Elon Musk, the Abyss and the Great Deception…

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I don’t know anything about this lady, nor her contact details, but it was serendipitous to come across her at this exact time.

I have only skimmed though some these videos, but think they are important enough to pass on for others to view. I have chosen these from her list and they maybe in a jumble but I have tried to guess at the order they might be most useful.

Shalom Girl used to be a house girl to the Musks, I think in San Francisco but I could be wrong on that. The Musks came from South? Africa. She was house girl to the boy, his mother and his grandfather.

Shalom Girls Elon Musk Playlist  is here [9]

2020 Nov Shalom Girl 1978 Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends [2]

Shalom Girl 1978 I Asked If Elon Musk Was The Antichrist [3]

2018 Face Like the Sun The Mysterious Lineage of ELON MUSK! [4]

The above video appears to be when Shalom Girl first disclosed by writing a letter to Face Like the Sun [updated 26 apr to replace wrong links]

2020 Nov 30 Maye Musk, Charlie Manson & Rosemary’s Baby [7]

Elon will lead the great deception

2020 Jan 2 Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons [6]

Fulfilling the dream of apollo. Apollo’s dragons from the pit of hell. Revelation 9 star falls, given key to abyss. Apollo lets out locusts, dragon, dragon eggs, artemis, the beast Artemis, Artemeus

2021 Jan 11 What’s Up With El Elyon? [11]

Subjects to Research – I have only necessarily made brief notes but it is obvious from this and what Gina says, that Apollo is worth further study, as well as Revelations 9 and 10 and maybe 11, Elon Musk, his mother and grandfather, Apollyon and Abaddon, the abyss and how it all fits into the end times. Artemis. Also the connection between Charles Manson, chaos armies and Maye Musk, and also the Madam of San Francisco.


[1] Shalom Girl You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTIV6xGCsvxPSMZDwWuV4xA/videos

[2] 2020 Nov Shalom Girl 1978 Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpCxK1OkqdE

[3] Shalom Girl 1978 I Asked If Elon Musk Was The Antichrist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umNSEBc5pBg&feature=share

[4] 2018 Face like the Sun The Mysterious Lineage of ELON MUSK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h-vOsNMalU

[5] 2021 Shalom Girl 1981 Elon Musk Prophecy & John Wimber Said I’d Warning The World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avr_CcpT1HE&list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O&index=9

[6] 2020 Jan 2 Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io1a79RkJYI&list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O&index=6

[7] 2020 Nov 30 Maye Musk, Charlie Manson & Rosemary’s Baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6OtjNh_kYc&list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O&index=4 CIA COVER GIRL I wrote this letter to Gonzo Shimura at Face Like The Sun Youtube channel when I first woke up: https://youtu.be/yfcprMi82l0

Elon lead the great deception

[8] 2020 Sept 30 #ElonMusk​, #MayeHaldemanMusk​, #DrJoshuaNHaldeman​ #Technocrat​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhE0GH6MIAM&list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O&index=2

[9] Elon Musk Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O

[10] 2021 Jan 8 The San Francisco Drug Clinic In 1970 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klxv2GVD6L8&list=PLcdyAomMF3R4HxKYa-BjnrAvd4-9PnW5O&index=11 dr malones

[11] 2021 Jan 11 What’s Up With El Elyon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiiC1tkk400

Have you heard his child’s mother’s song “We Appreciate Power”!? The lyrics are PURE evil. I was a fan of hers before she got with elon..

[12] Lifting the Wool blog https://liftingthewool.wordpress.com/

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Left right one dimensional politics means little to me. They are both corrupted by the globalist satanic illuminati cabal.

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2020 Nov Shalom Girl 1978 Elon Musk Opened The Abyss To Play With His Friends [2


0:04god bless you this is shalom gorilla on


0:09here’s a picture of me when i was a

0:10young girl when i first escaped

0:16uh the illuminati i’ve been telling you

0:18about a little boy

0:21that i was procured to a family of three

0:23generations and i’ve been telling you

0:24about the little boy

0:26whose name was el elyon

0:29which in hebrew means god god most high

0:33it’s in genesis and it’s one of god’s

0:36secret names

0:36now jesus is god so let’s just make that


0:40and in luke 21 verse 8.

