Barrow Rape Gang

Child trafficking, in what euphemistically and incorrectly the mainstream mockingbird British media refer to as asian grooming gangs, is going on as we speak.

I shall call them by a more accurate term British Pakistani child trafficking and rape gangs. This is because this type of abuse is overwhelmingly perpetrated by British Pakistani men. Added to this there is undoubtedly an element of Islamic religious bigotry, which is used to justify the abuse, by those who perpetrate it.

There is much abuse by other sectors of society, eg Catholic Church, Church of England but it certainly not racist to call out this abuse by British Pakistanis, it is just factual. I do not know enough about the Pakistani community in these places to be able to hone in further on a subset or geographical location of origin, but suspect it exists. Also I am well aware that Gladio B “strategy of tension” false flags blame the Islamic Community for much terrorism unjustly.

Each type of abuse has its characteristics, its pattern, its MO, and British Pakistani child trafficking and rape appears to follow a pattern as do others types of abuse, and it is correct to identify and distinguish it.

Failure by the Police to stop this British Pakistani type of abuse, and comments that they are afraid to do anything for fear of being accused of being called racist are just convenient excuses as the Police are part of the abuse or part of the cover up.

In fact this from the IOPC report on Rotherham, the police were right to be afraid of being called racist as they were referring to people in racist terms, nothing to do with the abuse itself. The Police as an organisation choose to be pathetic pawns in the global child trafficking networks The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [3]

I share Ellie’s story  in which she was raped, and then beaten and they attempted to cut her finger off, because she had missed 7 weeks of being trafficked and raped, due to the time she has been in lockdown due to the coronavirus. She lives in Barrow. I do not know the precise ethnic origin of these men, but what matters is the abuse they carry out.


Updated 23 April 2020

The Police appear to have previously arrested the girl and charged her with perverting the course of justice, after their “independent review of their handling of the case”. Girl, 19, is charged with perverting course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by Asian sex gang in Cumbria [4]

Cumbria Police revealed on Wednesday that they had launched a 12 month investigation into claims of sexual and physical abuse by an organised gang who were said to have trafficked girls and young women across the north of England.

An independent review team was called in to assess their handling of the investigation and safeguarding surrounding it.

Today the force said the only charges to arise from the investigation was against a young woman. In a statement it said: ‘Cumbria Constabulary can confirm that a 19-year-old woman, from Barrow-in-Furness, is subject of ongoing criminal proceedings.

The BBC report the same thing “When a question is asked, is there an organised gang of Asian men in Barrow conducting abuse or otherwise exploitation against individuals, our investigation has shown that that has not been corroborated or otherwise evidenced.”  BBC Barrow Asian grooming gang investigation finds ‘no evidence’ [6]

It is typical behaviour from corrupted police to pile the pressure on the victim, and get the victim defending themselves rather than police investigating the Police for their failures, or having to justify their mistakes. Are the police in Cumbria corrupted?

Apparently Ellie is now sat in a womens prison after coming out with her story, for a breach of bail… her breach of bail was because she was abducted, raped and beaten and missed her curfew! She has been remanded in police custody…

This was after being found drugged and beaten up…

Maggie Oliver, ex Police, with a history of Police whistleblowing, and helping victims, which is of course the ethical stance and what Police SHOULD be doing, has released this text from a witness…

Maggie Oliver Tweet [5]

Screenshot of Message

More messages have been released


Twitterapp thread of much evidence [20]

There are worries about the competence and corruptability of the Chief Constable of Cumbria Michelle Skeer.

She was severely criticised for her role in the Poppi Worthington case, and faced allegations of misconduct and corruption in office against her even before she was made Acting Chief Constable. Poppi Worthington police chief slammed for her handling of case being investigated by separate force [7]

It may seem incomprehensible to some people that people are promoted when seemingly corrupt or incompetent. However it is exactly these qualities that are wanted by the people in real power, who use these puppets to protect themselves and enable them to carry out what they want done. The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [3]

Michelle Skeer is now Chief Constable.

