Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 1, 29th May 2020

Jessie is to become a regular guest for a while on the Dave Zublick show. Please follow this brave lady at Jessie Czebotar Twitter @CzebotarJessie


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This is the first interview with Dave Zublick, where Jessie tells some of the story of her life of being born into a most powerful Illuminati family, how she would have taken over as the Queen Mother of Darkness on 24th April 2020, had she not broken away and chosen to become a Christian.

She tells the story of her training by her Proctor, her background, and her early experience of rituals in the cult and how her training partner had his little sister raped in front of him by the cult and the family all ritually killed.

[1] Dave Zublick Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Her interview, for those that just want to listen to her actually starts at c 13 min 40 and ends at 99 mins

For the autotranscript see further down this post.

The video channel has been withdrawn or been censored. I do not intend to update this post with the interview, as Zublick slandered me without any correction. If the interview is available I would expect it to be found here.  Curated Sources Dark Outpost 2020-5-29 Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Part 1 [1c]

The other interviews I believe are to take place every thursday night at 9pm EST.

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Transcript (autogenerated on Youtube so not 100% accurate)

breaking now she accepted Jesus Christ
as reward and senior at the tender age
of three years old
shortly thereafter she was indoctrinated
into Satanism and the Illuminati tonight
you’ll hear her story in her own words
and you’ll never look at life the same
way again the truth is about to be
unsealed David’s Oobleck here with truth
unsealed live where you’ll learn what
they don’t want you to know good evening
tonight we have a very special program
for you we’re going to be talking with a
woman who has literally been to hell and
back she was part of the Illuminati she
was a witness to child sex trafficking
child torture child sacrifice she was a
witness to some of the most heinous acts
one could ever imagine happening right
here on the face of the planet Earth she
is going to be joining
tonight to talk about her story and
we’re not gonna get to all of her story
tonight because she has quite a lot to
say and it just could not possibly be
fit into all of the parameters that it
would take to get this in
so this wonderful guest has agreed to
become a regular contributor to truth
unsealed and I’m sure after listening to
her story tonight you’ll certainly
understand why we want to have her as a
regular guest on a regular basis her
name is Jessie sobota she is a Christian
she has given herself to Jesus Christ
she gave herself to Jesus Christ when
she was just three years old shortly
after that she became entrapped in an
Illuminati ring if you will she
witnessed things that no human being
should have to witness she was forced to
participate in rituals and events and
watch things happen that no human being
should have to witness would have to see
she is going to be talking about her
story tonight and in future broadcasts
we are going to continue the story and
cover every aspect of the Illuminati and
Satanism it’s part of our mission here
at truth unsealed
to bring you the truth about what is
going on a truth which we have brought
to you in the past many many times we
have interviewed people who have been in
the quote/unquote system of child sex
trafficking in the past we’ve brought
you very special guests who have gone
through some heart-wrenching
ordeals what we’re going to bring you
tonight is something even worse than
that because you are going to see a dark
underside an underbelly of our society
things that are going on under our very
noses that we don’t even know about you
know we’re sitting here quarantined
basically by this bio weapon known as
the corona virus and for many of us it
has actually become an opportunity
believe it or not to reach out and to
get to know our neighbors I know that
that sounds funny how can you know your
neighbors when you’re asked to social
distance when you’re asked to stay six
feet apart from your fellow human being
but believe it or not just like after
the attacks if you will of 9/11 we
became closer as a nation in a certain
respect and people in neighborhoods all
across the United States have coalesced
they’ve come together and they are being
social with one another even if they are
doing so at a distance in my own
neighborhood where I live we have a
woman who is a a cellist
and every day at a certain point of time
in the day she comes out on her front
porch and plays the cello and invites
everyone from the neighborhood to come
in here or play social distancing of
course but to come out and listen to her
music we have seen neighbors talking
with one another
setting up lounge chairs and sitting on
their front lawns at a distance of six
feet having a conversation getting to
know one another we have seen churches
emptied by the corona virus but
congregations growing through video
dissemination of the gospel of Jesus
Christ we have seen people pray like
they have never prayed before we have
seen not only the very best in human
beings but in some cases the worst in
human beings
but tonight about the situation in
Minneapolis but I’m gonna save that for
another day I also wanted to talk about
social media and Donald Trump’s new
executive order regarding social media
we’ll save that for another day as well
we’re keeping our eyes on all of these
stories it’s on our radar and we will
continue to bring all of them to you
here at truth unsealed but tonight we’re
going to talk about something heinous
something dark something darker than
anything you’ve ever heard of before
something many of you probably did not
believe exists but it’s very real it’s
very true and the reason I brought up
neighborhoods is because we’re gonna
find out tonight from our guest jesse
sobota in just a few minutes that an
entire neighborhood can be involved in a
cult you may be living in a neighborhood
where your neighbors are involved in
something you know absolutely nothing
about and you could be at some point
drawn into something like this
it is extremely possible so that’s what
we’re going to talk about tonight and
it’s just the beginning because as I
said we couldn’t get the entire story in
in the amount of time that we have we’d
have to go well at least six hours and
that still wouldn’t be enough so our
guest is going to be with us on a
regular basis and we are going to open
up your eyes those of you who do not
believe that some of the stuff that we
have talked about in this broadcast are
real whether they be military tribunals
whether they be child sex trafficking
and Petofi
whether they be Satanism child sacrifice
and the like what you are going to begin
to learn tonight is that all of this is
real but we have made absolutely none of
it up but now we’re gonna hear it not
from me but from someone who has lived
it and as you hear her story you are
going to live it as well and I don’t
think you’re gonna walk away from this
interview quite the same person you were
coming into it and I promise you that
after tonight you’re going to be very
glad that she has agreed to be a regular
on our program truth unsealed and this
is the first of many programs that we’re
going to do not only with Jesse but with
others regarding this issue
eyewitness accounts of what is actually
going on in the underbelly of society
you are going to meet a woman who has
met Satan literally you’re going to meet
a woman who will find out in upcoming
broadcasts knows who the Antichrist is
and when the Antichrist will make
themselves known
you’re going to hear all of this if you
have children I would ask
that they not listen to this or watch
this video if you are an adult I would
ask that you not miss this interview
please be a part of it now we’re going
to put Jesse as a boaters picture up on
the screen with me as I interview her
she will not be appearing live on camera
but her voice will be there are reasons
behind that which we will get into in
later broadcasts for tonight just be
aware that the truth is about to come
your way like it has never come your way
before about the Illuminati about child
sex sacrifice and some of the most
heinous acts ever committed in the name
of Satan the truth is about to be
unsealed as we welcome Jesse saboteur
to our program
at age three Jessie’s a boater gave her
heart to Jesus
I’ve been over a year later she was
forced into Illuminati training to
become the successor of the Queen Mother
of darkness however Jesse refused to
take her position in the system and in
2019 she started to share her testimony
and expertise her main goal is to tell
the captives of the system and those who
fell victim to it
that there is a way out her website is
illuminate the darkness calm we welcome
Jesse as a voter to the program Jesse
thank you for being here tonight yeah
thank you for having me on David oh it’s
an honor and a pleasure what I want to
do is to illuminate our audience about
