Operation Spanner Dissected, by Grimstock

I posted two articles about Operation Spanner last year.

  • Operation Spanner -Michael Hames Dirty Squad [2]
  • Glasgow Herald 10 Oct 1989 Fifteen charged after Operation Spanner [3]

I also posted several relevant court appeals

1992 Feb 21 Times Law Reports  Brown, Laskey, Jaggard, Lucas, Carter, Cadman – Court of Appeal (Spanner) [6]

1993 Mar 12 Times Law Reports Brown, Lucas, Jaggard, Laskey, Carter – House of Lords (Spanner) [7]

1997 Feb 20 Times Law Report Laskey, Jaggard and Brown v UK ECHR (Operation Spanner) [4]

1997 Times Law Report Laskey, Jaggard and Brown v UK – EHCR (Spanner) [5]

Grimstock left many comments on the articles providing more fascinating information.

I asked him if he would like to write an article for this blog. He accepted and after much delay due to me and backlog of work, here it is.

Interesting points I found in the article were the links to Bryn Alyn, the seeming intent on a moral crusade by the church combining with state ending with legal persecution and the role of the police and the sheer length of the operation.

Operation Spanner Dissected by Grimstock be downloaded [1] or read here…


Operation Spanner Dissected

The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1989:

Whether by design or not, Operation Spanner had in effect been a cull of gay men by Church and State under the banner of “Christian Family Values”, using the camouflage and later addition of the Spannermen case and the cover of the false official story surrounding their arrests, which signalled the end of the police operation in 1987, with the final charges only being dtawn up two years later.

There were two distinct separate parts to Operation Spanner;

1) 1983 to 1986 covert raids on advertisers and responders to a gay magazine involving over 620 raids, of which no defendants or charges were forthcoming, but resulting in over 60 alleged suicides. This part of the operation was not publicised. From the information available. it may also be presumed that the alleged suicides were mostly, if not all, “potential defendants”.

2) 1987 to 1989 The Spannermen case involving 16+ raids. This was carried out with full media coverage upon charging, including false claims and lies, and centred around visitors to a Bryn Alyn child abuse whistleblower’s address.

Both of these sections had different and possibly multiple agendas and purposes, but all were carried out as attacks on gay men, gay practices and gay lifestyles, on behalf of the Church of England.

Operation Spanner involved, in addition to the 16 Spannermen charged, between £4.5million and £6.5million in costs by the time the court appearances were under way. The controversy over the prosecutions and convictions had additionally served another purpose in the operation altogether.

The 1980s saw a new wave of social conservatism as Margaret Thatcher sought to enshrine Judaeo-Christian family values within the fiscal, legal and social fabric of the country. One result of this was Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Section 28 pushed some key Thatcherite buttons — the rights of parents and supposed mismanagement of public funds — while it also conveniently discredited Labour-led local councils in the run-up to the 1987 election.”
http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/node/6041/full (scroll down)

It had been a four year long police operation from 1983 to 1987 ending in seeming epic failure, which grasped at straws and the spannermen both in desperation (and to a great degree retaliation) in order to try and justify both it’s existence and massive expenditure which finally ended in December 1990 with the incarcerations of the men.
Naturally the final charges and sentences brought would have appeased Hames’s masters-the Church of England General Synod-whom had always sought to make examples of sex both outside marriage and in a gay context. (see : 1987 Church of England General Synod “Higton Motion” which had called for expulsion of homosexuals from the church together with the re-criminalisation of homosexuality, prior to being watered down by the Synod).

https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=…motion&f=false (start from page above)

The spannermen raids, arrests and charges were carried out by Michael Hames and his teams.
Many lies and smears were circulated (including links to child abuse) by the OPB and the media, resulting in the men, particularly during the trial, being beaten, kicked, shoved to the ground, and as I recall, one broken arm and a broken nose from having to walk a daily gauntlet surrounded by hostile crowds, whilst the police encouraged such behaviour by looking the other way.
Spanner case was an early example of media manipulation

Mrs. Thatcher’s Return to Victorian Values (by Raphael Samuel, University of Oxford, 1990)
(includes on page 19): “Mrs. Thatcher’s values, as many commentators have pointed out, were Puritan values. A literal belief in the devil may help to account for her readiness to discover ‘enemies within’,”

However it can be shown that the campaign was a Church initiative and not Mrs. Thatcher’s alone. So although we have been informed that Thatcher suddenly introduced and attached a campaign of ” Judeo Christian Family Values” (Victorian Values) within her own election campaign in 1983, we may surmise that this action had been covertly imposed by the Church of England since there was no reliance on Thatcher’s success at the polls, and the campaign appeared to run independently.

It may well be that the Church of England had also allowed their own Met. police unit to target 640 gay men, not only to punish sex amongst gay men, but also to firmly cement Margaret Thatcher’s power into place; (by instilling fear of possible dire consequences amongst her ministers) because she was a fundamentalist supporter and champion of the Church.

Nevertheless the targeting of the Spannermen specifically is another matter altogether, and although coming under the umbrella of the campaign, was reserved for three years prior to the raids on all 16 of the Soannermen in 1987. However they had been singled out for investigation from 1983 onwards, which had also involved surveillance by MI5 and Bryn Alyn security of an address in Wales which had been the home of a Bryn Alyn whistleblower.

