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This post is reposted from a French site Wanted Pedo, and the link for this article is 2018 Feb 18 Wanted Pedo 2018 Feb 18 Wanted Pedo Les réseaux pédocriminels n’existent pas | Round 32 | Réseau Righton  [3].

As I have copy and pasted, for speed, some pictures have not transferred. It may be better to view the original and get your browser to translate. (Chrome from the data monster Google does this, I am not aware if other browsers can do it).

Much of the article comes from 2014 Aug 17 Malta Independent Evidence of ‘organised abuse’ and ‘trade’ of young boys in Gozo resurfaces  [4] but as I wish to bring attention to the Wanted Pedo site, I have used that version, even though the retranslation may not be perfect. Wanted Pedo reblogged it from [2] 2018 Feb 13 Ax de la Resistance Les réseaux pédocriminels n’existent pas | Réseau Righton

I post this for several reasons.

  • It is an interesting article in itself about Peter Righton.
  • A different culture and different country give a new perspective on stories
  • We must begin to make more international links to combat the child abusers
  • To bring others attention to the French site Wanted Pedo which has many interesting articles particularly in the Les réseaux pédocriminels n’existent pas series – Child Abuser Networks Don’t Exist series

If anyone has a list of European anti child abuse sites, please could you send it to me – or anyone with any European sites and I will compile and publish a list.


Here is the article


Evidence of “international pedophile networks”and “child prostitution” resurface in Gozo (Malta)

British Social Services Department-labeled evidence of “organized youth abuse” and “trade” of young victims in Malta and Gozo resurfaces after more than two decades following allegations by whistleblower about pedophile network of elite “which would have more than 20 prominent members of the British parliament, the judiciary, and even religious figures.

Evidence of organized abuse and trafficking of young boys in Gozo, and possibly Malta.

Acts mostly perpetrated between the 1970s and the early 1990s, resurfacing in the form of a leak of a “strictly confidential” report from 1993 issued by the social services department of Hereford and Worcester (Formerly a British County)

A report mysteriously buried at the time, probably by unknown people, in positions of authority in the United Kingdom.

In 1992, a certain Peter Righton was charged and found guilty of possessing what was described as “obscene literature” in connection with children and boys under 16 years of age.

The “literature” in question was actually pictures of naked boys.

During the investigation, the police and customs department raided Righton and confiscated “a very large amount of material”, including letters, diaries, photographs, magazines and videos.

According to the report, “Righton accumulated a large number of letters and documents and there are several letterboxes that explain with chronological details how Righton and some of his associates have been in contact for several years, and the interest very clear that they showed to abuse young boys.

Among the correspondences discovered during the investigation, there is overwhelming evidence of a pedophile organization in Gozo and possibly in Malta.


Written evidence of abuse and trafficking of young boys in Malta

According to the “strictly confidential” report of 1993:

“Among Righton’s cases there is also written evidence of links with the PIE in Sweden and Norway, as well as organized abuse of young boys in Gozo and Malta.

Righton and Napier are involved in the “trafficking” of young victims in the latter country. ”

“PIE” refers to the “Peadophile Information Exchange”, which campaigned to legalize sex with children as young as 4 years old.

Righton was known as 51 member of PIE

The redacted name would likely be that of Righton’s former partner, who for legal reasons should be named Richard Napier.

A BBC documentary “Inside Story: The Secret Life of a Paedophile” exposes the sordid history of Righton’s crimes against childhood.

It is documented in this report how:

They regularly spent holidays together in the Mediterranean, where they solicited the company of local boys.

At the time this social services report was written, the written evidence of abuses in Gozo and Malta must have touched the nerve of the social services department of Hereford and Worcester, which gave the abuse of Malta great importance as first tangible mention of abuse emanating from this correspondence.

This evidence of abuses committed in Gozo and Malta is stored by the West Mercia Police to this day, and the Maltese police should have good reason to request access.

There are currently seven boxes of letters between Righton and other pedophiles that have been confiscated from his home.

