Isle of Man – Paedophile Paradise for downloading child abuse pictures

Isle of Man – Worlds Highest Proportion of Child Sexual Abuse Downloaders per population

The Isle of Man has the highest proportion per population, in the world, of downloaders of child abuse material from the internet, according to one investigation by Norwegian journalists.

Number of Child Abuse Downloaders in IOM per 100,000 Population

iom paedodata (2)

The Norwegian investigation was in fact nearly two years ago and most of this post was written many months ago, but never finished. It is however perhaps even more relevant now when the issue of child sexual abuse on the island, has finally been raised in Tynwald, thanks to Tim Baker MHK.

This information has been public for nearly 2 years now.

The big question is…

Have Police identified the downloaders and taken action? If not why not?

If not, there are potentially 149 paedophile downloaders, downloading child abuse material who have been downloading for possibly more than 2 years uninhibited. Perhaps also they have been abusing children on the island.

This post should be read in conjunction with my post Map of 95,000 Downloaders Worldwide of Child Abuse Material [3] which has more details and a UK angle, or indeed read the original posts (in English) by the Norwegian Reporters.

  • To go to the interactive map from VG Helg click this link [10]
  • To go to the original introductory article with map, 2015 Oct 3 VG Helg This map shows 95,000 downloaders of child abuse pictures worldwide click this link [1] This article gives an overview of the downloading map and how they found the information.
  • To go to the original in depth follow up article The Downloaders by VG Helg click this link [2]. The article describes how they traced some of the Norwegian men, agreed to meet them and ask why they downloaded child abuse material.

<p>WORLD MAP: This map show people that according to VGs research have downloaded child abuse material. <a class="" href="">Click here to see interactive graphics.</a></p>

Reporters from Norwegian online magazine VG Helm indicate that there are at least 149 internet addresses (IP addresses) on the Isle of Man which downloaded child abuse material (videos, photographs, writing), from the internet, in ten months of 2015.

Assuming the published figures of VG Helm are correct, when the figures are adjusted for population and worked out as as the number of downloading IP addresses per 100,000 in the Isle of Man and compared with some of other countries the figures for the island are astonishing.

Number of Child Abuse Downloaders in IOM per 100,000 Population

iom paedodata (2)

Number of Downloaders of Child Abuse Material in IOM per 100,000 Population

  • The Isle of Man has the highest proportion of the population per 100,000 downloading Child Abuse Material (CAM) by approximately 10 times that of the next worst
  • The Isle of Man has over 30 times more downloaders comparatively per 100,000 than the UK
  • The UK has 5.7 downloaders per 100,000 compared with 175 per 100,000 for the island. In other words if the IOM had the same proportion as the UK, it would have 5 downloaders. It appears to have 149 at least.

Method of Investigation

The VG Helg magazine team collected data for 10 months from file-sharing platforms, some of which keep publicly available logs of downloads. VG Helg’s team downloaded these logs, which contained information on 36 million downloads, from file names and dates of download, to usernames, email addresses and IPs.

They searched for abuse file names on both the clear and dark web. This allowed them to compile a list of Child Abuse Material (CAM) files. They then looked at other downloads made by the same people who had downloaded these files in hopes of uncovering more CAM.

The team discarded all normal downloads, set aside those made outside Norway, and continued to search for additional files downloaded by the same users which could turn out to be CAM. The final result was a list of 5, 500 downloads made in Norway. After some careful sleuthing, crossing usernames, social media accounts, email addresses, IPs, the team was able to identify many of the persons behind these usernames. For a more in depth description of how they did it, see towards the end of this article.

The team also collected much data of downloaders from other countries. In total 430,177 files showing sexual abuse of children have been downloaded to 94,989 IP addresses the world over.

For every download, they have indications of the user name and email address of the downloader, in addition to information on the file and the IP address it was downloaded to. Even if an IP address is not the same as a person, there is reason to assume that VG has information on close to 95,000 people from all over the world, who spend time, money and resources on downloading child abuse images.

Are Downloaders Dangerous?

Do these paedophile downloaders confine their interest to images and video of abused children or do they actually abuse on the island as well?

Lena Reif, head of the Sexual Crimes Unit in Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), also believes there is a connection between downloading material showing child sexual abuse and actually committing it.

“Thirty per cent of the individuals we know have downloaded child sexual abuse material have also committed child sexual abuse. It seems as if many download child sexual abuse images to normalise their own fantasies about abuse like this” says Reif [2]

“Downloading files and viewing this type of abuse is, by extension, sexual exploitation of children,” says police superintendent Bjørn-Erik Ludvigsen “ [2]

Irishman Joe Sullivan is one of Europe’s foremost experts in risk assessment of sexual predators. Sullivan is a forensic psychologist and runs a company called Mentor Forensics. In the past 20 years he has worked on risk assessment for organisations such as the National Crime Agency, the UK equivalent of Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) [2]

“At some point during the procedural or judicial process, eight out of ten who are convicted once for possession of child sexual abuse material will admit that they have also committed acts of sexual abuse on children. That is my experience from treatment and research” says Sullivan to VG [2]

“The question is not whether or not the downloaders will commit abuse; it is whether they already have, and in what context,” he says.

When he is asked to find out whether someone who has been convicted for downloading is likely to commit abuse when released, he interviews them using a lie detector.

