Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm

This post adds more information to the structure of the Illuminati, which I outlined in this post – The Five Child Trafficking Networks and Structure of the Illuminati [110]

I was interested in how the spiritual world including demons and earthly realm link together. I asked Jessie, who was the chosen successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness, before she left the system aged 10, and this is what she described, with some of my interpretation or speculation.

There are five realms. In this post the realm described is the middle layer or realm, called the Earth Realm. It is the only physical realm out of the five layers, the other four can only be accessed in the spiritual world.

The two layers below it are known as the two lower kingdoms or realms, the two above are the two heavenly realms or kingdoms.

This are the players at the top level of the illuminati pyramid and the “battlefield” formation in the earthly realm.

Its similar to 9 chessboards but irregularly sized…

                                                   Jessie’s original drawing


  • Circles –              Mothers of Darkness
  • Triangles –         Protectors
  • Diamonds –       Seven Deadly Cyns
  • Red Squares –   Unnamed Kings (Overseen by the Phoenix)
  • Circle Clouds-   Sisters of Light

                                                                     Circle Clouds

The Illuminati Earth Quadrants start with West at the top left and continue clockwise. The places are those that have ancient gates…

  • West –   Sweden, Norway                 Phoenix      Blue and Red
  • North – UK, Antartica,N.America  Pindar         White
  • East –    Russia, China, Israel          Priest           Yellow
  • South –  Iraq, Iran, China, Tibet     Prophet       Green
  • Centre – Neuschwanstein

NB. The colour associated with Pindar should be white, shown here in grey due to white background.

Compass Points normally associated with Elements and Colours.

  • West           Water              Blue
  • North          Earth              White or Green
  • East             Wind/Air       Yellow
  • South          Fire                 Red or Black

This is a digital representation done on autocad by a kind soul, thankyou…


  • Circles –              Mothers of Darkness
  • Triangles –         Protectors
  • Diamonds –        Seven Deadly Cyns. Top Cyn with dot is Death
  • Purple Squares – Unnamed Kings (Overseen by the Phoenix)
  • Circle “Clouds” –   Sisters of Light

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Centre chessboard of the nine has five circles ie the 5 Mothers of Darkness, and Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein is the main Spiritual Gate.

The “pieces” on the chess board are drawn in their place in the End Time Ritual formation.

It is not limited to these characters but they are the main ones.

The squares or position placements directly tie to the astral placement positions these people take in positions during spiritual warfare.

Inner 13 – The 5 Mothers of Darkness, 4 Protectors, and Phoenix, Pindar, Prophet and Priest rule as part of the inner 13.

Mothers of Darkness are represented by the circles.

The five mothers are connected spiritually or have a spiritual tie to Neuschwanstein. They can connect at a spiritual level or are attuned to that spiritual gates energy. Energy is made up from resonance, frequency, and harmonics. This means the mothers are entangled with the gate spiritually.

So if the gate is opening or closing, those connected with it are automatically aware of any movement of spiritual beings in or out of that gate. Those connected are signalled anytime something is going on with that gate (in a similar way to a social media notification) and at a spiritual level can communicate with the gate. Those connected could open or close it or use it for transport any time they choose.

The spiritual gates have a natural energy -frequency, resonance and harmonics. A mother is able to draw off that natural energy to enhance her own energy for magik. It’s like plugging into an electrical outlet. So the mother can plug into the spiritual gate and use its energy if she desires to. For more on gates, see later section.

Each mother is connected to nine Demonic Generals

  • Molech (Major Demon)
  • Abaddon
  • Baal
  • Samael
  • Gilgamash
  • Azazael (Azazel)
  • Thoth
  • Ashtoroth (Asharoth, Ashtaroth, Lilith)
  • Chemosh

The 4 P’s

Phoenix (Blue and Red), Pindar (Gray), Prophet (Green), Priest (Yellow)

  • Phoenix is connected to Samael and Gilgamash and with them he oversees the 13 sisters of light for the West and oversees spiritual gates in Norway and Sweden.
  • Pindar is connected to Azazael and Thoth and to the 13 sisters of light for North and oversees Ancient Gates in UK, North America and Antartica.
  • Prophet is connected to Ashtoroth and Chemosh and to 13 sisters of light for the South and oversees the Ancient Spiritual gates for China, Tibet, Iraq and Iran.
  • Priest is connected to Molech and oversees the 13 sisters of light for the East and the Spiritual gates for Israel, China and Russia.

The job roles of these titles, which are all the same rank/seniority in the system, are –

Phoenix: To bring life from ashes or death of the System. Raise up the Kingdom of Satan after the fall of the System.

Prophet: To prepare the world for the coming of the Beast

Pindar:   To prepare the way for the Beast among the Nations (Political Alliance Role)

Priest:    To prepare Israel, the One World Church, and the People for worship of the Beast.

They are all connected to the antichrist and have different roles in relationship to him.


The System is going to be destroyed, this destruction is comparable to it becoming like ash or the death of it. The Phoenix’s job is to bring the System back to life from the ashes of  that death or destruction.

The System is the entire Kingdom of Satan or the Illuminati System as we know it as a whole, and all those who serve, worship or are bound to him in the organised collective. It includes the Illuminati, the world systems and the demonic systems.  They all are involved in the overall functioning of the System as a whole.

Satan is destroying those in the System that he has no further use for. ie Those that were in leadership and those under them in the way things had previously been run for centuries.

This destruction has already begun.

For centuries the Illuminati was a matriarchal run system with the Mothers of Darkness at the top. It had been planned that the fifth and final book was to be read on April 24th 2020 at the Cathedral of St Peter in Chicago as a Consummation Ritual for the antichrist.

The ritual did not go ahead as Jessie, as chosen successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness, and who was supposed to play a vital role in that ceremony, refused to attend.

Fortunately Jessie was not kidnapped, physically or spiritually, and “covid 19 virus” movement restrictions were also in place. The antiChrist did take over however, without the desired ritual, as head of the now patriarchal run system.