The cover-up and the new investigation

The whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former child protection officer from the Hereford and Worcester Social Services Department who wrote the “strictly confidential” 1993 report, triggered a police investigation in 2012 when revealed that seven letter boxes containing evidence of a powerful pedophile network existed, including letters between Righton and other pedophiles, stored at the West Mercia Police.

And Righton was not an ordinary sex offender.

He has been a respected and respected figure in the field of children’s homes, and a former consultant to the National Children’s Bureau charity, whose patrons included the then Minister of Health, Virginia Bottomley.

After the Righton descent in 1992, Virginia Bottomley declared herself “shocked” and asked for a full report.

This was the last time Bottomley spoke of this story, and no report was ever published.

Mr. McKelvie expressed his concerns to Labor MP Tom Watson, who raised the issue in Parliament in 2012.

According to Mr. McKelvie, who has spent many years working to see the truth unveiled:

We still do not know who gave the order to end the first investigation.

In my opinion this person is as guilty as Peter Righton and his network of child abusers.

The decision to stop it was probably made by Michael Howard and / or Virginia Bottomley.

Howard was Minister of the Interior at the time, with overall responsibility for the police, and Bottomley was Minister of Health, with overall responsibility for children’s homes and social work.

Mr. McKelvie was actually the source for Mr. Watson’s parliamentary question and he was also involved in the BBC documentary that exposed Righton 20 years earlier.

Mr McKelvie recently stated,

At the time of the arrest in 1992 for possessing indecent images of children, Peter Righton was about to take on jobs for the Department of Health as a child protection expert.

He has long been at the top of the profession in social work and in positions as an advisor to the National Children’s Bureau, Director of Education at the National Institute of Social Work, and Senior Lecturer at the Open University on practices in the field. social work.

A BBC (Inside Story) documentary from 1994 shines the spotlight on Righton, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a dangerous pedophile predator with relationships that in his lifetime abused children in the UK, Sweden, Malta , in Denmark and Holland.

20 well-known people in a “privileged pedophile network”

Renewed appeals for investigations appeared again last month after Mr McKelvie claimed that up to 20 prominent British public figures belong to a privileged pedophile network.

Judges, nobles and MPs are among those 20 prominent figures who have been abusing children for decades, according to a former child protection officer.

He told the British press that there is binding evidence of former politicians to a so-called pedophile ring, and Lord Warner, a former health minister, said the allegations were credible.

The former child protection officer from Hereford and Worcester County said:

I believe there is solid evidence, and information that could be turned into evidence if it is studied properly.

Evidence that there have been very powerful privileged people at the peaks of the political classes, since as long as I am alive.

There have been sufficient reasons to investigate this regularly for the past 30 years, and there has always been blockage, concealment and collusion to prevent this from happening.

We look to the Lords, the Commons, the judiciary – all institutions where there would have been a small percentage of pedophiles, and a slightly larger number of people who knew but did nothing for reasons of self-interest, self-preservation or political party, it was safer to cover the case than to treat it, “he told the BBC

I would say we are talking about more than 20 people, and a larger number of people who knew and did nothing, who were in a position to do something.

Righton died without having to face a correctional court for the misuse of dozens of boys, abuses that he recorded with sordid details in his diaries, entitled “Some Boys”.

Today, many questions remain unanswered about how Righton has escaped justice all his life.

The same questions arise for Savile, Sir Ciryl Smith and Sir Peter Morrison.

That’s why survivors and activists urgently call for an independent inquiry into organized networks of abuse of the most vulnerable children in our society by powerful individuals.

The extent of Righton’s abuses would involve rapes, beatings, young boys being passed between pedophiles “like pieces of meat,” according to Mr. McKelvie.

In the 1980s, children’s homes served as a “food chain” for child abuse and were targeted by “people in power,” he said.

Sexual abuse of children is a power dynamic, it is often what it is.

What I am suggesting is that powerful, authoritative people, especially communities who sometimes have access to children’s homes, are possible.

I had to fire two managers of children’s homes … for abusing children in their care.

British Home Secretary Theresa May announced two new investigations.

Political parties and MI5 will have their files scrutinized amidst allegations of child abuse by politicians, while BBC and religious organizations should fall under the mandate of another major investigation to find out if those in power have turned a blind eye to statements of abuse.