“I do that to confirm that what they tell me is true and not just something they think I want to hear. It’s during these interviews that eight out of ten downloaders admit to having committed child sexual abuse before they were charged for possession of child sexual abuse images.”

“Are there any good reasons for downloading child sexual abuse material?” “None.

Why are the IOM figures so high?

This is difficult to answer definitively, especially without seeing the raw data itself and understanding what they mean.

Comparison with other islands

  • Malta with 122 square miles (about half the size of IOM with 221 square miles) has a population of 450,000 and 10 downloaders
  • Bahamas 380,ooo has 10 downloaders
  • Reunion 840,000 has 63 downloaders
  • Cyprus population 1.2M has 12 downloaders
  • IOM 85,000 has 149 downloaders

In the UK there were 3,743 internet addresses used for downloading child abuse material (CAM). Assuming a population of 64.5 million that works out at  5.7 people per 100,000. Correcting for population size reveals the UK in the top ten worst downloaders.

There could be many other file sharing sites and downloading networks. So this is not a definitive total, it is a minimum figure, from these sites chosen. This could work either way comparatively with other countries having different sites, but the true total figures would all be higher.

Paedophile Paradise – Power and Secrecy

The figures are assumed to be correct, and there is nothing to show they are not. The straightforward answer is that there are a greater proportion of people on the Island downloading child abuse material than elsewhere. This is a likely answer, but I have tried to put forward all possible alternatives later.

  • What are the possible reasons for a high rate of paedophilia?
  • Is the Isle of Man a paedophile paradise?
  • What is the truth about child sexual abuse on the Island?

It has long been rumoured that child sexual abuse has been rife on the island. It has long been whispered that it involved people of power and influence. It is said that it has been been covered up by the people of power and influence including politicians, the police, attorney generals office, secret societies and the Church.

An initial step towards the truth, one that has that has overcome the inertia of silence, denial and cover up, is the investigation into child sexual abuse at Knottfield, see Isle of Man Knottfield Child Sexual Abuse Investigation Aug 2017 [39] Hopefully it is the first crack in the cover up.

We need whistleblowers from the childrens homes, police, social services, courts, attorney generals office and all organisations to say what is going on, anonymously if needed.

Legal Differences

The IOM is a different legal jurisdiction and so there are differences and inconsistencies between the island and the jurisdictions of Britain, Ireland or Northern Ireland. Are there

  • lower detection rates by Police on the IOM for abusers and downloaders due to poor policing?
  • different legal offences for various sexual abuse and downloading child abuse material (CAM)?
  • charging differences for offences viewing indecent images and equivalent charges elsewhere?
  • charging differences due to decisions made by the Attorney General’s office or individuals therein?
  • sentencing differentials between IOM and Britain, Northern Ireland or Ireland?

Further study would need to be carried out on some of these factors but there are known to be sentencing differentials. Indeed there has been a petition of over 5,000 people to bring in harsher sentences for child abusers. Juan Watterson as Minister for Home Affairs promised it would come in after the Sept 2016 election.

It still  has not been introduced after nearly 18 months after the announcement. This appears to be gathering dust at the Attorney General’s Office. Why?

Attorney General is John Quinn but he was only Acting AG for some reason for several years, and on 15th Jan 2017 he was made permanent [49] The previous one Stephen Harding QC was suspended [40]

The exact history of the mess in the 2010’s at the Attorney Generals Office and indeed with the Police Chief Constable’s, I am not familiar with at the present time. It obviously does not lead to the public having much confidence in the integrity of top level police or attorney generals.

Sentencing and European Arrest Warrants

Juan Watterson announced that equalisation of sentencing with the UK would happen after the elections in September 2016 [24]. Unfortunately over 18 months after the announcement was made the Attorney Generals Office is still dragging its feet. Why?

There could conceivably have been a movement of paedophiles to the island, knowing the sentencing risks were less severe. Research would have to be done and made public on this. It remains to be seen whether Police would be cooperative.

Another factor could possibly be that European Arrests warrants are not valid on the island despite IOM being in the CTA common travel area [51] However surely the IOM could make its own reasonable arrangements with Europol? or the Government make changes to the CTA arrangements? Why is this not in place? Is this another of the Attorney Generals responsibilities?

Sex Offenders Register

Sex register include all sex offences not just child offences. Also it includes much more than indecent images

  • A total of 18 of the offenders have been convicted of possessing indecent images
  • 51 people currently on the island’s sex offenders’ register – including 4 UK-registered sex offender
  • 5 live off-island
  • In addition, there are 9 currently in prison serving custodial terms, who will be registered on their release.
  • 4 UK registered sex offenders living in the island [66]

Many are convicted of multiple offences but main offences [66]

  • 4 have been sentenced for sex with a person under 16
  • 5 have been convicted of rape
  • 19 with indecent assault
  • 4 with gross indecency
  • 1 with buggery

1 at least person reported to have moved to the Island and then offended [See Appendix 3]

  • At least 1 islander has offended off island  [50]
  • More research needed on this, by going through articles of convictions+

1 officer now monitors and engages with sex offenders on register [66]

Given the stories of CCTV on the ferries to identify offenders from Britain, it would appear that the money and time may be better spent identifying the child abuse material downloaders on the island. It would appear as if ferries is the scapegoat for lack of action by the IOM authorities who should be investigating what happens on the island.

