Michael Johnson Azimuth Trust Update

This is an update on Michael Johnson who I posted about in 2015 when I did a basic analysis on the Azimuth Trust Report which Cornwall Council had finally released fully under FOI.  Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [1]

Johnson was a paedophile and jailed for child abuse in 1994. He was associated with Morris Fraser in boat ventures with young boys but Morris Fraser was not charged

A lady contacted me in 2018 who sailed with Michael Johnson three times who was horrified to read my post about him. She saw no evidence of abuse herself though she says she was the the wrong gender for his predilection.

It was very helpful to me to get her feedback about my posts and fantastically she had done her own research and has allowed me to share it here. Thanks so much to her for writing, her thoughts, her research and apologies for  the lengthy delay in publishing.

I will just say first that according to press reports Michael Johnson is now dead. I mention this here as I know it is significant for any victims, and some might not want to read very far into this post.

The lady has found 4 articles about him and also included some of her own comments

Her comments

“I do remember his conviction at the time but it has been both fascinating and horrifying to read the report now and absolutely shameful in the way Cornwall Council handled matters.

I first met Mike and his wife age 11 in 1990 when we stayed on a school residential and then we had two further sailing trips with him. The first in 1990 was organised by the Maths teacher at Falmouth School, Mr David Gard.

I believe (sketchy memory for actual dates), that we went away for a week. There were around ten of us, girls and boys from school who were interested in sailing, all the same age and we stayed at Cothele near Plymouth and sailed up and down the Tamar with Mike captaining one boat and David the other.

We stayed in tents at Cothele and all I remember of Mike is that we called him ‘Desert Island Bloke’ and that he was very fun and everyone wanted to be in his boat. Mr Gard’s wife and baby were also with us but I believe they stayed at the campsite and didn’t sail. I don’t remember if Liz Johnson was there.

We went on a second trip to Brittany which may have been 1990 again or 1991. It was basically a repeat of the first trip but we stayed at a campsite somewhere near Brest and sailed around the local area. I don’t remember which female members accompanied us but I’m sure there would have had to be one present.

I watched with interest the News clips on your report and to see Mike and Liz exactly as I remember them. (Pretty shocking that Liz also obviously knew what was going on even though she denied it.)

I decided to do a bit of digging myself to find out what they were both doing now and was surprised to find that she had taken him back. They had been living with their children in France and members of a sailing club.

Mike died last year I believe and I have attached the news article and the google translate text which praises him and his skills and says how he and his wife were ‘pillars of the sailing club community’, probably unaware that he was a predatory paedophile?

Disturbingly, I see he also captained cruises in Indonesia where I’m sure they were also unaware of his past. It looks like he went there in 1994, would that have been directly on release?

It’s also interesting to hear how the language has changed with regard to abuse, for instance in the film about Peter Righton, boys are described as having “affairs” with older men whereas now (thankfully) we would say “abused by a paedophile” as it quite rightly stops the victim blaming and does not imply that they are somehow complicit.

I think I am most disgusted about Liz Johnson, how she knew exactly what was going on but still let him get away with it. She should have been jailed as well. It said in one of the articles that he went to Indonesia in 1994 which was the year he went to prison. I was under the impression he got 4 years so I wonder why he was out the same year?”

For full articles and photos click on the links

Article 1 2016 Feb 12 Dunia Bari Adventures Welcome back onboard, Captain Mike [204]

Ask anyone who’s chartered Dunia Baru what the highlight of their trip was, and it’s likely that they’ll all give a different response – from snorkelling with manta rays to enjoying sundowner cocktails in a sublime setting to sailing in a part of the world that fuels a sense of adventure. But one thing that comes up consistently when guests start to chat about what they’ve enjoyed, is Dunia Baru’s crew. The superyacht’s 18 crew members are passionate about their jobs and about making each charter the holiday of a lifetime, and our guests have so appreciated this.

For Dunia Baru’s voyage from Indonesia to Thailand, it’s been a real privilege for our crew to be joined by a new member: Captain Mike. He’s not exactly “new”, though, because for honorary captain Mike this voyage with Dunia Baru has almost been like coming home.

