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  1. Zara Ali says:

    What a heart-wrenching account… wishing HG ease and peace with all my heart… I’m truly at loss of words… there were times when I used to think stories of such grave injustice were to be found only in the third world countries but the more I come to understand the duplicity that rules the Western societies under the decent-looking garb of propriety, I conclude injustice, lack of moral and ethical values, death of conscience… these are human diseases found wherever humans are, irrespective of religion, culture, ethnicity, race or any such tangible… What a sad state of affairs for humanity…

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    Don`t forget that the notorious former Chief Constable of Hampshire, Paul Kernaghan, is on the RAINS list.


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  4. iamtherealhg says:

    Thank you all for your support. HG


  5. Anonymous says:

    HG is a strong woman. It’s hard to hear that a ‘church’ is capable of such crimes against humanity but that’s where such individuals hide to continue their horrendous acts. They are pure evil. God is a loving God who sent His son to set the captives free, heal the broken hearted, save the lost. I will pray that the true God intervenes on her behalf. That is all I know to do. Jesus is mighty!


  6. iamtherealhg says:

    God bless you. Many people are praying, and maybe prayers and shame will change the church, although Welby and Dakin are still lacking in capacity for shame. Welby just did another aimless PR stunt using his daughter recently and acting as if not praying for his daughter needed to be headline news.


  7. iamtherealhg says:

    Reblogged this on HG.


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    • iamtherealhg says:

      Sounds about right, no doubt the church are kicking off their pretence that things are better party, but my case shows that things are not better. Am I right that the police obstructed the Peter Ball case too?


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  11. iamtherealhg says:

    Just an update. The church are trying to use the police against me again and the police are thirsting for revenge for the complaint I made, which was handled badly by Professional Standards and not resolved. As yet the police haven’t found me. HG


  12. JG has asked me to blog this – i am still not able to, so put it in this comment. She is still ill and homeless.

    Dear Bishop of London,

    Firstly I apologize for my extreme anger at your articles in the press and media, you make many many broadcasts that attempt to make the church look good in relation to the vulnerable and the community, and I am suffering because of the church. I am sure you can understand where Lambeth Palace cannot, how distress is provoked this way. The church need to prioritise other things, not press releases and broadcasts. The church attempting to look good regarding the vulnerable and the community is harmful to victims. Your predecessor with his purple socks, making a hash of responding to the occupy camp comes to mind when you talk about the vulnerable.

    This serious safeguarding complaint is referred to you as excuses have been made by Lambeth Palace and all others to not deal with it. This includes a formal complaint against the national safeguarding team. Both Paul Butler and Peter Hancock are guilty of misconduct in this case and failure to declare their conflicts of interests in their part in the matter.
    You make quite big claims in the press and media, including in this article which is relevant. http://jerseytoday.blogspot.com/2017/06/shades-of-things-about-to-come.html You make claims in that article, while safeguarding in the church remains non-existent. Please think before you broadcast, as everything you say affects the church’s victims, who, despite the church’s persistent PR, remain unheard and unvindicated, and suffering, with cover-up and the church’s image still the priority.

    This is a serious formal safeguarding complaint regarding the illegal actions of Moira Murray and the National Safeguarding Team, which has resulted in a vulnerable adult being homeless and a fugitive, injured and destroyed. As you are aware, your grand press and media releases cause great distress, as do most church of england press releases, because the church need to take responsibility for themselves before being proud, and in this case, leaving a vulnerable adult destroyed indicates that the church are not willing to do so.