Perhaps Britain should be more worried about IOM abusers going to Britain than the other way around as 5 live off island, and only 4 from UK are on the island? [50] More research needs carrying out on this.

What are Manx Police doing about Child Abuse Downloaders?

The Public Protection Unit (PPU) is the unit which investigates child sexual abuse, of which there are about 6 officers [54]

Operation Ore and Operation Spade are two of the most famous global internet child abuse operations, yet there is virtually no information on Operation Ore [41] and Project Spade [42] available on the Isle of Man. Why?

The Norwegian investigation found 149 IP addresses on the Isle of Man.

  • How many have been investigated?
  • What have the Police done?

Only 16 in total have been convicted of indecent images that are on the register [66]

Appendix 2 lists the some of Chief Constable’s Annual Reports

  • 2011 – 2012 [17]
  • 2013 – 2014 [16]
  • 2014 – 2015 [18]
  • Apologies for lack of up to date information 0n 2016 and 2017 due to shortage of time.

Highlighted in Appendix 2 the pages that there may be information of interest to child sexual abuse researchers.

Registered sex offenders number about 40 -50  eg [p41 [17] ]

Some information from later reports is in this article 2017 Jul 14 Isle of Man Online Children’s home abuse raised in Tynwald [31] 

Sexual Offences Prevention Order – need to research what these are and types of order. FOI?

Police Refuse to give any information about internet child sexual abuse

Media / Freedom of Information Request

In Feb 2016 I asked the Manx Constabulary some reasonable FOI / media questions on internet indecent images, before the law was actually introduced. The FOI law not introduced apparently only applies to after 2011 and only to people on the island.

So I am barred from asking FOI requests, despite the fact that many may consider it to be of public interest. The after 2011 date is nothing but a charter for cover up, and no cut off date should be enforced.

“Op Ore 2003 links [A26] [A33]

  • How many names/leads/IP addresses were given to IOM Police?
  • How many arrests were made?
  • How many prosecuted?
  • A very brief description (I am talking 2/3 sentences of what the Operation involved on IOM)

 Operation/Project Spade links  [61] [60].

  • Was any information handed to IOM Constabulary re Op Spade?
  • How many names/leads/IP addresses were given to IOM Police?
  • How many arrests were made?
  • How many prosecutions?
  • A very brief description (I am talking 2/3 sentences of what the Operation involved on IOM)


  • Do IOM constabulary have dedicated team for Internet downloaders of child abuse images?
  • How many people are in the section dealing with that?
  • What type of methods are IOM constabulary using to reduce internet downloading of indecent images on the Island?”

People might expect their Police Service not only to be able to answer, but to want to answer.

Manx Police responded in unhelpful, vacuous and fatuous fashion. Why?

They answered

  • “At the time of Operation Ore the Constabulary conducted a number of investigations referred to the Force within the protocols which existed at the time. The same can be said for Operation Spade. The investigations were stored under the names of the individuals investigated rather than any reference to the Operation names. It is therefore not possible to answer the questions in respect of the investigations.
  • As with most Police Forces the Constabulary investigates a wide range of offences and in an increasingly digital age provides a service which meets the demand in this area. The Constabulary are not in a position to release the nuances of the team which investigates these matters as it may reveal Police tactics and how it works in such operations.”

This was obviously high unsatisfactory, gave no information and pretended that giving any information would reveal Police tactics. I therefore replied:

  • “It is a matter for debate whether the Constabulary does indeed provide a service to meet demand in this digital area, and you offer no evidence of this whatsoever. Whilst I agree the Constabulary should not release “nuances of the team which investigates these matters as it may reveal Police tactics and how it works in such operations.”
  • “You have given no information whatsoever, never mind nuances. I remind you of the questions [above], which are perfectly reasonable, and something a decent media would be asking you [ie one that current IOM media was not asking them]. I note you do not even give a description of the operations.”

No satisfactory explanation was given.

  • Was nothing done by Manx Police?
  • Was it incompetently dealt with?
  • Was it corruptly covered up?

Police Secrecy and Excuses

IOM Police refused to provide me with any information on whether or not they have an internet abuse unit. I therefore suspect that they do not have an internet abuse unit and do not wish to admit it.

If an excuse is made that this information maybe somehow of help to paedophiles, then it can be pointed out that the IOM already has the highest rate in the world of downloading child sexual material per head of population.

If the Police were transparent to the public it is meant to serve, and it became public knowledge that the IOM has no internet sexual /child sexual abuse unit, or not sufficient people, then the public pressure should force the police to take internet child abuse more seriously and increase the resources dedicated to it.

Secrecy is playing into the hands of paedophiles and child abusers. The silence and secrecy must be replaced by transparency.

The existence or not of an internet abuse unit is a matter of legitimate public interest. By refusing to answer the Police are attempting to limit public scrutiny of their lack of willingness or ability to investigate the cases that need to be.  Any excuses they give are a sham to cover up that fact.

Operation Ore was, on the island, approximately Feb 2003 – only 14 years ago.
Operation Spade was only Nov 2013, less than 4 years ago. This was well into the digital age.

It should have been best practice and easy to file any information cross referenced to the Operation name. Even if it was not done, they could easily be searched for by date, or even by individual case it should not take very long.

