Jessie’s Interviews 1 and 2 with Right On Radio

These are Jessie’s first two interviews with Jeff of Right On Radio.

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Interview 1 with Jessie Czebotar.

Right on Radio Ep.13 Satan chose Jessie

You need to hear this interview! Incredible story and your future depends on it.
Satan chose her to play a key role to usher in “his” End Times.
Jessie was Saved by God at age 3 but still groomed in the Luciferian Cabal aka the Illuminati.
She escaped and is now a whistle-blower. You will never see the world the same as before!

From: EP.13 Escaping the Luciferian Cabal

  • EP.13 Escaping the Luciferian Cabal [2] 

Welcome to Right on Radio MI, her host. My name is Jeff, I want to thank you for listening to this. And to date, I have a very special guest. I’m extremely honored to have her on… We actually talked a couple days ago and spent a couple of hours rather together, and she has agreed to this interview… She doesn’t do very many interviews. So I’m very pleased, and I will tell you that when you listen to this interview, your life will probably not be the same, and there will be some graphic material disgusting-ness, and I would highly advise that children are not in the room listening to this. However, this is something you definitely need to listen to, so it is my great pleasure to welcome my guest, Jesse Czebotar. Thank you for joining Right on Radio.

Yeah, thanks for having me, Jeff.

Now, Jesse, your story is one that almost nobody else in the world could tell, there are other people who have gone through what you did, and you have seen things as a child that no human being should ever see.

And before we get into some of those things, I just want to give the audience a bigger picture, I’ve heard you describe this organization, which a lot of people would know as the Illuminati or the brotherhood, the people who essentially have run this world for thousands of years. If you could just give a brief description of who they are, and how big are they? And what is their intention?

Yeah, the proper name really is the brotherhood, and they go all the way back to the habits… From the land of earth or the land of Canaan. That was the land that God called Abraham out of when he made him the promise that he’d make him a great nation and give them his own land. So it ties all the way back to that time, and then Abraham, once he had sons and they had sons, so the the Israeli became a a part of these elite blood lines that are manifesting today as this Luciferian brotherhood, the tribe of Joseph was even two inheritances so that’s how you come up with the number 13 instead of 12. And then you also had Abraham had a done with this made servant Hagar, and that was Ismail. So Ishmael, then his line became the 14th bloodline of these elite individuals who Seleucia or in guys or behind the scene, a lot of them have cover lives as Christians or as Jewish families, but at the core, they all serve Lucifer, the… Now, these people, they’ve had divine knowledge for thousands of years. The Lucifer Lucifer knows the Bible better than I would say most Christians, if not all Christians, because he’s had thousands of years to read it, and he’s actually met the author.

I’m good.

So having said that, he’s been able to establish great power on this Earth, and in fact, if you went after the 40 days of temptation, when the devil said to Jesus, bow down to me, I’m paraphrasing, and I’ll give you all of the kings of kingdoms in the world, in other words, he was already claiming that he had all of the kingdoms in the world. Is that right?

You just claim that, yes.

That is from what the Bible describes when he was cast from Heaven because of his pride, he basically claimed that he was God, that He would rise up as God, not only of the Earth, but of the heavens. And that’s when God cast him down to the Earth, and his agenda still to this day is that He will rise up and you serve the throne of God and be God.

And so these 13 families in other ethereal, but I attend a… So as a… There’s 13 families and these families today, and I know that you are able to name some names and not able to name other names, and for the point of this part of the conversation, I don’t think it’s important to name the names, but it is head of state its royal families. It’s in law enforcement, their people high up in the churches, they’ve actually infiltrated every aspect of our society. Is that correct?

That is correct.

And it’s a pretty huge infiltration… We were talking yesterday about the… Probably one out of every six individuals in just in America is involved in this. I would go as far as to say even one out of every two, not everybody may be aware that they are actively involved, but in some parts they’re participating in the system, whether they know it or not, with the system is programmed people through media, through movies, through all kinds of things to normalize certain behaviors that are actually in worship of Satan, and even Christians are doing things that are in worship of Satan today. Is that correct?

Yeah, that is correct.

You see it in everything, especially in TV and media, programs like Disney, they’re putting out stuff that’s programming children… It’s pretty as… It’s an education system. I’ve showed some stories where I grew up going to…

I show up at school at first that then would be taken out of school for some of the training that I had to do, they would always mark me present that I was rarely ever actually in school.

So even the schools, at least some of the schools to select schools or they have individuals individuals placed in these schools to monitor and protect this system.

Yeah, I had… My school was a regular public school, but almost everybody who was there was involved at some level and would cover up, the children really were not there, that we were in training some place of…

This is staggering for anyone to hear, and particularly if you haven’t believed in God and you don’t believe in the devil, but this is absolutely real, and Jesse has had first-hand accounts with this, Jesse has met the anti-Christ herself on more than one occasion, and we’re gonna get into some of this, but just to understand the size and the scope, and I wanna inject a positive note because so far, this seems pretty dire than the world, every 6 house away from you is a Sans, is A… Is not a positive thing, Jess, from some of the research that I’ve done and some observations that have been happening in the last couple of years, in particular, it seems that his control, that is the enemy loafers control has been waning for a short period of time, do you see that, I do see that. Even scripture talks about that, that there will be a period of time that the Lord allows where he will be bringing the captains out of the darkness. Some of the select verses that talk about that are in mice, where the Lord says, I will bring out the lane and be afflicted in the oppressed, and I will make them into a mighty army. Some of those passages talk about these people out of the darkness, rising up on the mountains and singing the praises of the Lord, the praises are because he’s redeemed them with such a great price. So we see that all throughout scripture, this concept of God revealing what’s in the darkness, and with that he’s revealing the captives and bringing them out, and I absolutely see that, and this is a topic I do want to cover with you and perhaps you’ll grace us with another interview or two after this, but I think there’s also a warning in there, and it comes from Exodus and the… And I see a bit of a parallel on the time is when the captains were set free, but then life was good and they didn’t stick to it, and I think there’s maybe just a warning that we should discuss in a future topic.

So just getting back, and I wanna start with your childhood, and just as we get into that, I wanna transition into it by saying you had mentioned that there’s the 13 families in the 13 blood lines.

Now, you were actually chosen for your goal, which is a very significant role in this because of your blood lines… Yeah, the blood lines as well as spiritual gifts. So with that, my family line is made up of about 10 of those blood lines, these families have spent a lot of time throughout history, doing genetics in a way, what we can call a greeting selection, so they’ve found a way to breed certain families together and certain individuals that have certain spiritual gift, and then the offspring then are more likely to have the spiritual gifts that the system is looking for, so that was what happened in my case, was that the speed generations interbreeding for this elect position. And I was born with the high level of the prophetic, the intercessory, and the spiritual discernment gift where I could see here and feeling the spirit world, and that was vital for the connection that they wanted the future mother, Queen, Mother of darkness to have with Satan. You have to be able to hear in SE and send him to be able to communicate with him in The Other demonic generals.

So, so again, we’re talking about a huge amount of sophistication in the trial things, not only in just in business and then, but in the spiritual, which really the spiritual controls the world, anything that happens in this world is created in the spirit first. And you had mentioned the mothers of darkness and everything, and I really wanna start off with kind of a normal childhood that you experienced, but before I do is you had mentioned this was hundreds of years in the planning, and really the culmination of… This was going to be for April of this year, and we’ll get into that perhaps a little bit later in the interview, but I… This one, I say this was really well planned, and Jesse was placed very specifically for a high role, so that’s just start out kind of at the beginning because you were a young person, you ended up going to church with your family and you became saved by the Lord Jesus Christ before you entered into the Satanic cult. And that’s gonna be very hard for people to get their heads around, but… Yeah, what do you… Just kinda give us an overview, and I’m just gonna let you be a talk here for a little bit… Without too much interruption.

Yeah, so I was born into a family where one side of my family were what I would call your holiday Christian, they attended Sunday service once in a while, primarily on holidays, and that was at the Lutheran church.

And then the other side of my family were very developed Catholic, so they were attended mass regularly and confession and all of the things that they were supposed to do for their faith background. So with the story really goes back to my mother, that she grew up in this Catholic household, and as she did, she experienced some of this cover life that they were living, that they’re Christianity, their faith was really a cover for what was really going on behind the scenes in this family, and there were certain relatives who were involved in this Liberian brotherhood behind the scenes, and so she experienced a lot of abuse from them, and when she was 18, she fled from the family, she had grown up, she had some memories. The things that she tried to share or the memories that she had that she vocalized, they really went down play in teller that she was crazy, that it was made up, that it was her imagination that she was lying. So she really, really struggled. There was nobody to list the… Nobody to believe her.

So the best thing that she could do was just flee, and she thought she’d be safe in the military, they allowed her to do that, and that’s where she met my father and married, and shortly after they had me and stuff, and… Anyway, one story short, a couple of years later, when I was two, we had our house pipes freeze, and we had to move in with one of my dad’s brothers, and he was a Christian, and he and his wife began to witness to my mom and ended up asking us to go to church with them.

And so it was there at that church that that’s where I started really hearing the word of God and a lot of hymns and songs, and that was through this little old and who worked in the nursery, and I’m pretty sure with the only child in there at the time, but I’m really thankful she was not somebody to water down the word of God, even though I was this little toddler, she’d set me on her lap and opened up that Bible, and she just start reading from the actual word of God. And I can remember even at that young age that my heart would leap when I would hear the word of God and I knew it was true, and it in fact, like when she read me the story of John the Baptist, and she kinda had paraphrased a couple of things. And that said, that he cried out, get ready, get ready. Jesus is coming.

I then took that phrase and I started telling everybody, wherever we were… We went to the grocery store, I was telling him, Get ready, Jesus is coming.

