Patryk Vega – Eyes of the Devil

This is a hugely powerful documentary film by Patryk Vega, exposing the depravity of baby, child and human trafficking.

Patryk’s twitter is

Patryk interviews a pregnant mother. She is going to sell her baby to child traffickers. Mothers like this are often forced into prostitution themselves. The babies/children become addicted to drugs administered before they are used. If they live that long and are not killed by being used violently or in snuff videos, the children get sent to adult brothels at aged 14, addicted to drugsand largely helpless to do anything about their situation.

Patryk also interviews a child trafficker who buys or otherwise obtains the children and passes them on further up the chain to the child brothels for 15,000 Euros or for the “spare parts” industry ie forced organ “donation”.

The child trafficking industry includes “mothers” who “look after” the children, medical people who repair the children when damaged by the satanic use made of them, and people who transport them and give them false accreditation.

Countries mentioned are Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

Whilst the satanic aspect is not very much discussed, then it is obvious that it is satanic from the pentagram mentioned and the satanic greeting between the traffickers.

Patryk also interviews the mother of kidnapped child Tomasz Cichowisz. She advertised the fact on the internet and received a photograph and name of Ryan Pitts a man living in America. The FBI said he had original certification and Ryan will not have a DNA test. The double bind is that if he is a trafficked person he loses the right to live in the US and would have to leave his family and would be deported. The system works to protect the traffickers.

Tomasz Cichowisz – Tomek kidnapped as a child

Most of this of course is no surprise to those who have studied child trafficking, but nevertheless the documentary is hugely powerful by showing individuals involved in this sordid trade.

I have included links below to Patryks You tube channel, so that his comments on his video can be checked. I have also added a bitchute video in case the video is deleted by the censorious google/youtube, as well as a hooktube link, the alternative youtube front end.

I have also included an (imperfect) autotranscript below the links.

Odysee Patryk Vega Eyes of the Devil [2c] [2]

Child trafficking is widespread and organised by the satanic cabal. The following links are for articles I have done related to child trafficking…

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Patryk’s twitter is

Corporate Denial of Child Trafficking / Child Abuse

The mockingbird media have set up “disinformation units” ostensibly to check facts. They appear to create a narrative and then by the subject and topics they cover and the way they cover them, they fit facts to that narrative.

It is sad that they go to some lengths to try to discredit child abuse/ child trafficking campaigners.

Its just not normal behaviour for most people to attack those trying to stop child trafficking, yet the attacks from mockingbird media are relentless over the most petty things and connections, whilst ignoring the evidence of undeniable child trafficking.

How do they sleep at night?

Child trafficking also happens in shipping containers Dutch police discover ‘underworld’ prison with torture chamber in shipping containers [11]

The BBC are of course infamous for covering up Jimmy Saviles child abusing over decades and have a paedophilic statue chiselled by a paedophile proudly exhibited outside the BBC HQ.

Eric Gill and his statue Ariel and Prospero outside BBC HQ

The BBC disinformation unit spy on various groups in attempts to “expose” them trying to save children. They then spread anti saving children propaganda which fits their narrative. Shayan is an example of a lowly puppet exchanging money for morals and is being used by the people paying him. The editor of this group is Mike Wendling, and it is as you get higher in these groups that their objectives becomes more sinister.

There are more and more of these propaganda units, under the guise of preventing disinformation, factchecking, reality check or monitoring. They are often funded from opaque corporate sources and act to alter peoples perceptions of the truth.

Often they were set up around the same time, are in touch with each other, make totally unsubstantiated claims, and try to bolster their credibility with silly awards from obscure organisations.

Another low level operative is BBC’s Marianna Spring…

Quite content to play the victim and pretend people are making false claims against her about gender and age, the tweet Marianna gives as evidence of was in fact not about age or gender, but about inexperience. This is exactly the way they treat the information in the narratives they wish to give out…

Conspiracy cuck BBC’s Marianna Spring…

It is certainly a fertile area for research if anyone wants to follow the “fact checkers” connections and different groups.

Chomsky schools Andrew Marr on how mainstream/ mockingbird media corporations act as propaganda units…

Bitchute Chomsky schools Marr on how mainstream media act as a propaganda organisation [10]


