Belenoff and Q

I first heard of Somerset Belenoff in early 2020 when this site was being passed around social media. Who is Somerset Belenoff Who is Somerset Belenoff? [7]

However on first blush that site appeared a bit cloak and dagger and sensationalist, as well as a couple of things didn’t appear to add up.

People familiar with the illuminati did not recognise the name “World Governing Council” (WGC) or the “World Security Office”.  On quick research there did not appear to be a Countess of Arran.

There were however some superficially interesting aspects, however as always there was the suspicion that this type sites may be set ups.

I did complete a thread on the Cannibal Cravings 2020 Jul 30 cathyfoxblog Cannibal Cravings Thread thread Reader App [10]

They seemed “well connected”…

Cannibal Thread Tweet 2 [10a]

Later someone who I will call Bob contacted me and had  investigated further. He found that there was a 3rd generation Countess of Arran.

Lady Arran is the 14th generation of the Fortescue family to live at Castle Hill, Devon. Lady Arran’s great-grandfather, the Rt Hon Earl Fortescue, was the first member of the family to become Show President in 1923.

Meet Lady Arran the new President of Devon County Show [12]

This may or may not tie in with Belenoff on further research.

(Although I had to block Bob on social media, I hold no hard feelings against him. He did some valuable research, but like a few people, they think their research subject should instantly be of overwhelming paramount importance to me, at the expense of everything else)

Some areas or sites for further research

  • Karina Belenoff was linked to a cannibal restaurant.
  • House of Wettin
  • Glamis Calling [6]
  • Twitter House of Wettin  [2]
  • Twitter Karina Karina Belenoff [3]
  • wikiwand House of Wettin [23]
  • wikipedia House of Wettin [4]
  • Archive People are Meat [5]

There were at least a couple of articles written on Belenoff from Jan 2020, but one from infamouse Mike Rothschild who could be described as NWO shill.

  • 2020 Jan 22 State of the Nation ELABORATE HOAX: Countess Somerset Belenoff & Wettin World Governing Council [8]
  • 2020 Jan 13 Mike Rothschild Who is Somerset Belenoff? [9]

The Wettin is the name on the crest /logo of the Hollydale restaurant

Wettin Dynasty

Major European dynasty, genealogically traceable to the start of the 10th century AD. Its earliest known ancestors were active in pushing Germany’s frontier eastward into formerly Slav territory; and by the end of the 1080s two of their descendants, brothers, held not only the countship of Wettin (on a crossing of the Saale River downstream from Halle), but also, farther east, the margravate of Meissen (on the Elbe River). The Wettins of Meissen vastly enlarged their line’s territory by becoming landgraves of Thuringia in 1264 and electors of Saxony in 1423.

Of major importance was the division of the Wettin dynasty into Ernestine and Albertine lines in 1485. The Albertines secured the electorate of Saxony from the Ernestines in 1547. The Ernestines retained thereafter some less important possessions in Thuringia which they constantly subdivided between themselves. Their possessions became known as the Saxon duchies and included Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Eisenach, Saxe-Altenburg, and Saxe-Gotha, among others. In the 19th and 20th centuries the Ernestine Wettins of the Saxe-Coburg branch rose to unprecedented heights. One became king of the Belgians as Leopold I in 1831, and another, Albert, married the British queen Victoria in 1840 and was the ancestor of five successive British sovereigns (though the name Wettin was rarely cited in England, and that of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was officially changed, for the British, to the house of Windsor in 1917). Yet another Ernestine, Ferdinand, married Maria II of Portugal in 1836 and was the founder of the Portuguese royal house that reigned from 1853 to 1910. And finally, a fourth Ernestine became prince of Bulgaria in 1887 and king in 1908, as Ferdinand I, with his descendant reigning until 1946.

The Albertines were electors of Saxony from 1547 and kings from 1806 to 1918. They also provided two kings of Poland, Augustus II and Augustus III, between 1697 and 1763. See also Saxon duchiesWindsor, house ofWikipedia House of Wettin [4]

Interestingly the motto on the Wettin “logo” along with the all-seing eye of Horus  – “Proditio mors es” literally translated is “Surrender death of”, so I guess with a 500 year adjustment it could mean “surrender to death” [19]

It would appear then as though the Wettin’s are a powerful family and that the UK Royals are a mere branch of this.

Since my first research I have found that World Council can be another name for the Satanic Council. So the WGC may be just part of the mass council or if there may be another group outside the overall Satanic Council, the Council of all the heads of the Wolves. [18]

The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. In 1901, the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (a branch of the House of Wettin) succeeded the House of Hanover to the British monarchy with the accession of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Wikipedia House of Windsor [16]

Wettin family Tree from Wikiwand House of Wettin [23]

So it did appear the Belenoffs were worthy of further research. The Glamis Calling [6] website showed itself to be an interesting site of coded communications.

The primary reason for the sites possible importance to many people is because of these two messages about Q from August 31 and October 27th 2017 approving Intitiative Q and saying All shall awaken.

Dated 2017 Aug 31

Dated 2017 Oct 27

If posted when actually dated, then this predated the first Q posts,  and seemed to be contrary to the commonly accepted theory that Q was just a mix of Military Intelligence and National Security Agency, with Trump as Q plus and two or three other civilians. It seems to be directed by Belenoff.

The date for the first Q post “on the boards”, I think at this stage it was 4chan, 28 October 2017  the day after the second Glamis Q post!

So it raises the possibility/ probability that Q , the psychological operation was actually on behalf of the illuminati…

  • Perhaps it is one faction of the illuminati against another?
  • Perhaps it is a trap to out the people who follow Q? cf Operation Trust
  • Perhaps Trump is a player?
  • Perhaps Trump has been tricked or double crossed?

Who knows?

I don’t know nor am likely to. I am just presenting what appear to be a few facts and asking a few questions.

The following article deals with some reasons why Q is not a pacification psyop, without considering this Glamis revelation. But some of the reasons may still be valid. 2021 Jan 21 Stillness In The Storm No, Q and “Trust The Plan” is Nothing Like OPERATION TRUST, It’s not a Pacification PSYOP and Here’s Why. [17]

What difference does it make if Q is run by Belenoff’s? 

It may well make a difference to some people, but to me not a lot. I keep plodding on trying to spread knowledge of the child abuse, ritual abuse, child sacrifice and the illuminati.

I don’t want to live in a world that is ruled by people who perpetrate that. I wish to expose it whatever the consequences.

Of course I hope that the death and torture and rape cult are taken down, and hopefully the apparent Biden Presidency is in fact a sham and under military control, as a scare event to take us to the precipice to ensure most people awaken to the realities of this world.

Hopefully the satanic cult are all dealt with with the couple of hundred thousand sealed indictments.

What is the Belenoff plan? Do they control Q?

Again of course I do not know.

So who are the Belenoffs?

Glamis Castle, Scotland is Somerset’s inherited family home. It is set in 14,000 acres. Connection between House of Wettin and York is the Kent and Cabot families. Somerset Bellenoff and Laurie Cabot Kent are cousins on maternal sides.

Glamis is one of the homes of the wolves.

A couple of “legends” are

The most famous legend connected with the castle is that of the Monster of Glamis, a hideously deformed child born to the family. Some accounts came from singer and composer Virginia Gabriel who stayed at the castle in 1870. In the story, the monster was kept in the castle all his life and his suite of rooms bricked up after his death.[10]Another monster is supposed to have dwelt in Loch Calder near the castle.

An alternative version of the legend is that to every generation of the family a vampire child is born and is walled up in that room.

