David Ferrie US Child Trafficking and Abuse Network 1960/1

This child abuse and trafficking network in about 1960-61 involved David Ferrie taking abused children to Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras.

I shall refer to it as “The Ferrie Trafficking Network” but Ferrie may have been a low level patsy and the operation may well have been controlled by the CIA, or other sinister forces.

This Ferrie trafficking network is information that I have seen nowhere else, and requires a deep dive by other researcherss to unearth some more information on it, as I just pass on the basics here.

It is yet another network in the US that that involves

  • child trafficking
  • child abuse
  • CIA
  • ritual abuse
  • MK Ultra mind control
  • a dodgy Church
  • and an untimely “suicide” of the alleged main perpetrator, David Ferrie

Other networks in the US off the top of my head which also have many of these factors, and may be interlinked with each other

  • Playboy / Hefner
  • Epstein / Maxwell CIA / Mossad
  • NXIVM / Bronfman
  • Boys for Sale 1979 N York/East Coast
  • Franklin / Boystown / Larry King
  • Whitehouse / Craig Spence
  • McMartin
  • Finders
  • DC Madam Palfrey
  • Presidio / Aquino

“Recluse” the author is primarily concerned with a group called Le Cercle in 7 articles. The Illuminati are also called the Circle, and whilst there are overlaps, Le Cercle is driven by  more Catholic dominated agenda and quite how they connect is lost at the minute on this researcher. However all these articles are fascinating, and concentrates on many indivuduals as well as organisations.

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I have previously published the last post on my blog Puppetmasters of Child Sexual Abuse – Le Cercle, Gladio, Knights of Malta and Opus Dei Networks [17a]

For the purposes of this post, most of the information comes from article Le Cercle: Fratelli Neri [16] the author Recluse identified that Le Cercle appeared to have connections to two pedophile networks.

The first connections were possible weakish ones to the Franklin scandal, that small amount of information is reproduced at the end of this post, but the vast bulk of that Franklin information is in article Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part V  [15] .

[Just for completeness links to British – Le Cercle paedophile rings are in this article

  • [13] 2016 Apr 30 VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part III]

The second US – Le Cercle connections were to the David Ferrie’s trafficking abuse. I have reproduced what this article says about David Ferrie below, although the article deals with much else.

Recluse summarises Ferrie at the start of his his last article in this series Le Cercle: Puppetmasters [17]

“Also noted in that installment were the possible links Le Cercle had to the alleged Franklin pedophile ring. From there, part six considered the possible ties Le Cercle had to David Ferrie, another arch pedophile linked to the Kennedy assassination, as well as the possibility Ferrie was also involved in a pedophile ring in New Orleans during the 1960s. Ferrie was allegedly trained as a hypnotist by the notorious William Joseph Bryan, who is also believed to have been a priest or a bishop in one of the several churches David Ferrie was ordained in.

As I wrapped up that installment, I noted that Bryan has been described as wearing ritual apparel similar to that employed by both La Cagoule and Propaganda Due (which were closely linked via the Academy, as noted before here). Ferrie and Bryan could have easily been linked to Le Cercle via either the INCA or a mysterious secret society known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ). From there I proposed that the bizarre regalia that La Cagoule, P2 and Bryan employed may have been evidence of some type of secret society or cult within Le Cercle which, via its proxies in Europe, the United States and South America, seems to have played a major role in Operations Gladio, Northwoods and Condor.  And that is where I shall pick things up.”

David Ferrie’s abuse, who is said to be a CIA agent, appeared to involve at least 20 young boys perhaps aged 8-16 which appear to have been taken back and forth from Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras for exact reasons unknown, though he said it was for mining.

The network may have been operating for years but a couple of references indicate the Cuban operation appears to have been post Cuban revolution (ie Jan 1959) which may indicate activity related to political activity.

Some children were taken from the Youth Study Centre in New Orleans, which has become known as a place for abusing children. The SmithEast [Louisiana] State Hospital is also involved which has ties to MK Ultra.

The dodgy church could be the American Eastern Catholic Orthodox Church or more probably the American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) which seems to have been a CIA front.

Two victims perhaps were Al Landry and Albert Paul Cheramie with abusers perhaps Sergio Arcacha Smith, William Bryan Jr. and David Ferrie.

Unidentified Cubans and other players or connections maybe not involved being Lee Harvey Oswald, Guy Banister, Jack Martin, Clay Shaw, Bishop Carl Stanley, Bishop Walter Myron Propheta,  attorney G. Wray Gill but there are many bizarre crossovers with characters connected to the JFK assassination including Rose Cherami who said beforehand that the assassination would happen in Texas.

Rose Cherami also claimed that she was a part of an interstate sex trafficking ring between New Orleans and Dallas run by the Syndicate, which apparently is a mix of Italian-American Mafia and Jewish mob. More information on this topic can be found here. This rat run of prostitution and drugs is perhaps worthy of more research as well.

Two sources for Recluse’s article are A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli and Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda.

There is certainly much more truth to come from this child abuse and child trafficking network involving Central America and Cuba.