Address in Harford, Dyfed targeted by Bryn Alyn Security, MI5 and OPB. Picture 1983

The Witchfinder General:

The Office of the Witchfinder General is a unique and historical appointment where a voted member of the Church of England General Synod is appointed to a senior position within the Met. with his own squad of officers to undertake work on behalf of the Church, and is the only appointment the Church is allowed to make to the Met. Common Law is their jurisdiction in this respect. The squad under this command was at the time known as the Obscene Publications Branch of the Metropolitan Police. It is believed that certain historical and traditional powers, exemptions, or indeed obligations, come / are carried with the Witchfinder appointment.
Michael Hames had been appointed by the General Synod and assigned from 1983 to 1989 as Witchfinder General specifically to undertake Operation Spanner with his appointment (to “Head of Obscene Publications”) during those years as a nationwide campaign initiative against gay men throughout that period with the assistance of the Manchester Police, the Metropolitan Police and the Obscene Publications Branch (encompassing covert activities prior to 1987 using intelligence gained from a gay contact honeytrap magazine); and thereafter resuming the “normal” OPB work as Head of Obscene Publications in 1989; as a result of which over 640 gay men had been raided; over 100 had died an early death; and of those over 60 were alleged to have committed suicide; with 16 arrested, and nine incarcerated mostly for “assaults”, – assaults which had previously been exempt from prosecution – and thereby also littered with a litany of false charges and unsubstantiated allegations including some related to “child protection” thrown in and intended to convey some importance to the case, with false front page media reports, coupled with a false official storyline that would effectively erase the first part of the operation from any public interest and scrutiny, and so imply the discovery of a massive satanic criminal sex ring with links to paedophilia and the possible making and distribution of snuff movies; and in doing so, justify the enormous costs and time spent on the case during those years. However, he had been paid to do this work. Front page archives do not seem to be available for December 1990, but a typical headline throughout the hearing (lasting many days) would have been front page in large letters:

Satanic Paedophile Sex Ring making Snuff Movies!”
https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=…tences&f=false (scroll up slightly) The traditional appointment of “Witchfinder General” would have essentially demanded an extraordinary level of satanic/ occult knowledge and practice, including practices that most would find abhorrent, and would have necessitated a very high level of masonic abilities and standing of any individual applying for the role. In Hames’s case, he was already a serving policeman when appointed, so the appointment would have appeared as a promotion within the Met. at the time.

The Church of England.

The Church of England General Synod is the only body with powers delegated from parliament to pass so-called “measures” which are incorporated into English law. They have the full force and effect of an act of parliament and can apply to any Church-related matter.”

Margaret Thatcher and Michael Hames were both prominent members of the Church of England General Synod, House of Laity at the same time. It was during this period that Hames was alleged to have been selected, proposed and endorsed by Thatcher to be suitable as her new Head of Obscene Publications, in order to forefront her new “Christian Family Values” nationwide campaign in 1983. Around the same period, Mrs. Thatcher had also chosen John Gummer as her new Conservative Party Chairman, reportedly due to the quality and substance of his speeches before the House. The House of Laity is comprised of lay members, and not clergy. The House is often comprised of members who may hold extremist viewpoints.

Common Law:
(Common law is the body of law developed from the thirteenth century to the present day, as case law or precedent, by judges, courts, and tribunals. … In cases where the parties disagree on what the law is, a common law court looks to past precedential decisions of relevant courts.)
” law contributed significantly in the development of the English mediaeval realm towards what may be called a ‘state’. Firstly, political thinking was greatly stimulated by clashes between kings and Church over their relative authority. These frequently were conducted through polemic resting heavily upon law and legal argument, and were a vital stimulus to the ideological thinking which underlay the development of abstract notions of the state.”


The Dragnet-Sting Operation and the Searches:
In 1983/84 the Obscene Publications Squad with the assistance of Manchester Police (headed by James Anderton) were believed to have operated or monitored (or both) a gay contact magazine, “Gay Galaxy” as a dragnet sting operation; (a honeytrap). This was the preliminary intelligence-gathering ground (and also the hunting ground) for the Spanner Operation, and was already underway by early 1983.
The magazine carried adverts that were much more extreme than other gay magazines. These were adverts from those who were into or seeking meetings, sessions or lifestyle witchcraft/ occult/ water sports/ S&M/ slavery/ incontinence/ piercing/ ab/ bdsm/ cp/ age play/ scat/ body modifications/ knife play/ pugilism/ mutilation etc.,and many more, and any such adverts that would normally be refused by the “straight” best-selling gay contact magazines. Obviously it did attract many advertisers and responders,as to the best of my knowledge;in the UK at least; whilst not requiring any membership,such contacts had never before appeared publicly available in a gay booklet prior to this in the UK. The magazine claimed to have been raided by the police several times, but still continued to publish adverts relating to all types of behaviour. A lot of adverts were either unlawful or requesting unlawful acts. It is believed that the OPB (via an anonymous Gay Galaxy box number) were offering cash rewards for people to forward unlawful and obscene material by post depicting unlawful and obscene acts, in addition to monitoring advertisers and responders.
The Obscene Publications squad at the time were carrying out raids on gay men claiming to be looking for snuff movies or child porn. Two such adverts that regularly either appeared in each or most editions of Gay Galaxy were similar to:
1) “Snuff movies wanted. Unlimited top cash price paid for extreme and underage movies”
2) “Extreme and bondage SM movies wanted – Unlimited cash prices paid for movies or swap, bizarre or underage extreme acts with cash adjustment either way”
(or words to that effect). There may have been others.
Gay Galaxy only ran throughout 1983, and I believe folded around 1984. Gay Galaxy was just a cheap typeset A5 size booklet with blue card cover front and back and carried no photos or images, only adverts, (printed in Manchester area).

The vast majority of those raided would have been single gay men, so the fact that they had been raided would not have been so much of a problem. Since they had not been yet charged (i.e: their name had not been released) they would have been potential defendants. However, if the figure 0f 82 potential defendants is correct, then that would suggest, at initial glance, that virtually 100% of all those threatened with charges by 1986 may have committed suicide.It is believed that suicide notes, where applicable, may have been either written by another hand to some degree, or written under duress. The fact there had been a blanket cover-up of the figures alone raises further questions, without even looking at the (possibly abundant) contradictory evidence.

The Westminster Paedophile Connection.
During the same period, Bryn Alyn Children’s Homes in Wales (operated by John Allen) had been covertly and heavily involved with the Westminster paedophile ring, forced prostitution of children “in care”,and MI5, international trafficking of children, boy brothels, and the making and supply of international child porn ( to name but a few), and were believed to have been offered the return of misplaced movies, or copies thereof for cash from former residents who believed they should have been paid for their forced prostitution. There had already been, and would be, many hitherto unexplained “suicides” of former residents. It is firmly believed that these movies, possibly involving multiple copies, (and depicting recognisable VIP’s, and/or missing or recognisable children – in other words, extreme or “snuff” child porn) were also the unmentioned targets of the searches and advertisements by the OPB, in addition to the questionable campaign reasons for the raids. There had never been any incentive by the OPB to tackle the VIP users, suppliers, makers, traffickers, nor murderers of any of the child porn and snuff movies that were clearly known by the Home Office.