The legend of the monster may have been inspired by the true story of the Ogilvies. Somewhere in the 16-foot-thick (4.9 m) walls is the famous room of skulls, where the Ogilvie family, who sought protection from their enemies the Lindsays, were walled up to die of starvation.

Earl Beardie

Several versions exist, but they all involve “Earl Beardie” playing cards.  A stranger appears at the castle and joins Lord Beardie in a game of cards. The stranger is identified with the Devil, who takes Earl Beardie’s soul and, in some versions, condemns the Earl to play cards until doomsday.

                 The wolves are one of the sets of the assassins for the illuminati.

Jessie has done a radio programme with Right on Radio, about the Belenoffs. I do not listen to radio programmes as they take too much time to listen to, and then even more time to transfer to a useable format for blogging.

However there is an autotranscript, albeit vastly imperfect, included at the very end of this article.  It is somewhat readable with difficulty, but it is hard to tell on transcript when Jeff is speaking and when Jessie. Obviously coming from the system Jessie’s information is alot more reliable than Jeffs which are from websites. The “um’s” are usually Jessie, the repeated info from websites, the quality of which I do not know is Jeffs.

If anyone wants to transcribe this to help the cause, I will post it here.

                   Somerset Belenoff middle and right I think and Karina on left I think.

What information I can glean from the transcript however is that Jessie says Somerset Belenoff is head of the Head of Green Dragon family, North Quadrant, a slightly higher position than her husband.  She surmises that Somerset may be the senior Grand High Priestess and international rather than just the US.

Her husband runs one of the six departments for the protector assassins, so that’s where she gets a lot of  military power, pretty much their own army, and she can order assassination of those who are going against the system.

So an important figure, but still I surmise not one of the higest level 25/30 non mind controlled individuals at the top. Somerset will unfortunately have gone through the trauma based Monarch mind control programme, splitting the mind into hundreds of “alters” causing tremendous damage to people, and that is perhaps seen in her staring eyes.

I include the transcript at the very very end, as it causes technical problems, altering the formatting of the whole blog.

I will not go further in case I misinterpret and hence mislead. You can listen to the programme if you have time.

2020 Oct? Right on Radio with Jessie EP.49 Somerset Decode [18] 

Transcript at very very end of post

The genetic wolves are derived from I think from the Romanov or Rasputin lines, I would have to check my notes for which.

If you want further research into bloodlines, then of course use Deprogramwiki Bloodlines of the Illuminati [22] but also check the Payseurs who are connected to the Hapsbergs, Lorraine, and Plantagenets. The French Bloodline, this is where the French, Russian (Romanov and Rasputin), German, Italian, and several other major bloodlines meet with the Drago bloodlines. Plantagenets are one of the main hidden bloodlines that links to the Collins and Freeman Bloodlines of the Illuminati. All the very top levels in the Illuminati are born of these lines, which intersects through Germany, France and Russia via Vlad Impaler bloodline.

On the Glamis website, the twitter accounts and sites  listed there is much that can be followed up and researched. Talk of Kushner and border security, even talk of Lucifer not being allowed to address the Council.

Recently on the site there were notices supporting patriots, warning about provocateurs affecting the inuguration, saying that she has sold Bohemian Grove and the last one regardings communication channels with old passwords. Check for yourself – Glamis Calling [6]

There is also much information on the Who is Somerset website, but do not know the accuracy. Who is Somerset Belenoff Who is Somerset Belenoff? [7]

eg Elizabeth Somerset Feodorovna Bowes-Lyon Belenoff  (born May 1, 1953) is a British aristocrat, born at Glamis Castle, Scotland (a well-known location to veteran Illuminati researchers). She shared a strong bond with the late Queen Mother and is a favorite cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Within the hierarchy of British nobility,  she holds the rank of Countess, having been granted that title by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979 when she was appointed to represent the UK in the House of Wettin’s Upper Chamber. Her official title is Countess of Banbury and Arran.

Just a couple of my thoughts. As head of the extended branch which includes the Windsor family, perhaps Somerset has turned her back on Prince Andrew, which is enabling progress to be made in the Epstein related case.

Is the recent case against Simon Bowes Lyon, evidence that this branch of bloodlines is turning its back on paedophilia?

2021 Jan 12 Mail Queen’s cousin faces jail after sex attack on guest at Queen Mother’s childhood home: Drunken aristocrat barged into victim’s castle bedroom then tried to pull up her nightie and kiss her [13] 

                                Simon Bowes Lyon and father in front of the castle

As there is enough important detail in this post and links and sources /resources for people to follow up on their own, and Q is not my speciality, but is the speciality of others, I probably will not be returning to this, preferring to concentrate on what I specialise in and can influence.

I hope Somerset and others are turning their back on Lucifer and working for the good of all the earths people…

My contacts follow, then some resources for survivors, which I had left out of the last few posts by mistake and then some useful links of sources of information, some of which will need updating in this turbulent censorship times of the New World Order.