And that one thing I knew was true even at that young age, and so all of that was really vital, this woman, just her reading the real word of God to me and singing These old hands and teaching me some of the Baptist Children’s Bible songs that they teach the Bible, and we’re in the Army of the Lord. And to some of those, billing ended up becoming the weapons that I had going into this cultic training, I didn’t have people that I could turn to once that training started, that I could tell what was going on. I had no idea about what spiritual worker was, I literally was face-to-face with the enemy every day, and I had… The Lord himself had to teach me how to overcome in the situation, it wasn’t like some of the other children, and I’m not trying to compare in a bad way, but with my position, I went through the program that I was not programmed to with… Some times when they select children to carry out a position in the system, they will mentally program you… Their base program is called monarch, and that it has a lot of different forms. So some people might hear MK ultra or the Delta Program or Carousel. Those are all different forms of this Monarch programming, and what it does is that with each step, I kinda compare it to a business model, and the program is like the file cabinet or filing system, so as they put you into these situations with these traumatic events that are meant to make somebody disassociate, and as you disassociate, tellin these demonic spirit beans to you, and these spirits will keep you from remembering the traumatic event, unless they want me to access that file, and you were not programmed, was it because you had some protection on you or because of the person you were to become within this system and that position needed someone to be a free thinker, I guess, right? It wasn’t even the free thinker, my job was to know the system and to know how it runs, and to be able to ensure that it was running properly, so with that, they needed me not to be programmed, it didn’t mean that I was exempt from any of the traumatic event, part of the testing for me taking that position was that I had to learn to really cope with the evil that I saw… Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to self-medicate or just associate at all, it was just pure having to cope with that, and so I wanna get into where your training started and just before I do, because I’ve heard other interviews with you, Jesse, it seemed to me correct me if I’m wrong, but even the marriage of your parents seem to be somewhat orchestrated and how you were moved around was orchestrated, and that as a toddler, after having this experience with this lady and giving you the tools that you needed in the Lord and really becoming a Christian at such a young age with your soul leaping out, hearing His word because you’re so sensitive to the Spirit, but then you ended up moving to Chicago and moving in with some family numbers, and that’s really where this story in the system or the Brotherhood began for you.

Yeah, so Chicago was the main place that… And how one… Were you here at Chicago?

About four and a half. So that was the main training center that they had me sent to, and that was through the cathedral… Saint Peter is there in Rockford, Illinois, to the satanic Training Center. In a cathedral?


Okay, so it introduced me… Would walk me through that first day when you arrived at the home you would be staying with in Chicago…

I probably can’t talk about the first day at the home… That it was shortly after that, I had got there. And I think one of the first things that happened was that they collected me with some other children, about 20 kids in a classroom, and it was, I wanna say was her first day of kindergarten, but it was… The first day was like a meeting day where you got to go and meet the teachers. And what I remember there were several of the mothers of darkness who were present there, and they had this special box with all these different colic items in a… So they had a suit in circle and in the middle, they made another circle with all these cultic items, so I… They have things like a feather and a black shawl, and a candle and a tarot card, just strange things that we didn’t even know what they were at that time, and they told us that we were gonna play a game, and the game was that each of us kids got to get up one by one, and we got to pick one of those items, and then we had to put it back down and sit back down where we were in the circle, and I remember as they were putting out these items and they were explaining things, I was kind of a funky child and question everything, and in my mind, I thought He… It is A… This doesn’t seem like a fun game, like what’s the purpose of picking and either if you have to put it back, right.

And when I said some of that stuff, the little boy next to me, he started laughing, and we kind of got this weird look, and in my mind, I said, can you hear me?

And he… He was like, Yes.

So this individual ended up being the boy that they trained to be my protector on my training partner, but that was our first day, and so we went through this selection process and E-H to pick our items, and it was done right there in a classroom in the school and the purpose of choosing these items is to determine your gifting S…

Yeah, it was to show what fire… Each of those items was connected to a spirit, so it was showing which spirits you were most drawn to and what type of magic you were most drawn to, and the other people in the room, he had mentioned these Queen mothers of darkness, they’re there to observe this so it’s unusual to have… For anyone who’s been in kindergarten, you have a teacher, you have the students, but in this case, there’s a bunch of… Well, a parent type people, I guess inside the room, they would come in claiming to be volunteers, so if anybody would have come in that day, it would have looked just like volunteers playing this game with kids, nobody had any idea that they were actually testing for people’s positions to go into the monarch programming, that’s part of the job of the mothers is to discern what spiritual gift children have, what their spiritual abilities are, which demonic spirits they can connect them to, and then on to put them into training for the position that they will be invest in the system. According to the spiritual gifts, and what items did you choose?

Well, I didn’t know until later that it actually was not one that they had placed, so I chose this… I’ll just say this item, and I held it up proudly and my proctor, which that’s another name for my main trainer, she gave me this weird look and she said, What did you… What are you doing?

And I said, I picked my item. And she said, And what did you hit?

And it was a sword, and what I didn’t know was that it was completely in the spiritual realm, so everybody who could see it in the spirit realm could see clearly what I had picked, but it was not an item that the other people who couldn’t see in the spirit realm could see.

So right then and there, the Lord was showing them that I was to be a warrior for God.

It really surprised them home, and I found out later that it was something that the Lord had a lot of me to see there, and then when I picked it up they… And they knew that it was something they had not but there… So at four and a half years old, they’re starting to think that you’re gonna be a thorn in their side.


But let’s get into these Queen mothers things. First of all, tell me a little bit about what the role of the Queen, Mother of darkness is. And if you can, I know it’s not easy to share, but you had quite an introduction, you might say, with your proctor… Yeah, can you get into the roles and then what happened?

Yeah, so the role of the Queen Mother particularly, is to work in conjunction with Satan had in hand and to ensure that the system is running exactly as he wants it to run, they communicate with him regularly.

Yeah, so we’d be in meetings every single night with him, and he would dictate word for word his agenda and exactly what he wanted done then the following day.

And how many of these Queen mothers are there?

There are five in the world… Yes, I only experienced five. There are some individuals like Fritz SpringMeyer who claim that there are more then just in… But by the time I was 10, I was fully trained to take my position, and I never met a single one outside of those five, and I knew the five successors who would take their places, so in my experience, I never knew any other ones, I did know sometimes the Grand High Priestess, is we’re also called mothers, and they were kind of the face front for who the real mothers were, so they would be called mother, so I proposed to him that maybe that was where he was getting the extra numbers from, that as far as I knew, there was only five and all of the end time rituals that we practiced for… Only involved those five.

So in time rituals, and you were chosen to be part of the N-time rival, which sounds significant to say that we’re in and times, because ever since Jesus was on the cross, we’ve been in the end times, essentially the clock has been ticking down, but it sounds like it’s getting close, no one knows the date, don’t knows the tie, but we’re in a season for certain… So tell me about how you learned that you were gonna be the successor and you were about four and a half years old at this time still, right?

Yeah, I… Yeah, so actually that it was literally decreed by state, so they had put me through a series of test after that first initial testing day, some of that involved seven individuals who at least high priest or the satanic councilmen, and some of them were… All two of them were mothers of darkness, besides date, in telling them that I was going to be the chosen successor because of my gifts, they also read the Tricorder, and what was interesting was that usually when they’re doing these readings, they’ll all turn out different or they might get something similar, but with it, every single one of them pulled the is back, same cards, and those cards told each of them would be that I was an enemy of the system, and then I would be part of tearing it down and destroying it.

So that was very interesting. Ironically, I had… When I first started doing my David Solis, I had a woman who also, she thought heard my show and she did a terrain and she pulled all the exact same cards except for the last one.

So that was interesting, eight times of my life.

Every single time.

They get the exact same answer.

So these individuals… Yeah. They knew from the very beginning that I was chosen by God for something specific. I question why state and went ahead and chose me… Well, he worked on, it’s got… And that would be in a front… God wouldn’t it.

I would… So I can remember my proctor would argue with him and she was dead, that I’m killing me, there was times she attempted to do so in spite of the… What he had decreed, and at one point, he even jacked her up against the wall and told her that she would be obedient and take me as her successor, that when in that this test, if you have a successor for the mothers of darkness, they then will take their position… So when I first came on, my proctor was not yet the Queen Mother. She was the successor to the Queen mother at that time.

So one of the very first murder that I ever saw was when she took the life of the Queen Mother at that time and took her position with that it’s a very specific ritual. I’ll give a little graphic warning here, but they take the head of whoever is the Queen Mother, and that’s how they take their position then, and you witnessed this at such a young age.


And how do they keep you from talking, because although you might not be able articulate things, certainly you’ve learned to communicate by that age, how do they keep you silent after seeing something like that?

Well, a lot of it, they take Live, so there’s always the threat that they’ll take the lives of those that you love. So a lot of times I sopra over 1000 desk a month just at the hand of my proctor, and how many… I’m sorry, a thousand, the sonnet, the month.

And that was just at her hands, and that was because I would refuse to participate, or I would try to tell… I actually did try to tell whoever I could, so whether it was teachers or a law enforcement people, a pastors, I would just get out one or two words, things like, my family is part of…

I now called my family to serve Satan, my family kill babies and children, and they would immediately shut me off and not list them maybe further, and then that day or the next day, I would have to watch children or people die, and they would say, good people don’t tell family secrets.

Good people.

That their mouth.

Good people don’t talk. And so that was one of the ways that they tried to control… As I got older and as I attempted to tell more and more what they did is the desk that I had to observe would get more and more graphic, and so not just be a matter of just a quick death for somebody. I’d have to sit there and watch somebody be tortured horrifically and crying out for mercy. If I attempted to intervene, if I cried, if I said anything, then they would make it longer and more horrific for that person, and these people that they target for these killings. Where do they come from?

They came from a lot of different places. Sometimes it would be a homeless person that they found on the street, sometimes it would be somebody out of the system who is trying to defect or get out or run away, sometimes it would be random children that I didn’t know who I assumed came out of the breeder program that was there in Chicago or one of the… They called them expendable children, and those were the children in the system that they had chosen to either be used for trafficking sexually or for ritual death or killing, so sometimes it was those children that were chosen.

