Obama is now running the Satanic Council

Virus, Riots and Illuminati Personnel Updates

We are in turbulent times, as the Illuminati attempts to bring their plan, the New World Order (NWO), to fruition out of the chaos they are causing. Order out of chaos. “Ordo Ab Chao” Out of chaos, order.

The illuminati implemented their Fear Psyop 1 – coronavirus falseflag/pysop and have greatly exaggerated any possible dangers via the media and scientists and others they control. They have tried to restrict any cheap cures like hydroxychloroquine, in favour of the DNA altering vaccine they intend to introduce and that CDC corrupt scientist Fauci and eugenecist Bill Gates will profit from.

Why bring chaos? To increase fear and in that state the people will accept their rights being taken away. Hence social distancing, isolating people, destroying peoples income, jobs and businesses, contact with friends and family, and keep them in their homes. They achieved much and sent frustration levels and fear sky high.

The fear psyop has not only succeeded in making us afraid of a virus, more importantly it has made us scared of each other.

Even if an individual has not been made fearful of any virus, then they are reticent or scared to approach, shake hands with or hug others in case the other person is scared.

Now all of a sudden, before we have had time to process what is really happening with coronavirus psyop,  we have Illuminati Fear Psyop 2 – the global riots, where the illuminati have used race as a trigger to continue their policy of divide and rule, and fuelled by media hype again are trying to raise level of hate and fear.

I saw a little girl, on a video from America, maybe 3 or 4 years old asking a policeman if they were going to shoot her. People are picking up this fear from TV especially – I also saw someone complaining on social media that the television had a black screen and a distressed voice saying I can’t breathe coming out of the darkness. It is fearmongering of the highest order. Trauma based mind control on a mass scale, with repetition, repetition, repetition as the main plank of that mind control.

This article which includes a video by ex Black Lives Matter leader, sums up how the “elite” use people as pawns to achieve the outcome they want, Vigilant Citizen This 2017 Video Explains How Black Lives Matter is Being Used by the Elite (video) [5]

                           Soros moving his pawns on behalf of the Illuminati

So who are the “elite” in charge of orchestrating these riots?

George Soros is widely given “credit” for funding antifa, and many of these protest groups. It is not my intention to prove his involvement, there are many sites no doubt that do this, and feel free to add them to the comments. I will just show one link from 2017 that no doubt needs updating but shows a part of the scope of his funding The complete list of 200 U.S. organizations that have financial ties to George Soros [4]

It may help to explain that Soros has been the head “seat”, the Phoenix, of the Illuminati’s Satanic Council for about 60 years.  The Phoenix is the head of the satanic council, and Soros has been this since approximately 1960 – longer than most people have been alive.

Satanic Council and Command Chain

Satanic Council is sometimes called the Druidic Council. My article The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [3] outlined a structure for the whole illuminati. I develop on parts of it and tweak it somewhat here, as my knowledge has grown.

Satanic Council is the Satanic Board of Directors, usually men who deal with the financial decisions, and company decisions for their territory. The positions on the Council are called Seats and they are divided into Quadrants.

Satanic Council is large. Bilderbergs, EU, UN, 13 family heads plus usually four representatives from each family who rotate, and those invited to sit on the council. Probably over 500 internationally. Four meetings are required a year, these are rotated or optional, one of them is Bilderberger Conference, the other 3 I am not sure.

Attendees are in positions of power in cover lives eg business, bankers, political positions, UN or European Councils or in charge of trillion dollar Companies.

Lower level meetings as cover as they appear to be “respectable” but in fact implement satanic council policies, are organisations and meetings such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and Davos, which are more middle level ie The confidential list of everyone attending the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos [9]  .

We the people naively think of these as somehow being related products of our “democratic” structures. No, they are organisations set up by the satanists to implement their agenda.

Each quadrant has bloodline family representation at the Council eg Head of Van Duyn family and Head of Rothschild family. The members of the Council are the Lords of territories and each individual has territory within that quadrant as well.

