Acknowledgement and Apology to Ritual Abuse Victims from Australian Prime Minister

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has given a groundbreaking national apology to victims of child abuse.

Not only did it break new ground in terms of a national apology for Australia to victims of child sexual abuse but the Prime Minister also acknowledges and apologises for ritual abuse, probably a worldwide first. The ritual abuse acknowledgement is a huge step forward for all those ritually abused, the apology another step forward.

Fiona Barnett called for Scott Morrison (twitter @ScottMorrisonMP ) to acknowledge ritual abuse victims.

Whether it was a direct response or not, surprisingly Scott Morrison obliged with these words

“The crimes of Ritual Sexual Abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troups, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities and in family homes”

For clarity [added 27 Oct]  here are a couple of definitions of ritual abuse that Fiona tweeted

The drawing by Fiona, represents her experiences of ritual abortion & Baal baby sacrifice in the tunnel beneath Engadine BoysTown when she was 14. The perpetrators are Lithuanian Nazi Dr Leonas Petrauskas and his daughter. Abortion originated as a Luciferian ritual.

Scott Morrison has valid doubters as he is a member of Hillsong Church from which child sexual abusers have come.

Fiona had previously tweeted about Hillsong being a child sex trafficking church founded by pedophile Frank Houston

See also Hillsong ChurchWatch Another Hillsong paedophile scandal: Brian caught lying and trashing victim  [11]

Update 2023 Feb 26 Whole post degoogled due to youtube policy of censorship.

Screenshot 2023-02-26 145745

2023 Feb 26 Odysee 2018 May 23 Pedos Down Under Radio Episode #2 with Debra and Fiona Barnett [4c]

However Scott Morrison, the Australian PM also used the illuminati phrase “hiding in plain sight”.

The quote – “Today, Australia confronts a trauma – an abomination – hiding in plain sight for far too long.”

At best he could be bringing attention to the ill-uminati practice of ritual abuse and child sexual abuse.  At worst he is giving an insincere meaningless apology and giving a wink to the illuminati, who are in control of him.

His emotion may be the result of him being mind controlled and having chosen the appropriate remorseful alter to apologise.

Who knows in this time of misinformation, disinformation and lies?

The satanic / Luciferian criminal cabal cult ruling our world is breaking down by the efforts of millions of people. Lets hope it is death by a million cuts.

However there is no denying that the apology is a huge rebuff to all the ritual abuse deniers, who either through ignorance, cognitive dissonance, malintent or mind control, spend their time and efforts denying that ritual abuse happens.

It is difficult to see how the deniers will continue to spout their nonsense, but the stakes are too high for them not to try.

How these individuals arrogantly assume that they have the omniscience to proclaim as a fact the absence of ritual abuse worldwide is never explained.  Some of these individuals are agents of  the “intelligence” services,  working in conjunction with agencies of other countries, much of their activity is unethical, immoral,  illegal, cover ups and lies.

These corrupt “intelligence agencies implement a “strategy of tension” whilst actually working for globalist, new world order networks, and against the interests of the people of the country they are nominally working for.

The “intelligence” agencies know who is behind much of the ritual abuse as the agencies are monitoring them for blackmail purposes and these same agencies are often arranging the blackmailing and child sexual abuse networks for this very purpose. This is why so many paedophiles get into power, precisely because they are blackmailable.

The “intelligence agencies” get their minions, mockingbird media and blackmailed targets to deny ritual abuse exists.

For examples of “intelligence agencies” nefarious activities see Village Magazine, Ireland THE DUP SKELETONS IN THERESA MAY’S CLOSET [12]

The ritual abuse deniers have been ridiculed for years in the alternative media and now even the corporate mockingbird media has to report ritual abuse –

BBC Australia sexual abuse: National apology delivered to victims [10]

Vatican News PM’s apology to victims of abuse welcomed by Church in Australia [6]

Time Magazine Australia’s Prime Minister Formally Apologized to Child Sex Abuse Victims [7]

Much research on ritual abuse is here  – Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing Empirical Studies Related to Ritual Abuse [8]

I also include Spidercats list of Ritual Abuse cases worldwide, which builds on this.  Conviction List: Ritual Abuse Cases #USA & Worldwide [2a]

Unfortunately I see there are no Australian cases on the pages. If you know of any cases from wherever in the world add a link or information to the comments below my post or her post.

