7 Responses to [L1] News Articles on Leeways Childrens Home

  1. finolamoss says:

    These cases are now 30 years old, and in those years and now as I write similar can and probably is happening in care homes including for adults, all over the country as there is no accountability for care..

    And the number of children taken into care has doubled in the last 7 years alone on the back of Baby p scandal, which was abuse by a mother known and used by the SS on training videos as was Victoria Climbie and after a public inquiry over that.

    The system is getting worse, as all child protection is effectively privatised and more children homes are being built for huge private profit, as they can command over £200,000 per child from the public purse.

    Carers are low paid prescribed itinerant workers for which an agency is paid a fortune and the only check on the welfare of such children, is an independent reviewing officer paid and employed by the Local Authority, who commissioned the care and would be liable if there was abuse complained of by their employee, so there never is , in fact the only thing a IRO can do legally is to complain to CAFASS if breach of a child’s human rights.

    The system is not about monitoring and protecting children in care, but making profit as shown by the recent statutory push by the LAs to gain statutory exemption from abuse claims by children when they leave care.

    It is this system that needs changing.

    If someone is earning 200,000 per child they should at least be accountable for abuse and courts should not be removing children to unchecked, unseen care .

    • truth1 says:

      You would think! But no, its their privilege to rape and not be accountable. They are beyond the law as far as they are concerned.

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  4. Reblogged this on Buried News and commented:
    Another council trying to hide the truth? One thing is for sure, we will never find out the real truth.

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