  • West:   Run by the Blue Dragons (Rothchild, Rockefeller, Ford)
  • South: Red or Black Dragons (Duponts)
  • East:    Gold Dragons (Van Duyns)
  • North: White or Green Dragons (Lee, Collins, Freemans)

This applies to the US and internationally , though it may be different members of the family, eg Elon Musk’s father was international, but Elon is only in US West quad, Jacob Rothschild is International, his son is only in US.

The Satanic Council receive instructions from mothers of darkness and give instructions to the Grand High Priests (GHP) and Priestesses (GHPess), and hence down to the High Priests (HP) and Priestesses (HPess) in the quadrant they oversee and all the respective drug running ops and child trafficking ops and other nefarious activities.

There are also regional meetings made of groups of smaller councils meeting to oversee the quadrants. I am not sure how often these groups are required to meet. The mothers are only required to attend one time a year, they usually attend more and rotate also if available.

Grand High Priests and Priestesses

There are 16 GHP & 16 GHPriestesses currently in US but only one in each quad is part of the control structure, so 4 in the US and 4 internationally.

Examples of Grand High Priestesses in the US are Beyonce, Joan Collins and Laurie Cabot – Kent.

  • Beyonce took over from Gloria Vanderbilt GHP for East Quad US, after a witches battle, and for the symbolism check out her Lion King videos, and Lion King Premiere
  • Laurie Cabot-Kent lives in Salem MA, has a witches shop, owns Chateau des Amerois, ie the Mother of Darkness Castle, Belgium, and is said to be connected to the Duke of Kent
  • Joan Collins, actress, of the Collins bloodline (more digging required)

So the chain of command is

  • 5 Mothers of Darkness
  • Satanic Council
  • 4 Quadrant Chain of Command Grand High Priests and and 4 GHPriestesses in US and the equivalent internationally
  • 5 Departments – Masons, Mormons, Catholics, Satanists, Kabal

Council of 9 and 13

The council of 9 and 13 are best seen in a hierarchy structure as well. Overall, they are all within the Satanic Council which consists of thousands of members internationally. The council is like the Systems structure in some ways. The Council of 9 would be seen on the top of the system with the Council of 13 under them. However, individuals in the Council of 9 also sit in the council of 13.

Each international quadrant has a council of 9 so actually there are 36 members all together who are considered the council of 9. All 36 members are never asked to show up at one time in one place, so they rotate as to who will show up. This is also determined by the quadrant members as to who will represent when they are summoned. Each member is not required to take a turn.

A quadrant decides if they want one member or to rotate a few to represent them until that member or members is no longer suitable. Then that one member (or few) can serve a lifetime showing up to every summoned council meeting. This is the same for the Council of 13 and the Chinese Elders.  They are best considered as honoured family heritage positions. Most are passed down within the family lines.

Department Branches

There are 5 Department Branches in each territory, below the satanic council.

  • Masons
  • Catholics
  • Cabal
  • Satanists
  • Mormons

The Bloodline familes [ie the satanic ill-uminati families see Bloodlines of the Illuminati [14] ] are like board members, and oversee the departments in their territory. They send messages to the departments and ensure the heads of the businesses, eg drug trafficking programme or child trafficking programme are running well.

Grand Dame is usually under a Grand High Priestess. They are not a High Priestess usually but can be. They normally are put in positions where they oversee high level women programmed as Beta Kitty Slaves. They procure or groom these women from a young age.

Grand Dames are under and comparable in level to Goddesses or Ladies who oversee witches covens. They are considered Managers of departments within one of companies the System owns.

This links in with what Fiona Barnett says who was brought up to be a successor to a Grande Dame, and gives some examples of her programming in this article Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked [6] 

Her book Fiona Barnetts Book Eyes Wide Open [12]

Druids are under High Priests & Priestesses. If the High Priests can be seen as the Lords of a Land, the Druids are seen as the Keepers of the Land, or managers of the farmer who care for the land. They work for the HP to oversee all the warlocks & witches in the company. Dependent upon their level, they may be loners, practising their religion on their own or most are connected to a group.