Videos confiscated by Dover Customs in 1982 depicting 2 famous politicians with young boys


John Allen and Whitehall parties

The focus on the Spannermen occurred when an address of a whistleblower tallied with an advertiser on Gay Galaxy, in 1983. What had commenced as a targeting of visitors to a Bryn Alyn whistleblower’s residence ( following a threat from a senior officer of Manchester Children’s Services in November 1983, [whom it transpired had been acting as a “pimp” for the child prostitution racket]), together with trespassing by at least one member of John Allen’s security at the secluded house, and co-ordinated raids by Manchester police within their own area, culminated 4 years later with charges being brought in 1987. All of the spannermen had at one or more times been visitors to this address and had taken part in sessions with some videotaped records.It had been a fishing expedition right from the start, and targeted contacts of visitors, their contacts of contacts, etc.
There was no connection to the earlier (over 600) raids. It is believed that millions were spent on the searches to no avail, and that these costs had to be justified with arrests.
Following the trashing of the whistleblower’s report on Bryn Alyn,( which at the time had been forwarded to the relevant authorities), the corruption at Bryn Alyn and Manchester was eventually brought to the notice of the Prime Minister and the House of Commons in May 1985, (and several years later was more widely detailed and exposed in Scallywag magazine), but was never in fact investigated. ; (although Operation Pallial had in 2014 investigated 2 selected items of child abuse from the original 1983 report. It should be noted here that 2014 was the first time any of the child abuse reported in 1983 had actually been investigated.)

Ex North Wales victim talks about being trafficked at weekends for parties in Pimlico in “Variety Club Sunshine Coach”

The Testimony of Andrea Davison (Investigation of Corruption involving Dolphin Square, John Allen, PIE, and the child abuse cover-ups in North Wales in 1989):
2.2 During the course of the investigation clear links were identified between illegal arms sales, drugs trafficking, support for terrorist groups and the sale and distribution of child pornography, including snuff videos. The illegal arms trade is connected to a much larger organised criminal network. The fact that sections of the Conservative Government, the police and government agencies were involved made it more perilous and destructive to the fabric of society. No-one knew who is working for whom!
2.3 I was later to give evidence of these matters in secret to Lord Justice Scott’s Inquiry into ‘Arms to Iraq’ (Sample Documents 1 and 2)
2.4 I became involved in the investigation of child abuse in 1989 whilst carrying out a search of a suspect xxxxxxxxx premises. We found hard drugs and child pornography in video and photographic form. Some of it looked ritualistic. The suspect was involved with a company called xxxx Technology. xxxxx was engaged in research at a building connected with Bangor University. The investigation concerned tech transfer of biological weapons data to Iraq. xxxxxxxx lived close to and was associated with xxxxxx who ran the xxxxxx gym in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx following further investigation it was discovered that xxxxxxxxxx was distributing pornography on a large scale including child porn videos and highly priced snuff videos, where a child would be sexually abused and murdered on film. xxxxxxx a former mercenary was involved with another mercenary xxxxxx who had been in Angola. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe were protected by the Police and certain sections of the intelligence community for which they worked, I understand, on contract.
2.5 Following the discovery of the child porn, mentioned above I decided to run an unsanctioned parallel investigation into child pornography. This included an investigation into ‘snuff’ videos. I discovered some of the children exploited were from local children’s homes where there appeared to exist a ready supply of children.

The Richie Allen Show – Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing child sex abuse:

Lost In Care (Waterhouse Report) pdf:


Bryn Alyn report can be found in Chapter 21.


Obviously what the police did already have from Gay Galaxy was a very full list of nationwide advertisers and their responders names, addresses, sexual fantasies and preferences which alone would have been in the hundreds, coupled with any videotapes they may have confiscated in raids or been sent by post. The raids from 1983 to 1987 purported to be seeking snuff movies, but carried on with charging the Spannermen knowing full well there were no connections of this sort. The false declarations by the police (during the Spannermen raids) that they were investigating a murder is a common ploy used against gay men in order to obtain signed statements of information that would not normally be freely and indiscreetly volunteered. In Operation Spanner, these statements were used to convict the men. The outcome of the second part of the operation – the Spannermen incarcerations – can certainly be shown to have been a demanded requirement. The Spannermen case had thus been “reverse engineered”, thereby leading to inevitable conflicts with other case law.

Well, there can be no doubt that the whole of Operation Spanner has an occult signature, regardless of the total number of raids undertaken.
This would indicate the whole operation was pre-planned prior to the date; with the pre-determined use of millions of pounds of taxpayer funding to undertake a scheduled six-year long satanic ritual pathway and initiation incorporating multiple agendas and distinct purposes as were (by the few) perceived necessary and available at that time, and involving covert activities and a false cover story occasionally referring to remnants of the truth; whilst being fully monitored throughout by the security services, and resulting in over 100 suspicious deaths and nine wrongful incarcerations.

The Spannermen case had been purposely inflated to the maximum, by the use of false claims, false charges and lies passed to the media for daily large print front page splashes throughout the trial in order to both undermine the defence, and to try and justify the (six year) costs – as the timespan had been massively reduced and falsely whittled down into the “official story” of a much simpler 2 or 3 year operation in order to avoid suspicion, – of both the earlier part of the operation, and of the underlying costs which have never been fully disclosed to the taxpayer. Thus the simple cover story had been falsely enhanced to the point of inciting public outrage in order to overcome that problem, with no concern whatsoever for the Spannermen.