Update Dec 1 There is a book about Ferrie by Judith Vary Baker Ferrie  [20]

Wikipedia David Ferrie [21] 

This excerpt is cut and pasted from the post by Recluse, VISUP in post Le Cercle: Fratelli Neri on this link [16] 

The Dark Life of David Ferrie
Easily the most bizarre figure linked to the Kennedy assassination (and that’s saying something) is David Ferrie. Here’s a bit about Ferrie’s background and ties to the nation’s most notorious assassination:

“…  Made memorable by Joe Pesci’s performance Oliver Stone’s JFK, Ferrie was an improbable person. Had a novelist invented him, the genre would have to be either science-fiction or fantasy, or perhaps something avant-garde and experimental. In actuality, everything one reads about Ferrie is usually understatement. An Eastern Airlines pilot, an amateur cancer researcher, possibly an anti–Castro gunrunner and certainly (by his own admission) an associate of Sergio Arcacha Smith of the anti-Castro underground as well as of Mafia overlord Carlos Marcello, he was also in charge of Lee Harvey Oswald’s old Civil Air Patrol unit in Louisiana. He had no facial hair at all, due to a condition known as alopecia, so he would paste on false eyebrows in a shocking shade of red and wear a red wig…. Ferrie came to the attention of District Attorney Jim Garrison when the latter was ramping up his investigation into New Orleans’s connection with the Kennedy assassination. Ferrie’s name had been dropped as a friend of both Guy Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald by one Jack Martin, who worked for Guy Banister (he of the FBI UFO files) as some sort of ersatz investigator. Martin himself worked with Ferrie on an investigation involving diploma mills and fraudulent ecclesiastical papers. Well, they claimed it was an investigation. It was obviously more than that. It seems that both Martin and Ferrie were only too happy to acquire these paper dignities themselves. Ferrie and Martin had both come to the attention of the Warren Commission briefly, and then were dropped as suspects. They both came under Jim Garrison’s microscope later on, but Ferrie he died before he could testify. Garrison claimed that Ferrie was one of the most important people in history, but that might have been hyperbole. He was certainly one of the strangest.”

(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pg. 275)

Carlos Marcello

Aside from this garden variety strangeness as well as his likely involvement in Kennedy assassination, Ferrie had another, even darker secret: he was an arch pedophile.

“The investigation into David Ferrie’s unlawful and perverse activities with young boys would quickly become extremely complex, involving well over 20 young boys, and Ferrie and Arcacha Smith, as well as several unidentified Cubans, making strong-arm efforts to suppress evidence and threatening bodily harm to several of the young boys interviewed by detectives. Indeed, Arcacha Smith and an unidentified Cuban, according to police files, visited at least one boy at his place of work telling the young teen that he would seriously regret talking any further to investigators about Ferrie. The convoluted case would also provoke a number of issues that, today, remain unexplained and strange.

“First, a number of the boys interview by New Orleans police stated that they had traveled to Cuba with Ferrie and others a number of times after the island’s takeover by Fidel Castro. One youth, Al Landry, according to police reports, said, ‘that he had been to Cuba on several occasions since the revolution and stated that America should wake up because the Russians are 90 miles away.’ Unknown is why Ferrie took these youths to Cuba in 1960 and 1961, and what they did in Cuba while there.

“Another youth told police that David Ferrie had taken several boys to Honduras ‘to do some mining’ and that additional trips to Latin America were planned by Ferrie. When police officers executed a search warrant on Ferrie’s residence on August 23, 1961, they discovered a passport taken out in the name of Albert Paul Cheramie on August 2, 1960 (Cheramie is another of the boys Ferrie is believed to have sexually molested, and was reported to be a distant relative of Rose Cherami.) Why was Ferrie taking young boys to Honduras? What sort of ‘mining’ were they doing there?”

(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, pg. 79)

Sergio Arcacha Smith

Ferrie’s use of the name “Cheramie” and his alleged abuse of Albert Paul Cheramie is most curious. As noted above, Albert was reputedly a distant relative of Rose Cherami, another enigmatic figure who appears in the JFK assassination saga. Cherami was a prostitute mixed up with Carlos Marcello’s network (as noted above, Ferrie worked for Marcello). On November 20, 1963, Cherami was found by the side of road in Louisiana injured and suffering from heroin withdraw.

Upon being picked up by authorities, she informed them that she was being transported from Florida to Texas as part of a drug and sex trafficking racket. She also claimed that President Kennedy would be assassinated in Dallas soon, a notion she apparently picked up from the two gangsters that were transporting her. Needless to say, he prediction proved to be quite accurate on the twenty-second.


While Rose claimed the men who were transporting her were Italians, other witnesses identified them as Cubans. One of the individuals was specifically identified as Sergio Arcacha Smith, Ferrie’s above-mentioned associate who tried to strong arm kids into recounting their allegations of abuse at the former pilot’s hands. Rose also claimed that she was a part of an interstate sex trafficking ring run by the Syndicate. Much more information on this topic can be found here.

