Hampshire Police Corruption and “Lost” Paedophile Investigation Files

Hampshire is a well known county for child abuse and many authorities in Hampshire covering it up.

Hampshire Police have managed to lose an important file relating to an allegation of police corruption concerning a paedophile investigation known as “Operation Bondfield”.

The file related to the conduct of former Detective Chief Inspector Dave Stewart from the Professional Standards Department who is now leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel!

The following Press Release is from the Independent Police Support Group.


Police Whistleblowing Case – Southampton Employment Tribunal 5 March 2019

Further timely revelations following today’s disclosures in the press concerning racism in Hampshire police which is to feature again in the above whistleblowing case concerning former Detective Sergeant Julian King and Hampshire Constabulary.

A total of 21 employees under investigation.


archive http://archive.fo/NXEo0


archive http://archive.fo/pFH4H

The police whistle-blowing case on 5 March highlights much more than the alleged “banter” in the above press articles published recently. Corruption will be highlighted amongst senior officers to cover up various serious crimes including racially aggravated offences and the racially discriminating treatment treatment of black police officers including a black police sergeant who was hounded out of the force.

This is an importance case as it affects all whistleblowers, this case directly concerns the well known case of J Panayiotou -v- Paul Kernaghan Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary.

This is a case which is now quoted regularly up and down the country to try and dismiss whistleblowing claims. The decision was considered perverse by the claimant for a number of reasons including that the evidence of the claimant’s witnesses were unchallenged.

Letters in the document bundle addressed to the Chief Constable from a Senior Officer raised concerns that Mr Panayiotou was going to be victimised for whistle-blowing and of unlawful surveillance. Mr Panayiotou was unfairly dismissed in an unorthodox manner circumventing police disciplinary procedures and denying Mr Panayiotou his right to a police disciplinary hearing.

During the previous employment tribunal hearing, the claimant had raised serious concerns regarding deliberate suppression of disclosure and allegations of Misconduct in Public Office / Perverting the course of Justice.

An important file relating an allegation of police corruption concerning a paedophile investigation known as “Operation Bondfield” had gone missing. The file related to the conduct of former DCI Dave Stewart “PSD” who is now leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel.

The most important documents in Mr Panayiotou’s case also went missing; these were the policy books for “Operation Companionway”, the policy books contain details of all decisions, who made any decisions and the rationale for those decisions. The importance of these books were such that they were kept in a safe within the offices of the Professional Standards Department “PSD”.

There were allegations made of bias against the employment tribunal judge, unusually before the employment tribunal had concluded, the Employment Judge Paul Housego went on a training day at together with Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan who; was the main witness against the claimant.

The Employment Judge had also included false and misleading information within the Judgement which was subsequently challenged at the EAT and proved following an audio recording being provided. The claimant had been given permission to audio record the hearing due to being a litigant in person with a disability. The hearing had lasted for 2 weeks and 3 days.

After the hearing and complaints being made by the claimant 2 officers including a DCI from the Professional Standards Department “PSD” were disciplined. At a later stage, further information and documents have been discovered which should have been disclosed by Hampshire Constabulary indicating that Mr Panayiotou was considered a threat as a whistle-blower.

In a report compiled by former DCI Adrian Kingswell “PSD” discussed secret surveillance of Mr Panayiotou using an undercover officer from PSD to work in Mr Panayiotou’s CID office.

The report also referred to race crimes which is also an issue in this case as Mr Panayiotou had disclosed racism towards both officers and victims of crime resulting in an inspection by the HMIC of Professional Standards in Hampshire Constabulary with the force being labelled as racist and sexist.

Other documents indicated that Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen had not been truthful when giving evidence at the employment tribunal, The present case concerns the failure of Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney to record or investigate the claimant’s allegations against her Deputy and the Police and Crime Commissioner for failing to hold the Chief Constable to account.

A further claim has just been submitted for further victimisation concerning both Hampshire Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner concerning attempts to discredit the claimant with Anne Longfield OBE (the Children’s Commissioner) which; appears to be part of the continuing cover up concerning the paedophile investigation “Operation Bondfield”.