Back when Dunia Baru was still taking shape Mike Johnson, a former captain and naval architect, spent two years designing and working on Dunia Baru’s traditional rig. He came along for this journey to help the crew improve their sailing techniques and as the sails go up, he’s been out there working with the boys, helping them to fine-tune the sail trim, and looking for ways to streamline the process, as well as working on improving the crew’s general seamanship, sail handling, knots and so on. Mike’s also designing a new sail for us: he’s looking into putting up a trisail on the main mast for heavy-weather passages.

Mike first came to Indonesia in 1995 to study traditional fishing boats and communities (he has a masters degree in environmental anthropology), and he started to work with ETS Surabaya, doing research into fishing communities and traditional boat design. After building a replica of a French frigate circa 1890 for the Atlantic Challenge, Mike started to run a training shipyard, before he retired and then continued to work on selected rigging and design contracts for traditional-type sailing vessels.

It took Mike about two years to design and implement Duna Baru’s rig, and he used his contacts from around the world – New Zealand, Canada, the UK and France. It’s a particularly special rig, he says, because it’s a good compromise between power and sail. A trip like the one Dunia Baru’s just done, from Indonesia to Thailand, would take a long time under sail alone, but Captain Mike had designed a rig that gave the yacht not only more power even in high wind conditions, but that added a huge amount of stability. And that’s something that was really important in this journey, where for two days the yacht was sailing head-on into three- and four-meter waves.

It’s been a real privilege to have him onboard with us for almost seven weeks; thanks for the journey, Captain Mike!

Article 2  2016 Feb 16 Dunia Bari Adventures Sails Away [205]

Dunia Baru offers guests the ultimate luxurious holiday – and there are so many factors that we consider and take care of to ensure that this is the case. Every. Single. Charter.Our crew are exceptional and go above and beyond what’s expected of them to ensure an unforgettable experience; the locations we sail to are phenomenal and we take pride in finding locations that really are special; and of course we ensure that our vessel is absolutely top condition.That’s why this week we took three of Dunia Baru’s sails in for a service. The superyacht is currently in Phuket, en route to Myanmar, and so this allowed us the perfect opportunity to take the sails back to the place where they were made: Rolly Tasker Sails. Tasker, one of the world’s leading sailmakers for offshore cruising sails, is based on Phuket, where they operate the largest purpose-built, state of the art sail loft in the world.As well as being in Phuket for the time being, we also have Captain Mike onboard. Mike Johnson, a naval architect, was intricately involved in the evolution of Dunia Baru and, based on the yacht’s rigging (which he designed) and performance needs, he designed the super yacht’s seven sails. Over the past few weeks and on our voyage from Indonesia, Captain Mike has been looking closely at the performance of our yacht, and so when we took the sails in to Tasker for routine maintenance, he spent time with the sailmakers discussing the sails’ performance finding a way to optimise their designWhen the sails were initially designed, Tasker’s design department used cutting-edge 3D-modelling sail-design software to construct all of the sails with optimum shape and performance.

Next, the individual sail plans were laid out to ensure minimal waste, and to ensure that the weave of the fabric is cut in a way that works with the strength of the bias.

A machine then plotted the cutting lines, and from there the sails were created by skilled sailmakers on the floor of the sail loft.

This week Captain Mike and the Tasker team spent some time looking at Dunia Baru’s sails in the sail loft. Where required, the sails will be repaired and reinforced at the contact points where there is wear, and to enhance the yacht’s performance in typical sailing conditions.

Something else they’ll be working on: we found that the gaff mizzen, which is square in shape, had too much slack in its leech. If improperly adjusted the leading (forward) part of the sail, which is closest to the wind, will flap. This is called “luffing”, and the luff is the part that luffs first. The aft (trailing) part of a sail is where the wind exits and when the sail is adjusted properly, the wind will cling to the aft edge like a leech.

In our case, even when this sail was adjusted properly there was still some flapping, which meant that the shape wasn’t optimal, and so to counteract the “flapping”, the team has decided to cut and rework the leech, giving it a slight concave curve and to add three sail battens. This, says Captain Mike, should greatly improve its sail and set.