 Mind Control / Monarch Programme

I will change emphasis on what I call mind control programme from now on. Previously I have tended to call it MK Ultra which has a specific meaning but has become a generic word for mind control. In the interests of accuracy I will call it the Monarch programme.

The term mind control I will try to use to indicate that they have been through the Monarch Training Program. MK Ultra is just one of the programs of Monarch. The ones connected to the military and some of Masons will have been through MKUltra, but masons also go through the Jesuit form of Monarch which is called the Carousel Program. These base programmes break down into further distinct programmes like Beta kitten, Epsilon, Delta etc.

Quite how this fits in with the 12 people who are in charge of the Monarch mind controlling slave programme I am uncertain at present, and how these 12 fit into the system/satanic council I am unsure, but will update if I find out.

The mind control system is vast, numbers estimated vary from Cisco Wheeler 10 million mind controlled slaves in the US alone, to Jay Parker who estimates 30 Million in the US.

So as a ballpark figure if we say 20 Million and the population of the US is say 320 Million for easy figures then 1 in 16 people or about 6% are mind controlled slaves.

The result of this we see in the likes of

  • the whole of the US and global media, offering blanket coverage to the coronavirus and the riots.
  • Satanic celebs constant messages in support of satanic causes
  • Videos packed with monarch mind control messaging and themes
  • Celebs offering to bail out rioting members of an already proscribed or soon to be proscribed international terrorist organistion, antifa
  • Scientists /Big Pharma bringing forth science and solutions only favourable to the Illluminati cause or even faking the “science” as happened recently against hydroxychloroquine, which only when found out has now been withdrawn from publication [21]
  • Politicians offering support and policies and voting in support of the satanic agenda
  • Social media censoring anything other than the satanic agenda
  • “Fact check” organisations censoring anything other than the satanic agenda
  • Organisations eg WHO, CDC, FDA, UN, NATO, EU carrying out the satanic agenda.
  • Even more sinisterly are the false flags and violence ie Delta mind control which I covered here Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control [8]

The mind control is right up to Presidents – Obama, Bill Clinton, and including figures like Henry Kissinger, who in turn mind control and programme others. Its a pyramid /ponzi scheme of mind control. Mind controlled handlers in turn mind controlling others in a huge pyramid.

They even put their own children through mind control programming, including rape and forcing them to sacrifice others. It is done in rituals, and the “rationale” appears to be to bring out the childrens spiritual gifts.

In the illuminati system only the very top are not mind controlled through Monarch, but even they, though they have not been through a Monarch Programme, have observed Monarch programming and also are severely traumatised having been witness to killings and had to in turn themselves kill. Its not just mental trauma, its physical trauma caused by the flight and fight mechanisms being permanently switch on, when they were only intended for emergencies.

On this thread of threads are several mind controlled celebs, Perry, Gaga, Swift, JayZ, Madonna and more about mind control. Also see article on Twitter Threads on Symbolism, mind control, Hollywood and more [13]

[7] Thread of threads on some satanic celebs

So to return to Soros, he has been in position 60 years, more even than the crop of Mothers of Darkness sisters from the 1980’s. He was in charge for all that time of the structure of corporations that is now something like this, as well as controlling many politicians and others across the globe.

Satanic Council composed of similar organisations to the large ones above




As far back as 1992 Soros made £1 Billion, betting against the British Government and the Pound and this is when it really struck home that corporate power was greater than the British government, which was a truning point at the time, but taken as read now. The Trade of the Century: When George Soros Broke the British Pound [10] 

If Soros wants to implement a coronavirus psyop or riot psyop he has all the above organisations, power and money at his disposal. He has many corrupt, blackmailed and mind controlled politicians in both US parties but mainly in the Democrat at present, as they were the ones under Obama and Hillary who were intended to oversee the break up of America and implementation of the NWO.