[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused

Healing Links


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Appendix 1

Some of these need updating but its a bit of a busy time…


Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

Appendix 2 
Right on Radio EP.49 Somerset Decode
right onradio right on radioand welcome back to right on radio thisis a very exciting podcast we had ascheduling change first thing thismorningand that allowed us to do a show that iwanted to dofor quite some time but this timingwas spectacular because there is a newcommunicationwhat am i talking about and why is thisso powerfulit’s powerful because i’m talking aboutone of the most powerful people in theworldthe very few people know in factsome people claim sheis the most powerful person in the worldi cannot confirm that but there are somereally interesting things to be foundoutand this person she makes acommunicationdirectly to the patriotsin the united states now which patriotsis she talking to is the first questionthat gets answered in this but alsois her communication really calmswell we decode and i rely so much onjesseas always to decode some of this stuffand some of the things that come out andthe layers that pop out inthis particular episode about thissubjectare extremely relevant to today becausethis letter that she wrote to thepatriots waspost election and it almost readsthat it’s a love letter but is ittune in and find out because thisis gonna blow your mindright on right on right onand welcome back to right on radio thisis a specialfriday night edition of the broadcastand because it’s friday nightand the election is driving everybodywild these days their speculation isdurhamcoming out is a.g bar going to prosecutedoes do they have enough votes to flipitand there’s so much conjecture on bothsides of the aislejesse and i thought we would give youa break from it and we’re gonna pull upsomething it really impromptu this was alast minute change in our programmingscheduletoday but this is something that hasbeen on my heart tobring out for a little while and i thinkyou’re gonna findit fascinating before i bring onmy illustrious co-host i justwant to introduce the subject and i’mgoing to introduce itwith a quote from the subjectof this broadcast and itis i quotei pull the strings and the elitedance the quote is bysomerset bellanoff countessof banbury and iran she claims to be atthe headof the world governing councilwhich is very interesting because jessehas some perspectiveon the hierarchy now we’re not sayingshe is notwe’re not saying she is we’re justsayingthere is a perspective so just as we getinto thisvery interesting broadcastplease remember that your way of takingactionin this fight for the lightis really it is an informational warfareyour neighbors your friends yoursocial uh contactsmany have been asleep and we need towake themup one of the ways you do that is withyour actions and your actions couldinclude liking this broadcast so thetech tyrantsyou know it’ll bypass your algorithms alittle bitsubscribe to this so you getnotifications of when we have a newbroadcast as you’ve seen we’re puttingout some pretty high level stuffbecause you people are going to be thenextones to shepherd the sheepleinto the great awakening andlastly share share sharedon’t be afraid to share this indifferent platforms not just theplatformthat you got it on share it in multipleplatforms if you can part of the reasonwe’re doingaudio only at this time we will be goingto video but part of the reason we’redoing audio onlyis because we fly under the radar withcensorship but we’re not flyingunder the radar in listenership we havecrossedover 30 000 listeners which isabsolutelyphenomenal for an audioonly podcast at this time with nomarketing or anything so thanks to yougood patron and good listener with lovein our heartswe are thankful and we pray for youas well so let me continuefirst of all introduce myself my name isjeff and iam a shepherd of the sheeplejust as we want to help you become thatfor your neighbors and i’m joined i’lluse the same introduction as i didyesterday because we got a greatreactionshe is the formermother of darkness electemphasis on electelect just because of the timing oftodayeveryone is president or something electbut she was actually chosenfor a very very ultimately highposition in the cabal but she was savedand she walked awayshe is none other than jessezaboter good morning jesse good morningjeffjesse this is a fascinating topicand no one will be able to give theperspectivethat you do on this just before we getinto it andwhat i want to start out with jesse isjust somefast facts about who she isyou know by these researchers who haveyou know followedevery post she’s done every uhyou know her when she was a socialiteback in the 70s and stuff like thatshe really you know has been out therebut there’s only oneknown photo of her in existenceright now this person is definitelyup there and wait to hear some of thestuff that she has doneand the things that you know haverevolved around herthis is an absolutely incredible uhbit of information we’re not going to gothrough it word for wordbut we are going to do a decode becauseshe just sent out a messageand if she is one of the puppet mastersin the worldmaybe we should listen solet me start out with some fun factsabout her somerset bellanoff countess ofbanbury and iranchairs the world governing counciland is the chief executive officer ofthe world securityoffice which is the prosecutional andenforcementarm of the house of wetton’s upperchamberthis is the powerful cabal that controlsas it says here all of the eliteilluminati groups familiarto researchers jesse i know you want tomake a commentright there yeah so if we break thatdown i’ve talked aboutum the elite structure of the systemso the world governing council isanother namefor the satanic or druidic counciland um the upper chambers would meanthere’s different um groups within thatcouncil so you’ve got theyou know the whole group is usually madeup of 300 people but they’rerotating seats so you could haveyou know anywhere from two to fivepeople representingeach of those 300 seats so you can havequite a bit of people involved in thisum and the upper chambers then would beyou know the groups would be broken downwhere you’ve got the council 21the council of 13 and the council ofnineum so the 9 and 13and 21 would be considered upper chambercouncilsso they’re the ones who the finaldecisions are going to come through themum so that’s what that meansbut wow so thatyou know ladies and gentlemen to getthis perspective from jesselike who else has this intimateknowledgevery very few people unless you’reactually involved she’son the good side she claims the lordjesus christas her lord and savior and by the waythis person we’re reading about somersetbellanoffshe’s trying to come off as maybe aperson of light perhaps she switched whoknowsso let me i’m gonna make one more pointand i know jesse’s gonnacomment on this and then i’ll just blastthrough a fewdifferent points and uh just to speed upthe podcast because there’s so there’stoo much information to go through atall today we’d have to do two or threebroadcasts and perhaps we willbut let me read this one she is aregistered ownerof the bohemian grove domainand is the likely owner of the actualproperty where bohemian groveis located why is that important jesseuh that’s highly important that’s uh oneof the ritual groundswhere um all of our presidents and majorpoliticians meetto do ritual sacrifices can i jump inright there just real quick and somechurch leadersthat’s very true yes a lot of the upperandescalant meet there to do their ritualsand um it has been documented withpicture proofthat they have a statue of molech and umso that’s where a lot of rituals happenokay next fun fact these are fun factsby the wayhere’s a quote from vladimir putinhe has said the countess of banburyand iran both the most beautiful womanand the most terrifying person he hasever metthat’s quite a statement[Laughter]because he’s a pretty scary dude himselfthat’s a big statementlike does doesn’t he wrestle bears andyou know ride lines with his shirt off[Laughter]i mean uh and he’she rules with an iron thumb too so forhim to have somebody that he’sterrified of yeahjust real quick jesse what is the houseof wettonfor people who don’t know wellit’s connected to the british royal lineum you have several different royallines that make up the house of wettonbutuh we would know you know queenelizabeth is part of thatum the scottish line so you do haveglamis castleyou’ve got somerset falling under thatumso it it’s just um[Music]yeah i’ll just end it there you’ve got abunch of royal lines that are puttogetherthat make up the house of wetton okaythe reason i want to establish thatis for this next fun fact she rules thehouse of wetton’supper chamber with an iron fistand is likely responsible for theexecutionof dozens of illuminatithe most recent executions are thoseof the three elite international bankbankers murdered in californiaof may 2018. by the way i saw the postwhere shecalled for it she called for it to bebrutaland they absolutely lived up to the callyep well the bankers didn’t live up butthe people who did the jobwow so this is important to break downthis is part ofi’ve talked a little bit about who sheis umyou know she she’s from the ancientbloodlineso you know i grew up

 Jessie we knew she was um you know the head of the green dragonfamily so there the green dragons are over the north quadrants and she would be over the north internationally um she’s a grand high priestess from what i’ve known and you know i i believe or speculate thatout of the four grand high priestesses who run the quadrants internationally ithink that she’s the one who oversees the others so she’s in a slightly higher position um her husband i knew more than i knew herum he runs one of the six departmentsfor the protector assassinsso that’s where she gets a lot of thewhat we would call either the militarypower oryou know i called it the protector assassin departmentum they have individuals pretty much their own army who you know do their bidding so you know for her to call for assassinations and then for it to be done that is not an uncommon thing to meso this is this is like no problem forher right she’s doing her job you know she’s the there was a reason she called for their assassination um you know and she saw that through that uh people who were not faithful to the system um that she she took care of them