0:44jesus says be not deceived many will


0:47in my name go ye not after them

0:50the time draws near paraphrased

0:53so jesus warns us that many are going to

0:57come in his name

0:58time’s getting close don’t go after them

1:02and i’m telling you that there was a

1:04little boy with one of god’s secret


1:07now i told you i was going to tell you

1:09his real name

1:10what he did that was so dark and i want

1:12to end this with scripture

1:14or a praise um

1:18to break every chain so

1:22the little boy’s real name is the world

1:25knows him as elon musk his name changed

1:27over time

1:29and what he did was

1:34one day we were alone i was watching him

1:36i’m a few years older than him

1:38i was born in 1965 he was tiny he was

1:41tiny as a two-year-old

1:43tiny as a two-year-old when he was

1:44supposed to be eight or so

1:46but um or seven but

1:49he um he called me in his room

1:53he said moon come play with my friends

1:58i’m going to attempt to tell you this

1:59story without explaining myself too much

2:02he called me moon and he said moon come

2:04play with my friends

2:06i went to the um entry of his

2:10doorway at um it was dark in there

2:13and he’d set up some of his mother’s

2:15ancient artifacts in a certain way on

2:16his bed

2:18well something was happening and there

2:20was wind and energy and

2:22sparks and he started jumping up and

2:24down like a little kid with a sparkler

2:26on 4th of july

2:28and something was happening and he

2:30started being lifted up

2:32something opened up above his bed above

2:34where he’d set this up

2:35something opened up and johnny opened up

2:39and you could see another world and he

2:42was being lifted up

2:43and i grabbed his little arm

2:47and i was being lifted up and we got

2:50sucked in there

2:51and um biblically i think it was

2:55the abyss in revelation 10

3:00the abyss i think that’s where we were

3:02and we went

3:04in there and there was no bottom and

3:07it was dark but it was glowing and there


3:10some creatures in there that were huge

3:12and they weren’t creepy like smeagol

3:14slimy little dudes they were

3:16glorious and beautiful uh to behold but

3:20um we came like in like we got sucked in

3:24and we were up and one of them grabbed

3:28me by the

3:28throat and elon was so

3:32happy um he was so happy and this thing

3:34grabbed me by the throat

3:36and was going to consume me

3:39and i cried out to jesus i cried jesus

3:43save me and it stopped and we flew back

3:46and we rolled into the living out of his

3:49room and into the living room

3:51and i was hugging the carpet

3:55reeling from what just happened and

3:58elon looked up at me and he he he rolled

4:01out with me

4:01and we’re right there face to face like

4:04on the ground like we were both looking

4:05at an ant or something

4:07and he looked up at me and he he was

4:09very surprised

4:10and he said moon why you not like my


4:16so i told you i would tell you who that

4:18little boy was and what he did

4:20that was so dark elon

4:23musk tried to sacrifice me

4:27to his friends and he opened

4:32a gateway to the abyss

4:36when he was a little boy

4:40and jesus those

4:45creatures in there

4:48um they are subject to jesus

4:52name and i thank god

4:56for saving me thank you jesus

5:01so that’s the truth now as young as i

5:05was they needed my consent for some

5:07reason or they always

5:08asked it even though as procured to them

5:10even though i was created for this


5:14at least in their minds what the devil

5:17meant for evil god

5:18used for good thank you jesus because


5:27for such a time as this i’m going to

5:29tell you the truth

5:33they they wanted my consent even though

5:36i was made for that they still always

5:40asked right

5:43and i always walked right into it just


5:46may musk was at my birth and named me


5:50she’s into that rosemary’s baby breeding

5:52the antichrist

5:53oh yeah but she still always asks my


5:59while she was off buying future chaos

6:02and creating prisoner armies in her


6:09i want to tell you one more thing this

6:10is i’ll try

6:12to keep it short

6:17elon musk’s grandfather was reported

6:19dead in 1974 in an african plane crash

6:23but according to my eyewitness and i am


6:30he was alive and well on penny lane in

6:33napa california


6:39very busy working in

6:42the imola state mental hospital so


6:46with the head doctor over there which is

6:48dr stevens or stefan

6:50dr haldeman was working in silicon

6:52valley in laboratories

6:54on everything from weather computer


7:04lasers robots


7:11crispr they were doing everything and

7:14there was a brief situation where my

7:17grandfather showed up and

7:19beat haldeman’s ass down socked him in

7:21the nose and said what are you doing


7:24what canada didn’t want you we don’t

7:27either you no good dirty call me bastard

7:29and he beat his ass he’s

7:30socking him in the nose and said uh what

7:34faked your death

7:34like hitler and um

7:38and my grandpa asked me mary what are

7:40you doing working for the nazis

7:42and i said i don’t work for the nazis

7:43grandpa i work for the mansons

7:47so there’s your mk ultra

7:50cia operation paper clip

7:54operation midnight climax

7:58connection right there from a child in


8:03in penny lane in napa california

8:06usa i’m testifying that

8:10dr haldeman was alive and well and up to

8:12no good

8:14and i denounced them in jesus holy name

8:18and i have taken out a shoelace from


8:22and it’s easy to pick me apart you can

8:26look at me and go well who is she she’s

8:27just some hippie with messy hair up in

8:30the woods but i’m telling you the truth

8:33that i walked away from the elite and i

8:35walked away from the illuminati

8:39and high tea at the

8:42palace hotel in san francisco so

8:46god bless you this is the truth choose

8:48you this day who you will serve

8:51i suggest you repent and serve god and

8:54if you don’t believe that he can save


8:57that’s where you’re wrong look he

8:58reached right down the pit and saved me

9:00but i wouldn’t wait till the last second

9:02i just

9:04run into his arms god is so good god is

9:06so good and merciful

9:08to save a wretch like me thank you jesus

9:11and if he saved me he could save

9:13anybody and that’s my story and i’m

9:16sticking to it

9:18god bless you shalom


2020 Jan 2 Elon Musk & Dreams Of Dragons [6]

hi god bless you

0:03 this is shalom girl on youtube um

0:06 i painted this weird picture it’s just

0:09 goofing around

0:10 but if you were given all these words

0:13 and told oh why don’t you make a picture

0:16 it’s like what is it about

0:20 um in a dream a long time ago

0:24 when i was watching him back in about

0:28 1980

0:30 was a teenager it’s before i ran away

0:33 to john wimbers church and was given a

0:36 bible prophecy about elon but anyway i’m

0:38 going to tell you about a dream i had

0:42 my dream that i was pulling up to the

0:46 school yard and i could see

0:47 a gray day through the chain link fence

0:50 talking my friends everything was in

0:51 slow motion

0:53 and that ac dc song hell’s bells

0:56 was starting to play

0:59 and um just talking my friends out on

1:02 the yard

1:02 it’s kind of a gray day something

1:04 brushed my face

1:05 and i looked up to see a dragon a

1:08 demonic

1:09 dragon apollos dragons were here

1:13 and elon had told me that amongst many

1:15 other things i tried to forget

1:19 uh and there wasn’t just one dragon they

1:21 were everywhere everywhere everywhere

1:24 first one i saw was small like the size

1:26 of a pet poodle

1:28 and everybody loved them and well they

1:31 were like under a spell

1:33 and embraced them and then

1:37 um and the dragons were beautiful and

1:40 terrifying and demonic and poisonous

1:43 and everybody felt really special

1:47 when they came closer and let them pit

1:49 them and embrace them and everybody

1:51 gladly went under the spell of the

1:52 dragons and apollyon

1:55 anyway i was running around yelling

1:59 paulie the dragons

2:03 there’s dragons dragons dragons and

2:04 everybody

2:07 everybody wasn’t listening and i was

2:10 trying to warn the world about apollo

2:12 and his dragons

2:14 and that they were from the pit of hell

2:17 and my dream i felt like i was the only

2:19 one and then i felt the urgency to

2:24 you know like okay i tried now i need i

2:26 need to get out of

2:27 open and maybe take care of myself now

2:32 anyway elon talks about fulfilling the

2:35 dream of apollo

2:38 he sure is enamored with the dream of

2:41 apollo

2:43 um elon did something no one has ever

2:45 done that i know of he opened the abyss

2:48 and he asked me to come play with his

2:49 friends when he’s little

2:51 and in revelation 9

2:54 verse 1 an angel comes down a star falls

2:57 from heaven and is given the key

3:01 to the abyss and later on in verse

3:06 11 i think he he opens the abyss in

3:08 verse two

3:09 and then later on it says that that

3:11 angel he calls him a hymn

3:14 it’s this fallen star he touches ground

3:18 well in isaiah 12 14 it says he touches

3:20 the ground but

3:23 it says that he is apollo

3:27 and he lets out the locusts my dream i

3:31 don’t remember

3:32 locus i remember dragons

3:35 john knew the difference between between

3:36 locusts and revelation because he

3:38 mentions

3:38 locusts and he mentions dragons but then

3:40 after he describes the locusts

3:42 they have tales like serpents and their

3:45 tails have heads like serpents

3:48 and with their tails they do bite and

3:50 they do harm like serpents like

3:52 scorpions

3:53 so it was 40 years ago a lot has

3:56 happened between now and then

3:58 just telling you i had this horrible

4:00 dream about apollo’s dragons

4:02 coming out of the abyss

4:07 that little boy when he was tiny as a

4:08 two-year-old it says on the books he was

4:10 supposed to be seven or eight

4:12 look i don’t know he was tiny as a

4:14 two-year-old

4:18 you’re gonna have to draw your own

4:19 conclusion on why he was tiny as a

4:20 two-year-old

4:23 but in reality he was tiny as a

4:25 two-year-old in 19

4:27 78 1980.

4:31 he’s talking about apollo and dragons

4:33 and dragon eggs and artemis and

4:35 artemis and the beast

4:40 and

4:42 stuff um

4:47 kids say the darndest things but when

4:49 this child talked

4:50 you know it was real and for that reason

4:53 and because he was so special and

4:54 everybody’s flying around the world

4:55 catering to him

4:57 literally securing people around the

5:01 world and places and things

5:04 and anyway jesus saved me and that was a

5:07 nightmare

5:08 but maybe it was

5:11 i wasn’t walking right with god i was

5:13 seeking god and because of that dream

5:16 it was one of the things that helped um

5:18 i was

5:19 running a little harder to jesus

5:22 and um because that dream scared me

5:26 and i just couldn’t shake the feeling

5:27 that giant that

5:29 dragons were gonna drop down out of the

5:30 sky and here i was helping the devil

5:34 and i didn’t want to help the devil you

5:37 know these people

5:38 it’s so weird may must name me rosemary

5:42 in 1965.

5:44 rosemary’s baby came out in 1968.