Needless to say, it seems rather odd that two years prior to Rose’s bizarre trip, Ferrie was accused of abusing a distant relative of hers’ and that the same man (Arcacha Smith) who tried to cover-up Ferrie’s misdeeds back then was identified as one of the individuals transporting Rose cross country in what was reputed to be an interstate prostitution ring. But back to Ferrie’s abuse:

“David Ferrie, when questioned by the police on August 21, 1961, said that he had ‘a degree in psychology, but only gave advice’ to people and treated nobody. Neighbors who live near Ferrie’s home told detectives that they ‘understood that Ferrie was a psychologist’ and that ‘a steady stream of boys were in and out of Ferrie’s home’ for what some thought was help with problems.

“A number of the boys sexually molested by Ferrie were taken by law enforcement authorities to the Youth Study Center in New Orleans. The Center is a division of the city’s Human Services Department, chartered ‘to provide secure detention to youths ages 8-16 that have been arrested and are in pre-trial status.’ The Center, which remains open today, also provides educational classes for housed youth. Since some of these boys molested by Ferrie had not been arrested, the reason for taking them to the Center is unclear and unexplained by police reports.

“According to a former New Orleans resident, who is closely related to two of the boys sexually molested by Ferrie and today lives in northern New York: ‘The Youth Study Center has been a hotbed of corruption, sexual abuse, police brutality, and God only knows what else for decades. I understand that it all still goes on today.[David] Ferrie used to go there posing as a doctor of some sort, some sort of sham, to recruit kids…. He [Ferrie] took a lot of kids to Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras. Why? I don’t know… He was an amateur hypnotist, learned out of a book, I guess, and he practiced trance stuff on a lot of boys. I understand that, besides Youth Study Center visits he went to the East [Louisiana] State Hospital a lot, where some of his boys were taken for treatment. There were rumors and stories for years before I left [Louisiana] that Ferrie was in bed, no pun intended, with one of the doctors there, who was a drug addict…. Ferrie wanted the doctor to not treat the boys… the crazy rumor was that the hospital was treating the boys with LSD to stop them from becoming homosexuals and Ferrie hated that.’ “

(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, pgs. 79-80)

The notion that Ferrie was taking sexually abused children to Guatemala is especially curious in light of another scandal that would involve an organization closely linked to the Cercle complex  and which did not unfold until the late 1980s. More on that in the next installment, so do keep the Guatemala connection in mind dear reader.

The East Louisiana State Hospital appears on at least two other occasions during the JFK saga. Located in Jackson, Louisiana over 100 miles from New Orleans, Lee Harvey Oswald (who had no car and was perpetually broke) found himself applying for a job at the hospital at some point in the late summer of 1963. He was apparently brought to Jackson in a black Cadillac and was accompanied by two other men. Witnesses identified these two men as David Ferrie and Clay Shaw, the head of New Orleans’ International Trade Mart and the man Jim Garrison brought charges against in his bid to expose the Kennedy assassination.

the East Louisiana State Hospital

Rose Cherami had also been confined there, but two years prior, in 1961. Interestingly, several of the youths Ferrie was accused of abusing were taken there at the same time Cherami was being held there. Whether or not one of these boys was her alleged distant relative Albert Paul Cheramie is unknown.

In A Secret Order, Albarelli reports that shortly after Oswald’s strange appearance at the hospital in 1963 a Dr. Alfred T. Butterworth went to work there. Butterworth had previously worked for Sidney Goettlieb at Fort Detrick as part of Project MK/NAOMI. He had also administered LSD at the NIMH Kentucky Addiction Farm (an institution used as part of Goettlieb’s “behavior modification” experiments) prior to his employment at East Louisiana State Hospital. He would go onto administer LSD at Louisiana’s notorious Angola prison. But moving along.

In addition to Ferrie’s pedophilia, he was alleged to have been a bishop while also standing accused of conducting bizarre rituals performed in his apartment. Accounts of these acts are quite incredible:

“… According to Perry Russo – one of Jim Garrison’s witnesses during the Clay Shaw trial, and not necessarily the most reliable or credible of those witnesses in the eyes of many investigators – Ferrie conducted the equivalent of Black Masses in his apartment at the appropriately-numbered 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans. James Kirkwood, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Chorus Line, conducted his own informal investigation in New Orleans during the Clay Shaw trial, published as American Grotesque in 1970. Kirkwood was unequivocally pro-Shaw and anti-Garrison, so although his lengthy study makes for entertaining reading, his conclusions are not always above reproach, but it is worth quoting his transcript of Perry Russo’s description of Ferrie’s weekly Black Masses:

The chalice featured animal blood, the wafer consisted of some kind of raw flesh, instead of cake or bread. He wore a little black toga, solid black. He wore nothing underneath…. He called it the American Eastern Catholic Orthodox Church… After all the ritual, shouted ritual… It ends up and it’s a brutal thing, sadistic quality to it – bloodletting, chicken killing, stuff like that…. “

(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pg. 281)

Perry Russo

Black masses? And supposedly on behalf of an organization Russo referred to as the “American Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. Ah dear reader, this brings us to quite a murky netherworld.

the AOCC and the Old Roman Catholic Church

The great Peter Levenda has long alleged that the church Ferrie was reportedly a member of was in fact the America Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC). Levenda himself was briefly involved with the sect in his late teens and thus his claims must be taken seriously.