so listen to this statement this backs upwhat you just said bellanoff has made it very clearrecently that she considers groups such as the bilderberg’s council on foreign relations trilateral commissionetc to hold a lower position in the cabal than those born into nobility she refers to these lesser illuminati members as grubby downstairs staff inferior rank and intellect commonsense and breedingthat sounds like her you have met heron the jessie i i met her a couple timesbriefly yesokay and by the way really little whenthat happenedum i think i believe it was in 19early 1982 so spring of 1982.and so can you tell us about thatmeetingum yeah i don’t i don’t have fullmemories but i knowwe were there um in that areaumi’m trying to think with uh umwhen exactly was at the house that mighthave beenin the fall of 1982 but i was learningat first how to how those departmentsranum who was in charge of the differentprotector departments that i could workwithand call on so you know i got to go toum what i call the pack house andthat’s where that’s the majorheadquarters for the wolvesum which is the department thatsomerset’shusband overseas umso that was interesting and umyou know i remember being what i wouldcall the basement or tunnel areasin the castle and i remember thatyou know there was a room thatwas vlad’s that he umwhat do you call them trophies he he dida lot ofanimal hunting so there was a room thatwas filled wall to wallwith uh with different animal headsand that was like the first time youknow i had aum a relative that was a major hunterfor grizzly bears so i grew up withyou know the trophies on the walls andyou know the deer or the bearbut he had a lot of the exotic animalsand i had never seen like real exoticanimalsso that was probably the mostinteresting thingand then they do have a chapel in thecastleand i was asked to light a candle intherei did not but i just remember it wasveryto me there was a lot of spiritualheaviness thereand i knew that was the place umsomerset goes every morningand talks with satan umso it’s it was interesting is she asbeautiful as they claimshe is a very beautiful woman yes i willgive her thatno yeah and i i’ll get into that alittle bit more but because you talkedaboutthe wolves and stuff stuff like thatthis next funfact she has beenin the occult since a very early ageclaims to have met the devil at glamiscastle when she was a child and frankly was notimpressed now i’ve actually seenmore detailed reporting on this i’mgonna paraphrase itbut apparently when she was a very youngage i believe about12 the devil came to herand offered her the world similar towhat he didwith jesus christ and she told him totake his silly trinketsaway because she already had ita lot of pride yeah i would sayright and there’s also reports of herbeing sostrong even at the age of five and sixin the occult and stuff like that shewas being trained bydead relatives apparently to play cardsandshocked everyone so who are her deadrelativeswell she is the great granddaughter ofrasputinthe great great granddaughter of queenvictorialisten to this because of her positionshe travels regularly to the kremlinthe white house and of course buckinghampalaceshe arrives unannounced and without aninvitationand she is probably the only person inthe world who does thisand she can just walk in and get anaudienceimmediately and we’llwe’ll add to that that that the traveldoes not need to bephysical so she literally can justphysically manifest in a placeand and demands immediate attentionso jesse can you teach us how to do thatbecause airportssuck i wish i know i wish i’dlike that but i can’t because this godhas to give that power for it to existright right and that’s the whole thingis that the lord hasit has to be his will for his purposeotherwise it’s it’s basically witchcraftand divinationand you know give usgive us teleportationyou give us it lord i hate sitting inairports and iyou know before covent i traveled a lotphillip phillip in the bible experiencedsome of thisyou know it says a whirlwind picked himup andtook him and he landed in front of theethiopianand began to explain to him thescripture sothe lord has used it at times you knowboth daniel and johnthat literally their spirit was calledup their bodies were left on earth andthe lord took him tothe to the seventh heaven you knowthat’s rightthat’s right able to do it it’sbiblically provenbut oh i think you’re feeding into my uhthat thing i’ve been working on oh i gotsome good ideas from thatnow i have to go back into the word okayso i’m gonna readjust three more quick fun facts andwe’re gonna get to hermessage that came out just recentlythis month just after the electionand this actually might these threepoints jessemight explain a little bit of the toneof this letter and we’re not going toleave read the entire letter to youladies and gentlemen becauseit’s long it’s really long and i justthink some of the decode that we’regoing to do from this isgoing to be you know really fascinatingokay she was the driving forcebehind the rise of mccallgorbachev in the soviet union and theultimate fall of the sovietcommunist party she refers tointernationalcommunism as a filthy cabalfull of incompetent lazy dogswho should be thrown from the castlewallsat our earliest convenienceshe ordered barack obama to bring downthe government of muammar gaddafi andtold him to besure that the dictatorwould be shot in the street like a dogthat all happenedyeah you can look it up and find it inthe news sojust just before we transition i want toadd a couple otherfun things that i found about herso when she was in the 70sby the way the summerset if you get thiswe’re nice people and we’re not we’renot saying bad stuff about youwe might serve a different god hopefullyyou uhwe’ll pray for you that uh you come toour god but uh we’re nice peoplenow that matters so fun fact she was asocialite in the 70s and she wasfrequently seen around town in londonand stuff like thatand she used to be very good friendswith a guy who pretty much got me intothe occult as a young person and myguitar herojimmy page now jimmy pageactually ended up buying aleistercrowley’s castle and living in ithis suits that he wore on stage werebasically mimics of the the uh the garbthat aleister crowley would wearjimmy page was very powerful they becamethe biggest band in the world theyoutsoldeverybody tragic story behind them aswell but jimmy pagenot only with the crowley stuff but heopenly came out and said he was part ofthe golden dawnand looking into it heavily in the cultand apparentlyhe used to sit there with somerset andthey would playgames to see who was strongerin the magics nowand by the way the infamous songstairway to heavenis apparently about her she was knownas the may queenand that song kind of went bigapparently so i i could do i can tellyou a lot of stuff about led zeppelintragedy andyou know the the children of robertplantuh dying and things like thatthere’s a whole bunch of stuff that wecould speculate about butlet me get into her website and this iswhere we’ll get into her letter solet’s just say what her website is it’scalled it used to beuh be bohemian grove but it’s glamiscallingand they realize now i’ve been followingthis for a whilebefore it was just heavily coated kindof like the cucumber club doesthey wrote and code and only certainpeople would be able to understand itthey recognize that many more people arecoming to the site and they’re actuallyputting less code in therebut so it’s glamis g-l-a-m-m-i-scalling dot org and right on the homepage there’s a very short note from herwhich i willread to you because it’s important andthen we’ll get into the letterwelcome to the information portal thissiteserves as the official externalcommunicationvehicle for the world governing counciland the wetton upper chamberi wish i could do an english accent itwould be so much more impressiveif you’ve been directed here i could buti don’t want to try it after practiceright try it if you’ve been directed ican’t if you’ve been directed hereor for instruction note that mostmessages are intentionally obscureaudio files are up to date as of march2019let’s see i can’t hold on to it andunderlying messagesalternate between kesteland tenninger nodesif you have difficulty understandingthis are you laughing at me no i’mliking it go ahead keep goingit makes it so much betterif you have difficulty understanding aparticular messageyou may reach out to luxembourgcathedralon node 9 of the forgottenfrequency after authenticationyou may receive additional instructionin the upper chamberwe often say debateis required respectful dissentis allowed and betrayal isdeath delegates and electorsmust bear this in mind whilst readingthe instructionswritten herein by the timeinformation is posted here the debate isoverand descent has beennoted best regards somersettell it off it was charlie goodjolly and by the way toto my great brit friends and peoplearound the worldi apologize that that was brutal but youcan you canleave a comment back to me in anamerican accent andequally mock us you’re more than welcomei’ll play it onair well soyou know the the messages actually evenstart here in this firstum you know informationum thing that she put upum so it helps people to understandyou know when she talks about you knowfirstsays yeah well i’m gonna go before thatevenshe says you’ve been you’ve beendirected here forinstruction so everything that ison this site must be viewed in thatlight with those intentions thatevery message she sends out is givinginstructionsum who are the instructions from theinstructions aregoing to be coming down from the worldgoverning counciland the upper chamber councils andyou know it’s really not intended forthose who are not in the illuminatisystembut they are picking up that more peoplenow are comingand watching so they the codes are goingto be gettingmore difficult and harder soshe tells the individuals for theinstructionsyou know that um the other placesbesides this websitewhere the instructions will be given arewill alternate between kestrel andtanninger nodesnow a node is a communication channelso um you know kestrel is connected tobolt castle which is out of alexandriabay new yorkand tanninger is connected to berg elswhich is in germanyum so those are the other places wherethese are going to be coming out andjust just just one second jessebolt castle you know what waterwaysand that it’s connected to yeah thegreat lakesbut it this is directly abovethe area seneca that we just did abouthunter bidenright the finger lakes as well yes oh mygoodnessyeah oh my goodness okay sorry i didn’twant to interrupt there butthen just wow let me get more and i havemore stuff on the finger lakes and redcrossthere we go that’s another dayso um so that’s these are the placeswhere you can get the messageseither from the sweats website fromkestrel ortanninger nodes then she says if youneed to reach outyou can reach out through luxembourgcathedral onnode 9 of the forgotten frequency nowforgotten frequency is kind of like thename of the channelsso like if you had a a radio the radiois going to be called the forgottenfrequency but thenthe different channels are called youknow each have a nodename um a lot of people forgetabout luxembourg cathedral so this wasi’m going to go into a little back storyhere because it’s really interestingum you mentioned jeff that she um ownsand oversees bohemian grovewell when bohemian grove closed itspublic doorsin april of 2018um somerset put up a messageon bohemian website and it directedpeople that if they had questions aboutbohemian groveto contact luxembourg cathedralon node 9. now what’s interesting aboutthatis that the luxembourg cathedral is theoriginal name for notre damein france so you have to think whyin