-There would appear to be over 100 early deaths that may warrant extensive scrutiny.–


Operational Timeline:
1983-1986: Operation Spanner raids over 620 gay men with over 60 potential defendants (of which none are available for final charges brought by CPS in 1989).
Over 60 alleged suicides never mentioned in press.
October 1983: Mature student Dennis Williams on final placement from Salford College Social Studies Course reports mismanagement and malpractice, failure to make or maintain records other than petty cash, misappropriation of funds, false accounting, false police statement, fraud, theft, and physical abuse of children at Bryn Alyn involving 42 incidents in 24 hours, following three eight-hour shifts. His report also makes several urgent recommendations and advises an Inquiry be set up by Clwyd Social Services, and full monitoring of all Bryn Alyn operations be undertaken by “relevant authorities”. Report sent to Directors of Clwyd and Manchester Social Services, Manchester Children’s Services and presented to Salford College and John Allen in person.
Owner of Williams’s home places advert in Gay Galaxy magazine.
November 1983: Report is trashed and Williams is accused of lying, threatened with legal action, and threats against his person are all made personally by Assistant Principal Director of Manchester Children’s Services by telephone to his home.
December 1983: Williams’s home in South Wales is targeted by Bryn Alyn security in the middle of the night.
Spring 1984: Businessman who was present during the December incident is alleged to have committed suicide after being raided by police sometime earlier.
Original Spannermen video obtained from local “spannerman” visitor by police soliciting item through post involving Gay Galaxy magazine advert.
May 1985: Corruption involving Bryn Alyn Community and Manchester Children’s Services notified to 10 Downing Street, (and copied to the House of Commons).
Neil Kinnock responds personally to say “Thank you” to Williams.
June 1985. Downing Street then pass the matter to the Home Office.
Child abuse involving MPs becomes common knowledge throughout House of Commons.
Spring 1987: Spannermen raided and charged under Common Law.
New Spannermen videos obtained legally with search warrants.
Late 1989: Spannermen final charges brought by CPS.
December 1990: Spannermen heard at the Old Bailey and sentenced on basis of videotape compiled by police.
Margaret Thatcher kicked out of Number 10.
1991: North Wales police investigation into child abuse fails.
1992; New North Wales police investigation underway.
Spannermen appeals heard by Appeal Court fails
Williams’s Report brought to attention of North Wales police (via BBC Wales) who say they know nothing about it.
Police given copy by Williams, and statement is made of report, but he also makes another statement concerning 4 additional matters involving Bryn Alyn Community.
1993: Spannermen House of Lords appeal fails
1994: Scallywag Magazine publishes 4 page spread on corruption, forced prostitution, child porn, child trafficking and child abuse involving those “in care” at Bryn Alyn Community and senior Conservatives.
1995: Spannermen ECHR preliminary hearing.
17th June 1996: William Hague announces the Waterhouse Inquiry.
October 1996: Bryn Alyn records destroyed in fire at Pickfords Storage, Chester.
Spannermen Full hearing at ECHR

January 1997: Waterhouse Inquiry commences.

The Prostitution and Porn Empire of John Allen.

Read the full unredacted text here: (scroll down)

International links to Nicholas van Hoogstraten and CIA:

Nationwide network of abusers including Tory and Labour politicians:

Ex-Bryn Alyn Landing Strip:

The landing strip directly opposite the main entrance to Bryn Alyn Hall.


A strictly secular approach to judicial reasoning and decision-making is a safeguard our best and most senior judges recognise.


Grimstock, January 2018

Operation Spanner – one size fits all?



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Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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  1. grimstock says:

    Thanks, Cathy – New revision here:
    Obscene Publications
    Revised: January 2019|Legal Guidance, Sexual offences

    • grimstock says:

      It’s still a complete shambles, and leaves the courts to decide/ interpret what is lawful and what is not after the event/ in retrospect.

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    If anyone has any questions, then would you please post them in the box at bottom of page, and I shall try to answer them as best I can in due course. Thank you.

  3. grimstock says:

    The Spanner Case sentencing in December 1990 had adhered strictly to the 369 code(s)/numbers used for the ritual:
    Although the ritual had been required to end in September 1989 ( 9-999), had the end seal of 45 (99999) been left with an unspecified date in order to be actually placed by the court/judges whenever the sentencing took place?
    The 99999 had not appeared in the ritual codes:
    The final listed sequence of the ritual- 9999 had both indicated ritual end date and “divine completion with unfinished business”
    The end seal/hexagram curse:
    Solis Seal / locking statistics with curse/ cursing all gay victims = 66+45=111 x code 6 = 666
    666 + 111 = 777 (666=18=9 + 111=3 –>=3 =21=777)

  4. grimstock says:

    So we have the seal of a lock and curse upon all victims being placed upon the ritual by the Court.
    The code for this part of the operation is represented by 3 – signifying royalty/ the crown, and coming after comnpletion of the main rituals.
    There were thus two parts of the seal – the statistical one representing all 666 and 111 victims, and the lock believed to have been placed with the use of three killings (statistics I had previously attributed the the code 9 of the operation).
    This was represented as 111 signifying code 3 (and three corpses + all deaths and incarcerations). This part of the operation ran from 1989 to 1990, until completed and closed by the Old Bailey hexcraft sentencing in December 1990.
    This renders the total sacrificial victims as 66xcode 6, 33xcode 9, 9xcode 9 jailed, 3xcode 3 = 111 (with 99+3 deaths)

  5. grimstock says:

    The ritual timeline; the code 9 and 3 killings; the 111 seal and the “1989-1990 West London Murders”:

  6. grimstock says:

    Please note that the information and data presented on Operation Spanner DSissected pages has been compiled from personal knowledge/ known facts/ trusted and knowledgeable sources/ given references/ personal deduction and personal opinion. It is therefore the duty of all readers to apportion the considered value of any data presented according to their own research, findings and opinion – and on the understanding that much relevant data and information has been removed from public display.

    All data and information contained within this thread represents the culmination of 36 years of my observation, research and personal knowledge of the operation, and has been provided on these pages as information only, and although being provided as truthfully and honestly as possible, is therefore neither intended as legal argument, nor may any given data – including that which has been supplanted in place of hidden data – be guaranteed to be 100% accurate at all times.

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      Revised Disclaimer:
      Please note that the information and data presented within “Operation Spanner Dissected” pages has been compiled accumulatively from personal knowledge/ known facts/ trusted and knowledgeable sources/ given references/ personal deduction and personal opinion and represents a reconstruction of Operation Spanner from both given and deduced/withheld data. It is therefore the duty of all readers to apportion the considered value of any data or opinions presented according to their own research, findings and opinion – and on the understanding that much relevant data and information has been removed from the public arena in addition to that always remaining withheld from public display.
      All data, information and expressed opinions contained within this presentation represent the culmination of 36 years of my observation, personal knowledge and research findings into the operation, and has been provided on these pages as personal opinion for information only, and although being provided as truthfully and honestly as possible, is neither intended herein as legal argument, nor should any given data, expressed opinion and any deduction made of withheld data therefore be construed as guaranteed or qualified as fully accurate.
      If you wish to know the contents of a letter, it is no use studying the stamp.