Jessie – My plan was to fight back if they tried anything and people had strict orders to kill me and take me out.  If they did not use humans to physical kidnap me, I’m assuming they would have used the demonic Generals again to kidnap me, as they have in the past.

That was a huge win for anti satanic forces. Satan’s rituals are not disrupted without a price, especially ones he has invested in over years. The price meant others died.

My previous articles on the antichrist and rituals were

  • Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [5]
  • Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How…[6]
  • Obama is now running the Satanic Council [4]

The purpose of the antiChrist takeover is to mock the Lord Jesus Christ. Scripture states that Jesus was given authority and power and dominion over all things. Jesus laid it all down and puts all things back under the Father’s authority and rule.

In the same way, Satan’s plan is that the antiChrist has complete rule over his system on earth, until Satan with his hordes, storm the gates of Heaven and overthrows God. The antiChrist will then turn all control and authority again over to Satan, who at that point will be known as the Beast.

The antiChrist will come from the lineage of David, he will be able to do signs, wonders and miracles. He will proclaim to be the true Messiah and lead Israel and all mankind into deception. All of Israel will believe he is the long awaited Messiah.

He is probably a known personality publically at present, but his role of course is not yet known. At this stage his identity is not important, nor is the probable price worth paying for revealing his identity for those who know, which I do not. Even if his identity was revealed, then a successor would be found, as the antiChrist is just a title. There are many lower hanging fruits in terms of other knowledge of the system that can be learned and spread.

Who in the system is going to be destroyed?

As the destruction of the system reveals itself, then many of the plethora of current Luciferians/ satanists will be getting worried as they realise they will be surplus to requirements. They have exchanged their soul, their integrity, truth, ethics and morality for earthly goods and power in a world system that they knew. That is changing, as we have seen already in 2020.

Satan has no loyalty, nor his followers who have been taught betrayal is one of the highest qualities – the Judas Priciple. See Illuminati Secrets To Creating Wealth [40].  Satan’s sole aim is to usurp the throne of god and take control. He does not care who is destroyed, before that system is built back up.

For example Elaine, a Sister of Light and Bride of Satan said…

For the first time in my life I felt really loved. How wrong I was. Satan hated my guts. He wanted only to use me for his own benefit and then planned to destroy me. [3]

Likely most human Luciferian /satanists will be destroyed as Satan sees his demons as being the superior to the humans he uses. If these Luciferians and satanists were wise, they would immediately leave the satanic control system which the vast majority of them do not like being in anyway.

Jessie said, some time ago

Satan does not honor loyalty… he plans to use his top individuals to destroy Christians and those in the lower levels; he will make them think they are Elite and Superior… he will get them to help put the antiChrist into his position and fulfill his agenda of usurping the throne of God, but then Satan will destroy them ALL, because he only sees himself and his demon hordes as being the superior race.  Scripture says this about Satan. [14]

We already know that the Phoenix, the Head of the Satanic Council, is now Barack Obama who took over from George Soros in around May 2020, see Obama is now running the Satanic Council [4]

So Obama is in charge of bringing life from the ashes of the system.

Obama has been through the Monarch mind control programme and so is mind controlled and has demons attached. He receives his orders and daily quotas from Satan, as everyone in the system knows and believes. It is of no consequence if a reader does not believe this, as adherents to the system believe it and that is what rules this system, and has until now unfortunately run the planet.

Obama is connected to demons Samael and Gilgamash and with them he oversees the 13 sisters of light for the West and oversees spiritual gates in Norway and Sweden.

Obama, superficially can be charming, has fooled many, continues to fool many and will continue to fool many. This is what psychopaths are capable of and actually do, and they love doing it. The antiChrist will do the same.

Before Obama brings back the system from the ashes, first that system has to be destroyed. In fact it is being destroyed as we speak mainly by the covid19 virus and psyop, which is trauma based mind control on a mass scale. The other psyops they are using climate change, the race division psyop and the transgender psyop as the illuminati bring forward their Great Reset / 4th Industrial Revolution / One World Church / New World Order, which is essentially a glimpse of the start of the world as it will be run under the antichrist’s / Satan’s control.


A prophet is someone who goes before and makes ready the people for what is coming and makes sure hearts are ready.

Prophecy is hearing the words or voice of God and receiving messages from Him to warn or prosper nations or specific people.

If inverted or twisted this gift is used to listen to Satan and his demons and used to pronounce curses on those who do good, and blessings on those who do evil.


These are represented by triangles, between the mothers circles. They are also connected to that spiritual gate and the nine demonic powers.

There are several different groups of Protectors. Protectors and Assassins work on the spiritual and physical planes.

One group, considered the Top Protectors, are assigned at a young age to their client who also is young. They grow up together and their bonds are bonds of life long service to that one individual. If that individual dies the protector may be asked to take on a new assignment, but more often than not they are allowed to retire from service. Lifelongers are equivalents to Generals.

The largest Group of Protectors  which are the mid and lower levels, serve under the life long protectors. They are like commanders who receive many assignments to protect and serve multiple individuals throughout their careers.

If an “Elite” really likes a particular Protector, they can hire them as their sole Protector.

Four Unnamed Kings are represented by the red outlined squares. These are overseen by the Phoenix. Their moves are dictated by the Queen Mother of Darkness.

They will be included among those who rise up as the ten kings in the end times as prophecied in the Book of Revelations.


King James Bible Chapter 17 [15]

Seven Deadly Cyns Generals are represented on the board by diamonds.

The Seven Deadly Cyns are an elite group within the Sisters of Light. They each oversee several groups of elite fighting women. The eighth diamond is known as Death, she is the top Deadly Cyn.

Seven Deadly Cyns Generals parading under a cover as “The Oil Slicks” part of the Extinction Rebellion protests in London c.Jul 2020 [1] This is their war attire,  which is usually red or black.