    In 2016, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Winchester publicly discredited me after three years of lies, smears and harm to me in the press and media. Bob Hill collapsed defending my life against hate attacks during that three years, and nothing I said or did would stop the church from harming me, and the main problem was the Bishop trying to hide an injunction that I brought against him regarding the vicious hate attack against me in the form of a conflicted whitewash report by Dame Heather Steel, the judge handpicked by the Deanery to destroy me. The Bishop’s lies about this report and the injunction, while the Bishop failed to withdraw this whitewash or the previous and associated whitewashes were the major issue in the case, and Bob Hill collapsed defending my life over hate attacks sparked by this matter, these are some of Bob’s last words before he collapsed after going on the radio to defend me against hate attacks:

    Now, after the Bishop and Archbishop publicly destroyed me without any warning or explanation, total disregard for my safety and wellbeing and nearly ending my life. The national safeguarding team, who had ignored my emails and failed to prevent the harm to Bob Hill that occurred, started making contact with me, they appeared to have no purpose to their contact except to insult me, making ridiculous remarks such as ‘the church didn’t mean to hurt you’ and ‘we can learn from people like you’ and ‘we want to make things like they were before’.
    When challenged on these ridiculous statements, they were unable to respond. It is unknown how a ‘safeguarding professional’ can claim to a victim who has suffered several decades of abuse and cover-up that they want to make things like they were before, this was Jane Dodds making most of these awful remarks. By the time Dodds made those remarks I was destroyed beyond healing, and as you will surmise, the harm has continued and whatever Dodds intended to do to ‘make things as they were before’ never materialised and of course such a claim was ridiculous. The national safeguarding team were unable to answer as to why they had allowed me to be publicly destroyed. They spent several weeks trying to absolve themselves of responsibility, and trying to get me into a meeting but were unable to explain what the meeting was about or why I should meet them when their correspondence by phone and email was bizarre and distressing.

    I told the national safeguarding team that what the church had done was very blatantly wrong and immoral, and I wanted an inquiry into why I had been needlessly publicly destroyed and a lot of reports had been carried out without my consent or inclusion. Which of course is illegal, as was the public destruction of me.
    Now the national safeguarding team tried to say there could be an inquiry but I would be publicly hounded again if there was, and I responded that that was an inappropriate response and threat, as no such thing had to happen. The safeguarding team put me under constant pressure to attend their meeting and I refused as they were unable to explain what the meeting was about. The national safeguarding team should have referred the actions of the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury to DBS but failed to do so, the ‘harm to a vulnerable adult’ was very very open and a clear case, and the national safeguarding team, after sending me mad with distress by their terrible comments and their efforts to force a meeting on me, decided on a cop out that was both illegal and a serious safeguarding failure.

    Because the safeguarding team were not going to call an independent report into my case and were not allowed to by the Archbishop who harmed me, and because whatever the church wanted to force on me through a meeting with safeguarding was not mentioned, I did not agree to a meeting and continued to ask for an independent inquiry, so the national safeguarding team went for an illegal cop-out, just as the Korris report only contained the church’s cover-up at my expense and the illegal use of a counsellor and psychiatrist, the national safeguarding team and Lambeth Palace broke the law and encouraged a professional psychiatrist to breach their ethics and be paid to ‘advise’ the national safeguarding team to ignore me.

    As you can imagine, the national safeguarding team ignoring me after their harm to me and failure to refer the Bishop and Archbishop and those involved was further harmful and I continued to contact them and Lambeth Palace and the church and ask for my case to be referred to an independent safeguarding body, as I had no explanation as to why I had been treated the way I had by the national safeguarding failures, who, if they had acted to end the harm previously, would have prevented Bob’s collapse, their intervention after the Archbishop and Bishop destroyed me and the things they said meant they were guilty of negligence and harm.

    I am sure you can ask what has not been asked or questioned in the lies spread, why, when the case was not resolved and misconduct was very evident, if the national safeguarding team had a genuine reason to ignore me after provoking and distressing me and failed to get me into a meeting as they were unable to explain what the meeting was about – presumably a standard church effort to force a victim to believe and agree that their case was over. they failed to refer the case to another safeguarding body, instead they enabled the current situation of me being injured and living as a fugitive, with the wrongdoers having a warrant after me, and I am suffering severe trauma and illness as a result and have had my whole life, my community and work, my friends, my home, everything taken from me as a result of the last of the serious and persistent uses of the police to harm me.