5:49 you know i was with mae musk the day

5:53 john lennon died or supposedly they tell

5:56 us

5:57 he was killed in new york city

5:59 supposedly in front of the dakota

6:01 building the dakota building is where

6:03 they made rosemary’s baby

6:05 the exterior at least but because a

6:07 bunch of witches live there

6:09 and they i think it gives them more

6:12 power or something for them to tell you

6:14 what they’re really doing

6:16 like dracula when you knock and when you

6:17 break down in your car and you knock on

6:19 his

6:20 door in the middle of the night he

6:21 always runs his hand across the

6:23 threshold and says enter at your own

6:25 risk

6:26 and somehow i find they told us

6:32 they told us right at the beginning and

6:35 we just all laughed it off and shrugged

6:36 it off and kept watching the monster

6:38 movie and acting

6:40 anyway yeah um

6:43 they’ve been working on this and it’s

6:44 not just the cia

6:46 it’s not just the illuminati it’s not

6:48 just the nazis it’s not just the

6:50 socialists and the

6:52 commies but it’s it goes all the way up

6:54 to the lucifer eyeball

6:56 and i just felt so dirty being used by

6:59 them and i

7:00 did eventually stand up for myself

7:02 because

7:05 you guys were listening and that dream

7:08 didn’t come true because in my dream i

7:10 felt like nobody was listening

7:11 but you know what in jesus holy name you

7:13 guys are listening

7:15 so god bless you

7:18 matthew 25 says the there were 10

7:22 virgins and the wedding

7:26 party was coming and they needed to get

7:28 ready and they all woke up and

7:30 five were wise and five were foolish

7:33 well let’s encourage

7:34 everybody to wake up trim your wicks

7:36 fill your oil

7:37 because my dream is not completely true

7:40 because

7:41 i am running around trying to warn the

7:42 world about apollo and his dragons

7:46 but you guys are listening and god bless

7:49 you

7:50 and thank you for that thank you for not

7:53 laughing at me or killing the messenger

7:55 i’d rather this weren’t true

7:58 i’d rather not talk about it

8:02 and fake normal but um carrots don’t go

8:05 to heaven i got to tell you the truth

8:06 so in jesus name be brave be strong step

8:09 forward

8:11 i don’t know what we can do but we could

8:12 pray and we could we could get ready and

8:14 we could bless others in jesus holy name

8:18 that’s the truth i’m sticking to it okay

8:19 bye guys god bless

Elon Musk Rabbit Hole

2020 Nov 30 Maye Musk, Charlie Manson & Rosemary’s Baby[7]


0:03 god bless you

0:06 this is shalom girl on youtube i want to

0:09 talk to you a minute

0:10 about me musk

0:13 when i was a young girl i was procured

0:17 to her

0:18 i’ve been telling you about that she

0:20 called herself light

0:23 and it was in 1978 that i first remember

0:26 her although she was at my birth and

0:28 named me

0:29 rosemary

0:32 i i’m starting to

0:36 uncover what i believe is a cia

0:39 connection because her father was alive

0:41 and well

0:43 after his reported death in 1974 because

0:45 i knew him

0:46 and i worked for him he he paid me

0:50 um her father was alive and well doctor

0:53 joshua norman holdeman

0:54 and i believe he was well because my

0:57 aunt said he was brought over here and

0:59 worked for us now

1:01 and i know that he was kicked out of

1:02 canada for treason

1:05 for being a technocrat leader

1:08 um alderman did in fact work

1:11 for us at least i was told that and he

1:14 was alive and well

1:15 and up to no good on penny lane working

1:17 with

1:21 head mental hospital doctors at the

1:23 imola state mental hospital

1:24 and dr haldeman was working in silicon

1:27 valley and

1:28 i think i heard stanford and davison

1:30 there uc davis

1:32 and they sent me over to the

1:35 yachtville california veterans hospital

1:38 as well

1:39 to work that doesn’t make any sense i

1:41 was a minor and i wasn’t a

1:44 veteran so work these words

1:48 uh they never hooked me up to any

1:50 electronics they didn’t do that

1:52 i was house girl and they sent me to be

1:54 a house girl for other doctors like the

1:56 head of the mental hospital in napa

1:58 we lived right next door to him and she

2:00 lived across the street from him

2:02 but i’m finding connections that would

2:04 lead me to believe that may musk is as

2:06 a cia asset because

2:10 her father in his silicon valley

2:14 and he was working brain chips

2:17 lasers robots weather everything

2:21 up to no good faked his death got away

2:23 with it ran around america and then may

2:24 musk called herself light

2:27 and she was working with my mother who

2:31 was head madam of san francisco

2:33 madame claire claire means light in

2:36 french

2:38 my mother head madame claire san

2:41 francisco california usa

2:44 so there’s three generations of them

2:47 with

2:47 mama’s father i find an operation paper

2:49 clip connection

2:50 the time the plays the words everything

2:53 lined up

2:54 when there was a situation that arose in

2:56 a fist fight with my grandfather

2:58 the explanation was he works for

3:01 haldeman works for

3:02 us now um

3:05 so there’s there’s the time in the place

3:07 locations the words all fit

3:10 so her father like an operation

3:13 paperclip

3:14 nazi and then she

3:17 was taking van loads of televisions to

3:21 charlie manson and creating prisoner

3:23 armies

3:24 and buying future chaos when i asked for

3:27 an explanation i was told she was buying

3:29 future

3:30 chaos for the agenda

3:34 and i was told that elon would lead the

3:36 great deception

3:38 as a child i didn’t know what that was

3:41 i didn’t even ask i was like wow

3:44 whatever that is right

3:46 but it was bad and um

3:51 so may musk was working with

3:54 well military she was working with

3:58 the hippies no her father was working

4:00 with the military

4:02 and the labs my grandfather showed up

4:05 recognized and beat his ass down on

4:06 penny lane i told you about that in

4:07 another story

4:10 and um may

4:13 yeah musk 1978 when the program the mk

4:15 ultra cia

4:17 operation climax was supposed to end in

4:19 san francisco

4:21 i believe they took people in as house

4:24 girls because they had my grand

4:26 grandmother working

4:28 as a maid in pacifica california

4:31 at some of their elite locations and

4:34 they used to bring me as a child and do

4:36 stuff i can’t even talk about yet

4:38 um and then there was nazi insurgents

4:42 and other men in black um

4:46 the pacifica castle in california

4:49 uh sam’s castle but mae musk

4:52 she was arrested in the manson roundup

4:56 in the charlie manson arrest and

5:00 look again at that murder sharon tate

