Leak or Hack?

Leak or Hack?

Did Seth Rich leak the 44,000 emails to Wikileaks or did the Russians hack the election?

                                                              RIP Seth Rich

The answer to this is the difference between investigating Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, so a huge amount is vested in what really happened in Seth Rich’s murder.

DC Police say the murder was a robbery, despite nothing having been stolen. Democrats say they were hacked by Russians even though they refused to turn over their servers to the FBI and have provided absolutely no evidence in several months. FBI have chosen not to follow up on the murder. Nothing to see here then.

Or is there?

  • Craig Murray, ex British ambassador, who blew the whistle on US sanctioned torture in Uzbekistan has said for a while that he facilitated the Seth Rich leak to wikileaks.
  • Assange whilst not confirming or denying Rich was a source, was very careful with words but offered a reward for information about Rich’s death.
  • Kim dotcom has come out and said he was involved in DNC leak to wikileaks, and will make a statement soon
  • George Webb and a growing network of crowdsourced investigators are taking a keen interest in the Seth Rich case and raising all sorts of awkward questions for the authorities.

It is hard to keep pace with George Webb, watch the videos, assimilate the information and distill into a fully referenced blog. By the time I have done that, the investigation has already move on to new heights and new topics, each a hotbed of corruption and criminality. So this is a brief overview not properly referenced but with many references at the end.

Seth Rich worked for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and an investigator has now said Seth leaked the 44,000 Democratic National Convention emails to wikileaks –  Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report [14]

This totally destroys the myth that the Democratic Party have been peddling ever since Hillary Clinton lost the election, that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave the emails to Wikileak and hence “hacked the election” in favour of Trump.

The truth about Seth Rich’s murder is just the latest in the investigations by George Webb.

He has provided much evidence to indicate that there is a huge criminal network with Hillary Clinton as a main leader, with DNC figures John Podesta, Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin and the Awan brothers involved. The FBI and CIA are in the loop, allowing and even cooperating with the gang in their activities.

What has this got to do with child sexual abuse, which this blog is normally about?

Child sexual abuse is just one of the activities of this criminal gang. It is used mainly for compromising powerful people for blackmail, as part of what are termed “brownstone operations”.

The other activities of the criminal gang are arranged into various “ratlines” of various specialists in each sphere. They destabilise countries, using a mix of US foreign policy, special forces and private security corporations. They traffick women for prostitution, traffick humans for organ harvesting, traffick illegal and legal drugs, traffick weapons, traffick oil, steal money and gold obviously, set up central banks for control of money and population. Libya, Syria, Haiti, Bosnia have had this treatment, and parts are happening in the US right now. Think of the whole thing as Iran Contra on steroids.

The Hillary Clinton gang coordinate their information via non official Blackberry phones arranged to autosync to servers, with or without their users knowledge (it is said that Obama was tricked into having one). The phones are programmed to sort information into various files for the people controlling the ratlines. The phones and IT side is set up by the Awan brothers, non Americans, bizarrely trusted to have access to many members of congress computers and highly paid by the Democratic National Congress (DNC). They have been involved in theft of computers, money from their mother in law and some have fled probably to Pakistan.

If this seems fantastical, there is a large amount of evidence to back it up. I do not have time to sort it all out in an idiots guide, but there are enough links given at the end to check this out for yourself. Essential watching are George Webb videos, around the Day 209 / 210 mark and read the comments on these. George with his crowdsourced team has has been unearthing more evidence day by day. But you will have to put in the effort to check facts.

Is it a republican v democrat issue?  No, not primarily, but that is the scenario put forward for the masses by the corporate media. It is also part driven by Bernie Sanders v Hillary Clinton disputes as Hillary was stealing money donated by Bernie supporters. The criminal element covers both sides of the political divide, in fact the republicans are even more compromised by child sexual abuse.

This particular criminal gang will have more democrats in it as it is run at least partly if not fully by Hillary.

Why aren’t the media reporting this?

The corporate mainstream media have been deeply compromised a long time time by the deep state by corruption and massive organised criminal activity- see Operation Mocking Bird [15]. George Webb is revealing some of this.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”? William Casey CIA Director [16] 

The corporate media are complicit in the cover up of the organised crime to a massive degree. If they now admit the “Russia hacked the election” myth is false, they will expose themselves as “fake news”. Also the dam of false information will have burst and masses of other criminality will come flooding out into the public.

Hence they have doubled down on the Trump /Russia narrative.