    If the national safeguarding team had acted in the interests of safeguarding rather than just trying to force a meeting on me and causing me distress with the dreadful efforts to change reality and trivialise the harm to me, I would not be homeless or injured and I would not have had to continue to contact the church to ask them not to mislead the general public while failing to address the very open misconduct of the Bishop, Archbishop and others. Which the church have tried to discredit as me being ‘abusive’. How would they react if they were autistic, damaged by a lifetime of abuse, publicly destroyed and then thrown away? Would you like to see members of an organization who harmed you, misleading the general public through the press and media and rubbing salt in your wounds?

    As time went on and nothing at all was done about my complaints, and I contacted Lambeth Palace and Bishops and other organizations, begging for help, the Bishop was afraid, despite his lawyers and the PR firm that you share with him, who effectively orchestrated the destruction of me, so the persistent efforts to send the police after me without warrants, charges or explanation began. I had housed myself after being homeless for three years due to the gross misconducts of the church and their conflicted members of government, law and judiciary. I remained housed most of the three years of the million pound press and media attacks. Now the actions of the church had driven me from several homes when the hurtful and inaccurate press releases reached the people around me, and the police seige of my home where they had no warrant or explanation and involved my landlord and neighbours left me homeless.

    Now, the people who have harmed me not only remain but are still trying to have me brutalised and put away for speaking up, while the members of the national safeguarding team and others have not been held to account for their serious misconduct and illegal actions regarding a professional ‘advising’ them about me without my consent, knowledge or input, and the data protection breach, which, as in the Korris report, has not been dealt with.

    As you know, because the church destroyed me and walked away, using ‘advice’ as a lame excuse when they failed to get me to agree with the comments about the harm to me or the meeting which they were unable to explain, I have continued to speak up and beg everyone in the church and out, for justice, which is why the church have hounded me from place to place with the police who had already harmed me beyond healing, the safeguarding failure and wrongdoing and my case have remained ongoing and as yet the church have not got past their excuses of calling me ‘abusive’ or their use of the police to try to silence me, and it appears that the current situation is, with the police in total agreement despite the evidence both of the church’s lies and the injunction that the Bishop has breached, intend to put me away so the Bishop can release his whitewash reports without me having a say. Would you believe that no lessons have been learned from the Peter Ball case and exactly the same has happened again and involves the Archbishop who used such a great PR show to remove George Carey?

    Now, if you feel unable to understand or investigate this serious formal complaint, you will need to refer it to an independent body. I am dying, but slowly, the injures I have suffered are serious and the damage to my body including internal bleeding, severe breathing problems and heart problems as a result of an adult lifetime of abuse and cover up, police violence and homelessness that destroyed me, and I will die shamed, smeared and slandered and separated from my friends, family and home, and the church’s only focus is to defame me in my distress as abusive and mad and bad and to try and have me silenced. I am sure that description tells you why your press releases and broadcasts about social matter s are in poor taste, you are part of the organisation which carried out these horrors, it also illustrates the seriousness of the lack of safeguarding in the church. Can you imagine most people even surviving years of this? Or anyone not being angry and fighting for justice and a voice?

    Below are the recent letters on the subject, don’t stand aside while the church publicly kill and defame me any longer. Moira emphasizes the Archbishop, Lambeth Palace and the wider church’s extreme psychopathy and lack of responsibility or understanding of responsibility in her defaming email of me. The church would rather utterly destroy and kill a vulnerable adult than admit wrongdoing, so why are you making broadcasts about tax credits?