5:04 was there

5:05 rosemary leblanc it was not an accident

5:09 that they went to that house that was

5:11 not an accident once upon a time in

5:13 hollywood

5:15 um i think they were brainwashed and

5:17 programmed to do that

5:19 anyway may musk was arrested in that

5:21 manson roundup because my aunt had

5:24 the helter skelter book and it was the

5:26 very first original copy

5:29 and musk was in there and mentioned as a

5:32 13 year old canadian runaway

5:35 well it said she was 13 but she was

5:37 lying she was really approximately 23 at

5:39 the time

5:41 and she was released and that’s

5:44 suspicious right there

5:46 but her father was in fact a doctor and

5:48 an official and could

5:49 do what he wanted to do to pick her back

5:51 up so he was creating chaos with the

5:54 nazis

5:54 he came over here to america from canada

5:59 and africa she came from africa to my

6:03 memory in 1978

6:06 and was living on penny lane and buying

6:10 off prisoners with televisions creating

6:14 future armies

6:16 for the chaos that were creating

6:22 this is very hard for me because you

6:24 know the

6:26 in the bible where moses is raised in

6:28 pharaoh’s household

6:30 he grows a conscience runs away and 40

6:33 years later he comes back

6:35 to face them and i feel just like that

6:40 because it’s actually been 40 years for

6:42 me too

6:43 40 feels like a number a time of waiting

6:46 haldeman always paid me in 40

6:47 increments as well that’s pretty strange

6:49 40 feels like waiting

6:51 anyway here we are 40 years later and i

6:54 see elon and mae musk in the news

6:58 she was she was set up to be

7:02 my hero um she was beautiful

7:05 and dangerous and unattainable like my

7:07 mother she reminded me my mother and i

7:10 had a strange affiliation for her

7:12 uh strain fondness i always wanted to go

7:14 over and see her and my aunt would

7:16 always tell me don’t bug light don’t bug

7:18 light

7:20 and don’t piss off the bilderbergs yeah

7:23 when i wanted to quit

7:24 after elon treta after elon opened a

7:29 gateway to the abyss and attempted to uh

7:32 ask me to come play with his friends

7:33 but they were gonna devour me i said i

7:36 wanted to quit

7:37 to my aunt she said don’t piss off the

7:39 bilderbergs

7:40 they’re the illuminati would you rather

7:42 be the babysitter on penny lane or one

7:44 of their experiments over at the

7:45 nethouse

7:47 well i said i’d rather be the babysitter

7:51 jesus saved me from that life it’s been

7:54 so strange but now that these people are

7:56 in the news

7:56 it’s starting to make sense the great

7:58 deception is here look at how beautiful

8:01 they are and

8:02 the whole world wanders after elon

8:04 everybody wants to be him

8:06 he’s on the rogan show smoking a blunt

8:09 in his

8:09 hogan’s heroes bomber jacket it’s all a

8:13 trick of smoking mirrors y’all

8:15 jesus said be not deceived

8:18 many would come in my name go ye not

8:22 after them the time draws near

8:25 i love jesus he saved me from the

8:27 illuminati

8:29 and god saved me and he could save you

8:32 calling him ask jesus to come into your

8:36 heart he will save you

8:38 denounce babylon ask god to show you the

8:41 truth

8:42 and denounce the darkness repent and

8:45 believe the gospel of christ

8:47 because the great deception is upon us

8:50 and satan’s been cast out of heaven he

8:52 knows that his time is short

8:56 i love jesus so much for saving me

9:00 um yeah

9:05 babylon the great has fallen heaven

9:08 has come down so glory to god for that

9:13 time is almost up and i’m watching the

9:16 clouds for jesus christ soon return

9:18 thank you jesus for giving your life on

9:20 the cross

9:22 and shedding your blood on calvary two

9:23 thousand years ago to save me jesus

9:26 and to save this generation this is i

9:29 pray you break the chains and break the

9:30 spell on this generation jesus

9:32 open our eyes remove the scales from our

9:35 eyes help us see

9:36 the truth jesus in your holy name so

9:39 god bless you if you don’t believe me

9:42 ask god to show you in your hearts what

9:44 is true

9:44 but don’t scoff don’t mock don’t kill

9:47 the messenger

9:52 in jesus holy name bye

9:58 shalom

Shalom Girl 1978 I Asked If Elon Musk Was The Antichrist[3]

0:19 i’m an old lady kinda i’m 55.

0:22 i was born in san francisco in 1965.

0:26 when i was a girl i was

0:30 in san francisco i was procured

0:35 and sent to

0:39 work for a family there were three

0:43 generations

0:46 there was a boy the boy’s mother

0:51 and the boy’s grandfather they were

0:54 coming from africa

0:58 they were white as me i thought they’d

1:00 be black

1:03 they’re coming from africa

1:06 and um because of

1:10 something the boy did

1:14 i never told what he did the boy did

1:16 something very dark

1:19 when he was very little

1:23 and i was just

1:26 coming to know jesus

1:29 and jesus saved me

1:35 and anyway the boy did something very

1:39 dark

1:40 and i never told him what he did

1:44 and then one day i asked

1:47 someone in the circle

1:50 imelda joaquin’s mother

1:54 i asked imelda i said

1:58 is he the antichrist i was 13 years old

2:03 she didn’t even blink she said no but he

2:06 will present the mark

2:08 and when you see him do that the

2:09 antichrist will take the stage

2:14 so now here we are 40 years later

2:19 boom that boy is the star of the world

2:25 he’s the king of the world but jesus

2:26 christ the king of my heart

2:30 okay the boy’s name then was

2:34 el elyon it’s changed over time

2:43 but

2:49 we’re 40 years later

2:52 and i see that boy everywhere and the

2:54 world adores him but

2:56 he’s the king of babylon

2:59 and i’m going to call you out choose you

3:00 this day whom you will serve

3:03 be it god serve him be it the king of

3:06 babylon servant

What’s Up With El Elyon? [11]

0:05 i want to tell you some really great

0:07 news

0:10 god says

0:14 we overcome by the blood of the lamb and

0:15 by the word of our testimony

0:17 so i’m doing that this is live

0:21 it’s living it’s happening the word of

0:22 god is happening in my heart

0:25 so i want to tell you an important

0:29 moment

0:30 i’m going to tell you important name

0:35 i was reading my

0:38 the complete jewish study bible

0:43 insights for jews and christians

0:45 illuminating the jewishness of god’s

0:47 word well i just went and got it because

0:48 i wanted to read some

0:49 hebrew words and i don’t agree with the

0:51 notes in this thing

0:52 but that’s not what i’m talking about so

0:55 i get to genesis

0:58 14.

1:02 see i gotta turn the other way i see it

1:04 and i get to genesis 14.