Lord Warner said the interior minister must “clean the Augias stables” in order to maintain public confidence in the establishment.

Righton died in 2007, at the age of 81, he in all and for all to pay a fine of 900 pounds sterling (1.000 euros) for possession of child pornography.

But many of his victims still live with their traumatic memories, in Malta and Gozo, possibly elsewhere in the Mediterranean and in the United Kingdom.

The BBC story “Inside Story” where Peter Righton appears to be seen here:

In this documentary we clearly see through the photos, letters and videos seized a number of other pedophiles involved in this Network Righton.

Peter Righton (whose real name is Pedro Santos) began his pedophile career in the 1950s at a public high school for boys in Oxford, where he was a supervisor and chaplain.


In 1957, he became an English teacher at the Red Hills Boarding School for Difficult Boys in Maidstone, Kent.

His room adjoins those of the boys.



Alan Rimmer a former colleague testifies:

There were many boys and colleagues who complained of awkward behavior and strange rituals Righton had with the children.

He had activities in his room with boys that had nothing to do with the usual activities practiced in the school at that time.

I remember running errands where Righton chases the students and whose goal was to put shaving foam in their pants.

Things like that.

Righton is described as very close to the youngest boys.

Mark Fulles, one of them testifies:

You had to go to Peter’s room, lie on the bed, to get a cigarette.

He used me to wash his car and in exchange I was allowed to leave the establishment by going for a drive with him.

Then I had to clean his room.

Then when he thought I was flexible enough to go in his direction, he offered me more and more things.

After I finished washing his car late at night, he paid me an ice cream and then he took me swimming in a pond.

He arrived in his napkin then when my turn came to change he undressed me to change me.

When we got home we went to Righton’s room and he came and went naked on his bed.

There he masturbated to ejaculate. Then it started again and either he masturbated me or I had to masturbate.

It was something that could happen up to six times a week.

I was 12 years old. I was terrified.

I was gradually enlisted by Righton to recruit other boys to do the small jobs for Righton.

He asked me if that one he had spotted would be good to do the job, in fact he asked me implicitly if the boy would be in my opinion ready to do the same things as me.

I knew there were other boys who were being abused like me by Righton because they told me, there were at least 6 of them.

Since I can not have normal relations with people especially with men or with people in positions of authority.

I can not express myself and I retract very quickly in my shell.

My wife supports me a lot but I think I could have had a really happy life without all that.

Righton writes quite consciously in his diary:

It’s a crime for a 37-year-old man to have sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Shortly after the facts began to circulate among students and colleagues.

There was even a police investigation … which was abandoned for “lack of evidence”.

Two colleagues had made reports and accusations to the Warden.

Righton denied saying the rumors were unfounded.

It is still pushed to the exit without making waves under a “gentlemen agreement”.

He was able to continue his pedophile career in education, no action has been taken by management of any kind.

These are psychological empowerment techniques for children who lack affection and are quickly caught in the situations in which they find themselves and can not escape.

They feel dirty, lost, confused, degraded, soiled.

In English this is called “grooming”, analyzes a child psychiatrist

Fulles went to meet for the report Righton who affirmed “that after Red Hills he had all his life made sure not to put himself in a situation where he was in a position to abuse children”.

The following will prove the opposite and will highlight this pathological liar and dangerous sexual predator on minors who was a national reference in all the administrations of the country on the subject of child care home.

Barely a month later he was again with boys he raped.

Righton kept lists of his prey in a booklet called “Some Boys” that lasted more than 30 years, and there were 28 children in Red Hill and in all over a hundred names of children aged 12 to 16 years old in all the places where he lived, where he went on vacation.

In 1965 he joined the team of “Kylian University” where he made a name for himself in the world of social research in child protection and where he trained generations of social workers.

There is a network of friends and relations in the establishment and the world of social assistance

He discusses his prey with a visibly pedophile friend, John Neale, and Righton’s lover.


In 1968, Righton became Senior Lecturer at the National Institute for Social Work (NISW), an institution that advises and helps policy makers design and reform national policies and practices in the field of child protection.