[Update 2022 Nov 6 This post has been degoogled due to youtubes policy of censorship. CLick on screenshots of videos to open odysee videos]

2020 Jul Bitchute Illuminati Seven Deadly Cyns in War Costume masquerading as The Oil Slicks, Extinction Rebellion [23]

Sisters of Light

Illuminati’s Elite Security team. There are 13 sisters of light for each quadrant, in US and international quadrants. They are spiritual protectors for the illuminati.

They protect solely on a spiritual level, not the physical plane. The sisters use demonic possession and spiritual warfare to cause disease, illness and financial and other problems to their targets. See this post for a description by an ex Sister of Light Elaine. Sisters of Light – Illuminati Elite Security [3]

They are the Security Team that oversees the safety of the System itself. Elaine describes them as the powerhouse and main strength of the cult.

Sisters of Light normal ritual attire is similar to this in white or black.

The Shhh… tattoo is usually associated with sisters of light as well as the Phoenician goddesses. The signals are summons, who is being summoned and to where.   Illuminati Signalling Decodes [118]

                                  High level sisters of light summoned to meeting in South

Update 2021 Mar 24th

Jessie has done a further radio programme, in which she referred to a couple of diagrams. Someone has kindly cleaned them up and also added the chess board to one so that people can see more clearly what was being talked about.

I include them here for peoples benefit, but I will not be doing a post on that programme, as it takes a huge amount of time to distil a radio/video programmes into a succinct post, especially without a transcript.

People may use these diagrams on this page if you give a hyperlink in your radio/video shownotes to this particular blog. Please also send me a link to your programme. A spoken credit is not acceptable, as many people often cannot find it, due to spelling, suppression of my blog, or are unable to find the post etc, so it just wastes listeners time and mine.

This is the link required “2020 Nov 27 cathyfoxblog Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm


As mentioned earlier, each mother is connected to nine Demonic Generals

  • Molech (The Major Demon General)
  • Abaddon
  • Baal
  • Samael
  • Gilgamash
  • Azazael (Azazel)
  • Thoth
  • Ashtoroth (Asharoth, Ashtaroth, Lilith)
  • Chemosh

“Connected” to demons is different to “possession”.

  • Possessed means the Demons take complete control at times or resides in a host, never leaving.
  • Connected means the demons are outside host but can be called or summoned to participate with host on things. When called to participate, they can enter the persons vessel or body, then leave.

Molech the major demon general would have between 5-10 human hosts at a time which he moves in between. Molech normally goes through his hosts almost every 5 years and literally does rip them apart from the inside out.

Lower and mid level demons have multiple hosts. They use the same hosts once they find them as it’s hard to find people they connect to that enable them to use their powers and spiritual gifts through.

To attach (possession or oppression) a demon the key factors are

  1. A stronghold or doorway must be created.  This can be created to fear or some negative reaction.  This allows the demon a foothold or access to the individual.  For children born in the System this doorway would sometimes be called the Moon Child Ceremony.  An event is created whilst the child is in the womb to cause the child to have a fear response, thus the spirit connects with the child in the womb.
  2. Up till this point the demon has what would be called outside connections to the child,  comparable to two people walking side by side.  The demon can speak and relate to the child just like another person would relate with the child.  Now the demon must get the child to give it Inner Access.  This means the demon can enter the child’s physical vessel (or body) and share space with the child’s spirit.  If the child has come to the Lord, then this option is not available because the Holy Spirit of God does not share space.  Many times, this inner access is forced such as in sexual trauma.  This is not always the case, but most the time, this is why they sexually groom, the grooming stirs and causes an emotional conflict.  The child feels loved by the one grooming and wants to have a relationship with that person.  That emotional draw allows access to the demons working behind the scene in the process. People like Rachel Chandler and other groomers were good at connecting through relationships.
  3. The Demon must get the child to agree to allow it to have control of physical and mental aspects of use of the vessel. The demon gets the child to yield or surrender control to the being.

There are quantum entanglements which forever bind you to these demons by the oaths these children are often forced to take.

At all three stages the child has the ability to say NO or deny access.  Even if access has been granted at some point, it can be taken away by rebuking and casting out the demon in Jesus Name.

Jessie had the Lord, so possession was not a possibility.  However, she still experienced the first two where the demons had outside access.  This is also called oppression where they try to influence someone from outside the body.

“So I could still get them speaking and trying to tempt or persuade me to make certain decisions or do certain actions.  The main offenders were Satan himself and Abaddon.  At times, I felt like I did not have enough power to resist Satan.  At those moments I would cry out to Jesus and just keep saying His Name.  He always came through for me.” [14]

Most demons have three manifestation forms.

  • They can look like a shadow of a human or animal or monster.
  • They have a demonic form unique to them. Moloch for example looks like a bull with rams horns, big buff man arms and is standing up on hooved feet over 8ft tall. The Queen of the Dead or one of Ashtoroth’s forms, looks like a thin female mummy. She creeps and crawls on her hands and feet and moves fast, her form looking like a grotesque mummy.
  • They can appear or manifest through the physical body of their host. Jessie has seen them change a humans eyes, or physical appearance such as with the wolves and vampires.

Satan is allowed to roam freely through all the gates and in all the spiritual realms. Some of the demons are confined to certain areas of the earth, meaning they can only access gates in those areas, some are not allowed access. Most have to open the gates to use them.

Satans ultimate goal is to overthrow and replace God. Satan believes he needs men’s body “flesh” (sacrifices) in order for him overthrow God and become God. He needs more than one gate open to bring his demons hordes through the gates into the throne room of God.

Demons, fallen angels have different personalities eg Gilgalmesh, Chemosh, and Leviathon are said to be prideful and puffed up. Leviathon is known as a Water spirit and connected to the Ancient worship of Dagon or current day Triton – god of the Sea. For Dagon see  Michael Aquino Research Information [30]

Gilgamesh according to most mythology is not demonic and most published information is along those lines [12] [13] Some also say he is only a living Nephilim, like Enoch or Melchizedek having no end to life.

However Jessie classifies him as a demon General. He oversees the top five skilled black magik individuals. She has directly witnessed him doing black magik and he was part of several rituals in her life that dealt with her position.