1:08 i’m gonna start it verse 18

1:13 malkie tazek mikhail mackizzidek king of

1:17 salem shalom brought out bread and wine

1:21 he was cohen of el elyon

1:24 god most high i slam the book shot

1:30 like whoa el elyon

1:33 i know that name i’ve never seen it in

1:36 print before

1:38 this was a couple years ago so

1:41 we’re in 2021 this was and this is after

1:44 i mailed gonzo that letter but i knew i

1:46 was saying it right

1:48 my mouth go into a lot of letters very

1:52 difficult to decipher i’m sure

1:56 but anyway here comes this beautiful

1:58 word el elyon god most high

2:01 so he blessed him with these words

2:04 blessed be abram by el elyon

2:07 maker of heaven of earth

2:10 and blessed be el elyon who handed your

2:14 enemies over to you

2:17 abram gave him a tenth of everything the

2:19 king of saddam

2:22 i think saddam and said to abram

2:26 give me the people and keep the goods

2:28 for yourself but abram answering the

2:30 king of saddam

2:31 i’ve raised my hand in an oath to adenai

2:34 el

2:34 elyon maker of heaven and earth that i

2:37 will not take

2:38 such as a thread or a sandal thong

2:42 or anything that is yours so that you

2:44 won’t be able to say

2:45 i made abram rich i will take only what

2:48 my troops have eaten

2:50 and share the spoil belonging to the men

2:52 who came with me

2:58 and then inner esto

3:04 let them have their share

3:07 so

3:12 chapter 15 sometime later the word of

3:14 adonai came to abram

3:15 in a vision don’t be afraid abram

3:20 i’m your protector your reward will be

3:22 very great

3:28 so i just wanted to share with you

3:31 he wrestled and wrestled and wrestled

3:33 because i came across this word

3:35 and i’m like i know that name that’s a

3:36 bad guy that’s a bad guy

3:38 and bad guys named him that and god kept

3:42 waking me up in the middle of the night

3:44 in dreams

3:45 and i just felt prodded to go back and

3:47 look at it again

3:48 it’s not a bad name it’s a beautiful

3:51 name

3:52 it’s the beautiful name so um i

3:55 contacted doug

3:56 batchell no not doug batchelor doug hamp

4:01 and i called him up and i told him this

4:03 whole crazy story on the phone one day

4:06 when i was uh back east and he goes well

4:09 kind of he was so kind and he listened

4:13 and he’s like in his own words he said

4:16 well what do you want me to do about it

4:17 and i said

4:19 help me lift up the name of el elyon

4:23 so that when an imposter comes the world

4:26 will recognize that that’s the name of

4:28 god

4:30 a beautiful hidden available name of god

4:34 if we’ll search for it

4:36 and that i knew a little boy whose name

4:39 was el elyon when i met him

4:42 and it slowly changed to elon

4:45 over time and that’s another story

4:49 but you see um

4:53 can you see it so

4:56 i just wanted to tell you god snuck up

4:58 on me and snuck up on me and snuck up on

5:00 me

5:02 i just feel prompted in my heart to lift

5:05 up the name

5:06 of god god most high in the bible

5:10 who brought abram gifts and said i’ll

5:12 protect you and stuff that god the god

5:15 of jesus the god of uh abraham isaac

5:18 jacob

5:19 the god of israel

5:22 that’s one of his names and so if an

5:25 imposter comes

5:26 and adds a y back in their name you’ll

5:28 know what that means

5:31 wake up church anyway it’s beautiful

5:35 beautiful name

5:36 and i ran away from it after 40 years

5:38 but god woke me up

2018 Face Like the Sun The Mysterious Lineage of ELON MUSK![4]

0:00 I want to tell you about Elon and May

0:03 musk Alderman

0:05 so I received a letter from someone who

0:08 claims to have had contact with Elon

0:13 Musk and may musk in the past and they

0:17 wanted me to share certain things about

0:20 it and allow each person to decide for

0:22 themselves what they think of the

0:24 situation now again I don’t know if any

0:27 of this I’m about to present is

0:29 absolutely true I will leave links to

0:32 everything that I find as I process the

0:35 information here and as I walk through

0:37 some of the things that were presented

0:39 in this letter and see if there’s any

0:41 cooperating evidence that I can find

0:44 I’m going to keep the sender of the

0:47 letter anonymous because they asked to

0:51 remain anonymous but otherwise I’m going

0:54 to share with you some parts of the

0:56 letter and some things that I found

0:58 interesting about it the letter states

1:01 quote Ilan is Illuminati child he is a

1:05 front put in place generations ago and

1:08 with teams of Luciferians propping him

1:10 up as a puppet before nations he is

1:14 helping lead the great deception and

1:16 he’s also ready with the mark of the

1:19 beast and quote and of course we’re

1:23 talking about the passages from

1:24 revelation 13 the image of the Beast

1:27 that must be worshipped the mark of the

1:30 beast that is presented even if what

1:32 these folks might be planning is not the

1:35 exact prophecy fulfillment as intended

1:38 in the scriptures one has to admit that

1:41 there’s no way to deny the overlap of

1:44 circumstances here in imagery and in

1:48 reality it’s no longer different the

1:51 metaphor is reality now so eelain’s

1:55 mother may musk Aldermen was born in

1:59 1948

2:01 now lots of interesting things happened

2:03 in 1948 and if we just take a glance at

2:06 a list of celebrities that were born in

2:09 1948 you can say that they have been

2:13 important in culture in society and of

2:17 course that could be said for anyone

2:20 born around that era who became

2:23 entertainers or sports figures or people

2:25 that were of high influence in society

2:28 so it’s not to say that there’s any

2:29 major significance but just to show a

2:32 list of those that were also born in

2:34 1948 so she was born in Canada and she’s

2:38 actually a twin and one of five children

2:41 and here’s an image that she tweeted out

2:45 back in may 15 2017 which if you know

2:48 about history

2:50 may 15 2014

2:57 now the thing about twins – I’ll just

3:00 mention but there’s always something

3:02 interesting about twins and we know that

3:04 people of more nefarious origin

3:06 especially in our secret governments

3:09 seem to take an interest on twins as

3:11 well so something to keep in mind

3:17 there’s an MSM article that was

3:19 published in June of 2018 in the money

3:23 section and it states quote in 1952 when

3:27 musk was only four years old this is May

3:29 musk her parents flew the family 22,000

3:32 miles around the world and a plane her

3:34 father had bought in pieces from Canada

3:36 according to the New York Times also

3:38 during her childhood she and the family

3:41 would often explore the Kalahari Desert

3:43 searching for its mystical lost city

3:46 they retraced the footsteps of Canadian

3:48 inventor William Leonard hunt alias

3:51 Guillermo Farini who claimed he had

3:54 found the ruins of a massive ancient

3:56 city while crossing the treacherous

3:58 desert in 1885 dozens of expeditions

4:01 over the following century were launched

4:03 in vain to find the lost civilization so

4:07 already we’re talking a major major

4:11 exposure to just all this ancient

4:15 mystical stuff the occult that has been

4:20 hidden her family apparently was on an

4:22 exploration to discover these things I

4:25 mean you think maybe the eye of secret

4:28 intelligence were on these folks or at

4:30 least helping or assisting or or maybe

4:32 even funding the whole thing so getting

4:35 back to the letter here it mentions mais

4:38 father Joshua Haldeman and I did a

4:42 little bit of digging on him now the

4:44 letter mentions that he was arrested in

4:46 Canada for the crime of technocracy now

4:51 was interesting because as I started to

4:53 look into who Joshua Haldeman was I

4:56 found a couple interesting things to

4:57 consider first off according to Elon

5:00 Musk dot info this is Ellen’s

5:02 grandfather Joshua Norman Haldeman who

5:05 was a chiropractor political activist

5:07 pilot cowboy adventurer and had an

5:10 all-around entrepreneurial spirit born

5:12 on November 25th 1902 in crowing

5:16 Minnesota that was family relocated to

5:18 Herber Saskatchewan in 1906 or 1907 he

5:23 passed away in 1974 in a plane crash now

5:26 again this website Elon Musk

5:28 info with the extension here goes into

5:31 the history his chiropractic background

5:34 which he started a chiropractic school

5:36 between 1922 and 1926 and he went back

5:40 to farming between 1927 and 1934 and it

5:44 says here however due to the Dust Bowl

5:46 conditions and the Great Depression

5:47 starting Joshua lost his farm to

5:50 creditors around 1934 when he could no

5:53 longer make payments for equipment he

5:55 had purchased with a bank loan so he was

5:58 very upset about that this supposedly

6:00 left him leery of financial institutions

6:02 and bureaucracies throughout his life

6:04 and led to his avid social / political

6:07 involvement due to the farm loss he

6:09 worked various jobs etc etc and and this

6:13 again this timeline ends in 1936

6:17 now this is very fascinating to consider

6:19 because at the time according to

6:22 Canada’s history CA the last utopians

6:26 technocracy promised depression weary

6:28 Canadians and end to their hardship but

