford Research Institute, Rand Corporation  bulletLawrence Hinkle, Human Ecology Foundation Director, co-author with Gittinger bulletDr. Hudson Hoagland, Ph.D., Executive Director, Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology  bulletDr. Paul Hoch, psychiatrist bulletHarold Hodge, MKULTRA contractor  bulletDr. Abram Hoffer, associate of Osmond bulletJ. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director bulletAldous Huxley, author, associate of EstabrooksbulletDr. Robert Hyde, MKULTRA contractor, associate of Hoaglund  bulletDr. Gilbert Jensen bulletHarris Isbell, MKULTRA contractorbulletDr. Franz Kallman (eugenics expert)bulletDr. A. Herbert Kanter bulletDr. George Kelley, MKULTRA contractorbulletDr. Seymour S. Kety, Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns HopkinsbulletDr. Ari Kiev bullet#John Kihlstrom, Ph.D., co-author of Martin OrnebulletClyde Kluckholm, anthropologist, associate of MeadbulletAndrew G. Knapp bulletA. B. Kristofferson, Children�s International Summer Villages, Inc., MKULTRA contractor  bulletDr. Saul Krugman bulletKurt Lang, Queen�s College, MKULTRA contractor  bulletDr. Robert Lashbrook, physician, CIA bulletKurt Lewin, associate of Mead bulletDr. William T. Lhamon, associate of Burch bullet#+Harold Lief, M.D., coauthor with Dr. Heath, psychiatrist for Dr. Peter Freyd (Pamela�s husband), founder of the Center for the Study of Sex Education in Medicine. Professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania as of 2002  bulletDr. Robert Lifton, psychiatristbulletDr. John Lilly (LSD, dolphins, flotation tanks)bulletDr. Ogden R. Lindsley bulletDr. Morris A. Lipton bulletStanley Lovell, OSS  bulletLynch bulletDr. William Malamud, Medical Research Director of the Scottish Rite Foundation  bulletDr. Vernon Mark, co-author with Delgado bulletDr. Amedeo Marrazzi bulletEdwin May bullet#+Paul McHugh, M.D., Department of Psychiatry. Began teaching at Cornell in 1964, “where he founded the Bourne Behavioral Research Laboratory.” Phipps Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University as of 2002.  bulletMargaret Mead, anthropologist, funded by and did work for the OSS/CIA, colleague of Cameron and Wittkower bulletRichard Meisch, M.D., co-author with Marrazzi bulletRhoda Metraux, associate of Mead, co-author with Gittinger and Wolff bulletMarvin Minsky  bulletJuhani Mirvas, University of Helsinki, MKULTRA contractor bulletJames Moore, chemistry professor, MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. Thelma Moss, Assistant Professor, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute bulletJohn Mulholland, magician, CIA MKULTRA contractor bullet Robert C. Murphy bullet William Malamud, M.D., co-author with Overholser bullet H. B. Murphree bullet Maria H. Nagy, Ph.D.  bullet #+Ulric Neisser, Ph.D., N.A.S., associate of Shor. Teacher in the psychology department at Cornell University as of 2002 bullet#+Richard J. Ofshe, Ph.D., coauthor with Singer, professor at the University of California, Berkeley as of 2002 bulletThomas J. O�Grady  bullet#+Emily Carota Orne, B.A. (see Emily Carota). Co-director of the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry and research associate of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine as of 2002  bullet#Martin Orne, M.D., Ph.D., Institute for Experimental Psychiatry (founder), Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, master hypnotist, CIA MKULTRA contractor, deceased  bulletCharles Osgood, University of Illinois, MKULTRA contractor bulletHumphry Osmond bulletDr. Winfred Overholser, Sr., “in the center of” the OSS mind control network,” Chairman of the Scottish Rite Research Committee bulletDr. Talcott Parsons, associate of Mead, Army Intelligence and State Department, recruited Nazis for the US Government bulletGodfrey