Hale and Sinason found much abuse in the UK, details here  – cathy fox blog  Pilot Study on Alleged Organised Abuse – Hale and Sinason c.1994 [9]

After that probably over lengthy introduction, below are the video and text of the Scott Morrison’s groundbreaking statement on ritual sexual abuse.

Screenshot 2023-02-26 151027

Odysee The Australian Prime Ministers National Apology (Full Speech) 22 October 2018 [3c]

Transcript also here [13]

The text below is taken from the Guardian Scott Morrison’s national apology to Australian survivors and victims of child sexual abuse – full speech [1] 

                                              Scott Morrison Australian Prime Minister

“Whether you sit here in this Chamber, the Great Hall, outside elsewhere in the nation’s capital. Your living room. In your bed, unable to rise today or speak to another soul. Your journey to where you are today has been a long and painful one, and we acknowledge that and we welcome you today wherever you are.

Mr Speaker, silenced voices. Muffled cries in the darkness.

Unacknowledged tears. The tyranny of invisible suffering.

The never heard pleas of tortured souls bewildered by an indifference to the unthinkable theft of their innocence.

Today, Australia confronts a trauma – an abomination – hiding in plain sight for far too long.

Today, we confront a question too horrible to ask, let alone answer.

Why weren’t the children of our nation loved, nurtured and protected?

Why was their trust betrayed?

Why did those who know cover it up?

Why were the cries of children and parents ignored?

Why was our system of justice blind to injustice?

Why has it taken so long to act?

Why were other things more important than this, the care of innocent children?

Why didn’t we believe?

Today we dare to ask these questions, and finally acknowledge and confront the lost screams of our children.

While we can’t be so vain to pretend to answers, we must be so humble to fall before those who were forsaken and beg to them our apology.

A sorry that dare not ask for forgiveness.

A sorry that dare not try and make sense of the incomprehensible or think it could.

A sorry that does not insult with an incredible promise.

A sorry that speaks only of profound grief and loss.

A sorry from a nation that seeks to reach out in compassion into the darkness where you have lived for so long.

Nothing we can do now will right the wrongs inflicted on our nation’s children.

Even after a comprehensive royal commission, which finally enabled the voices to be heard and the silence to be broken, we will all continue to struggle.

So today we gather in this chamber in humility. Not just as representatives of the people of this country, but as fathers, as mothers, as siblings, friends, workmates, and in some cases, indeed as victims and survivors.

Ngunnawal means “meeting place”’. And on this day of apology, we meet together.

We honour every survivor in this country, we love you, we hear you and we honour you.

No matter if you are here at this meeting place or elsewhere, this apology is to you and for you.

Your presence and participation makes tangible our work today – and it gives strength to others who are yet to share what has happened in their world.

Elsewhere in this building and around Australia, there are others who are silently watching and listening to these proceedings, men and women who have never told a soul what has happened to them. To these men and women I say this apology is for you too.

And later when the speeches are over, we will stand in silence and remember the victims who are not with us anymore, many too sadly by their own hand.

As a nation, we failed them, we forsook them. That will always be our shame.

This apology is for them and their families too.

As one survivor recently said to me, “It wasn’t a foreign enemy who did this to us – this was done by Australians.” To Australians. Enemies in our midst.

Enemies. In. Our. Midst.

The enemies of innocence.

Look up at the galleries, look at the Great Hall, look outside this place and you will see men and women from every walk of life, from every generation, and every part of our land.

Crushed, abused, discarded and forgotten.

The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family homes as well.