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if anyone causes one of these littleones that believe in me to stumbleit would be better for them to have alarge millstone hung around their neckand to be drowned in the depths of theseathis is the only passage in the bible inwhich jesus christ says that a man whocorrupts a childshould better kill himselfwould it make any difference to youwhether your child ended up with a sectpedophiles or an organ donoror does it matter at allpedophiles is the worst option i guessotherwisewhybecause it’s evil right though as aperson who wants to sell their childi’m in no position to judge no i guessit doesn’t matter itdoesn’t matter after all honestly i justwant to get rid of a problemsomeone from the criminal underworld gotin touch with metold me about a girl willing to sell herchild to a brothelor as an organ donori decided to save that child and make adocumentary about iti began by removing the girl from acriminal environmentand finding her a place to stay in adifferent townthe sale of the child was foiled by thecovet 19 pandemicand the restrictions on cross-bordertrafficwhat happened when you found out youwere pregnantwhat were your first thoughts i startedlooking for a solutioni immediately knew i couldn’t have thechild so i was looking to resolve theproblemi believe i made the best decision icouldalthough i managed to relocate the girlto a different townshe was still controlled by an agent whowanted to sell her child[Music]when we already knew she was pregnanti contacted my colleague[Music]a well-known person in the criminalunderworldand simply told him i had a child forsale i wanted to sell that child for spareparts tobrothel to pedophiles i didn’t give a[ __ ] where to goi just wanted to sell it and make moneyso he said he’d help me what do you meanto a brothel such small kids are used inbrothels tooof course it’s pretty common in germanymeaning meaning such small kids arefirst put up with a familythat raises them until they turn threebeforeand then they’re sent to a brothel thesale of a newborn baby is carriedthrough in such a waythat in the hospital the mother signsthe child trafficker inas the father then he takes the babyabroadno one will ever look for them as thebaby is officially somewhere in europewith its fatherdo you have any emotional attitudetoward the babyno no i’m tryingno what do you feel when you look atyour bellynothing disgust i don’t like it at alli’d like to get rid of it[Music]because it’s slavery it’s a tieit’s sleepless nights a baby’s not a dogyou can teach to be alone forseveral hours or soit’s not like[Music]a cat for example that you can leave itwith a litter box a bowl of water somefood andgo away for three days[Music]which is more profitableselling the child for organs or to abrothelfor the mother selling the child as anorgan donordo you know the final price of theorganshow much a child like that costs ineuropeyes i do all in all how much is theheartfor example i know the liver costsseventy thousand polyslattiesit’s a black market so it’s obviousonly wealthy people who have a lot ofmoney are involvedthe retina the eyesthe retina do you know the price of theretinaor the heart the heart is worth almost70 000but euros what’s your approach toselling a childhonestly if it wasn’t for this child whois merchandise i wouldn’t be able to doitbut the thing is[Music]if there’s a possibility to earn quitegood money on itwhy not[Music]they offer 50 to 150 depends do you believe it’s a goodprice50 for a child[Music]without intermediaries i’d say it’senoughenough for whatto make up for those nine monthswhere else could a young person like meearn 50 000 in nine monthshave you thought what you’d buy withthat moneyno no but if i could afford it perhaps anice carclothes a phonewas that offer attractive it seemed soat the beginningespecially since i knew she’d have tobear that child and then go through arecuperation processso i knew she’d need moneytherefore it seemed attractive but lateri did more research and figured outsomeone was tryingto con us in a way that instead ofgiving us the price in eurosthey did it in polish bodieswhat’s the name of the portal its nameis sperm donors let’s make babiesit’s a website where different peoplepost their adswomen who want to give away or selltheir childreni posted an ad in which i offered achild for moneybut i also read other posts[Music]i liked two of them because they werelooking for girlshow did you figure out it was tradingand they don’t care where the baby willend upour post was among themall i cared about was that somebody tookthe child and paidso that i could share the money with themotherso you didn’t care much about thechildren’s fateno i don’t really i care about my ownchild my child is most important to medo you believe in god no i don’t believein godyou believe people get punished fordoing such things later in lifeno i don’t if that was the casei would have gotten punished long agohundreds of times so as to not think ofthe unborn baby as an objectand treat it like a human being i gaveit a namedo you think your baby has feelings doyou identify yourself with itno no no i don’t[Music]i think it’s too smalla baby like that can’t understand painfear orhappiness[Music]do you know it can hear your voice nowyes but i’m not giving it a thought andthe beating of your hearti’m not thinking about itwhy not why would ii don’t feel a need for that there’s nopoint in thinking about it there’sno point at all i’m hereand the baby’s there we are twocompletely different worldsat least that’s how i see it did yougive your baby a namenowhat name will you give it in hospitaltheni don’t know perhaps i’ll ask a midwifeto come up with somethingi have no ideai’m not thinking about those things yet[Music]at that time once i got involved in allthisi gave the baby a name what is itmarcelina very nice[Music]let it be marcelina then[Music]and not as a dehumanized objectso that i could communicate with it inmy headas with a concrete personi believe that giving it a name would ina waycause you to show interest in the wholeprocessand how it should look and some thingslikepreparing a layout for the hospital iguessit might have a huge impact on my headthat’s why i avoid such situations ihaven’t given it a namei haven’t thought about a name i don’tdo such thingsi’m just supposed to bear this childdo you consider a possibility that youremotions might changeand you’ll regret it noi was afraid they might open the bordersat any time and the mother would fleeabroad to sell the child therein order to have control over this i hadto get to the traffickerdo you think it’s possible for me totalk to someone from germany whospecializesin child brothels you know whator transplants i guess it is possiblebut someone would have to set you upwith a person[Music]even more so since those child brothelsfor pedophiles aremainly run by muslimswhy their religion and culture does notprohibit them from having sex withchildrenthey have wives or husbands who are fiveor ten years oldso it’s not a problem for them thereforeit’s the arabs that mainly run thoseplaceshow can such an interview be arrangedi’d have to ask arounddo it then i willfor over a month i was trying to get intouch with a traffickerwhat did the child trafficker say helpme understand what i need to dohold on go on skype and then what yesgo on skype enter your loginyour login is an email address that hasbeen set up for the sake of