13 Responses to Kim Noble – No Ordinary Artist

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  3. EyesOnPossibilities 🇦🇺
    @cathyfoxblog The images provided by Kim Noble’s ‘Key’ alter don’t have the ‘Daath’ station marked. This implies that Key is either kept from perceiving it or from mentioning it. I can see that images provided by others show this station as whitish grey.

    Could this color just be referring to something not visible to mortal eyes? Much like ultra-violet light has real & dramatic effects on us mortals but we cannot see it. A metaphor which leaps to mind concerns the ubiquitous Compact Florescent Lamp. I believe that the stream of electrons within only gives off invisible UV light that strikes an intermediary just inside the envelope. It is only this fluorescing interpreter which illuminates our homes with the light we perceive.

    If the Kab. tree diagram is imagined to project in more than 2 dimensions then the whitish grey station might be viewed as being precisely between the Red(Steadfastness) node & Blue(Mercy) node.


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