He was one of beings present at the ritual where she was given her ritual name – Sunshine. She usually saw him with a hooded robe obscuring his face. He appeared over 10 feet tall with very long extended legs, arms, hand bones and fingers with very long thick curved nails.

Jessie says

He tends to lurk in the catacombs, and dwells among the dead. There is a connection with him currently ruling over many of the deeper underground Systems where the “Black Eyed” or “mole” people live. They are a group of people who have been bred in the tunnels for generations, so they have no colored iris in their eyes, just large pupils. Their skin is albino or translucent.

Under the Rothschild Mansion in the Black Forest there is a colony of these individuals. In that forest there is a old tree called the Grandfather tree, with a cavern just below, and the roots hang down from the ceiling. The black eyed people gather under the roots of that tree during times of ritual and as the hunts are going on above ground. (More than one Grandfather tree exists.)

Sacrifices are brought to the ground around the grandfather tree and blood drips down  the roots. These Black Eyed people feast and bathe in it. So from those memories, I can not connect Gilgamesh as being a good being. I only saw him as a demon and saw the evil in his heart.

Gilgamesh is also alluded to in several high level Black Magik or Luciferian Books.

One example of a demon, one that is connected to Obama is Samael from Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures [11]
Variations: ABBADON, “the Adversary,” Aminadar, Angel of Death, Angel of Poison, Angel
of the Bottomless Pit, Apolloyon, “the Destroyer,” Diabolus, EBLIS, Esau-Samael (“Hairy
Samael”), IBLIS, “Light Bearer,” LUCIFER, Melek Taus, Prince of the Accusers and the Evil Inclination, Salamiel, Samael Aun Weor (“Samael, sexual strength and light”), SAMIAZA, SAMMAEL, Samuel (“heard of God”), SATAN, Satanael (“adversary
of God”), Satannael, SHAITAN, URIEL Originating in Jewish demonology, Samael (“a figure, idol, or image,” “poisoned angel,” or “venom of God”) has been given many titles and ranks, including emperor of Hell, guardian of the third gate in the valley of Ben Hinnom opposite Zion and Jerusalem, the leader of demon locusts from Revelation, and one of the three great princes of Gehenna (see PRINCES OF HELL).
Samael is said to be a diurnal FALLEN ANGEL, formerly of the First Sphere, and is called the demon of death. He is an accuser, a destroyer, and a seducer.
Commanding four hundred forty-four servitors, he also has under his service all the spirits
of America and Europe as well as the individual demons AGALIAREPT, ELELOGAP, LUCIFER, PUT SATANACHIA, and Tari Himal, or Agrat Bat Mahlat, EISHETH ZENUNIM, LILITH, and NAAMAH (sources vary). He has dominion over
the planet Mars and his sacred animal is the snake. It is said that Samael has a deep appreciation of art.
Samael is described as being a handsome, redheaded young man, so attractive in fact that it is difficult for females to resist his charms. He was the seducer of Eve in rabbinical traditions, and when they had intercourse, he injected his filth into her, after which she conceived Cain. It was also Samael who wrestled with the Hebrew patriarch
Jacob. His personal adversaries are the angel Metatron and Peter the Apostle.
Sources: Barrett, The Magus, 116, 118, 119, 120, 139; Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine, 388, 409, 417–8; Dowley, Introduction to the History of Christianity, 255; Ginzberg, Legends of the Jews, 230, 235; Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages, 298, 351, 356; Lumpkin, Fallen
Angels, the Watchers, and the Origin of Evil, 126; Schwartz, Tree of Souls, 139

from Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures [11]

Monarch Mind Control

The whole Luciferian system is run on Monarch slave mind control programming. Those higher in the system control the programming and handling for those below and so on down the system. It is a hierarchy of Monarch mind control with control and abuse cascading down the system.

Only about 25-30 people at the top of the system are not mind controlled.

These are the ones NOT mind controlled – the antichrist and his protectors, the 5 Mothers of Darkness, their 5 successors, the 5 Protectors for the mothers, the 5 Junior Protectors, and the 5 Protectors for the Successors. There might be a few more as this information comes from some time ago.

The vast majority of these 30 that are not Monarch slaves are dysfunctional sadistic psychopaths who routinely kill and torture, not exactly the sort that most would want ruling our planet or us!!

Thus 99.99% of the bloodline families are Monarch mind controlled. For Illuminati bloodlines see Deprogramwiki Fritz Springmeier Bloodlines of the Illuminati  [29]

This goes hand in hand with attachment of demons. The strongest demons are the ones who will have control of the front alters or alpha personalities of that individual who has been made dissociative.

The numbers of monarch mind controlled are approximately 30 Million in the US alone. About 10% of population.

The Illuminati hierarchy is chosen by Satan. He dictates who a persons successor is. The successors are chosen by satan when the successor is very young – around 3-5 years old. Before a successor takes over a position, they themselves will have a successor, chosen by Satan and the message passed down to his minions in control.

Some positions require successors to kill Proctors (trainers) and some do not. Mothers of Darkness is one position that the successor kills the current incumbent, and breathes in their last breath, to “inherit” their demons.

Often the successor takes over when they are aged 30. If they are not required to kill Proctor then they may not take that position until they are  older.

The successors are trained by the very person that they will later succeed and kill. The trainer knowing that they are training the person who will kill them, certainly creates a strange dynamic – a strategy of tension. In fact the present Queen Mother of Darkness, the position which Jessie was the successor for, tried to kill Jessie several times, and Satan intervened against the Queen MOD on one occasion.

Satan speaks to the Mothers of Darkness and the Antichrist every night. For others in the system it is sporadic, on an as needed basis.

Satan dictated “quotas” to those who run the system long ago. They run like a menu. You have choices, which are taught to you by your Proctor or handler, who are also the ones in charge of ensuring you fulfil your quotas.