It happened anywhere a predator thought they could get away with it, and the systems within these organisations allowed it to happen and turned a blind eye.

It happened day after day, week after week, month after month, and decade after decade. Unrelenting torment.

When a child spoke up, they weren’t believed and the crimes continued with impunity.

One survivor told me that when he told a teacher of his abuse, that teacher then became his next abuser.

Trust broken.

Innocence betrayed.

Power and position exploited for evil dark crimes.

A survivor named Faye told the royal commission: “Nothing takes the memories away. It happened 53 years ago and it’s still affecting me.”

One survivor named Ann said: “My mother believed them rather than me.”

I also met with a mother whose two daughters were abused by a priest the family trusted. Suicide would claim one of her two beautiful girls and the other lives under the crushing weight of what was done to her.

As a father of two daughters, I can’t comprehend the magnitude of what she has faced.

Not just as a father but as prime minister, I am angry too at the calculating destruction of lives and abuse of trust, including those who have abused the shield of faith and religion to hide their crimes, a shield that is supposed to protect the innocent, not the guilty. And they stand condemned.

One survivor says it was like “becoming a stranger to your parents.”

Mental health illnesses, self-harm, and addictions followed.

The pain didn’t stop with adulthood.

Relationships with partners and children became strained as survivors struggled with the conflicting currents within them.

Parents and siblings felt guilt and sadness for what they had missed, for what and whom they chose to believe, and for what they did not see.

While survivors contemplated what could have been.

A survivor named Rodney asks the question so common to so many survivors, he wonders about “the person I may have become, or the person I could have become if I didn’t have all of this in my life.”

Death can take many forms. In this case the loss of a life never lived, a life denied.

Another survivor, Aiden spoke of not getting justice because his abuser had died. He said, “I was bereft because I was robbed. I was robbed of my day in court. I wanted to tell the world what he did. That was stolen. That was him again, taking control.”

Mr Speaker, today, as a nation, we confront our failure to listen, to believe and to provide justice.

And again today, we say sorry.

To the children we failed, sorry.

To the parents whose trust was betrayed and who have struggled to pick up the pieces, sorry.

To the whistleblowers who we did not listen to, sorry.

To the spouses, partners, wives, husbands and children who have dealt with the consequences of the abuse, cover-ups and obstruction, sorry.

To generations past and present, sorry.

Mr Speaker, as part of our work leading us to this day, I recently met with the national apology survivor’s reference group – as did the leader of the opposition – who are with us here today.

I want to thank this wonderful group of people and brave people.

Many are survivors; they have all worked so hard to make today a reality.

They said to me that an apology without action is just a piece of paper and it is. And today they also wanted to hear about our actions.

It is a fair call.

In outlining our actions, I want to recognise the work of my predecessors, former Prime Minister Gillard, who is with us here today, and I thank you for your attendance. Former Prime Minister Rudd, the Member for Warringah, who continues to serve us here in this place, and the former prime minister, Mr Turnbull. I want to thank them for their compassion and leadership as they also confronted these terrible failings.

The foundations of our actions are the findings and recommendations of the royal commission, initiated by Prime Minister Gillard.

The steady compassionate hand of the commissioners and staff resulted in 17,000 survivors coming forward and nearly 8,000 of them recounting their abuse in private sessions of the commission.

We are all grateful to the survivors who gave evidence to the commission. It is because of your strength and your courage that we are gathered here today.

Many of the commissioners and staff are also with us today and I thank them also.

Mr Speaker, acting on the recommendations of the royal commission with concrete action gives practical meaning to today’s apology.

The commonwealth, as our national government, must lead and coordinate our response.

The National Redress Scheme has commenced.

I thank the State and Territory governments for their backing of the scheme.

The scheme is about recognising and alleviating the impact of past abuse, and providing justice for survivors.

The scheme will provide survivors with access to counselling and psychological services, monetary payments, and, for those who want one – and I stress for those who want one – a direct personal response from an institution where the abuse occurred.