D. Pearlson, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Mental Hygeine, Director, Division of Neuroimaging, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine bulletT. T. Peck, Jr.  bulletDr. Wilder Penfield, neurosurgeon at McGill, associate of Baldwin  bullet#+Michael A. Persinger, Ph.D., Laurentian University (Ontario, Canada) as of 2002  bulletWilliam L. Pew, M.D., co-author with Marrazzi bulletDr. Carl Pfieffer, New Jersey Neuropsychiatric Institute, MKULTRA contractor, MKSEARCH contractor bulletCaptain Clifford P. Phoebus, Chief, Biological Services Division, Office of Naval Research bullet#+August Piper, M.D., associate of McHugh. Private practice of psychiatry in Seattle, Washington, writes a semi-monthly column for the FMSF newsletter as of 2002  bulletDr. Seymour Pollack bulletDr. Raymond Prince, psychiatrist at McGill, self-identified CIA MKULTRA contractor  bulletHal Puthoff bulletRonald Reagan, former President, befriended by L. J. West, personally approved West�s UCLA Violence Project  bullet C. H. Van Rhijn bullet Dr. Ernst Rodin, neurologist  bulletCarl Rogers, Ph.D., a Director of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, MKULTRA contractor  bulletBernard Saltzberg, Ph.D. bulletRonald Sandison bullet#+Theodore Sarbin, Ph.D., co-author with West. “Much of Dr. Sarbin’s work has involved hypnosis, for which he has received awards from the International society for Professional Hypnosis, the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, and the American Psychological Assocation.” Professor of psychology and criminology at the University of California, Santa Cruz as of 2002  bulletDr. William Sargant, British authority on brainwashing  bulletDr. Sarwer-Foner, colleague of Azima bulletDavid Saunders, MKULTRA contractor bulletCharles Savage bulletDr. Daniel Schachter, Harvard  bulletEdgar Schein bulletJoseph Schoolar, Ph.D., M.D., Director of TRIMS bulletJay Schulman, M.A., MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. John Schwab, founder of the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, Maryland bulletAlden Sears, MKULTRA contractor bulletSaul Sells, Texas Christian University, MKULTRA contractor  bulletMuzafer Sherif, University of Oklahoma, MKULTRA contractor  bulletRonald E. Shor, Ph.D. bullet#+Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., psychiatrist, long-term associate of West and Orne.  Adjunct professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California in Berkeley as of 2002  bulletDr. C. Smith bulletDr. Robert Smith, TRIMS  bulletJohn R. Smythies, Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, associate of Pfeiffer bulletO. M. Solandt, Chairman of Canada�s Defense Research Board  bulletRichard M. Stephenson, Ph.D. bulletH. A. M. Struik, MKULTRA contractor  bulletDr. William Sweet, neurosurgeon, co-author with Delgado bulletRussell Targ bulletWilliam N. Thetford, Ph.D., co-author with Gittinger, MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. James Tyhurst, Allan Memorial Institute, Hollywood Hospital in VancouverbulletGeorge Wasson, MKULTRA contractor bulletProfessor George Wendt bulletDr. Sidney L. Werkman, associate of Wolff  bullet#Louis Jolyon West, M.D., Professor and Head of University of Oklahoma�s Department of Psychiatry, Director of UCLA, Neuropsychiatric Institute, MKULTRA contractor, deceased  bulletColton Westbrook, CIA, Vacaville State Prison bulletGeorge White, OSS/CIA officer, MKULTRA contractor  bulletDr. John Clare Whitehorn, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, Director of the Human Ecology Foundation (CIA) bulletDr. Eric Wittkower, McGill, co-author with Azima bulletDr. Harold Wolff, Professor of Medicine, Cornell University, MKULTRA contractor bulletDr. Herbert Zimmer  bulletLeonard M. Zunin, Assistant Chief, Neuropsychiatry, Naval Hospital, Camp Pendelton, California 