It will take a few weeks to work on the maintenance and adjustments, but soon our iconic back-coloured sails will be returned on board to be bent on, and then we look forward to watching Dunia Baru fly.

Article 3 2018 May 8 Ouest France Rezé. Men A Vaur , un beau bateau pour Mike Johnson [202]


On the evening of Tuesday, at the Nautical Club Club Sèvre et Loire in Trentemoult, the launch of the lobster boat was held. The ship has a beautiful story. The story “It’s the biggest boat built in the CNSL! “Shouted a member of Sèvre et Loire Nautical Club in a moving voice, looking at the beautiful ship swaying gently, at ease on the calm waters of the Loire. He has just been launched and baptized. The bow is adorned with a bunch of wildflowers and the hull has been sprinkled with a sparkling stream of wine by Bevis Johnson, 33, son of Mike, who died a year ago at the age of 73.

This launch is a posthumous tribute. The emotion is hidden behind the agitation of the preparations. Mike Johnson was a naval architect and marine carpenter. He is, with François Vivier, another naval architect who drew the plans, the designer of this slender vessel. Work began more than ten years ago.

“Pieces of wood shaped to the millimeter”

Initially, the boat was to be built in Indonesia where Mike Johnson was working. Elements were designed there, then transported by container to Trentemoult where the boat was finally assembled. Mike Johnson and his wife Elizabeth, from Cornwall, are pillars of the Trentemoult club. No member has forgotten the massive silhouette of Mike Johnson, his flowery beard and his “so British” accent. Neither his science of the sea and boats. “Mike made a lot of contribution to know-how transmissions. I try to take over, but I still have some progress to make to be at his level, “says Bevis Johnson. Other testimonials also mention unparalleled knowledge in “shaping and assembling wood pieces to the millimeter”.

Men At Vaur, it’s The Black Caillou. It derives this name from one of the rocks of the Scilly Islands. François Vivier provides some technical data. “Inspired by the Camaret lobster boats that only worked when sailing, this traditional boat is 9.4 meters long and 3.30 meters wide. It has a displacement of 8, 2 t with an expected weight of 2.5 t and a sail area of ​​70 m². The mast, shaped in a tree from Canada, measures 11 m and weighs about 400 kg. The captain of this unit will be Siobhan, daughter of Mike Johnson and “navigator emeritus”, according to his brother. At the launch, it is she who directs the maneuver, while finesse. Finishes remain to be done before the boat can go to sea.

In 2019, he is expected to join Fowey in Cornwall, the home and heart of the Johnson family. In the meantime, he will not go unnoticed, moored at the visitors’ pontoon, near Belem.West France

Article 4  2018 May 29 Naoonet –  Le site du CNSL Mise à l’eau de Men Ar Vaur [203] 


Great moment of emotion on the hold of CNSL Tuesday, May 15 when Men ar Vaur slipped into the water to leave the mainland and join his new pontoon on the Nantes side of the Loire. It took a good high tide and several strong sailors to slide it over the hold and allow it to float freely. Many friends and members of the CNSL were present, a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers on the bow, the traditional bottle of champagne, the emotion was strong when the beautiful blue hull moved its first centimeters towards the river, under the watchful eye and the precise instructions of Captain Siobhan.

The next day, it is in tow of a CNSL zodiac, accompanied by a second safety net, and Siobhan to the maneuver, that Men ar Vaur made a peaceful crossing of the Loire to come softly to the pontoon visitor near the Belem. The time to make the interior fittings, some finishes to finish, before joining Fowey in Cornwall.

A decade ago, Mike Johnson began building this replica of lobster on the CNSL website. With Elisabeth, he was able to share his passion and know-how as a marine carpenter, and associate some members of the CNSL at different stages of the project. Throughout these years we have been able to appreciate the emeritus builder, the precision of the gesture, the great intellectual and manual control of Mike.

Today, in the absence of Mike, [then] Elisabeth, Siobhan and Bevis continue this great adventure.

I have added some parts of the information in the articles to the timeline, but much is vague on timing. It is clear he spent time in France, Indonesia and Thailand and could have abused further.

I may well add further items to the timeline when I have published this article, but better to get the article published sooner.