Ladies and gentleman, I just wanna make a very big point here. And the reason why this interview is so important for you to listen to is out of average year in the United States alone, over 800 000 children, Gil missing. A lot of these children, when you see the situations with these caravans coming up on these orchestrated paid-for caravans of people of tens of thousands of people crossing the border and stuff, they are undocumented when they go missing, there is no record, so it’s not exclusively them it could be your kid playing in front of the school, if they’re unattended, kids are going missing all the time, and not only that, but adults are put into the system and traffic and the horrible things happen to people, in fact atrocities that they’re just… Beyond what you can imagine is what’s going on here, and I think we’ll get into that a little bit, but I wanna make that point and actually while I’m just speaking, I wanna mention as well that Jesse has come forward because she’s actually helping to get people out of the system.

Jesse is helping people to survive this system, and she’s been working with quite a few teams of people, probably…

I know she can’t comment on this, but I will just say probably in a private public partnership, and there are literally thousands of kids being rescued right now and people coming out of the system, and she has made this her life mission. And this is part of the reason why we are so fortunate to have her telling this story today, did I say anything wrong there?

Just see, no, you didn’t say anything wrong there at all, so let’s say… I don’t wanna focus on the evil as much in this interview.

However, the theme of the show is live right in the real world, and you can’t live right, whatever that is to you, unless you understand what the real world is, and this brotherhood or called, they have many different revenue sources, certainly they… They’re in the top banking industries, they have very big positions and big companies, but they’re also heavily involved in some, I guess they would say black operations, and you had mentioned the human trafficking part of that.

Can you just tell me a little bit about how they facilitate this, how does it happen with no one see… Part of that is because they have such a wide variety of people who are strategic replaced in positions that allowed easy cover up for this. So it depends.

They’ve got a couple of different avenues. First, you had brought out that they do, they have the underground reader programs where they have girls were anywhere from age 10 to 20, mid-20s, so I… These girls are selected and are bred to have babies, these babies are born never being documented, ever having a birth certificate, never having a death certificate.

So that’s one of the revenues that they use, the other one is that they do kidnap or they work in conjunction with some of the hospitals or the CPS, the EHS offices, so I… He then used cases that you think you would call if you needed help for your kids… That’s right, yeah. The people that we feel we could trust are actually the very ones who are scoping out, they’re using the hospitals from the moment they prick a child, but they know what that child’s blood line and spiritual gifts are, so they’ll watch that child and decide if they wanna take them or in… If they wanna take them, a lot of times they’ll find a way to implicate the parents or the parents, and they’ll send him CPS and they will take that child and put them into foster care homes. Then you’ve got law makers who have made it, so some states like California, I think if a child is in CPS for 12 or 14 months, they automatically will get adopted out, so this way they make it so that the parents can never get their child back. They’ve placed judges in the systems… A lot of them will use Family Court to gain control of these children, and then we’ve got some cases where literally, they adopt the child out and then the child has taken internationally, their verse certificates are erased and because they have no versatile, there’s no way to track where that child has gone, it makes it impossible for these families to get their children back.

Now, again, this is a bit graphic, but it’s important that you understand what is really going on in this world and how big this is, and I say this specifically to anyone who is Christian, because we have not paid attention, because we have done anything we’ve actually allowed this to happen, and this broadcast is a wake-up call to anyone Christian or non-Christian who cares about this world, we need to start exposing this and getting involved in so one thing to sit on the couch and hope the sum will… Else will do it, but I’m providing a call to action here, so to really get you involved, I’m gonna actually ask Jesse to get into an area that I…

I almost really don’t wanna cover because once I learned of this and how… How big it is. Well, I cried for a couple of days. I really did. And so this is a warning to you, but it’s something you should listen to, a lot of these children are sex traffic, as you mentioned, they’re used as ponds, they’re used by people who are the people you respect the most in the entertainment industry, in big industry, elites and others, of course, but they also do something to extract a drug, and you talk about what that drug is and the process… How they acquire it?

Yeah, so there’s actually two drugs that they… They go after… One is the dorm. And they extract that from the adrenal glands. The other is from the pineal gland, and that’s the type of natural steroid that occurs in the body, so both of these they… For the hybrid drug, they procure both together and… Normal process for it is, it usually ends in a child staff, they will cause a child to really be terrified and afraid, that happened in graphic ways, whether it’s usually involves a sort of torture, whether sexually or physically, it even could be emotionally. Once the child is very fearful, the adrenal goes into their blood stream, and so… So I… They’ve got warehouses where they literally will have children in these big wine vats and they will be draining all their blood.

They also do the same thing with elderly… As a kid, I saw rows and rows and the math of warehouse, it was like They had airplanes sees back to that Just For mil, and may have elderly people strapped in there and they were so weak, they couldn’t do anything, and they just… Every day just would keep taking a couple of times, and until those people died on the same thing with the children, they just keep taking the blood, making them fearful, extracting the blood, and then they’ve been harvest that and to use that blood and take the renal out of it, that’s like their long-term process for the mass, they also procure in rituals, which that tends to be more graphic than the mass warehouses. What I saw the child is… I’m gonna try not to go too graphic here for the sake of your audience, but they would do stuff to either access the pen gland through the face, for the adrenal glands, and usually that involves cutting into the child for making them really afraid and cutting the throat and this is while they’re alive, obviously they are in… So all of it was, they were alive when they would do this, and the demand for this drug is so outrageous. Yeah, that he literally… This is a big manufacturing process, and I guess one of the analogies I would say to this, and listen, if you ever, please do not be inspired to go look for this drug, don’t even search it out, if you do, I would say There’s eternal consequences for you and nothing is worth it, but these people feel that they get special powers from it, they feel… It’s a fountain of youth. If you look at some people, they seem to not age, and then recently, I think there’s a shortage of this drug recently, because you see some Hollywood stars not looking so good lately… And they’re in the public eye. So I only point out Hollywood in that, but they also feel they get spiritual powers, and I guess of analogy that I would think of is, if a car was flipped over and it’s someone you loved in there, it’s been reported that you get this adrenaline and you get this kind of super human strength full. They think that they get that, plus there’s a spiritual aspect to it, can you talk about the spiritual aspect that they think they get from this?

Yeah, well, I did experience that as well, so they would do test with us for most of the high level of leaves, they have a special proof of this stuff that they take on a daily basis, and I would basically say that they were functioning Adriano comic being on this small amount every day gives them energy, it keeps them going. So you see some of these Hollywood stars where they’re just go, go, go, go, go, and only a couple hours of sleep every day.

Yeah, they’ve always got a E, The Tenterden.

So that’s partly due to that. But then during rituals, they’ll take a higher amount, which then does cause that closes for them… Go ahead.

And these rituals, how many times a year do these rituals take place and when there’s rituals or all of these people involved that they’re actually worshipping Satan, do they all partake in different areas?

There’s only four times a year where everybody in every quad around the world is involved, otherwise, they circulate the rituals through the different quadrants, so you’ll see these people traveling to different areas around the world for these ritual events, usually the quadrants take turns hosting them, and so we’re talking hundreds of millions of people, potentially worldwide participating it. So message to the church, wake up, these people are organized, they’re praying against you, they’re activating spiritually of spiritual knowledge that is very sophisticated, and they’re doing it against us. The good news is God is way bigger.

AM into that, but we need to realize what we need to pray against and his prayer… An effective weapon. Can you tell the time, Jesse, that prayer really worked as an effective weapon while you were in the system?

Yeah, actually the majority of every day I was praying as a child, and one of the most significant times, I literally based off with with male, and I was involved in the experiment where he was the demotic general that they summoned and in that experiment, as he was coming through the gate, he literally was marching towards my training partner and I, I… You know, I was going to his dead, and I just started praying, and as the Lord closed the gate, and that that was the summoning circle, he was coming through, and literally the Lord right there, stomachs UK halfway in between the floor and… So I was behind him, like seeing his back side and my training partner was looking in face-to-face and we just started praying, and Malik literally was throwing a temper anger, that he was mad, that he was stuck in that floor. And so from that moment on, he did not get to have anything to do with my training partner, and years later, I ran into the high-level lusitanian who is one of his post, and that person said to me, he’s like, my demon absolutely hates you.

And he wants to kill you. Why is that? And I just said, Well, I don’t usually encourage people to talk to demons, but I’m gonna ask that the Lord will allow him to answer that question for you. And so he went back and had a conversation and Malibu out that it was because he had got stuck in the floor when he was trying to come through and didn’t get to host the host that he wanted.

So even after all these years, it was interesting that the Lord still… That he provided that protection over me and the training partner from this high-level demon… That’s such an incredible story. And of course, male has mentioned in the Bible.

And the sacrifices to Moloch, by the way, side note. Would you consider abortion sacrifices to mullica?

They are one. Yeah, and there’s… What about a million in the United States alone, every year?

The is this gives to the demons energy…

I don’t know if I say A-B-E energy there. Yeah, it more has to do with their blood lust and their blood thirst.

Now, you mentioned several things that are just breathtaking, but first of all, you mentioned gates, and you mentioned demonic possession, and you mentioned that these people communicated with the demons, and I don’t wanna focus on the other side so much, the… So there’s gateways that these demons come through, so that leads me to make an assumption that hell is actually beneath… Would you have specific knowledge on that… Yeah, so the spiritual gate originally were… In Genesis, it talks about the firmament that was above the Earth and below the Earth, and there were these gateways that or the containers that held the water for that firmament. And so the Scripture talks about in Notes dated, when the flood came upon the earth, because a men’s wickedness, that the Lord caused the gates that were below the Earth and the gate above the earth to release their water.

So that’s where the spiritual Gates come from, is that they actually were those containers that were holding the water, they operate off of residents harmonics and frequent, some of that goes in trying to get into some of the science of it for people here, but with the Bible talks about all of creations things, God’s glory. So the spiritual Gates literally are passageways between the Earth and the heavens, or between the Earth and the lower realms, and they’re constantly singing to the war, and so their access that way through song or through Thanksgiving, a lot of the cultic people, the closest emotion they can get to think, giving this taffy, they will sometimes use that to access those series and get them to open especially… So let to a certain frequency, essentially at certain frequency, and then the gate will open and they have access to that, so they have this sophistication that they figured this out, how can a believer in God or someone who wants to believe in God because they hate what they’re hearing about the other side, this is real folks. If they can access demons and the demons come into them, and I… And we call on angels.