Would he do all this to bring in the NWO? Of course, that is his job in the system.

New Phoenix

However Soros is, in a way old news, which is why I have not concentrated more on the evidence against him, although there is plenty about his involvement which can be used for his indictment in due course.

Soros has retired as Phoenix, ie the head of the Satanic Council. He has retired and will offer advice to the new Phoenix. His replacement is Obama who now wears the Phoenix Crown.

        Obama the new Satanic Council Phoenix (Not the real crown, it is a photoshop!)

This sort of promotion and illuminati manoeuvering is never of course officially announced. I should imagine he underwent some sort of ritual to take over in May, but these are strange times.

The information is leaked to an unknowing public obliquely by means of events and publicity like Obama giving the speech for National Graduation day. See 2020 Commencement Speakers: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga Headline Virtual Ceremonies [1]

In the article you will also see that Gaga and Oprah are involved, and thus publicly accepted and cooperating with this leadership. Gaga is a Grande Dame in charge of Beta Kitten Monarch programmed mind controlled slaves. Perhaps Oprah is similar.

Obama as Phoenix means that for the first time ever, the 14th bloodline, the Muslim Brotherhood, maybe the most “pure” and undiluted bloodline, sits above all the other bloodlines. 14th Satanic Illuminati Bloodline – Muslim Brotherhood [11]

This will have meant that the Race Riot psyop is being run by Obama and it is his first major operation/ fear psyop as Phoenix. I should think though that it was largely planned under the managment of Soros. The catalyst, George Floyd may well even have been a ritual sacrifice, designed to be the emotional trigger to set off the riots.

This promotion to Phoenix may also explain Obama’s behaviour on his world tour before or after Trump. The “shadow president” speaking to world leaders running the “shadow goverment”, as Q has alluded to more than once, but it is for QAnon specialists to expand on those links.  The shadow government referred to may well in fact be the Satanic Council, and the shadow or satanic or dark president being the Phoenix, Obama.

So perhaps it is time to investigate Obama even more intensively than just for #Obamagate and #Spygate

Even however at this relatively high level of the illuminati, they are STILL mind controlled slaves of the Illuminati. Mind controlled under Monarch, traumatised, dissociative, and attached to demons. Obama is CIA Monarch programmed.

At that level these individuals have completely given over their lives to doing Satan’s will and achieving his ends and hosting their demonic counterparts.

For those people that do not experience demons, or do not believe in them, that does not matter. I am recounting the beliefs and or experiences of the Illuminati. They are selected for their abilities in these fields, THEY believe that they communicate with demons including Satan and receive orders every evening from Satan. Wherever this satanic agenda comes from, this is what they are following. That is what matters.

Raising of the Antichrist

What happened to the 5th and final book reading in the global ceremonies to raise the antichrist on 24th April 2020 that I detailed in following articles?

  • Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the Antichrist [14]
  •  Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [15]

First a little to understand where information can be learned about Satanic activities.

The way to glean information is to watch satanists who are likely to attend the ceremonies. I won’t name specific names here to keep an eye on apart from who I am naming elsewhere in this article. There are many well known satanic names, and their friends who are lesser known are worth keeping an eye on. Often they make their profiles or posts with satanic emojis, or have satanic symbols and sigils in their posts. They may sell online or in shops satanic items, art or paraphrenalia.

Gradually you can build up key individuals to watch. Watch social media  – instagram, twitter, facebook are important sources of imformation. Watch patterns, link to satanic festivals and holidays, and watch and learn. Disappearances or lack of posting around satanic festivals times can be insightful, or strange messages that you might not yet understand, but seem odd.