Questions Public Protection Unit and Manx Police should answer on Internet Child Abuse

  • Why are Police deliberately hiding information on Operation Ore and Operation Spade and covering up child sexual abuse?

Operation Ore

  • Were any investigations carried out on Operation Ore?
  • Who was the Senior Investigating Officer for Operation Ore?
  • What was the result of any investigations from Op Ore?
  • Was anyone charged from Operation Ore?

Operation Spade

  • Were any investigations carried out on Operation Spade?
  • Who was the Senior Investigating Officer for Operation Spade?
  • What was the result of any investigations from Op Spade?
  • Was anyone charged from Operation Spade?

Operation Rescue

  • How many cases from Operation Rescue carried out by Europol in 2016 were relevant to the Isle of Man?
  • Was anything done about them?
  • What arrangements do the Manx Police have with Europol to exchange information?

Internet Child Abuse

  • Have the IOM Constabulary picked this up this Norwegian study which has been public for nearly 2 years?
  • Are the IOM Police cooperating with and learning from the Norwegian journalists? If not why not?
  • If they are aware of the study what are the results of any investigation into the IOM downloaders?
  • Why have results of any investigation not been seen?
  • If IOM Police /PPU are not aware of the study why not?
  • If not aware of the study is it because there is not an child abuse internet investigation team or because they are incompetent?
  • Do the IOM Constabulary have a dedicated internet abuse unit?
  • If not why not?
  • If there is an internet abuse unit, how many officers work full time on this?
  • Do they use the similar proven methods to this Norwegian team? If not why not?
  • If there is no unit why are police covering this up by refusing to answer?
  • Who is the Senior officer responsible for refusing information on Operation Spade, Operation Ore and whether there is an internet sexual abuse squad?
  • What are arrangements of the Manx Police with Europol to exchange information and ensure arrests if need be?


The fact that there have not been a mass of arrests appears to show that there could be 149 internet downloaders that have been operating with impunity on the island for at least 18 months

  • What does this say about the ability, the competence and the desire of the Manx Police to carry out child abuse investigations efficiently?
  • What does this say about the efficiency of the Police and what does it say about the accountability of the Police to the public?

In previous posts, it was found that Manx Police are certainly not giving victims of historic abuse that they approach or who come forward, adequate support and counselling. This is leading to complications and those people unnecessarily suffering.  Isle of Man: Counselling for Victims / Survivor[25]

Chief Constable Roberts

The spotlight must also fall on Chief Constable Roberts, because the buck stops with him, for

  • appalling lack of information on Operation Spade, Operation Ore, child abuse downloading and whether they even have team who specialise in internet child sexual abuse
  • proceeding to investigate child sexual abuse knowing that the victims and complainants are not given adequate trained specialised therapists  and support.  victims. Police continue to traumatise victims of non recent abuse and are negligent in doing so.

General Questions

  • Have the 150 child abuse downloading IP addresses identified in the 2015 Norwegian investigation got away with it, due to the incompetence of the Police?
  • Who is the senior officer in charge of internet crime on the island?
  • What conditions are put on abusers on the Sex Abusers Register?
  • How many have restrictions on using the internet or some form of monitoring?
  • What facilities are there on the island to treat child abusers and downloaders of the material to make them less likely to repeat this behaviour?
  • What facilities are there to help heal the victims and survivors of these abusers?

Timeline relevant to Internet Downloading or Indecent Pictures

The numbers for links in this section refer to different article [A]