Timeline for Michael Johnson, Azimuth Trust and some Morris Fraser connections

Link numbers are from post 2015 Feb 11 Cathy Fox Blog  Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [201] , unless over 200 when they are listed at the bottom of this post.

johnson 1

Some parts of the timeline may be contradictory; information having come from different sources, some undated, some giving his age, some dates and also his own cv may be inaccurate and his exact date of birth is currently unknown, some sources maybe wrong and of course I am only too fallible, especially with this article.

c. 1945 Roger Michael Johnson born [7] in Liverpool [5] Aged 49 in Feb 1994 [7] therefore born around 1944/5?

c. 1950s  Johnson had suffered sexual abuse by his mother and at school, according to Johnsons lawyer, Andrew Maitland,  in mitigation at trial in 1994 [7]

c.1959 Aged 14 left school

GCSEs in Evening classes and correspondence courses

Worked for shipbuilding firm becoming a qualified shipwright

For 5 yrs ran a sailing fishing boat for Falmouth Oyster Fishery

c.1963 Aged 18 First yacht delivery Falmouth to Clyde

Teacher Training College and then teach for 3 years in schools [xvii]

B Phil Education Degree Exeter University [xvii]

1970 Dec 2 Johnson began employment with Cornwall local education authority.[p15]

date? 10 years as Warden of Cornwall Residential Teachers Centre.[xix]

1970 – 1994 Johnson taught in Cornwall [5]

1971 Teaching with council according to video [4] and worked with senior colleague who was later found to be a paedophile at this Falmouth primary school  [16]

1971 Johnson married  []

1975 Johnson Warden of Residential Teachers Centre having been deputy for one year

1976-1980 Mr and Mrs Johnson approved as foster parents for “disturbed teenager” [pg16]

date ? 4 years so far at Roseland Outdoor Education Centre [xix]

date? Attended Charlotte Mason college for outdoor Education Diploma under Colin Mortlock [xix]

date? Built two cruising vessels [xx] 32 foot Gaff yawl “R” and 42 foot schooner “Mary Bryant” [24]

1986 Johnson became a support teacher and outdoor education tutor at the Cornwall  authority’s outdoor adventure project at St Just, Roseland, in 1986 [6] He was also outdoor education and Warden of Roseland Centre [pg15]

1987 Sept 18 First allegation made against Johnson by a head teacher  [pg13] [pg15]

1987 Johnson investigated by Council internal inquiry over sexual allegations when Education bosses had recommended he should not work unsupervised with children [5] [7]

1987 Nov 10 Senior practioner social services investigated Johnson

1987 Nov 17 report from Senior practioner discussed by police, social services and education

1987 Nov 18 Johnson suspended pending disciplinary

1987 Dec 22 Johnson Disciplinary hearing which decided a formal written warning was appropriate

1988  Dr Morris Fraser and Michael Johnson set up a sailing charity for disadvantaged boys called the Azimuth Trust based in Cornwall.  Michael Johnson had only the year before in 1987 received a written warning from his employer, Cornwall County Council, after a council disciplinary hearing cleared him of sexual allegations against a boy. In the 3 years that the Azimuth Trust existed over 100 children took part in sailing trips many of those selected by Dr Morris Fraser had learning difficulties. The Azimuth Trust published it’s own magazine which included photographs of naked boys. Many known paedophiles subscribed to the magazine [32].

1989 Jan – Nov 1991 [5] Jun 1989 – Nov 1991 [9] Johnson assaulted 2 boys, the ones that court case was about in 1994 [5]

1989 March Adventure and Education Afloat officially formed by Johnson and Fraser and parent Trustee E [p30]

1989 Jul 23 Sunday Mirror [24] Child doctor in porn ring probe

1989 July to Sept First summer boat cruise [p30]

1989 Roseland Project ended [p30]

1990  Despite the 1987 disciplinary hearing, Johnson became head of the Roseland Centre in 1990 [6]

1990 Apr Johnson full time warden of outdoor education centre

1990 Second summer cruise [p30]

1990 Parent had confronted Johnson about abuse to his son [p30]

1990 contacts with French group Archipel for future 1992-4 trip [p30]