It will mean – that after many years, often decades, of denials and cover-ups — the institutions responsible for ruining lives admit their wrongdoing and the terrible damage they caused.

The National Office of Child Safety is another big step forward to ensuring the prevention and detection of child abuse, wherever it occurs.

It was announced as part of our government’s response to the royal commission and was established from July 1 of this year within the Department of Social Services.

As prime minister, I will be changing these arrangements to ensure that the National Office of Child Safety will report to me. It will reside within the portfolio of Prime Minister and Cabinet, as it should. The minister for social services will assist me in this role, including reporting to me on the progress of royal commission recommendations and the activities of the Office of Child Safety.

The office has already begun its work to raise awareness of child safety and to drive cultural change in institutions in the community – to ensure that the systemic failures and abuses of power that brought us here today are not repeated.

Importantly, children themselves are being empowered to participate in these initiatives – because our children must be heard, and when it comes to the work of safety, it must be approachable and child-friendly. They must know who they can tell, and they must be believed, and they must know where they can go.

All Australian governments are now working together to establish a national database, to ensure higher standards for working with children and that data about people’s ability to work with children is shared nationally.

And our work does not stop at our borders.

We are ensuring children across the world are protected by stopping child sex offenders from travelling overseas without permission, which will disrupt, prevent and investigate the abuse of children globally.

And we recognise that as survivors age, those who were abused in or by an institution, have real fears about entering into aged care facilities.

It’s an understandable fear given what happened during childhood, and we will work with survivor groups about what we can to do alleviate those fears and indeed the work of the royal commission into aged care will be able to address this as well.

And to assist with lasting change we recognise that there are many more survivors who were abused in other settings such as their own homes and in their communities, who will not be covered by this redress scheme.

These survivors also need to be heard, and believed, and responded to with services to address their needs. So today, I commit to fund the establishment of a national centre of excellence, and I call on the states and territories to work as partners in this venture. This centre will be the place to raise awareness and understanding of the impacts of child sexual abuse, to deal with the stigma, to support help seeking and guide best practice for training and other services.

All of this is just the start.

The Australian government has not rejected a single recommendation of the royal commission.

We are now actively working on 104 of the 122 recommendations that were addressed to the commonwealth. The 18 remaining are being closely examined, in consultation with states and territories.

Today we commit that from December this year, we will report back to the Australian people, through the parliament, to be held accountable each year, each year, on the progress we are making on the recommendations over the next five years and then beyond.

We will shine a spotlight on all parts of government to ensure we are held accountable.

And the institutions which perpetrated this abuse, covered it up and refused to be held accountable, must be kept on the hook.

Already, many of those organisations have made their own apologies and have signed up to be a part of the National Redress Scheme, as they should.

But there are others yet to join, and today I simply say that justice, decency and the beliefs and values we share as Australians, insists that they sign on.

Today I also commit to establishing a national museum, a place of truth and commemoration, to raise awareness and understanding of the impacts of child sexual abuse.

We will work with survivor groups, to ensure your stories are recorded, that your truth is told, that our nation does not turn from our shame, and that our nation will never forget the untold horrors you experienced.

Through this we will endeavour to bring some healing to our nation and to learn from our past horrors.

We can never promise a world where there are no abusers. But we can promise a country where we commit to hear and believe our children.

To work together to keep children safe, to trust them and most of all respect their innocence.

Mr Speaker, I present the formal apology to be tabled in this parliament today, which will be handed to those in the Great Hall shortly. It reflects all of the sentiments that I have expressed on behalf of the Australian people, this parliament and our government.