thisconversationwhat’s the address the address isgreyass2020 at hotmail.comthen you need to enter a password toyour skype accountit starts with a capital letterdemoralizationand you’re in your nicknameyour fake skype first and last name isgray zonehe willyes i don’t have to do anything exactlythis is your first and last name grayzoneyou will receive an invitation from himumthe guy needs to feel safe he’s alsoafraidweeks passed but the skype conversationdidn’t come throughwhy does he keep postponing ourinterview is it so hard to set upi received a message it was on sunday orsaturdaywas it friday i can’t remember exactlyon friday or on saturday he sent me amessage that he was very sorry but hehad to go away to pick up somemerchandisei figure he wasn’t going to pick up acardboard of smokes or vodkabut he was going to pick up a childfor him a living child a living humanbeing is merchandisehe doesn’t even call a child a child hecalls it merchandise because that’s whatit is for himit’s an object that can behe’d sell monetized own mother fororgans if she wasn’t so oldno one wants her organs anymoredoes he have his own child yes a sondo you think he has any human feelingsfor himno because for what i know his son cooperates with him so it’s more of a business partnership rather than a father-son relationship so his son kidnaps children too he delivers them despite the fact the whole thing take splace in germany or in the netherlands there are organized rings here that work non-stop like ants to track those women to get to know their daily routines and habits to see what they do where their children are where they leave them therefore i believe this practice is meticulously planned and carried through it’s a whole it’s a whole process it’s awhole team of people that look for thosewomenright of course it ishe told me he comes to poland forexampleand very often looks for the girlshimselfallegedly whereparks stores restaurantscafesallegedly after so many years in thebusinesshe has an 80 chance to successfullyidentify a pregnant girlwho would at least be willing to talk tohimhe identifies them like police officersare taught to identify criminalsyes as they walk the streets to identifythugsso does he find his victim to find theright girlhe told me it depends on a number offactors clothes behavioror appearance[Music]later when he’s already talking to thegirl he told me that pretty soonover a cup of tea or something he’s ableto tell whether he’s wasted his timeor could take it a step further[Music][Applause]how much do those girls charge for thisabout 2 or 3 000 euros5 000 euros if they are resistant[Music]or are they so keen to get rid of theproblemno they are conned it does happenthey are told they’ll get paid inarrears so they give their child awayand are left with nothing yes or theyget 100 euros to keep them smiling[Music]just to have them get a glimpse of cashso he doesn’t even have to bother tokidnap the childrenas it would be a serious thing includingthe police hunt and everythingyesno he doesn’t but if there is demand ashe puts itif there is demand for a particularcommodityit is sometimes a matter of hoursthen the whole machine he’s involvedwith focuses on delivering a specificchildat a specific age so they have to kidnapithow many brothels do they havehow many children are in each of them[Music]last time i asked there were seven ofthem in one of the german brothelsdo those children live there yesdo they even leave the brothel noso they never go out for a walk rightthey do go outside with a chaperone thatwatches them[Music]but they never go beyond the wall or thefenceso it happens inside a house right yesin a housea regular house so a childends up there at the age of about fouryesabout four why fourit depends on what the clients wantand then the child is stuffed with drugs[Music]yes they’re stuffed with drugs cocaineor amphetaminebut the child usually has intercoursewith a pedophile about once a week onlythat’s why there are so many of them tostay in businessthere must be a lot of children why onlyonce a weeka child can’t be kept on cocaine oramphetamine all the timebecause it might kill themso they’re given drugs only during anintercoursebefore an intercourse whenever the needarisesit’s such a hermetic world that theyknow even several days earlier when andwhich pedophile will come and ask for achilduntil what age does a child remain in abrotheluntil the age of 12 or 13. then what[Music]they are sent to a regular brothelbecause such a child is no longer ableto change their lifetheir mind is so [ __ ] up and so istheir world that the only thing they cando is go to an adult brotheland how long do they stay thereas long as they can if they’re good atwhat they docan they go out or do they remain lockedup[Music]they may go out just like in thebrothels in polandbut a child like that generally becomesa social misfitthey suffer from social phobias theyhave never gone to schoolthey are taught on the spot what to sayor how to sign their name at the mostafter many weeks the agent told me thetrafficker would contact me by phonethat nighti’m really glad you finally called meand we can talk directlybecause with intermediaries intentionsare never fully clear and so ondo you have any idea do you have anyplans or is it still up in the airi have to stay here for a few days ihave some business to attend tothe trafficker broke off contact with meand it seemed we’d never get to meetno nothing what do you think might havehappenedi was afraid it was some sort of setupdo you know how many polish childrenhave no gravesso [ __ ] many[Music]the trafficker would change the time ofour meeting several timesfinally 30 minutes before the interviewhe told me where to go[Music]what kind of words do those guys use dothey say merchandise and stuffhow does it work that’s the way that’sthe waywhat’s the term a dollar usuallydoes the gender matter or our boys callthat tooit matters merchandise is usually usedfor the boysand dolly for the girlsfor him a ten-year-old boy is too olda very little child a three or fouryears old boyor a three or four years old girl[Music]intercourse is betweenthe thighs and the boneswhat does the child’s day look like howmany times a dayor a week do they have sex[Music][Music]at least for several hours does it go onday after dayor are there any breaks because of thedrugs they’re givenno no no or does it basically depend onthe number of clientsif one child is exhausted there isanother onewhile the first one is recuperatingrightyes the child must eat somethingthey’re also given some vitaminssomething nutritiousare they drip-fed yes do they getvaginal abrasionsor something they get some medical caresomeone takes care of them so theyfunction and look wellso it’s kind of breeding human breeding[Music]yes exactly sometimes the childrenrefuse to eatthen they get injections it’s somethinglike a ptsdare they injected with nutrients ordrugsit may be drips or it may be injectionsthe women that look after them are kindof goodas one of them pulls their hair untilthey do what she wantsor respond when she calls out theirnames because at the beginningthey don’t respond to anything not eventheir namesas if the kids completely turned offhow many of those brothels do you thinkthere are in europei know of about four in which countriesbelgiumgermanypolandwhere is the one in polandtri-city[Music]in a regular house as well yesthose intercourses take place before achild is taken away