Signals are also sent out in mainstream media, tv, magazines, photos,  as to who will attend ritual and when. I touched on some of the signals in this article Illuminati Hand Signalling Decodes [16]

Music video releases and music tracks are a source of information on many levels. Yes we know by now Gaga is high level illuminati…

Gaga released music tracks and videos around the time of Memorial Day, when the riots were starting. Watch the timing. Just one still from Gaga’s video I will highlight that appears to be a coded message.

       Screenshot of Coded message in Gaga video – the raining one whatever it was called

What is this about? It is more than just a NWO eye. The messages could involve mind control trigger codes or even perhaps something even more serious. It might be worth checking when Chromatica was originally due to be released and a possible real reason why it was postponed, and what was happening then or it may be related to other matters.

People do not just turn up, have a ritual and go home on the same day. There are all sorts of preparations needed to get ready. They need a preparation crew, who set up the logistical and technical requirements for the ceremony for two or three weeks beforehand and afterwards there are the clean up and breakdown crews.

Food, cooking facilities, accomodation is needed for many people. Children need to be kidnapped for use in the ceremonies. In the buildup there may be satanist bands, entertainment. Major ceremonies often coincide with satanic celebs concerts, perhaps simultaneous concerts, where they harness and utilise the energy of the unsuspecting crowd to achieve resonance and open the spiritual gates needed to unleash demonic entities. See Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [15]

Areas to research might be Hexfest, and the Illuminati ball and associated human hunting /child hunting every year in New York.

Raising of the Antichrist Ritual

The raising of the antichrist ritual did not happen at all. The 5th book or prophecy was not read. If read it would have completed the series of mockery of Christ’s life. That was a huge win for anti satanic forces, but it came with a great price. Satan’s rituals are not disrupted without a price, especially ones he has invested in over years. The price meant others died.

The Queen Mother of Darkness is still alive and was not succeeded by another, but is no longer the Head of the Illuminati.That is now the antichrist, a change to a patriarchal system.

The antichrist however has taken his position, albeit without ritual ceremony and is ready to be revealed, if and when they so decide. The other ritual, the storming of the spiritual gates to heaven to take over gods kingdom is also yet to take place.

Who is the antichrist?

That is an important question.

How can we tell? As largely the satanic forces are reactive, anti…christ, against the role of Christ as messiah, they spend an inordinate amount of time in their symbolism to mock Christ. So he will come from the lineage of David, he will be able to do signs, wonders and miracles. He will proclaim to be the true Messiah and lead Israel and all mankind into deception. All of Israel will believe he is the long awaited Messiah, then you shall know…

He is probably a known personality at present, but his role of course is not yet known. At present though who he is is not important, nor is the probable price worth paying for revealing it, even if I knew, which I do not. There are many lower hanging fruit, and other knowledge of the system that can be spread.

Satan / Lucifer – the same entity with different names attributed to him at different times also has seven demonic Commanding Generals (Fallen Angels). These are Baal, Ashtoroth, Thoth, Samael, Abbadon, Chemesh and Gilgalmesh.

What now?

Obviously the Illuminati will continue their fear psyops. They will come up with many potential ones, as well as the ones they intend to use. As Cathy O’Brien told us years ago they are using artificial intelligence to help bring in the NWO and so they will be flexible as to which they use and when, but planning will be well advanced on all the possibilities.

The illuminati are desperate to get back into “democratic” power, as then it is easier to carry out their agenda. So expect fear psyops leading up to the US election on Tuesday November 3rd, but even afterwards whatever the result.

Potential fear psyops which may or may not include actual items which harm, maim and kill are killer hornets, coronavirus wave 2, more serious ebola bioweapon, alien invasion or even 911 type false flag operation. They also have Deep Underground Military Bases DUMBS and a global system of tunnels guarded by bioweapons.

Anything in short to cause fear and division, and prevent takedown by the non satanic authorities and to prevent rescue of children.