6:31 the offer came up to catch this was

6:33 published in January 1st 2018 and it

6:36 outlines the growth of technocracy out

6:38 of the depression ridden rural Manitoba

6:40 and they discussed technocracy as

6:44 something that flared like a comment in

6:45 the dark 30s because it promised to

6:48 replace collapsing capitalist systems

6:51 with a non political government of

6:53 scientists and technicians that’s what

6:55 it was this totalitarian approach with

6:57 technocracy where the engineers

6:59 basically run everything and they had

7:02 all these economic and geopolitical

7:04 plans to merge Canada u.s. and Mexico

7:08 these are things that are familiar to

7:10 people who have studied the New World

7:12 Order the article goes through a man

7:14 named Walter fryers who basically

7:16 started preaching technocracy through

7:19 the Winnipeg press and you know got

7:22 technocracy out there but here’s where

7:24 it gets interesting

7:26 I’m gonna read straight from the article

7:28 quote by June 1940 with the war in

7:31 Europe going badly the Canadian

7:33 government suddenly announced the

7:35 banning of technocracy along with a

7:37 dozen other organizations including

7:39 Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Communist

7:42 Party in the House of Commons on July

7:44 16th Prime Minister Mackenzie King

7:46 defended the ban by saying one of the

7:49 objectives of technocracy was to quote

7:52 overthrow the government in the

7:53 constitution of this country by force

7:56 Walter Friars now 94 remembers quote we

8:00 were astonished when the RCMP padlocked

8:03 our section premises and took records

8:06 furniture everything no charges were

8:09 made other technocrats were not so lucky

8:12 a Regina chiropractor dr. J n Haldeman

8:17 based trial as a member of an illegal

8:21 organization he was acquitted f e dem

8:24 arrest of Prince Albert Saskatchewan was

8:28 fined 25-dollars for having

8:30 for a newspaper ad protesting the ban

8:33 the conviction was overturned on appeal

8:36 and as far is known no other convictions

8:40 were sustained no evidence was presented

8:42 that technocracy had advocated violence

8:45 and the ban was rescinded without

8:47 explanation on October 15 1943 now this

8:53 article outright mentions doctor JN

8:56 Haldimand this is categorically Elon

8:59 Musk’s grandfather and this is May

9:02 Musk’s father he was arrested for the

9:04 crime of technocracy and being part of a

9:06 secret organization and he was let go

9:09 that’s really interesting folks remember

9:12 this is all happening before May musk

9:14 was even born the article goes on here

9:18 to say the end of World War two brought

9:20 renewed concern that the North American

9:22 economy which had flourished to feed the

9:25 war machine might plunge back into a

9:27 depression technocrats quickly rebuilt

9:30 and on July 1st 1947 a caravan of 600

9:35 technocracy cars rolled into British

9:37 Columbia into quote

9:39 Operation Columbia the convoy had began

9:42 in Los Angeles and timed its arrival for

9:44 a speech in Vancouver by Scott that’s

9:47 Howard Scott the man behind technocracy

9:49 Inc he filled the old Vancouver forum

9:53 with 5000 adherents who each paid $1

9:56 admission and shouted technocracy

9:58 slogans reporter Charles King wrote in

10:02 the vancouver province that scott

10:04 speaking in a quote bored sleepy voice

10:07 attacked the press of the united states

10:10 and canada as quote the most reliable

10:13 source of misinformation in the world

10:15 and quote Wow who does that sound like

10:20 10 years later the post-war boom in full

10:23 swing the movement still managed to

10:24 attract other adherents and it goes on

10:27 but isn’t it interesting that this

10:30 declaration of technocracy and social

10:33 change takes place in 1947 and within a

10:39 year Mae and her twin sis

10:41 are born and of course July 1947 I

10:45 believe is also the Roswell crash and

10:49 that whole situation so many strange

10:52 things going on in that time not the

10:54 least of which also I believe three

10:56 months after the Roswell crash is the

10:59 birth of Hillary Rodham Clinton which

11:03 you know for talking about weird Genesis

11:05 six stuff going on three months might be

11:08 enough time to you know just a theory

11:12 focus seems to be in that era because it

11:14 seems to have been a moment where things

11:16 changed and shifted in a very dramatic

11:18 way that helps us understand why we’re

11:22 at where we’re at today and that’s

11:24 including the positive and the negative

11:26 aspects of the flourishing of a

11:28 technocratic society which is what we’re

11:30 in now and what the agenda is behind

11:33 that and if you think of it in those

11:35 terms then it’s quite possible that

11:37 people are being bred to be world

11:42 leaders and that’s something that seems

11:45 to make sense in light of today’s pseudo

11:50 international corporate systems that are

11:53 pretty much at the top being run by a

11:56 single entity so for the first time in

11:59 recorded human history or at least

12:00 publicly acknowledged academically

12:02 acknowledged history we have this

12:05 technology that can manipulate humans

12:08 and in so many powerful ways that it is

12:13 almost inevitable that such capacities

12:17 would be abused and what we’re learning

12:20 in this decade is that yes in fact it

12:23 has been abused and algorithms that were

12:26 known to create addictive loops in your

12:30 brain were implemented in social media

12:34 as part of the fabric of how humans

12:38 interacted and communicated with each

12:41 other and you can’t totally blame the

12:43 technocrats by themselves because a

12:46 population at large had to buy into it

12:49 as well

12:50 and everybody bought into it because it

12:52 was new and shiny nobody took the time

12:55 to stop and think of the potential risks

12:58 and dangers

13:00 although having lived through that

13:02 entire era of explosion of social media

13:05 I can tell you that there was this

13:09 unspoken eerie suspicion about the

13:13 entire thing but people responded in

13:17 such positive ways on the outside you

13:19 know they became as superficial as the

13:22 platforms were presenting them to be and

13:25 I noticed the personality changes and

13:28 shifts in behavior with

13:31 people all around me including myself

13:33 and so we live in this very strange time

13:36 where if we look back sociologically we

13:39 will recognize many many changes that

13:41 came about with a construct of social

13:44 media which could not have happened

13:46 unless the communication technologies

13:48 were in her hands so even though they

13:50 figured out these algorithms many years

13:52 ago they couldn’t really implement it at

13:54 a large scale until these types of

13:57 communication devices between people

13:59 were available because there’s a thing

14:02 called the network effect and once a

14:05 network effect takes hold then things

14:09 can grow much quicker much faster and

14:13 you couldn’t spread it like wildfire

14:16 things go viral all these concepts that

14:20 we just consider as normal

14:22 these were implemented purposely because

14:25 they knew that given this accessibility

14:29 we will take advantage of it and we will

14:32 willingly exchange our privacy for

14:35 social credibility that can be

14:38 quantifiably measured with the number of

14:40 likes or you know thumbs up or whatever

14:43 is the metric that’s being used on these

14:46 platforms they don’t reflect reality

14:48 they reflect a small piece of reality

14:50 and you know how many people would look

14:52 at these things and like it or love it

14:54 and not you know give it a thumbs up or

14:56 not share it or whatever

14:58 so it doesn’t reflect reality but in

15:02 this occasion perception becomes reality

15:04 and

15:07 that’s the danger here of this

15:09 technology the perception of ourselves

15:11 is being warped and manipulated and

15:15 that’s why we’re seeing suicides and

15:18 things of that nature happened to young

15:20 people especially because this is all

15:22 they know and it’s really important to

15:24 let them know that no this is not all

15:26 there is this is not reality this is

15:29 just a reflection a small piece of it

15:31 that we are seeing being documented into

15:35 this giant Technium that we’re all

15:37 living in here so at the very least I

15:40 was able to verify that in fact Elon

15:43 Musk’s grandfather was a technocrat and

15:46 he seems to have been arrested as part

15:48 of the ban of technocracy in Canada in

15:52 the early 1940s and he was also let go

15:55 and then of course you know getting back

15:57 to the birth of May in 1948 and then you

16:02 know her life and her account of

16:04 traveling the world and looking for you

16:06 know ancient lost cities and stuff like

16:08 that that does not happen randomly why

16:11 are technocratic traveling around the

16:13 world looking for ancient ruins

16:15 that’s a very good question isn’t it and

16:17 again it’s not impossible to think that

16:20 multiple people higher-ups alphabet-soup

16:24 agencies and the rest were aware of this

16:27 situation or perhaps even assisting in