    • grimstock says:

      – Due to ongoing research throughout these postings, one may find that some earlier data may conflict with later findings. In such cases the later information supersedes that which came earlier, and updates that data.

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    I shall not post any more comments now – and if anyone has further questions, then I am sorry, but they will now remain unanswered. Thanks you for your time and attention!

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    Due to the multitude of new links reiterating and presenting the falsehood of the Spanner case and trial as the “spanner operation”, I shall leave this page available for any questions or information anyone may wish to post to me in the “leave a reply” box at the bottom. I should also mention that Roland Jaggard’s experience was limited to the case and trial (2nd part of the operation, from 1987 on). The truth shall shine through in the end.
    The Spannermen investigation had been launched on completion of an “inquiry” involving gay magazines. (At the end of the operation) – At 7.02 into the film/slideshow / 3rd paragraph down:

  10. grimstock says:

    The more powerful rituals are the ones that take longer to complete, and as may be seen with the crown intervention with the sealing and stamping at the end of the ritual, the total duration from early 1983 to December 1990 had been seven to eight years.

  11. grimstock says:

    The focus of the Obscene Publications Squad throughout Operation Spanner had been both nationwide, and targeting gay men who were into SM.

    • grimstock says:

      Now how could they possibly do that? Even the next door neighbours of most hardcore SM’ers would not have known of their interests.

  12. grimstock says:

    The Obscene Publications Squad had been concerned with the three gay SM contact/dating magazines, “Sir”, “Gay Galaxy”, and “Corporal Contacts”.
    (see under: “Investigation”, 4th paragraph)

    • grimstock says:

      Alleged police raids on “Gay Galaxy” were mostly during 1984 to 1985 tax year, and resulted in the immediate closure of the magazine when all records, files and computers had then been alleged as seized/ confiscated by Manchester Police. Although the criteria for determining those to be sacrificed is not known, it is believed that most of the 620+ raids during 1983 to 1986, (and many, if not all of the chosen canonical 66 code 6 victims from that group) – and also the later Spannermen – had certainly been chosen from Gay Galaxy adverts and responses, as one determining factor.

    • grimstock says:

      Gay Galaxy had already been running for some years prior to these events, and whether of significance or not, throughout it’s publication (and right to the end), carried advertisements – (adverts sometimes appearing in other gay contact magazines) – of a witchcraft/ occult penpal club and supplier of occult paraphernalia, “The Golden Wheel” of Liverpool. Surprisingly enough, this (periodic) penpal club contact magazine/ newsletter used an identical layout and format to Gay Galaxy – with the other strange coincidence being that many of the men targeted in Operation Spanner (particularly “sacrificial victims”) had also at some time been advertisers or responders to the penpal club personal contact adverts in that periodical.

    • grimstock says:

      Therein lies the strong possibility that at least some of the codes 9 and 3 victims (1987 to 1990)) may possibly have been chosen from these other two magazines, since Gay Galaxy had ceased trading a few years prior to that date. There is no doubt in my mind that several victims in these two groups had been dated for meeting via such similar contact advertisements as may be found within these magazines.

      • grimstock says:

        It would thus be interesting to know if any of the “1989-1990 West London Murders” victims had placed or responded to an advert in either of these magazines prior to their death.

      • grimstock says:

        Of similar interest would be the two murders mentioned at top of page 163 of “The Dirty Squad”, particularly since once again identities and the manner of the deaths may appear to be again already known, whilst coming within the timeframe of code 9 (1988), and code 9 or 3 (1989) of the operation. The switchover date (from 9 to 3) may possibly be around the 9th September, 1989. although the actual date is not known. As both deaths involve members of the same sports club, this would suggest that the (similar) deaths may have involved targeting, rather than random occurence.

    • grimstock says:

      Thus the official narrative starts to crumble, as Gay Galaxy had already folded and ceased trading within the 1984 to 1985 tax year. There are many other such dating “errors” to be found within that false narrative. Also, in that respect, Operation Spanner – by the OPB’s own words – was already being enacted in 1984.

  13. grimstock says:

    However, what may intrigue us rather more is what the Witchfinder and his teams of trainee metropolitan and provincial masonic initiates had been concerned with in Operation Spanner.

    • grimstock says:

      Details of covert crown operations are not to be found in publicly accessible archives for obvious reasons.

  14. grimstock says:

    Still the cover-up of “Victorian Values” is sadly once more in tedious and predictable full swing after 160 years of secrecy.
    From my own research, – (in Operation Spanner) – a recorded death signifies both execution and state presence (witness) at/of the death.
    Naomi Wolf faces ‘new questions’ as US publisher postpones latest book
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt had said it would stand by Outrages after row in UK over its historical accuracy, but has now recalled copies from stores
    “”Outrages”, which argues that the Obscene Publications Act of 1857 led to a turn against consensual sex between men and an increase in executions for sodomy, was published in the UK on 20 May. Wolf has already acknowledged that the book contains two errors, after an on-air challenge on BBC Radio 3 during which the writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet told her that she had misunderstood the term “death recorded” in historical records as signifying an execution. In fact it denotes the opposite, Sweet pointed out, highlighting that a teenager she said had been “actually executed for sodomy” in 1859 was paroled two years after being convicted. Wolf said last month that she had thanked Sweet for highlighting the mistakes, and was correcting future editions.”
    Read more:
    Stick to your guns, Naomi!

    • grimstock says:

      “Outrages” by Naomi Wolf. An important look at how the Obscene Publications Act helped usher in the state’s purported need and right to police speech.
      “With precision and sensitivity, Naomi Wolf traces how the state came to police the private sphere; she brings into the light the lives of those whose resistance to this brutality was a beacon for the future. Outrages is a remarkable, revelatory book” (Erica Wagner)

    • grimstock says:

      The false delay placed both upon the publication and the publisher of “Outrages”, and the unwarranted attacks upon the reputation of the author for telling researched facts is in it’s own way outrageous and foretelling of those which may not be told for one reason or another.
      I also believe that Operation Spanner may have been directed under Common law.