Trump and Q

Is Trump…

  • Illuminati full on?
  • Illuminati faction but does not believe in NWO?
  • Is he controlled by the Zionist lobby and agenda?
  • Non Illuminati and working for forces of good against evil (whatever misdeeds he has done or not done in the past)?

I don’t know. I am hoping the last one. There are definite indications that he is against the NWO, and he appears to be working against the Illuminati, and they certainly are mad at him. Or is that all psyop?

What is Q?

Q is definitely working with Trump, anyone who denies this is ignorant or part of the satanic agenda, a Trude – TRUth DEnier. Q is a psyop close to the President but is it a benevolent one? Certainly Q has been the biggest intelligence release ever, much of it against the satanic forces.

Yes I am worried that even if completely benevolent, it will lead to a world surveilled by the National Security Agency and military intelligence and run by an extreme neoliberal economic element, which all still favours the rich and elite. But lets cross that bridge when we get there. At present the important fight is against the satanic forces, and even convincing many that this is indeed happening.

Boris Johnson British Prime Minister – whose side is he on?

Again I don’t know. He has allowed and joined in with the coronavirus psyop.

  • Was he doing this as we have to be demonstrate to people exactly what is going on?
  • What does he know?
  • Is he Trumps puppet or Illuminati Puppet?
  • Was he nobbled by an illness which they called coronavirus, to achieve fear for the people, a vacuum in power and to scare Boris out of his wits. He certainly doesn’t look well…
  • Was he even threatened or mind controlled?

Do I  trust the plan?


Why should I trust a plan I do not know, implemented by people I also do not know and do not know their true allegiances? Too many lies and disinformation are around for me to blindly trust any plan.

I hope that Trump, Q, NSA and MI have a good plan. It also will be using AI, to get rid of the evil, and I do realise that you cannot get rid of millenia of evil in a couple of years, especially against fictitious Russiagate psyop, impeachment psyop, fear psyops run by the Illuminati, and a largely asleep population.

However I will continue to expose child sexual abuse, as I have done for 8 years and which was and is a motorway into the heart of the illuminati beast. I will continue to expose the illuminati, and try to inform and educate people so that they “wake up”. In this way I do my little bit, independently of other forces which may or may not be working on the same side.

No I have not got the popcorn out. I do not spend my time “watching the show”. That sort of talk, leads to inaction and complacency.

We need more and more people working on our side. Remember we are the vast majority, the 99%, but so many of us are mind controlled, ignorant of what is happening, cognitively dissonant or do not care. We need to change that.

United we stand, divided we fall, school of little fishes chase big fish. Collaborate to survive and beat the illuminati and forces of evil

  • Our strength will come from working together, in joining up against the illuminati few.
  • Our strength is truth, and in spreading the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Our strength is in realising we are sovereign and spiritual beings with immense power, more than we can currently imagine.

The information about the true situation in this world IS shocking. How can we have lived our lives not realising we were controlled by a satanic cult, who rapes and sacrifices babies, who have set up societies structures to feed this insatiable desire?

It is so shocking that we hope desperately for it not to be true, that it is not the truth, but more and more evidence comes forth from insider whistleblowers, victims, symbolism, even the illuminati themselves, that we are forced to believe it is true by the sheer weight of the evidence.

However do not be angry, afraid or guilty, or any of those negative emotions. That will only help the evil side. That is also what they feed off, what turns them on. Try to get over negative emotions quickly, take stock of what decisions you made through incorrect and incomplete information, but do not blame yourself. eg vaccinations, you made those decisions with the best intent at the time, learn from that and move forward.

If you have awoken to the grim reality, then the world is already in a better position. We have one more person who is working with us and against the illuminati. Try to help that cause in whatever way you can to bring forth the truth and spread the information.

Our side against the evil illuminati agenda is getting stronger at an ever faster rate. Fit in where you can with this – art, music, writing, spreading truth, supporting others, whatever is your strength, and develop new strengths!