1990 Johnson took 2 years off teaching to set up boat charity [5] with Morris Fraser, set up Azimuth Trust with Morris Fraser and John Lambert [6] . It appears that Azimuth was also the English offshoot of Ecole en Bateau (Angleterre)  [14] [14c] [14d]

1990 and 1991 Johnson abused 2 boys aged 9 and 11 numerous times on cruises to France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Scilly Isles [5] [7] and the outdoor centre (St Justs)

1990 and 1991 Johnson abused a boy over 20 times for which later in 1994 he was sentenced to 2 years [41]

1991 Cornwall local education Authority gave Azimuth Trust a £250 grant in 1991. Social services director Nigel Druce said [in 1994] that when the authority gave the Azimuth Trust a £250 grant in 1991, the connection between it and Johnson was not made. “We did not appreciate this may have been an attempt to give the trust credibility, to attract other people. We will be more careful in future,” he said [6]

1991 TG (ie Trustee G) joined Azimuth Trust as trustee

1991 3rd summer boat cruise

1992 Spring Morris Fraser resigned Mrs TF joined as trustee of Azimuth Trust

1992 Summer Mr TG joined as trustee

c. 1992 Radio Cornwall had interview with Johnson.

1992 July Boat departed Cornwall to Brest, then started 4th summer boat cruise.

1992 Aug First indication of further concerns of Johnsons behaviour with children

1992 Aug 16 Boat sails for Lisbon [p32]

1992 Aug 17 Social Services Inspectorate and Foreign and Commonwealth Office informed [p37]

1992 Aug 20 Possible connection to paedophile ring found in Azimuth Trust papers

1992 Sept Boat North Africa [p32]

1992 Oct Boat in Gibraltar

1993 Apr 29 Johnson arrested in Gibraltar [p33]

1993 Jun 6 Johnson brought back to England [p33]

1993 Fraser left Azimuth Trust [6]  [Thought to be incorrect, actually year before according to report [])]

1993 Fraser jailed at Southwark Crown Court for taking and distributing indecent photographs of children[7]

1993 Oct 14 Johnson Trial In Truro Court [5] 6 specimen counts of indecent assault against 2 boys over period 1 June 1989 to 30 Nov 1991. Alleged 50 actual instances [p6];  Plead Guilty [7] Judge William Taylor [5], Prosecutor Llewellyn Sellick [5]

1993 Council agreed to set up investigation surrounding the circumstances of appointment of Johnson [p6]

1994 Feb 18 Johnson sentenced to 4 years [5] at Exeter Crown Court? [7] Feb 24 Exeter Judge William Taylor [7] Andrew Maitland Defended [7] Truro Crown Court for sentencing [5] Prosecutor Llewellyn Sellick [5]

1994 Feb 19 Daily Mirror [5] Evil Captain Birdseye was a Child Sex Pervert. Full scale inquiry launched by city council. Revealed 12 year old fondled by Johnson over 20 times, and 10 year old 30 times over 16 months. Assaults France, Germany, Holland, Scilly islands. Also went to Canaries. Admitted 6 counts and asked for 50 others to be taken in to consideration. Convicted in October 1993. 20 youngsters interviewed.  Between Jan 1989 and 1991 children were assaulted. Inquiry into the 1987 Inquiry already underway [5]

1994 Feb 21 PA Chris Court [6] Parents call for public inquiry over sex abuse skipper. Semi detached house in Fowey had by this time been repossessed and schooner Grace O’Malley held by bank to which Johnson owed money. 51-year-old Fraser had a conviction for indecently assaulting a 13-year-old boy. Fraser left trust trust last year, when he was jailed at Southwark Crown Court for taking and distributing indecent photographs of children. Social services director Nigel Druce said that when the authority gave the Azimuth Trust a £250 grant in 1991, the connection between it and Johnson was not made.  Johnson’s wife was called Elizabeth. The couple’s semi-detached home in Fowey, was re-possessed.

1994 Feb 21 Johnson sentenced to 4 years imprisonment [p6]. Pleaded guilty last October of indecently asaulting each boy

1994 Feb 22 Mirror Geoffrey Lakeman [8] Captain Birdseye Pervert is jailed for 4 years Exeter court. Council now having inquiry to find out how he had contact with youngsters depite recommndation he should not be allowed near children without supervision.