Quotes are from the FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board – Profiles website, retrieved 7/2002.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation FMSF Advisory Board Members Employed by Above-listed Universities and Hospitals

Just for fun, I cross-referenced the Hospitals, Universities, and Facilities list with the employers of those listed in the FMSF’s advisory board (as of 7/02). I was curious to see how many of these professional members are connected to universities, hospitals and facilities that have histories connecting them to human experimentation.  Please be aware that although some of the connections may be significant, others may just be coincidence.


     Aaron T. Beck, M.D, D.M.S. – University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia


    David F. Dinges, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


    Fred H. Frankel, MbCHb, DPM – Harvard University Medical School, MA


    George K. Ganaway, M.D. – Emory University, Atlanta, GA


    Henry Gleitman, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


    Lila Gleitman, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


    Ernest R. Hilgard, Ph.D., N.A.S. – Stanford University, CA


    John Hochman, M.D. – UCLA Medical School, Los Angeles, CA


    Philip S. Holzman, Ph.D. – Harvard University, MA


    Harold I. Lief, M.D. – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


    Paul R. McHugh, M.D. – Johns Hopkins University, MD


    Ulric Neisser, Ph.D., N.A.S. – Cornell University, NY


    Emily Carota Orne – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


    Harrison Pope, Jr., M.D. – Harvard Medical School, MA

A minimum of 29% of the advisory board members were employed by universities and hospitals that, according to CIA records, were involved in human experimentation.  There are other members who have been been employed in the past, and there probably are other involved facilities that we do not have records on.

Of the 14 members who worked at these universities and hospitals as of 7/02, 43% were employed by the University of Pennsylvania (remember, Pamela Freyd claimed that the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins were instrumental in the formation of the FMSF) and 21% were employed by Harvard University.  Dr. Paul McHugh’s employment at Johns Hopkins is significant, because he may have been instrumental in recruiting that university’s initial support in creating the FMSF.

The lists on this web page are compiled from Dr. Colin A. Ross’s book, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists.  Manitou Communications, 2000.

The following books also provide pertinent information:  

Constantine, Alex. Psychic Dictatorship in the USA. Venice, CA: Feral House, 1995.

Constantine, Alex. Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America. Venice, CA: Feral House, 1997. 

Emery, Carla.   Secret, Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism.  Acorn Hill Publishing, 1998.

Rutz, Carol.  A Nation Betrayed: The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People. Grass Lake, MI: Fidelity Publishing, 2001.

Thomas, Gordon. Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse. New York: Bantam Books, 1989.

Thomas, Gordon.  Mindfield: The CIA and Its Secret Experiments with Germ Warfare — America’s Great State Secret. Tempe, AZ: Dandelion Books, 2001.


Appendix 2

Quotes from various researchers from Kathleen Sullivan website archive Head Games [8a]

Aaron T. Beck, M.D., D.M.S., University of Pennsylvania. “‘…known as the father of Cognitive Therapy’… Asked about the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, Dr. Beck replied: ‘I think it will fade away like historical episodes of mass hysteria.'”

This suggests that those who recover memory are hysterics. By convincing the public that we are mentally and/or emotionally unstable, such professionals hope that we will not be believed if we tell the truth about what was perpetrated against us.  

Terence W. Campbell, Ph.D. “…a highly regarded lecturer, therapist, and teacher…called the attention of psychologists to the ‘blame-and-change’ maneuver in therapy…[he wrote] ‘Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse and Their Unreliability’, [he also wrote] ‘Beware the Talking Cure (1994), which discusses the hazards of irresponsible psychotherapy.'”

Three FMSF tactics seem to be used here: 1) Awakening survivors are often accused of shifting the responsibility, the “blame”, for their problems on the people they claimed abused them – as if abuse doesn’t cause problems in their minds and lives.  2) Many of the FMSF’s spokespersons also go overboard in discrediting children’s memories of being sexually assaulted.  3) Some of them are fighting to ban “talk therapy” so that survivors cannot remember, or speak of, what has been done to them.

Rosalind Dymond Cartwright, Ph.D., Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center. “Personal knowledge of a repressed-memory tragedy led Dr. Cartwright to join the FMSF board. ‘A friend and colleague had an adult daughter in therapy accuse him of childhood sexual abuse,’ she says. ‘It was my best judgment that this was unbelievable of the person I knew and could only been induced by the therapist.'”

Perhaps the real tragedy is that the man abused his child.  This is a common pattern of behavior I’ve seen in some of the FMSF’s most outspoken members. 

First, they say: “I believe the accused couldn’t have done it.”  Then they insist that because they believe the accused is innocent, then he or she is innocent.  Then they claim that their opinion of  accused’s innocence “proves” that the alleged victim “fabricated false memories.”  Then they expect everyone believe that, because they say the accused is innocent, he or she is.  This process has been used repeatedly in books written by FMSF proponents who write about repressed memories and ritual abuse.  They claim that the accused didn’t commit the alleged crime and/or they successfully testify for the accused in court, claiming that the alleged victim has “false memory syndrome.”  Because the judge and/or jury doesn’t know that the syndrome is bogus, they believe that the victim’s memories are false.  After the accused is found not guilty, they claim that the verdict “proves” that the accused was innocent.  Then they use that “proof” to prove that recovered memories are false. 