We can… Yeah, the Bible says that angels are ministering spirits, that they’re also are helpers, so we are able to call on them and access them, but we also a son tailing God work fully quit through our faith in the armor that we wear the scriptures that we’re commanded pretty much so for things, the Word, to the disciples, leathers raised the dead and cast of the deans. So those four things, we are commissioned and have the authority to do here on earth, so for me, I don’t even usually call on any angelic if I’m encountering a demonic spirit or evil, I simply review kit and begin to pray and pass out, but we could call on them. Well, I guess we call on God directly, but could we dispatch them to fight the other end because it’s hard for us to… Well, most people don’t see into the Spirit, we don’t see a deep and walking down the street, but the angels do.

And the angel is, are really… Well, I don’t know if they’re put under our command, but they’re here to serve us, how could we utilize that as a strategy or… Or do we need to… We could… I do work in conjunction with some of them, so praying and asking the Lord to dispatch them for further help, if there’s a lot of activity in your area, I’m or pray and ask for them to come and be a child of protection, to stand around the property where an ad or to guard my home at night, I’ve had moments where literally I walked out of my house and all the sudden I saw my angelic bodyguards standing around me, where there was just these four angels, one in front of me, one behind me, and one on each side. So we do have access to that. We do have that help. If we need it, I’m not somebody who… Usually, I go straight to the Lord and things, so I just gotta be honest about that. I’m not… Yeah, we do have that I… Yeah, since the cross.

Right, right. But I know, like I said, there’s times I walk out and I have seen my body guard, so the Lord has made it very clear that I’m not in this by alone, that there are angels that are there who are fighting with me on the word side. I’m not somebody who usually communicates with them too often or I just usually communicate with the Lord so… Well, Jesse, I think this is a great note to end, not because we covered some dark stuff, and I wanna thank you for joining me here on right on radio, and I wanna thank you for your wisdom, and if you would join us again, there’s some more I would like to, I would like to expose some more of your training and just start to give people wisdom so we can start putting in some counter measures to put… Just one of the things I said to you in our personal conversation before doing this interview, Jesse, is once I learned about all this stuff that’s going on, and by the way, you’re not the only source, I’ve double-checked and triple-checked everything in compared to scripture, and this is all true, but I realized one day I’m gonna meet my maker and I’m not gonna stand before Him and say, Yeah, I knew about it and I did nothing.

Right, so just what… Do you agree to come back on and do another show with us and… Yeah, I’d love to… And in another show, I’m just gonna give a teaser if I may, because you said something that I know every person is going to want… Ask some questions about, you saw Satan himself through your proctor against the wall, you’ve seen this, and you’ve seen him multiple times that I know that from reading all of your material, perhaps next time we can start to unravel that mystery a little bit.

Yeah, that’s a… That’s not exciting.

Jesse, thank you again for your time, and we’ll talk soon. And thank you for listening to Right on Radio.

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2nd Interview with Illuminati survivor Jessie Czebotar.

Ep 15 Devils Appearance Revealed

Jessie reveals the appearance of both Satan and the Lord. We cover the gruesome rituals, the training in the system and the Miracles that frustrate the Evil Cabal.


  • EP.15 Devils Appearance Revealed [3]

Ep 15 Devils Appearance Revealed Transcript

And welcome back to Right on Radio, today is a very special day for you, indeed, because… Yes, I have Jessie Czebotar back.

We had such an incredible amount of feedback and a lot of hits on that last interview, it was certainly powerful stuff. And one of the things that has been coming up is I want to address before I bring Jesse in. You know, I could almost hear the cries and particularly from the Christians who heard the broadcast that just focus your eyes on Jesus, and yes, you should focus your eyes on Jesus, you should read the word, and if you’re a non-believer, this is kind of in the script to you. But the thing is, we are in a battle, and if you’re a non-believer, this battle still applies to you because there is an enemy and he hates you as well, maybe not as much, but he hates you as well, and if you are in a battle, it is best to know who your enemy is, and to know His plans, and yes, as a Christian, we are called to steward this earth, were called to governess earth, but yet we have failed in our attempt to do that, and we’ve allowed the enemy to run the world well, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, we are in the midst of taking this back, and Jesse’s a voter is a big part of that, and before I bring her in, I failed to introduce a couple of the things… If you want to learn a lot more about Jesse, and there’s just limitless information, she’s been working with someone who does a blog, and the Twitter handle is @CathyCathy Fox, that’s Cathy’s felt with a sea, and named twice so at Cathy, Cathy to… And you can also find the blog on Jesse’s website and where she works with caffeine, it’s called illuminate the darkness dot com, and I want to bring on Jesse and I’m going to announce one other thing as we bring it on, so Jesse, good morning is welcomed to… Right on radio.

Good morning.

Jesse, I have just found out that you have been working diligently on a book series, and you have the first one coming out, would you just tell the audience about it?

Yeah, so the book series I’m working on is called His kingdom comes in power. The first book is titled The battle, and it goes through some of the questions that I faced as a hospital chaplain.

I had a lot of people who wanted to know, is the double real if so how does he work in our lives? Does he attack us? How can we be prepared to face him?

So I focus on a lot of those questions in that book, it’s a great place to start when you’re starting to look at the spiritual battle or the unseen battle that we are in, it’s offered free or… Let me take that back.

You can get it actually on two places, The John B. Wells store, or you could get it on David Zulu show. He’s offering it right now with, If you purchase a package that he does that has material that proves all the child trafficking going on in cases and what’s going on in the government in regards to that.

I believe John Bell also has it for about 20 on his site. So both places, a percentage of that money goes to support efforts to stop child trafficking and to help those who are actively doing rescues or working with the government to get information out about the children and where they’re at, and Jesse, if you make those links available for me as well, I will post them on the right on Radio Facebook page, and I… You want to find the Facebook page and have an interactive conversation in this, you could just simply to search in Facebook at real… Right on radio, and those wings will be made available for you shortly, so Jess, we just… We covered so much stuff last time and I… We’re going to cover some more, and I think that this is going to be a really exciting program. There’s a few specific things that I want to touch on. And one of those things, which I’ll get to towards the end of the show, is I put out a little bit of a tease or last time that you were actually chosen to fulfill a particular role and it was supposed to happen, and is this year in April so I do want to get to that eventually, but I want to start out with some of the training and some of the rituals that you went through as a kid, just a paint picture to us and when we talked about some of the training you had, just talked about the very first time in particular, where you and your partner had to pick a specific item and you put it back, but we didn’t go any further that day, can you tell us a little bit about… More about that story, Jessie.

Yeah, so we had less left off, I had talked about… I had picked my item and that was actually a spiritual item that had not been placed in that circle by the mothers, it was a sword of the Lord, and so when I held that up, they all knew that I was a warrior of the Lord, that I had been chosen to fight the system, and it was a very strong statement that The Lord made to them that day without saying any words in particular, after I put my object back, it was my training partners turned to pick something, and I can’t actually share what the object is, but anyway, I’ll go into some stories about it in a minute here, but he picked his item and it was a small gold item, and basically it represented illusions in magic and anyway, later on after that class and that testing was over that evening, he decided that he wanted that object on A… So we were in the St. Peter Catholic Church in the basement there, and there was a long hallway that had doors on both sides, and it was at the very end of the hallway, on the right-hand side was the closet where the mothers, they would lock the box with all the items in that closet.

Well, so anyway, here we are worth 4 and half, almost five, and he decides to pick the lock, I have no idea how he learned the skill, but my job was to stand in the hallway and make sure nobody was coming, and he picked the lock in took his item, and he kept it on his body from that day forward.

But anyway, when the mothers realized this item was gone, and they literally went into a frantic panic, and we had been brought down with them and were in that hallway, and this was one of the first miracles we experienced, but they are… So he got into that Jesse. Every piece is relevant to them, so… Yeah, one piece goes missing, the person in charge would face some consequences, that’s how they keep this system together. Is that correct?

That is correct, yes it… So this was a very serious thing. That a piece was missing.

Yes, these items have been used, I would guess, for hundreds of years in this testing process, so you’re talking ancient items that are linked to spirits and all forms of what they consider ancient Black Magic, and in a way, it was kind of a fortune-telling site or fortune-telling objects because they would use those items to determine a child’s placement in the program and what position they would take, so to have a piece missing, Satan was not happy about that.

So that was why they were in a frantic panic because it meant that somebody would have to suffer consequences at SANS and he would get brutal with these women, he would throw them, he would beat them, he would… Usually, they were grown down in a big, deep hole where they’d be down there for hours and stuff as part of the consequence, ultimately, they feared that he might strip them of their positions or their power, so they’re running around frantic, searching everywhere. I imagine they’re searching every room and turning the place upside down.

Yeah, they were… So like I said, What was the miracle about that is literally we’re in this hallway with them, and my training partner has this object on him, and all of a sudden it was just like God made us invisible. I was standing kind of against the wall, and he was standing right in front of me, and the mothers were walking back and forth in front of us, and it was like… Literally, we were not there.

The place where he had the object has… It was pretty big, and so it was surprising that they never saw it on his body was… Still to this day, don’t know how he was able to hide that on him, other than that, it was Act of God.

Wow, this is so incredible. So there’s this hallway with all these doors and all these women are running back and forth searching up and down looking in detail, not missing a thing, and you’re standing right in the center of it the whole time, both of you, the teeth with the object in honor.

That is incredible.

I, these rituals, I praise God for that.

But with these rituals, they’re so detailed, because obviously, so these particular artifact on some of them might have been 10 hundreds of years old, maybe longer, maybe less, but they were certainly very valuable. Can you tell us about perhaps any other rituals that you’ve been in, and particularly, I’ve heard you tell a couple of stories, but where you’ve been disobedient, let’s say, and if you could describe the ritual and actually what happened, because I found this to be such an incredible story, and I want our listeners to hear this… Yeah, there is a very particular one that goes along with that, we were just about five years old, and it was the first ritual we were to participate in where we would be actually participating in taking life at five years old and in the arena and de-sensitizing you to evil at such a level that you are here… Well, I explained what this ritual is about, what they’re trying to accomplish and… What are some of the pieces of it?