fororgansdoes the client have to pay more forthatof course i believe the price amounts toso it must be aroundhalf a millionand euros aware the child becomesuseless after thatdo those four-year-olds live togetherwith seven oreight-year-olds or do they go somewhereelseseven or eight years old or good forregular sexand those little kids are separatedfrom what age can you have anintercourse with a child without riskingtearing them apart[Applause]they can have regular sex from the agesix or eight and earlierthat is when recycling begins[Music]he likes it when he shoves his dick inblood spillinghe massacres the child does he murderthe child orleave it to diewhatever turns him on but then the childis a wreck anywayhow long can a child survive in suchconditionsif there’s a clientfor the vip satisfactionthen they won’t survive[Music]children who are six are over[Music]i’m not sure until they turn 14what then they get disposed of[Music]disposed of or sent to another brotheldisposed ofthey’re usually disposed of becausethey’re no longer eligible fortransplantsdue to drug-related body exhaustion yes[Music]when the child is no longer attractivebut it’s useless andcan’t be used for spare parts any longerthey make movies and post them on thedark net[Music]what exactly have you seensuffocation during sex is a standardthingthat is a common fantasyto be doing it to the very end whataboutnon-standard things a non-standard thingis to simply [ __ ] everything up withyour dickin order to get to the truth i spentseveral dozen hours talking to hima kid that already has someunderstanding of what’s going on aroundthem becauseto some extent a 12 year old is aware ofcertain things[Music]such a vision of lifethat in a way his reality becomestotally messed up[Music]as there are perversionsso that the kid takes their own lifeduring an intercourseor beg to be choked to deaththat’s what turns them ondo they have any sophisticated toys orare there no toys[Music]you know i guessall of them have their favorite fluffytoyssome have their favorite pillowsthe kids often fight over their fluffytoyskids don’t hug each otherthey’re afraid of being touchedthey arethey seem to knowthey’re even afraid to touch their ownbodiesi don’t know any more cold-blooded womanthan those from that brothelthe ones that take part the ones thatallegedly look after the kidsare they ordinary women do they havechildrenhusbands their own homes or are theyyoung individualsno no more maturethey’re also european thenat least two of those that i havepersonally seen havebrought their own children therethere are two girls there sitting on mythose kids took to me so much and i lovechildren dearlywhen i entered they got pretty scared ofme[Music]somehow they caught my attention andmy eyes smiled at them my eyes not myfaceyou just can’t put it in wordsone grabbed my leg the other grabbed myother legi sat on the bed how old were theyroughly about 10.they started singing songs for me bothof themand both were jealous of each otherhow did they manifest their jealousythey just wanted to be saved something icouldn’t dowhen talking to the trafficker i knew iwas looking at the devil in the eyedo those people believe in satan how dothey worship himare they deep in that ocular [ __ ] it’s asectthose people don’t even greet each otherwhen they greet each otheri mean they don’t greet each other byjust saying hello orgood morning or gluten dogor whatever normal people say when theygreet each otherthat’s not what they sayso what do they say of a [ __ ] satanwhatno no[Music]they use completely different two words[Music]what words i’m not going to utter themwhy[Music]i promised myself i’d never say themwhat if i turn the camera offturn the camera off and i’ll tell ya[Music]have you ever seen any satanistartifacts when you went to visit thoseindividualsany ocular objects like pentagramsinverted crosses or somethingthere’s a pentagram under thatinscriptionreally that was [ __ ] there manthe dude has a pentagram in his houseyesthere are those words i told you theyused to greet each otherthat kind of our good morning[Music]from my experience i can tell you ittook us 18 months to work on a mothershe didn’t know about it but there wasalways someone watching herwhether she was taking good care of herchild whether everything was okay[Music]at the same time we pressed herrelentlessly to abandon that bastarddid she sell her child to a brothelshe didn’t [ __ ] care she took thedoughand that was it how much did she getshe got around 10 000 euros in cashhow old was the child fourfiveand she sold the kidyes she was happy everyone had left her[ __ ] aloneincluding the kidshe thought the kid was up for adoptionby a good family abroadwhere did it gothat even i got to detest the kid as aresultbut they gladly accepted it she thoughtthe kid was adoptedbut in fact it went for spare partswhatever comes to light becomes known iwanted the devil to reveal himself andshow his trueface how much would i have to pay for adonor kidif i wanted to buy one from youwell you know i just get my cut i can’treally tellhow much do you get i get 15 000 eurosfor abroad with a kissfor carrying through the whole processof adoption yesso if i ordered a child from you howlong would i have to waitdo you have any special requests a boy agirllet’s say i do or don’t it’ll be fasterif i don’t sojust a child right yes two weekscontrary to what you might think it’shard work so i don’t get a heart on wheni think about those girlsi’m not in a hurry but i do get pressed[Music]and use the power of positive thinkingthen i can see the nose and the eyes ofa cute little dough before my facethose little pets look so sweethow long does it usually take to bring agirl aroundbring a girl around i mean from themoment you meet her to when she decidesto hand the child overtwo or three meetings[Music]unbelievable how long are those meetingsthere’s a party i take her to a partyand i’ll work on her theni test her but not only me[Music]there are several of us we help eachother i get helpwe support each other and do the jobthere’s a reason why we’re there[Music]the girl decides not to [ __ ] me on thefirst datei don’t give a [ __ ] about [ __ ] herokay so what are the options from therebrothelor spare parts it dependsif there’s demand they will even pull achild out of the brothelfrom the brothel for spare parts yesso the parts are a priority yesabsolutelythey bring in huge money quickly[Music]i post an ad that i’m a businessmanworking abroadi visit poland once a month and i needcompanyi want to be a sponsor and girls replythere are lots of repliesyou test them that depends on whatyou’re afterwhether we’re after the organs or achild[Music]what our living conditions are and so onthen you go and hunt the girl downit sometimes happens those children arehandicapped in some way[Music]the child stands in their waytaking a child away from them is not aproblemso what quality should an idealchild-dealing girl possessfirst of all she must be selfishyou can see right away she’s ready tokiss your ass and do anything you want[Music]since it’s all about children you beginby askingdo you have any children yes what agelet’s say she’s got a six-year-old girland you immediately offer a trip tolet’s sayto sail in a boat there she’s on cloudnineyou take her there for two or three dayswatch her whether she calls the childor her mother usually it’s her motherthat stays with the child and keepscallingand when she answers her mother’s