Eg. First you pick area of sin

  • Sexual
  • Sabotage
  • Self Harm
  • Gluttony
  • Power
  • Money
  • Pleasure

Then you pick what you want to do. Each time you do the quotas they progress in intensity, so more is required – eg. for Sexual

  • Seduction
  • Immorality
  • Homosexuality
  • Rape
  • Bestiality
  • Pedophilia

Photo and video proofs of quotas are kept on the Master Servers of the illuminati as records and blackmail material.


So if demons can possess and oppress people is there an equivalent for angels?

Jessie says that all of us have angels that are assigned to us, to guard, protect, and minister to us. They interact with us at that stage one and two levels where they influence from outside of our bodies but they do not attach inwardly /possess because it is not God’s will for them to do so.

Spiritual Gates

The squares on the chessboard mark ritual places and positioning.

The spiritual gates operate in two directions.

  • Vertical access – From earth to move up to the heavenly realms or down to the lower realms.
  • Horizontal Access – One can move from one place on the physical earth to another.

Horizontal access is how Satan is able to travel around the entire earth to make a Grand Appearance at every ritual twice a year. Each gate attaches to several other gates not just one but horizontal access is limited.

So you can not go anywhere you want. eg. the Chicago gate gives access to Neuschwanstein, Wisconsin etc. but it is not connected to the gate in California. You would have to travel to Neuschwanstein, then connect there to travel to the Disneyland gate to get to California.

Where are the Gates?

The five major ancient gates are at

  • Neuschanstein, Germany
  • Wisconsin, USA
  • Rockford Illinois, USA
  • Stonehenge, England
  • Sweden

Other ancient gates are situated in Norway, Antarctica, Russia, China, Israel, Iraq, Iran, China and Tibet.

Globally there are thousands of other gates. These can be referred to as gates, spiritual doors, doorways, portals, holes, interface points or intersections, mirrors, time warps, warps. All the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) are positioned at Spiritual Gates. This no doubt complicates any tunnel rescues.

Examples of these other gates are Lousianna, University of Illinois and Disneyland. There are many, each state has one.

Jessie says  These gates were the flood gates that were made when God created the earth. These are the gates that held the firmament of water above the earth and below the earth. The water was released out of them during the flood in the days of Noah.

This is the University of Springfield Illinois, one of several gates in the Chicago area, not the largest or most ancient, but used…

The photos show the markers / identifiers that someone would know to look for. First you have the library in the centre of the campus. The door is marked with a single eye in glass window and the mini “stonehenge” in front of it.

                                                           University of Illinois

This middle part is part of the key code and tells the observer what keys to play ie harmony and resonance, to open the gate. The rest of key code is seen from satellite view of campus. The middle of the “stonehenge” floor is marked with symbols, in the middle is a black cube. Numbers are significant.

                                               University of Illinois “stonehenge” floor

This middle part above is part of the key code and tells the observer what keys to play (harmony and resonance) to open the gate. The rest of the key code is seen from satellite view of campus below…

                                                              University of Illinois

Below is the gate key code from Lousianna from a Frank Lloyd Wright House that burned down. Notice the circled area in the polygram shape like the University codes. The section above the polygram forms the harmonic and resonance key. When put together it gives that gate a unique song.

                                            Frank Lloyd Wright House, Lousianna

Opening the Gates

Jessie says Each spiritual gate has their own unique song. I was not one to see the gates in color. They did look like tunnels. For me they were either dark, such as I might find myself falling into a dark hole, or the walls of these tunnels looked, sounded, and felt like fire. [14]

It is not the words per se that the gates are tuned to, but the hearts feelings – the frequency is the key, the inner or quantum level of resonance and harmony. The gates operate in response to harmonics (sound) and resonance (light). Each individual is made of these components at a quantum level.

The key to opening the Gates is thanksgiving – The Lords word says, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, enter His courts with praise.” “Lift up your heads, oh you gates, that the King of Glory may come in.”

Jessie says “I just think of where I want to be and I am there, or if I am in prayer, I suddenly will find myself in vision seeing whatever place the Lord wants me to see.”

A key to understanding how they operate is that Satan can fake, twist, defile everything that is of God. So how do you defile thanksgiving? Lust, ecstasy, orgasm, sex magik. Gates often open at the moment of orgasm and the killing of the child [14]. More sex magik is outlined in post Montauk Boys – Blood Ritual Monarch [59]

The ancient gates are the ones least accessible, bigger and harder to open.

The upper gates are calibrated to higher or brighter tones. This video is an example of Upper Gate tones. Only few seconds listening is needed.

Odysee 888Hz 88Hz 8Hz Abundance Gate, Big Blessing, Transform into abundance frequency, Infinite abundance [20c]

Odysee 2020 Apr 25 1111Hz. Spiritual Hug of Angel. Unconditional love of Guardian Angels. Make Your Wish Come True. [21c]

The following video is an example of lower spiritual gates which are calibrated to dark or minor musical tones.

Odysee Musical Sound Design In Supercollider: 7 – FM[2] – Frequency or phase? [18c]

Demonic spirit Satan believes he needs a man’s body “flesh” (sacrifice) in order for him overthrow God and become god. He needs more than one gate open to bring his demons hordes through the gates into the throne room of God.

Satan’s minions at CERN have been working to join the five Ancient Gates to make them join as one. If this happens the connection would also mean that all the little gates these Ancient Gates are connected to would be connected in this process to this mass gate.  So the System is working to make a gate that could access all the gates.

Only one person has been able to hold more than one gate open at a time for over thirty minutes. When this happened there was a literal tornado of fire and when it dispersed, over 1000 people died. That was the CIA experiment Star Wars Now.


