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Michael Aquino has long been a significant satanist and many survivors tell stories of the torture, Monarch mind control programming, rituals and experiments that they were put through.

His own cv is in Appendix 1, at the end.

This post is not meant to be a full article, it is a collation of survivors raw data and experiences of Aquino from Cathy O’Brien, Jessie Czebotar, Fiona Barnett, Cheryl Hersha and Brice Taylor.

[Update 22 Feb 2022 I have now added Marianne Barnard’s information about Aquino.]

Aquino’s personal page on the Temple of Set’s webpage has announced that he died on Sept 1 2019. The first person I saw to pick this up was 2020 Jun 29 Burners.me Michael Aquino dead [20] where there are also several Aquino videos.

Temple of Set website Xeper [21] Aquino

Of course this leaves the possibility that he is hiding and running like a coward from his abominal crimes and has faked his own death. I have had his death confirmed separately by one source, however for it to be definite more confirmations are needed. It would be good to have copies of death certificates and funeral details, though these can also be faked by the deep state that he was a huge part of.

Aquino was in charge of Western quadrant of USA for MK Ultra, John Brennan is charge of East Quadrant. One of their trainers was Nazi Ukrainian Defence Legion Leader Michael Karkoc, who trained illuminati whistleblower Jessie Czebotar and her training partner. Karkoc also died a few months ago.

The main training centers are military bases in California, Norad and Telluride in Colorado, New Mexico, Area 51, and Red River in Texas.

So Aquino & Brennan through MK Ultra oversaw

  • Project Looking Glass
  • Project Star Wars Now
  • Project Voice of God
  • Aerodynamic

to name just a few. These were projects which involved Jessie and her training partner.

For details of Looking Glass and Star Wars Now see

  • cathyfoxblog The Antichrist Rising, the When, the Where and the How [23]
  •  TE Bearden Star Wars Now The Bohm- Aharanov Effect Scalar Interferometry and Soviet Weaponization 46 page pdf StarWarsNow Project cathyfox blog files [14] or via CIA [14a]

Also at the end of this article see videos on Gate Tone Sounds,

  • The Source Behind a Mystery Sound Heard Around the World [18]
  • Strange sounds all over the world. (compilation) [19] 
  • Loud Metallic Noises coming from sky in Northern Ontario Feb 21, 2018 [17]

These autotranscript are far from perfect and make mistakes on words and there is no distinction as to who is talking, but I do not have the time to watch all the videos, and no proper transcripts are available.

Jessie talks from first hand experience what it is like being forced to have high levels of adrenochrome for these experiments, overseen by John Brennan and Michael Aquino, and also present were Grand High Priestesses of the US East Quadrant Laurie Cabot-Kent or Gloria Vanderbilt.

Aquino and Brennan were involved in the procurement and rape of children. They experimented on Jessie to assess the levels of adrenochrome needed to operate on for the certain experiments.

They mocked her as they were waiting for the injections to work… Adrenochrome brings out the dark side in people and makes people want to indulge every impulse – anger, rage, blood lust, consuming flesh, killing and they don’t stop until a person is ripped to pieces.

On the comedown her training partner and her used to fight each other. Then it used to take 3 or 4 adults to subdue them and they used to be put into straightjackets and. Aged 4 and a half! The Adrenochrome strips all the potassium out of you, as you use loads of energy, and Jessie still suffers from problems with her potassium today.

Unlike the other survivors mentioned in this post, who went through the Monarch programme and other programmes, Jessie was not part of the mind control, so she does not have different alters, like the others. It was just part of her training, as opposed to programming. Indeed if she had become dissociative she would have been rejected for intended role.

The experiments, as well as finding the optimum levels of adrenochrome were about opening the spiritual gates and connect people to demons, which is more effective on adrenochrome.

Transcript at the end.

Jessie Czebotar’s website – Illuminate The Darkness [35] which includes all of her videos.

In the following extracts from various books and blogs, the first words of paragraphs or parts that do not follow consecutively from each other are italicised. My objective is to bring together in one place the raw information about Aquino, not to make a flowing article, or make complete sense.

Marianne Barnard

from 2020 Aug 4 Marianne Barnard, Mind Control Programming and the Polanski Network [71]

The #Illuminati is very aware of #childdevelopmental principles and has developed exercises like the above after hundreds of years of teaching very young children. My mother, Dr. Diana Hiatt-Micheal is skilled at this “art of torture” as were the people both my older brother and I were given over to like, Michael Aquino and Dr. Louis Joylon West. Who continued the training which became more in depth and created many fragments over the course of our childhoods.

Marianne says Polanski was part of Church of Satan with Anton LeVey and then Temple of Set with Michael Aquino, as was Robert Evans. [23]

Marianne says her programmers were – Someone before Aquino,  then Mickey aka Aquino, and after being with him, it was Dr. Jolly aka Dr. Louis Joylon West. And lots of other training – Bob Monroe, Russel Targ, Skip Atwater (but they were kind unlike Aquino and Jolly) [23]

Screenshot 2022-02-22 140020

Screenshot 2022-02-22 140231

Marianne believed she was getting threats from those close to Aquino. [23]

I will no longer be tweeting nor sending DMs because my life is at risk. I have had multiple death threats which law enforcement has taken very seriously. They have asked me to no longer log into my social media as it can be used to track my location. The death threats appear to be from those associated with Aquino from what I have been told. [23]

She has not tweeted since December 13 2019.

2020 Aug 4 Marianne Barnard, Mind Control Programming and the Polanski Network [71]

Fiona Barnett Eyes Wide Open, updated, Lockdown Edition [24] 

Fiona describes the many occasions she met Aquino, and the experiments on her in MK Ultra, MK Delta, Alice through the Looking Glass, Dagon marine training as well as many places of experimetation and programming, as well as her thoughts on Aquino.

Fiona appears fairly unique in being co-conscious during memory retrieval, ie all the alters appeared to know what happened to the others, so she can perhaps remember or understand more about her programming than others.

The sensational headline concerned the Franklin Scandal in Omaha Nebraska that
David Shurter was a victim of and witness to. Shurter is also a victim of my perpetrator Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who was implicated in Franklin plus the Presidio and McMartin preschool scandals in which children were sexually and ritually abused.

Pedogate whistle-blowers claimed, children trafficked to Washington DC were held in
transit cellars within local businesses including a restaurant where an ‘entertainer’ was filmed boasting about raping and killing kids. Clean FBI and NYPD officers apparently made multiple attempts to charge Hillary Clinton and other VIP members of the trafficking ring, but their efforts were thwarted by those in the chain of command above them.

The CIA intervened to protect their agent Billy Graham. One of my key perpetrators,
US Army Psychological Operations expert Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, weighed in on an
orchestrated international effort to discredit me. Another perpetrator, Bond University
lecturer Katarina Fritzon, responded to my allegations on official Bond University letterhead.
The written responses of my two perpetrators mirrored each other in their accusation I was a crazy fantasist. Yet people typically ignore crazy fantasists. People respond to someone who is swaying public opinion and who threatens to expose their cult involvement. Only the most desperate and dumb perpetrators respond personally in writing. After this umpteenth attack [ New York Times (1967). Graham Denies Knowledge of CIA Funds for Trip, 26 Match] on my credibility failed, the fool who published both responses subsequently begged social media sharers to delete Luciferian priest Michael Aquino’s email to him, before he disappeared from the internet.
Team Aquino’s angle was to focus on whether Rothstein had personally investigated
Billy Graham, and they staged a phone interview with the retired detective. I subsequently
phoned Rothstein’s home. His wife, who had warmly welcomed Aquino’s lackey, was cold and short with me. I phoned Rothstein’s mobile. ‘How did you get this number?!’ Rothstein asked defensively. It was the same number Aquino’s lackey called him on.
‘It’s plastered all over the internet,’ I responded. ‘You were tricked. A recording of your
conversation with Aquino’s lackey is everywhere.’ ‘I thought what you’re doing is admirable,’ he lamented. ‘Can’t you just tell people an old man got it wrong?’
No, I could not.

                                                 Aquino in his clownish satanic nut cover…

MK-ULTRA child rapist and killer Martin Orne cofounded the False Memory Syndrome
Foundation. The concept of ‘false memory’ was in fact the brainchild of Lt. Col. Michael
Aquino, the US Army Intelligence Officer who headed Psychological Operations. In classic
PsyOp style, Aquino appeared on Oprah dressed in theatrical pop-satanism garb, to muddy the waters after multiple children identified him as a Luciferian pedophile. Aquino was implicated in every major USA case involving CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse and MK-ULTRA mind control, including the McMartin Preschool, Presidio Preschool, and Franklin scandals.
Aquino and Orne’s False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) and its Australian
counterpart (AFMA) were formed specifically to counter the tidal wave of disclosure by
victims of CIA child trafficking and Project MK-ULTRA which began in the 1980s and peaked in the early 1990s before the CIA effectively shut it down. The FMSF Board comprised former CIA and military doctors with backgrounds in behaviour modification – not ritual abuse. All members were accused pedophiles and/or CIA perpetrators. Like PIE, the FMSF offered legal support to accused pedophiles.

Drury was a Luciferian and Shaman who took LSD at the Esalen Institute.
– Drury promoted Michael Aquino.

The Cult taught me to revere the Rothschilds as demigods (Nephilim). Based on my
programming structure, I deduce that Joseph Mengele was a Rothschild. I also suspect my
perpetrators Michael Aquino, Leonas Petrauskas, and Leo’s business partner John Melov were Rothschilds.

My memory fragments include a long flight at night in a black B-2 stealth bomber
ending in a bombing mission in Beirut. My Beirut memory includes the officer who assaulted me at Dulce: General Alfred M. Gray.
I was restrained in Aquino’s torture chair at Dulce when the General approached me.
He was grey-haired with a drunk’s flushed bulbous nose. The fat gut behind his itchy green
uniform, and brass buttons, pressed annoyingly against the right side of my face. He unzipped his trousers and exposed himself.
‘Don’t touch the merchandise,’ I warned through gritted teeth.
Ignoring me, he forced it into my mouth. I bit down hard, and ground from side to side.
He screamed for help which came too late. He was rushed into theatre for surgery.

My most painful DELTA memory occurred on the spa mat in a gym constructed
beneath Holsworthy. Our unit were lined up along the edge of the blue mat. I had just
returned from Dulce where I trained under Aquino. The commander paired me up with my favourite Jason, the one who cared for me for eight years. I dislocated his shoulder during the ensuing wrestle. The boys laughed at Jason who groaned on the mat. I retired to the drinks cart for refreshments, glad that was over. The Commander approached me and quietly uttered those dreaded words:
‘Finish him off.’
I eyeballed him fleetingly, swallowed my objection, rushed over to the mat where
Jason lay moaning, grabbed him by the head, and snapped his neck. Silence.

What is Michael Aquino’s interest in Australia’s Pine Gap Facility and why is discussion of the Base’s use and purpose inadmissible within Australia’s polite society and media?

Peter Alexander Chernoff said he helped the Luciferian cult abduct a 10-year-old boy
named Kevin Collins from San Francisco. He later witnessed San Francisco-based Michael
Aquino ritually sacrifice the child at Bohemian Grove in the presence of George Bush Senior (a Nazi), Pope Ratzinger (a former Nazi), and Omaha businessman Warren Buffet who was implicated in the Franklin VIP child trafficking scandal. Famous Bohemian Grove attendees include Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon.

MK was a CIA gig, not DoD. – Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

My programming was laid at multiple Australian and US facilities during the early
1970s to mid-1980s, including the following:
– University of Sydney
– Chelmsford Hospital, Sydney
– US Embassy, Canberra
– Fairbairn Airforce base, Canberra
– Holsworthy Army Base
– ANSTO Nuclear Reactor, Lucas Heights
– Milson Island, Hawkesbury River
– Pine Gap
– Disneyland, CA
– Dulce, New Mexico
– Area 51, Nevada
A team of USA and Australian programmers, handlers, and military trainers were
employed, with large teams of assistants at their disposal who worked around the clock
during intense programming times:
– Josef Mengele
– Louis Jolyon West
– Michael Aquino
– John Gittinger
– Wendy-Louise Walker
– Antony Kidman
– Leonas Petrauskas
– Patricia Ann Conlon
– Victor Chang

During my trip to the USA at age six, I was also transported to Dulce, home of the
Frankenstein lab purpose built for Col. Louis Jolyon West, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, and John W. Gittinger, who were trained directly by Operation Paperclip’s most clandestine recruit, Joseph Mengele. Dulce lab technicians strapped my naked body to a chair, plastered large electrode pads to my back and limbs, and attached a Medusa-mass of EEG electrodes to my head. My brain splits were colour-labelled: Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow. For each colour, Dr West was codenamed ‘Dr White.’ He held a large sheet of coloured card in my face while a computer repeated the name of the colour: ‘Red. Red. Red. Red. Red…’ I was simultaneously electrocuted until my senses were overwhelmed and I surrendered my will to the insertion of their instruction. They stopped torturing me once they recognised the desired brainwave pattern on their monitors.

The creepy lab assistant was the only one who could open the door to Dr Aquino’s
foyer that was decorated with a Freemasonic chequered floor and five coloured doors.
Aquino’s green room contained the Cabalistic Tree of Knowledge, a giant evergreen tree with an owl seated in its fork. The blue room contained Delta training, including a Montague chair and references to astral projection. The red room contained military rituals, Dagon worship, and a Dulce underground stone altar decorated with an encircled triangle (representing Alchemy). The white room contained a pink sacred lotus flower and the word Om. The yellow room contained a yellow brick road and a bubble which served as transport to Glinda’s crystal castle. This was a backdoor to Oz which linked to Gittinger’s yellow door.

The Ancient Roman Legions worshipped their mascot god. So do our modern Western
military forces. Dagon is the god worshipped by the top US and Australian military brass. age 12 of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s original CV (dated 1 September 2018) boasts of his
membership in the ‘Esoteric Order of Dagon.’ Subsequent publications of Aquino’s CV deleted this revelation, following my going public about this. Here is the missing snippet of CIA MK-ULTRA related documents. While the documents contained no clues as to
the purpose of MK-DELTA, they indicated:

  • (a) MK-ULTRA was the research and development phase of a much larger program,
  • (b) MK-DELTA was the field application of MK-ULTRA and involved clandestine operations.

A memorandum (dated January 14, 1953) titled Interrogation Techniques states:
If the services of Major Louis J. West, USAF (MC), a trained hypnotist, can be obtained
and another man [DELETED] well-grounded in conventional psychological
interrogation and polygraph techniques, and the services of Lt. Colonel [DELETED], a
well-balanced interrogation research centre could be established in an especially
selected location.
Alan Scheflin & Edward Opton (1979). The Mind Manipulators. Paddington Press.
I am certain one of the names deleted from this document was Lt. Colonel Michael
Aquino. The other omitted name could have been John C. Lilly, but I believe it was John W. Gittinger. In any case, all three collaborated with Major Louis West at the ‘interrogation research centre’ described in the proposal for MK-ULTRA Subproject 43:
…a unique laboratory must be organized and constructed. This laboratory will include
a special chamber, in which all psychologically significant aspects of the environment
can be controlled. This chamber will contain, among other things, a broad-spectrum
polygraph for simultaneous recordings of a variety of psychophysiological reactions of
the individual being studied. In this setting the various hypnotic, pharmacologic, and
sensory-environmental variables will be manipulated in a controlled fashion and
quantitative continuous recording of the reactions of the experimental subjects will be
A Frankenstein laboratory fitting this description was built within an underground
military base located near Dulce, New Mexico. ‘Interrogation’ means ‘torture.’ The
documents refer to using drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and torture on children.