1994 Feb 22 Guardian Sally Weale [7] Cruise skipper jailed for abusing boys. Parents and one trustee wanted public inquiry into situation. Also details how co founder of charity – a  Roderick Fraser, psychiatrist, aged 51 had previous conviction for indecent assault of 13 year old boy. Boys were 9 and 11 when abuse started. Johnson suffered high degree of abuse by mother and at school. After 1987 hearing had received warning for striking a boy but sexual assault not proven. Fraser had previous for indecently assaulting 13 year old, and jailed last year for indecent photographs of children. Johnson Education tutor at St Justs outdoor centre 1986

1994 May Internal Inquiry Report by Cornwall County Council “Principal Failing Report [2] wordpress pdf  [2a] or WhatDoTheyKnow [2b]“.  Subtitled “A case history relating to child abuse by a professional and a review of policy and procedures.” Chair Mrs. PM Englefield. Also Annex [22a] [22b]

johnson 2

1994 May 31 PA News Chris Court [9] Police ‘seemed unwilling’ to probe child abuse . Council said the police were unwilling, police said they were amazed that council did not contact them during the inquiry. Inquiry chairman Mrs Pippa Engelfield said today that the decision to giving the written warning in previous inquiry was the right one, given the procedures in place at that time. Meanwhile, St Ives Conservative MP David Harris called on Education Secretary John Patten and Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley to hold an independent inquiry into child abuse from a “national viewpoint”.

The report’s 21 recommendations included one that the area’s child protection committee should consider whether the “apparent unwillingness” of the police to investigate child abuse allegations in 1987 and initially in 1992 could be further examined. The report said there was “confusion” in August 1992 as to whether or not police were involved, and noted that several “vital and senior” police and social services personnel were on holiday. But police press officer Roger Busby said the report contained inaccuracies, and added that deputy chief constable Keith Portlock would be having discussions with Cornwall’s director of social services. Officers said today that police acted as soon as they had a complaint and evidence. They also extradited Johnson from Gibraltar, and it was the police case which put him behind bars. Parents of children involved had thanked officers for the sympathetic manner in which the investigation was conducted, they added.

The council report also recommended:

Changing the make-up of disciplinary panels concerning child abuse.

Improving the monitoring of disciplined staff if they returned to work

Advising parents of alleged child abuse victims of the outcome of hearings

Considering the issue of the fitness of trustees to serve on charities concerned with children. Mrs Engelfield said the report would be sent to the Department of Health [10].

1994 Jun 1 Independent Police [28] criticised over handling of abuse case. Police say they were astonished they were not consulted during an internal inquiry into the abuse. Chief Constable Keith Portlock said he would discuss the matter with the Director of Social services.

1994 Jun 1 Inside Story Children at Risk [32] [32a] (The Secret Life of a Paedophile) Reter Righton 49 mins (most relevant to Fraser and Azimuth 28-37 mins. Also included later on in Morris Fraser timeline)

c. 1995/ West Country Live Special  [4] John Kiddy? Western News reports “The Azimuth Trust Paedophile Ring” mainly Morris Fraser, courtesy of Murun Buchstansangurs You Tube Channel

1995 West Country Live, John Kiddy Report 0 – 6 min 55s

0-5min Dr. Morris Fraser. GMC will not strike off. 1993 West Country showed links betweeen Fraser and paedophiles in Britain, America and Europe. Fraser jailed last year. Fraser got away with Azimuth but he was arrested in separate incidents. Morris took naked pictures in Godstone with Terence Waters, Chatham. Worked at Medway Arts Centre – also lured boats to take pictures on his boat on the Medway. Jailed for 10 years. After they revealed Fraser 1993 he was sacked from Southampton.

5min- BBC Inside Story 1993 Fraser linked to Peter Righton, senior Government adviser on childcare and both linked to Napier, a Diplomat jailed summer 1995 for sexually abusing boys.