The AOCC was one of several curious churches that crop up in the Kennedy saga (a topic I briefly delved into here). Many of these churches were quite obscure and dominated by what are typically referred to as “wandering bishops.” These are alleged holy figures with dubious consecrations that may have been driven into fringe sects due to their inability to confirm to orthodoxy (many wandering bishops were homosexuals) or because they were simply hucksters with some other covert agenda. The AOCC seems to have attracted a bit of both. Here’s some background information concerning its origins and deep history:

“… the American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) had its origins in Eastern Orthodoxy, which was in disarray after the Russian Revolution. In the 1960s, Bishop Carl Stanley was one of the church’s leaders in the Midwest. He participated in the consecration of Jack Martin and David Ferrie, two of the more notorious members of what New Orleans Distict Attorney Jim Garrison decided was a conspiracy of anti-Castro Cubans, right-wing zealots, intelligence agents (and others) to murder the President. Stanley himself, according to documents in the National Archives, was a convicted felon with a substantial rap sheet. He was under investigation by the FBI after the assassination, evidently because Stanley himself had reported on his relationship with Ferrie and Martin and his suspicion that the two men were involved in killing the President. Garrison picked up on these threads during his own investigation in 1967-68, and cast a wider net: eventually, he would be seeking to depose wandering bishops as far afield as Canada, including one Earl Anglin James, who had consecrated the bishop who consecrated Stanley in the first place. From the aristocratic Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia to the somewhat sleazier American Orthodox Catholic Church, the ties to the Kennedy assassination were numerous and suggestive.

“One of Stanley’s associates, the man who would take over the AOCC as its ‘patriarch’ a few years later, was Bishop Walter Myron Propheta. Stanley was based in Kentucky at the time, and Propheta in the Bronx…

“Propheta was a hard-line anti-Communist who had supported Dewey during the campaign against President Truman. A Ukrainian by birth, he had been a priest with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – another staunchly anti-Communist organization, since the Ukrainian people had suffered tremendously under the Moscow regime, which he tried to exterminate their language and culture along with a number of their political activists – and had left that Church to form his own congregation. The reasons for this are a little murky, and may have had more to do with politics than religion, since leaving the Church led by Bishop Bohdan and joining a suspect group that has been dismissed by most commentators as a kind of ‘bishops mill’ could not be seen as a particularly intelligent move.

“The key word here is ‘intelligent,’ for it seems that the AOCC – particularly under Propheta – was just that: a front for an intelligence organization. As suspected by Jim Garrison, the AOCC was hand in glove with a number of covert intelligence operations being run in the United States and abroad, the Church providing ‘cover’ in the form of authentic-looking religious documents, clerical outfits, and a widespread network of wandering bishops who for the most part were all rabidly right-wing. David Ferrie and Jack Martin were only the tip of the iceberg, for Propheta found himself involved in everything from the Biafran civil war to the Italian elections in the 1960s. One of his successors is not believed – by Italian military intelligence – to have been involved in money laundering for Serbian terrorists during the latest crises in Bosnia and Kosovo.

“Indeed, the AOCC was not the only such ‘wandering’ denomination so involved. The Old Roman Catholic Church had connections to intelligence activities at home and abroad as well, including a famous hypnotist who was said to have been the man who ‘programmed’ the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan…”

(Dead Names, Simon, pgs. 61-64)

The above-quote comes from the mysterious “Simon,” who was either another priest involved with the AOCC around the time Peter Levenda was (i.e. 1968-69) or a pseudonym for Levenda himself. Simon first came to public notice in the late 1970s with the publication of what is typically referred to as the “Simon Necronomicon.” Simon alleged to have discovered this work amongst a collection of works that were stolen from an Orthodox denomination though most believe it was a hoax to cash in on the fictional Necronomicon that appears in the works of H.P. Lovecraft and others.

As for the famous hypnotist from the Old Roman Catholic Church, it is first useful to note the connections that this fellow sect had to the AOCC. They chiefly revolved around the above-mentioned Earl Anglin James, a Canada-based bishop who also became ensnared in Jim Garrison’s investigation. James does not seem to have been a member of the AOCC, but was close to Stanley and Propheta (as well as Jack S. Martin, another alleged AOCC member who worked with Ferrie in investigating these “bishop mills”):

“According to the paper’s report, James had been a bishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church in 1945, but had been excommunicated two years later. The story is more interesting than these bare-bones would indicate, however.

“James was indeed consecrated – on June 17, 1945 – by the infamous Henry Carfora, the guiding light behind the Old Roman Catholic Church and its policy of consecrating all and sundry in those days. Carfora was assisted in this consecration by the indomitable Hubert Augustus Rogers. Thus James’ pedigree is firmly in the wandering bishop camp.

“To make matters if possibly any more complicated, Christopher Carl Stanley – the bishop who was being ‘investigated’ by Jack Martin and who consecrated David Ferrie a bishop – was himself consecrated by the same Earl Anglin Lawrence James.

“Thus we have a direct line of apostolic assassination succession from Carfora to James to Stanley to Ferrie: the latter three all at one time or another suspects in the Kennedy assassination conspiracy. This is not to forget the line that goes from Carfora to Stanley to Propheta.”