                                             Aquino was in the Esteric Order of Dagon

Dagon Hypnosis Induction
My memory of being thrown off the US naval vessel relates to my Dagon hypnosis
induction which I adapted from the Aqua Man television show. Dagon is Aqua Man. The
induction began with my diving off the navy boat. I then swam like Aqua Man to a submarine.
I entered the submarine through a domed top, passed through a door, down a spiral metal
staircase, through another door, down a straight staircase, and through another door which brought me to the doctor surgery waiting room with the elevator and five doors. This was the induction Aquino, Gittinger, Kidman, West, Petrauskas, and Anne Conlon used. Josef Mengele created a deeper level of induction based on the same theme

Aquino’s psychic training occurred at Dulce, in a white room with an observation
window. I sat strapped to a wooden electric chair. EEG electrodes were attached to my head and electrocution pads stuck to my back. Training consisted of being successful – or being electrocuted.
Tap, tap, tap…
‘What did you see?’ my therapist asked.
I saw a giant red swirl, which became a vortex, which morphed into thin red flags flapping in the breeze. Then I saw a close-up of a brown horse’s head. An Ancient Asian warrior clad in segmented armour sat atop the horse, surrounded by multiple poles and flags. Where have I seen this before? I asked myself. Shogun? Marco Polo? Is this China or Japan? It’s China. This is Looking-Glass.
Tap, tap, tap…
The mental images of the ancient scene appeared on a monitor for the doctors to

DELTA training progressed to my being lowered into a thick box made of grey metal
that was filled with water. The lid was closed. I transferred to another dimension, a dark
prison containing a frightening entity. I relayed whatever this thing told me, to the Dulce
On another occasion, Gittinger and Aquino somehow identified from my memory the
exact coordinates of the celestial garden I visited during my near-death experience when
Gittinger flat-lined me at age 10 years. They had me revisit the same location which I found void of people.

I’m shot . . . falling . . .
‘Alice!’ a soldier yells, ‘Alice!’ He emerges from a swirling sand cloud, dressed in desert
camos, holding an unusual weapon in one hand. ‘Alice!’ He leans over my collapsed form.
Then – the scene disappeared, and my 14-year-old form lay on the ground of a multi-story
room painted blue. Staff in white lab coats sat behind a glass observation widow, two stories above, bathed in green light.
‘Woah!’ the boys marvelled nearby. Dressed in green t-shirts and trousers, they
scratched their heads and peered at the hands in wonder.
I was weighed down in an electrified vest. I rose to my feet and went berserk at the
‘white coats’ behind the window. ‘YOU FUCKING AMATEURS!’ I screamed hysterically. Next, I am levitating. I’m at the widow, pounding the cracking glass. A unit of soldiers storm my right visual field, armed with a net and stun guns. They contain me like a wild animal and knock me out. When I come to, Aquino is placating me, ‘Yes, they did the wrong thing.’
That was our training for the real event held in what resembled an aircraft hangar. The
real deal involved us standing before a giant circular ring. Behind us is a three-sided enclosure, the walls and floor padded for a soft return landing.

Cathy describes her programming,and often the application of this programming in clandestine operations, because as well as Presidential sex Slave (kitten), she was used as a message carrier (pigeon). She was thus involved in drug trafficking Iran Contra deals including meetingBush stooge  Noriega as well as psychological operations. She also lists many names and places.

Cathy O’Brien Access Denied

Access Denied. For reasons of national security. Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips. [25]

My traumatic experiences with Wayne Cox and his Louisiana backwoods witchcraft blood
rituals left me prime for occult- theme mind control programming. Byrd ordered
that this be instilled by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, founder of the
Occult Temple of Set proliferating on US military bases. Aquino seemed
untouchable in those days with his professed Neo-Nazi criminal activity covered
by his affiliation with the War College’s Psychological Warfare Division, the
Catholic Jesuits, the First Amendment of the US Constitution that ensures
“freedom of religion,” and through his association with influential politicians
such as Byrd.

As soon as Kelly was born in 1980, Byrd ordered that we transfer to Nashville,
Tennessee and our second mind control handler in MK Ultra, CIA Operative
Alex Houston. Houston worked as a ventriloquist and stage hypnotist in the
country music industry, which provided an ideal cover for me to travel
throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean as ordered. Nashville
was also in close proximity to two mind control epicenters; one in Fort
Campbell, Kentucky where elite special forces such as the 101st Airborne were
programmed and trained, and the other in Huntsville, Alabama’s NASA
facilities. Lt. Col. Aquino became my primary mind control programmer
according to Byrd’s instruction throughout the Reagan-Bush Administration. I
was programmed for CIA Black Budget funding operations, to deliver messages
to and from various government leaders, and fulfill sexual perversion in the
Kelly was also subjected to Aquino’s abuse and programming as ordered by
Byrd, despite the fact that her mind control victimization was far more
technologically advanced than mine. Kelly experienced classified high
technology harmonic mind control programming since birth. Where my brain
was compartmentalized through trauma, her neuron pathways were harmonically
vibrated for more precise compartmentalization. Even before she was born, I
was sent to Tulane University Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana where
genetic mind control engineering was already underway. The sophisticated hightech
means by which Kelly was conditioned were also being utilized at the Fort
Campbell and NASA facilities, where Aquino was willing to administer them.
He was much more adept at playing devil’s advocate, wielding his stun gun as
the ‘power of satan’ for programming purposes, than he was with harmonic
equipment. Nevertheless, Aquino had supposedly established himself at both
mind control epicenters, having used harmonic equipment to fine tune the
singing qualities of the country music entertainers Byrd controlled.

The interview went on for days while Bennett and Crabtree took notes on Byrd
and Aquino’s ties to NASA. They were aware of Huntsville’s reliance on Byrd’s
Senate appropriations funds for their NASA operations, yet had no inside
knowledge of mind control operations. I explained how Aquino used me in the
training video How to Create a Mind Controlled Slave Using a Stun Gun that
was filmed in Huntsville, and even provided details of local persons involved.

Mark smiled, and then got serious. “The timing of that phone call has me
wondering. It seems Fort Campbell already knows we were reporting Aquino’s
crimes in Huntsville. Jim Dibble, a Defense Intelligence Agency ‘special agent’
assigned to the Fort Campbell Criminal Investigation Division, wants to
interview you. He just came back from Panama where he was chief investigator
of Noriega’s lair. Apparently he found some things that link Noriega to Aquino
and CIA drug ops

Since I had had dealings with Noriega in the past, I was to be used for this operation under orders from Dick Cheney, who was still working in his basement quarters of the Pentagon at the time. The plan was to appeal to Noriega’s occultic superstitions, which included Aquino’s so-called wizardry, my extensive mind control programming, and delivery of an
ultimatum to him from then-President Reagan. I could still recall the verbiage of
the message in photographic detail6, complete with the voice inflections used
when the message was instilled and subsequently when it was delivered.
“Is Dibble superstitious?” I asked. “Or does he know that Aquino’s satanic power is in the form of a stun gun and Nazi-based mind control?”

You’ve got to consider that Dibble has heavy Catholic8 ties into this, and may be as
superstitious as Noriega and Aquino combined.”
“I’ll just answer questions,” I concluded.
“Why offer Fort Campbell information on Aquino, anyway?” Mark asked.
“They know him better than we do. If Dibble is ‘investigating’ Aquino, his own
people have either left him in the dark or they’re sending him in to find out what
you’ve remembered.”

My previous conversations with Griffis usually centered on Aquino, though, and then sunk
into a pit of superstition despite my best efforts to keep him focused on the CIA
cocaine operations. He admittedly suspected the cocaine ops proliferating
through the F.O.P. via Henry Ade, yet no official investigation was launched.

In an effort to threaten Noriega into silence and temporary inactivity, a meeting took place in Bradenton Beach, Florida near McDill Air Force Base. I was there on Noriega’s yacht along with Oliver North and Aquino, among others. The object of “Operation Shell Game” was to appeal to Noriega’s superstitions since a logical approach hadn’t slowed his CIA
cocaine ops down. Psychological Warfare, which is designed to incite
superstitious response, was used to no avail. Soon after, CIA Chief William
Casey died of a sudden brain tumor the day he was to testify in Iran Contra, and
the scandal diverted away from Noriega’s dealings

We finished our coffee and went back inside to begin writing letters. I naively
believed religious leaders like Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson might have
compassion on Kelly’s situation and help. So we wrote them letters and sent
them information packets with the few remaining stamps we had. We also wrote
to Linda Blood, who was in the process of writing her expose’ on Aquino, The
New Satanists – Linda Blood New Satanists [1] . Linda had known Aquino for years and was appalled by his torturous, controlling actions. Aquino claimed Linda as his girlfriend for a while, and she could only speculate that perhaps it was her name that first attracted him to her. Linda’s physical appearance also undeniably resembled Lillith’s, the
woman Aquino later married. While Linda was clearly more attractive than
Lillith, both women looked like Aquino’s mother. Whatever Aquino’s twisted
justifications were for latching onto Linda, she turned negative experience into
positive by publicly exposing his satanic ‘secret’ means of mind control. She
released inside information provided by friends of hers within the Temple of Set
that would haunt Aquino in future years

Linda Blood’s work on her book The New Satanists was taking longer than
anticipated, and we had hoped that its release through Walmart stores as
contracted would blaze the trail through media censorship by now. Her work
had, however, put us in touch with several international organizations concerned
with Lt. Col. Aquino’s satanic activity that was emanating from US military
bases worldwide.

Deputy Dave reached in his pocket and produced a photograph of children and
their parents picketing outside of the Marin County Daycare Board. Their signs
read, “Why does the FBI protect Aquino?”
“Where is Marin County?” I asked. My geography was still atrocious.
“Near the Presidio,” Deputy Dave began. Aquino was stationed at the Presidio
army base, and by 1987 had been under criminal investigation for sexually
abusing children in the daycare. The Presidio Daycare scandal was infamous,
and even the appeals judge refused to esponge Aquino’s criminal child abuse
record2. “Aquino’s on the Marin County Daycare Board.”

“How can Marin County justify having a suspected satanic child molester on
their board?” I was astounded.
“Obviously the children in the area are wondering the same thing,” Deputy Dave
answered. “The whole town is in a daze. Satanism, child molestation, missing
children, mind control, injustice through the courts. I’m telling you, these people
need help just to cope with the PTSD. You could give them coping skills, Mark.
And the information you have could clarify why cover-up is so prevalent and
why Aquino is allowed on their Daycare Board. Understanding might help them
survive and solve their nightmare.”
“I’m told Aquino owns the building that houses the Marin County Daycare
Board,” Mark injected.
“The Presidio is pretty close to the Grove,” I said, the picture becoming even
clearer from my perspective.
“So are Petaluma and Santa Rosa where these children in the photo are from,”
Deputy Dave said. “The case I’m working on involves mind control of a child
who claims Aquino abused her. She has stun gun prod marks and claims to have
been sexually assaulted at Bohemian Grove.

Carol Frank’s apartment was in an old building in a wealthy residential area of
Petaluma. The young, blonde haired blue-eyed beauty welcomed us warmly.
Carol had just returned home from work and was still dressed in her TV news
attire. Munching on a carrot stick, she offered us a cup of tea.
“I first learned about Aquino from a concerned mother in Santa Rosa who called
the television station with one of the most horrific stories I’ve ever heard. You’ll
meet her. Her name is Denise Beaumont and she arranged most everything for
this event. Anyway, I began investigating and found out how widespread
pedophilia and satanism actually are!

I began sharing what I knew from behind the scenes of the New
World Order regarding MK Ultra, including how Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s socalled
“power of satan” was actually a scientific formula involving a stun gun. I
explained how compartmentalized memory is the mind’s sane defense to trauma
too horrible to comprehend and how writing out memory changes the
emotionally incomprehensible to logically comprehensible. The truth that set me
free could free others from fear since people fear most what they don’t know.
Armed with truth, Marin County could effectively take a stand for their
children’s sake, my child’s sake, and the sake of humanity as a whole.

“It looks to me that this community is being socially engineered and controlled to ignore the atrocities emanating from Bohemian Grove and through Aquino and the Presidio.

But Aquino’s involved and Carol isn’t allowed to talk about the Presidio or mind control. Or satanism. A Catholic priest abused my girl, you know. It all seems connected somehow.”

“It seems we spooked Mikey Aquino out of his boots when we spoke in ‘his own backyard’ in Marin County,” he told me. “Canadian Special Intelligence Services caught wind of a hit2 that has been put out on us as a result. Our friend with CSIS is quite concerned, and told me that Mikey is no longer welcome in Canada until the case against him is resolved. I
assured him I’d take care of the problem on this end immediately.”

“Gordon Thomas and Sinaid O’Connor are among a growing number of people speaking out. Even Aquino is proving to be a significant downfall to the Catholic church rather than a recruiter for the Jesuits, CIA, and DIA6 as intended.”

When we hung up, I went to fill Mark in on the conversation. He was deep into
composing a note of response to Aquino’s attempt on our lives, though, and I
certainly did not want to disturb him. A few minutes later he showed me the
letter he had written.
“I know someone who will make sure Aquino reads this,” Mark said, smiling

We had already discussed Lt. Col. Aquino and his ‘power of
satan’ MK Ultra mind control techniques. Everyone present was familiar with
Aquino due to the vast number of survivors they were treating who had been
adversely affected by him and/or his satanic offshoots. For this reason Aquino’s
former girlfriend, Linda Blood, who wrote the book The New Satanists had been
invited to speak at this symposium as well.

In the Northwestern section of the US, the prevalence of military mind control
and the widespread Mormon based alien and satanic themed controls were
second only to a powerful combination of the two. We heard numerous reports
of “lizard aliens” in combat boots who drove military vehicles. Likewise,
“satan” wore military attire and black trench coats ala Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s
initiates. The discussions I’d heard as a child from Michigan’s Governor George
Romney10 regarding the mergence of CIA, Nazi, and Catholic mind control
techniques to create a powerful means of control for his Mormon church
apparently came to fruition and the devastation was horrific

“The truth lies in the program to deliberately generate fear,” I said. “I’ve heard
Bush discussing the fact that people autogenically respond to snakes and lizards
by freezing in fear. By capitalizing on that natural reaction, they expect to
perpetuate the fear that keeps people diverted from the truth and easily led.”
“Where did Bush get the idea?” David asked.
“I’m not sure who started it,” I answered. “But I do know it was discussed and
decided at the Grove that this lizard alien theme would render people helpless to
do anything about mind control, wars, ecological and economical depletion,
division, diversion, genocide and everything else leading them into the New
World Order. Since these perpetraitors can’t possess the human spirit, instinct is
as close as they can get. This is why they control innate human response like
maternal instinct, survival instinct, religious instinct, and instinctive ‘freeze’
response to serpents. Plus, spies are often referred to as ‘chameleons’ due to their
ability to blend into any environment, and this theme blends in with their
training. The lizard alien theme was spread throughout the military along with
Aquino’s satanism.”

Aquino v. Stone, Cite we 768 F.Supp. 529 (E.D.Va. 1991).

‘Mikey’ is a commonly used demeaning nickname for Michael Aquino.