In 1971, Righton joined the team of a National Children’s Bureau (NCB) based in Islington.



Islington is one of the London neighborhoods where there was a huge pedophile VIP network that stocked up in orphanages (including the Lambeth district).



The NCB also had an office in Belfast where there was also a huge VIP pedophile network, the Cairns-Born Again Network, which mingled IRA’s high-profile personalities with so-called sworn loyalists.


There he was leading a team that had to work directly with the children.

The atmosphere was “liberation of manners” (liberation of perverts at the same time) and Righton made his “coming out” as a homosexual.

He allows himself more and more things.

Ann Goldie, a retired social worker who has been in contact with Righton testifies:

The climate of the time included the fact that the children were sexual and could possibly justify sex with people considerably older than them.

I think I have never been totally in agreement with that but there is a part of me that has been mentally prepared to be convinced by this kind of theory

But with the years I have been confronted and I had to acknowledge the suffering caused to child victims by pedophile sexual abuse.

Righton told me that during his fieldwork he had himself had sex with 8 or 9 boys.

He loved and was very good at manipulating prepubescent boys, and managed to get to have sex with them while remaining friendly, sympathetic and even somehow appreciated by one or two of the kids as one might be as than godfather.

I was secretly a lesbian, he knew I was, and he thought I would be loyal to him because he had this information.

So I did not do anything to stop him, no, I did not do anything.

Righton then lived openly with Richard, a young man he had first abused as a child.

From now on Richard also rapes children and they both regularly spend holidays in the Mediterranean for sex tourism (in Malta in particular but also in Greece, Turkey, etc).

In London they share an apartment that allows them to meet each other boys who they violated until then each on their side.

Righton is then known enough to be promoted to Senior Lecturer in a well-known “Barnardo’s” organization that cares for disabled children, victims of sexual abuse, children with psychiatric disorders and homeless children in projects involving more of 115,000 children.



This gives him new access to boys, he is named director of a school for disabled children where his lover Richard is a teacher.

He meets a single mother with a son who is interested.

Righton shows him attention, asks him what he thinks, he is kind, nice.

He takes her to the pool with Richard, who tries to catch him to swing him in the water like a game that can be done with his father.

Then he takes her where he no longer has foot, holds it with one hand and the other puts his hand in his swimsuit.

He struggles, swims to the brink, gets out of the water, changes himself and says he wants to go home.

I was in the car, crying just asking myself: Why?

Why did he do that ?

What did I do for him to do that to me?

I was 12 years old at the time and I trusted him.

Maybe it was my fault, that I was too much of a friend with him, too kind.

At 15, I started doing karate, bodybuilding, anything to become stronger so that no one could ever abuse me again.

I can not forgive myself, not feel guilty for having accepted all these gifts, these cigarettes, these travels and in filigree there was always something else.

These big black clouds follow me since Red Hills, it’s the depressive decor of my life that I can not get rid of.

He never complained.

A few months later Richard is arrested for touching a child in a cinema in Scotland.

Shortly after Righton wrote a letter of recommendation to support Richard’s candidacy for a teaching position at another school.

Righton is now Director of Training at NISW training social workers.

He is also at that time close friend of a pedophile already convicted Charles Napier.

Both are active activists of the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group that was in the media and claimed the legalization of sex from 4 years.

Napier was the treasurer.

He had even programmed a computer game (in the 70s!) Whenanswering questions a child was doing a striptease with a series of photos that followed one another.



Napier was a teacher but had been banned from practice in the United Kingdom after being convicted of sexually assaulting 5 of his students.

In 1978, he obtained a post of English teacher at a school in Sweden with children aged 11 and over.

He reports his progress, techniques and advances in his attempts to rape children.

He gives them his address on a paper when he meets them in the street, inviting them to come to his home.

He notes precisely which class goes to the pool which day.

A student Nicolas passes by himself which allows him to sexually assault him.

He offers alcohol and cigarettes, encourages him to have sex, etc.

Righton comes to see him for the holidays and also rapes boys.

In 1980, Napier candidate at the Ministry of Education to become a teacher with children.