(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pg. 285)

Earl Anglin James

Thus it would seem that Stanley and Propheta –the two chief figures in the AOCC during this era –with both consecrated by members of the Old Roman Catholic Church. In Dead Names, Simon/Levenda  notes that he had helped repair relations between the AOCC and the Old Roman Church, implying that relations were not especially close, during the late 1960s. But there does appear to be one peculiar connection between the AOCC and the Old Roman Catholic Church at this time: David Ferrie and his ties to the above-mentioned hypnotist.

As I’m sure many readers have already guessed, this hypnotist is none other than the notorious William Joseph Bryan. Here’s some background on Bryan and his deep ties:

“… A large, bearded man who taxed the scales at nearly 400 pounds, he was even stranger in his appearance than hairless Ferry; a fat man who expected his secretaries to sleep with them, and who used hypnosis to sexually exploit still others. He demonstrated his hypnotic powers in public on many occasions, even putting noted defense attorney F. Lee Bailey under, along with two other lawyers, in a seminar organized by Melvin Belli… He also consulted on many famous criminal cases, and had hypnotized accused serial killer Albert DiSalvo (the ‘Boston Strangler’) in his cell.

“Bryan worked in the Los Angeles area, out of an office on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, after checkered career in which he was once a drummer for Tommy Dorsey’s band and then, during the Korean War, worked for the US Air Force in what he termed ‘the brainwashing section.’ If this was, in fact, true and not some of Bryan’s notorious hyperbole, then he certainly came to the attention of the CIA, which had just geared up Operation BLUEBIRD at this moment and had sent agents to Korea to investigate the brainwashing phenomenon and to come up with ways to protect American servicemen against it… As an admittedly powerful hypnotist, Bryan would been scooped up by the CIA almost at once. Hypnosis – along with drugs – was the CIA’s immediate strategy in the development of the ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ and they were working with hypnotists in New York and elsewhere in the attempt to develop a workable protocol. If the records of Bryan’s success are anything to go by, then he already had the system down pat. According to Bryan’s associates, he admitted to working for the CIA; the only question is, for how long?

“Bryan had a flamboyant personality and lifestyle that would have been vulnerable for an ordinary intelligence operative; Bryan had no qualms about discussing his sexual exploits, however, so he was a poor target for blackmail. From available evidence in the public record, if Bryan was involved with the CIA as he claimed, it was probably in the capacity of a consultant, although one can imagine cases in which he would have been called in to perform a tricky hypnotic maneuver. This is, in fact, the belief of investigators such as Turner and Christian, as well as Political Science Professor Philip H. Melanson (The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination, 1991, 1994). They believe sufficient evidence exists to suggest the Bryan was the hypno-programmer of Sirhan Sirhan.”

(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pgs. 312-313)

Sirhan Sirhan

Sufficient evidence now exists to tie Bryan to the CIA. The great H.P. Albarelli notes:

“… Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s, Bryan was associated with several ultra-conservative right wing groups and through these associations came to the attention of the CIA’s Morse Allen, a staunch proponent of the use of hypnotism and intelligence activities. One CIA Security Office document, from the early 1950s, details a lengthy meeting in New York City between Allen and Bryan, during which Allen sought assurances that Bryan could employ hypnosis in order to control selected, unwitting subjects…”

 (A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, pgs. 151-152)

Morse Allen was the head of Project Bluebird and later Project Artichoke. These programs were conducted out of the Office of Security and were separate from the much more well known Project MK-Ultra, which was headed by Sidney Gottlieb and hailed from the Directorate of Science and Technology. The divide and rivalry between these two programs was addressed briefly before here.

Albarelli notes, however, that Bryan does seem to have had ties to MK-Ultra, as well. In 1955 Bryan had founded the American Institute of Hypnosis, which in some of its publications from 1959 and 1961 credited the Granger Research Company with “technical assistance” and other things. Granger was actually a CIA front company that had been co-founded Sidney Gottlieb and other individuals involved with MK-Ultra around 1954. But moving along.

Bryan has other curious skeletons in his closet as well, most notably his relationship to Ferrie and his fondness for underage girls:

“Steven Duffy and Greg Parker research on William Bryan, Jr.: Hypnotist Bryan died under very strange circumstances in a motel room in Las Vegas. The details of his death vary and are quite unclear. Some reports assert that he died of heart attack; others state he was shot to death, and still others claim he committed suicide after having a three-day party of sorts with two underage prostitutes. One additional report states that Bryan was killed by a prostitute after he told her he had hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan to murder Robert Kennedy. (Some readers may recall that in the past 25 years at least ten CIA employees have died under strange circumstances in various motel rooms across the country.) Bryan was once charged in Nevada (his home state) for furnishing liquor to a young girl under the age of eighteen while he was attempting to convince her of the merits of ‘free love.’ In 1961 Bryan was extradited to California to face charges filed by District Attorney William Raggio, who was a close friend of Frank Sinatra. Reportedly, Bryan was very close to Sinatra. Bryan told a number of people that Sinatra was responsible for his being hired as a consultant on the film, The Manchurian Candidate. Bryan lost his license to practice medicine in California. Bryan, like Dr. Renatus Hartogs before him, was once found guilty of sexual misconduct with four female patients. Reportedly, he paid another woman $50,000 to not file a sexual misconduct complaint against him. There are also claims the Brian hypnotized and programmed would-be-assassin Arthur Bremer to kill Gov. George Wallace in Maryland. And last, but not least, Bryan was a close associate David Ferrie, having taught Ferrie hypnosis. Bryan, like Ferrie, was a member of the Old Catholic Church.”