And as I table that and, as I do, I simply say: I believe you. We believe you. Your country believes you.”

apology aus

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Some archive ritual abuse links added 26th Feb 2023

[21] 2017 Nov Spidercatblog Conviction List: Ritual Abuse Cases #USA & Worldwide [do more links from here on archive

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Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Say Brave Things #SayBraveThings – Christopher Cronsell

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17 Responses to Acknowledgement and Apology to Ritual Abuse Victims from Australian Prime Minister

  1. Michael Mathews says:

    Hi Cathy, thanks for this article
    I hope good hearted people are now learning the historical facts about ritual abuse which was practiced throughout the ages of mankind.
    Up until the time when the Roman empire declared itself to be christian these satanic/pagan practices ocurred in public places but the Roman Empire wisely realised they could reduce the vast increase of lawlessness within the empire by declaring themselves as christian. They based their idea on the fact that they found the christian people were respectful law abiding citizens, so they understood the empire could survive far better by declaring the empire to be christian but the ritual abuse practices went underground and became hidden ( occult ).
    Many people were engaged in these Occult practices and it became known as hidden in plain site because some of the authorities were still practicing these groteque practices, hence the practices were not policed or prosecuted. The situation is much the same today.

    Occultists have always hidden under the banner of religion and politics therefore they always have their own people amongst Politics, media, religion, education sytems etc to help them remain hidden ( occult ). Eventually these groups, secret societies became at least largely united when they met in Russia and formed the Illuminati branch of the global occult in 1776 as a major weapon to eventually establish the new world order, which is very much already in place today.
    The early but very strong secretive occult in Australia came from the UK Druidism most likely soon after colonization and and the large interconnected multi generational Covens described in the following blog was started by George Harmer approx 1920 in Tasmania and Victoria.

    Dr Henry Makow at has many articles explaining the global operations of the satanic occult networks


  2. Mr Beston says:

    In the Australian Royal Commission report the word “ritual” is not mention nor were any “satanic cults” uncovered nor even one organised pedophile ring was revealed. Rather the report dwells at length on the failures of the Churchs, Salvation Army and other organisations habit of merely shifting abusers to different locations and not reporting them to police. This is of course a ‘cover-up’ but one that was normal for the times even though it was wrong and debilitating for true victims. In fact the report goes to great lengths to describe how solo abusers were able to fool their comrades. Apart from the blatant lie that Barnett perpetuates- that she appeared before the Commission- she only made a submission like any member of the public and not a word of it was mentioned. “Cathy Fox” having made the claim Scott Morrison somehow acknowledged “ritual” abuse happened despite neither he nor the Royal Commission making this finding in any single way, must come up with the goods. Either that or you are just compiling internet chatter and claiming because something is said, it must be true.
    There is one thing that IS true: one of Fiona Barnett’s own child abuse victims is a lad who is the grandson of one of the deceased politicians (who cannot answer back) who was viciously bullied and once beaten up by school mates who read Barnett’s unproved claims on the net (maybe on here). That boy was emotionally and physically abused for merely being related to one of Barnett’s claimed abusers and had to be moved to another school and his name changed so it wouldn’t happen again. Amazingly this website and others don’t seem to give a stuff about the periphery victims- mostly children- who must bear the brunt of Barnett’s unproved claims. These are victims of child abuse and it’s encouraged by you. Think about it.


  3. Reply to Mr Beston. The Australian Royal Commission was not mentioned in my article. It is irrelevant to this apology and was an obvious cover up, as Mr Beston acknowledges.
    I made the claim that “Scott Morrison somehow acknowledged “ritual” abuse happened” as he did acknowledge this ie “The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family homes as well.”
    Your argument appears to be with Scott Morrison, and children who beat up other children. I do not need to “come up with any goods” just because I write this factual article. There are many stories of ritual abuse available for your perusal on the internet if you choose to seek, or follow links. For the record I believe Fiona, and that there is substantial evidence that much of what she says is true.
    The poster attempts to guilt trip me for “not giving a stuff about periphery victims”, with, of course with no evidence. Perhaps it is up to the poster to “come up with the goods” and just for the record, I care about all victims whether victim upon victim or periphery or otherwise, and any victimisation of anyone is not “encouraged by me”.
    You think about it Mr Beston and try and come up with a better way of achieving your aims and getting your point across without making false accusations against me.


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