your stories so tell us a little bit
about yourself
from your early childhood on or even
before that just tell us who you are
first of all yes and I was I was raised
into what seemed like a normal family I
had my mother who she knew she had been
through abuse and I’m gonna really start
there because my story really starts
with her like I said she knew she had
been through abuse and she had a lot of
fragmented memories but her family had
always raised her telling her that she
was crazy or that she was had an
overactive imagination so she just had
all these things that she remembered
that she thought were not true or had
never happened that she had just made up
but um as she got into her late teens
early adulthood life and you know the
pressure just got so great that she had
you know she just felt like she had to
flee from the family but she didn’t even
why and so she joined the army to get
out and there she met my father in Texas
and he came from a really good I don’t
know what to call him besides that they
just remind me of the hearty you know
hearty Norwegian Swedish family and you
know his whole family was almost all
boys and did a lot of fishing and a lot
of sports activities like hockey and
football baseball so she married into
this family and pretty I think it was a
year after they had married they got
moved to Frankfurt Germany and stationed
there and like I said my mother had no
idea of all the ties or that anybody
else was kind of orchestrating all of
this stuff behind her and my father’s
back and my dad wasn’t you know his
family as far as they know was was not
involved and you know so he to this day
still has no clue of all of this but we
do have a lot of the strong Norwegian
bloodline so I know in other shows well
probably to get into the breeding
aspects of this Illuminati Brotherhood
but there were reasons they allowed my
mother to marry into this marriage and
so you know the same thing with joining
the army they allowed her to do that
purposely so that I would be born on
German land so when they were stationed
there they had me and I was born in
Frankfurt well what that did was that
not only connected me to the land but
I’m registered in the Masonic lodges
that are connected to this Luciferian
Brotherhood they’re both in Frankfurt
and in chuan I can never say this word
correctly but it’s Chihuahua
I think Germany so that’s where castle
nurse von Stein is so so we were there
and probably for the first four months
of my life and then they flew back to
the United States and you know my early
childhood was probably like I said
pretty normal and I was I was really
close with my dad and his brothers and
would go out fishing a lot and just did
everything I was always on my father’s
happened or on his shoulders everywhere
he went I went and those are probably
the best memories that I have as a child
are just being with my dad and being
outdoors and and doing a lot of stuff
I’ll kind of I’ll share a fun story
because a lot of this is going to go
pretty dark pretty quick but at age just
about age 3 my dad you know had taken
you trout fishing and for the first time
I caught a trout all on my own and so I
have this picture of myself where I’ve
got this big seven pound trout that’s
almost as big as I am and I’m holding it
up you know just playing it and stuff
and but that was kind of a monumental
moment you know where I had to learn to
fight with this creature to pull it in
so from there we had and we were at that
time living with my dad’s brother who is
in Minnesota and he he and his wife were
Christians and my father and my mother
were not at the time
my mother had been raised Catholic and
my dad comes from a Lutheran family so
you know to the in their family to be
Christian meant you attended Sunday
services for Easter and Christmas right
and that was pretty much it and the only
other thing they ever did religiously
was you know go fishing every Sunday so
for my mom you know it was a little
different she she really had stopped at
that point she wasn’t going to masses
was not involved with the church so my
dad’s brother and his wife really took
them under or took her under their wing
and and they knew that something was
going on but my mom was so good at
hiding it you know they didn’t know what
it was and they just came alongside of
her and really started loving her and
invited her to their Baptist Church and
I can remember you know I was – I think
the first time when we went and I was
the only child in the nursery there and
there was this little old woman named
Lily and Lily was just she is an amazing
person and I’m hoping someday that I
will get to share this with her so she
can know the impact that the little
things that she did really had on my
life but she was not somebody you know
usually a lot of nursery workers in the
church they really will water down the
gospel they try to make things
kid-friendly but she was not like that
she just you know treated me almost like
an adult she would sit me on her lap and
you know would open up the word of God
and read it to me straight out of the
Bible and she started with the book of
John and
I can remember the first time that I
heard those words specifically you know
I think she had rephrase just a little
bit of it but it was they get ready
you know Jesus is coming and my heart
just leapt I mean I knew that was true
and from that day forward like I went
out from that Sunday school and started
telling everybody that I would run into
you know get ready jesus is coming and I
would just keep saying that and so then
she also she taught me a lot of hymns
and buyable songs a lot of them were
ones that older children learn like the
bibl II and you know Jesus loves the
little children and then we’re in the
Lord’s army so this tend to be
orientated for a little bit older
children but she went ahead and taught
me those songs and what happened with
that is that those songs became the
weapons or the tools that I had to fight
with a year later when I got put into my
starting my training with the
Brotherhood so it really was powerful
and I continue to tell people who work
with children especially little ones
that they do understand they they can
hear the word of God the Lord’s word
says that faith comes by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God and age is
not put into that verse it doesn’t
matter what age you are and these little
ones have the ability to comprehend and
to connect with God at a deep spiritual
level even as young as infancy
so that really you know was a very
monumental year and a half of my life
from age two until three and a half
like I said they you know they were
continuing to just bring them on to
church and to witness to her and
fellowship with her so she write around
each three she came to the Lord and she
was driving home one night and heard the
sermon on the radio and you know it was
one of those evangelists I’m not
actually fond of this type of banja lism
but I’ve known several people who have
come to the Lord this way but he was
saying on the radio you know what would
happen if you’re driving tonight and you
get in a car accident and you die and
you know if you don’t know the Lord
you’re gonna go to hell and mm-hmm
he was the fire and brimstone type
preacher and my mom you know actually
she pulled over the car just weeping and
and was saying you know Lord I do want
to know you and I don’t want to go to
this evil place and so she gave her
heart to the Lord and then you know came
home and asked me if I wanted to ask the
Lord into my heart and at that time you
know I said yes yes I I did and so I sat
on her lap and prayed and asked the Lord
you know to forgive me of my sins and to
come into my life and so all this you
know God was kind of just setting up
this framework it’s really important for
people to understand because kind of
this framework because this is the
backdrop of the ministry that I do now
but I went in you know I was raised and
went in to training and through the
entire thing being a new Christian you
know it wasn’t
it wasn’t that I didn’t know the Lord I
knew who the Lord was I had some weapons
in my toolbox that I was able to use and
I watched through this darkness with the
Lord alone and you know it’s hard for
people to really comprehend that that
God would allow somebody to to
experience or see that depth of evil and
you know they they could have a lot of
questions about that why did God allow
that and you know my heart or my answer
for that really is that you know the
Lord has such a heart for people that he
really does see what’s going on in this
darkness and he he desires that no one
should perish but that all should come
to a knowledge of the truth and how can
those in this deep darkness hear or see
or know unless there’s somebody there
who can preach the word to them or who
can witness or testify that there is a
God and so even at that young age the
Lord you know we’ll get into some of the
stories but the Lord was working and so
from there after you know coming to
Christ we were at that time we were
living like I said with my dad’s brother
and we for a short period we lived with
his mom before we moved to the Chicago
area and we we ended up living with my
mother’s relatives who were involved in
this occult and I’ll just give a
