8 Responses to Jennifer’s Story of Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking

  1. Jill hughes says:

    Hi cathy,
    Thanks for this – yes victims having a voice indeed -but without names- of police the force the social service group – we cant see the threads and the failures- nor hold the ‘failing ones’ to account.

    Eg a few years ago I connected with you -re DR {!!!!!!] Psychiatrist {crazy -perv?] Tony [my mind has gone blank] but he was ADHD and Adolescent Mental Health specialist near Woking, Surrey…..Barker????
    I discovered again after the fact that he’s been struck off by the GMC!! But continued private practice and Surrey CC still used him to remove kids from their parents- the pedo to rule on parenthood – well we couldn’t make it up- could we…………

    So maybe we need to have a name website where dodgies are named- failing/corrupt police-social services all public service officials to…then patterns can emerge- and corruption brought into the light-
    Yes of course the victims having a voice is vital – but also justice needs to be served.
    Enough is Enough.

    Only when light shines on dark can we begin to turn this around.

    Your thoughts appreciated

    Keep up the good work

    Kindest Jill

  2. flyingcuttlefish says:

    related –

  3. Hi Have you heard of Jon Wedger ?He ,being an ex police-whistle blower with regards the prostitution of children from state care in London..has created a foundation/platform for survivors.Funded by Michael Tarragas book “The Meat Rack Boy” …with Anna Brees they offer workshops for survivors and victims to share their stories by enabling their media skills.Ive been to one ..usually they are almost free.Mike was a victim of Heath ..amongst others.He wants all proceeds from his book to help others get the Truth out .They can all be found on facebook.They are also planning a demo May 2nd HP London.If you would like to share this information.We are safer and stronger together  best wishes &kind regardsSue  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  4. carynwalker71 says:

    Jennifer, your story broke my heart.
    You are so brave to come through so much and still care about others.
    Sending a big hug to you xxx

  5. flyingcuttlefish says:

    of interest –
    Police’s £9m historic child abuse probe has uncovered hidden ‘epidemic’ across Britain in the 1970s and 1980s – with more than 4,000 convicted in last six years

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