  • 2003 Feb 3 IOM Today [A33] Raids on alleged net paedophiles. Homes around the Island have been raided as part of the Operation Ore crackdown on alleged paedophiles. Several houses have been targeted by officers, people arrested and evidence removed from homes as the worldwide hunt for people viewing sick images of children on the internet spreads to the Isle of Man. The force has refused to confirm Operation Ore raids are under way. Detective Chief Inspector Dave Bell.
  • 2003 Dec Original Source unknown [23] [See Appendix 1] Porn case man put on register. A man who admitted having images of naked children on his computer has been given a 12-month conditional discharge. John Howard Grundey, 57, who recently moved from the Isle of Man to Oatlands Avenue, Bar Hill, Cambridge, admitted five offences of possessing indecent or pseudo images of children. He appeared before High Bailiff Michael Moyle on the Isle of Man on December 23 when he was handed the conditional discharge and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for a year. Prosecutor Pamela Butterworth. On it were images of naked children and he was arrested. Advocate Jason Stanley said the offences were committed between June 2001 and February 2003 and were not as serious as some.
  • 2004 Jul 23 IOM Today [A40] Manx Telecom considers anti porn measures.  Technology to bar paedophiles from viewing child pornography on the internet could be introduced by Manx Telecom. The company confirmed it would be interested in adopting BT’s Clean Feed filter system, which blocks illegal websites, including those showing sick images of children.
  • 2008 Jun 23 IOM Today [A14] Douglas man held 1,100 indecent pictures of children. Karl Anthony Inglis pleaded guilty to nine counts of possessing indecent printed or moving images of children before a Court of General Gaol Delivery on Monday. Inglis was placed on the sex offenders register for five years, ordered to notify the authorities of any travel plans during that period and banned from taking work with unsupervised access to children.Darren Taubitz advocate.
  • 2013 Sept 23 IOM Today [A38]  Nursery worker is sentenced. Passing sentence Deemster Alastair Montgomerie noted Andrew James Maddrell, a former employee at the Sandcastles nursery in Douglas, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a child and making indecent photographs of children only in August this year shortly before he was due to stand trial, having initially denied them. He was sentenced to 5 years 3 months imprisonment.
  • 2013 Sept 23 BBC [A18] Child sex assault Isle of Man nursery worker jailed. Andrew James Maddrell admitted in court Aug 9. 232 indecent images of children three days earlier. The court heard that of those images, 97 were level four and three were level five, the most severe.
  • 2013 Nov 14 The [A61] Child porn bust: Anatomy of an international child pornography investigation – Operation Spade
  • 2013 Nov 15 Daily Mail [A60]  Hundreds of British paedophiles still at large as worldwide swoop on 341 suspected sex offenders fails to net any in UK despite police receiving tip-off list 18 months ago – Operation Spade
  • 2014 May 27 BBC [A21] Man admits indecent images of children charges. A 22-year-old man has pleaded guilty to four charges relating to indecent images of children. Daniel Edward Kelly, from Peel, denied two further counts of possessing, making and publishing indecent images of children at Douglas courthouse. He was granted bail and will appear in court again on 22 July.
  • 2015 Jul 30th 3FM [A115] Number of children on sex abuse plans higher than UK Six per cent of Island children on the child protection register are being monitored on a sexual abuse plan – slightly higher per head of population than the UK’s figure of five per cent. How many now?
  • 2015 Aug 21 IOM Today [A120] Paedophile jailed for five years and five months re Andrew Mark Byrne was sentenced to five years and five months in jail and an indefinite period listed on the Sex Offenders Register following conviction for four counts of indecent assault on a child, 30 counts of making indecent images and videos of children and one count of breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order. The indecent assault incidents occurred in the early 1990s. The offences involving indecent imagery were committed between 2001 and 2014.
  • 2015 Oct 13 IOM Today [A109] *Police dealing with more cases of sexual abuse features headline of IOM Examiner*  “Sharp rise in historic child sexual abuse cases”
  • 2016 Jan 14 Energy FM [A101] Man accused of possessing indecent images of children – A Port Erin man has appeared in court accused of possessing over 3,500 indecent photographs of children. 56-year-old Ian Mcloughlin has been charged with 10 offences of possessing, making or publishing the images between 2007 and October last year. At Douglas Courthouse this week Mcloughlin said he was giving ‘no indication of plea’- he’s due to be committed to the Court of General Gaol Delivery on March 8th.
  • 2016 Jul 30 Energy FM [37] Extra jail time for paedophile caught with pictures of children  Andrew Byrne
  • 2016 Aug 29 Event Chronicle Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble [47] Operation Rescue
  • 2017 May 15 IOM Today [36] Man with more than 900,000 indecent images is jailed  Martin Andrew Cleator 900,000 indecent images of children. in Examiner on 2017 May 16
  • 2017 May 16 IOM Today [38] Breached sex order at church Raymond Carl Butler, Prosecutor Barry Swain, advocate Stephen Wood, Church on the Rock in Prince’s Road in Ramsey

Police are in a privileged position of power. However it can be and is often abused. This is exacerbated as the Police complaints mechanism, part of the checks and balances are not fit for purposes so there is no check on the police corruption, which gets more each year.

In this video a whistleblower from the Metropolitan Police tells of various tactics used for hiding child sexual abuse. Of course Rule 1 – Delay as much as you can is being used on exposure in the IOM.


What possible bias could there be in the Norwegian Investigation figures?

Due to the low actual number, 149, but high proportion per 100,000, then small differences in the Isle of Man figures are liable to be amplified in comparison to other countries with larger population. It is wise therefore to look at all possible sources of variation.

There could be factors as to why the number of IP addresses does not equate directly to numbers of people downloading on the island. This is recognised by the authors. Perhaps multiple computers and downloading devices. Perhaps false IPU addresses using virtual private networks (VPNs) with Isle of Man as the VPN.

Downloaders could be generating a different IP address each time, but then even more IP addresses could be expected

Due to the nature of the Norwegian Reporters investigation it is possible that figures will be biased towards file sharing networks that Norwegians used. Similarly as Germany came out with the highest number of Child Abuse Material (CAM) downloaders any connections or bias to Germany may be important.

The reason why one specific file-sharing service is used in one specific country may be that paedophiles and downloaders in this country discuss and recommend this service when they want to share abuse material. We have seen in several hidden forums that they recommend certain file-sharing services, and this discussion may happen not just on the Internet. One can therefore look at this world map as a representation of several geographic networks of downloaders and paedophiles, says Stangvik, the analyst who researched the data.

Manx Telecom [4] is now largely owned by Hg Capital which has a strong German link [5] Is this a possible factor? Does the Telecom company in use affect the ability to download images due to controls if any not being as strong. Back in 2004 Manx Telecom suggested it was going to bring in greater controls [19] – Did this happen? If not is this one of the factors that has led to the IOM being the worst downloader per population?

Another German link is the high number of German tourists particularly for the TT.  Has the knowledge of networks used by Germans for CAM downloading in the Norwegian study been shared in the Island due to this? Are Germans downloading whilst on the Island, and this has been picked up in the Norwegian figures? If so this would correlate with a peak around TT fortnight in the Norwegian data.