We need to raise the vibration, pray or meditate…

[18] Schumann

To doubters of what I write, to people who call me conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat wearer and the many who use ad hominem comments, just think for one minute…

Why have I never been challenged on any of the information?

Just because YOU cannot get your head round what the truth is at this stage in your life, it does not mean to say that it is not true. Look to yourself, not kneejerk abusive comments to me.

This post and others of mine and other peoples, answer why so many bad things happen in this world, when so many people are good. It is also the simplest answer to explain events, so use Occams razor…

Finally my sincerest thanks to my friend, the extremely courageous Jessie, follow her on twitter @CzebotarJessie , and other brave souls, for information in this article. Thanks also to memesters and photographers, please contact me or leave a message in the comments, if it is your image and you wish a credit. It is a team effort, and I am very happy to do that.

I will again put this video here, which I regard as an anthem against the NWO, and thanks to Darren for this spirited performance in Manchester a few years ago.

Update 2022 Sept 9 This post has been degoogled duu to unacceptable fascist you tube censorship and replaces with Odysee


[17c] Darren Nesbit aka Daz Nez – ‘Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse’ / (Live @ The BBC 2017)

The link for this article is [25] 2020 June 4 Cathyfoxblog Obama now running the Satanic Council https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/06/04/obama-now-running-the-satanic-council/

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[11] 2020 May 1 cathyfoxblog 14th Satanic Illuminati Bloodline – Muslim Brotherhood https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/14th-satanic-illuminati-bloodline-muslim-brotherhood/

[12] 2019 Aug July Fiona Barnetts Book Eyes Wide Open https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2019/08/07/read-fiona-barnetts-new-book-eyes-wide-open/

[13] 2020 may 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads on Symbolism, mind control, Hollywood and more https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/twitter-threads-symbolism-mind-control-hollywood-and-more/

[14] 2020 April 14 cathyfoxblog Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the Antichrist https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/04/14/gloria-vanderbilt-and-the-rising-of-the-antichrist/

[15] 2020 April 16 cathyfoxblog Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/04/16/the-antichrist-rising-the-how-when-and-where/

[16] 2020 March 13 cathyfoxblog Illuminati Hand Signalling Decodes https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/03/13/illuminati-signalling-decoded/

[17] Darren Nesbit You can stick your new world order up your arse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUhrONi3bl4&feature=emb_logo #DazNez #NWO

[17c] Darren Nesbit aka Daz Nez – ‘Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse’ / (Live @ The BBC 2017) https://odysee.com/@TruthVault:0/daznez—‘Stick-Your-New-World-Order-Up-Your-Arse’-live—the-bbc:7

[18] Schumann https://twitter.com/schumannbot/status/1268573245466464257

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[20] Civil unrest/ nov. 4th @kingchaziel https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=kpZbVrIP1zc&feature=emb_err_woyt

[21] 2020 jun https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/06/two-elite-medical-journals-retract-coronavirus-papers-over-data-integrity-questions?utm_campaign=NewsfromScience&utm_source=JHubbard&utm_medium=Twitter

[25] 2020 June 4 Cathyfoxblog Obama now running the Satanic Council https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2020/06/04/obama-now-running-the-satanic-council/

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email cathyfox@zoho.com quoting the article title.

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

My notes intended to be added to resources

[] Circusbuoy https://circusbuoy.wordpress.com/

[] Flying Cuttlefish Blog https://9east71.home.blog/

[] lonehorse https://lonehorseblog.com/

[] https://victimsrefusesilence.org/

[] https://lonehorseblog.com/2017/09/24/body-centric-healing-of-extreme-trauma/

About cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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48 Responses to Obama is now running the Satanic Council

  1. Thank you for your thorough, consistent work. Your articles are always well researched and clearly written, without any added fear mongering or opinion-based facts. May your news spread like wildfire.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, glad they are useful!