Yeah, so with this one, what they were trying to accomplish as they were trying to connect me through blood links with another child, they would call it like a blood wedding ceremony, so that was the purpose of this particular ritual beforehand, we had spent time… They would do things with us that would seem like normal things, like baking cookies, and they would have this massive bull that would have the makings of the cookie though, but they would keep adding more and more flower to it, so… And they would give us a spoon and we’d have to keep story this cookie to… And it would get to the point where you couldn’t stir any longer by hand, it get rock hard, and then they would say, We’ll just get it to move and they would encourage you to stab it it or hit it. Well, we didn’t know at that age that what they were doing was preparing us giving a strength training to be able to do the stabbing and other things, and they made it fun, they made it a fun yet… They made it fun and made it seem like it was a normal family activity.

So that was part of that. And so the other prep part was that with this ritual, they have sacrificial walls that are in certain places throughout the United States, as well as internationally, that everybody who is in the system at age 5, when they partake in their first ritual, their hand prints go on these walls and your hand print is put on there in blood, and so before the big day where your hand goes on the wall, they have you practiced.

And so we would spend hours down in the area where the wall was, and you have to practice putting our palms up there a certain way and our fingers so that a perfect hand print would go on there.

What these walls are are the ritual sacrifice walls to mole, they are in the osmotic Ellis, one of Satan’s demonic generals. He’s a very blood-thirsty demon or demonic spirit, he’s one of the principalities that fell or was cast from Heaven, so I don’t know why these walls are important to him, but it’s almost like a trophy wall to him that he feels… If your hands on the wall, he owns part of or all of your soul and has rights to you with that, then… Let me ask if there was any other questions about that before I transitioned into the ritual, so I guess you’ve practiced putting your hand so you know how to get a PR Perrin, you’ve played with a cookie dose, you’re literally doing a stabbing motion with strength involved and then, I guess let’s bring us to the day of when you’re supposed to do the rich… Well, just kind of walk us through it.

Yes, actually, it was at night time, and it started off where we entered the tunnel system through one of the cemeteries that was there near St. Peters and you have everybody dressed in robes and your face is your identity, so it Sisterhood to… Not a lot of it.

Well, just say, people did not know who the successor for the Queen Mother of darkness was. They usually had me and my training partner hidden with about 20 other children who were always present, these children sometimes would participate in rituals, but that was part of the way so that nobody could really identify which of those children was the successor in which was the protector for her. So anyway, we’re with this group of kids and we enter into this hallway with the hand prints, and I… One of the mothers has a big bowl of blood, and we had to dig our hands in that bull and then put our hand prints on that wall, do you know where that blood came from?

I do not.


Yep. But after we put our hand prints up there, me and my training partner had to put a symbol that represented our ritual names, and we put the symbol next to other hand prints, so it’s not right next to our own, but we were instructed on where to put our symbols, and then they took us into one of the side rooms, and that was where the ritual was going to take place. We walked in there, the room was filled with adults already who were all in robes, and in the center was this altar, it was actually a wood tablet would be reminiscent at a Catholic church, and it had a table cloth that when… It didn’t go the long way, it kind of went the way and hung down onto the floor, and on that table, they had a baby that was probably about seven, eight months old. The baby was just playing. Still on the altar, I assumed it was probably drud. They also had all the elements for the rituals, the challis was there on the altar table along with the day or… There was a pentagram that was drawn on top of there with… They actually had done it with salt, I think I… And so you just saw this kind of white powder, grainy stuff that the child was laying on top of, and then there were… There was another, the boy that I was to be linked with in this ceremony, he was standing to the right of the altar is Estonian way we are or… So they put the another of the high crest with standing right behind the table and so anyway, they had us come in and there was a lot of chanting, although witches and warlocks who were present started calling on the different ionospheric… I could sense that those spirits were entering the room as it proceeded, the… Let me think how to put this… I’ll give a graphic winning here, but there was a sex magic that was involved with this, so you had a lot of the adults started doing sexual things amongst themselves and with the demonic spirits, and then I was instructed to go up to the alter… What we had practiced was that the other boy who was present, he was supposed to take the dagger and cut into his hand, and then he would make a fist and His blood, He would drip into the challis. So he went ahead and did that, he took that day her and started dripping his blood in there, and then he put the dagger down on the altar, and that’s when my proctor stepped forward and she took the dagger off and handed it to me. I took that like I was supposed to, but then I was really mad. And there was… For me, this was one of the rituals where I did see Satan at, and he was standing there and had this life look on his face like… Now, I’m gonna get you to do what you don’t wanna do.

And so let me just stop you there for a moment, just see if I may… And we’ll pick up exactly where you left off, but for the listeners of this broadcast, this is an audio-only broadcast, but I have the privilege of looking at Jesse she’s telling this story, and I want the listeners to know, this is not easy for Jesse to repeat. She has come forward, she’s been telling… She’s been doing some interviews and getting the story out there because she’s trying to make a difference in the world, but this stuff is not easy for her to say, so I want you to keep that in mind and also just see it just because the Satan was brought up here and in… And I know you’re not gonna reveal his identity because he is here on Earth, but can you describe as He in human form, is he in spirit form? And then just pick up the story from there.

Yeah, I’ve seen Satan appear in four different forms, so this time he was in a human form, and I would describe his body, it looked very angelic. This is what I would call his angel of light form. And so he just had very handsome appearance, almost this gold like ten to his… There’s something, when he’s in this form, there’s something very alluring about him, so you’re just naturally drawn to him, and that was the form that he was in for this, the… The thing that I hated about this form was that you’ve got this almost… This draw that you almost cannot turn away, you can’t stop looking at him, and so I’m looking at his face and he’s got this Mer and smile, but it’s that smile of, I’ve got you where I want you, and you know you’re gonna do what I want, you to do and, and that would bring out this natural anti-reaction in me, where it was like, No, I’m not gonna to it.

I was very mists, very rebellious in that sense, especially towards Satan, and so the first thing that came to my mind was just the sheer… Utter intense anger. And so when my proctor handed me that danger, I was just so angry and I took it and I just… I with it right at her face, and then as I did that, I took my hand and swept it across the altar where the challis was, and that went flying across the room and the blood went spilling everywhere.

So now I’ve committed in their world and unfathomable the heat, I’ve just run Satan’s ritual in front of all of these high level people as well as right in front of Satan’s face, and just to be specific here, one of the things… And do you mind if I gave out your ritual name… No, that’s fine.

So her ritual name was sunshine, and she was chosen by Satan himself to do this and to be prepared all over years for this thing that we’ll talk about towards the end of the broadcast, so you wanna stay in and hold on because this was gonna blow your mind, but for this to happen, I… God put some kind of incredible strength or just innocence in you that you couldn’t comprehend what the consequences were because as I understand and these types of ceremonies, if one person just places an object incorrectly or forget something or it doesn’t… Under the right words, at the right time. There’s really, really heavy consequences, so for you to spill the blood and not to mention throw the dagger, your Proctor’s face, this is so strong for someone to do… And obviously, we wanna… What happened? The good news is she’s okay to hear her voice, so… So in one… To survive. But what happened from there?

Yeah, so from there, the high priest, he was the first to get to me, so he literally grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder like a scan potatoes, and I was hitting and kicking and biting at him, and he carried me straight out of the church into the graveyard area, and they had a graveyard, or I should say a grave that was open, and he just long me down in that, so I hit that with my back first and first got the breath knocked out of me.

How deep would this be, would it be typically six feet?

No, this was farther ’cause it connected into the catacombs, so I would say it was probably at least a good 15 feet or more.

And did you break any bones or… No, I got the breath knocked out of me at first, and they ended up putting something, a cover of some sort over it, so I couldn’t see out the top of the grave anymore, and I was just in pitch dark, I could feel there was a wall that was, it was kind of on the long side of where that grave had been, so I could feel like the dirt wall behind me, and I ended up inching up to that, and it was just kind of sitting there in the darkness, not… I didn’t know if they… If they planned to kill me, if they were gonna keep me down there for a couple of hours or days or… And at this point, you’ve seen them kill, so you really are in doubt, and you know that the killings aren’t necessarily a quick and easy way… Right, right. And I didn’t know to some of the other things was if they sent the demonic spirits after you or the hunters, then it’s like I’m in pitch dark. The only thing I have as a safety down there with that wall, at least knew nothing was gonna attack me from behind, but I just had to be ready no matter which direction something was gonna come from, and so my mind was kinda going into war mode as I was just laying there, and all of a sudden I see this light starting to appear, and as it gets closer, I see that it’s in the shape of the man, and the best way just to describe it was that there was a man who looked like he was on fire walking towards me, and at first I had no idea who this was, I wasn’t scared, but I was just like, What in the world am I seeing? And as he got closer, I realized that it was the Lord, and I can explain. Other than that, I just, I knew it was Jesus. And he came up to me, and he picked me up and was holding me so that my face was over his shoulder, and he carried me through walking through the Catacombs system and back to a secret doorway that led right back out into that area where they had been doing the rice. That’s the point that I really want to bring out for people because it was really significant in my relationship with the Lord and with my calling, the Lord could have led me out of the catacombs above ground and let me out, so I could have run away.

He could have taken me some place and allowed me to be in hiding somewhere, but the Lord didn’t do that, he literally brought me right back to that sanctuary where all of those individuals who are in this cult were meeting and doing this evil, and knowing that if you run the rituals, you’re pretty much a dead man, I have to… Later as, Lord, why did you bring me right back out to them. So there were some things right before he opened the door, the Lord actually melt down and was looking at me, I to eye, and he said to me, Ask of me what you will, and I said, Lord, I want them all to come out.