An old Norwegian Link to the Island is between the 8-12th Centuries when the island was part of the Suðreyjar, or “Southern Isles” [7]. The current Anglican diocese of Sodor and Man originally under the Archdiocese of Trondheim, comes now under the Province of York. The Bishop of Sodor and Man is an ex officio member of the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man. Have some Norwegian links been retained which has somehow manifested in the island today sharing similar file sharing groups on computer? Has any child abuse by the Anglican church been easier to hide with the Bishop being on the Legislative Council and/or being appointed bizarrely in a Crown Dependency by the PM the UK.

Tourist downloading will be easily found in the distribution of original data in the summer months. Any such links would only appear to skew comparative figures with other countries. It would not make much difference to the fact that the IOM has the highest proportion of downloaders found in the study.

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Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
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  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [P]


  • Links prefaced with an A refer to links from article [0] which have not been reproduced here due to lack of time
  • Further some links are now defunct due to changes in IOM Today website

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[12] 2006 Aug 6 Guardian Paedophile priest was given post at school for the deaf re Gallanagh

[13] 2016 Feb 25 BBC Peter Kewley: ‘Sexual predator’ has sentence appeal dismissed

[14] Sodor and Man Diocese

[15] Sodor and Man Safeguarding

[16] 2013-14 Chief Constable’s Annual Report

[17] 2011/12 Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2011/12

[18] 2014 – 2015 Chief Constable’s Annual Report

[19] 2004 Jul 23 IOM Today Manx Telecom considers anti porn measures

Numbers above refer to article


[21] 2016 Jul 26 Cathy Fox Blog Met Police hide sexual abuse of children – Police whistleblower

[22] 2016 Jul UK Column UK Column – The Child Abuse Cover Up – A Police Whistleblower Speaks

[23] 2016 Jul 29 Telegraph Police find 30 million images of child abuse in major anti-paedophile operation

[24] 2016 Feb 3 BBC Plan to review Isle of Man child sex offenders sentences revealed

[25] 2016 Feb 16 Cathy Fox Blog  Isle of Man: Counselling for Victims / Survivors

[26] 2015 May 25 Cathy Fox Blog Child Sexual Abuse in the Isle of Man

[27] 2016 Feb 15 Cathy Fox Blog IOM Child Sexual Abuse Update Feb 2016

[28] 2015 May 25  Cathy Fox Blog 10 Steps on How to Research Child Sexual Abuse in your area – A Rough Guide Uses IOM as an example

[29] 2015 Dec 10 Cornish Guardian Devon and Cornwall police arrest 79 people in major crackdown on suspected paedophiles Detective Chief Inspector Neil Ralph of Devon and Cornwall Police’s public protection unit, said: “The internet is not a safe space for paedophiles to access and view indecent images of children, as their activity leaves a digital footprint, which we will find.

[30] 2017 Jul 27 Manx Radio Sensitive approach to Knottfield investigation

[31] 2017 Jul 14 Isle of Man Online Children’s home abuse raised in Tynwald

[32] 2017 Jul 25 BBC Isle of Man abuse victims urged to come forward

[33] 2017 Jul 18 Child abuse: call for evidence

[34] 2017 Jul 18 Tynwald Child abuse: call for evidence

[35] 2010 Jun 28 Local Government Lawyer Manchester City Council settles second set of historic child abuse claims

[36] 2007 May 15 IOM Today Man with more than 900,000 indecent images is jailed Martin Andrew Cleator 900,000 indecent images of children. in Examiner on 2007 May 16

[37] 2016 Jul 30 Energy FM  Extra jail time for paedophile caught with pictures of children Andrew Byrne

[38] 2017 May 16 IOM Today Breached sex order at church Raymond Carl Butler, Prosecutor Barry Swain, advocate Stephen Wood, Church on the Rock in Prince’s Road in Ramsey

[39] 2017 Aug 3 Cathy Fox Blog Isle of Man Knottfield Child Sexual Abuse Investigation Aug 2017

[40] Wikipedia Attorney General Isle of Man

[41] Wikipedia Operation Ore archive

[42] Wikipedia Project Spade Archive

[43] From Beecroft Speech 2006 Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Care of Young People in the Isle of Man  ??? Children and Young Persons Act 2001 introduced modern law and practice into our child protection work. The Regulation of Care Act 2013 /residential facilities for children and young people are commissioned from external providers and we have robust governance arrangements through contract management. No current children’s home has failed an inspection. An external body, the Care Inspectorate from Scotland ,reviewed our services for children and young people in 2014 and did a follow – up inspection in 2016./ Independent Chair of Safeguarding Board is proposing to carry out a review to test the Isle of Man performance against the areas that the Jersey inquiry have identified for improvement. 2017 Jul 18 IOM Tynwald  Knottfield debate [62] pdf download. Also See Appendix Zero knottfield/ including the 2006 Everall Commission of Inquiry into the Care of Young People and the two Scottish Care Inspectorate reports into services for children and young people in 2014 and 2016/

[44] 2006 May 4  Isle of Man Guide Commission of Inquiry into the Care of Young People 15th October 2004 Mark Everall QC was appointed by the Council of Ministers on the Isle of Man to conduct a Public Inquiry into the care and support given to Samantha Barton and George Green

[44a] Report

[44b] Commission Findings – The Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry will be posted on this page once it is published