disclaimer here that I cannot at this
point there’s parts of my story there’s
some names I can bring forward there’s
some that I can’t because of active
things that are going on right
now so they’ll just be times where I
just can’t stay the names of people I’m
talking about so I hope people can
understand that but sure they can’t I
I just I just want to recap a little bit
so in other words your your your family
your mother had been raised Catholic
your father Lutheran neither of them
were very religious you you move in with
your uncle and he’s a Baptist yes and
you go to and you go to us like a Sunday
school environment where this woman
helped you to find the Lord your mother
also came to the Lord and then you move
to Chicago and and thank God that you
had that you had the the come to Jesus
moment if you will
because answer me this question had you
not had that foundation do you think
either physically mentally spiritually
or emotionally or all of the above you
would have been able to survive what you
went through I believe I would have
survived the question though would have
been you know where would my heart have
stood I think that if I had not had the
Lord at that young age you know the evil
is so alluring and drawing I think I I
would have completely been sucked into
the system to fall heartedly serve Satan
it really is the strong spiritual battle
so who brought you into the occult it
was your your your it was a relative oh
okay you know yeah female relative okay
yes so we’ll look it into some of that
so she she is the or was the current
queen mother darkness so my my entire
family line right now I like to let me
think where to start here I kind of like
to explain it as you know the
the Luciferian Brotherhood Illuminati is
being a system or a company it’s it’s a
lot easier for people to understand when
you think about it that way so the
mothers of darkness are the individuals
who are at the top of the pyramid of the
company they’re they’re like the CEOs
who run this company they oversee
everything every aspect of it and you
know ensure that it runs and functions
efficiently and the way that it’s
supposed to there’s a lot you know it’s
more than just I don’t even know what to
call it but more than just like you know
an individual who would manage a company
and there’s a lot of spiritual
connection so you know these individuals
have an actual relationship with fate
and they meet with him every single
night to get his agenda and then they
ensure that that agenda takes place and
so you know kind of I was trying to
remember but I believe my very first
night there even you know it was just
kind of odd it wasn’t how things
normally had been you know we had just
moved from my one family’s home where
you know I was used to the schedule this
routine we get to Chicago and that night
you know my mother my father my brothers
my sisters everybody falls asleep like
right after dinner and I was used to a
household where we were up till you know
probably 9:00 or 10:00 at night right
and I was like why did everybody fall
asleep and you know at that time my
relatives she said you know oh well they
must be really tired from the move and
so even you know from the beginning
starts this narrative of you know
defining how things are and so from
there you know she encouraged me to go
to bed and the next thing I know is that
I hear her voice and she’s in the hall
hallway and the hallway was kind of this
like it was this big open space and
around it were all the bedrooms in the
bathroom upstairs so she’s you know I
come on in my room because I hear her
calling my name and she’s sitting on the
floor and she’s making these strange
hands and symbols and then she starts to
say to me you know Jessie do you hear
them calling you and I was like who is
calling me you know my family you know
and she’s like no listen like do you
hear them calling you and you know all
of a sudden I did I mean I had had a few
spiritual experiences before that with
angels but I had never never talked with
them never heard them talking to me and
all of a sudden it was like that the
whole spiritual world just opened up to
me and I could you know hear their
conversation and you know she said to me
she said repeat back to me what you hear
them saying and so that kind of started
our nightly routine at first where they
were testing my my gifts and they wanted
to know you know how far things went and
so she would you know ask me to hear
what these spirits were saying and to
repeat back word-for-word what they were
saying so that was kind of the first
night and so then we went straight from
there to the next day and you know this
individual is in charge of watching or
babysitting me and I had a sister and a
younger brother and my parents left for
work so we were in her care for 20 you
know 24/7 and we went to one of the
churches Catholic churches that was
there in Chicago area I have I have made
this public so it actually you know is
that the Rockford Illinois Cathedral st.
Peter and that is one of the major
training grounds for the Illuminati and
so we go there and underground like
there’s a whole tunnel system that runs
under the basements of that school and
that Catholic Church and it extends
throughout the entire Rockford area so
you’ve got you know the One Direction
goes to the Greenwood Cemetery where
that’s where one of entrances is and
that’s the catacomb area and if you go
try to remember which direction but I
believe it’s if you go to kind of
Northwest from that area there’s what
they would call it’s kind of like a big
open area but it’s done like a throne
room under there and so when the mothers
of darkness are there visiting they spit
on these Thrones and it is an open area
where there’s a lot of ritual that
occurs so this was and I’ll just give
them an a give it graphic warning here I
don’t know how your audience deals with
that but they’ve heard they’ve heard
quite a few things and that’s our
audience is very in tune to what you’re
gonna be talking about even even as
harsh as it is yep
so I’m gonna let you know we’re gonna
get there so this it’s pretty graphic
here but so so we went and we’re
I she had left my siblings with one of
the nuns and so it was just me and my
relative and we went to this underground
open area and there were five women who
were sitting on these Thrones now four
of those women are her sisters so
they’re all family and there were like
as we kind of walked through these doors
there was two men on each side of the
doorways and they had these long kind of
like instrument boxes that they were
weapon boxes and when you opened them
there were like the these nice that had
sheaths on the end so kind of like the
curved Muslim type knives so you know we
go in there and one of those individuals
that was pretty involved in the law
enforcement there in Chicago and I ended
up learning later that he was one of the
protectors for one of the other mothers
who is there the other person you know
is a very high-level military individual
who’s heavily involved in the
Luciferians Satanism and so they open
these boxes with these weird knifes and
um and you know my relative I often
would just call her my Proctor when we
were in training so I’ll just probably
switch to that term at this point but my
Proctor you know was talking about these
weapons and the significance of them and
then she pulled them out and she you
know I had no idea at this point that I
was actively being engaged in this
ceremony but she pulled the weapon the
weapons out and she walked up to the
Queen mother of Darkness and cut her
head off right in front of me and then
she picked it up and she started to
cannibalize it and then the other
mothers joined in and they cannibalized
it and then you know I’m just kind of
I’m standing not far you know not more
than six feet away from all of this
happening and she walked up to me at
that point
and she put her bloody hand on my face
and she said to me you know one day you
will do this you know you are the chosen
successor you will be the Queen and you
know you will fulfill your role and I
can remember the only thought in my mind
was no no I won’t and so that was kind
of that was the very first murder that I
observed do this this Queen Mother whose
head was cut off was she that she no she
was going to be sacrificed yes for the
mothers of darkness that’s how you’re
succeeded that once each of them have a
successor so my relative was this clean
successor so this other queen had
trained her in her job what she was
supposed to do and then how it works is
the moment that that the successor has
somebody who’s their chosen successor
that’s when they take their position so
because she now had a successor that’s
when she took her position actually and
there is some other stuff you know with
that besides cannibalizing the head you
know they believe that because they were
there with the last breath that
when she when my Proctor took her life
you know she inherited all of the
demonic spirits all of the spiritual
gifts that this person had as well so it
could her in a very high position of
power so you actually witnessed your
relative your Proctor become the
successor to the the woman who was was
killed the woman knew she was going to