And you’re referring to the people in these super in to all… Correct, yeah, as well as all of the people that they held captive, so it included everybody who is involved in that. I saw a lot of the oppression is wise enough at that age to know the enemy was really not the people, I saw Satan, I saw the demonic spirits, I saw how they held everybody captive. I didn’t have words for it, then I just knew that like me, a lot of these people wanted to get out or get away, a lot of them were the… They were there because they had to be. They were there because they were held in bondage, and Satan had a way of forcing people to do when he wanted them to do, and he would make them do it where the… It seemed like they were doing it willingly, but at the heart of it, nobody really wanted to be doing these things, or I’d say less than 5% of them really, really enjoyed or wanted to do these things, so as the Lord… Well, let me say that actually became an unspoken promise between me and the Lord with that I trusted and knew that God would somehow get me in my training partner out to the… What I didn’t know was that until later, was that my training partner actually saw the Lord let me out that secret door, so he was in that area where everybody else was… They had not allowed him when they threw me into the grave to be a part of that, so he was still in that area and literally saw the Lord opened the door and saw me walk out, so he witnessed that and I don’t know that that… That her back in the room, I… You have to be be funded, but… What was the reaction? When did they notice you come back in the room?

No, at first, as I came out, I was standing behind them and they all had their backs towards me, and there was a lot of arguing. It was a pretty big deal. And so it took them a while, and finally somebody noticed me and they all started hitting each other in the elbow is like, Hey, wait, look behind us. When they turned around, the high priest was the first person to come up to me again, and he was like, How did you get there?

And I said, Well, the Lord let me out the secret door. And he was like, There is no door. He’s like, Stop lying. And he slapped me across the face, and then I had my proctor started in on the questioning too, how did you get there? And I was like, The Lord let me out the secret door, and again, I got stopped in his… And I too, to this day, I think that they earnestly thought I asked projected out of that catacomb. They did not wanna believe that the Lord literally led me through those Catacombs and back to where it was, but they don’t leave in the Lord.

They know the Lord is real. I think it scared them more, so it was a cat conditione.

Yeah, yeah, they were scared by that they had no control, they couldn’t keep me down in that grave, that literally the Lord intervened and brought me out, so I think that really, really scared them.

So going forward, they kept you in the program despite these things happening with you and you continue your training for several years, can you tell me a little bit more about the training and stuff at involved… There was some combat, as I understand… Yeah, that was one of our areas of focus, we had the man who was my training partners, grandfather, whether he’s a real grandfather or not, I don’t know if he’s really blood-connected or not, but that’s how we knew this individual, he was the nature and defense Legion leader, Michael CACO, and I talk about him quite a bit in one of the good dog shows that I did called fairy tale, and I bring out his connections that he worked with the US government, he had come across with Project paperclip and the Praetor clip just for people to know at the end of a little more to a lot of… Most of the high up, not scientists, particularly in the rocket programs and things like that, the US actually brought these people in and gave them false identities and brought them into the government to continue working on their weapons programs, and in the outer the… It is a… What am I looking for? But basically, their propaganda machines, it turned out to be running Hollywood and giving him in all programming the general population and stuff like that, these Wendover under Operation Paperclip, and it was actually called Operation Paperclip, because they would take their original name Hanson or whatever in the German and then they had attached the John Smith with a paper clip and put in the file, and that’s how the operation got its name, so I just wanna give a little bit of background on the paper clip thing, so this person was your colorist UCT or… And he’s an ex… Probably an SS, not CSS.

Yeah, and his specialty was black magic as well as iOS. So his job was to train us to be able to complete Simson in… What is a Simon… I just wanna be clear for the audience… Yeah, so let’s see. So you gotta bring into it that… I know we touched this just a little bit, but we had to interface with the spiritual Gates, so part of sins and time agenda is to open those spiritual gates and to have individuals who he can have host his demonic army and in flood through those gates. And you serve the throne room of God.

So the SIS really had to deal with interfacing with the demonic generals and learning different spiritual… When I’d culvert warfare. Strategy, strategies or strategics. So you’re learning to combat, not so much physically as you are spiritually in a ionisation… Right, right.

So you can do specific rituals or commands to for the last… Like a Fox, right? Or almost, I mean… Yeah, it could be comparable to that. It would be more like if you had a ghost solder, somebody who could just show up at a certain place at a certain time and complete their whole mission unseen, because they’re doing it out of the spirit body instead of the physical body.

How big is Satan’s army? How many people does he have to dispatch?

I’m talking, I’m talking more in the spirit world, and I know you don’t have the exact number, but it isn’t just the 200… The fell, is it?

Oh, no, no, no. You’ve got a third of the angelic body, and scripture says that there’s my RAs upon Maris, which you’re getting into the hundreds of thousands or millions with that number, so a third of the myriad of Myra is how big that army is.


And this is happening, ladies and gentlemen, constantly above us, thankfully, the good side is outnumbered and apparently they have a little bit more… They have better weapons.

Yeah, but in the physical… On Earth here, listen, I don’t wanna give credit, but it has a… The enemy has done a really good job, these accomplished his goals to date, so I… So getting back to the combat training, you learn some SIOP, so that was using some of your spiritual gifts and stuff like that, was their physical defense training as well?

There was… Yeah, so we had to be able to protect ourselves as well as… They did put us into actual combat situation, so I’ve shared the story some other times about one of the first times, we literally were following my proctor down the Catholic hallway, and all of a sudden she opens one of the side doors that we had never gotten to see into before… And she kind of did this, open it just to crack, and I looked in, and then she was like, Come over here and look.

And so we’re very curious, we start peaking in and it’s just pitch dark, and we’re like, Huh, that’s kind of odd. And next thing we know, we both get shoved in the door, and she slams the door behind us and locks it from the outside, so we’re locked in this dark room, and so I now… We’d gotten sued through, so when we got up through, we kind of tripped over each other and we were on the ground, and I could feel my training partner was really good at finding where it was, so I felt his hand reach for me, and as we stood up, he had a hold on my shirt on the bottom and he whispered, he said, Grab my shirt and don’t let go, and so I found the bottom of his shirt and we were kinda hanging on, and all of a sudden I hear this sound in the air coming towards me, and it was this chain, and as I hear this sound, it’s coming straight for my face, and I kind of rammed into him and took a step sideways and knocked him to again, but if I hadn’t step sideways, this chain would have literally hit me right in the face, and it came down and hit the cement for that was there.

Oh God, was there someone swing that can… Yeah, so that’s when we realized there was somebody in the room, and when we stumbled and tripped again over each other, he knew we were in the room, and this guy started yelling curses at us, and we didn’t know who he was or why he was there, that he just started yelling, I’m gonna kill you. And from what I understand later, we didn’t know at first the whole situation, but he was actually chained to a certain spot in the room, so he was limited in his movement that first time, but he did… He had gotten one of the…

IT had for one of his hands, and that’s what he was swinging at us and… So then my proctor yells through the key hole, only one of you get to live, and she meant either the guy or me and my training partner, so she’s like… She’s like, You better kill him before he kills you.

You know, I can just remember the star, there is a grown man and your little kids.

Yeah, and he’s got a chain and… What weapons do you have?

We had nothing except for the object that my training partner had stolen and had on him.

So we’re just like, Okay, what do we do? And he was just like, Hang on to my shirt and follow me, and I know that he had the same thing as he had night-time training, so after this was considered daytime training, and afterwards when he went home, he would continue his training with car cock throughout the night.

So I assume that he had further combat training that I did, he kind of was leading what we were gonna do, so he was just like hanging on to my shirt, follow me, but as I was sitting there holding on to his shirt in that dark… I hear this guy, I can hear where he’s at, and the Spirit of God just came over me, and I did the one thing he asked me not to do, and I let go of his shirt and I just went walking straight up to where that guy was, and I can’t explain it other than that. The Spirit of God was leading me, and I just walked straight up to this man and had this impulse to put my hands on his chest, and I did… There’s no supernatural power that I have, it completely was the Spirit of God, and I just felt this fire flowing through my hands into this guy’s chests, and I started to pray, I can’t even tell you the words I was saying, but I know that I was praying over this man.

And as I did, he fell down on his hands and knees and started asking, What are you doing? And I just kept praying in, and my training partner by that point came up and he was like, Let go, take your hands off him, and I couldn’t… I just could not stop, I could not remove my hand, so he literally starts trying to prime my hands off, and he got to the point where he had to get in between me and the man, so my hands now were on my training partner, and he shoves me back, so that I fell back on the ground, and next thing I know, I hear this horrible sound, and then my training partner is standing over me, and he was yelling, only I kill only I K. and he’s like, Do you understand? Only I do that. And so I knew he had killed the guy, and then shortly after that, my proctor opened up the door and we were allowed to come out, so that was one of the first… They literally would just throw us into these combat situations, we’d be walking some place, and the next thing we know were in a trap area with these adult individuals who are intent on killing us, and it’s either we walk out or they did… This is testing your validity and your gifts, I guess is what they’re trying to accomplish.

Yeah, so if not… You’re just an expendable.


Yeah, and your training partner, he did the extra combat training in that because he was actually being raised to be your protect protector, which is the system, a person of value would have a protect protector. Right, correct. Yeah, and so with these types of situations where there are also versions of the Roman circus, you might say, where there’s an arena of some kind and battles to the death and things like that, that they participate in that sort of thing as well.

Yeah, I’ve ensured about some of those things, those are what we would call, which is battles, or sometimes you’d have the protector, assassins would be battling one another for position, for the position and rank just meant that you headed up the departments that you got to train other protectors, so that was a price position if you were high ranked and got to train others, you pretty much your life was secure, so it was a way for them to survive, the higher that they were ranked, the less they had to worry about losing their life in this system, but yet they have to bottle for their life to get there.

Right, they do.

Yeah, and so I did observe some of these battles, they were Romans will say, or in the nude, so I would hear the mother’s talking and they would say that the reason for that was to humiliate, to keep these people in their place. It was supposed to be a humble thing, but when I saw from the protector assassins was that a lot of guys, they actually… They did not seem embarrassed to me at all, they fully embraced that this was their moment to shine, and so I always wondered why the mother’s thought it was humiliating because it didn’t seem to me like they were too humiliated by this.