callsyou hear what she saysand how she says things and whethershe’s pissed offthen her mother calls again and she’syoursyou pretend you’re having fun we talk itell her she’s got a cute daughterof course i am proud of heri took after her[Music]it turns out she has children and that’swhen he cuts inchildren what the [ __ ] do you needchildren for why would you take that onyour shoulderswe kind of talk like a friend to afriendand of course we watch your reactionsyes it sometimes happens the girl tellsyouyou know that [ __ ] kid it’s just[ __ ] troubleand i don’t know what to do with this[ __ ] and so ondo you think it’ll be over once you bearthe child yesi think it’ll be all over once i havethat childonce it gets out of my body for goodand it’ll go[Music]i’m not going to see it ever again iwon’t feel it i won’t hear itmany people won’t understand it but[Music]most of them have never been in such asituationcarrying a child you don’t want is sodevastating to your mindthat it’s hard to imaginedespite what the women were planning todo after the child was bornthe agent brought a lay it for marcelina[Music]that’s for you give me my stuff i don’tcare about the childthese pants don’t be [ __ ] breathlessthey’re awesomethis is a puppy’s paw do you know whyit’s herebecause underneath it says i love my momwhy have you covered itbecause the child won’t have a mom buti’ve not covered i love my dadwe needed a midwife to help with thedelivery i set up a consultation whichdue to the covet 19had to be done online have you beenpregnant beforeno whom are you carryinga girl what is her namemarcissia marcelinai hope that conversation would stir someemotions in the motheryou’ll have contractions every fiveminutes you’ll watch them for an hour tosee if they’re getting strongerthe next hour once againplease you got distractedi got distracted i’m basically trying togive you a patchwork of specificinformation[Music]it’s difficult i’m not getting attachedit’s not difficult i don’t care whetherit’s difficult or not i justdon’t form any sort of attachmenti just want to learn some basic stuffand goand bear that child and end my adventurewith iti don’t want to elaborate on that i’mnot even asking you toi approached my interview with thetrafficker as if it was a policeinterrogationwhere you often go back to the sameissues in order to establish the truthi found about 500 such girls on theinternetif a mother goes abroad to give herchild up for adoption[Music]the mother ends up in a brothel and shegets hooked on drugs[Music]a child is a kind of merchandise thatbrings pure profitas it requires no investments and earnsits living by working in a brotheland when there’s a bid for an organ itgoes on an operating tablefor disassembly the mother also goes forspare partswere you afraid of meeting such a personnohow comei believe a person should be approachedin a holistic manner[Music]there’s a task to be donesince he’s a professional i also try tobe professional withoutasking unnecessary questions briefstatementsshort questions whatever i need to knowwhatever’s essentialdid he make a good impression on you hewon me overwith his approach and composure thosegirls think they’ll return to polandwith a lot of moneythey think they’ll get rich but areunawarethey’re on their way to a brothelthey don’t know what’ll happen to them[Music]or that they’ll get hooked on drugs orlose their freedomdo you know what i felt while recruitingthose girlsi didn’t give a [ __ ] about those girlsand their kidsall i cared about was the money theadoption of a child is carried throughin such a way thatthe girl gets married to an arab amuslimthe muslim law allows marrying evenunderage girls[Music]then he gets to adopt the childhe takes the child away to his country a[Music]muslimfor 50 local dollars you can get anydocument you wantchanging the first or last name is not aproblemand so any trace of the child is lostwhat then they go to egypt for a coupleof daysthey get new papers through some formalcorrection of the nameand the last name in a matter of hoursand the child returns as a completelydifferent personit returns to europe to the brothel andno one isever looking for that child again thetrace is losta child had left it had a name and alast nameand a different person came back toeurope laterand the mother she goes to a brothel ineuropewhat does it look like when they bringyou kids for sale from ukrainewhen a child comes from ukraine it getsnew papers here in polandthese are another child’s papers with anidentical idonly the photo of the imported kid isswapped and practically the trace islost herethe child goes abroad with its newpolish idso you need the id in case of inspectionyes while crossing the borderjust in case then there are no moreproblemsbecause the real child stays in polandwhile the other one is officiallynon-existentyesand what happens with kidnapped childrenchildren are kidnapped only in urgentcasesif there’s an emergency someone got illthere’s a problem and an urgenttransplant is neededthat’s when kidnapping takes placewhy is kidnapping so rarebecause it’s dangerousdangerous for the organizationit doesn’t pay to keep a kidnapped childin a brothel[Music]it would be a total disaster if such akid was foundwhat’s the difference whether they finda kidnapped or a regular child in abrothelbecause you may pretend it’s not reallya brothel no one is going to admit it’sa brothelbut there’s a difference because if thechild is being searched for by interpolit’s a serious [ __ ] but you can alwaysaccount for a regular childwhether the child has been adopted andwent through the adoption process withan arab father or in any other wayrather thanadmitting the child’s been sold orkidnapped[Music]the client doesn’t have to come to thebrothel in his own carhe is brought therethe meeting spot is established earlierit’s different with different clientseven the clients can’t see each otherit happens that they even tear infantsapart[Music]the baby dies in that roomyes yes in that roomthe momenta whole group is immediately set up topick up the organswe schedule it so that everythingoverlapsso that we have a recipient readyis the child still alive when it’s beingtaken to the operating roomit’s done on the spot in the villa isthat where the organs are retrievedyes there’s a special sterile room therewhen they torture those childrenthe children get broken their arms getbrokentheir legs their legs get pulled out ofthe hipsthey often get beaten up[Music]torn apart organs buttholesdo you mean those little babies gettheir legs pulled outyes so it’s sadismyes sadisminfants always suffer they all dolater that child is useless do you everthink you might get punished for that atsome point of your lifeno i never do i believe if you do notthink about such thingsthey never happen older children areexploited for a whilethey’re addicted to the drugs they’resedatedbut infants become useless they go forspirit partsolder kidscan’t take it mentally also because ofthe drugsthey ration them out to make the costsas low as possiblebecause the kids are nothing more thanjust merchandisethat also has an impact on their mentalstatethey did save them of course[Music]the drugs put children in such extremepsychotic statesthey even come in their own private jetsand helicopters from[ __ ] who knows wherethey are picked up at differentlocations filthy rich[Music]they pay a fortune to spend time with achildeverything’s arranged with a medicalteamand if it