    One thing about the church’s defence in making me out to be abusive, mad, bad, etc, is, they can’t and Moira obviously couldn’t in her defamation of me, explain why I was able to take an injunction against the Bishop if nothing was wrong. Now, when the Bishop and his wife and daughter and Jackie Rowlands and Mat Phipps lied to the police last year when they had me violently brutalised in front of my neighbours, leaving me homeless, and lied to the unquestioning police, they tried to claim that the injunction was a gagging order, and although the police were extremely hostile and determined as they still are, to destroy me for the church, they were caught out by the ‘gagging order’ being an injunction, but the police didn’t question why they had violently manhandled me from my home on the orders of a man who was under an injunction which he had breached and was in contempt of court over, and they failed to arrest him, they also failed to question how a disabled vulnerable adult would even get a gagging order against a Bishop, instead, they beat me, jeered at me, lied to and about me, destroyed me, and then let me go with no further correspondence, and I was homeless as the landlord threw me out, it was a grotty temporary arrangement since my homes had been taken over and over again by the church’s press and police efforts and the fact that I had been violently dragged down the neighbours seteps in front of everyone and the police had slandered me to the neighbours left me thrown out and rough sleeping. I remain homeless to preserve my life until I hopefully die naturally.

    Please note I have sent this cc to safeguarding as well. The national safeguarding team, as you know, blocked my correspondence, it doesn’t make their responsibility or serious harm go away. I am sure you can imagine the desired result for Justin Welby, the Diocese of Winchester and Lambeth Palace, that I am killed either by police violence or simply from the force with which I have been destroyed or imprisoned if they have their way, and then the usual press releases about lessons learned and how great everything is and how I was ‘abusive’ or ‘mentally ill’ will be trotted out, and my case will be kicked under the carpet forever without anyone being held accountable, so, does Moira Murray really think I am being abusive as I suffer her and the church’s abuse of me? It is a very terrible and devious cop-out to tell people to ignore me, to smear me and to make my distress into me being ‘abusive’ or ‘disturbed’. If you consider the reality of the failures of the church and national safeguarding team and their attempt to push this onto me, don’t you think the church and safeguarding team are extremely abusive and disturbed?

    You have a duty of care to refer this, no matter what defamation of me is spread by the guilty in Church House, Lambeth Palace or the Diocese of Winchester. Now I mocked you for answering an email because as you now know, church members are barred from speaking to me and other victims, and as far as I know you would only have answered with denials because that is all I have known. Terrible on both sides but other victims of serious wrongdoing by the church are also subjected to having the phone put down on them as you saw in that article where you squeaked about how the church are trying and it isn’t easy when you have 600 volunteers. Numbers don’t matter, the church are entirely responsible for any inadequacy. And leaving me to die defamed, brutalised and criminalised because the national safeguarding team only safeguard high profile wrongdoers to the point of letting them go on causing anguish and destruction to the point of death or imprisonment is a severe inadequacy.

    If Moira and the church are so ‘offended’ are they really too blind to see their misconducts, negligence and harmful behaviour that created the situation, if they are that blind and unable to be responsible, at the expense of a victim of two unsupervised serial abusers in the church and the biggest cover-up apart from the Peter Ball case, then it is time for Moira and the others she represented in her defamation of me to leave for positions where they won’t put vulnerable people at risk, and a genuine safeguarding team can be recruited who won’t try to avoid their responsibilities with illegal and unethical actions including paying someone to excuse them from contact with a destroyed and provoked victim. The fine for each failure to refer for harm to a vulnerable adult is up to £5000 by the way, so Moira, Jane, Caroline and Graham may be in a bit of debt, considering the scope of the Jersey and Winchester matter and the amount of people who have not been referred, with the Archbishop and Bishops the most prominent. Referral, as you know, should be done despite these men being too far above the law to be convicted for their open harm. The failure to take action has allowed those men to create my current situation and that is a very serious reason why Moira and others involved should leave, although I think her defamation included below makes it obvious she should leave.


    Miss Jayne Harris (be aware that the police and diocese try to change my legal name a lot)
    Letters below:

    Dear Parish,

    You have not received this email in error, it is relevant to all parishes and benefices in the Diocese of Winchester and is not a data breach, you, the recipient, are being asked to consider this.
    This letter contains safeguarding concerns regarding the situation with the Bishop of Winchester. The first half is a letter specifically to you, and the second half is a letter to the Bishop and Diocese sent last week. It includes articles of the matter raised.