be killed that your relative your
Proctor was going to be her successor
and this is just all part of the ritual
system yet well this was the actual
ritual where the my Proctor became the
Queen Mother of darkness so at that
point she took on the headship of being
the queen and running everything okay
you must have been in a state of shock
and there’s a that’s all that’s all I
can imagine here’s here’s someone who
has recently come to the Lord and all of
a sudden you are witnessing one of the
most heinous acts any any one adult
child whatever could witness and then
the the you know you have a bloody hand
put on your face and someone telling you
you know you know this is going to be
you at some point and you’re in a state
of denial and saying no this is not
going to be me what happened after that
yeah so after that we went I believe we
went straight from there picked up my
siblings and went back home and we were
home by the time my parents got home
from work and I know she she had taken
out nice at the house and she would
often set my siblings around the kitchen
table and she would sit in between them
with a big butcher knife and she would
you know make comments like she would
not come straight out and say things but
her story you know she often would say
that I was being naughty or disobedient
and she would say you know boy when your
mom and dad
come home I’m gonna tell them what a
naughty girl you were and she would be
tapping the knife and so there were you
know from the get-go there was this fear
that you know I mean I could deduct it’s
like this woman has a knife
what is she going to do with it you know
she’s got my siblings right there so
really she she would threaten their
lives that if if I didn’t go along with
her story or her narrative she she would
kill them and I think that that first
night I did or first day before my
parents got home when she was doing that
I did tried to reach out and grab that
knife from her and that’s when she began
to chase me with it and so it and I’ll
I’m trying to think how to bring this in
but so it wasn’t just her but there was
another female relative who also was in
the house and so the two of them
together started to chase me with these
big butcher knives and and it wasn’t
just a chase it was literally that they
were taking shots at me with this knife
and so like you know I had tripped at
one point in the hallway hallway and all
of a sudden I’ve got these knife coming
down like right next to my you know arms
or legs and I’m just trying to like
scoot and roll out of the way and at the
same time my mind is just on my my
little siblings and so you know that
that’s kind of the level of abuse like
you know I found out quickly that I was
not the only child going through this
type of abuse that it really was part of
you know I wasn’t programmed but I still
went through the program so this was
part of the when you’re at home program
this is how they treat you this is how
they desensitize to you this is how they
train you in the evil and so I learned
that that you know this was just one of
the things and there was a lot of times
that you know I had tuned into the
moment I would hear that butcher knife
scrape across the counter I already was
grabbing my siblings and I would you
know know ahead of time I knew what the
door looked like if it was locked and if
it was locked I had to run upstairs and
hide with them if the door wasn’t locked
I was running out the door with them and
would find a place to hide until you
know until my relative calm down so did
your parents I’m sorry did your parents
know what what was going on here I mean
were they come oh okay but used but if
they were but if you were protecting
your siblings obviously your siblings
knew right or they knew something was
happening because you’re being chased
around the house with a knife did you
want to tell your parents about this did
your siblings want to talk to your
parents about this and say hey this
relative this obviously should be in
your Proctor but you know for all they
didn’t know she was a Proctor at the
time she was well as it did they did you
guys say anything to your parents about
this hey this woman is what we were not
able to the threat was even that’s the
first rule that they teach you is the
code of silence okay and so yes we all
wanted to tell but the threat was that
if you told somebody was gonna die okay
and you know you it became you know I’ll
get as I get more into that there was a
lot of death because I did reach out to
tell people you know and so my main
thing was to protect my sibling
it was much easier to see the death of
somebody I didn’t know then you know it
would have been if I would have seen
them die but they were very very little
so they were like you know three and one
at the time so think about that you know
these little kids experiencing this
stuff you know three-year-old the
one-year-old doesn’t really have the
words to be able to tell you know you
can’t you can say mommy I don’t like her
or things like that but you you really
can’t tell them the depth of what you’re
seeing you don’t even know how to put it
into words and obviously because you had
witnessed the sacrifice of this other
woman this this this queen of Darkness
you knew that that if that’s if if there
was a threat made against your family by
your Proctor that this was going to
happen to them if you said anything you
knew because you had witnessed this
murder that it would be real right
exactly and not just real I mean it you
know it’s it’s pretty horrific you can’t
even put words to it when you see the
things that these people did to other
people they’re just really is not
adequate words for it you know as far
beyond just completing a ritual or just
doing something because they had to or
because they were threatened to and you
know behind it all really is the heart
of evil that that these individuals they
really love what they’re doing there’s a
self-pleasure there so they delight in
this evil and that’s the hardest thing
to see is that you know she wasn’t just
cannibalizing this person because she
had to she literally was enjoying doing
it was it a sexual pleasure
there was sexual pleasure in that for
her yeah and and that was all stuff I
mean I just at the time had no words for
as a child you know I didn’t understand
it I knew I did not want it nor did I
want anything to do with it
I I was a pretty spunky rebellious child
you know and I’m grateful for the Lord
for that because that that really got me
through a lot of this even with humor
like I just had a way of looking at
things you know I would see them doing
stuff and I’d be like why are they doing
that that’s just really stupid you know
or their stuff but why are they doing
this to make state and happy who cares
of Satan’s happy you know so I would be
thinking these thoughts and you know and
I I did I I fought a lot with Satan you
know so I was trying to think back even
to that day you know it was like so that
day my parents come home and you know
this relative made up this entire story
about you know oh she had taken us to
the park and on these lovely walks and
and we had visited the friends down the
street and played with the other
children and I was just like okay you
know I I just went along with the
narrative well it didn’t stop there you
know so that night also you know we had
dinner and I remembered you know that
was the first time I you know I caught
well we were gone all day where in the
world did dinner come from
she had this casserole in the oven and
you know had pulled that out for dinner
and and I just remembered thinking where
did that come from last night
we were in the hallway doing stuff and
now she’s pulling out a casserole and so
for that you know kind of became an
ongoing mystery there always was food in
the fridge it was always prepared
all she had to do was stick something in
the oven and take it out at one point
you know me and my training partner I’ll
I’ll get into him in a little bit here
but we used to stay up you know the few
hours that we got alone together at
night and we would be watching the
windows and watching the doors and
trying to see if we could figure out who
was bringing this food in the house
but the food I’ll go back to you know my
parents you know they sit down to eat
this nice family dinner and we’re all
together and you know shortly after 6:00
o’clock after dinner they fall asleep
again and I can remember even my Proctor
like never did the dishes and yet the
dishes everything was always done in the
morning so there were some of these
little oddities were you know I’d come
out of a family where you know my other
grandmother she did the dishes every
night so after dinner you know you’d be
there helping her you’d see her putting
these things away I would see her
cooking food so I started picking up on
some of this stuff that my Proctor did
none of these things and yet somehow
they would mysteriously be done every
day and was there anyone else living in
the house besides your Proctor and your
family yeah so there were that some
other people my mother siblings that
they were not around either so at six
o’clock everybody would fall asleep and
it would just be me and my Proctor and
so from
about 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. would be