  15. grimstock says:

    A mere glimpse of the levels of corruption present in both corporate and government affairs are plain to see.

  16. grimstock says:

    Nevertheless, that a full blown, no holds barred cover-up should immediately swing into panic mode and going so far that the author is defamed and slandered in such a manner as we now see over a matter from 160 years ago when normally such historic revelations would merely be either brushed aside or properly debated tells us many things.
    For what reasons would a cover-up of the executions of gay men in the 19th century still be of such prime importance in the 21st century, 160 years on?
    Has Naomi Wolf inadvertently disclosed what would become a established and ongoing practice and well-kept secret right through to the present day?

    • grimstock says:

      Or could it possibly be that the hullabaloo denotes something of even more secretive importance?
      See from 21.00 into the video:

      • grimstock says:

        See also “Satanism & Paedophilia” on previous page from 2 December 2018.
        (Click on “older comments” at the bottom of this page, and scroll to fourth comment from the bottom of older page).

      • grimstock says:

        How convenient that would perhaps have been for choosing sacrificial victims to be used in rituals, by taking already terrified victims (perhaps also already written-off as “death recorded”) from the bowels of the old Newgate Street prison Basement Level 12 – around approximately 200 feet below ground, where even into the 1970’s, I believe standard security clearance would only allow access down to Basement Level 4.
        Contrary to Wiki, where it is claimed the Central Criminal Court is built on the site south of Newgate Street, the prison and extremely large walled execution/exercise yard on the northern side of Newgate Street, London, EC1, – was rebuilt in 1907 as King Edward Buildings for the General Post Office Headquarters, and later also became ECDO – East Central District Office of the Post Office. I believe the Post Office underground railway platforms had also been installed at basement Level 4, which is raised slightly higher than the connecting rail lines.
        The once exercise yard became the loading and unloading truck access to the site, with both in and out loading platforms where the gallows had once stood. Relics of the famous prison may still be seen in Newgate Street, where the pavement and wall bars of the cells at ground level are stll evident where fee-paying prisoners would have access to daylight, and communication with passers-by.
        The site and KEB structures, contained within the area encompassed by Newgate Street(A40), Giltspur Street, St, Bartholomews Hospital and Museum, and King Edward Street now form (part of) the Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America London headquarters.

        • grimstock says:

          Correction – new wall facades and structures on Newgate Street are built on original pavement where the cell bars had once been visible, and a newly added pavement have drastically reduced the width of Newgate Street from what it once was.

        • grimstock says:

          What marvellous relics of a bygone age must lie at the bottom of that enormous pit – perhaps ones of such importance that even their existence is both denied and shrouded in secrecy (assisted by ultra-high security), where title and usage have been strictly limited to illuminati ownership ever since being built in the 12th century.
          (Quote) “In the early 12th century, Henry II instituted legal reforms that gave the Crown more control over the administration of justice. As part of his Assize of Clarendon of 1166, he required the construction of prisons, where the accused would stay while royal judges debated their innocence or guilt and subsequent punishment. In 1188, Newgate was the first institution established to meet that purpose.[1]”

        • grimstock says:

          Correction – Basement level 4 is lower (not higher) than the incoming and outgoing rail lines.
          Add: The infamous “birdcage walk” to the gallows had been retained by the KEB rebuild and became part of the high security installations for incoming and outgoing registered shipments for the ECDO, providing steel mesh secured access from the secure inner sanctum of the site through to the ex-gallows area outside the building providing truck access within a highly secured and automated steel mesh shuttered area between both out and incoming loading platforms. A “lock-down” of the entire birdcage could thus be completed in a few seconds on sounding of the alarms.

          • grimstock says:

            As with the Whitechapel Murders in the late 19th century, we are possibly looking again at a site of mass ritual slaughter situated immediately outside a major teaching hospital.

          • grimstock says:

            Harvesting does come to mind this time of year.

  17. grimstock says:

    “I think the assault upon Wolf is ridiculous. I also do not think it is wholly accurate, having discussed the phrase “death recorded” with a number of people who have made a study of the death penalty. “Death recorded” was like a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of a man. It was not, contrary to the BBC, “the opposite” of a death sentence.”

    • grimstock says:

      “I stand by my work,” she said in a statement. “The misinterpretations I made, I directly acknowledged and took immediate action to correct; but many of the other critiques are either subject to interpretation or are themselves in error. A rebuttal article was underway. More responsiveness and more transparency are the right answers to criticism, and not the complete withdrawal of a text.” – Naomi Wolf

    • grimstock says:

      The term, “Death Recorded”, may possibly also refer to a form of execution that is still of secretive importance (- ritual sacrifice- where the recording of the death is necessary for the body count/tally of the ritual for the Crown, but no further information may be given to non-cult members.) I have no doubt that the pit in Newgate Street Prison was for this purpose.

      • grimstock says:

        Thus the reasons for the mystery and anomaly of the seemingly unconnected deaths (suicides/ unsolved murders) being of relevance and recorded to the operation/ritual fall into place.
        Had the body count been for humanitarian reasons then these actions would be virtually impossible to undertake/update on a national level, suggesting that details of the deaths may have been witnessed at the time; and the final tally would not have been both completed and redacted from disclosure in/from December 1990, as early deaths of victims had occurred after this point in time (e.g:Colin Lasky as one example).

  18. grimstock says:

    I believe that we may perhaps therefore summarise the term “death recorded” as being a traditional term used to possibly cover a multitude of sins. I need not go into detail.

  19. grimstock says:

    It therefore follows that the 66 alleged suicide (code 6 – 1983 to 1986) victims in Operation Spanner may possibly have faced secret summary execution in their own homes for sodomy – (a capital offence under/ when restricted to/ common law if I am not mistaken). The police raids upon them may also have been staged as a “date” via contact magazines. It is unclear the situation concerning the use of implements (dildos and such) in law, as these may well have been of relevance with SM practitioners. I believe the use of these by homosexual men may also have been regarded as “sodomy” under common law. Presumably they will be recorded as “suicides” as the interventions on the whole are meant to be hidden.
    As for the codes 9 and 3 victims, records should confirm these as “unsolved murders”. – However, all the above deaths had indeed been recorded for ritual/sacrificial purposes.