(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, pg. 435n)

As far as this researcher is aware, the above-mentioned Duffy and Parker are the only individuals who have alleged that Bryan personally knew Ferrie and had even trained him in hypnosis. Still, William Turner (a former FBI agent) and John Christian in researching their classic The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: The Conspiracy and the Cover-Up, had turned up evidence that Bryan and Ferrie had belonged to the same branch of the Old Roman Catholic Church. Given there involvement in far right wing politics as well, the possibility that Ferrie and Bryan had known each other is quite strong.

We are then left with the implications that these two individuals, who by all accounts were first rate hypnotists with intelligence ties, were active in this underground network of wandering bishops during the 1960s and both happened to become mixed in the assassinations of JFK and RFK respectively. What’s more, both men appear to be pedophiles as this is not the first time I’ve encountered evidence that Bryan had a thing for underage girls.

Certainly this is all rather curious. But what does it have to do with Le Cercle, the reader may be asking. Well, to answer that question, I must now turn my attention to an obscure order of knighthood that was very briefly noted in the third installment of this series.

To read more see  VISUP Le Cercle: Fratelli Neri [16]
The following Ferrie snippets are from Le Cercle: Puppetmasters [17]

As was noted in the prior installment, David Ferrie was reportedly flying children into Cuba, Honduras and Guatemala for reasons no one has ever been able to explain (Ferrie claimed he was taking them on “mining” expeditions). It is interesting to note that Ferrie’s one-time boss, Guy Banister was, like the above-mentioned Maltese knight Roberto Alejos Arzu, a former partner of the Somoza family:

“… Banister was also instrumental in the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, a pet project of Nicaragua’s General Somoza, and was part of a global network of right-wing hard-liners.

Ferrie was also employed by attorney G. Wray Gill. Gill is who also assisted Ferrie in combating his numerous pedophilia charges. Another of Gill’s clients was notorious gangster Carlos Marcello. Marcello is widely believed to have had extensive business dealings with the Somoza family as well.

Is it possible then that Covenant House was actually a continuation of a pedophile ring that had been active since at least the 1960s and engaged in trafficking children to and from the Americas and Europe? Obviously this all very circumstantial, but it is most curious these right wing pedophile networks seem to keep cropping up in the same regions of the world.

Updated 2020 Feb 2

Effectively then the agenda and modus operandi of Le Cercle and these groups, but most especially Opus Dei and SMOM, is in complete harmony with one another. With this in mind we can now consider intrigues involving Opus Dei and SMOM with an awareness that these acts fall firmly within the Cercle complex.

AmeriCares, Covenant House and the Sons of Cristeros
Let us now turn our attention to AmeriCares, an NPO allegedly geared toward disaster relief and various healthcare initiatives. AmeriCares was founded in 1979 and would soon be staffed by various globalist heavy weights. It was highly active in war-torn Central America during the 1980s. Allegedly this was for purely humanitarian purposes, but evidence emerged that AmeriCares was in fact playing a key role in supporting the Contras and their allies in this region of the world.

“… The Vatican quarreled publicly with the Nicaraguan government, which had Jesuits in cabinet, and important Vatican allies began funding, in cooperation was Sun Myung Moon, about twenty private US-based organizations, the anticommunist governments and guerrilla movements of Central America…

“With the refusal of Congressional aid (reversed a year later), the slack was taken up by the Moonies and other private groups, including evangelical churches, the Taiwan-sponsored World Anti-Communist League, and Soldier of Fortune magazine. Not the least of the participants was a ‘private, humanitarian organization’ called Americares Foundation, which formed a cooperative program with the Opus Dai-linked Order of the Knights of Malta to channel money to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Most of the money was earmarked for hospitals but some reportedly went for funding the Contras and creating Vietnam-style ‘model villages’ for the Guatemalan Indians.”

(Hot Money, R.T. Naylor, pg. 157)

Note that another component of the Cercle complex, the World Anti-Communist League, was also active in Central America with AmeriCares during this time. But even more disturbing, however, was AmeriCares’ ties to an organization known as Covenant House.

“… Covenant House. The youth organization’s director, Father Bruce Ritter, was alleged to have molested youth who took refuge with him.

“Lauded by the Reagan and Bush Administrations as a showcase for the privatization of social services, Covenant House had expanded into Guatemala as a gateway to South America. According to intelligence community sources, the purpose was procurement of children from South America for exploitation in a pedophile ring. The flagship Guatemalan mission of Covenant House was launched by a former business partner of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, Roberto Alejos Arzu, who had ties to the CIA, according to the Village Voice of February 20, 1990. The Voice quoted Jean-Marie Simon, author of Guatemala Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny: ‘It’s like having Idi Amin on the board of Amnesty International.’