our nighttime training and so I’ll kind
of explain a little bit here from
usually from the morning time after but
my parents left from for work until
about 5:00 p.m. that was what was
considered daytime training and that
occurred but with me and my Proctor and
other individuals as well as my training
partner and then from 6 p.m. until 2
a.m. that was time usually where it was
just me and my Proctor and it sometimes
dealt with the other mothers sometimes
they would show up but from 10:00 until
usually around 11 or 12 that was
Wednesday tan in his generals demonic
generals would show up and that was
their meeting time every night and so I
grew up you know sitting in this hallway
you know in these meetings with these
beings and I was trying to think some of
the other little things but that that
became the normal schedule and then from
you know usually 2 a.m. until 5 a.m. was
the only three hours that I actually got
to sleep if I got to sleep so there was
a very strict regiment with low sleep
they just kept it going all day long so
it was you know the exposure to evil was
non-stop it was the crash course in just
extreme intense evil your training
partner this was someone you’re I’m
assuming your own age they kind of
paired you up with someone who was your
own age
was was he or she living in the house
you know he lived down he lived about
less than a block away so live down the
and so his I’ll go to his family next he
came from a long line of both Masonic
and witchcraft line his father was a
pretty high level Mason his mother would
came from one of the original bloodline
of Salem witches so she was you know
there were there was a lot of heavy
witchcraft in case childhood he had a
sister who is eight years old and then a
younger brother so I had got to know
them a little bit and we have you know
and I would only see them during the day
at the training center we weren’t
allowed to play together like once we
got home he was not allowed to interact
with any of the other kids on the block
or in the neighborhood I think they did
that to protect us so that other people
in the system did not know who the
successor and her protector were but
basically my training partner became the
individual who has chosen to be my
protector so that’s a position very
similar to a bodyguard so how we were
both chosen you know this was probably
one of the few days we actually did go
to school and it wasn’t the school there
at Saint Peters but we were in this
classroom and they had all the key of
the kindergarteners sitting around in
this circle and in the middle of us
there were all these occultic objects
that had been placed in the circle so
you know weird things like a you know a
tarot card a candle a black shawl of a
raven feather
and just lots of other I mean there was
more than 20 items that were there and
they told us you know it’s my Proctor
and then one of the other mothers of
darkness who were running this little
group for that day and they you know
they were there as special they call
them special friends visiting and they
said they were gonna play a game with
all of us and the game was that each
child got to get up and pick an object
but then you put it back down and sat
back down and I remember thinking well
how is this a game what is the the point
of that that doesn’t sound very fun now
the funny thing is I said that in my
head you know I mean I kind of was just
like you know what is the point of it
and all of a sudden this little boy next
to me he starts laughing and and I
looked at heaven and in my head I said
can you hear me and he responded yes and
so this became you know a special gift
that God had given us was that you know
there were moments where we could hear
the thoughts in each other’s head and so
that was kind of our first connecting
moment and we started teasing and joking
about this stupid game and so anyway you
know our turns came up and we picked our
items and and later hit well I’ll finish
that story first so what was interesting
about that was this was probably the
second time that the Lord was really
showing these individuals what my
calling was and that he was really in
charge of what was going on so they had
all these items and I to me I could just
see the
item that I picked you know I didn’t
know that it was something only in the
spiritual world so only those who could
see in the spiritual world saw what I
picked up so I picked up this item and I
got this you know a whole bunch a weird
looks and my Proctor says to me you know
Jessie what are you doing and I said
well I picked my item and she’s like and
and what is that and I was like well
it’s this it’s a sword and her and the
other mother looked at each other and
we’re just they didn’t know what to do
because it wasn’t an item that they had
placed there so it was one that the Lord
had placed there and I picked up this
sword that was of the Lord and so that
was the beginning of God telling them
you know that he had other plans and
that he was in control and so they had
me you know then put it down and sit
back down well I think it was the next
day my training partner he really wanted
his item that he had picked he did not
think that it was fair then it had to go
back into a box and we had watched as
the mothers you know when we came back
from that classroom we had gone back to
the church and they had a room
downstairs where they kept some other
occultic supplies so we watched as you
know the one mother she put it back in
in that supply room and after she left
he picked pocketed his way into that
room and stole his item out of that box
well the next day when they went to go
do another training at a different
school with some other kids will just
call this mother mg
so mg started freaking out and was like
oh my gosh not all the items are there
like where did it go
and in that world you don’t make
mistakes you know everything is
accounted for these people are very
thorough so you know they knew that when
they gathered all the items from the
previous tests
you know they had counted to make sure
that every single one went back in that
box and then they counted again and
again to make sure everything was there
so all of a sudden they you know go to
get this box and she’s counting items
and ones missing well this was the first
miracle that the Lord did for us so we
literally were in the hallway and my
training partner is kind of you know
it’s just this long brick hallway and
I’m standing against the wall and he’s
in front of me and these mothers of
darkness are going back and forth
looking through all of the rooms there
was about five rooms in front of us and
they’re going in and out of all the
doors looking for this item and yet they
don’t see us standing there in this
hallway and we’re just right out in the
open and so the Lord perform that
miracle several times where literally
they would walk right past us and not
even see us
and so we would often laugh that that
was our first victory you know over
these evil people that we had gotten
away with something that you know not
even the demons knew or could pick up on
or tell them that we had done this and
so he still to this day has that item
it’s it kind of I still think it’s funny
but throw
that was this and you were you about
three and a half at the time no this is
I was four and a half okay and he was
the same age you yeah he’s a he’s about
about six months older than me okay he
was almost five yeah okay all right yes
this was about September of 1981 so from
there I’m gonna I’ll just pause to see
if you have any questions before I go on
here to the next thing I get so this
training was was was ongoing this was
happening every day yes you knew what
was going on you couldn’t tell anybody
about it it was a it was a deep dark
secret what other types of things did
they talk about during the training
obviously you mentioned that the the
game that you were playing of collecting
these objects what other types of things
were you being indoctrinated into and
then from there you can move on to the
next phase of the story yes no actually
that segues into the next portion so
there wasn’t there was not actually a
lot of talking it wasn’t like they had a
training manual or a book that they went
through a lot of this stuff you know
they did not even explain like I would
just find myself thrown into this
situation and you know there might be a
moment where my Proctor would pull me
aside ahead of time and she would tell
me what was expected of me or what I was
supposed to do so this was at the I’ll
say this was at the very beginning of
training you know that it really was
something that you observed and
experienced so you learned through your
experience that you know when you’re put
in this position this is what you’re
supposed to do or when we’re in this
room this is what we’re supposed to do
so there were a couple different areas
where they started training us one of
them was with combat and it was
hand-to-hand close combat so you know it
was probably very shortly well I wanted
to get to what happened before we
started the combat so see right after
he’s my training partner stole that
object that night you know I had gone
through matron Knightly training had
fallen asleep and the next thing I know