Tranceformation Cathy O’Brien

Trance Formation of America – Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips [26]

In the early 1980s, my base programming was instilled at Fort Campbell, Kentucky by U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino. Aquino holds a TOP SECRET clearance in the
Defense Intelligence Agency’s Psychological Warfare Division (Psy Ops). He
is a professed Neo-Nazi, the founder of the Himmler inspired satanic Temple of
Set, and has been charged with child ritual and sexual abuse at the Presidio Day
Care in San Francisco, California. But like my father and Cox, Aquino remains
“above the law” while he continues to traumatize and program CIA destined
young minds in a quest to reportedly create the “superior race” of Project
Monarch Mind-Controlled slaves. I quickly teamed that Aquino did not adhere
to his profoundly professed occult superstition any more than I did. His
“satanic power” was in the form of numerous variations of high voltage stun
guns,5 which he used on me regularly. Although Aquino used occultism (blood
trauma) as a trauma base, his programming was high tech and “clean”—not
muddled in a proverbial witches’ brew of ignorance. He quickly dispelled the
Cox influence, and began programming me according to Byrd’s specifications
as his “own little witch” for sadistic sex, covert CIA drug muling, black mail,
and prostitution operations.

During the three months I was back with Cox, a muscle in my upper vaginal
wall was cut and dropped in preparation for Houston to flesh carve a hideous
witch’s face4 for Senator Byrd’s perversion. Aquino provided the ancient
instructions on how to mutilate me, and Houston used silver nitrate and hot
exacto knives to carve the details of the face without any form of anesthesia.
By flexing the muscle downward, the face protruded out of my vagina. Not
only did this surgery give Byrd a vagina suited to his minute, underdeveloped
penis, it also provided an equitable “curiosity” to be displayed over and over
again in both commercial and non-commercial pornography and prostitution

During the early ’80s, Reggie MacLaughlin primarily booked Houston into
areas that were conducive to my mind-control programming with Aquino. I
was first subjected to Aquino’s tortures and programming in Fort Campbell,
Kentucky; Fort McClellen in Anniston, Alabama; and most frequently, at
Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
Military mind-control was fast, effective, and highly technological, but it was
the NASA programming that launched me as a “Presidential Model”, Even
though Aquino instilled my programming on both military and NASA
installations, he had access to the latest technological advancements and
techniques through NASA. These included mind foolers such as sensory deprivation
tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators, and harmonics. By the age of
two, Kelly had already been subjected to Aquino and his programming through
these latest technological advancements, which shattered her fragile young mind
before her base personality had a chance to form. Rather than use occultism on
Kelly, Aquino traumatized her through sexual assault and high voltage tortures
of the mind and body. She, like I, to this day carries numerous scars from this
“non satanic” abuse base. I know, from years of research, NASA technology
and Aquino’s programming, combined with the Project Monarch standard sleep,
food, and water deprivation and high voltage, made Kelly a subject of state of
the art genetically multigenerational MPD/D1D psychological mind-control
In 1981, Byrd personally joined Aquino in Huntsville, Alabama during one
of our programming sessions. NASA cooperated fully with Byrd on any and
everything, since it was Byrd’s Senate Appropriations Committee that
determined how much and/or whether NASA received government funding. I
lay naked on the cold metal table, tranced and photographically recording every
word and detail of my programming and every word that Byrd and Aquino not
so privately discussed. Byrd was providing Aquino with specific details of
certain perversions he wanted me equipped to fulfill or perform. Additionally,
they talked about scrambling my immediate memory with two private porn films
they were arranging to have produced locally. These were titled How To Divide
a Personality and How To Create a Sex Slave. These films are the kind NASA
became involved in producing for the dual purpose of “scrambling” memory
and documenting their mind-controJ procedures. The resident Huntsville,
Alabama pornographers were two local cops, one of which was (and is) a
Sergeant. This served NASA and the CIA well when cover-up was necessary.

Seeing and/or knowing that Kelly was being tortured and programmed
proved to be a detriment to my own mind-control programming, such that the
common “cross-programming” of mother and daughter was rarely viable. In
the fall of 1982, Houston was scheduled to perform at the State Fair in Senator
Byrd’s home state of West Virginia, Byrd arrived at our hotel with LT. COL.
Aquino, who took Kelly with him, supposedly for programming purposes, I
was left alone in the hotel room with Byrd, whose KKK affiliation fueled his
rage over my having been recently prostituted to black entertainer and CIA
operative Charlie Pride. Although I had had no control over the situation to begin
with, Byrd expended his fury on me rather than on Houston who was
ultimately responsible for the incident. He took out his whip and began beating
me as he had so many times before. Only this time it seemed to last forever,
Byrd was still whipping me when Aquino returned with my tranced and
traumatized daughter. I regained consciousness enough to pull myself up off
the floor when 1 heard Kelly’s hysterical cries. Byrd ordered me to the
bathroom for a cold shower to stop the bleeding. My body could not carry out
his orders, and I collapsed again in the bathroom, smearing blood all over the
floor. Kelly’s cries again revived me, and I crawled to the door to find Byrd
sexually assaulting her and Aquino disrobing to join them. One small window
in the bathroom appeared to be a possible means of escape to obtain help, but
Byrd caught me and knocked me to the floor. The whole bathroom was smeared
in blood by the time he threw me into the shower and turned the cold water on
to slow the bleeding.
Later that afternoon, Kelly and I stood hand in hand in the afternoon sun at
the State Fair where Senator Byrd was about to make a speech to his.
constituents. My blouse stuck to my freshly whipped skin as Byrd walked onto
the stage, and the crowd cheered. Although Byrd periodically sexually abused
Kelly throughout her Project Monarch victimization, the horrific incident in-
West Virginia was the last time 1 was able to instinctively think to respond at
all. Aquino’s mind-control programming further insured it, as did Byrd’s
access to high tech mind-control equipment via West Virginia’s Jesuit College,
where he claimed the role of “Head Friar”.
Kelly has reported enduring much sexual abuse by both Byrd and Aquino.
Aquino apparently incorporated sexual abuse with his mind-control
programming and sex training of her, and shared more such events with Byrd.
It was also my experience that Byrd’s sexual perversions were heightened when
Aquino shared in the assault. Traumatic events such as this one in West
Virginia reinforced my own programming through conditioning, and further
locked me in to Byrd’s seemingly inescapable control.

After Aquino instilled my base sex programming, I was often taken by
Houston to Youngstown, Ohio to attend the sex slave training camp hell hole
referred to as “Charm School”.

I knew in government operations was at least aware of it. Then Youngstown Sheriff, now
U.S. Representative Jim Traficant, was usually present. He capitalized on his
ability to portray himself as “Lurch” by slowly opening the door and saying,
“Walk this way – To a literal slave in training, this means walk like he is
walking-like Lurch, Egor, a street whore, Scarecrow, and so on.

I was repeatedly filmed pornographically, and always taken upstairs to the
“Master’s Chambers” for prostitution to participants, including the real
“Governor” of Charm School, then Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thomburgh,
Congressman Jim Traficant, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, and others. When Kelly
was with me, she endured the same and we were forced to see each other
physically tortured as further psychological trauma. This was to ensure I could
never remember the who, what, when, or where of our bizarre enslavement.
This is what is sometimes referred to as cross-programming.

Senator Byrd in Washington, D.C., at the West Virginia State Fair, NASA in
Huntsville, Alabama, and at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. One
such night when 1 was to be prostituted to Byrd at Opryland Hotel, Lt. Colonel
Aquino was scheduled to join him in perversely assaulting me. Much to my
horror, Aquino arrived early, in full army dress uniform, backstage at the
Grand Ol’ Opry. When I saw Aquino talking with the Vatican based Project
Monarch slave runner, Kris Kristopherson, whom I had known since 1979, my
personality programmed for Opry events “short circuited”

“What are you doing in there, little lady?” Kristopherson asked. The
Colonel wants to see you,” Aquino had walked over and sarcastically asked, “What are you doing in those machine wires? That could very well be a shocking experience for you.”
All experiences with Aquino or Kristopherson resulted in high voltage electric
shock torture, and apparently neither had any regard for human life. Aquino
used the opportunity to reinforce his belief that I “had no where to run, no
where to hide” from his “power”- his stun gun.
While I untangled myself from the wires, Kristopherson and Aquino
continued their banter at my expense, Kristopherson held up his key ring and
jingled it, catching my undivided attention as conditioned, while he told
Aquino, “You’re gonna need the Keys to the Kingdom to work with this one
right here.”
“Keys to the Kingdom,” of course, referred to my previously instilled
(Enter/Inter)”Inner-dimensional” Catholic programmed personalities. Since
Aquino was my primary mind-control programmer at the time, Kristopherson
was informing Aquino of programs previously instilled in childhood via the
“Rite to Remain Silent”. By jingling the keys, he was demonstrating his control
over me and his momentary edge on Aquino.
“I got ’em,” Kristopherson was saying as he jingled the keys. “She’s mine
unless you wanna play ball. Besides, you have to. The Byrd sent me.”
“I’ve been expecting you,” Aquino said with a smile. Events later that night
proved that Aquino had been supplied the keys to my previously established
Jesuit based programming, which he and Byrd used and altered to suit their own
Byrd monitored all of my programming “progress,” and often tortured me
with his whip and pocketknife. He picked up where my mother left off, to
destroy any self-esteem I might have inadvertently developed. He said, “There
is no place for you to turn because if you could think to talk no one would ever
believe I would have anything to do with the likes of you.” He often threatened
me that I was considered “disposable” because, after all, “The first Presidential
Model, Marilyn Monroe, was killed right in front of the public eye and no one
knew what happened.”

My appearance was not the only “make over” I endured after meeting
Reagan. Aquino and I were called to Washington, D.C. to revise my base core
programming to override Senator Byrd’s control for security reasons. Since
Reagan had been shot, he took extra precautions to ensure his safety which
included directing Aquino as to how he wanted rne programmed. Much to
Aquino’s dismay and embarrassment, Reagan admired the occult role that this
Army Lt. Colonel played for mind-control traumatization purposes, as it fit in
with the public promotion of religion Reagan had launched. Reagan claimed to
believe that the masses were easiest to manipulate through their religion, as
were mind-controlled slaves like myself.
While Reagan had Aquino in D.C., he demanded that he wear his black
ritual robes to a White House party to reinforce the controlling superstitions of a
few South/Central American diplomats. Aquino appeared foolish in the eyes of
his peers. They knew Aquino’s image was only a guise for Psychological
Warfare, but his appearance at the White House in costume made Aquino look
like he believed his own facade. Aquino got even with Reagan. Minutes before
I was prostituted to Reagan that evening, Aquino ordered me into a closed side
room where he very quickly had intercourse with me. When he finished
ejaculating, he slapped me on the behind and disrespectfully said, “Take that to
the Chief.
Earlier that day, Reagan instructed Aquino how to program me in keeping
with “spin” programming depicted in the “How to” videos. “Program it,”
Reagan said, referring to me as though I were an object, “under number one. I
like the number one. It’s the first, the best, and it promotes confidence—like
‘I’ve won’,” I observed Aquino giving him the intellectually disgusted look he
reserved for anyone with the fortitude to make a suggestion to him, but
tempered his reaction by giving some thought to the request. Since the “How
to” videos showed the 6th revolution to “ignite the heat of hell” for sex, no one
would suspect I had sex programming under the first revolution. It would take
some modification of my initial programming, but Aquino was sold on the idea.
By programming me according to Reagan’s instruction, Aquino would be able
to provide added protection for Reagan whereby any program I was under at the
time would immediately become replaced by Reagan’s number one as quickly as
I saw him. This effective safety measure infuriated Byrd the first time he saw
me instantaneously switch out of his control in Reagan’s presence.

Additionally, Reagan discussed how Aquino could use me on various
military and government installations to provide “Hands-On Mind-Control
Demonstrations” of the “latest advancements in training” by displaying the
diversity of my “Presidential Model” programming. Reagan said the Hands On
Demonstrations could “educate our boys in the military to the wonders of the
mind-control phenomena.” “Hands On” meant my sex programming would be
used to “peak their interests and lock (bond) them in.” After all, “entertaining
the troops is a long time American tradition.” Aquino did the programming,
and Reagan began making arrangements for the demonstrations—which brought
me back around to Dick Cheney. Cheney would be acting in the capacity of my
“Commander” for the Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstrations and other covert
operations from then on.

“You’re the kind of girl who could hold a man in line. (He was cryptically
referring to the lines of military personnel I was forced to have sex with.)
That’s why I’ve selected you to tour a few Air Force Bases with the Colonel
(Aquino) and demonstrate for our boys in the service what a Presidential Model
is trained for, a kind of ‘hands on’ demonstration. But you’ll have to audition
for the role.” Reagan drained his glass and gestured toward Cheney as he
strode for the door, adding, “Do what he says. He’s your commander.”

his liquid cocaine sprayer, sprayed my throat, then proceeded to get rough. At one point he
yanked my head aside and asked, “Was that a tooth?” and grinned. It was
imperative that  kept my teeth off him because, according to Aquino’s
programming instruction, I was subject to death if a tooth was ever felt by
anyone. Cheney knew this was my programming and manipulated me with it
often. I resumed “satisfying him as though my life depended upon it, because,
of course, it did.” This is another Aquino programming line Cheney knew and
used. When he was gratified, he flopped over and slept. I had been instructed
to leave immediately because Cheney absolutely did not want me near him when
he slept (some insiders say he is paranoid), and I began dressing. I was
escorted out.
In preparation for ”running bases” for Reagan’s Hands-On Mind-Control
Demonstrations, I underwent a great deal of programming by both Aquino and
Cheney. Cheney laid the ground rules while Aquino carried out Uie
programming derail and performed the demonstration with me on various
military and NASA installations.
Reagan wanted the demonstrations to include all programming depicted in
the “How to” films, additional programming instilled since the videos were
made, delivery of drugs when applicable, and sex according to Aquino’s
instruction with whomever/however many were present at the lecture. Cheney’s
personal “touch” to the demonstrations was to have me programmed to
vaginally internally electric prod myself with a high voltage cylindrical cattle
prod-truly an example of total mind control.
I was routinely escorted arm-in-arm “Oz style” by two agents to Cheney’s
downstairs office in the Pentagon. Sometimes Byrd took me in. Other times
Cheney walked me through the building, particularly if we were going to his
“Bunkhouse” personal quarters. Cheney’s office was equipped with black
leather furniture, a huge messy brown desk, massive book shelves, and an hour
glass that he always used in keeping with Oz programming, to assure me that
my life was on the line under his command. As a programmed MPD, I had no
concept of time. The hour glass was a visible way for me to see “my time.
runing out” and actually grasp the concept.
The first time I reported in, Cheney shuffled through the clutter on his desk,
picked up a paper and began reading:
“Number one. I am NOT your friend, and I don’t want to see you unless I
order you to report in. Number two. Follow the Colonel’s (Aquino) orders, as
it is the chain of command. What he orders you to do, is a command from me,
follow it to the letter, as though your life depends upon it, because (he looked
up and grinned wickedly) of course, it does.” His cold eyes bore into mine as
he walked around to the front of his desk, “Any questions?”
I knew he “was NOT my friend,” but he already “saw me” sexually on other
occasions. I was perplexed and hesitated. Even though I remained silent,
Cheney sensed my hesitation and became enraged. He got up in my face,
poked my breast bone with his finger and roared, “Don’t even THINK to
question anything I say! There is no question as to what I do, what I think, or
what I say, because 1 am absolutely above questions-especially YOURS!! Your
orders are clear. Now get out of here! I have work to do!”
Throughout the next three years, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Aquino used me in
the Hands On Demonstrations on numerous Army, Navy, Air Force, and
NASA installations across the U.S. according to Reagan’s plan and Cheney’s
orders. The Top Brass privy to the demonstrations ranged from three at a time
to roughly twenty. In closing, Aquino always “persuaded” them to line up
while I was forced to perform sexually on command with each one. The larger
groups were physically painful, while the smaller groups often involved
unapproved variance from the routine, such as revealing Reagan’s bestiality
perversions. The wide array of “switching” my personalities that Aquino
incorporated into the demonstrations, and the vast amount of high voltage and
torture to which I was subjected, left me exhausted and physically devastated for
days after each one of Reagan’s Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstrations.