the world are the illuminati havingpeople who have questions about bohemiangrovecontacting the catholic cathedralof notre dame in france that questionwould come up in my mindyou know you just gotta ask thequestions it gets kind of interestingbut it shows the connectionsthat you know this system it isconnected to the masonicto the jesuit catholic um all of thesechurches and cathedrals have been placesthatum the illuminati just openly and freelyuseso that’s what i wanted to point outabout that first part before we get intothe newest messageum or anything else you wanted to saytherewell so the newest message is it’swritten right after the electionand i’ll just say right now it startsoff the headeris my dear ones in the united statesand to me a general impression of thisis she sympathizing with trump votersit’s kind of like a love letter to behonest like she comes offas a really super nice person in thisletter and by the way justi’ve seen some great decodes and i wantto give credit where credit is due thechannel was down now due to setcensorship butuh there’s a person a channel calleddeception bytes who did a greatgreat decode on this it took about threehoursum but this this like the codes thatcome out of this websiteshe’s literally steering usmillet naval fleets off of their missionno she’s telling the admirals no turnthe boat go this way and they dolike that’s how much you know uhwell listen that the three heads youknow areliterally the vatican london and thepentagonyou know uh so keep that in mindbut this is really interesting jesseyou well read and talk about what youlike in thiswell i don’t know if it’s what i likebut i’m just gonnasee yeah so so first off you got toremember that umthe illuminati has um individuals whoare very high level who are basicallystuck here in the united states umtrump closed off a lot of theinternational traveland the easy access for that um severalwaysum a lot of these higher level membersyou know they they have so many ways oftravel butsome of the easiest ways for them youknow they did use the seveni think they’re 757 pla boeing planeswe know that trump put out a while backthat those planes were groundedthey weren’t allowed to be used anymoreum they’ve been monitoring more theprivate jets and planes soum and then they you know with theirmonitoring of the water the boats thethe super yachts the portswhat’s coming in what’s coming out fromother countriesum it’s been really hard for though forthe high level eliteum who are here in the united states toleaveso you know what i really believe or whoi believe this is really toois to those high-level individualswho are in the united states and youknow that because she calls them herdear onesyou know just from your one of thestatementsum that you made earlier and i wouldconcursomerset has no loyalty to people thatare not of this the same ancientbloodlineum she’s very particular about thatand really considers everybody elsegarbage and not worth investing toso why would she call the generalpublic you know or people who aresupporting trump in america dear onesyou know she wouldn’t so she’s talkingtoyou know the elite the people who arepart of this systemand you know she doesn’t want she wantspeople to believe thisis for the general patriots in publicso that’s some of the terminology sheuses to throw people offso that um when you seethat you’re reading this letter at atthe surface level you’re taking it justas it iswhich you know what it says at surfacelevelis that you know people have beenreading these blogs and they’ve beencommentingand asking for help asking her to helpsave themand she’s heard that and we’re allpeople we all matter andyou know of course we’re all workingtogether to surviveand she’s telling him to hang in tightand even ends itwith you know yours forever somersetum so it seems like you know a niceletter she even throws god in here a fewtimes you know what jesse i’m justlooking at it i’m looking at the timei think we should read it and i i justsaid on yesterday’s broadcast that wedon’t read all these things buti’m just going to read part by part as idecode ityeah so i’ll tell you what why don’t ii’ll read the first sectionup till a brief history of us and thenif you could read that section and thenwe’ll just go and do a quick decode onit how does that sound that way theypeople have it in contextbecause it’s not as long as i thought asi read it so i’llstart out uh so my dear ones in theunited statesi’m posting this as a general responseto a multitude of messages coming frompatriots in the u.s requestingassistancein what is turbulent and very difficulttimefirst i know my heart and prayers arewith youmy post i send my heartfelt love andsupport for i feel asyou feel the trouble within your soulresonates acrossall frequencies and is the most ferventdesire to send you hope and comfortyou are not alone many who have writtenhaveasked that we intervene save usis a common refrain that arises from themessages leftin the private comments section of thisblogin many ways i wish it were possible tointervene and crush the enemies offreedombut it is precisely because of yourfreedomi cannot and i’ll try to explain soplease bear with me as i fumble throughwhat a truthfully very complex issueit is not just a legal issue it’s aspiritual issuethat involves well familyyours mine ours we have a uniquerelationship with the usdue to our shared history it is a deephistory that extendsto a time much earlier than youramericanrevolution i know i’m using a highlycharged term herebut those who seek will understandi’m speaking of the ancient sharedbloodlinesthat bind us together the people of theunited statesengland scotland wales ireland andnorthern ireland now iof all people am well awareof the term ancient bloodlines conjuresupthe worst possible images of illuminatireptilian despotsbent on world domination orfamilies that share demonic entity as acommon progenator that isnot what ancient bloodlines really meansi speak plainly to you and tell you thatthese negative images are a perversionof our sacred shared and very ancientbloodlines yours and minewe must reclaim that term and use itopenlyfor the last causes to be writtenstoriesabout our malignant characters who arerelated byblood and who work in secret to bringabout the enslavement of the common manthese authors who are not part of ourfamilyyours and mine designed these storiesfor a very specific purposeof distracting you from the truth of ourshared bloodlinescertainly there have been despots in ourfamily treeand of some ancestors we are notproud but it is time you knew the truthabout our shared past you probably heardthat most of the past presidents of theunited states have beenrelated to another i believemartin van buren is actually is usuallynoted as the only exceptionto this rule while that’s truethere’s much much more to the storyand it’s a story that prevents usfrom interfering in your politicalmannersall right you want to go from there letme go from thereso so in this umyou know a lot of that language tells methatshe’s talking to these elite who arereaching out to hersaying you know it’s your duty to helpuswhy is it her duty um because herhusbanddoes run a majorsection of the protector assassindepartmentsyou know so what do these illuminatiwant they want protection they want helpthey want to get out of the of thecountry becauseum you know their freedom is at stakebut it’s notfreedom in the sense that we’re speakingyou know they’rethey’re looking at possibly gettingarrest arrested getting found outso you know she’s addressingyou know that that this issue ofhelping or saving them that it’s not alegal issueyou know that if there was somethinglegal she could maybe help out with thatbut but she gets to the core that thisis a spiritualissue um with the families butmore importantly with god and i reallythink that that’s the key there is thatthe lordis you know not allowing or giving thepermission for these people to leave theunited statesor for her to help we’ve talked abouthow satan has to go before the throneto get permission for everything that hedoesum so her hands are kind of tied hereshe can’t just come in with blazing gunsand help these people out um when she’stalking to patriots she’s not talking toyou and meshe’s talking about the people who aresubject because remember this isinstruction right this is instruction toshe’s talking to a very specificaudience but what was noteworthy in thefunfacts is that she hates communism soshe’s not a joe biden fanand neither am i somerset we can agreedon’t kill us[Laughter]um but so she goes intoyou know starts to break down thisspiritual issue and she goes tothe land to the united states in thehistoryof the united states andyou know it goes before the americanrevolution where you had twoyou know two different groups of peoplefightingum within the united states for controland she’s saying it goes much deeperthan thatum i do find it interesting that sheuses the wordhighly charged term and she says thosewho seekwill understand okay so highly chargedthat’s a that’s a military term you knowit’s used when you’re gonnadetonate something um a lot of timesthat was used when they were buildingtheold mines and the railroads or they werelikeyou know building railroads or roadsthrough the mountainsokay so to me when i hear that termhighly chargedi think of of passages throughhard rock okay umso you know she’s i think that this isreally where this is turning and shesays that those whoseek will understand so she’stelling you that there’s a deepermeaning to all of this than what is justwrittenat the surface level andum you knowshe’s talking about ancient things thatwere shared among the bloodlines sowe’re talkingyou know things that aren’t commonknowledge to most peopleum what what do you think about the partwhere she saysit’s not about illuminati and reptiliansand and stuff like that that was areally interesting part yeahthat’s very interesting um[Music]yeah she you knowone they don’t call themselves reptilianum they are of the dragon bloodlineswhich is where people get that termreptilian and she does useyou know it’s interesting that she evenshows that thereare familiar spirits that aregenerationally passed downso she’s like it’s not a matter aboutthe reptilian bloodline it’s not amatter aboutyou know the spirit that we’ve allreceivedthis goes even deeper than thatum soi’m trying to think how to explain thisumwhen you’ve got you you’re talkinglevels reptilians in that world would beviewedas you know you’ve got these spiritsthat areon the actual earth surfaceand they can you know possess peoplethey can take human formthe generational spirits are going to beconsidered in the realms belowthat and what she’s getting at is thatthere’s a realmeven deeper in the middle of the earthand that’s what she’s talking about theancientbloodlines the dragons come out of thecenter of the earthso that’s what she’s alluding tothe center of the earth hmmis that where hell is nothat’s not no now thisis i i gotta give a disclaimer herebecause this is not your flat earthcenter normal center of the earththeoriesum you know this istheir understanding of the world that’sbelowthey they literally have built worldsbelow and we’ve started to bring outyou know in conversations the tunnelsystemsand i’ve talked about you know you’vegot your above groundand then below that you’ve got thetunnels that the cities usefor you know water for electricityfor running cable internet all of thatstuffum is there an emerald citythere is where does that sound familiarfromyes the land of oz andthere’s a little tiny dude behind thecurtainyeah the wizard[Music]they’ve been telling you folks all thelongthey’ve been telling you folks all alongwhat do they do for light down there allartificial noyou want to