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[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused

Healing Links

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21 Responses to Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm

  1. Hi, i cant see the draft, i have sent you an email jsut now


  2. right on
    all right illuminati players
    and the battlefield earthrealm
    posted from kathy cathy fox on
    november 27th jesse you know the gist of
    it we’ve got to summarize it because
    it’s a long
    blog why don’t you uh give us the
    30 000 foot view and then we’re gonna
    drill into just a couple different spots
    okay yeah so um it really
    uh if people want to understand this
    more want to know
    how the system is working um this stems
    off of
    um other blogs that kathy has done
    so the five child trafficking networks
    and the
    in structure of the illuminati is really
    the base
    um blog you want to read if you want to
    really understand
    all that’s going on and they’re linked
    in this blog
    as well right and so um
    that will tell you how the system works
    and now what she’s doing when she gets
    this blog is we’re connecting it to
    today we’re connecting it to
    you know what are we seeing happening in
    our government in our world
    who are the major players what are their
    and what are they going to be doing um
    what are they involved in so um that’s
    what we break down
    and we don’t name i don’t name names
    um except for you know we have talked
    one of the individuals the phoenix which
    is obama
    um but i’m gonna start to just kind of
    so in there so jesse if i could ask just
    to start
    with the the five quadrants she has on
    the map the center being uh
    and then just explain the five quadrants
    and then i think it’ll make more sense
    as we get into this video you asked me
    to um
    like if i was thinking about like we
    were trying to talk about
    how i see the battlefield like in my
    and you know we were trying to come up
    with a mutual
    imagery and so she said you know if if
    you if it was on the chessboard how
    would you see it well
    i there’s so many players i just
    couldn’t see it as
    one like chess board so it’s almost like
    you have
    you know what one two three four five
    six seven eight nine chess boards put
    okay so that’s kind of how i have to see
    it because
    how i see the battle is like everybody
    has a position
    on the battlefield and so i have to
    connect to them and see the players
    in light of where they’re positioned in
    the battlefield
    um so in the middle there
    we it’s primarily made up of
    you know it starts with um the mothers
    of darkness so you have the five
    mothers of darkness in the middle the
    queen mother
    is going to be the one front and center
    but there’s a specific location for that
    as well right jesse
    right so the other thing that we have on
    as we break it into the quadrants
    so maybe i’ll start there so
    as you break it into these quadrants
    you’ve got in the center with the major
    the major spiritual gate that is linked
    all those people are linked to is nurse
    feinstein in germany
    okay um as you break out
    you’re gonna see that um in the
    upper uh right corner
    you have the spiritual gates that are
    connected to the uk
    um to antarctica and
    to um the
    that’s the north quadrant um across from
    it you have the west quadrant which
    those individuals are going to be linked
    to the norway
    and sweden gates which also are
    indirectly linked to the cern gate
    that’s out of switzerland
    for the southern quadrants you have the
    gates that are linked to
    china iraq and iran
    and then in the other so the east
    quadrant you have the gates that are
    linked to israel russia
    and also china there as well
    um so as we break this down you’ve got
    kind of that central focus the
    individuals connected to nurse feinstein
    are the mothers of darkness and their
    um you also have eight individuals
    that are represented by diamond shapes
    um those are specialty sisters of light
    and um they’re called they’re the top
    seven deadly sins spelt c-y-n-s
    um so they’re an elite group of women
    and the eighth one of those women um
    she simply her position is called death
    um so she’s one of the top assassins
    um and then
    around them you have what i call the
    four p’s
    um so those individuals by position
    are the phoenix who oversees the west
    um so he’s over the gates of sweden and
    you have the pindar who’s connected to
    the masonic branch
    he oversees the north uh so that’d be
    the spiritual gates in
    the uk antarctica in north america
    then you have the priest and this
    individual is connected
    to the temple in israel
    um so he’s going to be the high priest
    who steps forward as we see that temple
    um reach you know the finishing touches
    be fully reinstated we’re gonna see this
    high priest
    come forward um so he oversees the gates
    in the east which would be russia china
    and israel
    and then we have the prophet and this
    person we also we’re gonna
    see him step up soon here um
    he’s the a major person
    um we’ll just say middle eastern muslim
    um and he’s from this oversees the south
    and that would be the spiritual gates
    iraq iran china and tibet
    so these four men um each have a job
    and um as the like i’ve talked about how
    the system has been
    you know it changed hands and so as it
    changed hands
    it went from being run as a matriarchal
    system to being a patriarchal system
    where everything is under the antichrist
    rule so you know he’s now going to be
    the mothers are still there for support
    but their role has changed they’re not
    overseeing everything they’re not in
    control of everything
    really control is going to be run by
    these four p’s
    and then there are the other
    four men on the board are four kings
    um that’s just what i call them they’re
    not necessarily kings or rulers
    but they’re going to be four men behind
    the scene working with
    the four keys and uh
    so they’re positive let me just ask a
    question there so
    that what you just detailed is the major
    shift of what’s happened in the past
    to what’s happening now and really the
    of this blog right so this has all
    happened since
    april 2020
    since april 24th yep when jesse didn’t
    fulfill her role right you bad girl
    they’re still going on with the plan
    here but hey yeah
    not going quite like they want it to and
    for those of you who don’t know what
    jesse’s role
    was jessie was supposed to be
    the mother of darkness one of those five
    she was saved at the young age for new
    listeners um
    some of her testimony is in this blog
    and if you go back to our earlier
    episodes i believe episode 13 15
    17 it was me interviewing jesse and
    really getting her story out
    so i really encourage you to understand
    what jessie has been through
    what she’s seen and why she has such a
    wealth of information
    on this topic so i just wanted to make
    that point about because that’s
    and that’s the benefit of having you
    here doing this live rather than reading
    it word for word because you’ve just
    identified what the major shift is
    right and you come from a position of
    exactly um so
    you know we got to remember that besides
    the spiritual gates
    that these individuals you know this is
    a spiritual
    unseen battle so these individuals are
    also connected to