I’m literally being ripped out of my bed
and dragged down the stairs
by my arm and out the front door and we
got into these vehicles that had pulled
up they were all black Lincoln like
vehicles there was about six of them and
so I got pulled into this vehicle with
my Proctor and we we drove at the time
I’ll say my training partner his
original House was not a block away so
we drove to where his original house was
with his carrots and and we got out and
you know it’s it’s like two almost three
o’clock in the morning and this is how
bad this is I mean these entire
neighborhoods are involved in the
Illuminati so we get there and there’s a
whole the house is surrounded with these
people in black robes and they begin to
chant and and that chanting you know I I
quickly learned was a signal like what
when they’re coming for people they want
them to know so they’ve got their house
they’re chanting loudly and this is all
being done
in the yard and so they were targeting
his family and after they were done with
their chanting a couple of the men broke
the front door down they several of them
went into the house and and then I just
heard all this screaming and yelling
particularly his mother and his sister
so the one guy comes out with my
training partner he’s carrying him and
he sets him down by me and my Proctor
and she looked at him and she said you
stand there like a good boy and she’s
like you too
keep your eyes open watch don’t say
anything don’t intervene or you or it’ll
happen to you okay so that that’s the
rules were outlined that quickly you
know it was like okay we got a watch
like well what happens if we don’t watch
what happens hopefully say something you
know what are we about to see and you
know I’m just sitting there just you
know asking all these questions in my
head and so pretty soon they came out
with you know his sister and his mother
and his dad and then also his little
brother but the guy who had his little
brother he came like he walked past us
with the baby brother and gave my
training partners brother to the man
that I quickly learned was his
grandfather and the grandfather took the
baby into the car and drove off with him
so then it was just you know all of
these people in black robes and me and
my Proctor and training partner standing
in the middle of the yard and you know
his my training partners mother is she
is just violently screaming and she’s
you know I think she knew what
coming and she was like you know you get
your hands off my kids and anyway that
so the man who had grabbed his sister
I’m gonna give a graphic warning here he
basically you know held her down on the
ground and raped her right there in the
front yard she’s eight years old he
graphically raped her and when he was
you know they loaded everybody into cars
they literally were dragging his mother
and his sister by their hair into these
cars kicking and screaming the dad was
not doing anything like he was just
silently going along with it all okay no
not a word spoken did he know did he is
it because he knew this was going to
happen I believe so but he just he there
was no reactions from him at all like
just a a sad kind of a sad face but
there was no fight in him even so he
just went along with it and so they
loaded us all in the vehicles and you
know my training partner was in the same
vehicle with me and my Proctor and we
drove about ten miles down the road to a
barn and so again graphic warning we
walk in there and and the barn has hail
on the ground again the same person who
raped his sister rapes her again on the
barn floor and then they put a rope
around her neck and they hung her and
gutted her right in front of everybody
and then right after that they hung and
gutted his parents and at that point the
two of us you know again there would be
little reminders that we couldn’t turn
our eyes away that we had to watch we
couldn’t say anything
and I just remember you know I met
empath and I I was just picking up his
heart that the sheer brokenness and so
this was the first time you know they
call it posture it means that you you
act like everything is perfectly fine
you look perfectly normal on the outside
no matter what’s going on on the inside
you don’t let any emotion show and so
that’s you know what we were doing and
and you’re obedient
no matter what well I broke that
obedience I reached out my hand as far
as I could and touched my pinkie to his
and I just remember you know my training
partner he took this deep breath and
then you know he started breathing just
normal again
and you know I had picked up that he he
literally was holding his breath not
breathing because it was so graphic you
know and so there’s just no words and
and then the next day you know after we
left there we got in the cars and and
went home they they gave him over to
custody of him to his grandfather on so
then he thoughts when he moved into the
house that was about a block away from
where I was and let me think what else
with that the next day the news went out
that there had been a severe accident
that the gas tank had been hit of course
and so all the bodies were burned and so
we attended the funeral service of his
mom and his dad and sister and for that
you know there wasn’t even grieving
allowed I mean it literally was like
you’re going to a Catholic
quit you know or potluck everybody’s
talking and chatting and gossiping and
you know nobody’s even looking at this
little boy who you know the majority of
them they had no idea what he just saw
but even if they went with the other
story that his parents and sister were
just killed in this horrific accident
you know there nobody was had any
attention on him or asking him how he
was doing or feeling it was just like
all of a sudden you’re putting this
scene where everybody is it’s just
living life normal
his grandfather walked him up to the
caskets and then they walked back down
you know the aisles and and that was it
that was the extent of the grief that we
got for his family and then they were
buried and it was you know we were told
they didn’t exist that we never talked
about them we weren’t allowed to there
were no pictures that he got of them it
was now that you know you are a child of
Satan and for the rest of your life now
you were in this service and it’s a and
they built it up it was a service of
honor you know this was a chosen
position generational that those who had
served before him you know were revered
and honored and were trustworthy men who
devoted their life to the person they
were supposed to protect and that was
what he was told and good no this is I’m
riveted by this and I know that our
audiences as well after this happened to
his family your training partner was was
he given to his grandfather his custody
his grandfather’s custody he was and and
that gets
really interesting because as I have yet
to figure out if this really is his real
grandfather or not but whoever the this
man he was put into his custody and that
you another little sister that the
grandfather drove off with right a
little brother or brother I apologize
brother okay yes so both he and his
brother were put into the custody of
this man so this led us to you know I
mean this series of traumatic events
we’re pretty quick they were within a
day or a week of each other so you know
we had a lot of an initial trauma back
to back so from there the man that he
was put into the custody of this man
actually was the Nazi defense Legion
leader for Hitler
so his he had many specialties his major
specialty with defense magic but he also
you know was highly skilled in and here
we’re going to kind of get to some of
the exciting interesting conversation
that will bring out in other talks but
he was skilled in opening the spiritual
gates or spiritual portals he was highly
skilled in sex magic and then some of
the ancient black magic or forbidden
magic that came out of Germany and
Sweden in Norway
those were his specialties this
individual also trained two of our
current high-level military individuals
were implicated in a lot of things right
now so you know he his specific training
was teaching those people in these
things so we have to remain nameless I’m
assuming at this time yeah at this time
they I wish I could just I’d blurt it
out if I could but and we respect that
and we understand why because I know
that you’ve been in contact with federal
officials regarding all of this and
certain things have to be kept under
wraps for your safety and for for the
safety of others I’m sure yes so one of
them you know we can kind of allude to
this individual after this next event
I’m going to describe this individual
you know was highly trained in the
California area and began running we’ll
just say the temple of set which I’m
sure everybody then will know who I’m
talking about so he became one of the
major high priests at that time and took
his position as a high priest so the
next thing that we know you know it for
a long time I didn’t there was just so
much a Luciferian Satanism that we were
exposed to that I didn’t like I picked
up the connections that there were
different departments in this system and
my departments you know it kind of broke
into you know you had the Masonic
department you had the Kabbalah the