6.55 Suffer Little Children West Country Report Interview with mother of one of Johnson victims and Johnson wife. Johnson began teaching 1971, 1974 at teacher centre at Fowey Hall. 1986 suport teacher at Outdoor Centre at St Justin Roseland with own 48 foot Schooner. i/v with victim of physical assault. Also allegations of sexual assault on 2 other boys. Smarmy council man i/v who evades questions and John Lambert (trustee Azimuth?). Johnson became Head of Roseland 1990. He was told by disciplinary that he should not use his own boat for any County Council purpose. He ignored it and used centre to get support for boat trips. In council files Johnsons first job was at assistant teacher at school at Falmouth where he worked alongside another senior person for 3 years who was sacked for child sexual abuse.

Morris met Johnson through Ecole en Bateau, where Morris was Director. Morris did questionairre to choose children. I/v with Fraser. Fraser jailed last year, April 1994? posssession for child pornography. When he got out of jail in June he went to Azimuth, then worked in Dorset and Southampton. He lived in Shirley area of Southampton.

One other paedophile got involved in Azimuth early and was subject to police inquries. What happened? The others were not. Spain France Switzerland and America suspected paedophiles. British mens names handed to Police but no body tracking international paedophiles. Parents want to know why past kept secret, promoted at Roseland, why he received job applicatios from Council as late as April 1995? Kidscape also want answers and ban for working with children.

1995 Johnson reportedly first came to Indonesia in 1995 to study traditional fishing boats and communities (he has a masters degree in environmental anthropology), and he started to work with ETS Surabaya, doing research into fishing communities and traditional boat design. [204] Is this date right, or did the article get it wrong as he was still supposed to be in prison? He could have lied covering up his time in prison.

2013 Leo Kameneff was tried and it was found that Ecole en Bateau was in fact also a paedophile boat organisation [14]

2013 Mar 11 Observateur [14c] Also in French

2013 Apr 7 Azimuth Trust [29] was linked to French ‘boat schools’ paedophile ring. Naked photos taken of boys and put in magazine. trust set up by Fraser who was linked to fellow PIE members Righton and Napier

2013 May 3 North Devon Journal [17] Emma Glanfield. Retired North Devon policeman accused of historic child sex offences

2013 May 23 North Devon Journal [26] Retired North Devon policeman accused of historic child sex offences. Daniel Bryant cover up and details.

2013 Sept 14 Cornish Guardian [10] Fresh probe launched into paedophile ring whose victims included Cornish man. William Goad abused up to 3,500 boys over 35 years from 1965 jailed for life 2004. He groomed his victims by offering them jobs at his market stalls and discount stores and then inviting them to his home.  One of the detectives on the original inquiry – former Detective Constable Shirley Thompson – has said that at the time she repeatedly voiced concerns to senior officers that other paedophiles linked to Goad were still at large. However, she said she heard an investigator being told to “put a lid on it and concentrate on Goad”. Det Insp Mike Cooper said: “I will be managing a very experienced team of specially trained officers seconded from the Plymouth Sexual Offence Investigation Unit, the Public Protection Unit and the Major Crime Investigation Team.

2013 Oct 6 Mirror [16] Eileen Fairweather Paedophile police officer Daniel Bryant brought to book FORTY years after abusing boys. Russell Bryant was abused when 13 in about 1981. He reported Bryant in 1987 but was told the allegations were uncorroborated even though a second boy complained. A third complained in 1993 but he avoided prosecution and retired on medical grounds in 1994 aged 44. Bryant became a member of a surf lifesaving club and then a Directo of Surf Lifesaving Great Britain. Russel had been assaulted by Bryant at a Police lifesaving club. He later admitted assaults on 5 boys from 1965-1985. Found Guilty

2013 Oct 7 Murun Editorial Spotlight [18] Devon and Cornwall Police, the Daniel Bryant cover-up, and the Azimuth Trust. It appears that someone in Devon & Cornwall Police was protecting Bryant. As well as dodging the charges in 1987, he was allowed to  take early retirement in 1994 for ill health just months after being suspended after a third victim came forward. Bryant was then allowed to continue working with children for almost 20 years until he was eventually investigated in 2013. Why was he never investigated before, despite continued pressure from Russel Dawson and his family? While Bryant was employed by Devon & Cornwall Police and abusing boys using the cover of surf life-saving clubs and charities, a paedophile ring was active in the Devon & Cornwall area, also using charity status and watersports  – this time sailing – as a cover to abuse vulnerable boys. The sailing charity was called the Azimuth Trust , and was operating from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, when the charity’s skipper, Michael Johnson, was convicted. But there were many other paedophiles linked to Azimuth Trust who escaped justice, which raises serious questions about Devon & Cornwall Police’s handling of the case.