The DIA’s U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino often activated my Pigeon programming
during the Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstrations.
Dick Cheney further defined the term “Pigeon” when I learned of Operation
Carrier Pigeon in the mid ’80s. He said, “You have been selected from the
flock (of programmed slaves) for the Carrier Pigeon Operation for the purpose
of carrying messages from point A to point B as ordered. Pigeons, once they
fly the coop, find no freedom in flight, but carry out their task of delivering
their message from point A to point B by the shortest possible route—a direct
route. I will direct your route and you will deliver messages as ordered.”

“Listen. Follow orders. The Colonel (Aquino) will be there and you will follow his orders and provide a demonstration Hands On style for the General (Noriega). It will be different,
yet the same, so follow the Colonel’s orders closely.”
Cheney roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, got right in my
face and said, “Or, I’ll get her, my pretty, your little girl. Follow orders as
though her life depends upon it because it does. Or the next baby’s ear will be
taken from Kelly. So listen. When you see the baby’s ear, you will listen,”
He spun my head in the direction of the hourglass as he released my hair. He
was sneering and Simpson looked as though he thought Cheney overdid it. I
was relieved it would not be my job to “soothe Cheney’s savage beast” sexually
that day.

The Colonel (Aquino) has the baby’s left ear and will meet you at the Pier at 4 pm. Stop at the little market on the corner and call. Then it’s just down the street a little ways.”
I followed instructions robotically. Kelly and I watched from the pier as
four big, armed (with machine guns) emotionless (programmed?) guards
scanned the area as Aquino emerged from a car. Kelly said, “Mom, let’s go”.
I remembered Cheney’s threat and assured her I would protect her, though I
could not comprehend from what.
When Aquino approached with two Dobermans on leashes, I told him
Simpson had sent me there looking for the left baby’s ear. He opened his hand
to reveal “all that was left-the baby’s ear-the dogs had devoured and consumed
the rest of the baby.” It was bloody, ragged, and bluish rather than pink.
Whether or not this was an actual baby’s ear, the impact was the same. I put
Kelly further behind me away from the dogs. I stood traumatized and
entranced, ready for command. Aquino instructed me in full detail on the
night’s activities, and that I was to leave Kelly with campground personnel until
my return.

I recognized several of the guests, including Oliver North and Puerto
Rican drug lord Jose Busto. I was led up the stairs to the conference room
where Aquino, Noriega, and Simpson were waiting. Simpson! I realized I
must “be on the other side of the black mirror” and I gazed out into the
darkness. Simpson spoke softly, “You’re on the other side of the black mirror now
(NASA programming), peering

Noriega reacted as anticipated, obviously insulted by my message. In the
ensuing moment of chaos, Aquino hypnotically waved his hands in front of
Noriega and dramatically spread out his satanic black cape (worn for impact on
Noriega’s superstitions) which appeared to fill the room. Noriega all but bowed
to him as Aquino’s control over him was complete.
Aquino’s manner was side-show-style rather than the usual somber tones
used on Military bases for the Hands On demonstrations. “General, for vour
entertainment and in respect and appreciation of your successful enterprising
‘Contra-bution’, the Chief has sent his Presidential Model to demonstrate the
latest technology in mind-control advancements. With the flip of a switch, this
Pigeon becomes a Kitten (I began undressing). Quite a different animal.”
Because of Noriega’s superstitious beliefs, the whole idea of switching
personalities apparently frightened him. I know Noriega believed whole
heartedly in mind control, but could not grasp the concept of multiple
personalities (which I now believe he perceived as demonic possession).
Therefore, he did not adhere to the idea of one slave being trained for both
business and pleasure. Aquino, whom Noriega already perceived as a “devil”
working for Reagan, was manipulating his beliefs masterfully. The impact of
this demonstration and Operation would prove to be Psychological Warfare of
the highest order.
Aquino ordered me to lie on the bed and invited Noriega to look closer at
what the “Wizard”-“his Chief (Reagan) – could create. Noriega stepped closer
to see what Aquino was pointing out to him between my breasts. A large,
carved baphomet appeared. Aquino had hypnotically regressed me to the time
of its making which caused it to seemingly “suddenly appear” right before
Noriega’s eyes. Noriega jumped back, ignorantly terrified of this scientific
phenomena. I believe Noriega stayed in the room for the rest of the demonstration
simply because he was frozen in fear. Aquino hit me with a cat-o-ninetails
and I shrieked in pain. Noriega jumped, Aquino hit me with it again, this
time activating me to respond sexually as though pain were pleasure-a mindcontrol
concept that Noriega more readily grasped. Then Aquino pointed out
that the baphomet had disappeared. While Noriega looked, Aquino used Byrd’s
Hypnotic induction as he cut me “between the breasts with a knife saying, “In
like a knife sharp and clean, I’ll carve out what I want.” My trance had been
deepened to the extert that my circulatory system was slowed. Therefore I did
not bleed until Aquino hypnotically changed my trance level. He then told
Noriega that the baphomet carving had “retreated to the depths of my body and
soul, possessing me and inciting the heal of hell.” He commanded me to show
any “face”, the vaginal mutilation carving of the baphomet face. As I did,
Aquino offered Noriega my sex. As predicted, Noriega’s eyes bulged in terror
and revulsion. While Aquino told him his “rejection of me had killed me,” I
ceased breathing and moving as conditioned. Noriega was dumfounded as
Aquino laughed wickedly and threatened, “Even death will not permit her-or
you-escape from the Wizard’s power.” He explained that I was the “Wizard’s
own” and “under his spell” and could therefore “re-energize myself and come
back to life.” He put a vaginal prod in my hand and ordered me to masturbate
myself with it, pushing the button to electrically jolt myself internally upon
command. Noriega’s eyes were enormous. He paled to a sickly grey, his
mouth fell open and he ran out the door while Aquino assured him that he had
“NO where to run, no where to hide from Reagan’s powers.”
Noriega predictably interpreted the demonstration as a threat from the depths
of HELL, which should have been enough to heed Reagan’s commands to break
the drug trafficking ties immediately. (Apparently this is not the case as is
evidenced by Noriega’s continued Florida incarceration.) Aquino and Simpson
doubled over with laughter as they congratulated themselves on a job well done.
Simpson finally ordered me to dress and escorted me to the back of the yacht to
ensure the guards put me on the shuttle boat rather than kill me because of Noriega’s

From my perspective, the chain of command was clearly Bush, Cheney, Habib, Reagan,
Aquino and lastly, on a par with my handler, Houston, Byrd, all of which was
subjet to change at any given moment. Cheney just rolled his eyes at Reagan’s
comment and never slowed down as he continued, “Right now a stage is being
set and you will be directed by the Vice President on just how he wants you to
do your part in setting the stage for Mexico’s role in the New World Order.”

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Aquino’s occultism provided trauma sufficient to
maintain my Project Monarch Mind-Controlled existence despite his inability to
affect my core spirituality. Therefore, I was not routinely subjected to the other
favorite “trauma of choice”-alien themes-lite many slaves (including Kelly) I
knew had been. The effect of Bush’s illusion hologram on such victims is
binding and strong. Even Aquino envied the mind shattering effects of Bush’s
alien theme visual traumas to the extent that he wrote and published his own
comic book sequel to Lucas’ Star Wars. While occultism is easily dispelled
with reason and fact, Bush’s alien theme continues to be reinforced through
NASA’s involvement in mind-control atrocities.

to my deathstate programming to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino for use in Reagan’s Hands-On
Mind-Control Demonstrations. My death-state also further equipped me in my
role of “anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone” to be accessed at Bohemian

and subsequent abuse of Kelly in my presence that
destroyed parts of my maternal-based programming. Regardless of their
“excuse,” Houston drove us to San Francisco, California where Temple of Set
(Satan) founder U.S. Army Lt. Col. Aquino made some emergency “repairs”.
I was not taken to a hospital or a mental institution, but to a brain/mind
research and development lab on the U.S. Army Reservation at Presidio. There
are many facilities such as this one across the country at various CIA, military,
and NASA compounds where hyper-advanced government knowledge is put to
the test, developed and modified. Those I met who had expertly learned the
scientific mechanics of the brain in conjunction with the ins and outs of the
mind used their gained secret knowledge to manipulate and/or control others.
The only thing Mark Phillips, Byrd, and Aquino had in common was the belief
that “secret knowledge equals power”.1 Byrd explained to me that New World
Order “powers were strengthened” by allowing the mental health community
only partial and/or deliberate misinformation through their organization lobby,
The American Psychiatric Association (APA), concerning treatment modalities
for severe dissociative disorders being created through mind control! Perpetrators
believed that withholding knowledge and the proliferation of deliberate
misinformation allowed them control over their secrets, and subsequently over
humanity. They may be correct if no one can or will react to the information
presented in this book.
Intended or not, I overheard a conversation pertaining to death and the mind
between Aquino and a lab assistant as I lay on a cold, metal table in a deep
hypnotic state, Aquino was saying that 1 had come close to death numerous
limes which “increased my ability to enter other (mind) dimensions en route to
death”. I had listened to Aquino talk at length about such concepts before, as
though he were trying to convince himself of some interdimensional time travel
theory. “Whether in principle or in theory, the results are the same,” he
claimed. “The concept of time is abstract in itself.” Hypnotic talk of pastpresent-
future set my mind in a spin that, when combined with Alice In
Wonderland/NASA mirror world concepts, created an illusion of timeless
dimensions. I now know that the only “dimensions’ I experienced were
elaborate memory compartmentalizations of real, earthly events by real, earthly
criminals, and certainly not by aliens, Satan, or demons.
After moving me from the table to an elaborate box, Aquino then shifted my
mind to another area of my brain, claiming to have taken me into another
dimension by way of “death’s door”. This was accomplished while I was
subjected to sensory deprivation combined with hypnotic and harmonic reprogramming.
The seemingly coffin-like structure was transformed in my mind
to a crematorium, where 1 endured the sense of increasing heat while “I slowly
burned” through hypnotic suggestion. Aquino then “pulled me through death’s
door” and into another dimension, “void of time”.

As the elevator supposedly went “down 99 (taken from Aquino’s corny
reversal of 66) levels to the depths of hell,” Byrd told me the Earth “spins faster
and faster at the core, causing us to spiral downward in a tornado effect.” I
dropped deeper in my hypnotic trance.

Trance Formation of America – Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips [26]

Hersha, Cheryl. Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage. See Cheryl Beck Illuminati Survivor and Whistleblower [45]

A far more unusual character who later played a part in the sisters’ training, is Michael Aquino, Ph.D. who was commissioned an army lieutenant in 1968 and eventually was involved with psychological operations. Several children who were involved in some of the CIA research programs have alleged that Dr. Aquino was involved in two areas—Charles Wallace programming and remote viewing. These were part of extrasensory perception (ESP) experiments in general, a special interest of Dr. Aquino, a man who many consider an extreme eccentric. Michael Aquino received his military commission the same year he went to see the movie Rosemary’s Baby in a San Francisco movie theater. That film, the story of a woman who is impregnated by Satan with the help of members of a satanic cult, included an appearance by Anton LaVey, in real life the founder of the Church of Satan. Aquino became interested in LaVey. While he was in Vietnam, Aquino wrote a lengthy manuscript called “The Diabolicon.” It began as a restatement of certain themes from Paradise Lost, a type of writing exercise he would later do with works such as the films, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Unlike the latter, this was a series of statements from various entities associated in the Judeo-Christian heritage with evil—Satan Archdaimon, Beelzebub, Azazel, Abaddon and others. Satan Archdaimon’s statement, for example, includes: “I who am Lucifer, and who have taken the name of Satan Archdaimon, do bear this title with pride, for I am in truth the great enemy of all that is God. Together, man, thou and I shall achieve our eternal glory in the fulfillment of our will.” The completed manuscript was sent to LaVey in March and by June, Aquino had been made a member of the satanic priesthood as well as a member of the Council of Nine, also called the Council of the Trapezoid, LaVey’s governing body for the Church of Satan. Aquino began editing the Church of Satan newsletter, personally using the pages to discuss such matters as “the Great Pyramid of Giza, Nazi occultism, the creation of the Universe according to the theories of plasma physics matter/antimatter, pre-human and human evolution, archaeological developments bearing upon Satanism, life extension and life after death, the actual existence of Satan as an intelligent entity, social forecasting and international economics and finance.” His interests were eclectic and they would carry over into his activities in psychological operations where he began exploring aspects of extrasensory perception. Dr. Aquino appeared to begin losing respect for his mentor during this period. Although he wrote the “Ninth Solstice Message,” a ninth anniversary message of the Church of Satan, in a manner that seemed to be channeled for Satan and honoring LaVey (“By my Will, Anton Szandor LaVey, you are divest of your human substance and become in your Self a Daimon. Henceforth you are a true god….”), he would soon break with the church. One night in 1975, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino wrote another lengthy treatise, this one called the “Book of Coming Forth by Night.” All the glowing tributes to LaVey, presumably from Satan himself, suddenly were given to Aquino. “Now it has come to pass, and the Book of the Law is laid bare—‘Destined First Century heir-Aquino—breaking Keys by doctrines Anton LaVey—great Magus of reconsecration coming Year xeper—founding his rightful Priesthood—Set—true origin Volume AL’ Michael Aquino, you are become Magus V degree of the Aeon of Set.” Set, supposedly an Egyptian deity greater than Satan, though very much what most Jews, Christians and Muslims would consider evil, explains how his followers, including his representative on earth, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, Ph.D., should act: “The Satanist thought to approach Satan through ritual. Now let the Setian shun all recitation, for the text of another is an affront to the Self. Speak rather to me as to a friend, gently and without fear, and I shall hear as a friend. Do not bend your knee nor drop your eye, for such things were not done in my house at PaMat-et. But speak to me at night, for the sky then becomes an entrance and not a barrier. And those who call me the Prince of Darkness do me no dishonor.” On June 10, 1975, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino formed the Temple of Set. He established elaborate newsletters (including work now on the Internet) and a fascinating reading list that included such works as The Occult and the Third Reich by Jean-Michael Angebert, Adolph Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, Nigel Pennick’s Hitler’s Secret Sciences, Gerald Suster’s Hitler: The Occult Messiah and numerous others. His selection of fiction ranged from such novels as Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby and David Seltzer’s The Omen to the first version of John Fowles’ The Magus. Many questions might be raised as to Dr. Aquino’s alleged involvement with the children of Sid Gottlieb’s program. Yet “Mikey” is remembered by Cheryl Hersha as being one of the adults doing research into her ability to tesser (move into the fourth dimension) and to do remote viewing. She identified him from a series of photographs, though she does not remember him being involved with the violence of the sex and shock-based practices. Instead, in her memory, he was present when the researchers tried to turn Cheryl into Charles Wallace