The local paper carries a front page story of people “connected to sex case” denying doing anything wrong. This opportunity not apparently offered to the apparent victim.

There is talk on social media of a local journalist contacting people concerned in the case and advising them to remove posts, and people speculating on romantic involvement or other reasons for this behaviour.

It does appear that Amy Fenton is inappropriate and very aggressive to witnesses or potential victims, calling them “coward, bully and imbecile” and also a “prick”, and from the limited evidence here,  reporting the person to the police, with little or no justification.

The local paper changed a byline on the story from Amy Fenton to her boss Vanessa Sims. The paper is part of Newsquest’s audited local newspaper network. A Gannett Company. Newsquest Media Group Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. HP10 9TY | 01676637 | Registered in England & Wales. They have over 160 local newspapers. See

  • Guardian Newsquest [15]
  • Newsquest website [16]
  • Wikipedia Newsquest [17]
  • Soutiam Alivand Barrow Grooming Gang Allegations [22]

Hashtags #justiceforellie #justiceforelliewilliams #justiceforthegirls

  • Meanwhile it seems other victims and parents have come forward to corroborate Ellie’s story…
  • This post says 50 girls are involved in being trafficked… this second victim herself, a friend also of Ellie  who so bravely spoke out last night, who is now remanded in custody… according to Maggie Oliver.

Even one authority, the the Anti trafficking and slavery body, with this National Referral Mechanism, has found she may be a victim of child slavery.

These groups and links may be useful for people to help or find out more information

  • Justice for Ellie Twitter account [8]
  • An open letter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct & the National Crime Agency [9] 
  • Justice for Ellie Facebook group [10]
  • Just Giving Crowdfunder [11]
  • Justice for Ellie Instagram [13]


So what do we have here in this case?

Are the victims lying? About 50 perhaps, involved in a bizarrre conspiracy to hurt each other and pretend it is child exploitation?

Or, as we have seen elsewhere time after time, not only in “grooming gangs” or Pakistani rape gangs, but cases like those of Cyril Smith, Janner, Savile and many others, a conspiracy where Police and local officials and media corruptly turned a blind eye. This is sometimes because they are involved, or they are corruptly covering up for another reason, or they are told to not investigate properly or they are totally incompetent.

Often “intelligence” services are involved in this covering up, Special Branch or MI5, but they are really just part of the global intelligence apparatus, nominally controlled by Britian but in reality, in the control of the dark forces ruling the world at present. Perhaps even the secret NATO “strategy of tension” experts Gladio are involved. It certainly suits their agenda.

There needs transparency and light shone on this murky cesspit.

More information is coming in and so I add it here.

These are more photos of beatings from the child rape gangs…

More testimony from another victim…

This is from Ellies stepfather, and he says that the Police have taken Ellie’s phone, the SIXTH. They have 6 phones and appear to be removing evidence from the family…, yet the police claim there is no evidence…



Update 24th May 2020

Of course Maggie Oliver has been through this all before

Maggie [18]

Manchester abuse scandal whistle-blower: “Things have not changed” [19] 

HT Kate Johnson

Update 2020 May 26

This good article contains a useful chronology

Soutiam Alivand Barrow Grooming Gang Allegations [22]

It was derived from a twitter thread, from which the first tweet went missing which appears to have also destroyed the twitterappthread, but I include what is left of the thread

Souts Alivand thread [23]

I asked by FOI request for the “Grooming Report” touted in the media, as not being released. This is the refusal I received.

FOI for Grooming Gang Report [29]

I have asked for an internal review. More people with different FOI requests would no doubt be useful

On 19th May this appeared in the Independent, and there is more on the link below.