    this the seven major demonic generals
    that run
    satan’s army um so i outlined that the
    phoenix who
    you know i’ve talked about that obama
    has taken that
    position that position is the individual
    runs or sits in the top seat for the
    satanic council
    formerly it was george soros so what we
    saw happen
    right after april in may soros stepped
    and obama stepped into that phoenix
    um he’s connected to the demonic
    samuel and gilgamesh
    and with them he oversees 13 sisters of
    who are in the western quadrant and
    the spiritual gates norway and sweden um
    his job basically is that
    the system like as they know it as it’s
    been run
    it’s literally being put to death
    um but the phoenix’s job is that after
    the system is put to death
    he’s to bring it bring life from the
    and he’s to rise up the kingdom of satan
    after the fall of the system
    so that’s gonna include the antichrist
    um so that is his role um
    we’re going to see the pindar um the
    pindar is connected more to the masonic
    um he has is connected to the demons as
    azael and toth and
    overseas um the sisters of light in the
    north quadrant
    and then the spiritual gates that are in
    the uk north america
    and antarctica and his job is to prepare
    the way for the beast
    among the nations through political
    alliance rules
    um you can’t give the name of the pindar
    or maybe you don’t know
    i i cannot give any of the other i’ve
    given names of those i can
    i cannot i’m just clarifying not pushing
    but i’m giving people clues on some of
    this so you know
    you’ll you’ll know when you hear you
    know it’s like we know the pindar is
    going to be connected to
    high-level masons you know so this
    connected to the uk north america
    these are all little clues that you’re
    gonna see he’s
    connected to political he’s in a
    political alliance role so
    i’m going to push for just one more clue
    and this isn’t going to give it away
    because we’ve
    said lots of things and not in the
    context of the pin argus we’ve never
    discussed this before on this show
    right but has the name
    come up on a previous episode of write
    on radio
    um i do a lot of shows i don’t know if
    we’ve actually brought up this person’s
    but it’s possible okay so it is it is
    probably a well-known
    name possibly okay
    we’ll leave it there yeah um
    so the next person is the prophet
    and as i said that person is going to be
    highly connected to the muslim
    faith um that person is connected to the
    demons ashtrath and chemish
    and he oversees the sisters of light for
    the south
    and the spiritual gates china tibet iraq
    iran um his job is going to be
    preparing the world for the coming of
    the beast
    and i’m going to explain kind of how
    they work together to do that here in
    just a minute
    but let me cover the priests first so
    the priest
    as i said is going to be the next high
    priest that
    rises up um to oversee
    the temple in israel um
    he works particularly with
    the demonic spirit molech and
    is connected to the 13 sisters of light
    from the east
    um so people kind of get just a few more
    connections here
    if we think about you know the grand the
    grand high priests and priestesses
    that i talk about from the east we’re
    talking about
    laurie cabot kent gloria vanderbilt
    um who is anderson cooper’s mother
    um so this individual has been connected
    all of these people in the east
    um and he oversees the spiritual gates
    israel china and russia
    so there is a lot of um you know some of
    the stuff i’ve talked about with the lee
    family and their connections with china
    you know you’re talking politically
    individuals um i know people hate to
    hear this name but
    um we’re talking pence’s family
    feinstein the bidens they’re all
    connected to that lee
    china family connection so this priest
    is well acquainted
    with these individuals um
    his job make a lot more sense now today
    in 2020
    isn’t it would you it will yeah um
    so his job is going to be to prepare
    the one world church and to prepare the
    people for the worship of the beast
    so what we’re gonna see happen is that
    the phoenix is kind of the person who’s
    be overseeing a lot of this with the
    system work
    but we’re gonna really see the three
    individuals the pindar
    the prophet and the priest are going to
    join together
    to make a one world religion
    one world economy and one world
    government so we’re going to see them
    all working in conjunction to bring
    those three things together
    um and that will then give way
    to them preparing the way for people to
    the beast and to clarify you know we’ve
    talked about the antichrist
    and when we think about christianity you
    have the father the son and the holy
    and the father gave all authority of his
    kingdom to his son jesus christ
    what happened was that you know when
    jesus died and gave his life on the
    so that we could be forgiven of our sins
    he gave all that authority
    back to the father and placed everything
    back under his feet
    so satan is always trying to mock
    everything that god has done
    and you know his one goal is to declare
    as god so really you know the antichrist
    is that mockery of the father and son
    relationship you have satan and you have
    his son
    the antichrist and the antichrist is
    going to be given
    authority over satan’s kingdom for a
    period of time
    and then his job is to give that
    authority back to satan
    and that’s who you know when he does
    satan then will be called the beast
    that’s what the beast is
    revelations yeah the book of revelation
    jesse i have a quick question about the
    antichrist because there’s a lot of
    people wondering who it is
    and you know and myself included i think
    it’ll be known
    quite well and i and i think i know how
    we’re going to know him but the
    even if he was revealed at this time the
    person isn’t that important because
    satan can actually just go fill another
    right the antichrist is actually just a
    flesh like you and i
    right so don’t get hung up on
    ladies and gentlemen who it is you’ll
    you’ll know when he comes out because
    he’s going to claim to be christ
    right and as you know more of the
    players you know think about the roles
    you know i’ve just defined four major
    roles here
    and so as you see these people rise up
    you know watch who they’re making
    alliances with
    and and watch for the commonalities that
    the antichrist is going to be
    over all of these individuals their main
    is to help him run the system
    and you know to do his bidding so
    they’re all going to have connections
    with that individual
    um and they’re they’re gonna spotlight
    that individual because they want to
    draw people’s attention
    away from god particularly
    israel um you know this is the point
    you know the lord sent israel
    the messiah the king and they completely
    rejected him
    so this is part of the delusion now is
    that these people are going to be
    bringing in
    the antichrist and israel is
    going to accept him not only as
    their long-awaited messiah that they’ve
    been waiting for
    but they’re going to proclaim him as god
    think about that with jesus christ they
    mocked him
    they mocked him when he said you know he
    and the father were one or
    that he said you know he he
    outright claimed that he was god and
    they mocked him for that
    and refused to accept that so