“I’m not certain where I was taken for the experiment, though I think it was Fort Ritchie,” says Cheryl. “Perhaps they were still trying to figure out what to do with us when I was six or seven. They were trying different experiments to see what we could do best. “There were eight of us in the six and seven-year-old age group and they did different things [to test us], then took us to this large room for recess. There really wasn’t anything to do there. It was just a place without a laboratory where we could improvise our own games, like ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’ Then Mikey came in with candy and treats and we went back to the laboratory for the experiments. I later recognized him when I saw a picture of a young Dr. Michael Aquino.” Cheryl was placed on a surgical table and prepared for electric shock. They used hypnosis and gave her drugs, including LSD. Then, as she was susceptible to suggestion, they began reading her excerpts from A Wrinkle In Time, focusing on the passages that related to Charles Wallace’s life and his ability to tesser. They explained that his life was her life, that she was Charles Wallace. This was also done with a few of the other girls who were present, though the initial work was done in isolation. It was only over the next few days of testing that the girls realized they were all dressed alike and all called “Charles.” “While in the drugged state, they attached an artificial penis that was like a jock strap to me. There was a waistband and two leg bands that fit around the upper thighs to keep it positioned in the approximate position it needed to be as a penis. It didn’t work. It was just there. I still had to go to the bathroom as a girl. I just sort of pulled it away from me,” Cheryl says. The absurdity of the false penis did not matter. Cheryl embraced the idea of being a boy. “I wanted to be a boy because it was safer. I was little then. Little girls got raped all the time. My personal experience was Sexy Sadie. I equated sexual abuse with being a girl, so as a boy, I felt I wouldn’t be sexually abused. “I got boy’s clothes—loafers and trousers. At home, my mom usually put us in a skirt or a dress. The slacks and shirt were radically different for me. The point of the experiment was to give subjects alter egos that came from the book, A Wrinkle In Time. “The psychic powers of Charles Wallace were going to become ours. That’s why they read the book to us while we were drugged. They wanted me to see that Charles Wallace’s life was my life. My sister Lynn became his sister, Meg. Like the story, my father wasn’t there because he was caught by the tesseract and trapped in the fourth dimension. Just like Charles, my mother was back at home.” The researchers didn’t think that the story was real, but they felt that the power of the belief could enhance a subject’s psychic powers. They wanted to see if Cheryl liked being the child from the novel. “Charles Wallace was cool. They gave me ‘brain-o’ glasses—the big, horn-rimmed eyeglasses like the brainy kids wear. It doesn’t say in the story that Charles Wallace wore glasses, but the stereotype of the brainchild, the genius child, has always been the child with the little pageboy haircut and the big glasses. I was given a blond pageboy wig. For once in my life I got to be a blond, but I had to do it as a boy.” For several days, Cheryl and the other girls lived as Charles Wallace. They kept on their boy clothes and presumably, they all had penis attachments like Cheryl’s. Cheryl later came to believe that some of the older researchers did not believe that Charles Wallace’s ability to tesser into the fourth dimension was real. However, they seemed to believe in extrasensory perception (ESP). They also seemed to feel that ESP was an ability possessed by all the test subjects and that it would be enhanced if the subjects’ own belief systems could be enhanced.

Hersha, Cheryl. Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage. See Cheryl Beck Illuminati Survivor and Whistleblower [45]

Brice Taylor Thanks for the Memories [27]

A former U.S. Army Lt. Col. in the DIA’s Psychological Warfare Division, Michael Aquino, is the latest in a line of alleged government-sponsored sadists.
Aquino, an eccentric genius, founded the Temple of Set, an offshoot of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. His obsession with Nazi pagan rituals and his hypnotic manipulation of people made him an ideal candidate for the position of “Master Programmer.”
Aquino was connected with the Presidio Army Base daycare scandal, in which he was
accused of child molestation.

Paul Bonacci, a courageous survivor who endured almost two decades of degradation under Project MONARCH, has disclosed strong corroborating evidence of widescale crimes and corruption from the municipal/state level all the way up to the White House. He has testified about sexually-abused males selected from Boy’s Town in Nebraska and taken to nearby Offutt AFB, where he says they were subjected to intense MONARCH programming, directed mainly by Commander Bill Plemmons and former Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Brice Taylor Thanks for the Memories [27]

Videos of Alice experiments…

Lectures by Walter Lewin Resonance and the Sounds of Music [15]

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Videos of Gate Tone Sounds:

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Videos of interviews about Aquino

These are from Out of the Gate with Tye who is a great interviewer as she lets the interviewee speak and listens to what they are saying.

degoogling 2023 Apr 22


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The Temple of set webpage archive on Aquino is worth more exploration, access can be achieved via this link Xeper  [12]

Similarly his personal webpage is also worth a dig and these are some access points.

  • Aquino personal webpage  [6]
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There are also some useful videos on Aquino here 2020 Jun Burners.me Michael Aquino dead [20]

Fighting Monarch has an  interview from Buzzsaw with Aquino on his site, which appears to be an interview late in his life, post 2013, Mapping MK Ultra in LA [46]

                                            photo from Mapping MK Ultra in LA [46]

Also on odysee here…


Odysee Mind Wars and Temple of Set with Michael Aquino [72] 

In this he mentions Project Stargate and Project Jedi and lies that there are no experiments on children and says Project Monarch is urban myth, and no experiments on spiritual gates. He states intelligence community experimenters have morals… Perhaps psychopathic liars are not the best to judge morals…

He also mentions Wagners Parsival opera, a christianised form of Grail legend, Himmler and Wewelsburg Castle

Jessie and Autotranscript

Here is the autotranscript in which Jessie talks from first hand experience what it is like being forced to have high levels of adrenochrome for these experiments, overseen by John Brennan and Michael Aquino, and also present were Grand High Priestesses of the US East Quadrant Laurie Cabot-Kent or Gloria Vanderbilt.

Aquino and Brennan were involved in the procurement and rape of children. They experimented on Jessie to assess the levels of adrenochrome needed to operate on for the certain experiments.

They mocked her as they were waiting for the injections to work… Adrenochrome brings out the dark side in people and makes people want to indulge every impulse – anger, rage, blood lust, consuming flesh, killing and they don’t stop until a person is ripped to pieces.

On the comedown her training partner and her used to fight each other. Then it used to take 3 or 4 adults to subdue them and they used to be put into straightjackets and. Aged 4 and a half! The Adrenochrome strips all the potassium out of you, as you use loads of energy, and Jessie still suffers from problems with her potassium today.

Unlike the other survivors mentioned in this post, who went through the Monarch programme and other programmes, Jessie was not part of the mind control, so she does not have different alters, like the others. It was just part of her training, as opposed to programming. Indeed if she had become dissociative she would hav ebeen rejected for intended role.

The experiments, as well as finding the optimum levels of adrenochrome were about opening the spiritual gates and connect people to demons, which is more effective on adrenochrome.

Jessie Czebotar’s website – Illuminate The Darkness [35] which includes all of her videos.

Follow Jessie Czebotar Twitter @CzebotarJessie    [50]

The following transcript is from this video.

Jessie from Dark Outpost 07-08-2020 Through The Illuminati Looking Glass [34]