2013 Dec 9 Bournemouth Echo [13] Will Frampton Sexual abuse case against ex-BBC reporter Clifford Luton is put on hold indefinitely.

2014 Jan 29 FOI Request for Englefield Inquiry Report [1]

2014 Mar 2 Psychsearch [11] The People Morris Fraser on list of most depraved men

2014 Apr 7 Les Films du Tambour de Soie [14d] – April 7, 2014
“School boat, childhood scuttled” April 15 on France 5

2014 Sept 6 Belfast Telegraph Mar 8 Liam Clarke Abuser counselled children traumatised by Troubles [3a] Calls for Morris Fraser Azimuth Trust paedophile ring to be examined as part of the Inquiry.

2014 Oct 16 Cornwall County Council release redacted report

2014 Oct 17 [12]  Bits of books by @CassandraCogno on Morris Fraser life. Probably the most definitive article on Morris Frasers life so far.

2014 Jan CCC release unredacted 1994 “Principal Failing” Report and state 1987 one destroyed.

2015 Feb 11 Cathy Fox Blog  Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report [201]

2015 Dec – 2016 Jan

2016 Feb 12 Dunia Bari Adventures Welcome back onboard, Captain Mike [204] 

It took Mike about two years to design and implement Duna Baru’s rig, and he used his contacts from around the world – New Zealand, Canada, the UK and France.

2016 Feb 16 Dunia Bari Adventures Sails Away [205]

2017 Michael Johnson died aged 73 [202]

2018 May 8 Ouest France Rezé. Men A Vaur , un beau bateau pour Mike Johnson [202]

2018 May 29 Naoonet –  Le site du CNSL Mise à l’eau de Men Ar Vaur [203] 


[201] 2015 Feb 11 Cathy Fox Blog  Cornwall Council Publish 1994 Azimuth Trust Report https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/cornwall-council-publish-1994-azimuth-trust-report/

[202] 2018 May 8 Ouest France Rezé. Men A Vaur , un beau bateau pour Mike Johnson https://nantes.maville.com/actu/actudet_-reze.-men-a-vaur-un-beau-bateau-pour-mike-johnson_fil-3447507_actu.Htm archive https://archive.is/pDKZ8

[202a] archive https://web.archive.org/web/20200101173935/https://nantes.maville.com/actu/actudet_-reze.-men-a-vaur-un-beau-bateau-pour-mike-johnson_fil-3447507_actu.Htm

[203] 2018 May 29 Naoonet –  Le site du CNSL Mise à l’eau de Men Ar Vaur http://www.cnsl.fr/mise-a-leau-de-men-ar-vaur/

[204] 2016 Feb 12 Dunia Bari Adventures Welcome back onboard, Captain Mike https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/duniabaruadventures.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/welcome-back-onboard-captain-mike/amp/  Archive https://archive.is/Sai4J Indonesia piece:

[205] 2016 Feb 16 Dunia Bari Adventures Sails Away https://duniabaru.com/sails-away-2/ archive https://web.archive.org/save/https://duniabaru.com/sails-away-2/


I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest – which ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. Thankyou.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum



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  5. Paul says:

    We came across Mike and Liz in Sotogrande in 1992 when we had a boat moored along from theirs. We had an issue with Mike when he tried it on with our 12 yr old son in the showers and he asked my son to join them, our son said no and Johnson accepted that. He was arrested in Gibraltar soon after. Mike was a large powerful, imposing man and we believed that Liz would have had little say in anything he did. I’m sure the whole series of events must have taken its toll on the innocents of their family who had no control over what went on. We had wondered what had become of him and in as much as it is wrong to wish ill on anyone I’m sure the world is better off without his sort, even if he was a victim himself in his younger years.

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