[47] 2016 Aug 29 Event Chronicle Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble Operation Rescue

[48] MHKs They work for you Howard Quayle

[49] 2017 Jan 6 Manx radio John Quinn is new Attorney General

[51] 2017 Feb 11 IOM Today Convicted Polish rapist could not be arrested in Isle of Man

[54] 2016 Jul 15 Energy FM Police see 110 per cent increase in sexual offence workload 110 per cent increase in their workload over the last 12 months The Public Protection Unit – which is staffed by six officers

Appendix 1 Raw Data Used

Apologies, a table is beyond my technical skills

Number of Downloaders:Country:Population:Number per 100,000 equivalent

  •  59 Trinidad and Tobago 1.33M 4.4
  •  149 IOM 85 ,000    175
  •  221 Ireland 4.6m    4.8
  •  3743 UK 64.5 M     5.7
  • 296 Israel 8.5M 3.4
  • 502 Belgium 11.5M  4.4
  • 750 Switzerland 8.2  9.1
  • 973 Austria 8.5  11.4
  • 18107 Germany 81m  22.4
  • 13630 United States 322M 4.2
  • 11118 Russia 144M  7.7
  • 3743 United Kingdom 64.5M 5.8
  • 3393 France 66M  5.14
  • 3336 Japan 127 M   2.62
  • 2969 Brazil 203M  1.4
  • 2364 Italy 61.5  3.8
  • 2073 Ukraine  43M 4.8
  • 1899 Spain 46.5M 4.1
  • 1837 Australia 24 M 7.6
  • 1777 Netherlands 17M 10.4
  • 1723 Canada 36M 4.7
  • 1672 Poland 39M 4.3
  • 430 Norway 5.2M 8.2
  • 63 Reunion 0.84M 7.5
  • 12 Cyprus 1.2mM
  • 10 Malta o.45 m (122 sq miles cf IOM 221)
  • 10 Bahamas 0.38m

Appendix 2

Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2011/12 [17] 

p32 Sexual offences 5 recorded 3 detected indecent images of children, gross indecency with child 5 and 3, no indecent assaults on male under 16, 13 and 4 women under 16

p41 Registered sex offender 2009/10 – 34, 10/11 – 39, 11/12 – 41

p47 Missing from care 116, from home 188

p48 PPU (Public Protection Unit) investigations 38 csa allegations, 6 historic, 9 allegations involving indecent images

Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2013 – 2014 [16]

Gives sexual offences  2011/2 48 2012/13 47 2013/4 55 3% approx of crime Child Offences
2011/12 – 0  12/13 – 1  13/14 – 0
2   0   0
3   0   0

Page 41 Sexual offences

Page 45 Management of Sex Offenders
There are currently 45 registered Sex Offenders on the Island, a decrease of one since the previous year. One breach of the registration was identified.
38 notifications from Registered Sex Offenders regarding change in circumstances were recorded, and 82 visits were made to the homes of offenders. There were 34 off-island travel notifications and two breaches of the notification requirements.

P47 Missing Persons
The total number of the juvenile Missing Persons reported during 2013-2014 was 443. This represents a reduction of 25% from the previous year. This decrease is mostly due to a large fall in reports of children missing from home (from 233 to 96). As a result, almost 80% of the incidents related to children absent from local care.
Dialogue with service providers and with the Department of Social Care was considerable and frequent. However, too many young people are going missing and this can be a drain on police time. We are certainly not yet near the situation that arose a decade or so ago when looking for young people missing from care was a major policing issue; however efforts will have to be made to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate any further.
The growing involvement of the Constabulary in mental health issues is a cause for concern. During the year there were frequently occasions in which officers were called to find mentally ill people, who had gone missing and who were at risk of harm. Every indication exists that this is a growing problem and one for which there are no easy solutions. On several occasions during the year every available officer was required to

p48 Public Protection Matters
Public Protection is an extremely important part of modern policing. It comprises several different strands of activity, including the investigation of sexual and physical abuse of children and young people, the management of sex offenders and other dangerous individuals, and the policing of the online world.
At both strategic and tactical levels partnership working is critically important if vulnerable people, especially vulnerable young people, are to be protected. Partnership working is not always easy and, at a time when resources are shrinking, each organisation involved in public protection work must ensure that it resists the temptation to “retreat to barracks” and focus solely on what it does at the expense of working together.
On a positive note, two especially difficult and high sexual abuse cases were successfully prosecuted at the Court of General Gaol Delivery. Both involved serious sexual abuse committed by individuals operating in educational or child care environments. Whilst the positive outcomes are satisfying, the cases highlighted how the criminal justice system in its current format is scarcely suitable for child victims, especially those that are very young.
The Constabulary’s public protections investigations team was recognised at UK national level for its excellence, when it won the Association of Chief Police Officers’ northern region sexual offences investigations techniques team of the year award. When the police approach to sexual offending has a higher profile than ever before, this is a considerable achievement.
The number of child sex-abuse cases remained at 34, the same as last year, while the number of child physical-abuse allegations dropped from 55 to 36. Overall the number of separate investigations begun during the year dropped from 183 to 130.
It is a sad fact that some of the referrals are a result of family breakdown. Children are sometimes used as bargaining tools by estranged parents, who make accusations of abuse or neglect as a way of harming former spouses or partners. Each allegation has to be investigated, yet few are found to have substance.
I wish to highlight what I consider to be the biggest threat to the safety of children and young people on the Island. It is this: a growing fear amongst professionals about the sharing of information. Whereas the Island’s data protection laws are broadly the same as those found elsewhere in the British Isles, the interpretation of those laws given by officials charged with overseeing data protection matters differs considerably. As a result, there are increasing signs that professionals here are becoming afraid to share information. I know that my strategic level partners share my concerns.