  20. grimstock says:

    (Quote) “——–Nonetheless;
    the fact that it is necessary to go to such an extreme to find a
    realm where the fusion of the common law and the ecclesiastical
    law may not be complete demonstrates that for all practical
    purposes there is a complete fusion between the two systems.”
    (bottom of Page 5)
    – by -RUPERT D. H. BURSELL (Thesis, 1972)

  21. grimstock says:

    Media Silence on Child Abuse, – David Icke

  22. grimstock says:

    For the Spannermen case, it is believed that in addition to the16 raids made on the defendants, 27 of their friends and contacts may have also been interviewed, although it is unclear/unstated whether those interviews were undertaken prior to, or following the raids. Certainly initial indications suggest that at least some of the additional interviews may have been carried out prior to the raids, which commenced somewhere around December 1986 to January 1987 in South Wales with the raid on Colin Lasky who had inadvertently supplied the initial videotape. Certainly a businessman friend of Mr.Anderson (who himself was an ex-foreign diplomat and ex-radio broadcaster) had been targeted and suicided in early 1984.

  23. grimstock says:

    Gateway to the Global Cesspit/ The Trigger – by David Icke

  24. grimstock says:


  25. grimstock says:

    The Training and Initiation of Psychopathic Behaviour:
    At the top of page 163 of “The Dirty Squad”, by Michael Hames, are we looking at a boastful comment that simultaneously both explains what the Church of England “Christian Family Values” campaign (a.k.a:-“Operation Spanner”) was all about; and also one of the methods used by a “policeman” (and suspected Knight of the Realm of the Church of England Round Table) following his election to secretly forefront that campaign as an historical and traditional training exercise for policemen secret society initiates from both metropolitan and various provincial forces? The 6,66,666 ritual pathway is claimed by one source to be the highest masonic achievement a layman may attain within the network. If that is so, then that may explain as to why the position of “Witchfinder General” (restricted to jurisdiction under common law) is still occasionally operative to this day. The numerical occult addition of the numbers contained within the sequence of the dates of the years would appear to be the deciding factor that determines as to when that appointment and sacrificial ritual should become available/ enacted.
    If this is correct, then the “training” given by such an operation would appear to be concerned with the possible selection or perhaps advancement of the psychopathic behaviour of the chosen initiates, (in addition to sacrificial offerings made to Saturn, and any resulting accumulation of wealth on behalf of the Crown). The knighthood awarded by the Queen to the Manchester Police Chief on completion of the Spanner trial in December 1990 says it all really; and rather neatly too.
    There still exist over 100 desperate souls who died unexpectedly early who would wish their loved ones to know the manner and reasons for their demise, and over 60 of those who would wish their remaining loved ones to know that they did not commit suicide as was officially claimed and recorded at the time.
    May their wishes be finally granted, and may they find the rest and eternal peace they deserve so much.

  26. grimstock says:

    (Quote) “The police already knew that devotees of S/M sometimes get more than they bargained for” . – “The Dirty Squad”, pages 162/163.
    Never a truer word spoken.

    • grimstock says:

      The cited examples of this fact at the top of page 163 would also indicate that;
      (a) with the 1988 death, the circumstances prior to the encounter are certainly known – together with (at the very least) an eye witness account.
      (b) the other killing in 1989 had resulted from a SM session. However, it is not stated as to how this information about the death had been provided.

  27. grimstock says:

    For further information, please also refer to the “older comments” on previous page.

  28. RDobbson says:

    Hi! I was looking through your blog posts about Michael Hames book, and in “Operation Spanner Dissected, by Grimstock” I spotted a false rumor that Gojam & I debunked. “Videos confiscated by Dover Customs in 1982 depicting 2 famous politicians with young boys”.
    That refers to this customs report; on the right-hand side, “Notice of Seizure, R.H.Tricker” – video cassettes entitled “GB10” & “LB”
    I know many people really WANT them to be “depicting 2 famous politicians with young boys”, but they are not. GB10 stands for “Golden Boys #10” and “LB” stands for “Lover Boys”. These were film & mag series, depicting under-aged males in sex acts with other boy and/or men
    distributed by Amsterdam company “Color Climax Corp”.
    I’m very certain of this, as I’m in one of the Golden Boys series as a young teen (according to NCMEC). You can find these listed in Banned Publications & Films lists of various countries (I can direct you) or ask TimTate!
    I’m sure you know who Tim is, and that he is a “believer” as you are. He actually watched many of these as research for his book. (YUCK! I never would)
    Original discussion of this on Nedleblog:

  29. RDobbson says:

    My last rationalist comment for now, then I leave you in peace Cathy.
    I’m not in law enforcement and I’m not a professional investigator, no one pays me for my research nor have I ever charged anyone. As a young man, I attempted to track down & identify the pornographers who exploited me as a teen – primarily through court records, trial transcripts, appeals, also some relevant forensics journals and discussion with national police CSA investigators here. In the process I learned a lot about the historic CSA images industry and the perpetrators in many countries who contributed to it as producers and distributors.I never succeeded in identifying my perps, but in a handful of cases over the years I was able to help some other men victimized as children to identify theirs, or provide info to law enforcement leading to prosecution of porn perps.
    Andrea’s mass snuff film production doesn’t make sense, but I’ll leave that for now.
    There is a popular video titled “The Boy Business”. At the start, a young man claiming to be a child snuff whistleblower says: “I have no reason to lie about this” but that’s not true. As revealed in one of Nick Davies articles, he’s one of several men busted for possessing copies of “The Bjorn Tape”. He made a plea deal for reduced sentencing in exchange for telling what he claims to know about child snuff. He may be describing what he thought he saw, about several videos, but they are not what he claims. This is demonstrated by the CSA clips in that documentary, which are from The Bjorn Tape. Even many in law enforcement once believed that was a snuff video, but again as documented by Nick Davies – Bjorn was eventually found and very much alive.
    When i tell people in the comments to that video on youtube, that Bjorn survived his ordeal, they are not happy with me. They claim I’m lying, they call me a shill or a perp, They WANT Bjorn to be dead! They are not happy for him,that he survived. I’ve seen comments where people claim ALL of us whose images ended up in commercial publications of that time were brutally raped, tortured and murdered in child snuff. Its very disturbing, knowing all these people who claim to care about abused children, wish that I had suffered that fate – that they’d prefer me to be a raped and mutilated child corpse, rather than alive & thriving at 60+ …because my demise would have better fit their theories and beliefs.