      • Ace says:

        Thank You Cathy for the ‘essential’ work that you are doing.🤗💗 Malachi 3:116… 4:3…
        Discovered your work less than a month ago – so much to applaud. Your posting on Fiona, Halloween, Anti Christ Rising – all top notch. Might take me awhile to get through everything as there are so many offshoots to venture into as well. I found this posting of interest also, as I believed during his last term that Obama would have a 3rd term – apparently as the Shadow President.
        Four words I have heard way too often in 2020 are essential, resiliency, incredible and reset. Growing weary of it all.
        A Youtube site that I have found of interest this year is lambwins. I have watched all of the vid’s – this I believe will be the dangled carrot a multitude will sell their souls for.
        What do you think?
        Apr 15, 2020 Resources are not limited https://youtu.be/wrfx6sYUwVY
        Oct 9, 2020 WWG1WGA https://youtu.be/n0z_Yhxl_Lw


  2. Sylvia Levien says:

    How credible is your information? Most of this info would, of course, be very secretive. How wereYOU able to obtain all this info? If all of this is true, and I am not doubting your belief that it is, all of your information would take a great many traitors among the cabal elitist ranks to be stated with accuracy,. Can you explain?


    • I could explain, but the information is elsewhere, so I wont waste time repeating it, that is for you to seek.
      You question my credibility, yet quite obviously have not even checked the links on this post, never mind my posts this year.
      You use the word traitor, which i find a strange choice of word. Are you are a traitor if you are born into the system, physically , mentally and sexually abused since birth, mind controlled, raped and used by the system, but you manage though superhuman efforts to leave, hugely damaged but alive. Is that a traitor?
      There are many illuminati whistleblowers if you care to do the slightest bit of research. For your education there are about 20 on this thread https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1253674797264928770
      Before you question my credibility, do your research first, otherwise you end up looking foolish, and appear to be defending the system from the side of the system.


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  4. Rick Walker says:

    I was trying to make a reply, but it was somehow lost. In any event, thank you for your research and bravery in bringing this to light. You literally answered a question I had been pondering for some time. We all need to make our voices heard and this message needs to be communicated in so many ways so it can impact people at various levels of society. Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Clark Hay says:

    Thank you, Cathy, for all of the well-researched information! Truly a gold mine for those of us who have dabbled in this area. How do you manage to balance all of this darkness with positive light? Curious minds want to know.
    One request: Could you look at my “old” article and give me some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated: https://beforeitsnews.com/religion/2018/10/part-2-could-this-person-be-the-antichrist-2542730.html
    Again, many thanks, and stay safe.
    Clark Hay (pen name: Charles Hudson)


  7. Tammy says:

    Thank you Cathy. I have been a spiritual being my entire life. I personally saw many evil doings in a college prep high school and had many attacks on my life while there. I was a loner and read my bible on free bells. The heads of the school were involved in satanic rituals so I knew I needed to have God’s protection. Everything you wrote doesn’t surprise me and makes more sense to me. Again, Thank you for helping me connect more dots in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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  9. Melissa Jensen says:

    Cathy, the best blogs that I followed on WordPress have all been wiped out. They just disappear overnight, and their content cannot be found again. It is not safe here. I sure hope you are keeping backups of all of your work, and hope that you can establish a secure website of your own someday soon.


    • Worpress is not a secure platform. Neither is blogspot. But wordpress pretty much owns the website industry at this point, even if you upgrade from a blog to your own platform you still wind up using wordpress behind-the-scenes. Best thing is for everybody to download these posts, save them as .pdf’s, start your own blog and repost everything you see that you like in case it all goes down.

      Liked by 1 person

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  33. In reference [9] on the 2020 Davos leaked list is Ivanka Trump. Curious if you know or think that Davos is one of the Committee of 300’s mandatory rotations. I know the Bilderberg is, and I know in one post or another you said you knew the same but weren’t sure of the others. Curious if you have any other insight. http://whale.to/b/sp/app1.html This one lists her father. Might cause a revolution if this is true.


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