16:30 it now there’s also another elements to

16:32 the letter here that mentions may Musk’s

16:35 connection to Charles Manson the claims

16:39 that were presented in the letter I was

16:41 not able to verify but I’ll share them

16:43 with you first off that may Halderman

16:46 this is before she was may musk was

16:48 arrested at age 23 in the Manson roundup

16:52 and that’s something again I couldn’t

16:54 find anything on it the letter also

16:56 claims that there is a picture of May in

16:59 the first original helter-skelter book

17:02 and states that there’s many reprints

17:05 and fake copies again I have no clue

17:07 there’s no way for me to verify that but

17:09 I will share it with you all the third

17:11 thing that’s mentioned here is that

17:13 Tusker was conceived during a prison

17:16 visit to Charlie Manson suggesting that

17:20 Ilan’s sister was not conceived by Errol

17:24 musk who by the way as I was looking

17:27 into for this video discovered that he

17:29 actually had a child with his

17:31 stepdaughter so that’s the kind of folks

17:33 were dealing with Elon Musk’s alleged

17:36 blood father

17:37 Errol musk having children with their

17:40 stepchildren but getting back to May and

17:42 Charlie Manson the claim in the letter

17:44 here is that Tosca was conceived during

17:47 a prison visit with Charlie Manson

17:49 and the claim here is that may mask or

17:54 may Haldeman called herself light as in

17:57 you know Li ght I am light like Lucifer

18:00 is light bought a van load of TVs and

18:03 delivered them to the Manson gang and

18:06 instigated race riots and created chaos

18:10 and the author of the letter also

18:13 mentioned that the Manson crew here or

18:17 the people assisting the Manson crew

18:19 were also working with the emo LaLanne

18:22 state mental hospital and I looked up

18:25 the mo LaLanne state mental hospital and

18:27 it’s definitely an old hospital there

18:30 are articles written about the mystery

18:32 of the asylum and there is a Napa Valley

18:36 register.com two-part article talking

18:39 about naty’s insane asylum and there

18:43 were at one point in the 1960s 5000

18:47 residents at this Asylum and it makes

18:52 you wonder what kinds of experiments

18:55 were conducted on these people that were

18:57 basically considered castaways or you

19:00 know folks that weren’t able to function

19:02 in society the letter also states that

19:05 Mae was connected to the bilderberg

19:07 Rothschilds and Rockefellers etc which

19:11 makes sense if we look at the connection

19:13 to the technocracy with her father

19:15 Joshua Halderman it’s very likely that

19:19 they knew each other and it suggests

19:21 that Mae was perhaps put in place to

19:24 help out the Manson family in some way

19:27 saying that she made many connections

19:30 had many prisoner armies and loyal

19:33 followers

19:34 she hooked them up with the TVs and

19:36 everything luxurious in prison and out

19:38 of prison and that may was in to African

19:42 witchcraft which would make sense she

19:45 was in South Africa as a young girl it’s

19:48 possible she picked up on some rituals

19:51 or some objects or things that were

19:53 present there while she was in Africa so

19:57 again these are things no way for me to

19:59 verify but are shared in the letter and

20:02 I wanted to share with you and let me

20:05 get to Elan here because there are a

20:07 couple things on Elan as well it says

20:10 Elan liked darkness but he wasn’t

20:13 allowed to watch TV eat mac and cheese

20:16 or play with others now this is

20:19 interesting because it’s something that

20:20 I’ve heard in the past coming from

20:22 people that have left the Illuminati

20:24 families that they’re not allowed to

20:26 indulge in some of the things that the

20:29 regular population the consumers would

20:31 use because you know that those are the

20:33 unintellectual masses they’re the herd

20:35 they’re the cattle you know we’re much

20:37 more elite than that so we will not

20:39 indulge in these low-level products that

20:42 we are providing for the masses that

20:44 kind of attitude so that’s not that

20:46 surprising but there’s another part here

20:48 that a little bit hard to believe but I

20:50 will report it to you because it’s in

20:52 the letter it says that this person who

20:54 wrote the letter was terrified that Elan

20:58 levitated now maybe it was a trick I

21:01 don’t know but the claim here is that

21:03 Elan levitated and that when trying to

21:09 get out of the situation that the author

21:11 of this letter was in they were told

21:13 very boldly quote don’t piss off the

21:18 bilderbergs so is it possible that there

21:21 is a group of elite people who have been

21:24 around for a while who saw the oncoming

21:27 technologies and the potential that it

21:30 had to really control the population at

21:33 large and that they have been

21:34 systematically putting into place the

21:37 various necessary means for us humanity

21:40 to help build the infrastructure or this

21:43 control mechanism to be put in place

21:45 which is part of what this tearing down

21:46 and rebuilding in the fourth

21:48 dusty’ll revolution and sustainable

21:50 development 2030 and all of these

21:52 agendas are all about even the Trump

21:54 agenda in many ways is part of the same

21:57 thing because what are they doing make

21:58 America great again

22:00 right we’re gonna go back to the

22:01 industrial era we’re gonna have this

22:03 economic boom all these things we’re

22:04 gonna have jobs we’re gonna have

22:06 prosperity these are all promises made

22:09 to a population that will work to help

22:12 build it and I think products like the

22:17 neural link maybe there is a hidden

22:19 agenda behind it that is exactly what

22:21 the Bible prophesied as the mark of the

22:23 beast

22:24 certainly it’s one potential development

22:27 I think from the elite perspective of a

22:29 way they can carry it out and you know a

22:32 lot of this has to do I believe with God

22:34 allowing it to happen to a certain

22:36 degree because if enough people become

22:38 aware of this kind of thing it’s just

22:39 not gonna happen people are just aren’t

22:40 and accept it but the way things are

22:43 going the way our psychology are being

22:46 manipulated day in day out by these

22:48 screens it becomes much easier for them

22:51 to control us and we’re seeing that take

22:53 place right before our eyes the forking

22:57 of humanity one side maintaining their

23:00 humanity the other side deciding to

23:01 pursue this digital immortality or at

23:05 least help build it again we’re living

23:07 in some wild times and this letter I

23:10 think isn’t anything too crazy other

23:12 than Elon levitating the stuff is not

23:14 out of the question and in fact it

23:16 helped to verify a certain point that

23:18 was made in a letter that was something

23:20 that you know it’s not something some

23:21 blogger wrote or anything like that this

23:23 was evidence that was cooperated just

23:25 independently that this Canadian article

23:28 would mention a J Halderman who was

23:31 arrested for the crime of technocracy

23:33 and being part of a secret organization

23:34 and being let go and that person being

23:37 and the article didn’t state that this

23:39 was Elon Musk his grandfather but it was

23:41 Elon Musk’s grandfather and so the

23:43 technocratic tie is made so the

23:45 speculations about what is behind Elon

23:47 and his real agenda is warranted because

23:50 he comes directly from a group of people

23:52 that believed that technology is going

23:55 to completely change society where the

23:58 engineers and technicians run everything

24:00 and the Technium becomes God and in the

24:03 process maybe we can become God which is

24:06 the polar opposite of the gospel and in

24:07 fact there were a couple points during

24:09 all of this research of putting this

24:11 together where I found some

24:13 anti-christian remarks made by the

24:14 technocrats which was understandable

24:16 they hated Christianity they thought all

24:17 religion was nonsense and so nothing new

24:20 there but I hope this makes you think

24:23 and I hope this makes you guys do your

24:25 own research to see if there’s other

24:27 connections especially with may musk and

24:29 Charlie Manson is there something there

24:31 and if there is then the Charlie Manson

24:33 story becomes very interesting in

24:35 connection to all the mind-control stuff

24:37 that we have been learning about in this

24:40 decade as a lot of this stuff becomes

24:41 Declassified as people like Aaron and

24:44 Melissa dykes puts out awesome movies

24:47 like the minds of men literally they

24:50 uncover the agenda of a lot of these

24:52 dark experiments so I hope this makes

24:55 you guys think I hope this makes you

24:57 guys have discussion about these issues

24:58 ultimately what I’m saying here is that

25:01 there’s no point to take the neural link

25:03 there’s no point to die on the hill of

25:05 Technology a lot of this stuff is meant

25:08 for control we can use it to spread the

25:10 gospel and that’s why they really don’t

25:11 like people talking about Jesus and all

25:13 the stuff but the gospel becomes so

