Read Fiona Barnett’s Free New E-Book – EYES WIDE OPEN

Important Update 7th October 2019

Fiona has added more information to her book

This is the mirrored link on this blog to the revised book download  2nd-ed.-eyes-wide-open-book-7th-october-2019 5MB pdf

This is the latest link to Fionas blog

Revised Edition of ‘EYES WIDE OPEN’ by Fiona Barnett

You may  check what she says on her tweet

“I added some important info – like the darn isotopes!”

“Added bits within chapters. Cleaned it up a bit. But started getting headaches again and stopped short of a full proof read. Leave that for a published version.”

“Added chunks of crucial info within several chapters, to make more sense of points.”

Fiona Barnett has released a new free ebook, as a pdf. This is a must read and so important that I am reblogging this.

Mirror link pdf on cathy fox blog eyes-wide-open-_fiona-barnett_first-edition_august-2019 

Also worth checking out is Steve Outrim’s blog with mirror link pdf and more


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17 Responses to Read Fiona Barnett’s Free New E-Book – EYES WIDE OPEN

  1. Array says:

    This is just more mis-information from a good story teller.
    For what it’s worth, it’s not a book, it’s a pdf, and it’s Fiction…
    Sorry Cathy, ivé followed you for a few years now but when you started with Fionas stuff I kind of lost interest.
    If the day comes that some brave soul sues her, call me back, i’ll be here with bells on xx


  2. Deni says:

    Hang on, Array didn’t post that, I did, how has their name been used for my post??


  3. Deni says:

    That is weird then, I would look into that Cathy, Array is a completely different person and most definately not me!


  4. Interview with ThroughTheG8te on the book
    Fiona Barnett #PaulKeating #FionaBarnett #Necrophilia


  5. denitomkinson says:

    Cathy, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, which is why I implore you to look deeper into the Fiona “story”.
    Please don’t let this get in the way of your wonderful blog. Your Beaumont childrens posts for example, that is how I “met” you in the first place, they are second to none.
    There is a reason why so many of Fionas devout followers no longer have anything to do with her, her claims over the years have been investigated time and time again by the authorities, and they found no credible evidence to back her up. Not a stitch, except her grandfathers abuse in which she got $10,000 in compensation, and rightly so, it should have been more!
    Please read the link on the following page, forgetting the part about the headstone, that is neither here nor there, but it is interesting none the less.
    Just please read it with an open mind.
    With kind regards,
    Deni x
    You can find it on this page, or just go straight to the other link.!Tn4ilCKR!1dTZo94QW2EdQmxuKwFSpaaO8zLGH39MdRTTFK2Mn5g


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