Righton in a letter bearing NISW Director’s Head Support his candidacy by saying:

Napier no longer constitutes a risk of sexual abuse for dependent children

In the early 1980s, Righton co-authored the “Barkley report” which defined the guidelines for social workers in the United Kingdom for the coming decade.

He starts his own business as an expert consultant in child protection and is very much in demand.

It is charged by the “Open University” (national monopoly of distance education) to lead a team to set up a comprehensive training for social workers on child protection and child care.



He participated in the book “Perspectives on Paedophilia” directed by Brian Taylor ($ 130 on Ebay!) Affirming with all the arrogant self-confidence of the pseudoscientist:

Pedophilia is natural and normal for men.


He says he relies on interviews with 67 pedophiles and 40 male victims of pedophiles.

Far from being hurt by sex, boys can benefit.

He concludes :

I can certify that children do not need to be protected from sex of any kind with an adult.

One of his friends, child psychiatrist Morris Fraser, writes the following chapter.

He has a habit of offering cruises on his sailboat to poor children.

In 1988 in Cornwall, he founded the Azimuth Trust, which in just over three years shipped more than a hundred children.

This is to put in relation with the Yachtmen, the orphanages of Jersey or the boat school of which he was a member and from which he was inspired.


A specific report (below) has been written about this association is its activities.


In 1993, a television report was also produced on the Azimuth Trust and Morris Fraser.


He selected children in difficulty, who spoke badly and who lacked parental and especially paternal affection.

He seemed like all the other boys very excited and having fun.

Fraser was also at that time publisher and he published a magazine with pictures of these naked children on the boat.

Subscribers and patrons of the magazine were friends of Fraser: Righton and other members of the PIE.



This was done in the company of Robert Johnson, a teacher since 1971, he was even promoted to a teacher training center in 1973.

Charges of physical and sexual violence had been made by several children but despite the support of social workers informed, the various charges had been buried by the ” County Council ” (sort of departmental council with many responsibilities).

He had a blame and the ban on boarding children on his boat …

There had already been a colleague at another school early in his career.

In 1990, he was even promoted director of the “Roseland Center” of Truro thanks to his “very good reputation”.


Fraser and Johnson met on “school by boat” and replicated the project in England, forgetting to include the rapes on the sailors children obviously.


They advertised to social workers and struggling families, and then Fraser and Johnson selected children who seemed “fit” for them based on a questionnaire and family visits.

This questionnaire is recognized by child psychologists as being able to clearly identify vulnerable children who can easily be sexually abused.

They sometimes left for long journeys of several weeks.

Johnson was convicted of raping minors in 1995.


Fraser was taking children from Azimuth to her apartment in Islington, London.

There, on the first floor, he had a very large room with a king-size bed, but he usually slept in a small room next door.

This room was used to rape children and to stage these rapes, testifies a boy become adult.

Another time he took the same boy to the country for a weekend where he raped him with two other men.

They also took pictures of him naked for 5 pounds (6 euros).

Sentenced in 1972, he lived in the 90s in Southampton.

He was still practicing child psychiatry at a Southampton hospital, the Royal South Hants Hospital, and was in daily contact with vulnerable children.

When this was discovered (thanks to the TV) he was fired …

then re-employed externally full-time as consultant psychiatrist.

Another founder of Azimuth Trust (Robert Johnson) was jailed for viosl on minors, he was not worried.

Many letters found prove that Fraser had links with pedophiles in Spain, France, Switzerland and the USA.

In fact, Fraser was also the link between the boys of Cornwall and London pedophile circles in which he brought them back.

Napier was one of those circles that were none other than members of the PIE and other pedophiles who gravitated around.

At that moment Napier back from Sweden buys a house on a Thames island that quickly becomes a place of debauchery and gang rapes for many pedophiles (including Peter Righton) and child victims.

A child then aged 12 testifies:

We had to barricade ourselves in the room to prevent them from raping us, and then they always managed to enter.

There were other groups of children who went to other pedophile homes.

Among them David Bloomfield, another IEP member, was a director of the Standing Conference on Science and Technology.