Satanist department the Jesuit Catholic
Church and then the Mormons so I found
out that these departments did you know
ran a lot of the system for the
Illuminati and you know their job was
overseeing a lot of the trafficking that
was going a lot going on also running
different parts of the monarch program
each of them had a different portion of
the monarch program so
the children that were in their care
worked they were all trained in the
monarch program but the training was
different for each of them so somebody
who was trained as a Mason in that
department you know there might be a
combination with some of the Jesuit
Catholic they usually were raised in the
Catholic Church and then they also were
connected to people who were in the
military who would train them through
the MKULTRA program with that even that
broke into different little programs
where you had the Delta the epsilon the
beta Kitty program and then you know
somebody who was just straight in the
Catholic Jesuit program they were
trained through the Carousel program so
the reason that they did this you know
and split the program into different
systems was so that if one system was
found out they didn’t lose the entire
system they still had four departments
that could efficiently operate and keep
everything in the system going and they
only would lose the one department so
you know at first I didn’t catch all the
connections but you know so the – you
know I was trained mostly through the
Catholic Church and you know at first
saw everything through those eyes on my
Proctor’s husband was a very high-level
Mason so it wasn’t until later in life
that I started seeing a lot of the
Masonic connections that I had been
through so the next ritual that we went
through you know it just to me it was
odd it made no sense and again that was
because there was nobody explaining step
by step like what was going on
it wasn’t like they said oh now we’re
going to the Grand Lodge and and you’re
going to participate in this ritual
that’s gonna seal who you are in the
system you know so all that happened was
you know we ended up at this building
and you know we walk in and there’s a
myth you know a man standing in front of
the doors he’s in this weird would I
call weird uniform ended up he was a
sentinel and you know he stands there
and then we hear him knock on the door a
certain number of times and then it’s
answered with another knock coming from
the other side of the door and then the
door opens
and me and my Proctor walked through and
at this point they they all were
speaking German if people are interested
I’m not going to go into every single
detail of this I’ve written a blog
called silence breaks forth in the song
and that is available on Twitter and on
Kathy Fox’s blog so you can find that
it’s at Kathy with a C so it’ll be twice
at Kathy Kathy Fox okay so all seven of
these blogs so far on there and I go
into really great detail of explaining
all of the Masonic esoterical meanings
that we’re behind this next ritual that
they did so you know they’re all
speaking German and basically I’m gonna
paraphrase but in German they’re saying
you know who who is entering the door
who’s at the door and you know my
grandmother answer is that she’s the one
who has the holy seed and so they allow
us to proceed in past the doorway and
as you entered the room there were seven
men that were in there there was a huge
pentagram on the floor and there was
nothing in the middle of the pentagram
at other times you know when they had
these rituals it that marking on the
floor would either be a pentagram or a
square and usually there would be three
objects that were in the middle of that
Square so for this ritual though there
was nothing in the middle there so we’re
brought in and then there’s another
knock on the door and they allowed you
know the my training partner and his
grandfather in and so kind of the same
thing he enters in and says something
very similar that you know he also has
the holy seed and they’re bringing us in
there so then they they stand and
positioned us in the middle of this
pentagram and and we’re kind of just
sitting there you know me and my
training partner just kind of looking at
each other but we also knew like we had
to be very serious like we knew
something major was happening and we’re
surrounded by these eight people and
around them we see on the outside there
are also worth the eight major demonic
generals for Satan or the seven I’m
sorry seven generals and then Satan
himself so we can see all these beings
and we’re hearing everything that’s
going on and it the main individual
military individual I had mentioned
who’s out of California he he was the
supreme lust rias master who was
presiding over the main part of this
ritual so as the ritual proceeds they’ll
son they have my training partner where
he has to kneel down and he as he’s
kneeling down though he has his hands up
in the air and I was standing facing him
and then we had my hands were down
touching his hands so we were palm to
palm okay and the significance behind
this is you know goes through some of
their Dogma books where they say that
there’s two forces and these two forces
one is male one is female one is good
and one is evil one is on the right one
is on the left the one you know lives to
basically make sure that the good
prospers while the other the good lives
to basically cover up the evil of the
other one okay so these are some of the
things that are written in these books
and so as they’re doing this though they
give us our ritual names are spoken over
us and that was sunshine and moonlight
and then they read from one of the
ancient forbidden books which is a
prophecy of the end times
about what sunshine and moonlight will
do together
so we can get into some of that but that
ritual it did not actually take place we
prayed through but the timing of that
was that that was just supposed to
April 24th just a month ago so we prayed
through and stopped that ritual from
taking place but we were prepared our
whole lives from that moment of kids
until that date just a month ago we were
prepared to
perform certain things on April 24th so
it gets kind of interesting well I’m
just absolutely incredible I what I
think I would like to do at this point
with your permission is hold on until
our next interview because I I can tell
right now that people are gonna want to
know what happens next and and obviously
you have a lot more to tell and I I
certainly want to hear it and I
certainly know that our audience wants
to hear it but I want to get them to
come back so what I’m gonna first do is
is is let my audience know that Jesse’s
a boater is going to be with us each and
every week to carry on her story and to
let people know exactly what is
happening we will be talking in future
broadcasts about the tunnels system
we’re gonna talk about the Antichrist
we’re going to talk about ritual
sacrifice obviously the child sex
trafficking that is going on here but
we’re also going to be talking about
religion and we’re gonna be talking
about how having a deep faith in our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is what you
need to protect yourself from these
things so Jesse with your permission
what I’d like to do is have you back in
exactly one week and it will do it every
week and we’ll continue at that point
does that sound fair to you that sounds
I look forward to it alright so well
will when we continue next week we’ll
talk about what happened after this
particular situation which was supposed
to result in something that would have
happened just a little bit over a month
ago and then we’ll go forward from there
because there’s just a lot to talk about
but I do want to bring up your website
where people can get more information
and to see your blogs and that is
illuminates the darkness calm that’s
illuminate the darkness calm you’re up
there’s blogs from Kathy Fox you want to
tell people who Kathy Fox is for those
who might not know though
yeah Kathy Fox is an amazing woman I
just happen to come across her on
Twitter and found that she is a wealth
of information resources and she’s the
only individual or I’ll just say she’s
the individual who has the most amount
of Survivor information right now
so she you know it’s not just my
testimony she’s putting other people’s
testimonies out there getting the truth
out there and so you know for people who
just want to know what’s going on with
this Illuminati system what’s going on
current-day or if you want to hear you
know what what these kids that we’re
trying to rescue are living through you
know you can hear testimony straight
from people who have lived through this
stuff you know so she how we kind of
connected was when I found her and you
know friended her she saw my blog that
well at first it wasn’t a blog I was
just tweeting my started tweeting my
story online about this ritual and about
the Masonic connections and she said hey
you know I want to pick this up can I
blog this and and you know I said sure
and the first one that she did that like
you know it really was a surprise she
took several of the videos that I had
done with Dan Duvall about the system in
the structure of the Illuminati system
and she put that into a blog form and I