So would there be a lot of people to witness this and not describe what the room would be like… Yeah, so some of them there would be its dependent which area that you were at, the majority of these arenas are international, so the ones that I were at, or a particular one I was at was under nurse on Stein in Germany.

So I… And there’s a times of Castle.

Yeah, which is currently a public tourist attraction.

It is. And that’s the real mother of darkness Castle. So that’s where all the mothers and anybody who’s a grand high priest or priestess or a sister of light, those would be only individuals who would be allowed into that arena, the sides of the protector assassins when they do their battles. So you wouldn’t have a low level, which… Or even a high priest or preis wouldn’t be there.

So why were you allowed to be there then because I was the success or to be a search… A mother of darkness.

Yeah, so… And for this one, it was my… My protector was in, in the battle arena with all the other mothers protectors, each mother had their own adult protector that they had had for years, and those individuals oversaw teams, so for each mother, you would have their adult protector, and then there was a junior protector who would be probably between age 12 to early 20s, and then they had the child protectors who were basically chosen and raised with the successor and were around the successors age, so each team, there were five mothers, so five to adult protectors, five junior protectors and five children protectors. So 15 people who were in these battles when they were considered the top protectors, so when they battled, it literally was for who is going to run the six departments of the Illuminati protectors. So at the time, one of the other mothers, her protector was one of the police chiefs out of the Chicago area, and he was the one who had been running all six departments. They would start with these battles where the adults were fighting one another, and then they would fight the junior protectors who… And then go to the children, protectors, are they in weapons or is it… And nope, they can use whatever they can confiscate onto the field or the battle arena, so whatever they can bring on physically or whatever they can conjure up through spells or magic, they also can use their demonic spirits in these battles, so it’s whatever they can conjure use they use… There was a lot of hand-a hand… There’s certain weapons, you’re not allowed to bring one, you could have daggers or nice, but you couldn’t have swords or guns. This individual, he had brought his police baton, he would fight with that a lot, when all of us said and done, the final battling was between this Chief Police and my protector, and my protector literally would take the blows from this baton to his legs or parts of his body and he would allow this police chief to knock him down just so he could spring up and take a shot at him, he used a piece of glass that he had, so that’s what he would cut with as a… The, it got to the point where literally, you know, the chief hit him in the the Under the knees teeth that the tone, and he went down on his knees, and then he sprang up and a spring it to the side of the police chief, and he took that glass piece and ran it across the back of the guy’s ribs and caused really a deep lesion, and the chief was bleeding so bad from that, that they basically had to call the battle and take him into immediate Black Magic healing before he bled to death. And so with my training partner on the top dog spot, and so he became the head of the protector assessment departments for the Illuminati as a child.

And so, because this is such a special place, is this somewhere that the Satan and his generals would show up and watch… Would they want to see this?

Yeah, so Satan was present there. So when you walked in, this area is probably close to the size of the football field, it runs… If people look at pictures of nurse on Stein behind the castle, there is a bridge that goes across this kind of… Expand the gorge.

Yeah, a garden. So if you’re looking from that bridge at the castle, that rock face is one of the back walls of that arena underground, so it ran all the way from that rock face and then about a football field worth through the land there underground. It’s done kind of in an oval shape, and so you come through these massive, really thick wood doors that have lots of graphics on them, and as you walk in the room, you’re kind of… Everything is done in oval shape, so if you go to your right, there’s a room off to the side there, where all the protectors would gather and get ready for the battle, if you’re looking straight ahead from where those doors are, across the arena on the other side, there’s 11 thrones that are all in gold, and there’s different… They’re kind of sitting on different platforms that tear up like a stairway, so you have Satan’s throne is in the middle there, and then on his right… And was where the Queen Mother would sit, and I would sit right next to her.

And what form was he… And in this one, this one, he was actually also in his human form, so he appeared as the handsome… I’ll call it his handsome, looking for… And so He… So they understand just how Pontus he is. When he was watching this battle, He’s not sitting upright in this road, he’s kind of like sitting sideways with his legs hanging over, part of this battle meant that… And I believe they knew who was gonna win in this, but it was… It was… What do you call it? The chief police did not let my training partner when they’re really battling for first place here, but I believe Satan knew who was going to win because part of this, we later found out that we had to do our unbreakable vow together between me and my protector, so part of the process of that be was that if my protector on it meant he got a vile of my blood, so Satan sitting on his throne and he’s got the chain, it was kinda like a necklace with a vile on it, and the file at this point does not have anything in it, but he’s sitting there swinging this chain back and forth the entire time and… And so I’m sitting there praying my protector wins ’cause I don’t want him to die. I didn’t want another protector, I just wanted to stick with the one that I had, but at the same time, I kept seeing that mile being swung back and forth, and so it was almost like this taunting that you’re gonna have to give your blood… If you want him to live on and I… So there was kind of this unspoken spiritual battle going on at the same time as this physical battle is going on, I’m just curious here, Jess, you’re seeing him with this very vain gold chain or whatever it is, and he’s got a file on it, he’s swinging… Does he have the ability… Like the other side, maybe they saw something different.

That’s possible.

The chain was physical and real, when my protector won the battle, we had to complete the Val between us, and that’s where I had to put my blood in that violent place… That chain around his neck. So I think that everybody witnessed and saw that happened, who was there, so he could have been showing them something else, but yeah, there’s not a lot of words to describe what happens in the spiritual world, and when you say he might have known who wins because time really is a man-made thing, it doesn’t really exist, it’s just a form of measurement that we’ve put… And we see things in the physical decay and stuff like that, so we can put a piece of measurement, but in the spirit world, they probably see things that we don’t… Right. For me, it just made me angry. It was this taunting that he would do, he was always trying to get me to participate in the evil, and I had to be selective in what I did and what I would go to all extents to not do, as you know, if I didn’t participate in something there always was a consequence, and usually that consequence was that I had to watch somebody die right in front of my face in some horrific way. So at the heart of all this, I was very selective. There was really nobody in this world I could trust except for my training partner, so for me, that relationship was… Was more valuable than anything else. It’s really hard to find somebody who will stand by your side, even when I chose to not do what I was supposed to do, my training partner would stand in agreement with me on that, and a lot of times… I can’t count the number, but a lot of times he would take the punishment then, so it cost him a lot to be in that position. I wasn’t always loved. My loved ones got to live, they would threaten that they would take their lives, but the individual’s lives that they really took were people that my training partner loved, so that was kind of the double-edged… So word was that every decision I had to make, he would stand with me in that, but he was the one who paid the emotional price and cost with the majority of that, it would hurt you as well… Obviously, yeah.

It would hurt me, he would get thrown into the whole… We would call it a deep… Via deep… Well, or it’s like this deep place where they have them down there for hours, he would get more severe beatings from car cock or other people, they would do it in the guys of combat training, but basically it was Karon, others would basically beat the hell out of him as a kid, and he would be stuck fighting and trying to defend and self from that. So part of this ritual, then two after that, once we entered into this vow, his job was to protect and to keep me safe and to fight for me, my job was to be aware of every single one of his wounds and to bring healing to those wounds so every day after that, I had to inspect his body and know every single wound, so as we got and for into the system, and he was having to do more and more, and the more that I refused and denied, I would physically see the consequences of my decisions that he was the one bearing those consequences.

Well, I just e, the amount of knowledge that you have, and Jesse’s really coming out and fighting against us, and she’s sharing some of her stories with us today, but she’s extremely knowledgeable and all kinds of different things, including the Masonic aspects, and there’s different levels, and there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to get into you, but we’re just over an hour, so I wanna do a little bit of a recap and then we have to get to that April 2020 story. So just as a bit of a recap for listening audience, there’s a few things that really popped out today, we’ve heard about rituals and how precise they are, so if you’re a praying person, if you know of something going on, for instance, you might discover some of the holidays that they practice or whatever, you might wanna pray that their ceremonies don’t go as planned, that something gets ruined, something goes off, because if I’m not gonna advise anyone to go in there and try to physically stop them, but to be there to come against it in prayer would be a very good thing.

We’ve also learned about the combat training, the level of detail that they go through as a… They are prepared. So much more. Should we be prepared? If we wanna go against this stuff and listen, who wants kids to go through this stuff, who wants to see people tortured and murder everybody believers and non-believers should be wanting to focus their thoughts against us, for a Christian, it might be prayers for another religion, might be something else, but even if you’re a non-believer, you must… You should be thinking against this and just at least sending your energy into the ethereal to go against this, so these are very important, and who is also really important to demonstrate the miracles, because this is part…

I shouldn’t say part. This is the whole reason that Jesse was able to get through this.

Not only gave her straight, but she had divine protection, and I believe she still has divine protection to go through this, and it’s really important to put that out there and to give the other side too, because he… In true that we wanna look at the enemy, we wanna know the names ways so we can combat it, and really that same thing, it’s not because we wanna watch it… Well, personally, I don’t wanna watch a war movie, that’s not something that… I don’t feel good after I watch a horror movie. And if you feel good after watching a horror movie, well, you should go to speak to someone who… Because I… You’re not… Mattei, don’t think it’s natural.

But you might have have been conditioned that way, and it’s not your fault, but I would say when you put garbage in your head, garbage and eventually gonna come out. So instead, put good stuff in your head and the world would be a better place for it, so let’s just kind of coming to a conclusion of this episode, Jesse, you were really brought into this whole thing and all of these experiences and all of this training was supposed to lead up to, I believe it was April 26th of 2020, which is this year.

April 24, April 24th, you tell me what your purpose was and… What happened on this date?

Yeah, so one of my first jobs as the Queen, Mother of darkness, was to fulfill… It’s a five-fold ritual that the mothers would do together, my part was the last or the fifth part of the ritual, so there were five books of the mothers, and these are… It’s hard to describe these books that… They’re very ancient books. I’m gonna give graphic warning here. The books are actually made out of human skin, and if you were to open their pages, you wouldn’t see anything in the… So these are books that the blood of whoever is linked to them has to be applied and then the spells appear or the prophecies of You’re… So when we were kids, we went through… And this actually, I’m gonna show this, this was one of the miracles, but we were going through the ritual prep for this and time ritual, and so you had all the mothers lined up, their successors were in front of them, each mother opened the book and had her success put their hand inside the book, and then they would close the book and say a spell, and that’s what linked these mothers to that book, so that in the future, when the the days came, those mothers would be able to open the books.