Frederick C. Crews, Ph.D. – University of California, Berkeley.  “I see my role in the FMS controversy as a dual one…first I have repeatedly tried to draw the attention of intellectuals and educated general readers to the reality and the urgency of the epidemic itself.  And second, I have been trying to show that the FMS virus, even if it subsides over the next several years, will only recur in some mutated form unless the water that it swims in is drained.  By this I mean that the ‘psychodynamic’ model of the minds lends itself all too readily to demonological theories…”

When you figure this one out, please let me know.  Hello, earth to Dr. Crews?

Robyn M. Dawes, Ph.D. – Carnegie Mellon University, PA. “…freely admits being ‘fired for insubordination’ from his post as vice-president of the Oregon Research Institute in 1974…Citing research in the field and his general knowledge of memory, Dr. Dawes declares: ‘I was quite dubious that these constructive memories of implausible events could be historically accurate.'”

“Implausible?”  That’s his personal opinion, not fact.  

George Kenneth Ganaway, M.D. – Emory University, GA. “‘Freud would be turning over in his grave,’ says Dr. Ganaway in discussing many of the current fad therapies being foisted on the public.  In fact, Dr. Ganaway coined the word ‘McTherapy’ to describe what he calls the ‘fast foods psychotherapies of the 1980s and 1990s’…I have emphasized a psychoanalytically-oriented approach to understanding and treating dissociative syndromes.'”

I love Dr. Ganaway’s audacity.  How clever to recruit the help of a famous dead doctor he never met, by attributing a fabricated behavior to his corpse! And here is another tactic you’ll see over and over again, coming from the most disrespectful FMSF professionals.  Ganaway calls modern psychotherapy “McTherapy” and “fast food” and “fad therapies.”  (I wonder if tens of thousands of successfully recovering trauma survivors would agree.) By belittling his colleagues and downplaying the effectiveness of their techniques, Ganaway shames us into turning away from their help and believing that he must have a better way.  What a salesman!

Martin Gardner – author and math wizard.  “His latest book, from Weird Water to Fuzzy Logic…is mainly a collection of Gardner’s Skeptical Inquirer columns, including two he wrote about the false memory phenomenon.  He continues to contribute to the Skeptical Inquirer, where his ‘Notes of a Fringe-Watcher’ column takes frequent potshots to the humbug surrounding junk science. Mr. Gardner holds out hope for dispelling the repressed memory bugaboo.  Answering a recent inquiry, he said, ‘I think jurors, attorneys, judges, and media bigwigs are slowly becoming educated about the crisis.'”

Here we go again.  Using unscientific labels to make legitimate therapy look like “junk,” distorting repressed memory into a crisis (it’s not, it’s been with us throughout history), a bugaboo, a false memory phenomenon.  Such labels are constantly being introduced by Gardner and other FMSF advocates – particularly through the media.  The uninformed public doesn’t know that they are being fed a steady diet of totally unprofessional, unscientific garbage. 

Henry Gleitman, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania.  “‘The class was just spellbound when he lectured.’ The speaker, a former student, was referring to Dr. Gleitman, a dedicated teacher who estimates he has performed his classroom magic for 25,000 students in the last 50 years’…Dr. Gleitman has viewed with concern the controversies surrounding psychotherapy, and particularly the repressed-memory conflict.  Regarding repressed memories, Dr. Gleitman laments what he calls ‘the suspension of common sense,’ and appeals for a return to the ‘Yankee way of looking at things – Show me; prove it!'”

Spellbound?  I thankfully am not.  I am, however, confused.  We’re to believe that accepting our recovered memories indicates a suspension of common sense, even though recovered memories are a regular and oft-proven event.  But, but wait.  You said it suspends common sense.  So – if I believe in my memories that will not go away,  I suspend common sense.  That leaves only one reality – yours.  How convenient!  And you say, “show me.”  Excuse me?  No one owes you that.   

Ernest R. Hilgard, Ph.D., N.A.S. – Stanford University, CA.  “His first work, Conditioning and Learning, appeared in 1940 and soon became a classic.  As his interest turned more and more to hypnosis, Dr. Hilgard published in 1965 Susceptibility to Hypnosis, one of three books on this subject.”  “To Dr. Hilgard, the hypnotic process is ‘imaginative involvement,’ and thus, hypnotic subjects are liable to form pseudomemories. 