[30] 2020 May 19 Independent Grooming gang ‘characteristics’ research to be published after government U-turn

Also see 2020 April 25 Independent Grooming gangs review was ‘internal’, government says after 120,000 people demand publication [32]

Quite what trickery and sleight of hand is being pulled I am uncertain, one thing that is certain is that these people in government are not to be trusted. Also certain is that Labour under Keir Starmer who is a member of the globalists Trilateral commission will be no better, it will still be following the illuminati agenda.

More research and FOI’s are needed to find out what was actually originally unearthed in the Sajid javid review and what they are going to release, to appease the people.

Tommy Robinson has appeared in Barrow, and there is video of part of his visit.

AltNewsMedia Tommy Robinson [21]

My comment on Tommy Robinson’s involvement is that it will give extra publicity, but this may not all be welcome and it will polarise the issues, as well as becoming more about Tommy Robinson. The family apparently did not want involvement from Tommy Robinson.  Appeals for calm after Tommy Robinson visits Barrow amid protests [31]

When the police, local media and local politicians appear to be doing little or nothing for the victims and in fact are acting against what appears to be the interests of victims to the extent of police denying any rape gangs and the victim being locked up the victim up, then a vacuum forms, which is filled by others.

Police are meant to follow the evidence without fear nor favour, and this is blatantly not the case, they cave to power, whether political or even criminal.

By the mainstream corporate media and authorities ignoring the issues that people like Tommy Robinson bring up and deplatforming him, then they only legitimise concerns about censorship, propaganda and corruption by authorities, and create a bigger following.

I have serious concerns about Tommy Robinson on various issues, especially his connection to groups in Israel and perhaps to the security forces.

It is too easy to dismiss Tommy Robinson as a racist without looking at the issues of serious concern. If he is wrong in his views then they can be beaten by exposure and debate, not deplatforming, ignoring or kneejerk namecalling.

If the mainstream corporate media were properly covering those legitimate concerns Tommy Robinson would be practically irrelevant.

However there are many concerned about rape gangs, without them being racist. Running away from the ethnicity, race, religion of those comprising the rape gangs is to ignore the patterns, the modus operandi of how the gangs work, and hence how to stop them. It is nor racist to investigate this, just as it is not antireligious to investigate Catholic or Church of England’s widespread child abuse, on which the corporate media also failed.

In fact the establishment – police, politicians, justice system, religions, social workers, media and “intelligence” agencies have failed time after time after time to do what they are supposed to do in our society, and in fact done the very opposite and hidden the vast majority of the child sexual abuse so they are in no position to lecture anyone on this issue.

If you have any doubts whatesoever about how corrupt the police actually are then download and read the leaked Operation Tiberius which the Met refused to publish, just like all the other corruption Reports,  Goggzilla Operation Tiberius unedacted [33] Operation Tiberius lays bare the facts that many senior police were corrupt and working with gangsters and criminals.

Andrew Norfolk was exposing what appeared to be racially motivated child abuse and won awards. However he was in fact following another agenda and fabricating the evidence, see Press Gang Andrew Norfolk [24]. Thus yet again the corporate media were in fact obfuscating the issues.

The authorities are masters at ignoring, covering up and discerditing accusation of child sexual abuse.

Where do people turn to? My opinion is that the only way the corrupted authorities will take notice is when enough people join together, form groups against child abuse and link up throughout the country.

Social media is a great place to start but be aware that facebook, twitter, google, youtube etc are not your friend, they censor what they wish or are told to.

Why do they all cover up child sexual abuse? They are all puppets  of the real controllers The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [3] Until that changes all our chidlren are in danger and nothing will be done. We can do is put pressure on the authorities at the bottom and make people aware of what is reeally happening.

We need more blogs, more tweet threads, more videos, more tiktoks, more art, more music, more memes, more gifs, more variety of social media, more people spreading the truth, more information, more people asking FOI requests- this site is good [25], more research, more survivor groups.

Can you do something? Its only all together that we will be strongest.

We are the news now…

I have just seen on twitter @justiceforellie that Ellie has spoken to her mother, this is great news.