expand um[Music]you know there arethe easiest way to explain it is evenwhen people have goneinto caves that there are natural thingsthat give lightso whether it’s um creatures likefirefly type bugs umthere’s luminescence yeah there’s otherluminescent creatures down therethat help provide light there’s alsoways that they’ve set upum ways totake sunlight but they would there’s alot of reflectingthings that they do to get the lightwhere they wantit to go andwe won’t talk about i mean yeah i guessiprobably can’t go much deeper but thereareum there are other things withsome of its technology that takes thelightor can create light fromenergy itself like the tests like teslatype energy um so lightcan naturally be created just fromwhat’s down thereand and let’s not forget so and by theway this is just myparticular thoughts other people thinkdifferentlybut you know these little uh funny ufosthat go around and stuff like that ifirmly believethat is they’re not extraterrestrial ithink they werecast out of heaven and put here and theyarevery advanced in their technology theythey know a lot of stuff sowhy don’t i do i’ll read the nextsection of the letterjesse because this is the part where ithink you’re really gonna shinehere um and then i’ll stop and we’lldecode this partor did you finish with the first sectionum let me seeumyeah i think that’s yeah i i think hewent pretty deeplike actually really deep like under theearth deep all rightthe next section is a brief historyabout usyour ancestors founded a new branch ofour family when they set across theatlantic to settlein what would become the united statesof americawhether they were part of the greatpuritan migration whose pioneers settledin present daynew england or wherever they weresettlers who were granted land from thenorthernneck of virginia most of them ultimatelydescended fromthe great families george washington’sancestorswere cousins of diana spencersancestors and they lived on neighboringfarmsat allthorpe the family seat of thespencer familyand the current home of charles theninth earl of spencerthere’s a lovely piece of furniturecalled the washingtonchest which was a gift from thewashingtonsto their cousins the spencersthis post isn’t about the famous peopleor presidents though unbeknownst to manyamericanstheir pioneer ancestors were carrying onbloodlines that could be traced to thetime of william the conqueror’s arrivalinengland in 1066.many of your ancestors traveled onwilliams warshipson the journey from normandy to hastingsmine did too our ancestorsfought alongside william and wereawarded land and titlesin the aftermath of the conquestyou should do some research on this andi believe you’ll discovered a multitudeof interesting lines but continuing withour explanation of ourshared connections we are not machineswe are external beings with a soul andwe are spiritually connected to oneanotherfamilies share both bloodline connectionwhich isup to a point can be measured by dnatestsalso a spiritual connection which iswhich our current signs cannot measurei told you this was a complex issue andi must admitone that i find difficulty to articulatei can feel it and i can see some of iti can convey you the image of extendedspider webmade of spiritual dna that concertconnects uswhen one member vibrates so doothers when your ancestors crossed theatlantic they extended both the physicaland the spiritual web of our familythough our shores may be miles apartthey are eternally connected to themysticchords of memory i humbly borrow thephrasefrom one of my heroes if we go deeper inthe storywe feel the resonance of god’s intentionto send people to found a nationbased on his capital hprinciples and i admit at this pointin the story i begin to lose my sightfor i am not a prophet and i cannotpretend to know the will of godi can only tell you what i intuitivelyfeelwithin me and i believe in the core ofmy beingthat the almighty capital a inspired themigrations from my shores to yoursand he inspired your foundersno one can destroy from the outside whatgod has givenas a gift and for that reasoni hope that we will recoverfrom the current setbackwow yeah sothere’s a lot of code in there so westarted to talk about the tunnel systemsum you know she mentions earlier aboutthethe family tree andand now she’s talking about you know theancestors found ita new branch of our family when they setout across the atlanticto settle in the united statesso i think she’s talkingtunnel systems here that deeper thanyou know the tunnels that the systemsthat the dumb bases run onum deeper than the ones that theprotectors useum you know she’s talking this deepersystem where they have this entireum whole networkand world going on and she’s namingpreciselocations in a coded wayum you know talking about migrationso i think that she is telling them heyyou know we don’t need to save youi’m gonna tell you where the accesspointsto these deeper locations are in yourcountryand you can go there for safety umso she tells them exactly where thingsare locatedum that that there’s an entrance way inthe northern neck of virginiaum you know and you know that’s ourwhole point of going into georgewashington and the story about dianaspencer’s ancestorsum you know why does she bring out thespencerswell the spencer company was major inthat whole new england virginia areaum you know they sothink about where those old companiesarewhy is she bringing this out becausewell that’s that’s one of the gatewaysto get into the lower cityum so she’s telling them exactly wherethese gateways areum you know even we can’t intervene butthis is where youwill find your safety right and so likedeanna spencer’s ancestorsand they lived on a on neighboring farmsyou know so evenyou know she’s telling you above groundindicatorsthat are going to tell you the locationsofum where to find these thingsuh these entrance ways and stuff andthere’syou know it even goes into details aboutyou know the ninth earl spencerhe’s got lovely pieces of furniturecalled the washington chestwhich was a gift from washington thewashingtons to their cousinsum so if i remember correctly some ofthose buildings havesome of those have pictures of some ofthose things that were paintedso you’re going to be looking forpictures that havethe pictures of washington’s chest orhim giving that to the spencer familyum and around that area is where thatentranceis going to be that they need to accessumand you know it’s funny i love thatshe’s like unbeknownst to many americanstheir pioneer ancestors were carrying onbloodlines that can be tracedto the time of william the conqueror’sarrival in englandin 1066. many of your ancestors traveledon williamswarships on the journey from normandy tohastingsmine did too okay soyou know she’s bringing out that pointthati think that that’s brought out becauseshe’s telling him thatthe tunnels extend below the oceanbelow the uh land that’s under the oceanso she’s saying that there is extensionsfromengland to the united statesum and she said you should do someresearch on this i believe you’lldiscovera multitude of interesting lineswow so ii knew there was something about thiswashington chest and stuff like thatwhat about 1066 does that bring upanythinglike it could be something yeah siryeah i believe that it’s it’s uh it’sit’s a number code so you know she’stelling them which one is going to leadto england which of those lines umso i i believe that the tunnelsare labeled bythe years that they were built and whobuilt themso or they had major connections withpeople who crossed overso you know my my guess is that thethe tunnel’s name is william theconqueror 1066and that’s the line that they’re goingto follow and that’s going to take themum from hastings to normandyonce they’re in there so she’s givingthem specific directions this is like amapit’s in for me and by the way if you’reskeptical and you don’t thinkyou know back a thousand years agothey didn’t have the technology to dothis they absolutely did have thetechnologyto do this oh yeah and it’s just allbeen hidden from usright and some of the further languageyou know that’s key key words to pick upsheshe talks about the extended spider webum that’s what the tunnel system reallyis like it’s like a massive spider webbut it is very int you know you think ofa spider webit’s very coordinated you have linesthat go verticallyon you know plus you’ve got lines thatgohorizontally so that’s the way thetunnel systems are builtum they goyou know in one of those two directionsumand jesse she highlighted i didn’t saythis when iwhen i read the paragraph but this onesentence in the middle is in boldand it says when your ancestors crossedthe atlanticthe extended both physical andspiritual web of our familywhy would that be bold wellshe only has a few other things that arebolded the first wordin all of this that’s bolded is peopleso what’s bolded it would sit readpeoplea brief history of usand it says when your ancestors crossedthe atlantic they extendedboth the physical and the spiritual webof our familyso what does that mean forthe wentin umglamis castle’s relationship to the usthat’s what’s boldedso what is she really telling them isthat everything’s connected umphysically as well as so theseyou know we also call them ley lines butyou’ve got the physical tunnelsthat connect everything but you alsohave spiritual tunnels as wellso that’s like that’s what i’m seeingyep so she’s giving directions for bothuh and they’re connected by the mysticchords of memorywhich is italicized she is apparentlyquotingbut she says she’s quoting from one ofher heroes sothis again is directions rightso so it’s access points how do youhow do you connect with the mystic cordum she’s telling you the keyword there is the herowilliam the conqueror washingtonso these are going to be access codes tothose gates when youum enter them they all operate bysongs they can some of them can beoperated bywords um so she’s even giving them thewordsyou know washington is gonna be thefirst accesscode uh williamum what was the full one there williamthe conqueroris gonna be the second umso you know andshe gives the lord the credit for thisyou know she says but again i don’tbelieve it’sour god but she says no one can destroyfrom theoutside what god has givenas a gift okay so she’s saying that allof thisterritory that is below the surfacenobody who’s above the surfaceon the outside is going to be able todestroytheir this deep deep deep tunnelsystem and world that they haveundergroundyou know that was given to them as agiftand you know i think her statement ihope we willrecover from this current setback youknow she’s just seeing it as a setbackshe’s really saying you know we’llrecover this isminor um so i had a little bit of adifferent interpretation of thatand it doesn’t mean both could becorrect or you could be correcti could be wrong which would not beuncommonespecially in this realm but you’regonna admit you might be wrong[Laughter]listen jesse so i know the who’s righthe’s right thing that’s kind of funnyi’m willing to say on record i knownothing and i can prove itas long as we can agree but go ahead butlisten no i i think she’s actuallybeing truthful here um about godalmightylisten even even satan has to admit godalmighty isas the supreme control and you know i’vebeen listening and i’m probablyinterpreting it this way because i’vebeenreally pouring into like kim clement’sprophecies and listening over and overand it’s actually been building my faiththrough this timeand i think that you know america reallyisgod’s gift to the world and i believethat it is going to bring inthe next harvest and i i think i thinkin some ways she’s saying toyou know in context of who she’sspeaking toshe’s saying look you knowyou’re not gonna be able to stop what’scoming you know