Transcript of parts on Aquino and experiments on Jessie…

relevant section
…man had former Nazi connections so  he was the
individual who was in charge of what we
called our combat training.
you know training us how to fight not
only each other but how to protect
ourselves in the system so he was there
and then he also was the major trainer or teacher
for both military generals John Brennan
and Michael Aquino, so after he had
trained both those individuals and that
was about you know ten years before he
trained me started training me and my
partner they had split those military
generals so that Aquino ran everything
that would be considered like the
western part of the United States, and so
he would oversee all the military bases
all the universities on top of all the
military programs that were running in
those areas and all the experiments that
the Luciferians were doing not only to
children, but to veterans in those areas
and then John Brennan became the one who
was running everything that was in the
eastern quadrants so so John John and
John Brennan and Michael Aquino or
Luciferians yes okay
and were they also involved in the
procurement and rape of children yes
okay and did they consume adrenochrome
not only consumed it they they also
forced it on others so they were part of
this event where you know that was part
of the testing the experiments that me
and my partner went through they you
know they were part of that figuring out
the levels of what we needed to operate
for the certain experiments that they
wanted us to be involved in so you know
when I talked about you know the people
who stood over me and you know we’re
mocking me telling you know as they gave
me these shots and we
for it to kick in you know my heart
would start racing and my body would
drop its potassium because your when the
adrenochrome is going throughout your
body you use such a high amount of
natural energy that your muscles and
everything within you just waste all
your potassium levels so your heart will
start to race and you know then they
would start taunting me telling me that
I was going to die you know so I kind of
just have flashes of that mocking and
causing that fear that you know every
time my heart race that you know I
wasn’t gonna make it through but then as
you know things start to kick in it
really brings like I I just call it my
warrior I would you know get that
fighter instinct and that’s when they
would throw me and my partner into that
room and it really is a horrible thing
and I don’t know how to you know a lot
of this I’m trying to learn how to put
into words but it’s like you mentally
will you’re on this you you have your
good side that desires light and
everything good and and you want to you
know make right choices but at the same
time you all of a sudden have this dark
side in your soul that really it holds
nothing back and it wants to indulge
every impulse and and that impulse I I
don’t know if it’s a sensation but you
just get where it’s like you’re you
can’t even logically think through the
thoughts going through your head you
just get this impulse and you act and so
you know with others like these these
desires and like I said like the
consuming flesh is a big one that the
blood lust the desire to kill
is really a big part of this so that
turns people into vampires kind of but I
mean there’s no it’s not just that you
want blood or flesh you know it’s like
the it’s almost like just this desire
and anger like you really get a lot of
rage on it but it’s like this rage to
just kill and an utterly like dis
shutter Li destroy so you know I’ve
talked about you know one of the ways I
saw them kill people was literally to
shred them you know right in front of my
so it’s almost like that instinct where
you just start going at somebody and you
don’t stop until that person is
completely ripped to pieces so you know
with that you know when they stuck us in
that room that first time you know it’s
really scary because you know you you’re
not even here I don’t know how to put
this but you’re not exactly fighting
with your conscience but at the same
time you are under the influence of
adrenaline there’s if there’s an
emotional battle going on because you
know that what you’re you’re your body
through this adrenochrome is telling you
to do is wrong and yet it’s almost
impossible to fight it off yes that that
would be a great way to put it it’s a
it’s almost like you can’t fight it off
you can’t like your body is acting
completely on its own off of impulses
well your mind is reacting and saying
what the hell am i doing you know why am
I doing this I don’t want to be doing
this and at the same you know at the
same time you’ve got other thoughts that
are saying you know that you know I just
want to kill
this person I want to get that you know
I don’t even know how to explain the
thoughts that went through my head when
I was that little I mean they were
thoughts that really like shook me to
the core and you know I’ve spent a lot
of time this week praying his memories
have been you know I’ve been working
through memories with this you know I’m
still not at the point where I can even
acknowledge or voice those thoughts I
mean they they were just more evil than
I even saw you know from these people as
a child you know I knew the evil that
was in my heart and it was enough to you
know shake me to the core where you know
I would do anything in the world to not
allow that warrior to come out it sounds
to me like what you’re telling me and
you said you were about four-and-a-half
years old yeah okay yeah so many adults
as they get into their older years
experience the wide range of emotions
rage you know anger sometimes the type
of things that would when not in control
make people want to do things and harm
other people and kill them and those
type of things
normally a 4 to a four and a half year
old has not had that range of emotions
in their experience because most
children are raised with kindness and
love they may get angry and have temper
tantrums and all that sort of thing but
they don’t experience the type of rage
that you’re saying that you experienced
so what you’re telling me is that this
adrenaline gives you a taste of emotions
that most people at that stage of life
at the age of four and a half would not
even experience so it’s not like when an
adult can say I’m experiencing this rage
but I’ve known this emotion before I
just haven’t acted on it a child is
saying I don’t even know what these
emotions are and yet I’m feeling yeah
exactly that’s exactly it and you know I
think that’s part of my problem in
talking about this
that there’s so much that I don’t even
know even at this point how to put into
words or how to describe you know but
I’m still I see it happening you know in
people’s lives in poeple you know in
public or in the way they’re acting you
know so so it’s like this week you know
as as Tim and other people started
talking about Brennan you know it brings
back all of those memories you know and
I I sit there and think you know and
forgive my language but it’s like I’ll
maybe try to put it nicer but you know
my my actual thoughts towards him is you
know still that sheer anger where it’s
like that bastard held me down shot me
up with this crap that you know and then
put me into these situations where I
would I found myself in this horrible
battle you know and at the heart of it
you know I didn’t want to hurt other
children I didn’t want to do anything to
them and you know thank the Lord by my
training partner really was my grace
card from God you know he he would take
like I mean trying to think I’m gonna go
back just a little bit here okay okay so
when they put us in this room
both of us were high on on a higher
level of adrenochrome okay so you’ve got
two children now that are struggling
through this desire to act on impulse
and to kill and murder and just shred
everything in sight and you know and
what I’m gonna say max is you know it
wasn’t like we were fighting to see who
could you know kill these other kids
first that wasn’t the case and I think
he had more mental acuity than I did on
and you know at the core of his heart
was that you know I was the only thing
good in that world
you know he really strove to make sure
that I did not take life that my hands
never got dirty you know when we were in
combat situations where we had to you
know we were placed in rooms where you
know it was either kill or be killed you
know from the beginning he made it very
clear that you know I was not the one
who would take life he was and so you
know that that desire in him was very
strong so when we were put into this
room you know I’m activated and ready
you know to just you know I mean I’m
fighting it as much as I can but you’ve
got that impulse and he literally you
know did things to push me and shove me
out of the way and then he took each of
those kids lives so that I could not and
then there was the battle you know where
it was then we turned on each other and
you know so we spent the next hour or
two in heavy combat fighting each other
and then as we started coming down off
of it like you’re still fighting each
other and you know they it took I mean
it would take like three or four of that
these adults eat you know to subdue each
of us when we’re on that stuff and so
you know they subdued us and they put us
into you know when I later found out
where straitjackets but they put us in
the straitjacket and then they would
take us upstairs like this first time it
happened at the cathedral st. Peter
downstairs so then they took us upstairs
they had this room in the school where
it simply
had this covered like a tall not a
wardrobe but it was like a tall you know
covered or a closet and you know it was
it really wasn’t more than you know
probably three feet wide and then you
know about five feet long and they would
stick us in this white cover together
and lock the door and then leave the
room and lock the door and that was
where we would spend the last hours of
coming off of or coming down off of this
stuff because we had another but I mean
but you still could I mean you don’t
still be yellow biting or yes and so
it’s like it was like they almost made
it like closer quarters you know so you
had less ability to protect yourself you
know there would be head-butting and and
hitting and knocking each other over and
you you know you’re stuck like you have
no way in or out and you’re kickin and
you know at one point like he kicked me
in the chest and then you know he would
kick that kind of at the base of my neck
and shoulder and try to knock me out and
but then you get the part where all of a
sudden it like you know like I would get
really sick coming down off of it so
it’s like all of a sudden then you get
this part worried you get so nauseous
and all you can do is like lay there and
you’re trying not to puke your guts out
and you know that’s when you start
crying and you know you’re thinking
about the graphics of everything and
thinking about you know everything you
just did and saw and and you get hit
with all the guilt and you know that
more of your conscious kicks in where
you’re like I can’t believe it you know
did I just do that
I hurt you no my dearest friend and you
know and you start to realize the extent
of all that you’ve done and you know for
us though then they would like they’d
let us get to that point and then they
literally you know I mean and I’d still
be like just laying there cuz I could
you know I was so pukey and they would
pull us out of those cupboards and then
that’s when they would you know take us
down at times and stick us in rooms
where it was either kill or be killed so
we had to learn to fight even coming
down off of it you know when you have
energy yeah and and you you’ve got no
energy you’re you feel as sick as a dog
and you know you just really want to lay
down on the floor and die or melt into
the floor either one but you have to
then fight to survive and you almost
like you know it’s like my body would be
shaking you know and you’re trying to
just even get any part of your body to
operate in line with what you what your
mind is telling you that you need to do
you know to avoid contact from people
who are you know who are aiming fists
your way or you know knifes to your way
so you have to learn how to react so
they did a lot of this type of testing
over and over and over and you know I
mean it took me it probably wasn’t even
until you know closer to the older ages
like age seven that we realized that
they were putting this stuff into our
food in our drinks you know like I knew
that they put it in their drinks because
you know I was the one who had to
prepare their drinks for them but I
you know I didn’t connect that I mean
there were little triggers that would
tell me you know like well when I make
banana soup it doesn’t turn black right
away so why is the banana soup that they
make me every morning black right away
you know so I’d get these little
questions that I didn’t have the answers
that I didn’t know you know what was
really going on I knew it had something
to do you know like for those moments
like they would use the shot because it
would be faster acting than if it was
consumed you know so during the testing
period they they used the shots and then
they kind of got it were then it was I
think being put into my food everyday
and I just learned how to function on it
were you ever concerned that you know
obviously when you are making these
cocktails for for lack of a better term
for these people knowing what it did to
you when you were you know put on it
were you ever concerned that to the
point you were saying you know hey I’m
actually giving you the the method by
which you may turn against me in a fit
of rage
and psychotic behavior and kill me yeah
I was I would be terrified of messing up
and giving the wrong proof looks a
skullet proof or you know the wrong
tincture like you know I became very
meticulous in making sure that I had the
right proof and that I was giving the
right amount you know it caused this
fear in me where I was always trying to
prepare ahead of time because I knew
that once you know she took those first
sips that if if the right amount had not
been given you know that she was gonna
turn really fast and so I was always
situationally aware you know I’d be
looking at what objects are around her
that she could use to hurt me or my
siblings with where were my siblings at
you know where were the places that I
could you know run and grab them and
hide you know before she got ahold of us
and it got to the point where even a lot
of those areas I started to store or
hide like I would steal and hide some of
the weapons in the house things like you
know they are normal weapons all the
time but things like scissors or you
know knifes or pens you know anything
that I could use as a weapon I would
have in those places because I didn’t
have time like once she went psychotic I
have to assume that John Brennan let’s
go back to him for just a moment because
he was involved in this and
you know he must know that Donald Trump
knows what what he did and that’s one of
the reasons why he has gone after Trump
with such a vengeance and and done
everything in his power to discredit
Trump and have him be removed from
office am I correct in assuming that
Trump is because the Trump is aware that
Brennan is Aquino were involved in this
yeah sorry hold on sorry
yeah they he is
hold on I’m having a technical issue I
don’t know why this keeps turning on up
here but yeah he you know Trump is very
aware of some of this as it’s been
brought forward especially in regards to
the different experiments or parts of
the MKULTRA program that John was
operating with that there’s more you
know he’s done a lot of work with the
different DNA things and experiments
with children so I think you know I’m
praying that a lot of that’s gonna come
to light soon you know and that’s part
of what I’m sharing some of this back
stories that people understand you know
the extent that he went to you know it’s
not just that they put children through
you know a lot of us have heard some of
the different experiment names like you
know project looking-glass or the the
Star Wars now project or the voice of
God project those were the main three
that I was involved in a little bit more
about those projects yeah so with those
projects um hold on let me I gotta try
to see I don’t know if you’re hearing it
on your end but I have this program that
keeps turning on with noise no I’m not
hearing and
take your time we’re worried there’s no
you know they get a little technical
issue and go ahead and take time to fix
it it’s we’re talking with Jessie’s a
boater her website illuminate the
darkness calm she was a former victim of
the Illuminati satanic pedophile and
child trafficking system
she has been updating us on her story
for the last several weeks you can visit
some of our previous YouTube videos and
our conversations with her tonight were
addressing the topic of adrenochrome and
its effect on these these pedophiles in
child sex traffickers and she has
already informed us that two very
prominent people within the United
States military system including John
Brennan and Michael Aquino were in
charge of a lot of this and we’re
administering the adrenochrome to to
some people than themselves all right we
have Jesse’s aborted back with us we had
a little bit of a technical issue on
both of our ends but we’ve gotten that
resolved to refresh both Jesse’s memory
and those of you the viewer we were
asking her about these two programs one
of which is called project Looking Glass
that Brennan and Michael Aquino John
Brennan and Michael Aquino had been
involved in she was going to give us a
little bit of the details behind those
two programs so Jesse if you would
please continue yeah so looking-glasses
is kind of the base project that they
start the children in with that you’re
pulled into a subgroup of three kids and
each of those kids have different
spiritual gifts that when connected into
the spiritual world you know the project
almost looks or acts like a
fortune-telling you see time you see
things that are going to happen events
that will happen and the best way I
could describe it now is it’s almost
like you know the three of you are
having the same vision or the same dream
you’re awake and so you see the same
thing almost but in different ways so
you know one of the children will see
like what the the last result or the end
result of the event is going to be the
second child they can’t see what’s going
to happen in the end or what the end
product will be that they see all these
steps so you know they might be
explaining you know I see everybody
getting out of us I see the bus heading
in this direction you know so they’re
gonna start just describing the event in
steps and the third child sees
everything like they see every step and
possibility and what the outcome of each
of those possibilities is so they might
you know when the other child says I see
all these people on a bus and you know I
see somebody stand up the other child
might say you know I see that person
stepping to the left and you know they
fall or get hurt
or you know it causes them to get in a
fight with somebody but if they would
step to the right you know and avoid the
situation so this so that they really
use this third child is almost like the
the one that they use to you know think
through this entire event that’s being
unfolded to see like what’s gonna happen
and they use that to control kind of
what happens you know they they see the
end event and it’s like yes we want that
to happen or no we don’t so then they
look at the steps and they decide which
you know at which point do we need to
change something or do something
differently so that that end it turns
out the way we want it just for now
so that’s how that project is used with
the second project Star Wars now that’s
going to be the next level and with that
the children get introduced to the
spiritual gates and we’ve talked a
little bit about those before the
spiritual gates they they can run
horizontally as well as they can connect
up and down to the heavenlies or to the
lower heavenly realms and so you know
when they start children off in the Star
Wars now project you’re working at
learning hat first you learn how to hear
the gate songs scripture talks about you
know all of creation sings to the Lord
and so these gates also have each of
them have their own unique song that
they sing and you’re put into groups of
seven in this instance so you know
usually they would have a mass of
pentagram set up on the floor and five
children would be put at each of the
points of the the pentagram and then
they would have two children in the
middle and the two children in the
middle are you know the primary they
call them potentials in this experiment
and the one child is good at getting the
gates to open or close and hold them
open and close and the other child would
be used almost like a funnel that you
know they would try to funnel demonic
spirits through that child into these
gates you know sometimes they would pull
in more than one of those extra children
and to try to get the spirits you know
to travel from one point to the next
sometimes the kids would actively be
traveling through these gates
other times you know you
stayed in one spot and would just be
funneling the demon through so with that
experiment you know you’re really
learning to be more attuned with
whatever demonic spirits you’re working
with with that you know I mean we we
witness the power of God in that
experiment and it just I don’t know
there’s so much to talk about we’ll have
to save that for another show but it
works on like you learned the frequency
the resonance and the harmonics and
those are the things that are used in
operating the spiritual gates that would
be open and closed so star wars now is
the base of that program and then from
there the children that are more
advanced or skilled are going to enter
into the voice of God experiment and
with that you know you’re dealing not
just with a little spiritual gates that
are near you like you you’re learning to
connect spiritual gates that could be
across the world or I don’t want to stay
at a galactic level but there’s points
where you know you learn to connect with
these spiritual gates in the heavenly
realms themselves and use it as an
access point to enter into the throne
room of God or into the heavenly areas
so that’s probably the briefest
explanation I can give for each of those
programs oh I’ll tell you what we’ll do
with your permission we’ll make our next
visit about those two programs more
specifically so that you know we you
have a an opportunity to to to go to
delve into a little bit more because I’m
and I think our viewers are going to be
tremendously interested in
in in that so that’ll be our kicking
kicking off point for the next program
but before we wrap things up today if
there’s something I know something else
you want to mention today that our
viewers need to be aware of please
continue yes so I think it’s important
to understand that both you know as
being masters of this chemical you know
forms of magic you know both of our
military generals have used adrenochrome
to advance some of these projects and to
use you know black magic in guiding them
not only in warfare but you know guiding
the different military programs you know
they’ve subjected children to this stuff
and all of it is to heighten the
spiritual acuity of children and engage
them in different forms of witchcraft
well Jesse I gotta tell you I I once
again I think you’re going to leave our
viewers wanting more but we have to to
wrap it up at this point but I want to
tell you again this is fantastic let’s
give out your website illuminate the
darkness dot-com tell us a little bit
about that website in your blog and and
and forgive me but the last time we
talked I forgot to promote it so please
please bring that off to the forefront
here yes the purpose of our website is
really to help people be aware of some
of the stuff that’s going on we operate
on several different levels with this
website it’s really a place for people
to be able to connect with us if they’re
finding themselves you know working with
the Luciferian Brotherhood or in a
situation you know where they need help
able to come and communicate with us on
that website it also is very informative
I only I have all of my shows and blogs
posted on that website the other the
only other place that you will find any
of my blogs is on Twitter with @cathycathyfox
and that’s with a see she you
know she was just an amazing individual
she’s picked up all of my material and
continuously puts it up on her site a
lot of the stuff that I don’t talk about
publicly her and I will work on
different blogs and try to you know
inform people about the current things
going on or you know we recently did one
on Obama when he took his top position
it as the Phoenix of the Satanic Council
and George Soros has kind of retired now
so we did a vlog on that and you can see
that blog on her website that’ll be
another starting point for our next
visit to there you go
we were talking
about a couple of mind-control programs
that were being run by the Illuminati
and being carried out by a couple of
people we had mentioned Michael Aquino
the avowed Satanist I mean there was no
doubt in anybody’s mind that he was in
into the into that but also you had
mentioned the name of John Brennan and
we got to get into a little bit of what
this was about but then we ran out of
time so I want to pick up where we left
off about these two kind of like mind
control programs that go on within the
Illuminati so if you want to pick up
from there let’s get started
yeah first I guess I should probably
emphasize that these are not necessarily
part of the mind control programs they
fit into a different class so some of
these children have gone through like
the MKULTRA or the Carousel mind-control
program which all fall under the monarch
program system so some of the kids could
very well be you know going through
those mind-control programs but these
are completely separate their base is in
you know black magic divination learning
to kind of active as clairvoyance in a
way I mean
probably the closest word I could come
to it but you’re learning to communicate
with demonic spirits and in these
programs they are military based they
are they were run by top level not see
individuals who you know had come to the
United States after the war and they
were hidden by the high-level Illuminati
individuals in Catholic churches in
neighborhoods and kind of their program
switched where these individuals were
then teaching people in our military or
people who were doing who they put in
charge of doing the programming how to
incorporate the different levels of
black magic and spirituality into those
programs go ahead no no I know you said
so that so these these were programs
that are originated within the Nazi
regime during World War two I do know
that after the end of World War two many
of the top you know people involved in
some of these programs including even
some horrific physical programs such as
you know dr. Josef Mengele and others
were brought here to the United States
where a lot of these programs were
continued they were there actually their
lives were spared and by helping to
provide our government with with how-to
information on how these programs work
so that we could possibly use them
ourselves and it sounds to me like
you’re telling me that this is where
this whole thing kind of got started but
then they were like released into
neighborhoods across the United States
with Catholic churches and such where
they were able to continue these
experiments unabated yes
um yeah and I wouldn’t even use the word
released I mean they worked hand in hand
with the top-level people you know cuz
they themselves so Luciferians so you
know so so the one that you know I knew
the one he literally you know whether
he’s the real grandfather of my training
partner I don’t know but that was the
cover life that he lived was that you
know when my training partners family
was killed he became the sole guardian
of my training partner I remember that
the family was there there they were all
murdered in their house but the
grandfather rescued the grandson who
became your training partners that if I
recall correctly no he left with my
training partner had a baby brother so
he had left with the baby brother while
that was happening and then basically my
training partner was you know he became
the main trainer for him and he lived
with him at night okay but then during
the day he was with us all me and my
Proctor all day long okay
all right thanks for the correction go
ahead and continue yeah so I mean it was
it’s interesting because this man you
know was that was me my training
partners he mostly focused on training
us in combat and it was you know I would
say the next level of combat because
you’re not just talking physical combat
you know you’re talking spiritual
warfare you’re learning to you know
about the demonic spirits you’re
learning how to fight in that realm
against the spiritual things there was a
lot of you know what I would classify is
sigh out techniques that he was teaching
so that included you know learning more
how to use our gifts to see into the
spirit world
and you know how to
like I didn’t get into the remote
viewing and I’d like to kind of explain
this difference to people because a lot
of the military does use remote viewing
an older term for that type of Saia is
astral projection
so with that you actually your body and
your spirit separate so you know they
say that the individual spirit actually
leaves the body and can travel and see
things you gain or attain knowledge that
way or some of the individuals you know
have gotten at a spirit level or they
can actually interact with the physical
world by moving stuff or you know
bringing stuff back with them things
like that so that would be what remote
viewing is but what we experienced you
know the best way to describe it is
actually closer to a vision like our
spirits didn’t never left our body you
know we would be you know on our hands
and knees wherever we were I would be in
prayer and I could see almost like a
vision I could see everything that was
going on I could describe it I could
also interact because I was in the
spirit world at the same time the both
the books of Daniel and the books of
revelations you know give us examples of
two people both Daniel and John had this
experience you know with Daniel it
literally was that his spirit left his
body it says you know that the Lord
brought his spirit up into the
heavenlies with John it is more like a
vision where his body was one place and
then he was seeing in this
spirit world so there’s actually
biblical evidence for both types of
these I hate to keep calling them saya
but whether it’s PSYOP or it’s a
spiritual gift seeing you know there is
biblical evidence for both now this this
program this remote viewing that so
we’ve heard a lot about it being
discussed and we know that the the
Pentagon has used it a lot so are you
telling me that we didn’t call it you
said be more viewing with that basically
it’s basically a similar thing to that
is that is that actually a demonic
satanic program that the Pentagon is
using it is okay yeah the base of how
that works is that in order for the body
to or the spirit to leave the body there
has to be a demonic host connection and
that demonic host helps that individual
the spirit leave the body they act as
spirit guides like they’ll call them
guides or familiars you know they do
sell them as that they are good beings
that you know they may even say that
they’re the you know angelic bodyguard
over that person so that’s a huge part
of the program is that they are
connecting people to these spirits or
entities if the individual let’s just
say it’s a military person is very
scientific minded and they can’t accept
you know that all the spiritual things
such as you know that this is a demon or
a fallen angel part of the MKULTRA
program is to get that person to accept
these demonic spirit connections but in
a way that is tangible
provable scientific so that’s part of
where the whole alien theme starts to
come in
that’s how they’ve learned to sell the
demonic connection to the very
scientific minded who don’t believe in
the spiritual world or spirit beings you
know they make it seem like it’s this
creature from you know intergalactic
space so it’s a real being that is
coming down to connect and interact with
people in the world so they kind of just
twist some of those programs to to cater
to the different mindsets of whoever
they’re dealing with so you know that’s
some of the testing that goes on early
early early on in life you know they can
tell even from the age of five you know
which program the child needs to go into
and how they’re going to you know
accepts their demonic connection or the
most you know so that’s something that
they test for how are younger the
children that are put into this program
we started in age five okay and they
start you in cells of groups of three it
gets pretty intense there’s you know the
kids that go through this program you
like we’ll start with the looking-glass
because that’s the base program so with
that you’re learning high levels of
clairvoyance II and so one of the first
things that they do is you know like my
proctor at night would be in the
hallways at her house and she would be
sitting on the floor and would start you
know asking me if I could hear the
spirits talking
and you know I would I would say yes and
then she would say to me you know what
are they saying repeat back to me
word-for-word what they’re saying and so
I would start doing that well that was
their way of trying to train me to kind
of listen in
in that spirit world so then you know
when you then when we’d go for the
looking-glass project you had to learn
to listen for those spirits in your cell
groups so all three of you had to hear
and had to repeat back you know at the
same time what these spirits were saying
and so that’s kind of like the the first
way they connect you to hearing and so
what happens in this project is that
you’re both you’re seeing things it it
causes the things that they do they did
use you know like I said they would use
different amounts of adrenochrome
because that would heighten your
spiritual senses and this was not a kit
you know like I said this it’s very
calculated like they know by that time
you know the amounts that they can give
you the max amount before you go into
psychosis so they would give those
amounts of it and then it it heightens
your spiritual senses where you’re
seeing in the spirit world and you’re
you know we all were individuals who had
visions and dreams
so as we’re seeing into the spirit world
it’s like we’re seeing these different
visions or dreams pass before our eyes
but it’s not just each of us having
separate visions or dreams there’s a
connection between all the kids in the
cell groups
so your dream at the same
exactly yeah we’re all seeing the same
thing at the same time and so you know
at first they’re teaching you to kind of
like you know to communicate with one
another to share what you’re seeing or
what you’re hearing and you know the
whole purpose of this is to communicate
with the entities that are revealing the
foreknowledge so you know there are
times like they reveal things that were
in the past and they’ll talk about that
or there will feel things in the present
that are going to be happening very soon
you know our focus tended to be more of
the future events and the apocalyptic
things that was what they had my so
group focusing on because that’s what we
would see in our visions what kinds of
things did you see in these visions
apocalyptic visions what type of things
did you see happening in the future and
are any of the things that you saw at
the time you were seeing them have they
already come to pass some have yes you
know I I saw a lot of the downfall of
the system so with this you know I mean
it gets a little more complicated so
they would bring in you know you’ve got
your Nazi person who trying to think how
to word this exactly so kind of let’s
start with who’s kind of there so you’ve
got the Nazi individual who’s who’s
overseeing the project and then you have
the scientists who are working with that
individual you know they’re making sure
that the the equipment that the kids
involved that everything with our health
is going okay they kind of act you know
as the mediator also between the demonic
spirits and the
kids to make sure that harm is not
coming to either one through this
process and then you know I had my
Proctor would be there and then we also
had you know some of these it wasn’t
every time but there there usually was a
Grand High Priestess who would be there
so either it would be Gloria or Laurie
Cabot Kenton in our case and it you know
when they were there depending on what
the focus that day was so if it focused
on divination which meant like divining
you know future things what was going to
then Gloria was there but if it dealt
more with the clairvoyance II where you
were just speaking to the spirits and
listening to what they had to say you
know and that could deal with you know
past present or future but you’re more
in a relate you know connecting
relationally to the spirits that’s when
they would have Laurie there so all of
these individuals had you know we’re
high into not only the clairvoyant see
where they’re speaking and allowing
different spirits to access them
internally but they’re also high in
things like tarot card reading and all
of that so that was something that you
know was very very important to them and
through these you know tarot cards is
kind of one of the first tests that they
they do with a child they read your
Tarot about your future and especially
with the system so what was interesting
was that you know all six of the major
people that we had who
involved in this experiment had red art
arrows and it always came up exactly the
same so that in itself is a very odd
thing that they would always you know
you’ve got six different people pulling
cards trying to divine about you know
these children and to get the exact same
cards every single time I’m gonna
mention this just because I kind of find
it humorous but I had someone had
alerted a medium I mean she seems like a
pretty nice lady I won’t say anything
bad about her but I had shared her video
with you but she’s been picking up our
you know my videos with you David and
anyway that first one that she had
caught she did a reading on me to see if
the things I was saying were the truth
or not and when she did that reading the
cards turned out exactly the same as
they always have since the time I was a
child now the only thing the only
difference was that she did not pull the
last card there’s one more card that all
of the others had gotten and she does
not either purposely does not put this
card down or she for some reason just
didn’t pull it so I did reach out to her
and say hey you know was there a reason
for that
like I’m kind of curious about this you
know so they get into you know a lot of
that like it starts there where they’re
you know they kind of know through the
tarot reading what to expect in your
interactions with these spirits kind of
what your the end purpose and everything
will be
and so you’re connecting with all of
these different you know that we call
them our teachers and you know they’re
teaching us how to talk and communicate
with these spirits and so then you know
you would start reaching out to the
spirits listening to them trying to
communicate with them for me it was
really an awkward position because you
know at that time I already had the Lord
so you know these spirits did not have
access to enter inside of me to speak
through me you know so they had to be
that more of like an outside source
where I would see this being and
literally be in conversation with it
versus you know individuals like the you
know hi Grand High Priestess is like
Gloria and Lori literally the spirits
could come and go through them and speak
through them so they would kind of go
into it and that is I wouldn’t call it a
full trance but it was like all of a
sudden they would not be themselves and
they would have this being speaking
through their body when you were
communicating with these entities we
were you being watched as you were as
this was happening all of this is
recorded as well as there’s picture
evidence this week or this last week I
should say IV the official request and
asked since they’ve already released the
starwars now project I asked that they
release all of the pictures and the
aftermath of these experiments
especially the ones that included me and
when they are released and you have them
what are you going to do with them
I’m definitely gonna show and make them
public I hope you’ll do it I hope you’ll
do some of it on this program because
you’re my first go to David’s I don’t
have another means to get it all out
there well I believe me will provide the
the conduits in can to help you but what
I’m also getting at was you said you
were like in communication with these
entities obviously if if you had been
saved by our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ and these entities knew that they
couldn’t get to you what were you
telling these entities we were using
words that the Lord was giving you to
fight these demons off and was anyone
watching you and listening to what you
were saying back to these entities yeah
you know I haven’t I haven’t shared any
of that stuff but yeah I I got pretty
volatile towards these spirits and it
would definitely put me in a spiritual
warfare mode you know where I was I I
don’t think at that time that I knew the
words you know I rebuke you but it was
like you know leave me alone I’m
commanding you to go kind of like that
in the desert when he was tempted yeah
yeah and you know they’ve written in
some of the experiments like that they
were you know I’m kind of bringing this
back around but their returns that they
used for the kids so that people did not
know when they were reading these
experiments that children were actually
involved so one of the words that they
used for the children was potential and
so like yeah so in that and then like
they would interchange so the electro
made magnetic field that word was used
to talk about all of the witches or
warlocks or the
um you know who were gathering to do the
spells the hexes the witchcraft I call
it the wit force so to me the
electromagnetic field represented that
witchy force that was going on around us
for these experiments and then the
magnetic field was the term they used
for the demonic spirits and so you have
in these experiments you know multiple
levels you’ve got the children the
potentials who are focused on one thing
and then you’ve got you know this these
individuals who are doing different
types of acts of witchcraft to try to
enhance the experiment and what’s going
on and then you have the demonic spirits
some of who you know you’ve got extra
demonic spirits so they’re literally you
know trying to connect with the witchy
force they’re trying to combine their
energy their power their efforts
together to enhance the experiment the
experience between the children and
whatever main spirits were involved in
that episode incredible absolutely
and now I do a little research on some
of the information that you sent me
through for those of our viewers who
don’t know Jesse and I communicate via
Twitter and an email during the week and
one of the things that I found out was a
this lookingglass program basically was
named after you know the Alice in
Wonderland storybook which was I believe
written by a gentleman by the name of
Lewis Carroll who I believe was a a
satanic pedophile was was he not he was
a very strong I’ll just say yes he was a
satanic pedophile he was also very high
in clairvoyance II did
a lot of seances tarot card readings
yeah he was he was quite involved in
that and there’s a lot of if you read
the story on a different level from what
normally most people you know as kids we
did at there’s a lot of sexual
connotations and satanic counter
patient’s within that within that novel
and if I’m not mistaken I have never
seen this but I understand at one point
there was actually an adult version of
Alice in Wonderland made into a movie
which actually depicted some of these
things it’s kind of like an x-rated
movie I guess at the time or something
but but if you if you for those who have
seen it back in the 70s or something
along that line they they say that this
movie was that really depicted a lot of
this ritualistic type of stuff and if
you you know whoever directed this movie
took it to that level and that sort of
things so I didn’t know if you were
familiar with that or not but it’s but
it’s kind of interesting so that’s what
Looking Glass was about no the other
program you said was called um Star Wars
now tell us more about that yeah so that
that’s the next step up so well Looking
Glass you know the focus of Looking
Glass overall is time and playing with
time so with that one you’ve got three
children who are brought in to connect
with these spirits to enter into the
spirit world and they’re the spirits are
sharing their knowledge or you’re
sharing mutual visions about the past
present or future
and with that each child each of the
three kids have different gifts so you
like one of them will only see the end
picture the other one can only see
how you would get to an end picture but
it’s an undefined end picture they just
see step by step what needs to happen
the third child sees every step and
every possible outcome or consequence of
that step so they use that as like a
three way check to try to manipulate or
determine the outcomes that they want at
the same time they know like the child
that has told them what the end picture
is going to be they already know what
that end picture is going to be so if
they want that end picture then they try
to you know use the second and the third
child to figure out which steps you know
do they need to change the step that
that the one child is seen do they need
to do something different to get a
different outcome at that point and so
they try to play with it so hopefully
they can either change or embrace
whatever that end picture is that’s been
seen so with Star Wars now you know that
deals specifically with the spiritual
gate so you know in Looking Glass you
start to enter into the spirit world but
then part of that spirit world is that
you’ve got these spiritual gates and
scripture talks about these gates the
first time that it speaks of them is in
the book of Genesis and it talks about
that there were these flood gates that
were above the waters of the sky and
flood gates that were below in the ocean
and all of that and so these these were
the same flood gates that when God sent
the flood in Noah’s days they release
their water so they used to be filled
with water
and so then you know job also he’s
probably the next book where you can
read about these floodgates jobs focus
tends to be on the floodgates in the
deep which are the ones that are in the
lower levels of the earth so you know I
would include that it’s not only down in
or under the oceans that some of these
gates are you know in caves or
underground but they form these all you
know I hate to use the word portals but
in essence you know the spiritual gate
is like a portal from the physical world
into the spirit world and we’ve kind of
I’ve talked some you know I can’t member
cycle which show it is but I’ve talked a
little bit like the way that I always
kind of saw it was that you’ve got these
different planes I don’t believe that
there’s different realities happening on
those planes you know from my experience
all of the spiritual world in all of the
physical world were very connected to
each other so to me it was almost like a
multi-level chessboard were you you do
have different things that are happening
on those realms but you can like you
know if if I wanted to make a move in a
lower realm all I had to do was go into
the lower realm and that was one of the
things me and my training partner
started doing was we started instead of
fighting on the physical realm with the
physical witches or warlocks or
Assassins that were sent against us
instead of fighting with those
individuals we literally would go into
prayer and we would go into those lower
realms and we would start attacking this
whatever spiritual being or principality
hide that person who is attacking us and
we would take out that spiritual being
you know rebuking casting it out finding
it and then from there you know it was
just a matter of you know me laying
hands and that person starting to pray
over them and then you know he would be
the one to make the move that would take
that person out so you know we were able
that way to gain that only spiritual
control of that person but we gained the
ability to have physical control over
that person as well in working that way
yeah because I think you told me in in
our previous conversations that your
training partner actually didn’t did all
of the fighting physical confrontation
so that you wouldn’t have to yeah not
the fighting itself like I I did do
combat as well but yeah he was the one
who would make the end shot he was very
guarded and protected of that and would
not allow me to do that that you know
there were a few times that you know
we’re all weak we’re all human there was
a few times that I wanted to do that and
he literally you know would hit me or
kick me out you know knock me down and
so that he was the only one who got to
Elon Musk and his involvement that’s a harder
I gotta tread very lightly on that was
right say what you can go see what you can’t
that’s all I’ve eluded that you know
there was a core group of boys that I
grew up with you know so I I will I will
admit that he was one of the three in
the core cell groups that I went through
with the looking glass’ he also was
involved in the Star Wars now projects
with us so he went through the same
training sessions with you know the Nazi
gentlemen as well as with Aquino and
Brennan with me and my training partner
so yeah so there’s there’s high
involvement there you know very
scientifically minded it did not
surprise me when I found out that he was
heading up space force or bringing
forward a lot of the prot technology
that would it advanced the projects that
connect into that spiritual world all
right so will will respectfully leave it
at that I think you’ve spoken volumes by
what you have said so that so that’s
that that’s good