becomes crippled for lifenobody’s going to look after itso it immediately becomes an organ donorthose brothelswith operating roomsthere are high security siteswe’re talking about huge money here so[Music]it’s all professionally set uplike a corporation yes like acorporationas complex as a corporation there mustbe a medical team on standbysomeone must look after those kidssomeone must organize[Music]the transplants and everything[Music]there must also be someone that helpsthemthe demand is huge andthey won’t change to stop me from savingthe childthe devil struck at the mother thedarkness that the mother colluded withturned against her and pushed her intodepression at some point the mother toldus she wanted to kill herselfand the baby what if they say november9ththen you’ll know it’s going to happenwhat’s the problemi guess november 9th may sound stressfulto youand you’d want to get rid of the babysooneri can’t promise that i won’t hurt myselfit’s starting to mess my head upare you having suicidal thoughts yes idowhere did they come from from all thishow could suicide help give me peace ofminddo you think killing yourself would ridyou of the problemdo you know what impact it’ll have onyou if the usg guy tells you’redue soonerbut it may be delayed too right and ican’t predicti’m not able to how i’ll behave in sucha situation i just can’twe need a good usg test resultwhen she has it perhaps it’ll show thatshe’s due on say the 20thor the 27th or even the 9th novemberor the 5th of november once she has theresults in her hand it may be easier forherare the suicidal thoughts getting worseyeshave you already pictured in your mindhow you’re going to do iti have a friend who’s acquainted withthose thingshe wouldn’t say what kind of substanceit is but i know it’s effectivehe prepares specific med cocktails andfor the right price he provides you witha packagea suicide package yes how do you findhimthrough a friend who had problems beforeandwanted to commit suicide she used hisservices andshe’s no longer here how much is such asuicide packagethree hundred and eighty zelatesare you going to kill yourself and thechild just because you can’t wait 12daysthat’s why i need that paper i need thec-section becausei can’t promise i won’t hurt myselfdoesn’t it thinking about her helpdoesn’t she give you any motivation orreliefthis child gives me nothing absolutelynothing atall i want to get rid of iti’m not identifying myself with it i’mnot thinking about it i’m not looking atiti’m not talking to it i don’t payattention to it moving ijust don’t think about iti don’t want it i just don’t want itfor me every day when i get up in themorning and look at myselfat my belly and stuff it is justanother day filled with painbut it turned out the mother couldn’twait until her due datefearing for the child’s life the onlysolution was a day-to-day[Music]c-sectionit’s my bedthe bed of a lady i share a room withi’ve already signed all the papers somekind of anagnesis for theanesthesiologisti’ve had dinner i got my supper typicalhospital foodnot too tasty you can’t have everythingi’m not alone in the room there’sanother lady butshe tried to talk to me about the babyabout my situationis it a boy or a girl the lady’s havingher second childi don’t know if it’s a boy or a girlanyway she tried to have a conversationwith mei told her the truth about my situationand she never spoke to me againas for the baby’s test resultsthey were good almost three kilos of agirlmy mental state is getting betteri feel more relieved buti’m getting stressedabout the very surgery[Music]5 40. i don’t really know what it means[Music]after ctg i’m supposed to get washed andput on a shirt for the c-section[Music]and come see the midwives[Music][Music]i’m pretty stressed out but only aboutthe surgery rather thanall this i have no thoughts about thechilddo you have any doubtsi don’t think so no i don’t have anyi don’t because i have no doubts for nowi’m not sure about tomorrow though butcommon sense will prevail over themanywayhave you thought whether you’ll everhave children againgenerally yes but[Music]for now after reaching this point andconsidering what’s going oni don’t think i want to have a child atalli’m horrified to see how underdevelopedmy maternal instinct is[Music]marcelino was born at 12 p.mshe scored 10 points and weighed threekilogramsokay let me get up slowlyhow are you feeling i’m goodit hurts but i guess it’s normal[Music]have you seen the baby or haven’t you noi had a screen in front of my face therewas a screenbut generally it wasso nerve-wracking for me thati can’t even describe it[Music]nerve-wracking in what sense because ofthe childbirthor because of the surgery i don’t knoweveryone in the whole atmosphere werekind of[Music]it took 40 minutes it was horrible atthe beginning because i couldn’t breatheand my heart was rushingthen it got so serene i i almost driftedawayi didn’t feel anything i didn’t know youfeel nothing at allfirst i could feel some jerking in mystomach and after thatyes i feel greatly relievedthe c-section was yesterday today i feelway better[Music]last night was a disaster i couldn’tsleepi was being fed meds through a drip andsome oral pills plushydroxyzine because i couldn’t sleep dueto the paindo i think about my kid i did dreamabout her but i can’ti’m still too dopey to wrap my headaround it[Music]and i don’t really miss her but i wouldlike to see herbut i know it to do no good we need tosee that childi’m not sure i can take it i mean[Music]maybe in the evening but i i can’tpromise it won’t mess up my headokay you’ll see how you’ll feellater when i’m able to go there myselfdo what i’ve got to dofilm her take some pictures and leave ithink i’ll be good butto lie with her in the patient recoveryroom[Music]i get it but could you spare her 10minuteswhat am i supposed to do with her for 10minutesi asked the mother to show me the babyas i wanted to see marcelina at least[Music]oncethe mother wanted no contact with thebaby whatsoevershe told me the worst moment came whenmarcelina suddenly sneezedand looked her in the eyei don’t know how she’s doing i just wantto get out of the hospital as soon aspossible to cut myself offi’m alone in the room i mainly sleep andwatch tvi walk around a little nothing specialso i’m sitting here thinkingthat does me no good i’m i must occupymyself with somethingi asked myself if the police were ableto save that child and give me 100guarantee she’d be safe while delvinginto the topic i came across a movingappeal of another mother to thekidnapper of her childi decided to get in touch with her[Music]on the day you came into my life andchanged it into a nightmarethat day you kidnapped my sonalthough so many years have passed by mypain and my longing for him have growneven biggerfinding tomok is the sense of my lifedo you know how it hurts to be separatedfor such a long time[Music]do you know the pain of losing such ayoung childmy husband was upstairs and we were inthe course of building our house[Music]the first thing i did when i entered ourproperty was asking where tomok was[Music]he said he had seen him playing 10 or 15minutes before[Music]i looked around but he was nowhere to beseeni put down my shopping bag withgroceriesand walked back outsidei called out to him to no availi remained outside the house i sat onthe steps not knowing what to do withmyselfi didn’t know where to goin the dark i stumbled into the worstand the darkest placesdespite being a total cowardon such occasions you feel no fear[Music]it’s your priority to find the missingchildwhile sitting on those steps i began toprayi said god if you need to punish someonepunish me and spare the childdon’t let him feel the pain ofseparation[Music]because a child is not an object that wethrow away once we get bored with itit’s a living being got to fend for ityou can’t give upso 30 years later i’m still fightingand i believe my son is alivethere is an age progression image oftomic in his 20si hope this progression shows exactlywhat tomah would look like at the age of22.