25:16 relevant so important and all the

25:18 principles that come from that they are

25:20 going to be tested in ways that we have

25:23 not been tested before and I mean that

25:25 because we already are we’re already

25:28 facing the effects of this unknown of

25:31 technology and this middleman of

25:35 algorithms that control our input and

25:38 output sensations and everything else

25:40 we’re living in this crazy spiritual war

25:42 but now it’s becoming quantified it’s

25:44 home to becoming digital and so don’t

25:47 forget to put on the full armor of God

25:48 every single day protect your mind

25:51 protect your heart seek the kingdom of

25:54 God love God love your neighbor as

25:56 yourself and spread the gospel because

25:59 that’s what’s really gonna save us

26:00 that’s what’s really gonna restore us to

26:03 our intended place where all of us know

26:06 we’re supposed to be you know none of us

26:07 would be pursuing any of this stuff and

26:09 the scientists and the humanists you

26:11 know they wouldn’t be doing that

26:12 unless they knew that we were falling

26:15 short of something that we are limited

26:18 in certain ways and we are we’re fallen

26:20 they’re proving the Bible true yet they

26:23 continue to reject God and they are

26:26 going to help fulfill Biblical prophecy

26:27 which is bizarre but it’s true that the

26:30 people that don’t believe in God are

26:31 actually helping fulfill the prophecies

26:34 that God said would happen but I think

26:35 I’ve rambled on enough here thank you

26:38 guys for your support and prayers please

26:40 leave comments with additional

26:42 information if you come across anything

26:44 I will leave all the links to what I

26:46 found in the description section

26:48 thank you patrons for your financial

26:50 support it really means a lot to me and

26:52 my family

26:52 age of the c3 still in the works trailer

26:55 coming soon

26:56 merry cry radio couple episodes coming

26:59 up about the Bundy ranch situation as

27:02 well as an interview with Melissa dikes

27:04 of truth

27:05 stream media that’s all coming up on

27:06 canary cry radio in the next couple

27:08 weeks again thank you guys for listening

27:10 have an awesome day god bless

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17 Responses to Elon Musk, the Abyss and the Great Deception…

  1. Warrior 4Christ says:

    I always thought when you talked about a childhood acquaintance called”E” that you were talking about Elon musk. Would I be right?. Ya I get it no sweat. Xox.

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2021, 10:36 AM cathy fox blog on child abuse, wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” I don’t know anything about this > lady, nor her contact details, but it was serendipitous to come across her > at this exact time. I have only skimmed though some these videos, but > think they are important enough to pass on for others to view. I” >


  2. Warrior 4Christ says:

    Hey jess did you notice princess Di, kate Middleton, and rosemary’s baby actress all wore the same red dress when leaving the hospital with the baby. Coincidence?..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JustMeInNE says:

    I’ve just read the email summary but some of it fits what I’ve learned from a ytuber regarding the pit, locusts, and the rise of the antichrist. He says the pit is opening really soon, says he is a messenger which after watching him it’s kind of hard not to believe it. here’s his information site https://www.show-notes.info/thisistheend/ and this one https://www.show-notes.info/thisisit4321/gallery3/index.php/ here’s a recent video of his https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V08Z4Vx7LYg He says the antichrist is actually Aphrodite. I know you’re busy but the easiest way to get his message on how it’s gonna go down would be to watch one of his videos. Mind you, they are all long for the most part. This just came to me but what if Elon’s mother is Aphrodite? Now off to watch this play list. Thank you sweetie for all you do to help! <3

    Liked by 1 person

  4. JustMeInNE says:

    the first vid I watched was regarding Maye and I’m floored. She said Elon was to lead the great deception and Maye called herself “light”, aka “the morning light”?? which fits into my shaky theory that came to me when I was typing my first response. I feel puzzle pieces fitting


  5. JustMeInNE says:

    more info on Jonathan Kleck that I mentioned https://www.show-notes.info/ sorry for all these posts I couldn’t edit


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Thank you so much for this most interesting and intriguing post. I look forward to watching the videos. In the meantime, here is a bit of background information for Elon Musk’s Canadian grandfather, Joshua Norman Haldeman, whom I first learned from Patrick Wood “was an avid supporter of Technocracy, served as Research Director and ultimately became the the head of the Technocracy, Inc. party in Canada.” Source: https://www.technocracy.news/shock-elon-musks-grandfather-was-head-of-canadas-technocracy-movement/

    Patrick Wood’s article regarding Joshua Haldeman’s involvement with Technocracy in Canada provides a link to this document, “Joshua N Haldeman, DC: the Canadian Years, 1926-1950” https://europepmc.org/backend/ptpmcrender.fcgi?accid=PMC2485067&blobtype=pdf

    This is the first section of “Joshua N Haldeman, DC: the Canadian Years, 1926-1950” which I found on another post:

    “Born in 1902 to the earliest chiropractor known to practice in Canada, Joshua Norman Haldeman would develop national and international stature as a political economist, provincial and national professional leader, and sportsman/adventurer. A 1926 graduate of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, he would maintain a lifelong friendship with B.J. Palmer, and served in the late 1940s as Canada’s representative to the Board of Control of the International Chiropractors’ Association. Yet, he would also maintain strong alliances with broad-scope leaders in Canada and the United States, including the administrators of the National and Lincoln chiropractic schools. Haldeman, who would practice chiropractic in Regina for at least 15 years, was instrumental in obtaining, and is credited with composing the wording of, Saskatchewan’s 1943 Chiropractic Act. He served on the province’s first board of examiners and the provincial society’s first executive board. The following year Dr. Haldeman represented Saskatchewan in the deliberations organized by Walter Sturdy, D.C. that gave rise to the Dominion Council of Canadian Chiropractors, forerunner of today’s Canadian Chiropractic Association. As a member of the Dominion Council he fought for inclusion of chiropractors as commissioned officers during World War II, and participated in the formation of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, which he subsequently served as a member of the first board of directors. Dr. Haldeman also earned a place in the political history of Canada, owing to his service as research director for Technocracy, Inc. of Canada, his national chairmanship of the Social Credit Party during the second world war, and his unsuccessful bid for the national parliament. His vocal opposition to Communism during the war briefly landed him in jail. His 1950 relocation of his family and practice to Pretoria, South Africa would open a new page in his career: once again as professional pioneer, but also as aviator and explorer. Although he died in 1974, the values he instilled in his son, Scott Haldeman, D.C., Ph.D., M.D. continue to influence the profession.” Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/26103300_Joshua_N_Haldeman_DC_the_Canadian_Years_1926-1950

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  13. Ann Pettus says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for all your amazing work!

    I chose one of the videos to watch; it was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h-vOsNMalU&t=939s, titled “(FaceLikeTheSun)The Mysterious Lineage of ELON MUSK.”

    Indeed, not only was his grandfather deeply involved in the Technocracy movement, in which engineers run the world; the video mentions, around 9.30, that after the Canadian government shut down their movement, they descended on British Columbia in 600 “technocracy cars” as a means of protest.

    That was a big BINGO moment for me, as I’d wondered which Big Money players were behind the Trucker Convoy(s). I am very much pro-convoy, but felt it would be naive to assume that a movement that huge was really grassroots. Even if the Truckers Union is quite strong… I’d wanted to look into the Jimmy Hoffa story which I remember being so big in the News in the mid-60’s, to see if there might be clues there. Never got around to it, though.

    But I think THIS might be a clue, this Musk-Lineage information! As we know, the various Powers That Be use the same playbook again and again.

    Similarly, the question of who really is behind Trump’s spectacular 2016 win and subsequent popularity has been something to muse upon but never, seemingly, have answered. But since it’s been reported that some forebear of Trump’s was given the rights to Tesla’s collected works, it seems that fact might provide another small clue.

    Liked by 1 person

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