David Bloomfield and Charles Napier

He resigned after being convicted of possession of child pornography.

These children were also going to Righton’s home who was paying them things, without rushing them and coming to his ends.

In 1987, Righton again became director of an internship for “troubled children” where he hired Richard as a teacher.

The school’s policy encouraged parents not to come and see their children.

It was not until the end of the year that many mothers discovered the horror:

I go up to see my son in his room and he was the pants in the ankle masturbating.

He was 10 years old.

The kids were supposed to be safe there.

These men should be jailed for what they did.

Another testifies:

My child told me that Richard was coming to his room, pulling the curtains and then masturbating in front of him and saying, “That’s the way we do it.”

He says that after they had to do it to each other and other things that happened there and he still did not want to tell me.

It’s disgusting what happened, really disgusting.

No investigation was conducted following these very serious charges of several boys.

In 1990, an 8-year-old boy at the time testified that he and several other boys of the same age were raped by a group of men up to 5 times a week.

He could only reveal this “secret” once his family moved.

He talked about videos, rapes, money given for that, and trips around the country to other men who raped them as well.

There were also two girls aged 8-9 who were also raped.

It lasted for him more than a whole year and it had to continue for the others who stayed.

The boy led the police in front of a house and said, “This is where it was.”

He gave a precise description of the interior of Righton’s house.

He recognized Peter Righton in a picture saying that he was the organizer where it was done.

The boy continued to say he felt guilty.

Finally he retracted because he was terrified.

In 1991, Righton launched its largest project, The Chart of a Children, to improve living conditions in UK-based children’s homes.

This led him to travel all over the country to interview dozens of children.

In 1992 his colleagues were informed of his convictions for child pornography, he minimizes them.

He brazenly denied to the NISW and NCB directors, swearing that “he never hurt a child”.

Nevertheless he has landed the project “Chart of a children” and his career is over.

But his double life is only beginning to emerge in the eyes of all.

A former director denies her inaction:

He presented so well, he was above all suspicion, he was giving himself a hard time to hide his privacy

and especially his homosexuality served as a screen that prevented to imagine other things.

He has deceived so many people in the world of social workers.

Another colleague says:

Righton had all the necessary qualities to be a good social worker with traumatized children: dedication, commitment, perseverance and unconditional affection.

But he used them all to satisfy his vices and to abuse children.


Despite three convictions for child pornography, the last of which in 1993, Fraser is still a child psychiatrist and has not been removed from the Cornwall doctors’ order.

He retired himself only in 1994 following the TV show.

Napier became director of studies at the British Council in Cairo, Egypt.

He wrote to a pedophile friend that it is “a city full of boys of which 98% are available”.

Following police investigations he was finally suspended from his post.

Righton himself moved with his lover and continued to maintain contact with many men who he raped as a child, at least one from Red Hills and one from the house on the Thames Island.

Righton died in 2007, at the age of 81, he was fined 900 pounds sterling (1,000 euros) for possession of child pornography.

Translated from English by Wanted Pedo.

Source: Malta Independent and BBC Inside Story

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Where possible many links are saved on archive.is or archive.org so if the link is dead please try those sites

[1] 2018 Feb 18 Wanted Pedo Les Réseaux Pédocriminels n’existent pas | Round 6 | Réseau OTO http://wanted-pedo.com/bis/les-reseaux-pedocriminels-nexistent-pas-round-6-reseau-oto/

[2] 2018 Feb 13 Ax de la Resistance Les réseaux pédocriminels n’existent pas | Réseau Righton http://axedelaresistance.com/les-reseaux-pedocriminels-nexistent-pas-reseau-righton/

[3] 2018 Feb 18 Wanted Pedo Les réseaux pédocriminels n’existent pas | Round 32 | Réseau Righton http://wanted-pedo.com/bis/reseaux-pedocriminels-nexistent-round-32-reseau-righton/

[4] 2014 Aug 17 Malta Independent Evidence of ‘organised abuse’ and ‘trade’ of young boys in Gozo resurfaces http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2014-08-17/news/evidence-of-organised-abuse-and-trade-of-young-boys-in-gozo-resurfaces-6228639745/

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