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These three posts are linked by Peter Saint.

The first two are court appeals, Peter Saint 1 Court of Appeal 6 Oct 2000 [3] and Peter Saint 2 Court of Appeal 17 Feb 2000 [4] 

This third is a Mirror article which says Peter Saint was a friend of Sydney Cooke and also Roger Gleaves.

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Sunday Mirror (London, England)
April 5, 1998 | Gardner, Andy; Johnson, Graham

SORDID Sidney Cooke, the most evil child killer in Britain, will be freed from jail tomorrow after boasting: “I am going to vanish.”

Although Cooke has agreed to be electronically tagged and supervised by a probation officer, the Sunday Mirror can reveal that he plans to give police the slip.

Cooke – leader of a gang that raped and murdered as many as nine boys – has told prison staff: “I have no intention of being hounded around the country.”

The pervert – who has served just nine years of a 16-year sentence for the rape and manslaughter of runaway schoolboy Jason Swift – added: “I have friends outside who will help me to disappear.

“Nobody will find me.”

The Sunday Mirror has learned that serial sex offenders, including the notorious Peter Saint, are ready to help Cooke disappear into Britain’s murky underworld of paedophiles.

Even though Cooke will be tagged, it will only tell police what locality he is in – not who he is meeting. In the past, tagged prisoners have committed serious offences, including rape.

One worried officer said: “Cooke could be teaming up with other perverts and we would not know. These tags can also be removed. They are not infallible.”

Cooke told one prison warder: “I’ve spent nine years fighting the system.

“The Home Office wanted to declare me insane so they could send me to a mental hospital when I left prison.

“But I told them that they were mad – trying to prove that I’m mad after nine years of perfect behaviour.

“They weren’t going to get away with that. I know the rules better than the governor”.

Cooke added: “The police can’t stop me from going anywhere because I’ve served my time – I’ll be a free man. Basically I can go where I like with whoever I like.”

Eastender Saint, 62, last week claimed that his friend Cooke should be free to leave jail without fear of being hounded.

“He has paid his debt to society,” said Saint.

Police chiefs are alarmed. The latest Home Office figures show that in 1995 alone, in just England and Wales, 446 men were convicted of sexual offences against boys aged under 16, and 111 men were convicted of raping girls aged under 16.

One of Cooke’s priorities will be to meet up again with his gay lover and child-sex gang member Robert Oliver, who was released from jail last year.

Cooke is keen to avoid the same fate as Oliver who, following his release, was hounded out of six towns.

Then, at his own request, Oliver spent four months in police cells in Brighton – at a cost of pounds 50,000 – to avoid being lynched.

He has moved to a medium-secure unit for mentally-disordered offenders in Milton Keynes.

The early release of Cooke, who has been granted remission for “good behaviour”, has infuriated detectives who say he was heavily involved in other child deaths.

Cooke, who now plans a “gay wedding” with Oliver, was a prime suspect in the kidnap and murder of six-year-old Barry Lewis.

And he was named by fellow pervert Leslie “Catweazle” Bailey as one of the gang that killed seven-year-old Mark Tildesley, who was abducted from a fairground at Wokingham, Berks, in 1984.

As soon as Cooke, 71, steps out of Wandsworth jail in South London tomorrow, he will put into operation his plan to disappear.

He has grown a beard to disguise himself and is expected to use a false name.

The Sunday Mirror was tipped off by a prisoner at Wandsworth who wrote: “It has been going around that he and Oliver are going to meet up with…Peter Saint.

“Saint and another person have a boat that they intend using when Cooke is out.”

The source said the other person had moved to Portland, Dorset, “so they have a safe place to do what they intend doing”.


POLICE have estimated it will cost more than pounds 1.5million a year to maintain surveillance on Cooke.

Just his release tomorrow will cost pounds 5,000 of taxpayers’ money. Guarded by six prison officers, he will be driven in an unmarked van out through a rear gate at Wandsworth prison.

He will be taken to an undisclosed police station where he will be released – less than two-thirds of the way through a 15-year manslaughter sentence.

As he takes his first steps to freedom, the hugely expensive cat-and- mouse game of trailing him will begin.


COOKE will be hidden by perverted Peter Saint, who was once a sidekick to Roger Gleaves – last week jailed for 15 years for sex offences.

If ever a man was unsuited to his name it was Saint, who has a record as a child molester dating back to 1969. Twice divorced, he served his last sentence for three indecent assaults on a 10-year-old boy. He is linked to a network of child molesters. A friend said: “He’s got a big chip on his shoulder about the police and will do all he can for Cooke.”


THE mother of 12-year-old Moors murder victim Keith Bennett will join a vigil outside Wandsworth Prison today to remember murdered children.

Winnie Johnson may also be joined by Joan Swift, mother of Jason, who was 14 when he was drugged, raped and killed by Cooke’s gang.

The vigil, from 10am to 10pm, has been organised by Stop Paedophiles Exploiting and Abusing Kids (SPEAK), and Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (MAMAA).

Kate Lowes, of SPEAK, said: “It will be a silent and dignified protest. We want the Government to understand that we don’t want this man back on the streets.”


COOKE’S last-minute agreement to electronic tagging and supervision by a probation officer merely glosses over a worrying legal loophole.

Because he was sentenced before implementation of the 1991 Criminal Justice Act, it is only a voluntary agreement.

However, a test case ruling last month said that in cases involving the most dangerous offenders, police could notify local residents.

Index of Newspaper and Journal articles on this blog [1]

Index of Court Appeals on this blog [2]

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