for somaybe you know you better get down theresort of thingum you know otherwise it’s not gonna endwell for you uhalthough she claims not to be a prophetor anything but that’s just the way thati felt when i read that that’sjust a few could be taken that way youknow the urgencyto take shelter um[Music]you know but that implies that she knowsthat there’s gonna the things are gonnaget much worseyou know yeah so let me finish off theletter here there’s awell about the same length as the lastsection it’s not too bad but then uhyeah by the way the patriots i i thinkthisthis episode is just really pertinent toour timeright now like today where we sit in thein the wholeglobal scheme of things this is reallyspeaking to it and i think jesse’sdecode on this has just been phenomenalso farso the the heading in bold is what doesthis meanfor the wgc’s relationship to the usquestion mark in pastimes global actorsworking from the council overwhich i now preside enjoyed almostunfettered access and influence tosocial economic and political affairsin us just as many other countriesthroughout the worldwhen i was elected to the position ofdirector generali was determined to implement changesthat would be set for the united statesapartwith regard to global influence iauthorized new rules for the counciland many of these rules are informed byan understanding of our shared historyboth spiritual and temporalput simply the house of wetton is boundto certain inviable rulesand the foremost of these that we mustrespect the sovereignty of the unitedstatesthe world governing council is forbiddenby its owncharter from taking any action withinthe usor of its territories asi am the author of this particular rulei find myselfcaught in my own trap but i hope you seethe rule wasimplemented to protect the sacredsovereignsovereignty of your great nation familyfirstwhen we encounter enemies of freedom inareasoutside the u.s we have influencewe exercise it with enthusiasmbut when dealing with your citizens wemust alwayserr on the side of respectand i dare say reverencesome of you have noted my missiveto the scotus in february of 2018has a tone much different from many ofmyother posts in this blog and you haveasked why we approach your lawlords with more respectful tone than weused in communicating with other worldleadersit is specifically because of the uniquerelationshipwhen the council speaks to us leaderswe speak as equals in closingi feel the hurt that you feel and ishare your worriesi also shed tears at this timebut i know you have endured much worsethan thisand i promise it will passyou will know great joy for there issomething that works within youthat cannot be usurped i havefaith in god is with you alwaysyou must also never forget thosewho voted against you and are alsoof god’s creation in the same way youstruggle withliving in divided nation they alsostruggle in a timeand will grow and learn we cannot hate achild becauseshe doesn’t understand and i even in ourhurt and angerwe are not supposed to hate our enemiesso i urged you to love i hear the gearsworking in your headsand you are correct i am aware of myreputationprecedes me and i am guilty of pastdeeds of great wrathbut through those who have beena light unto me i do tryto do better as always i send my loveand heartfeltaffection even yoursever yours somersetyeah i really don’t feel this is a loveletterbut[Laughter]she’s been guilty of wrath in the pastright so what’s interesting about thissection isas i said um each of the gates haveaccess pointsso she’s bringing them you knowfrom the us and now they’re getting intoother territory andum quite a few times she brings out thewordthe word that deals with tones and sowhen you think of tones you haveharmonics you have resonance you havefrequencyso all of that she’s she’s remindingthemof the operation and and what is neededto get through the gateum soone of the tones i think she has themrefer backto um what she said to themor said to scotus in february 2018and i think that that may beone of the tones or you know she says arespectful tonepeople are going to think that that’sjust talking aboutlanguage but it’s really not umyou’ve got down below one of the thingsthatum the illuminati i’ve talked about theyhave to do the quotasand one of the quotas includesmeditationand the first meditations that theylearn are the tonal meditations so theywillmeditate on the sounds omma and raw umso it’s interesting in here too that shehas a spelling mistakeum it’s what in that last paragra in theparagraph starting within closing if you go onetwo three four lines up where she at thevery end of thatfourth line up she says we not supposedto hateour enemies she’s missing the wordare umand what does the r imply there i thinkthat’s the tonal codefor the om omarso she’s telling him it’s going toresonate off of the tone of raw umwhich tonals use different parts of thebody for resonationso she’s giving them all of that toaccessall of those things umso that’s where does raw resonatethe sound of raw resonates in the chestcavity it’s more of a deeper chestsound when you say it and you prolong itlike if you’re justlike almost like humming or chantingthatsound it’s gonna resonate in that chestareaum soit’s interesting those are some of mythings about what i believe thatthat she’s saying so umi think she is directing them all downtothe emerald city um that that’s going tobe their safe place and they’re going toreconvene down thereas things happen but umso jesse okay where i always like to gowith this podcastas you know is what positive canour audience take from this is there anactionthat is can we learn something from thispodcastto you know get people to pray a certainway or get people to do something inparticular thatyou know will help our cause which isyou knowthe redemption of the united states andand the rest of the world by defaultreally and this is about this is a worldthing not just a u.s thingbut is there is there something we cantake from thisbroadcast as an action itemdefinitely um you know i think the firstthing is we have to remembertwo things one the power of god andsecondly that we are in an act of warwith god’s age-old enemy satan and hisarmyand you know this is an informationsite they’ve got coded comms goingthroughone another they’re making a planum we’ve clearly you know just statedthat that plan includes thatthey may go into deeper undergroundtunnel systemsso you know the clappersright but the power of god is not tooshortand you know we don’t have to haveaccess to these tunnels in order to stopthem in their flight umyou know we’re able to pray we can askthe lord you know i i was thinking ofverseswhen i think of the earth and stuffthere’s verses where the lord says youknowyour your wickedness is heaped up beforeme and i’m tired of itand the land is gonna spew you forthand so we can pray things like that youknow lord let your justice comelet it literally let the earth upheavethe wickedness let it spew it outthat they cannot go into these deepersystems and be hidden anymoreit’s time for judgment it’s time forrighteousness to reignum you know we have the authoritythe lord’s word says that if we have thefaith of a small little mustard seedthat we can move the mountains we cansay to this mountainyou know move from this place to overthere soif we know that they’re going into theseother systemsyou know we can say okay lord i’m goingto ask that you know you know all thesecret entrance waysthat are through these mountains intothe tunnels throughwherever but we’re gonna ask lord thatyou close thosedoorways to them whether they’respiritual doorways whether they’reactual physical doorwaysclose them up jesus you know they don’tget any tunnel accessthey don’t get to go to to middle earthto hang out anymoreyou know we’re asking that youcompletely put a stopto their flight and that they havenowhere to gothat they realize and they witnessthe power of god and the power thatand authority that we have in christjesus as the sons of godthat we are the heirs of the earth thelord’s given it tous not to them you knowthey declined it when they or when theydeclined to follow christthey lost out on their rightamen that was a prayerright there it wasn’t just instructionthat was a prayerand i pray that alongside with you jessewhat is so exciting to me when when weget into shows like thisthere’s nothing i enjoylike literally one of my favorite thingsis using the weapons that have beenforged against usagainst them but doing it with powerrightand you know back in 2010 i i took ayou know a bunch of you know music thatwas secular and i turned it into thisglory uh you know i wrote a musicaland this musical you know brought manypeople to christand you know it was songs that wouldnever be played in churchbecause you had to show the ugliness ofthe worldbut you can use their tools and in thatparticular casemusic is a very powerful toolright and you know one of the mostpowerful weapons in factfor us uh i firmly believethat is our worship that knocks down thewalls it’s our worship that isthat’s our warfare you know uh prayingto god and just begging him to do thesame thingover and over i don’t find nearly aspowerful asyou know doing it in worship and soyou know let’s let’s in our togethernesspeople let’slet’s improve our worship and let’s getout thereand let’s uh let’s win this war let’swin this war god has taken care of ushe’s given us another chance ifeel at my bones but you have toparticipateare you waiting for a response i wasi was any last words justinno i definitely i will ex i will secondthat andyou know encourage people that you knowgod’s word says that his kingdom comesin powerand this is the day this is the timethis is the houryou know it says that all creation waitsin hopeful expectationfor the revealing of the sons of god andwe need to never forgetthat that’s who we are we are the sonsof the living godand all power and authority he’s giventous that we might do his willand you know submit all things backunder his feetso um i would just encourage you knowencourage you that that we’ve got thisyou know we haveeverything that we need at our disposalto overcomethe evil one and you know his word saysthat we doovercome the evil one by the blood ofthe lamband the word of our testimony absolutelyand and by sospend some time in the psalms the psalmsis really a foundation of worshipand if you want to follow along with mein factmaybe when we do a sunday broadcastwe’ll we’ll do some bible reading aswell jesseyeah you know that um this actuallywould be a greatplace to put um you know if you’reif you’re more audio orientedum good dog and buttercup have a greatprojectthe psalm project um i linked that a loton my twitter pageum you can also find it find it undergoodum good dog what is it at the song project it really isfantasticit it’s amazing i i listen to a psalmevery morningum but that’s a great place if youstruggle to be in the word and you’remore audioyou know just play a couple of thosesongs every morning or morning at nightit really will give you a lot to thinkabouti wake up to uh well right nowso i i’ve got this kind of music systemthrough my house beingin audio all my life i’ve got a you knowa pretty decent stereo gearand uh anyways i wake up to southerngospelnow and it’s just pumping you know iguess ilove it it just sets such a good tonebutwhat a great show jessie listen in thelistening audienceplease like subscribe and share i hateasking for stuff like that at least i’mnot asking for moneyyet no i’m kidding and don’t forget togo to jesse’s websiteilluminatethedarkness.comand illuminate your mind until next timeplease remember love your god love yourfamily love your neighborand make a differencein your communitywho’s right who’s right he’sright righton radio right onradioEnglish