Concluding Comments


Aquino has died /been killed or gone under the radar.

It is said he died on Sept 1 –

  • Did he really die or has he gone underground, perhaps literally?
  • If he did die, did he die on that date?
  • Is Sept 1 a usual date that illuminati use for death of one of their members to then let others breathe in his demons? It was a couple of days after a new moon.
  • Was he killed by white hats?
  • Who has succeeded him as Ipsissimus?
  • Who succeeds him as MK Ultra trainer /programmer West Quadrant?

He has been involved in many cases of child abuse from Mcmartin to Presidio and Franklin to all the above MKUltra and MKDelta experiments, and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to stop the truth coming out.

  • Reddit Aquino [43]
  • Fiona Barnett Michael Aquinos Lst Desperate Attempt to Silence His Victims [44]

Some Aquino pics

                                                            Michael Aquino

                                                                Michael Karkoc

Karkoc also died last year. He was the “grandfather /guardian” for Jessie’s training partner (TP), after the illuminati killed all TP’s family in a ritual Jessie described in How Deep the Magik Well Goes SBFIS Part 5 [41]

Karkoc did once save Jessie’s life, by preventing her Proctor from killing her, so very mixed feelings for Jessie of gratitude and grief as he was also responsible for some of her training and the training of Brennan and Aquino who tortured her. He was a Nazi, brought to the US after World War 2 in Operation Paperclip.

