18 Responses to Rochdale and Beyond – the Legacy of Child Abuse by Anne Wade

  1. WOW, what a SUPERB account and report!

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  2. Incredible write up, very well evidenced. Demonstrates the political and systemic strategies utilised, in child abuse and exploitation. With no system of accountability in the highest levels of government and authority we can take for granted that such strategies continue today and are enhanced via the use of the dark-web and endemic levels of blaming, discrediting and assassinating the professionals who take their duty to safeguard children seriously.

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  4. Nicholas Cole says:

    A very well researched article and because it’s been so well researched very, very disturbing. Speaking as a former police officer I’m now asking why was it necessary for me to sign the Official Secrets Act?

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  8. Independent assurance review of
    the effectiveness of multi-agency
    responses to child sexual exploitation
    in Greater Manchester https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/media/2569/operation_augusta_january_2020_digital_final.pdf


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  10. f1axen says:

    Why did Charles Oxley need to be a member of PIE for six long years, while also being a school headmaster? Incidentally. his school was notorious for corporal punishment. He was a very odd character and as a child he made my flesh creep. I feel sick to know that while at his school he was involved in this and yet he is lauded as if he’s some kind of hero. To infiltrate paedophile organisations is the job of police detectives, Oxley’s self involvement stinks to high heaven and is highly irregular especially given his own fondness for “disciplining” children.


  11. theoldredcyclist says:

    Theank you for this Anne.

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