Here’s another irony.  The FMSF constantly claims that therapists are guilty of implanting “false memories” of childhood abuse in clients minds.  But they are not willing to acknowledge that some of their own colleagues implanted false “screen” memories in their victims’ minds to block out what the victims really endured at their hands.  Typical perp behavior: they must keep the focus turned outward, lest someone take a hard look at their own past actions.  

John Hochman, M.D. – UCLA Medical School, CA.  “A forceful writer and a respected researcher, Dr. Hochman refuses to mince words when he writes about the recovered memory issue.  ‘Welcome to the strange world of memory recovery therapy … This is pseudoscience … The real message being sold by these new therapy messiahs is the ultimate crybaby solution to everyone’s pitiful human problems.  It’s all someone else’s fault.  Reminding readers of the inadequate training of most repressed-memory therapists, Dr. Hochman pointed out that the most widely-read book of the survivor movement ‘was written by two women with no formal training in memory, psychology or psychiatry’… He continues to devote considerable time to speaking and writing, frequently about ‘repressed’ memories, cult phenomena, and ‘multiple personality.'”

Like some of the others cited on this web page, Hochman was listed in Bluebird as having been involved in human experimentation.  I wonder if he displayed the same attitude towards human subjects.  If they cried from pain or stress, I wonder if he looked at them with disgust and anger and called them “crybabies, “pitiful,” or worse.  Some psychiatrists have a vested interest in discrediting awakening trauma survivors.  I wonder if Hochman is one.  Another point:  I’d much rather receive advice and support from an uneducated survivor in recovery, than from a professional who comes across as cold and condescending. 

David S. Holmes, Ph.D. – University of Kansas.  “Professor David Holmes first raised concerns about repression in 1974 when he reviewed the laboratory evidence and concluded that despite 60 years of research, there was no evidence for the concept…It was Holmes who suggested only half in jest that a ‘truth in packaging’ or ‘protective product warning’ should accompany the use of the concept: ‘Warning: The concept of repression has not been validated with experimental research and its use may be hazardous to the accurate interpretation of clinical behavior.'”

In the face of volumes of evidence that prove that ones theories are false, there’s only one thing left to do: deny, deny, deny.  (For legit information about repressed memory, go to the NAFF web site and click on the “Memory Recovery” web page button.)  Holmes claims that repression hasn’t been validated with experimental research.  Actually, it has – especially by some of his seedier FMSF associates. 

Robert A. Karlin, Ph.D. – Rutgers University, NJ.  “…in 1974, Dr. Karlin’s early work focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain…By 1985, Dr. Karlin felt the battle was over, only to find he had been mistaken.  ‘What had been a peripheral bother – ignorance by numbers of practicing clinicians about how memory and suggestion work – became a catastrophe as the recovered memory movement gathered steam’…As an example of ‘obvious nonsense,’ Dr. Karlin turns to what he calls ‘the epidemic of multiple personalities.’ ‘True psychogenic amnesia is extraordinarily rare,’ he points out.  ‘I have seen one case in over two decades of research and practice. Yet all of a sudden there were numerous cases of MPD where amnesiac barriers shifted from moment to moment in response to hypnotic suggestion…It was like hearing reports of people running the mile in two minutes; the organism does not work that way. It was clear for that and other reasons that MPD was not a defense mechanism employed by overwhelmed children, but a dramatic role maintained by the support of certain therapists and ‘self-help’ groups.'”

Oh my.  This one made my blood freeze.  In 1974, Karlin “focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain.”  Can you spell e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t-a-l-t-o-r-t-u-r-e?  Dr. Karlin could be one of the professionals hiding behind the FMSF’s skirts while spewing scientifically unproven disinformation out of fear of former subjects who perhaps could remember and identify him in court some day.  Or worse.  Our recovered memory movement gained steam;  he said it “became a catastrophe.”  For him, I believe it truly is.  

Harold I. Lief, M.D. – University of Pennsylvania.  “As a member of the FMSF board, Dr. Lief notes several advances in the crusade against false accusations based on repressed memory therapy.”