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10 Responses to Belenoff and Q

  1. jhawk620 says:


    I appreciate getting this info! answers a lot of questions that I have had about who is really calling the shots for the Cabal…

    Now, a question for you: how does this relate to 1) Donald J. Trump, and 2) Joseph Gregory Hallett?

    John Lamenzo Santa Fe, New Mexico

    On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 1:13 PM cathy fox blog on child abuse wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: “I first heard of Somerset Belenoff > in early 2020 when this site was being passed around social media. Who is > Somerset Belenoff Who is Somerset Belenoff? [7] However on first blush that > site appeared a bit cloak and dagger and sensationalist as well as ” >


  2. Rick Walker says:

    Hi Cathy:

    I did some due diligence on the Glamis site via the Wayback Machine and the first time it appeared was Jan 9, 2020. This is total disinformation and the post to make us think that they were behind “Q” is false.

    Thank you for all your hard work. Following is a snapshot of the Wayback site.



    • I cant see the link, but why do you think that the wayback machine archives a site as soon as it appears, which it appears to be your assumption?. My mind is open but just becuase it was archived on Jan 9th, means only that is was published some time before, and the jan 9th it was probably archived by one of the people writing the articles that appeared just after. You cannot draw the conclusions you have from the evidecne on the archive site.


  3. Why did we use a basic blog to house important communications/why do the archived messages go back to 2016 when the blog was created in 2019?


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