Armed Forces Links to Child Sexual Abuse

The BBC tonight on Panorama reveal that sexual abuse was covered up at Cadet Forces 2017 Jul 4  BBC Sex abuse was covered up at cadet forces, Panorama finds [4]

The write up on the programme page is –

Cadet Abuse Cover-Up

As one of Britain’s largest youth groups, the cadet forces are responsible for nearly 130,000 children in more than 2,000 clubs across the country. However, not all members have positive memories of their time within the ranks. They are victims of sexual abuse by their cadet instructors, and this abuse could have been stopped but wasn’t.

This investigation shines a light on a culture of cover-up across the UK which allowed abuse to continue. Reporter Katie Razzall reveals the deeply troubling evidence with serious questions now facing the government organisation in overall charge – the Ministry of Defence.

The Programme is tonight at 10.45 but differs in different regions especially for HD

The link to the programme is here – BBC Panorama Cadet Abuse Cover-Up  [5]

I have therefore taken the opportunity to publish my list of links of  child abuse related to the armed forces.

I believe that there is more abuse by ex servicemen and in the forces than the general population, so I have been saving links for some time.

I have not had time to sort them. Anyone who has time to go through them and put them in a timeline with headlines would be doing a service to survivors, for others to use. Even achiving them on or would be very useful as many disappear. Even a few timelines at a time is good and add them to comments. If this is crowdsourced then it will not take long.

If those who spend their time arguing on twitter or those who moan that the authorities are not doing a good job would do something useful themselves then we would be a long way further ahead independently doing something, that would also force authorities to do more.

I have had mega problems copying them for some reason and so there may be repeats and I have some to add, but here they are.

Armed Forces


[1] 2014 Oct 9 BBC Ex-RAF man guilty of sex abuse

[2] 2014 Nov 6 Channel 4 News ‘Thursday night was riot night’ at Bassingbourn base

[3] 2014 Nov 10 BBC Ex-RAF man Eddie Graham sentenced to 13 years for child abuse

[4] 2017 Jul 4  BBC Sex abuse was covered up at cadet forces, Panorama finds

[5] BBC Panorama Cadet Abuse Cover-Up

Pedophile sting ops roil U.S. forces on Okinawa | The Japan Times

WWII hero accused of sex assault on children – Telegraph

Britain’s most prestigious military school ‘bribed teacher’s daughter to provide information that led to the arrest of whistleblower’

James Daniel Howard charged with child pornography offenses | WJLA

UN peacekeepers in Haiti implicated in child sex ring | The Independent

Haitian mothers claim UN unresponsive over support for peacekeeper children – WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

Military fires 77 for sexual misconduct following latest report – The Globe and Mail

Spending Bill Allocates $18 Million To Handle Marine Corps Nude Photo Scandal – The Washington Standard

French soldier jailed for molesting girls in Burkina Faso – BBC News

RAF veteran told court he used chat rooms because he was ‘lonely,’ but was convicted of grooming young girls | Wales – ITV News

One Major Reason Child Abuse In Military Families Goes Unreported

BBC One – Panorama, Cadet Abuse Cover-Up

Paedophile Army sergeant who raped a young girl has jail term cut by top judges | Gloucestershire Live

Queen’s 100 Cavalry Homosexual Vice ring Scandal in 1976…,_Baron_Bramall

wochit community

Army recruitment officer guilty of sex attacks on cadets

The Independent 05-06-15, p15…/…/596042631483916289/photo/1

Sarge sex attacks on Army girls

Daily Star 05-06-15, p18


The Sun 01-12-13, p28

The Times 1981 Court Martial accept’s Dr Richard Wingate’s not guilty pleas re indecent assaults

Daily Star Sunday 01-05-16, p22

Hosegood had previously been in the RAF which is consistent with many people in Shirley Oaks who were abusing children. lambeth sosa report Alpha Jalloh,d.d2s



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14 Responses to Armed Forces Links to Child Sexual Abuse

  1. terryloane says:

    This new revelation (at least it was new to me) that abuse and cover-up has been widespread within the cadet branches of the armed forces fits in with what I have elsewhere identified as the four factors that enable perpetrators of psychological and physical abuse to continue unchallenged:

    1. Both the perpetrators and the institutions in which they work are perceived as ‘doing good work’ (e.g Saville at the BBC, the Catholic Church and its priests, the army/navy air force and their staff who work with cadets)

    2. Those in charge of the institutions are self-important and unaccountable (it certainly isn’t acceptable to question the authority of the sergeant major!)

    3. The institutions are secretive and hierarchical, which of course reinforces self-importance and lack of accountability (the armed forces are the epitome of hierarchy and they have a long tradition of secrecy)

    4. Individual perpetrators are often, but by no means always, charismatic individuals – e.g. Saville and John Smyth (but I do not know how many military abusers came into this category).

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    • Thanks, good categorisation


    • We need to point out that the cadet victims involved did not come under the Military Laws we are campaigning against…cadets were and are civilians….their abusers however were under MOD jurisdiction and therefore MOD responsible…hence large payouts (covered by gagging orders).


      • terryloane says:

        I don’t know much about British military/service law ‘MRSAS’, but it seems to me that in practice it will often have the same effect as canon law in the Catholic church. I mean it will serve to protect those higher up in the hierarchy from any complaints from those lower down. After all, if one can be sent to prison for two years for “disrespectful behaviour or communication to a superior officer” then individuals may well feel too frightened to complain when they are mistreated in any way by more senior people. And although cadets may not be subject to military/service law, those senior people who mistreat them will nevertheless feel protected by all the hierarchical deference, secrecy and unaccountability that military/service law simply reinforces.

        The tradition of deference has played a major role protecting powerful abusers on so many occasions. So I believe it is very important that those of us (the majority of the population, I guess) who live outside any hierarchical community like the military or the church should make a point of never ever showing deference to those in positions of authority (e.g. mayors, bishops, MPs, military officers, the Royal Family). Just treat them like equals, and then maybe we will have less abuse in society.


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