A public open preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 5 March 2019 starting at 10am.

For further information please contact the Independent Police Support Group via e mail contact@ipsg.co.uk

Other interested parties are the Justice and Anti Corruption Party in Hampshire http://jacparty.org.uk/ and the Hampshire Police monitoring group http://www.hampshire-police- monitoring-group.com

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Say Brave Things #SayBraveThings – Christopher Cronsell

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27 Responses to Hampshire Police Corruption and “Lost” Paedophile Investigation Files

  1. curi56 says:

    The same Evil Story happing in Germany, just now!
    Police “lost” datas …


    • Have you got any link to stories on that case? thanks

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      • curi56 says:

        i have to search for, it happened only some days before ….


        • ok thanks, if you find it post it here

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          • curi56 says:

            https://childreninshadow.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/bradford-grooming-gang-deliberately-targeted-vulnerable-children/ warning! immediately put into anti-is…… Corner! CRIMES HAVE TO BE REPORTED! ALWAYS!

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          • The list of mishaps in the investigation into the Lügde case of abuse is getting longer and longer. Only now is it known that evidence from the police department has disappeared for weeks.

            The case of multiple child abuse at a campsite in Lügde is increasingly becoming a police scandal. For weeks evidence has disappeared. An aluminum case and a case with 155 data carriers would be missing in the district police department Lippe, said visibly angry Minister of Interior Herbert Reul ( CDU ) on Thursday in a hastily scheduled press conference in Dusseldorf .

            “That makes me stunned”
            The shocking: On December 20, the evidence was last seen. But only on the 30th of January was the loss noticed. “You have to speak clearly about police education,” said Reul. “All this makes me stunned.” It was a “debacle”. In addition, he had also been informed only this Monday about the loss of the disk.

            A special investigator with four employees was used to investigate the whereabouts of the data carriers. “The officials do not leave a stone on the other,” said Reul. The investigations were already transferred because of the size of the case the police headquarters Bielefeld.

            Herbert Reul
            dpa Herbert Reul (CDU), Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia
            “Handicrafts”, “Disaster”, “glaring mistakes”
            Only three of the CDs from the missing evidence have so far been evaluated, according to Reul. Nothing suspicious was found on them, a police officer said. It was among other things installation software and music. Whether on the CDs and DVDs with a total of 0.7 terabytes of data was also child pornography material, can not be ruled out, so Reul. “Also in the evaluation, it came to serious craft errors.” Usually, of media that are considered evidence, copies are made. But only from the three CDs were copies pulled.

            The Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter spoke of a “catastrophe” for the reputation of the police. “For the police , this is a catastrophe in many ways: the population trusts us, the victims trust us – and we obviously have lost that confidence here – or at least it’s a question mark on how the police work,” said Oliver Huth, vice-state chairman of the Federal German detective in the “current hour” of the WDR .

            The District Police Department Lippe based in Detmold admitted in the evening that it had come in the case of abuse Lügde to “glaring mistakes”. “These should not have happened,” it said in a statement. The authorities had on Monday appointed an independent, so far not entrusted with the case Commissariatsleiter to investigate these events.

            Since Wednesday, the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) NRW on behalf of the Ministry of Interior NRW is concerned with the investigation. There is great interest in a complete and unreserved clarification of the facts. “Necessary consequences will be drawn after the reports are available.”

            31 victims between 4 and 13 years
            On suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children and the spread of child pornography are the main suspects a 56-year-old from Lügde, a 33-year-old from Steinheim and a 48-year-old from Stade in Lower Saxony in custody. So far, 31 victims between the ages of 4 and 13 have been identified.

            For the suspects, the police had already secured evidence on numerous data carriers with a data volume of around 14 terabytes, with only a portion of the photos and videos in Lügdeentstand. But the material is enough to convict the suspects, Reul said.