Update 2020 May 29 Ellie inexplicably did not get bail…

updated 2020 May 30 First letter from Ellie from prison…

Are all the girls lying?


It appears up to 50 girls are in a bizarre conspiracy to hurt themselves and pretend there is a rape gang or there is a rape gang and the corrupt police are covering it up.

This was an open facebook post some weeks before this erupted… Who is this Mo Rammy who claims to have the police and local newspaper in his pocket?

I only post on this blog and links on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]
  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…



[2] Archive

[3] 2020 Jan 18 cathy fox blog The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati

[4] 2020 May 21 Mail Girl, 19, is charged with perverting course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by Asian sex gang in Cumbria

[5] 2020 May 23

[6] 2020 May 21 BBC Barrow Asian grooming gang investigation finds ‘no evidence’

[7] 2016 Feb 26 Mirror Poppi Worthington police chief slammed for her handling of case being investigated by separate force

[8] Justice for Ellie

[9] An open letter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct & the National Crime Agency

[10]  Facebook group

[11] Just Giving Crowdfunder


[13]  Justice for Ellie Instagram


[15] Guardian Newsquest

[16] Newsquest website

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[19] Manchester abuse scandal whistle-blower: “Things have not changed”

[20] Twitterapp thread of much evidence

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[23] Souts Alivand thread

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[25] WDTK FOI request site

[26] As a Rotherham grooming gang survivor, I want people to know about the religious extremism which inspired my abusers



[29] FOI for Grooming Gang Report

[30] 2020 May 19 Independent Grooming gang ‘characteristics’ research to be published after government U-turn

[31] 2020 May 26 guardian Appeals for calm after Tommy Robinson visits Barrow amid protests

[32] 2020 April 25 Independent Grooming gangs review was ‘internal’, government says after 120,000 people demand publication

[33] 2019 Jan 20 Goggzilla Operation Tiberius unedacted


[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email quoting the article title.

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

My notes and Other media to be added to list

@PiersRobinson1 @SharylAttkisson @gemmaod1 @NeilClark66 @DrJudyAMikovits @BusyDrT @PhilipWatson_

[] Government to publish paper on group-based offending

myfoi   []

[] eft


researchign reform


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  1. tomiejones says:

    Reblogged this on circusbuoy and commented:
    grooming has taken place here in Spain on the Costa del sol, Marbella, in fact, the anniversary of this abuse is ten years ago .the man who did this got away with it. How no charges were brought against this over 60-year-old man because the parents found out and took their daughter back to England she was 15 years old but sex did not take place till she was 16 so her parents said and so did the male 60-year-old. no charges were brought on grooming. so the low life got away with it scot-free and .apart from it destroying his marriage of 40 years and yet he often claims what a wonderful wife and marriage he has.

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  2. Girl, 19, is charged with perverting course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by Asian sex gang in Cumbria


  3. t j says:

    Woman, you are seriously mentally ill. You need help before the police get involved and lock you up for harassment.


  4. Harry says:

    This shit was well organised in Barrow /Millom / Whitehaven /Workington /Maryport years ago via the Kebab shops in the towns plenty stories of girls operating Preston to Carslile to Leeds/Bradford circuit . I tried to tell the Police and was met with threats of Racal Hate prosecution.


  5. mike says:

    rape is a way of life in Pakistan with corrupt police – ignored victims and they have brought it with them


  6. jane kelly says:

    . It seems very strange to me.These two Labour councillors. Thier daughter/granddaughter is locked up for false allegations. Evidently, according to the brother the family have been shouting about grooming gangs for years. Have they? Now a girl, Ellie comes forward with evidence and it’s not investigated. If the grooming gangs didnt cause all the injuries to this poor lass, then WHO DID???


  7. jane Kelly says:

    Somethings strange Cathy. The grandmother head lead councillor for childrens services and on the poluce and crime panel also the Taxi and private hire liason group.. After the story came out her name was removed from all three. I asked the council if they had resigned. couldn’t get an answer.

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