    The Bishop of Winchester has mislead the Diocese, each parish and each person, through pastoral letters, circulars and meetings regarding this matter, and his serious misconduct should have led to him leaving his position six years ago. Unfortunately because the Archbishop of Canterbury has been actively involved in this matter and has protected the Bishop from a clergy discipline action at the expense of the complainant and has refused to take action regarding the Bishop’s serious misconduct, the Bishop remains, when he is well aware of his serious misconduct and his victim’s suffering and also the injunction against him which he has hidden from the parishes and benefices of the Diocese.

    Within the last few years, parishes of the Diocese were alerted to the victim’s concerns, and this was smothered by the Bishop and his safeguarding officer, Jackie Rowlands, who then proceeded to blatantly lie to the police, as described in Cathy Fox’s linked article in the letter below. Both Jackie Rowlands and previous safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, played an active part in harming and trying to silence the victim, whose story has not been recorded by the church in any way, shape and form, with even the national safeguarding team involved in trying to cover up the scandal for the Bishop and Archbishop’s sake rather than making sure the victim’s story was recorded. The national safeguarding appeared to think that the Bishop breaking laws, being under an injunction and nearly killing several people as well as misleading people and abusing his office merited only a ‘telling off’ and no prevention of his further harm afterwards.

    The Bishop used his pastoral letter and authority to mislead the Diocese’s parishes and he abused his power over the press and media and authorities to harm and discredit his victim. Justin Welby’s recent kneejerk protests in some press and media make no difference to this very real ongoing situation of a vulnerable adult left homeless, injured and traumatised and a former police officer crippled for defending her life against hate attacks instigated by the Bishop and Archbishop’s abuse of the case as PR and smearing and discrediting the victim.

    Safeguarding is your responsibility, which is why you display it on your websites, not just because you ‘were told to’? But unfortunately, with a Bishop who was willing to destroy a vulnerable adult and even kill her, and not care who was harmed in the process, for the sake of the church’s image, and with two Diocesan Safeguarding Officials in a row who lied persistently to police and authorities in order to protect the church’s image and at the expense of the victim, with the end result of the victim homeless and seriously injured and traumatised beyond healing – The Diocese does not safeguard, so how can you safeguard until this matter is dealt with?

    Worse, those of you who were made aware of this previously and didn’t act, how can you be involved in a church and use Jesus’ Name, let alone safeguard, if the Diocese examples that safeguarding involves lies, violence to the vulnerable, cover-ups and potential loss of life for the sake of the church’s image. Please read the letter below to the Bishop and please take action. The Chief executive of the Diocese and the National Safeguarding Team, Archbishop’s Council and Archbishop are well aware of this ongoing serious situation and are trying to hide their heads in the sand, so unless there is a Christian among you, this serious situation will continue. And keep in mind, the amount spent on the whitewash and cover-up has been substantial while you have been paying for your own repairs. And there still needs to be a full investigation, into the serial abusers being able to access me, into the church covering up, smearing me and attempting to blame me or my disabilities, and the public million pound whitewash and Jackie Rowlands and the Bishop and his staff and family lying to the police and attempting to silence me for asking for justice.

    The Diocese of Winchester is a corporation with a million pound turnover, using God’s Name to make money is questionable but the fact that an estimated million pounds was spent by the church on this cover-up, when that is not what church members pay their offering for, is horrifying.
    One of the greatest ways ‘Holy’ people have of protecting themselves is disbelief and you may be reacting with disbelief now; the fake ‘holy’, ‘Godly’, ‘Kind’ etc persona that a number of priests in the diocese will know, which protects abusers and wrongdoers, the image of Peter Ball, George Carey, Rowan Williams, Michael Scott-Joynt, Justin Welby, Tim Dakin.
    That is how church abusers get away with what they get away with, as well as safeguarding in the church being a desperate advert rather than a genuine existence. The fact that there is no way of regulating or removing Bishops, who are appointed by Downing Street or the Queen makes the ongoing risk very real.
    High profile wrongdoers and those aiding them (for example the Bishop, Mat Phipps, Jackie Rowlands, Tim Sledge, etc) also rely on spreading slander ad discrediting lies about their victim as happened in the Peter Ball case and this one, from the Romsey and Andover Deaneries to the Cathedral and Channel Islands, many clergy and laity are guilty of wrongdoing and untruth that undermines their representation of Jesus or simply standing by and allowing this matter to continue which is as bad.