Registered sex offenders page 59   41/46/45

PPU investigation page 71

csa allegations  38/34/34 historic 6/9/16 indecent images 9/5/7

Page 81 The unit was recognised for the excellence of its work when it won the Association of Chief Police Officers sexual offences investigation techniques team of the year award for the northern region. This is a highly significant achievement, especially at a time when so many high profile investigations were being made in the United Kingdom. The Unit was recognised for the whole range of its work, but especially its work in respect of the sexual abuse of very small children at the Sandcastles Nursery and the rape and indecent assault of teenage girls by a mathematics lecturer, who was providing home tutoring. These awful offences were dealt with in exemplary fashion.
I would highlight two real concerns that I have: firstly, legislation to deal with the whole range of sexual offending is now hopelessly outdated. Steps by the Department of Home Affairs to modernise the law cannot happen soon enough. Secondly, I am worried the attitude of young people, sometimes of a pre-teenage years, to sexual matters. There is an increasing sexualisation of young people at a very early age. This manifests itself in dangerous behaviour, which sometimes involves frequent sexual activity, which often involves the sharing of naked or sexual pictures via various social media, and which sometimes leads to contact with adult sexual offenders. At the risk of sounding Victorian, I would urge parents to take a more interventionist approach to these matters.

£10,863 spend
£7,028 budget

Chief Constable’s Annual Report 2014 – 2015 [18]

page 15 sexual offences 60

page 60 sexual offences *

page 62 registered sex offenders , 2015 49

page 68 missing children and evidence of child sexual exploitation

page 69 c.25% increase in absent from care

p70 PPU csa allegations 35 , historic ZERO?, indecent images 8

p84 Public Protection Unit: 1 Inspector, 1 Sergeant, 6 Constables

p106 reoffending sexual offences various years less than 4 ?

Appendix 3

December 2003 Source not known Porn case man put on register

A MAN who admitted having images of naked children on his computer has been given a 12-month conditional discharge.

John Howard Grundey, 57, who recently moved from the Isle of Man to Oatlands Avenue, Bar Hill, Cambridge, admitted five offences of possessing indecent or pseudo images of children.

He appeared before High Bailiff Michael Moyle on the Isle of Man on December 23 when he was handed the conditional discharge and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for a year.

Police acting on a tip-off seized Grundey’s computer from his then home in Friary Park, Ballabeg, on February 3, said prosecutor Pamela Butterworth.

On it were images of naked children and he was arrested.

Advocate Jason Stanley said the offences were committed between June 2001 and February 2003 and were not as serious as some.

The case had a devastating effect on him. He was subjected to abuse and threats which caused him to lose his job and forced him to move.

Mr Stanley said Grundey hadn’t downloaded or saved the images.

Imposing the conditional discharge, Mr Moyle said community-based sentences were not available to him and the defendant had no means with which to pay a fine.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum



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  4. Anonymous says:

    Cath, don’t the statistics show 149 IP addresses, not 149 people? If you switch off your modem every night, as I do, when you switch it on again in the morning you get a new IP address. So the downloads in IOM could potentially be by just 1 person.

    Did you speak with the police? Did you get a response?


    • I am not an expert, I am putting the information out there.In fact not even doing that -the information is out there, I am merely presenting it, angled to IOM, with many many possible reasons as to what the causes may be. The Police do not answer general questions for me never mind specific ones, so I havent wasted my time. Perhaps you can try them? Your theory is certainly possible amongst many others, however why are the comparative figures so different? Do IOM downloaders have different behaviour to other countries? Perhaps the authorities should start being more open, considering they wont even admit if they have an internet investigation unit or not?


    • grimstock says:

      If that were the case it should be equivalent across most countries, but is not.


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  6. Grimstock says:

    The IOM is a safe haven for government installations. You have probably stumbled upon an MI5/6 child porn business arm. These would use stacks of servers and IP addresses.
    The Testimony of Andrea Davison:

    2.2 During the course of the investigation clear links were identified between illegal arms sales, drugs trafficking, support for terrorist groups and the sale and distribution of child pornography, including snuff videos. The illegal arms trade is connected to a much larger organised criminal network. The fact that sections of the Conservative Government, the police and government agencies were involved made it more perilous and destructive to the fabric of society. No-one knew who is working for whom!


  7. Grimstock says:

    (Referring to the child porn trade) “It’s a billion dollar industry – People get convicted, but there is never any investigation into their finances”
    The business is funded by public funds:
    From the link in the comment above, the North Wales installation had been exposed by Andrea Davison in around 1989/1990, so it would be understandable that they may have shifted the centre of operations since the North Wales Police were under investigation also.


  8. grimstock says:

    The international child porn trade appears to be above the authority of Downing Street and the British government, and is linked to the CIA.
    International links to Nicholas van Hoogstraten and CIA:
    The cover-up is not historical – It is very much ongoing.


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