“A top source of money for Covenant House has been Robert Macauley, founder of Americares, a service organization implicated in channeling funds to the Contras. A close friend of the Bush family since Connecticut, Andover and Yale days, Macauley has George Bush’s brother Prescott on the Americares board. Father Ritter was a vice president of Americares, at least until he had to resign from Covenant House in February 1989, and spent weekends at Macauley’s estate in Connecticut, according to a former Covenant House employee.”

(The Franklin Cover-Up, John DeCamp, pgs. 180-181)

It should be noted that there is nothing available that confirms DeCamp’s allegations that Covenant House was being used to traffic children in the Americas. Its head, Father Bruce Ritter, was definitely brought down over sexual improprieties, however. It also seems all but certain Ritter was in fact a pedophile and that he did recruit some of his victims through Covenant House, but beyond that the details are rather vague.

As for some of the AmeriCares members, let us consider there affiliations: Both Macauley and Alejos were members of the Knights of Malta, as was Father Bruce Ritter. William Simon, another member of the Knights of Malta, was a member of the AmeriCares’ board of directors along with former Cercle member Zbigniew Brzezenski. Barbra Bush, wife of George H.W. Bush (an honorary member of SMOM) served as AmeriCares “ambassador-at-large” during the 1980s. Prescott Bush Jr. was also a member of the board as well as a Knight of Malta.

So yes, the scandals that rocked AmeriCares and Covenant House during the 1980s seem to have been firmly under the dominion of the Maltese knights. Even more eyebrow raising are the allegations that Guatemala was being used as a staging ground to abduct children from Central and South America for a pedophile ring. As was noted in the prior installment, David Ferrie was reportedly flying children into Cuba, Honduras and Guatemala for reasons no one has ever been able to explain (Ferrie claimed he was taking them on “mining” expeditions). It is interesting to note that Ferrie’s one-time boss, Guy Banister was, like the above-mentioned Maltese knight Roberto Alejos Arzu, a former partner of the Somoza family:

“… Banister was also instrumental in the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, a pet project of Nicaragua’s General Somoza, and was part of a global network of right-wing hard-liners. The Anti-communist League of the Caribbean was one of a global family that originated with the Asian People’s ACL. A creature of the Nationalist Chinese, and included the pro-Batista ACL of Cuba and the Chicago-based ACL of America. Banister’s associate, Maurice B. Gatlin, Sr., of New Orleans, was counsel to the ACL of the Caribbean as well as a member of the steering committee of the umbrella World ACL, along with Richard Nixon’s good friend Alfred Kohlberg of the China Lobby. The ACL affiliates engaged in propaganda and lobbying and collaborated with the intelligence branches of their respective governments.”

(Deadly Secrets, Warren Hinckle & William Turner, pg. 231)

Guy Banister

This Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean eventually became a part of the WACL which, as noted before, had ties to Colonia Dignidad as part of Operation Condor. There were also allegations that children were being abducted from Germany and shipped to Colonia Dignidad in Chile, noted here.

Ferrie was also employed by attorney G. Wray Gill. Gill is who also assisted Ferrie in combating his numerous pedophilia charges. Another of Gill’s clients was notorious gangster Carlos Marcello. Marcello is widely believed to have had extensive business dealings with the Somoza family as well.

Is it possible then that Covenant House was actually a continuation of a pedophile ring that had been active since at least the 1960s and engaged in trafficking children to and from the Americas and Europe? Obviously this all very circumstantial, but it is most curious these right wing pedophile networks seem to keep cropping up in the same regions of the world.

On the topic of right wing pedophiles, there is a possibility that the Legion of Christ also had ties to the close Cercle partner the World Anti-Communist League. The Legion of Christ is little known in the English speaking world, but it was quite influential in Latin America throughout the second half the twentieth century until the downfall of its founder in the early twenty-first century. Here’s a bit of background about the Legion:

“…. Father Marcial Maciel’s Legion of Christ was a favorite order of Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. So enamored of Father Maciel was John Paul II that he invited him on his plane on several occasions when traveling to South America. The two organizations, Opus Dei and the Legionaries, have much in common – indeed the pope saw them in the same light, with Maciel’s group boasting of its roots in Mexico and Escriva’s in Spain. Both were in bed with aristocratic millionaires, extremely hierarchical, extremely patriarchal, admiring of uber-right causes (Maciel of Pinochet, the Chilean dictator), and run very tightly. In fact Maciel’s had a special twist to it: a vow was demanded of its members that they never criticized Maciel or their other superiors and that they report anyone who did. Secrecy trumped everything, spying was part of the vow. Both were fully committed to papalolatry. Whatever the pope says goes. They made the perfect vanguard for new and anti-Vatican II religious movement…

“Maciel founded the Legion of Christ in 1941 and devised a scheme of greasing the palms of many a cardinal and Rome to ensure its success. One Mexican widow of a successful industrialist is said to have donated $50 million to the Legion. In 1958 Maciel managed to build a seminary in Salamanca, Spain, from monies he was given from Josefita Perez Jimenez, the daughter of a former Venezuelan dictator.