    here they’re going to be literally
    this antichrist is the
    god and um so that’s going to be a major
    key in how we’re going to know
    um and it’s going to be very convincing
    even some of the elect are going to be
    right and some of those convincing
    things is that he will
    you know just as jesus was able to heal
    the sick
    raise the dead cast out demons
    um you know all of those things and
    and there’s the verse you know where
    jesus says how can the
    azel bub cast out beazlebub
    um you know how can satan cast out satan
    you know it’s working against his own
    so as people see this happening as they
    see the antichrist
    casting out demons that’s going to be
    part of the deception as well they’re
    going to say
    you know satan can’t cast out satan he
    can’t work against his own kingdom
    he’s just telling a demon now to jump
    out of that person and go into someone
    right i mean he will do
    anything he can to deceive so you know
    can i tell you what i think the grand
    deception is going to be jesse
    yeah and this is just by conjecture
    but we’ve been seeing a lot of stuff
    about uh aliens lately
    we’ve been seeing a lot of talk and
    trump’s gonna declass
    all this stuff and you know there’s a
    lot it’s even on the mainstream news now
    for the last couple years but more and
    more it’s been ramping up
    and in revelation where it says you know
    the antichrist will draw fire from the
    i think that was speak from a couple
    thousand years ago when they didn’t have
    the term flying saucer
    that he’s actually going to use the
    alien thing
    as his trump card and says listen i’m
    bringing it all together it’s uh you
    know it’s the extraterrestrials which
    are not
    extraterrestrials the galactic
    yeah which is a ton of talk about right
    now the galactic federation all this
    listen people don’t be distracted by but
    i think that
    is gonna because everyone’s gonna say
    wow how can that be it must be true
    and i think that is even more because
    more than the healing and everything
    else i think
    that is the grand illusion that by the
    way the propaganda
    has been preparing us for for over 50
    yeah and and to remember that you know
    stick with
    stick with scripture it’s that’s the
    most important thing
    what does scripture tell us and um
    you know even as these things come about
    you know i’ve talked about the demons
    are able to physically manifest
    not just in people you know
    what if they are manifesting in people
    and shape-shifting so they
    look like aliens um
    you know don’t be deceived we know
    the truth and scripture tells us all
    that we need to know
    we need to stand firm in that at this
    time and
    you know and it they’re dealt with the
    same exact way
    you know we were taught to deal with
    demons we rebuke them we cast them out
    we stand firm against the devil and
    the wiles and plots and schemes that he
    comes up with but they’re going to be
    friendly et’s
    and that was so cute oh i
    i they like to play that way at first
    let me tell you some stories about demon
    do you remember jesse years ago there
    was that very
    there was a special major tv event uh
    you’re younger than me um but alien
    where they claim to actually have an
    alien body and they decide to do a live
    and do it on tv and what they found was
    there was nothing in it
    there was no organs or anything like
    that so you know is it possible a demon
    you know came up with kind of a little
    bit of a you know
    prototype flesh suit and they just fill
    up this empty shell
    well think about how many things are are
    um 3d printed they’re 3d printing hearts
    all sorts of organs trying to you know
    be able to
    do transplants that way um
    so is it possible absolutely i think it
    wow so jesse this blog is really long
    and i’m as i say i’m going to put the
    i’m going to put the link in the
    description for
    everyone to to go and read it and i
    encourage you to spend some time
    on this blog site kathy really
    is detailed she has a gift for this she
    puts in her evidences
    um you know jesse you said something
    that was uh
    and i’m gonna paraphrase your words but
    when you first met her she is
    probably the most detailed and
    articulate researcher
    on this subject that you’ve ever
    experienced absolutely and
    and the amount of stories that she’s
    collected um
    the way she puts puts everything
    um it’s just mind-blowing um
    you know so she’s got a whole you know
    beyond my
    blogs that we’ve done together she has
    the silence breaks forth into
    song blogs that are on there there’s
    seven of them
    um blogs on the antichrist on gloria
    so all of those things are going to give
    people a very good idea and picture
    of what’s going on um but don’t forget
    to read scripture
    more right funnel everything through
    scripture you’ve got the montauk
    vlog which uh you know breaks down some
    of the mk
    ultra stuff so you know everything that
    you want to know is
    is in her sight there’s so much it’s a
    wealth of information so amen jesse
    that was excellent man having you to
    disseminate this information
    is so special to me uh and i know that
    our audience certainly appreciates it
    uh they have been so complimentary of
    and uh in your knowledge and your
    bravery and we
    have a lot of people praying for you uh
    praying for me as well
    and i am sincerely thankful for that as
    we’ve mentioned before
    before every broadcast jesse and i get
    together we talk for a few minutes and
    then we pray
    and we pray for each one of you on the
    other side of this screen to paraphrase
    a guy who i really love
    just came to mind i didn’t do that on
    purpose but i one of my sources that i
    watch a lot
    is not for everyone but trey smith great
    youtube channel
    he’s done some big deep dives a little
    bit sporadic in his way of delivering
    information he’s getting better at it
    but he does dive deep and uh and i’d
    suggest he go
    spend some time there as well as he
    really does dig
    jesse it’s been wonderful having you
    absolutely and until the next episode


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  7. Margie Gould says:

    On jessie picture it has different countries
    I didn’t see my country Australia ..Just wondering is my country involved ? If so how ? Thanks


  8. Roger says:

    Dear Cathy, thank you for sharing this information. May God bless you and protect you as you continue to expose the enemy.

    Liked by 1 person

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  14. Anonymous says:

    First of all, thank you for your continued contributions and many blog posts on this subject!

    I’d like to point out, though, that the three pictures or diagrams below “Update 2021 Mar 24th” and above “Demons”-header (kpqt3srh.png, tsxrwqei.jpg and wj4t4fus.jpg), seem to be taken from “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” without a reference to their original source. kpqt3srh.png is a remodified diagram, but the backgroud is still from that game. In that Ghostbusters video game (and comics series) those letters represented the Gozerian Alphabet, and wj4t4fus.jpg was found in the library sub-basement floor. The Gozerian Alphabet appeared in:
    Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    Ghostbusters Vol. 1 Issue #16
    Ghostbusters Vol. 2 Issue #3
    Ghostbusters Vol. 2 Issue #4
    Ghostbusters Vol. 2 Issue #12
    Ghostbusters Vol. 2 Issue #15


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