If we accuse perpetrators based on our recovered memories, we’re participating in a witch hunt against them, and that’s unacceptable by FMSF standards.  But it is acceptable for the FMSF to have a crusade against recovering victims (and their therapists).  How bizarre.

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. – University of Washington.  Little in Elizabeth Loftus’ early career suggested that she was destined to become a lightning rod in the gathering storm called the repressed-memory controversy…In the repressed-memory wars, she has become the most visible and vocal defender of those victimized by false memories of childhood sexual abuse…her view of the false-memory phenomenon, which she describes as a ‘world-wide crisis.’  No one should be surprised by Dr. Loftus’ dedication in her recent book.  It reads, ‘Dedicated to the principles of science, which demand that any claim to ‘truth’ be accompanied by proof.'”

“Lightning rod?”  How about glory-hound? After talking with three different female professionals who spent time in Loftus’ presence and came away as new Loftus-worshippers (I kid you not), I’ve come to the reasonable conclusion that Loftus must crave attention.  She also seems to enjoy testifying in behalf of accused defendants.  To find out what the media (and the FMSF) fails to tell you about Loftus’ most recent memory experiments and her seeming inability to respect the personal boundaries of others, use any search engine and type her name, and then “Lynn Crook” or “Jennifer Freyd.”

Paul R. McHugh, M.D. – Johns Hopkins University, MD.  “‘I believe that this crisis will ultimately resolve, as all crazes do, to the shame of those who contributed to this injustice.’  With those words, Dr. McHugh summarizes the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, which first attracted his attention several years ago. Dr. McHugh has been outspoken in his opposition to the use of repressed memory therapy, declaring: ‘To treat for repressed memories without any effort at external validation is malpractice, pure and simple.’ On the subject of Multiple Personality Disorder, he flatly states: ‘MPD is a iatrogenic behavioral syndrome, promoted by suggestion and maintained by clinical attention, social consequences and group loyalties.'”

McHugh’s name is in list #2. I’ve heard many horror stories about the Bourne Behavioral Research Laboratory that he set up at Cornell University, decades before recovered memory was considered controversial.  I believe that because Orne and West are deceased, McHugh may have the most to lose if the memories of mind-control experimentation survivors (especially those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD) are taken seriously.  I believe this is why he is so vocal in his attempts to discredit those with recovered memories.  And I believe that he truly considers public acceptance of our recovered memories to be a crisis, as well as an injustice – to him?  Perhaps time and additional documentation will tell. 

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


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[9] 2015 Nov 30 Cathy Fox Blog My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride” https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/my-story-fiona-barnett-hang-on-for-the-ride/

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17 Responses to Kathleen Sullivan – Mind Controlled Slave

  1. truth1 says:

    The best article – write up of Kathleen I have ever come across. It might be the only one I have ever come across as well. There was a site back around 2000-2003, disinfo.com that had some brief accounts of hers. But I did not read her book till maybe 2010.

    another aspect of her book that was interesting was her style of writing they way she experienced it at the time, rather than accounting it all in hindsight. She would often show how she did not see things coming because her front personality was not allowed to have access to the memories that would have been useful to recognizing what was coming. Her front was very naive and not that bright. Our experiences are how we gain insight and learn to avoid previous mistakes. She was denied that by the Trauma programming. Sometimes she would be telling an event and I would find myself say, not Kathy, watch out! It a trap! She knew that in hindsight but not in the experience of the time.
    Experience is the great teacher. MK programming is so cruel on so many levels. I also note in the name of people involved, that many of them are well known publicly. Same for many institutions.

    I will remember Martin Gardiner of the Skeptical Inquirer in the early 90s and the bitch, Elizabeth Loftus in that publication and Psychology Today magazine. But at the time, I did not know what their real agenda was. But being a fan of Dr. Arthur Janov, who practiced recovered memory therapy, which he labeled as “Primal Therapy,” Janov’s work and practice were the opposite of False Memory BS. Those were dark times.

    So glad to see Kathleen get some recognition. she was the first major abuse victim book that I read. Then Brice Taylor after. Those are, to me, the top two in essential reading. Superb job!

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    • Yes I have a soft spot for Cathy O’Brien as it was the first of the 3 I read, and it encouraged me to read more. I do though think she is still being controlled. Both Brice and kathleens book are very interesting but quite different and complementary.
      Have you written anything Truth1?


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  3. Micky says:

    Reblogged this on Stop White Genocide..


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