Andrew McCabe, now acting director of FBI [24] led the investigation into Hillary and use of her email server, classified emails, failure to hand over all the emails, erasing of evidence etc. His wife just happened to be paid $675,000 by a friend of Hillary’s!  No further investigation. Were these two events connected?

Comey recent ex Director of FBI, despite reopening investigation of Hillary just before the election, shut it again after a week supposedly having checked 625,000 emails found on disgraced paedophile Anthony Wiener’s computer.

There is abundant evidence in the metadata of these emails to prove the existence of a criminal network and the individuals involved by geolocation. Comey is up to his neck in at the very least covering up the evidence. Police, FBI, Justice Department or whoever need to release the metadata otherwise you are guilty of misprision of felony. Non release points to your guilt.

[50] George Webb Day 210.1 Day 210.1. Hillary’s Leakers and Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

See also VC Bestor Democrats had Seth Rich Murdered: How? [20] 

George Webb You Tube Channel [8]

Other interviews with George see [25]


[some unfinished but need to publish this blog!]

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REPOSTING: Mon APR 18: John Jones pushed in front of train and dies.
Wed MAY 11: Michael Ratner dies of cancer Thu
MAY 12: WSJ reveals Clinton charity giving millions to Scott Kleeb (SR’s former employer)
Sun JUN 12: Assange interview “More leaks to come”
Sat JUN 18: Guccifer 2.0 leak of DNC donors Wed JUN 22: John Ashe dies (barbell accident) Sun JUN 26: Creighton Grad Simone Sanders quits as Bernie’s National Press Secretary Tue JUN 28: Suit filed by Shaun Lucas George says: “The last tranche has gone” approx in here Fri JUL 01: Shaun Lucas serves the DNC Sat JUL 02: Hillary meets with FBI to answer questions about private email server. HOLIDAY WEEKEND Tue JUL 05: Seth Rich hears he will join Hillary’s Campaign and go to Brooklyn? James Comey says Hillary was careless in handling of email. Wed JUL 06: AG Loretta Lynch says Clinton won’t be charged. Thu Jul 07: State Dept reopens email server investigation Sun JUL 10: Seth Rich killed in early morning hours Tue JUL 12: Sanders caves and endorses Hillary Fri JUL 22: Wikileaks publishes 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the DNC Sat JUL 23: DN Convention begins in Philadelphia Mon JUL 25: Joe Montano dies Tue JUL 26: DebbieWS Resigns JUL Late: FBI starts investigation intoTrump links to Russia and to Russian ‘hackers’ Thu JUL 28: Class Action suit is filed FRI JUL 29: Court filing shows that FBI turned over “thousands of documents” to State Dept as part of the email investigation. Sat JUL 30: Clinton goes on Fox and brags that Comey believes her to be “truthful” Tue AUG 02: Shawn Lucas dies & “Heads Roll at DNC” 3 fired Tue AUG 09: Wikileaks offers $20K reward for SR killer and Assange hints at DNC connection to killer in TV Interview. Sat AUG 20: Assange implies Seth Rich was source Tue AUG 30: Assange/Pilger interview SEP ??: Craig Murray says he received a “clandestine handoff” Wash DC Sat SEP 17 Eric Braverman goes missing? Fri OCT 07: Wikileaks publishes John Podesta emails daily through 10/31 Mon OCT 17: Pamela Anderson brings Assange a sandwich. Sat OCT 22: Death of Gavin MacFayden Tue NOV 01 Shawn Lucas’ cause of death released compiled from multiple commenters below drop more and I will add them…Thanks to NetHoax&JayM&cheesymogul et




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  3. Ginger38555 hours ago

    Putting hard data here:
    I’m the anon who posted the original about SEIU.

    You all have done it. They’re going crazy trying to figure out how you connected SEIU with Seth. Hi killers are not the kids found in the gold van, his killers are still alive. The people who set it up (Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta, Robby Mook) are shitting bricks and lawyering up.

    Please look more into the dates/times of SEIU events around the time he died. Also realize that you are taking on an octopus that has it’s tentacles in every aspect of politics, but if you keep pushing the head will be cut off.

    SEIU links to events
    Brad Bauman is scared, keep pushing on him because he will make mistakes.

    Look into the trolls on social media, research who they work for and what their agenda in trying to cover this up would be.

    Get the survelliance video.

    SEIU links. I cannot stress this enough. There should be a paper trail linking Palmier/Mook to payments made.

    You are getting so so close, just keep pushing.

  4. kim dotcom letter to family about innaccuracies http://archive.is/nEygx

    Beware also that george webb thinks the seth rich murder may be a school play ie all actors

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