[Music][Music]we got a message with a photo from whatlater turned out to be a fake accountthat tomok that missing tomok was nowryan pitts[Music]it also included his whereaboutswhen i opened that photograph i almostpassed outi sat on a stool and said god almightythis is my tomah[Music]the two men were so similar that thepolish police decided to contact the fbido you think the fbi did all they couldthey checked it just to get us off theirbackso we leave them alone i know our sidewas putting pressure on themfbi said they’d check ryan pitt’s birthcertificatebecause he got married there he had tohave a valid copy of his birthcertificaterightand they sent us information that hisbirth certificate was checkedand that it was an original documentand that was[Music]even his date of birth differs ondifferent sites on theso it internet makes me wonder and allthe information that you can find abouthimstarts from the age of five in myopinionfbi failed they dropped the case tooearlyand didn’t explain the kidnapping[Music]we found information that ryan’sgrandparentswere patrons of an orphanage located intheir towni guess switching one kid with anotherwouldn’t be difficult atallryan pitts was a soldier decorated bypresident obamawhen he was decorated by president obamaseveral interviews appeared and therewas an interview with his grandmothersince his early childhoodmy husband’s dna and mine are in thegeneral databaseand they are available for verificationit’s generally known that all the usarmy soldierssubmit their dnaso the dna results are available in theus military databasebut no one wants to give us access to itso there is the possibility to verifythatryan himself doesn’t want to give hisconsenthe doesn’t agree for dna verificationand we cannot force him to do that[Music]only the court would be able to do itryan pitts lives in the usa he has awifeand a child there if it turns out thathe’s the kidnapped boytomic within a day would lose the rightsof an american citizenand would be deported to poland hewouldn’t have the right to stay therebecause it would mean that all thedocuments of his origin had been forged[Music]he’ll do everything to avoid these testsbecause they would mean the end of his family[Music]i’m afraid that i’ll die without knowingthe truth and the ending to this case[Music]i came to the conclusion that in orderto have 100guarantee that marcelina would be safe ihad to save her by myselfi moved to the negotiation phase and iasked the evil ones what i had to do tosave a childwants to sell a child for organs or to abrothel through youknowwhat deal do i have to make with you tostop it from happeningno [ __ ]then we would be taking moneywhat money first of all you wouldn’t betalking to mei doubt it becauseit would be i think thatit would be misteris there anything apart from money thatcould motivate themyou’d have to come up with some sort ofdeal with thembut you work in a different sector soyou won’t make a deal with themthey only care about money whatwhat type of a deal some sort ofexchangea [ __ ] for a [ __ ]a body for a body so i’d have to givethem some girlyou’d have to do something bad sell agirl for a kid you have to do somethingbador another kid for a kid exactly or whatif i exchanged an adult personfor that kid 100 that would also work100it would work for sure yesbut for what you want you’d have to payadditionallyso here there would be some amount topayso if i offered a guy or a woman i’dhave to pay additionallybecause they would be worth less than achild you’d have to pay additionally oneway or anotherbut if someone was in an urgent need fororgansyou wouldn’t afford such a deal[Music]if we made a deal with those people thatwould sell them a childand they’d give us money we wouldn’t beable to back outbecause for those people too much moneyis at stake they don’t give a [ __ ] aboutus and that childthey only care for real american dollarsand nothing elsethese people are devoid of humanemotionsso if they are able to sell an alivechild for organsthey will not think twice to cut ourthroatsit won’t be a problem for themwhatsoever i solved that problemi took the baby over from thetraffickers and i saved it from beingsoldand no one cut anybody’s throat soon themother came to a decisionto give the baby up for illegal adoptionthe mother didn’t care what would happento the baby taking into considerationthe set of circumstances i recommendedto her that a catholic facility shouldtake care of the adoptionyou have to fill in the application ifyou want i can tell you which adoptionfacility she will be takenit will be a catholic one yes i reallywant a catholic facilitythen you’ll have to write a fewsentences the reasoni don’t expect you to describe anythingin detailbut it must be here for sureyou have to put it in words somehow icannot tell you what to writeyou have to come up with it yourselfi was waiting for the date of the courthearing during which the mother was toconfirm if she wasactually giving her baby up for adoptionin the meantimeshe went to a catholic adoption centerhow’s baby do you have any informationshe’s healthypretty is she everything is really goodi have one picture could i see thatpicture i have it somewhere in my phoneokay no you really [ __ ] me up patrickyou [ __ ] smashed me into small piecesat one point the trafficker realizedthat during our meetingshe told me too much you [ __ ] me upreally [ __ ] me up because i see theway you look at methen i see in your eyes you know what idon’t want to see you anymorei don’t want it i saw your eyes thestuff we talked about i do iti do it too do you know that i’vealready called all my friendsand i asked them if they can imagine meas a pedophile[Music]do you know how [ __ ] bad i feel aboutthata man has no chance to win with a devilbecause the devil is million times moreintelligent than we arewhat we deal with is horriblemanipulative merciless powerbut when a man is close to god thendevil doesn’t stand a chanceand it roars angrily like a lion becauseit knows that it has already lostunable to get to me the devil attackedthe child traffickerdo you know i wanted to [ __ ] end mylife i really wanted to [ __ ] do iti called my kid i called my sonand i told him these are the lastwords you’ll hear from me i already cutmy wrists you knowbecause of our conversations i cut mywristsi [ __ ] cut my wristsi’m sorry[Music]finally the day of the court proceedingscame during which the mother wassupposed to confirm her consent to givemarcelina up for adoptioni wanted to have proof this would happeni’ll start recordingwe’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes[Music]alreadydo you agree to that statement yes i doand this consent is given in fullconscienceisn’t it okay let’s print the protocolthank you very much goodbye[Music][Music]goodbyeif i managed to save one child togetherwe’re able to save thousands[Music][Music]you