    Jane Fisher’s serious misconduct was reported time and time again and yet she was allowed to remain and construct the whitewash of the case and misadvice to the Bishop and also serious data breaches including with the police, NSPCC and others.

    And while no one challenges this case, that will continue. No matter how much you are obliged to ‘advertise’ safeguarding on your websites. Please make sure individual and collective safeguarding is in place regarding the Bishop as he poses a risk to the vulnerable but no one is in a position to regulate his behaviour. This is an official serious formal safeguarding complaint) , and also make sure that although the Diocese have conflicted the local authorities, and the National safeguarding team admitted they could do nothing about the Bishop except ‘tell him off’, that something is done about this. I am sure you can imagine that ‘telling off’ hasn’t worked for a man who has spent a million pounds of church money on cover-up, especially through an expensive London PR firm, and causing several near-deaths while remaining in ministry and being protected and aided in his wrongdoing by Jane Fisher and then Jackie Rowlands,which again highlights the church’s complete lack of safeguarding. The abuse of power regarding safeguarding partnership, social services and police also remains unresolved.

    Years have gone by, a lot of money has been spent, a lot of smears, lies and misleading information shared and even published and the Bishop is in contempt of court and with Jackie Rowlands, Mat Phipps and his wife and daughter, he has even lied to the police without being challenged, but this case has still not been investigated. Having an abuse victim publicly destroyed without their story being heard is the ultimate in open abuse and lack of accountability. Please be part of changing this terrible state of things and bringing resolution. My signature is at the end of this letter sent to the Bishop a week ago.

    Marion de Quidt

    15 Jul 2019, 16:24 (18 hours ago)

    to me, jennifer.martin17, shonahoad, mariondequidt, richard73harlow, bryanwatson, vicar, vicar, benefice, vicar, safeguarding
    Dear All

    I have emailed Moira Murray from the National Church of England Safeguarding team, who has responded with these words which she has given me permission to share with you all:

    “Dear Marion,

    Thank you for forwarding this email.

    The NST, Lambeth Palace, Synod members and many clergy and senior clergy are very familiar with this person. We have been receiving abusive emails, telephone calls and other correspondence from her for several years. In 2016, the NST took advice from a forensic psychiatrist not to respond to her and this has been followed for the past 3 years. This advice was circulated to all disoceses.

    I understand that there is currently a warrant out for her arrest.

    This correspondence is disturbing, but can I please ask that you ignore this communication and any that follows.

    Please feel free to contact me, if you need to discuss things further.

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Dear Marion of whitewater churches, cc other churches who received Marion’s email.

    Thank you for your response to the serious formal safeguarding complaint sent yesterday. It helps to highlight the ongoing safeguarding failure in the Diocese of Winchester as well as the serious failures of the national safeguarding team in their continued upholding of the Diocese of Winchester by trying to defame a victim instead of dealing with the very open misconducts of the Diocese.It would appear that Marion had great difficulty understanding the case and the seriousness of the cover-ups in the church of england, which extended to the national safeguarding team.

    This is a destroyed human life that Marion and Moira have made a mockery of.

    Does the church really fail to understand the anger of a victim who they destroyed and left for dead and made an excuse to ignore correspondence from? The church have a responsibility, and that responsibility doesn’t include defamation and destruction and illegal action.
    As you were told, Marion, the national safeguarding team’s serious misconducts in this matter mean that they are not in a position in any way, shape or form, to be involved, as they allowed the Bishop to seriously harm a vulnerable adult publicly and which is evidenced, the national safeguarding team were asked by the victim to refer the case to an independent investigation and because Justin Welby has committed serious misconduct in the case they weren’t allowed to, the illegal and questionable ‘advice’ to ignore the victim was made. Of course, having been destroyed so seriously and utterly by Tim Dakin and Justin Welby, their furious victim has gone on asking for justice, which they claim is ‘abusive’ and ‘disturbed’ etc.