“The facts are these.’Maciel was a morphine addict who sexually abused at least 20 Legion seminarians from the 1940s to the ’60s.’ Bishop John McGann of Rockville Centre, New York, was informed of a seminarian who was sexually abused by Maciel from age thirteen to twenty-six. Father Vaca wrote Maciel: ‘I have arrived at the Legion in my childhood, with no sexual experience of any kind… It was you who initiated the aberrant and sacrilegious abuse that night; the abuse that would last for thirteen painful years.’ Bishop McGann did the right thing and sent a letter by this former Legion priest with the complete allegations to the Vatican in 1976, again in 1978, and again in 1989. Nothing was done. Ratzinger did nothing. Ratzinger, it seems, was too busy denouncing theologians the world over than to go after a darling of the pope. Come the 1980s, Maciel set up three families, two in Mexico and a third in Switzerland. In total he appears to have fathered six children by three women and adopted the seventh. His middle son, Raul, now twenty-nine, tells the story of how his father molested him and his brother from ages of eight to fourteen. As teenagers they resisted his advances. Maciel met Raul’s mother in 1977 when she was nineteen years old and working as a domestic servant. Maciel was 57. Raul sought $26 million from the order to remain silent; he is now suing the order. Maciel supported his girlfriends generously, leaving just one of them homes valued at above $2 million. The two older sons protected Maciel’s third son, younger and adopted, by pushing Maciel away and refusing to allow him to be in the room alone with the youngest son. His daughter with also was sexually abused by ‘Our Father.’ There was even an occasion when Father Maciel brought his children to receive communion for the pope, telling him they were his ‘nephews.’ “

(The Pope’s War, Matthew Fox, pgs. 125-127)

Father Marcial Maciel

The relationship between Opus Dei and the Legion of Christ has always been ambiguous. Here’s a few more details concerning it:

“The Legion of Christ, much smaller and not nearly as well known as Opus Dei, has a similar kind of messianic Hispanic spirituality and unswerving fidelity to the pope. Both groups believe in money and power to advance the aims of the church; they work hard to recruit orthodox Catholics and view each other as rivals… The Legion… has an affiliated organization, Regnum Christi (Kingdom of Christ), the claims ‘tens of thousands of laymen and women, as well as deacons and priests.’ They are the Maciel’s cadre for infiltrating and ‘re-Christianizing’ existing Catholic organizations. Maciel claims the idea for Regnum Christi came to him in 1949. Several ex-Legionaries say he borrowed the ‘lay apostlate’ idea from Opus Dei in the 1960s and took the name from a defunct European pious association.”

(Vows of Silence, Jason Berry & Gerald Renner, pgs. 244-245)

There is another possible source of influence for the Regnum Christi which we shall get to in just a moment. Nonetheless, it clearly seems that Opus Dei wielded some type of influence over the Legion and that the differences between the two organizations had little to do with ideology and everything to do with competition for converts. In this sense they were rivals, but more often than not they traveled in the same circles. Opus Dei was also extremely close to Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI (formerly Joseph Ratzinger) as well. There is one especially compelling instance of overlap between these two groups that saw be noted in a moment.

As for the WACL, this researcher is unaware of a direct connection between it and the Legion However, the Legion had its origins in the Cristero Revolt that plunged Mexico into a civil war during the 1920s. One of Marciel’s uncles was a general in the Cristeros. The name of the Legion was derived from the Cristeros, who at times were referred to as the “Legion of Christ the King.”

Los Cristero

There was at least two other right wing extremist organizations to emerge from the Cristeros in Mexico. One was the bizarre secret society known as Los Tecos (“the Owl”). This organization was closely tied to the WACL, as I noted before here. This researcher has been unable to establish a relationship between the Legion and Los Tecos, though it would certainly seem that a fair amount of Mexican bloggers believe a relationship exists. Obviously this is hardly proof, but given that both groups emerged from the Los Cristeros movement and were firmly steeped in fanatical Catholicism, it seems highly likely they were aware of one another.

More is on Franklin scandal is on  VISUP Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy Part V on link [15]. Below is  the information in the part Le Cercle: Fratelli Neri  [16]

One of these [child abuse networks with connections to Le Cercle] was allegedly run by Larry E. King, the manager of the Omaha-based Franklin Community Federal Credit Union, and a prominent figure in both the Nebraska and Washington political scenes. As the allegations of King’s child abuse first came out in the wake of a federal investigation being launched against his credit union, this incident is frequently referred to as the Franklin scandal.

While ties to this ring were not especially strong, the presence of close Cercle associate William Casey and his trusted aide, Max Hugel, to King is eyebrow raising. Casey was close to Brian Crozier, the head of 61 which, as noted above, was closely linked to the alleged Westminster ring. Hugel may have known Douglas MacArthur II, who has been linked to the Belgium ring (noted before here and here), as well.

If you like this post please post in social media of your choice. It is vital that child sexual abuse stories are spread so that more people begin to understand the widespread organised nature of the child sexual abuse and that we must stop this child abuse as soon as we can. Awareness is the first step. Thankyou


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Also “Me and Lee” by Judith Vary Baker  explains Ferrie, altho it says nothing about child abuse HT MM

[21] Wikipedia David Ferrie https://archive.is/c0ryk

If you like this post please post in social media of your choice. It is vital that child sexual abuse stories are spread so that more people begin to understand the widespread organised nature of the child sexual abuse and that we must stop this child abuse as soon as we can. Awareness is the first step. Thankyou

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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