So when mine came, they’re really heavy books, so we’re on our knees with our hands fully extended, palms up, and they place that book on our hands, and it’s taken my entire strength to hold that sucker up.

My training partner, interestingly enough, he was involved in this entire ritual as well, so what they did was they had him actually holding the majority like the heaviest part of the book, and they had me put my hand on top now with all the rest, the moment they put their hand on top, The Mother would close the book, and that process of your hand being closed in the book is what linked you to that book, but you know what happened with me was the moment I put my hand on there, all of a sudden, it was just like this huge pow of light, and my proctor and the book went flying one direction, I think of big Catholic churches, okay. We’re in a sanctuary. She gets thrown back along with the other mothers all the way against the back wall of that church, the altar area, we get thrown all the way back to where the entrance stores are, so past all the pews and… We can’t explain it. It’s just, that’s what happened. And the moment we got thrown back, I remember I started looking up and I literally was looking straight at the face of my proctor, and I had this horrific vision where I saw her and her last moments on the end of her life, and I started crying, and my training partner, I believe sought too, he would never tell me if he saw it or not, that he started crying as well, and so the linking process never actually finished between me in that book.

So forward, years later, April 24th, the whole purpose of these things were to fulfill the prophecies for the anti-Christ… The prophecies correct. These are the ones put in the Bible, this is his OBE, right. Say it wants to duplicate everything, make it a mockery of Christ, this is to be the Messiah to the Jews. So in a way, they’re making it seem like this individual has gone through everything as well as Jesus has the books, went through basically the one book, they baptized him, another book, he went through his temptation, another book, he went through his calling. The last book was he was to be God. It is your book.

Yeah, it was basically his conservation, and so with that, after he fulfilled all five of those, he was ready to step into his role or position, so at any time he could be revealed with that, we went into battle me in many per warriors in the spirit world, we were in prayer, we literally took those books and through them on the fire of God’s coals, and there was a lengthy spiritual battle that took place for that day on the ritual, I was supposed to be at a certain place, to open that book in the physical world, and we had… People in the government actually had eyes on both me and my training partner at home, we were grounded for quite a few days that they made sure that we… These individuals were not able to kidnap or take us… Drug us to be part of the ceremony. So Jesse, I’m just gonna ask for a one-word answer and then I’m gonna close out this broadcast and perhaps it’ll get intriguing enough for a listener to listen to another interview if you’ll indulge. Of course.

So this date was very important, it’s supposed to usher in the end times where he can surface as the false prophet or the false messiah rather, the bassus and you had prayed to the Lord… Should I do this? And we’re talking to you praying to the right Lord, not to this false guy, one word answer, what do you tell you to do in just one word or one set in a…

I could put it into one sentence. Yeah, and I just wanna leave the conclusion of… Yeah, he told me the Lord told me to take my position.

And ladies and gentlemen, if that’s not a cliff hanger, we’re talking an times… We’re right in that time. Time is being compressed. Jesse’s of order. You are an incredible person. It’s amazing for the listening audience, this is audio only, and mostly because I have a face for radio. But ladies and gentlemen, when I watched Jesse tell these stories, because we’re doing the Zoom call as we speak, I see the pain in her face when she talks about the hard stuff, and I see her face literally changed color and come alive when she talks about the Lord, and if that’s not a testimony, I don’t know what is, but Jesse’s a Boer again, look up on Twitter “CathyCathyFox. That’s with a C. Both times, Kathy, Kathy Fox, the website is such an amazing amount of information and videos and a lot more of Jessore that illuminate the darkness, and if you go on to Facebook and search at real… Right on radio. I’m gonna be posting up some links to Jesse’s book, and I just highly suggest that you take a look at it too, there’s… Who else could give you such a deep look into things and whether you’re religious or not, this is a story of Epic or biblical proportion, and you know what, reading it might just save your life or someone else’s… So definitely pick it up and spend the time Jesus about… Or thank you again for joining us on right on radio. It’s such an honor and a privilege to call you my sister now, and I thank you very much. And until next time. You’re listening to ride on radio.

  • EP.13 Escaping the Luciferian Cabal [2] 
  • EP.15 Devils Apearance Revealed [3]
  • Spreaker Right On Radio [1]
  • Facebook Right On Radio [6] 
  • Twitter Jeff [7]
  • Illuminate The Darkness [5]
  • Illuminate The darkness Jessie [9]
  • Twitter Jessie Czebotar @CzebotarJessie [8]

These sites may be useful for people wishing to deprogram…

  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P] 
  • SurvivorsJustice Triggers post [E]
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]

For other resources and links check at the end of this post after the transcript.

These are  posts that are part of, or related to illuminati whistleblower Jessie’s series Silence Breaks Forth into Song…

  • The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati [60]
  • You are a child… [52]
  • Silence Breaks Forth Into Song (SBFIS Part 1) [53]
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  • Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 2, 5th June 2020
  • Illuminati Sacrifices, Magick, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt also including Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 3 [67]
  • Illuminati Midsummer Ritual including Jessie’s Interview 4 with Dave Zubrick [68]

What can you do to help?

We need more and more people working on our side. Remember we are the vast majority, the 99%, but so many of us are trauma based mind controlled, soft mind controlled by the mockingbird media, ignorant of what is happening, cognitively dissonant or do not care. We need to change that.

  • Our strength will come from working together, in joining up against the illuminati few.
  • Our strength is truth, and in spreading the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Our strength is in realising we are sovereign and spiritual beings with immense power, more than we can currently imagine.

The information about the true situation in this world IS shocking. How can we have lived our lives not realising we were controlled by a satanic cult, who rapes, sacrifices and eats babies and who have set up societies structures to feed this insatiable desire?

The illuminati’s whole philosophy demands the use, abuse, sacrifice and consumption of children.

It is so shocking that we hope desperately for it not to be true, that it is not the truth, but more and more evidence comes forth from insider whistleblowers, victims, symbolism, even the illuminati themselves, that we are forced to believe it is true by the sheer weight of the evidence.

However do not be angry, afraid or guilty, or any of those negative emotions. That will only help the evil side. That is also what they feed off, what gives them energy and turns them on. Try to get over negative emotions quickly, take stock of what decisions you made through incorrect and incomplete information, but do not blame yourself. eg vaccinations, you made those decisions with the best intent at the time, learn from that and move forward.

If you have awoken to the grim reality, then the world is already in a better position. We have one more person who is working with us and against the illuminati. Try to help that cause in whatever way you can to bring forth the truth and spread the information.

Our side against the evil illuminati agenda is getting stronger at an ever faster rate. Fit in where you can with this – art, music, writing, humour, spreading truth, supporting others, whatever is your strength, and develop new strengths!

We also need to raise the vibration, pray or meditate…

This post and others of mine and other peoples, answer why so many bad things happen in this world, when so many people are good. It is also the simplest answer to explain events, Occams razor…

Trigger warning for conspiracy deniers – this article was likely to make you have palpitations and search frantically for your tired ad hominem attacks, pictures and gifs. (The mentally frigid are best avoiding this article and I suggest you buy a goldfish to converse with :)

Other resources are immediately below and later after this posts links

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • Fresh Start Foundation Scottish not for profit group, helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors  [N]
  • How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett [P]
  • Deprogramwiki  [Q]
  • Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness [R]
  • PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief [S]
  • Researching Reform [T]
  • Maggie Oliver Foundation [U]
  • EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping [V]


[1] Spreaker Right On Radio

[2] 2020 Aug c.10 Right On Radio EP.13 Escaping the Luciferian Cabal

[3] 2020 Aug c.15 EP.15 Devils Apearance Revealed

[5] Illuminate The Darkness

[6] Facebook Right On Radio

[7 ] Twitter Jeff

[8] Twitter Jessie Czebotar @CzebotarJessie

[9] Illuminate The darkness Jessies page

Twitter Threads

[101] 2020 May 18 cathyfoxblog Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

Below are links to Twitter threads on the following subjects. Numbers with [a] following eg [3a] are the link to twitter threadreaderapp saved threads [needs to be updated, check post for latest]

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella  Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence – via Gary Havener

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…


The eight key dates incomplete check source

  • Yule/Winter Solstice
  • Imbolc/Brigid’s Day/Candlemas
  • Ostara/Spring Beltane
  • Midsummer/Alban
  • Hefin Lughnasadh/Lammas
  • Mabon
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Samhain/Halloween

Other triggers 22 December, 2 February, 21 March, 1 May, 21 June, 1 August, 21 September, 31 October


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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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9 Responses to Jessie’s Interviews 1 and 2 with Right On Radio

  1. Bilbo Bagins says:

    I haven’t read through this entire interview yet. I have only read the part they talk about the bible. Not sure what she’s saying about the earth days and Josephs sons, the entire thing. I understood the part about Lucifer being banished to the earth and I think I understood what she was saying about how God forgave the sins of the people and yet, rather than live by Gods word, they started enjoying the finer things in life again and not living by Gods word. But the rest, I am at a loss.

    On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 9:20 AM cathy fox blog on child abuse wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: “These are Jessie’s first two > interviews with Jeff of Right On Radio. Unfortunately I cannot embed the > audio on this blog, as it is a basic free blog, so the link will open in a > new tab and take you to the Right on Radio website. The autotranscriptio” >


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  8. Lani says:

    Hello. Hugs. I’m from Fiji living in Fiji. I wanted to know if it will be possible to find out if we have high witches or warlocks who work for the UN or NGOs here in Fiji… And if u know any or have heard and who are they.. Much love from Fiji

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lani, There will be, but most things are pretty compartmentalised in the system and I have not heard of any in Fiji. UN Angelina Jolie was but I do not know any more local to Fiji. I think you would be able to guess any hollywood or music industry “star” who visits and does PR for UN or NGOs


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