    Maybe it is genuinely not understood, by the church,, who have recently been shown up for their serious lack of safeguarding, that you cannot just destroy someone and throw them away as was done in this case and expect them to be nice or stable or not angry. And any medical professional involved behind a victim’s back would have to either ask for the victim’s side of things and consent or be seriously compromised. Obviously, as was done in the much criticised conflicted Korris report, which still has not been redacted or apologized for, the same thing was done, a selective effort to justify the church’s serious wrongdoing and as with the Korris report, no consent was given, the action was purely as an excuse to try to discredit the victim and her request for a formal independent review, as the actions of those involved, the Archbishop, Bishops and national safeguarding team were so serious.

    .And while the Bishop has not been held accountable, nor anyone else involved, the Bishop has also not been excommunicated by the church nor faced police action for his very serious abuse.
    Moira Murray is under an unresolved serious formal complaint for her harm to me along with harm to other abuse victims. And with regard warrants, the Bishop has breached a court order and seriously harmed a vulnerable adult and is in contempt of court, and he and Jackie Rowlands, Matt Phipps and his wife and daughter lied to the police to bring action which denied the Bishop’s serious and evidenced wrongdoings and the impact on the victim and the police have continued to fail to investigate, just as happened in the Peter Ball case.
    You must be aware that your reply reached the complainant when you intended only for other churches in the email to receive it and thus there is a further issue and your reply needs to be included in the independent investigation. Do not make accusations regarding abusive emails about a serious safeguarding complaint, it indicates that you have a serious problem with safeguarding and understanding abuse, safeguarding and cover-up. And unless you can prove that there is abuse in the serious formal complaint, what you are doing is defamation.

    Rather than denying or jeapordizing a safeguarding complaint you need to reflect on your email, your response, your attitude to this matter and how it may affect safeguarding and victims. Denial, cover-up and encouraging other churches to behave in the same manner is not safeguarding. Serious defamation of a victim who the church have already destroyed beyond healing with the same is also as far from safeguarding as possible, and it is what you are part of.
    The reasons wrongdoers such as Peter Ball, George Carey, Tim Dakin and Justin Welby have managed to commit such harm is disbelief,
    defamation and blame of their victim/s and members of the church and other organizations covering for them.

    If you are unable to read and understand the details of several decades of the church blaming and destroying a traumatised person with autism who was accessed and abused by two serial abusers in a row who the church were aware of and more than failed to restrain from abuse, and instead want to make accusations against the victim, you are again telling the church and the world why the church of england do not and cannot safeguard. I suggest that you reconsider your position now and certainly don’t remain in a position where you have access to the vulnerable if you are willing to uphold wrongdoers and blame victims. Consider how the Bishop of Winchester was warned by his victim and continued mercilessly to harm her and was taken to court by her a year later, and Moira Murray would rather defame the victim to the church than address that and the police harming the victim and not dealing with the Bishop. Using police action to cover up the Bishop’s serious misconduct or illegal and inaccurate psychological intervention from a psychologist who never contacted the victim or interviewed her in order to let the national safeguarding team off the hook for their serious misconduct is the depths of safeguarding failure, at the cost of the victim’s life.
    Please don’t forget how seriously the church injured an innocent man over this, and also their victim, no human being would be polite and smiling after these things:
    And remember, this is a former police officer who gave up his retirement to fight the church of england’s horrendous abuse of a lone vulnerable adult, maybe in vain but he was a man who earned a British Empire Medal for his work for the vulnerable and he was no fool, he wouldn’t have fought for no reason:


    If you feel that the fraud, lies to press and media and authorities, huge abuse of money and authority by the Diocese of Winchester is excusable by claims that my response to the serious harm to me by clergy and laity is excusable by claims that I wrote ‘abusive emails’ to the people who have harmed me, and you are willing to spread that defamation, then you really do not understand safeguarding. The church of england survives on this very same horrifying closed huddle of defamation of victims. Did Moira Murray fail to explain about the reports of herself and other members of the team putting the phone down on abuse victims and failing to carry out proper investigations into complaints? There was a report out recently that mentioned it, but so did this blog: http://jerseytoday.blogspot.com/2017/06/shades-of-things-about-to-come.html

    Many abuse victims have been angry. And certainly a victim publicly destroyed for three years for no apparent reason would be. Moira Murray joined the national safeguarding team after my case was covered up, and she failed to respond to ongoing concerns about my case, from me and from others. The National safeguarding team had already wrapped up their attempt to get me to agree to the cover-up by then. and obviously they think that claiming to have breached data with a psychologist excuses their very serious failures in the matter. I have only ever contacted the church to ask for justice, and the national safeguarding team would not be able to explain how a psychologist would excuse the very very serious misconducts of the national safeguarding team and the Archbishop and Bishops, any more than would have been the case in the Peter Ball case.

    The correspondence is disturbing because a vulnerable adult was destroyed over and over by the church of england and left for dead. The national safeguarding team allowed the Bishop and Archbishop to destroy their victim despite the victim having taken the Bishop to court to try and stop the harm to her by the Bishop as he proceeded with whitewash conflicted reports. Would you expect someone who has been damaged for decades by the Diocese of Winchester and destroyed publicly to be able to cope? Unfortunately no consent was given for any church-arranged or conflicted psychologist or psychiatrist to be involved and this was the safeguarding team’s response to being unable to the get the victim to stop speaking up about the whitewash and public discrediting of her. As you can see, Bob Hill was not insane or disturbed or imagining the fact that the Archbishop and Bishops and Safeguarding committed very serious misconduct, Bob spent three years of his life and collapsed, leaving the church to destroy the victim.
    Moira Murray and others involved in this matter should have left their position and certainly, considering this continued slander and denial while the Bishop remains, isn’t representing safeguarding.

    Think about why a vulnerable adult is homeless and suffering severe trauma while the national safeguarding team who have contributed to this make such accusations. The church of england took the whole of that vulnerable adult’s life over and over, and for some reason they don’t think that their victim should be angry, they consider pleas for justice to be ‘abusive’ and they consider a million pounds being spent on destroying that vulnerable adult publicly, and hounding her with the police, to be acceptable and not abusive.

    Yes, the correspondence is disturbing, the horrendous extent of this cover-up where all involved try to make the distress of a destroyed victim and her pleas for justice and restoration into her ‘being abusive’ is the same total lack of safeguarding and the same distortion and lack of safeguarding and accountability which the victims of Peter Ball had to face, and it isn’t surprising that one of them didn’t survive.

    Now, the victim of the million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash and the horrendous harm by the national safeguarding team remains homeless and injured and suffering severe trauma as a result of this matter, and Moira Murray makes her priority slandering the victim rather than making sure the independent inquiry asked for in 2016 by the victim and denied by the cop-out of ‘advice’ from a biased and unprofessional law-breaking medical professional is carried out.

    Please note, Marion, you are responsible for spreading slander and harming a vulnerable adult who made a safeguarding complaint to you. You are also responsible for reporting Moira Murray for defamation, for making claims that the church of england broke the law and the data protection act regarding ‘professional advice’ and you are responsible for failing to read the safeguarding complaint sent to you, and instead spreading slander. The church of england have broken the law many many times in this case, seriously so, and at the cost of lives, and your focus has been to spread defamation and discrediting.

    Isn’t it terrible that the church have destroyed someone this way and left them this way, and the church and those involved use Jesus’ Name? And that some involved continue in ministry as Peter Ball and George Carey did after a member of that case was driven to death in the same way? The Church of England’s lack of regulation is why they are not challenged and the national safeguarding team are proven to have failed and harmed their victims, but this is their biggest failure, their willing part in the destruction of a vulnerable adult.



  13. I need to get in touch with someone regarding Hampshire Constabulary.


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