  • Did he die naturally?
  • Was he killed by white hats?
  • Who took over his job as chief trainer of MK Ultra and whatever position he was in the illuminati?

John Brennan

John Brennan is the one very much still alive of this evil trio.

What is going to happen about him?

An evil child rapist, child torturer, child experimenter and no doubt child killer. These are the tip of the iceberg of the actions of this individual.

Brennan at present serves as a senior national security and intelligence analyst for NBC News and MSNBC.


  • Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from March 2013 to January 2017
  • Chief counterterrorism advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, with the title Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Assistant to the President.
  • Previously advised Obama on foreign policy and intelligence issues during the 2008 election campaign and presidential transition.
  • Brennan’s 25 years with the CIA included work as a Near East and South Asia analyst, as station chief in Saudi Arabia, and as director of the National Counterterrorism Center
  • Daily intelligence briefer for President Bill Clinton. In 1996, he was CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when the Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 U.S. servicemen
  • Was Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) and the CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC).
  • Helped establish the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign, which included the use of foreign intelligence, during the period leading up to the 2016 presidential election!!
  • Personal e-mail account were stolen by a hack 2015  and posted on WikiLeaks.
  • Routine psychopathic liar


  • lied to the senate about that fact he had spied on senators,
  • lied about the Steele dossier which was laughably, if it wasn’t so serious, the basis for the 2 year Russian collusion hoax run by the illuminati with their stooges in the mockingbird media and the two political parties
  • lied about much else, just search “Brennan lied”

Also for lies see

  • CIA Director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him [38]
  • Lied About Not Including Steele Dossier In Intelligence Community Assessment On 2016 Russian Election Interference  [39] 

Brennan also orchestrated much of the targetting of Michael Flynn as Flynn knows where the bodies are buried, metaphorically and probably literally, and he knew about the billions of dollars that Brennan was running off the books and Flynn was going to audit the Intel agencies.

  • Flynn was going to audit the Intel agencies because he knew about the billions former CIA Director John Brennan was running off the books. [40]

In 2018, President Donald Trump announced that he had revoked Brennan’s security clearance but in fact he was allowed to keep it, perhaps to check on him, although it appears now it has been withdrawn as he cannot access records for his own memoirs. [42]

Naturally he is vociferous in his denunciations of Trump, which you would expect a criminal of his magnitude to do, especially if Trump is stopping child trafficking and taking down the worst parts of the illuminati and/or the New World Order plan.

So what is going to happen to the psychopathic illuminati satanist John Brennan???

Furthermore in Jessies next two interviews with Good Dog she covered Karkoc, Winton, Brennan, Aquino, McCain, Hillary Clinton and others all being connected to the Chicago Training Centre breeder program, the Nazi ties, the connection to Ukraine, Hampstead, and how the trafficking of children really became organised with the Kinder Transport out of UK, when they sent UK children to USA to orphanages and Catholic Churches under the guise of protection from the war and this organization morphed

Unfortunately for these there are no transcripts, so a good friend of mine, who on twitter is @GodnotDog1 has listened to the very long interviews, written some notes and will be tweeting some threads.

So if you want first view of the threads over the next few days follow @GodnotDog1 I will try and blog the videos, notes and first tweet of the tweet threads, when I can.

Appendix 1 Aquino’s CV

Click to access AquinoVitae.pdf

Appendix 2 Book by Aquino

Current Affairs

Just to finish on a few items in the news recently and about to come up…

Do not take them as definitive or comprehensive, I am just trying to start marking some key events.


March 23 UK Coronavirus fear psyop lockdown, other countries vary

April 24     Antichrist takes his position at head of Illuminati []

May       Obama takes over from Soros as head of Satanic Council []

May 25th   Race Riots BLM/Antifa fear psyop

June 22 c. Bubba Wallace fake noose subplot, part of divide by race #fearpsyop [80]

June 24 c. Flynn case dropped, almost ending the conspiracy to frame Flynn, as he knows where the Illuminati have buried the bodies, and start of a counteroffensive using the documentation now achieved through this  Michael Flynn case dismissed: Judge Sullivan’s novel actions served injustice [81]

c. 2020 June 27 It appears relaunch of Russia, Russia, Russia, psyop /Afghanistan

2020 Jul 2 Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested []

2020 July 17 Broward County wear mask in home https://webapps6.broward.org/newsrelease/View.aspx?intMessageId=12297

2020 july 20 Full moon/ https://www.sott.net/article/438349-Family-on-house-arrest-after-mother-tested-positive-for-coronavirus-forced-to-wear-ankle-tags

2020 Jul 20/21/22 Kanye presidential bid, breakdown tweets etc 20/21//22/

2020 Jul 21 Facebook bans mask groups Facebook is suspending #antimask groups… Who are these corporations to censor the truth and dissent to false mockingbird media narrative? theverge.com/2020/7/20/2133 #facebook #censorship

2020 Jul c. 19/20 Teigen hysterical meltdowns over people calling her out of pedophile tweets. Reckons she blocked over a million.

2020 Jul 21 Twitter says they will ban Q accounts, day before they have to give evidence to court of and 4 days after Q leaked their shadowban /ban app. part of Social Media crackdown on truth psyop over (Last 4 days at least i have been shadowbanned) []

2020 July 22 is the day that Twitter is supposed to provide documentation to Jim Jordan regarding Twitter censorship of conservative accounts. Link to docs below. republicans-judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/upl

[] Bretibart Verizon ATT TMobile shut down Trump Campaign Texting programme https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/07/20/verizon-att-t-mobile-shut-down-trump-campaign-texting-program/

[] Praying Medic Social Media Purge of QAnon https://prayingmedic.com/2020/07/22/the-social-media-purge-of-qanon/

[] 2o20 Jul 22 EonOnline Kim Kardashian Speaks Out About Kanye West’s Mental Health https://www.eonline.com/news/1172698/kim-kardashian-speaks-out-about-kanye-west-s-mental-health?source=twitter-enews&medium=link-post&cmpid=social&content=organic Damage limitation psyop over Kanye and Illuminati

2020 Jul 25 [] Guardian  Extinction Rebellion protest on River Thames [gearing up for September psyop protests] https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/25/extinction-rebellion-protest-river-thames-sadiq-kahn-silvertown-tunnel

2020 Jul 27th Jack of Twitter to appear in Congress  [] (with other social media CEO’s?)

2020  Jul 30 Maxwell docs released [] https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article244432782.html

2020 Jul 30 Julian Assange ?[]

2020 Jul 30 Rihanna launches some Fenty crap [only interested to RT Rihanna thread]

2020 Jul 30 NYPost fauci urges Americans to wear googles. Fauci floats idea of goggles [] https://nypost.com/2020/07/30/fauci-urges-americans-to-wear-goggles-for-added-covid-19-protection/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow

This is exactly what they want – control #totalcontrol

2020 Jul 31 UK local lockdowns [] New rules on gatherings in some parts of Northern England https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-rules-on-gatherings-in-some-parts-of-northern-england https://archive.is/wip/CZepM

2020 Jul 31 Beyonce releases Already Music

2020 Jul 31 Hancock  UK total control getting tighter – Why you may never see your family doctor again: Matt Hancock calls for an end to routine face to face appointments [] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8578507/Matt-Hancock-calls-end-routine-face-face-appointments.html

2020 Jul 31 You must not do your own research! #EthanSiegel @StartsWithABang and #Forbes getting desperate with you pesky people who think for themselves and research. Just leave it to the illuminati experts #illuminati  [] Forbes You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science https://t.co/CNS3EUFqgC?amp=1

2020 Jul 31 Maxwell v Giuffre files released [] pdf  https://t.co/SIXEFkRNyF?amp=1

[] Court Listener https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4355835/giuffre-v-maxwell/


The proposal to scrap jury trials is an assault on the cornerstone of our justice system

Operation Legend – It is up to you to spread the word. There is a Deep State plan to kill a small child during Operation Legend, triggering massive chaos. Using one federal agent and one gun to bring Trump down. Be Loud. https://twitter.com/ETheFriend/status/1286461749043101703

Fear and Division Psyops

The illuminati are desperate not to be wiped out and to implement their plans for an earth controlled by the satanic illuminati.

To this end, now they have installed the antichrist in position Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [63] and replaced Soros with Obama as Head of the Satanic Council Obama is now running the Satanic Council [69]  They are carrying on with their fear psyops to achieve their ends, including the introduction of the New World Order, with one of their primary weapons the mockingbird corporate media.

  • Fear and Divide by Race Psyop  Riots, violence, Defunding Police, autonomous zones, Gun Control of the people, Statues,  Subplots- Nooses (Jussie and Bubba)
  • Fear and Divide by Climate Change Psyop Greta, Extinction Rebellion and Corporate Scientism dressed up as science and concern for the environment, in fact controlling people via green tax and insisting that it is peoples fault (not corporations!) The climate change psyop is due to restart at the start of September.
  • Fear and Divide Families by the Trans Agenda Psyop. Diminishing men and women in name of Trans Rights, leading to TransHuman Agenda, and chipping people to control them. then comes monitoring and control by 5G.
  • Fear and Divide People by Coronavirus Psyop, Social distancing, mask wearing, Divide by geographic area eg Leicester England, divide by treatment cheap hydrochloroquine v patented chemicals,  track and trace leading to dna altering vaccine for all
  • Fear and Divide – by any Anti Trump Psyop scenarios eg Russia Russia Russia, eg Anti Barr, impeachment of anyone they can, on false evidence

This is all backed by Mockingbird Media and dark forces still in Government, Judiciary and Intelligence Services and corporations.

Yes, some aspects of criticism of the system are justified. In this article I attack the judiciary and police. Yes they need vast reform.

But why have our systems got into this state?

Precisely because they were designed like this by the iluminati themselves. they were designed to be corrupt and unfair, and act for them not us.

Why do the illuminati want to defund the police at this time?

  • Precisely because they know that a sudden change will cause chaos and disorder in itself and enable the most violent to take over, and they control the most evil and violent forces.
  • They want to bring in order from chaos as their plan to introduce the New World Order.

Why do they want masks?

They want a compliant population – hence the extraordinary fear emphasis about coronavirus and on unnecessary masks. The mask is a symbol of your compliance, as well as your part in the ritual of accepting the New Abnormal.

They will continue operating all their fear psyops, because this ensures the most compliant population so that they can bring in their plans.


The climate change psyop will start again 1st September, and they will try and integrate and mix the pysops and people operating them as much as possible. Multitasking fear psyops.

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P] 
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]

For other resources and links check at the end of this post after the transcript.

These are  posts that are part of, or related to illuminati whistleblower Jessie’s series Silence Breaks Forth into Song…

  • The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [60]
  • You are a child… [52]
  • Silence Breaks Forth Into Song (SBFIS Part 1) [53]
  • Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) [54]  
  • Equilibrium (Silence Breaks Forth Into Song Part 3) [55]
  • Forged Through Brokenness (SBFIS Part 4) [56]
  • How Deep The Magik Well Goes (SBFISong Part 5) [57]
  • Masters of Magik (Silence Breaks Forth into Song Part 6) [58]
  • Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [59]
  • Illuminati Signalling Decodes [61]
  • Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [62]
  • Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How… [63]
  • 14th Satanic Illuminati Bloodline – Muslim Brotherhood [70]
  • The Drawing of Men’s Hearts (Silence Breaks Forth into Song 7) [64]
  • Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception [65]
  • Obama is now running the Satanic Council [69]
  • Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 2, 5th June 2020
  • Illuminati Sacrifices, Magick, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt also including Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 3 [67]
  • Illuminati Midsummer Ritual including Jessie’s Interview 4 with Dave Zubrick [68]

What can you do to help?

We need more and more people working on our side. Remember we are the vast majority, the 99%, but so many of us are trauma based mind controlled, soft mind controlled by the mockingbird media, ignorant of what is happening, cognitively dissonant or do not care. We need to change that.

  • Our strength will come from working together, in joining up against the illuminati few.
  • Our strength is truth, and in spreading the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Our strength is in realising we are sovereign and spiritual beings with immense power, more than we can currently imagine.

The information about the true situation in this world IS shocking. How can we have lived our lives not realising we were controlled by a satanic cult, who rapes, sacrifices and eats babies and who have set up societies structures to feed this insatiable desire?

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children.

It is so shocking that we hope desperately for it not to be true, that it is not the truth, but more and more evidence comes forth from insider whistleblowers, victims, symbolism, even the illuminati themselves, that we are forced to believe it is true by the sheer weight of the evidence.

However do not be angry, afraid or guilty, or any of those negative emotions. That will only help the evil side. That is also what they feed off, what gives them energy and turns them on. Try to get over negative emotions quickly, take stock of what decisions you made through incorrect and incomplete information, but do not blame yourself. eg vaccinations, you made those decisions with the best intent at the time, learn from that and move forward.

If you have awoken to the grim reality, then the world is already in a better position. We have one more person who is working with us and against the illuminati. Try to help that cause in whatever way you can to bring forth the truth and spread the information.

Our side against the evil illuminati agenda is getting stronger at an ever faster rate. Fit in where you can with this – art, music, writing, humour, spreading truth, supporting others, whatever is your strength, and develop new strengths!

We also need to raise the vibration, pray or meditate…

This post and others of mine and other peoples, answer why so many bad things happen in this world, when so many people are good. It is also the simplest answer to explain events, Occams razor…

Trigger warning for conspiracy deniers – this article was likely to make you have palpitations and search frantically for your tired ad hominem attacks, pictures and gifs. (The mentally frigid are best avoiding this article and I suggest you buy a goldfish to converse with :)

Other resources are immediately below and later after this posts links

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]


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[35] Jessie Czebotar’s website Illuminate The Darkness https://illuminatethedarkness.com/jessie-czebotar/

[36] Jessies tweet on Karkoc https://twitter.com/CzebotarJessie/status/1283490414813732865

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[40] 2020 Jun 3 US messageboard Flynn was going to audit the Intel agencies because he knew about the billions former CIA Director John Brennan was running off the books. https://www.usmessageboard.com/threads/flynn-was-targeted-because-he-planned-to-audit-the-intel-agencies-knew-about-brennan-cia-running-off-the-books.833404/

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[50] Jessie Czebotar Twitter @CzebotarJessie

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[72] Odysee Mind Wars and Temple of Set with Michael Aquino https://open.lbry.com/@FoxesAmazingChannel:8/MindWars-and-the-Temple-of-Set-with-Michael.A.Aquino-7AiH8occZSI:d

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused http://abusesanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2006/07/for-survivors-coping-with-triggers-if.html

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…


The eight key dates incomplete check source

  • Yule/Winter Solstice
  • Imbolc/Brigid’s Day/Candlemas
  • Ostara/Spring Beltane
  • Midsummer/Alban
  • Hefin Lughnasadh/Lammas
  • Mabon
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Samhain/Halloween

Other triggers 22 December, 2 February, 21 March, 1 May, 21 June, 1 August, 21 September, 31 October

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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  7. Cheryl Hersha Beck was born into a Bloodline Illuminati family. Sold into child pornography, abused by the cult, and given to the CIA for MKUltra training. Part 2 focuses on Nazi America, Michael Aquino, the Bush family and their crimes against humanity.
    Hear her story and how she survived. https://rumble.com/vk81c6-throwaway-child-part-2.html


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