My contacts follow, then some resources for survivors, and then some useful links of sources of information, some of which will need updating in this turbulent censorship times of the New World Order.


[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused

Healing Links

[C] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

[D] Jim Hopper Meditation

[E] 2016 Jan 5 Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma

[F] A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links

[G] PsychCentral The 5 Stages of Loss and Grief

[H] Resurection of a Runaway Five Steps to Sexual Recovery after Sexual Exploitation

[I] Heartmath Science of the Heart

UK Organisations


[K] One in Four

[L] Havoca

[M] Maggie Oliver Foundation Helping Survivors of Abuse move on with their lives

[N] Survivors UK website for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men and twitter

[P] Researching Reform Blog twitter  UK legal


[Q] Victims Refuse Silence Site of Epstein Survivor Virginia Roberts Twitter @VRSVirginia

[R] Survivorship     Ritual Abuse -Neil Brick

[S] Jessie Czebotar Illuminate the Darkness


[T] 2020 Mar 21 cathyfoxblog How to Integrate Alters – Fiona Barnett

[U]  Deprogramwiki

[V] 2020 Jun 23 cathyfoxblog Fiona Barnetts Wide Open Updated Lockdown Edition

[W] EFT Universe Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

[X] Body Centric Healing Extreme Trauma

[Y] Lone Horse Blog Seeing Invisible Wounds A Bio-Energetic Understanding of Systematic Trauma

Appendix 1

Some of these need updating but its a bit  of a busy time…

cathyfox links

Research Resources

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK


[Q] SurvivorsJustice Blog

I will gradually build up this list of sources that I read or listen for more general news. Naturally, as with all sources, use with discernment, question everything, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The time is over for propaganda on a plate served to you… we are the news now, research and seek the truth…

Left right one dimensional politics means little to me. They are both corrupted by the globalist satanic illuminati cabal.

No one source of information will give all the truth. Listen to many and use your discernment. Choose those with integrity, not those you agree with.

US /World Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, SRA, Illuminati etc

US Authorities on Twitter to Report Child Trafficking·

World News

Zerohedge, gateway pundit, sgt report

Aggregators and Analysers

Coronavirus Issues

Trump /Election Fraud

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected or you wish to write to me please email quoting the article title.


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

I only post on Twitter at present, if you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of illuminati. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic illuminati want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them, and commits horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all…

Notes (if any, intended to be added somewhere in due course)

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6 Responses to Patryk Vega – Eyes of the Devil

  1. Shelly Smith says:

    🇨🇦 ian Q girl 🕯🙋🛡🗡🔥💥📣🇺🇸 EXPOSER Hallelujah bless you and may the Lord favor you with HIS GOODNESS Thank you Shelly

    On Sat, Mar 27, 2021, 12:39 PM cathy fox blog on child abuse wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” This is a hugely powerful film by > Patryk Vega, exposing the depravity of baby, child and human trafficking. > Patryk interviews a pregnant mother. She is going to sell her baby to child > traffickers. Mothers like this are often forced into prostitution ” >

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  2. Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh. These people are evil. Demons incarnate. I struggled to watch the entire documentary. I had to take a few breaks and felt physically sick by the time it was over. This can’t have been an easy film for Patryk to make. May God bless him and keep him safe! Thank you for sharing, Cathy. ❤️

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  3. dlblades says:

    I tried to watch this documentary, but I just couldn’t. When the mom was saying that the baby disgusted her, it was just a problem to be rid of, it made me ill…dont these people realize they have responsibility in this? They gave no conscious, no feelings, I can’t understand it at all😭

    On Sat, Mar 27, 2021, 9:40 AM cathy fox blog on child abuse wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” This is a hugely powerful film by > Patryk Vega, exposing the depravity of baby, child and human trafficking. > Patryk interviews a pregnant mother. She is going to sell her baby to child > traffickers. Mothers like this are often forced into prostitution ” >

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