    • grimstock says:

      Thank you for your input, however;
      The “GB” tape was nothing to do with “false rumours” /”Golden Boys” or any other series porn films..
      There has been no debunking to date.
      I certainly do not share your views about Tim Tate.
      Russell Tricker was well known as a conduit.
      True child abuse victims/survivors are not primarily concerned with “debunking” other victims.
      As for your second comment, – off topic -Nowhere have I ever mentioned any of the matters that you mention.
      Better luck with your efforts to debunk in future!

  30. RDobbson says:

    Predictably, you claim to speak for all “True child abuse victims/survivors”, and proclaim that anyone with information contradicting what you believe, could not be one – “if you don’t believe and promote my conspiracy theories, you’re not a True child abuse victims/survivors”. Frankly, i could care less if you or anyone else believes I am, or not. I feel no compulsion to prove anything to anyone.
    You made multiple casual references to child snuff, above. Believe whatever you wish, but I know for a fact that some historic CSA victims alleged to be snuff victims – by name or by demographic – are alive and reading people on the internet gleefully ‘wishing them dead’. How nice, and respectful.
    Be well!

  31. grimstock says:

    From the limited information we have available, the question must also arise if the OPB during 1983/1984 had then been offering videotaped copies of unlawful porn via “Gay Galaxy” anonymous box numbers in order to: raise funds / identify suitable victims for the culling / enable entrapment and thereby enabling search warrants to be issued against responders / buyers?

  32. grimstock says:

    Quote from main article:
    “The Witchfinder General:
    The Office of the Witchfinder General is a unique and historical appointment where a voted member of the Church of England General Synod……….”
    ADD: .. “and possibly accoladed member of the Church of England Round Table”….

  33. grimstock says:

    The structures of Illuminati control – from drugs running to child sacrifice, blackmail and satanic rituals:
    “We need to change the system, get rid of the evil doers and reveal the truths. We need to find ways of releasing the slaves. The process is underway but the more people who understand that this is the case the better. The more people that help tell their truth the quicker and easier the process will be for everyone.”
    Chateau des Amerois

  34. grimstock says:

    The 66 “potential” defendants added to the Spanner Case in order to fraudulently present a “nationwide sex ring” before the court – who were in fact UNconnected and NOT KNOWN by the Spannermen – and comprised of already deceased Code 6 victims of the Operation:
    Michael Hames “The Dirty Squad” – page 165
    “82 potential defendants” (-16), – 2nd paragraph

  35. grimstock says:

    The October 1996 fire at Pickfords storage warehouse, Chester, which allegedly destroyed all Bryn Alyn Community records (including those of missing children) which (rather conveniently for some) occurred following the William Hague announcement of the Waterhouse Inquiry, but prior to the first sitting of the Tribunal: (please refer to “Operational Timeline”)
    Fire and Waterhouse:
    Chester wiki: Lightfoot Street fire.
    Fireball Street (archive)

  36. grimstock says:

    However, this was not necessarily the case in totality, as the fire appears to have perhaps been maybe sporadic, lasting many years and travelling a fair distance, since school records had been witnessed and photographed being burnt on a large bonfire at the rear of a former schoolroom on the Bryn Alyn Community site several years later.

  37. grimstock says:

    Michael Tsarion on Illuminati Satanism and Secret Societies

  38. grimstock says:

    The PDF of the London Gazette of December 1990 indicating that the Manchester Police Chief James Anderton had been honoured with a knighthood appears to have now disappeared from comments on page 1, so here it is again:

    Click to access data.pdf

  39. grimstock says:

    OK, disappeared again, so it may be found at thegazettedotcodotuk/London/issue/52382/supplement/1/data.pdf (replace the dots). In addition I am also informed that the Bryn Alyn Security intruder carrying out surveillance at around 1.30am at the house at Harford, Dyfed in early December 1983 has now been identified from old photographs as being Graham Seddon (a.k.a. Stridgeon) – now believed to be 66 years of age- , who is also believed to have been undertaking work for John Allen nationwide, although it is not known at this stage what that work entailed.

    • grimstock says:

      Home Office involvement (in that intrusion/ + with Bryn Alyn/ + at the address) is thus implicated in December 1983, as no data connecting Williams with the Harford address existed at that point in time, and he had only been visiting on that occasion (as he was registered at, and living at his Cheshire address during this period). It was only the following month, January 1984 when any arrangements to move to Wales had been first instigated. If the intruder had not stopped to look behind him whilst fleeing and being chased from the property, he would probably not have been recognised as the site night-patrolman at Bryn Alyn Hall.

  40. grimstock says:

    Please note that the information and data presented within “Operation Spanner Dissected” pages has been compiled accumulatively from research/ personal knowledge/ known facts/ trusted and knowledgeable sources/ given references/ personal deduction and personal opinion, and through that means represents a reconstruction of Operation Spanner from both given and deduced/withheld data. It is therefore the duty of all readers to apportion the considered value of any data or opinions presented according to their own research, findings and opinion – and on the understanding that much relevant data and information has been removed from the public arena in addition to that always remaining withheld from public display.
    All data, information and expressed opinions contained within this presentation represent the culmination of 37 years of my observation, personal knowledge and research findings into the operation, and have been provided on these pages as personal opinion for information only, and although being provided as truthfully and honestly as possible, is neither intended herein as legal argument, nor should any given data, expressed opinion and any deduction made of withheld data therefore be construed as guaranteed, nor qualified as fully accurate.

  41. grimstock says:

    Now available: “Grimstock’s Spanner 0peration Archives” may be found at:

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