            Room was insufficiently secured
            The missing data were stored in a room with special computers for the evaluation of film and photographic material of the Criminal Commission. The room had been insufficiently secured, said state criminal director Dieter Schürmann. “We can not say with certainty what was stored on the 155 disks.” Did anyone purposely make the suitcase and CDs disappear? “I do not exclude anything,” says Reul. District Administrator Axel Lehmann adds: “The mistakes make me stunned.”

            The investigation was triggered by an ad in November 2018. In addition to the investigation against the suspects and several youth welfare offices is also determined according to Reul against a police officer and a police officer for detention. It was checked carefully if they knew the suspects personally.

            SPD threatens with inquiry committee
            Already in 2016, two indications of abuse at the police Lippe have been received. After telephone calls with the witnesses, the officials forwarded the information to the youth welfare office. Further steps were missing. The prosecution therefore also investigates against the police.

            Against another person is determined on suspicion of data deletion. Here, too, the prosecutor’s office is conducting a preliminary investigation into criminal denial. It is checked if the person has deleted data for one of the three main suspects.

            The SPD opposition already sees enough material for another parliamentary committee of inquiry. Reul said with a look at the police errors: “What happened here, I’m very sorry.” He could on behalf of the police NRW and the state government at the victims and relatives “only apologize for many times”.

            In the video: campers abused 23 children – now speaks the place operator

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          • curi56 says:

            briliiant Translation! please, visit my blog childreninshadow.wordpress.org – you´ll find Reports there, too. today this: https://childreninshadow.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php
            George Pell´s Police Interview Video |excerpt| smh spoke out a word of warning


          • Its not my translation it is google! but thanks


          • I will check out your blog i did not know that was yours and for some reason it would not translate on a link you gave me . I will check it again , thanks


          • curi56 says:

            more than 4000 items there –

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          • curi56 says:

            GOOGLE + WRITES: THE GOOGLE + has shut down. This sharing button …


          • curi56 says:

            I´ll send the text here:

            Wegen des Verdachts des sexuellen Missbrauchs hat die Polizei in Bonn eine Zwölfjährige aus einem Campingwagen befreit. Laut einer Mitteilung von Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft wurde das Mädchen am Sonntag von einer Streifenwagenbesatzung aus dem Wagen im Melbtal geholt, einem waldreichen Tal im Stadtgebiet. Ein 54-jähriger Mann und seine Freundin wurden festgenommen. Aus Opferschutzgründen hält sich die Polizei mit Angaben zu dem Mädchen zurück. Es stammt demnach aus Nordrhein-Westfalen und soll mit dem Tatverdächtigen flüchtig bekannt gewesen sein.
            Nach einer ersten Vernehmung wurde die Zwölfjährige an das Jugendamt übergeben. Der Polizei zufolge wurde das Kind seit Donnerstag vermisst. Sie soll aus einem Kinderheim weggelaufen sein. Zwei Wohnwagen wurden für die Spurensicherung sichergestellt und abgeschleppt. Gegen den 54-Jährigen wurde Haftbefehl erlassen wegen des Verdachts des schweren sexuellen Missbrauchs. Die 50-jährige Freundin befindet sich wieder auf freiem Fuß.
            Zwei Wohnwagen wurden unter Mithilfe des Technischen Hilfswerks sichergestellt. Die Anhänger sollen nun von Kriminaltechnikern untersucht werden.

            I am watching this case


          • Thanks for the information Curi, i have posted one translation, this is also a German story about lost information, probably the same but i want to get it up before i check.
            Keep in touch curi and let us know what is happening in germany for child sexual abuse. Are tehre any good websites against child abuse? kind regards

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          • curi56 says:

            cathy. i reported so many reports: childreninshadow.wordpress.com, here


          • curi56 says:

            Hi, Cathy Here now is the newest “case” of Child-Abuse in Germany – plus a Video from Archbishop Pell – watch this icecold criminal –


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  4. Actuary leaks says:

    Now that Employment Judge is chairing member disciplinary panels at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, who were themselves convicted of racial discrimination a Court. How can someone serve such an organisation?


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