think that’s caught what did she call it
I think it’s the Lumet the structure of
the Illuminati system and that one right
now like you know is is probably our
biggest blog but it breaks down in
detail how the
structureworks and starts to get into
like the positions at the top and again
we’re just talking the very tip-top of
the pyramid so she she’s just very
fluent writer very good she’s now become
a very dear friend and the only
individual that I’m putting my
information out in blog form with so you
know if you want to read those blogs
you’ll have to go to her site or you can
get them on my website too but it’ll be
through her name no I encourage her
giving her a rights and a follow I will
do that I would love the opportunity to
to talk to her as well at some point
because but you are just a wealth of
information and I am so honored that you
are agreeing to become a regular guest
on our program because my audience is so
into saving as many children as possible
from these heinous acts and from these
organizations that you will be of
tremendous benefit to all of us and
we’re just honored that you were kind
enough to be with us so what we will do
jesse is we will have you on again next
week at the same time and we will
continue the conversation exactly where
we left off and and we’ll go from there
and we’ll just continue to get the word
out as much as possible once again the
website illuminate the darkness calm
Jessie sue boater thank you so much for
being with us today here on truth
unsealed and we look forward to talking
to you again next week thanks David
jessie is a boater ladies and gentlemen
thank you for watching and listening to
this interview I would be curious as to
what you think I really want to know
your thoughts about what this woman had
to say as I indicated she is going to be
a regular contributor to the program she
and many others in the future will be
joining us for discussions on this topic
I hope that you’ll be here to witness
each and every one of them and as I
indicated in a previous broadcast very
shortly you will be able to participate
in these broadcasts by calling into the
program and I certainly hope when that
becomes available that you will take
advantage of it now what we discussed
with Jessie is not new to those of you
who have listened to and viewed our
video channels and visited our websites
you know that we talk about this all the
time we began discussing it in the run
up to the 2016 presidential elections
you know that what was known as pizza
gate or pedal gate is very real
you saw our reports on it you read our
websites reports on it we’ve talked
about it and those of you who have
followed us also know that during the
course of the last four years we have
made available to you something called
the bundle plus what is the bundle plus
the bundle plus is a series of 25
on pedophilia and child sex trafficking
here in the United States and around in
around the world we have reports on
government on the military-industrial
complex on the entertainment industry on
the clergy in all religions including
Roman Catholicism and on the business
community a very credible reporter by
the name of Liz Cohen has stated that up
to 1/3 of the people in the United
States federal government are involved
in pedophilia and child sex trafficking
and that’s true that’s true they are we
need to save as many of these children
as is humanly possible we need to put an
end to this heinous syndicate of
violence against our children but in
order to be able to do that we need to
be informed and the bundle Plus which I
have been bringing to you over lo these
many years is the way to do that what is
the bundle Plus well as I said here it
is it is you can hardly see it here
because of this background I apologize
for that but it’s it’s 25 reports long
thousands of hours worth of research
hundreds of pages were the documents
profusely Illustrated with links
trackbacks and all of the information
you need to share with your family your
friends your co-workers your politicians
anyone who elicits we have reports on
the Clintons we have reports on the
we have reports on the bushes oh yes
it’s not just liberals and Democrats
that are involved in this in these
satanic cults it’s also conservatives we
have reports on people involved in the
business community we have reports on
the entertainment industry such as the
Disney peddle gate empire we have
reports on all denominations of
Christianity and other forms of religion
as well Judaism Islam many others
Mormonism we have reports on the
European Royals and things that are
going on across the pond if you will we
have reports on human child hunting
parties we have reports on Australian
pedophile rings and child sex
trafficking rings we have reports and
how you can protect your children from
predators both online and in society
again thousands of hours worth of
research hundreds of pages worth of
documents and we’d like to get these
documents into your hands I’d like to do
it today it’s three hundred and fifty
dollars worth of material which I would
like to get it into your hands very
affordably how do we do it
quite simply you can go to any one of
our four websites we have for them we’ll
list them here at the end of this report
but just say our flagship website truth
unsealed com go to truth unsealed com
click on any article on the home page
and then scroll down the right side of
the page till you come to the donate
button click that donate button make a
donation to us of a hundred and twenty
five dollars or more and then email me a
copy of the receipt for that donation
email it to America talks at
that’s America talks all one word at in return I’m going to email
you back in PDF format the bundle plus
again I’m sorry that I can’t the colors
here kind of crazy I apologize for that
today should not have worn a blue shirt
for one thing I apologize for that but
in return we’ll e-mail you back these
reports they come as a zip file do all
you have to do is unzip them and they’re
all PDFs again they’re all profusely
Illustrated links Trackbacks all of the
information you need to continue to do
your further due diligence and further
research they are shareable you can
share them with anyone you want you can
print them out and put them in book
format get them into the hands of the
people who you think might be able to
make a difference in resolving this
situation and putting an end to it once
and for all and a portion of the
proceeds of every donation that you make
to us here at Ruth’s unsealed goes to a
special organization that we are
supporting that’s helping to put an end
to pedophilia and child sex trafficking
here in the United States it’s called
shared Hope International so your money
is going to a good cause directly
helping to save some innocent young
children from just the type of thing
that Jesse sobota was talking about
again she’s going to become a regular
contributor can I get these reports into
your hands today I hope so
alright again Jesse will be with us on a
regular basis we will have her back
every week exploring a different aspect
a different facet of the topic of the
Illuminati Satanism and child sex
I hope my fervent hope is that you will
join us regularly if you are not a
subscriber to our video channels please
subscribe to all of them including our
youtube channel spread the information
out tell people about what’s going on
here get them to watch post the videos I
don’t care if you have a video you know
if you have a video channel of your own
on any platform whether it be YouTube or
bit shoot or bright neon or we’re on at
least four or five different platforms
if you have your own YouTube channel and
you want to repost this video or you
want to upload it to a news site please
you have my permission please do I just
want to get the word out I just want to
save some children please help me to do
that and at the same time we cover other
topics as well on this broadcast this is
about truth and I want to continue to
get this information into your hands
please help me to do that and help me
save some kids will you please thank you
this is David’s Oobleck with truth
unsealed invites you to like our
Facebook page where we post a lot of
this stuff slash David
zubik slash d-a-v-i-d Z you
be Li CK follow me on Twitter at America
talks please subscribe to all of our
video channels including our YouTube
channel and above and beyond all else to
save as many children as possible and to
bring to justice those who would harm
them please spread this information far
and why

I only post on this blog and links on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]
  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]

For more details see further down…


[1] You Tube Dave Zublick Illuminati Victim Speaks Out [Jessie Czebotar]

[1a] Invidio Dave Zublick Illuminati Victim Speaks Out [Jessie Czebotar]

[1c] Curated Sources Dark Outpost 2020-5-29 Illuminati Victim Speaks Out Part 1

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[65] 2020 May 10 Cathyfoxblog Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

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To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

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