NL1 Pedophile Network in the Hague

This post is centred around a post written by Ella Ster and published on her website, Ella Ster * | source: 2021 Oct 10 Ella Star Huig Plug shows emotionally shocking evidence: “I am the voice of Lisa.” [10]

It tells of a pedophile network in the Hague. [I have chosen to use the US spelling of pedophile rather than the English paedophile, as it is recognised better globally and therefore more easily found on searches.]

I will first add some background and my summary/ interpretation of the post, as many will not be familiar with much that has happened in the Netherlands (Holland) in the child abuse/trafficking world. The original article is in Dutch and I have used an autotranslation, and it can be a little difficult to understand the overall picture, so I will try and clarify and expand on some points first, albeit with my imperfect understanding, in advance of Ella’s article which follows further down this post.
If anyone wants to correct anything then feel free either in the comments or

So the article tells of child sexual abuse and child trafficking in the Hague. The Hague is important because…

The Hague is the seat of the Cabinet, the States General, the Supreme Court and the Council of State of the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander lives in Huis ten Bosch and works at the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague, together with Queen Máxima.

Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands are located in the city.

The Hague is known as the home of international law and arbitration. The International Court of Justice, the main judicial arm of the United Nations, is located in the city, as are the International Criminal Court, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, Europol and approximately 200 other international governmental organizations.

The Hague is also home to the world headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell and other Dutch companies. Wikipedia The Hague [11]

Huig Plug is a whistleblower from the Dutch judiciary and he was involved in a protest outside the home of a Leiden lawyer who is accused of being part of a “corrupt Minerva clique” and who is married to a man whose own daughter, “Lisa” accuses of sexual abuse, ritual abuse and of passing her round to other pedophiles. Lisa also says her baby was also raped and died from the injuries.

The Minerva clique is an elite fraternity from the University of Leiden. A report from the newspaper Volkskrant reported “two-thirds of influential Netherlands was a member of Minerva in 2010 “.

The Minerva clique has a militia attached to it Wikispooks LSV Minerva [15]

In 1998, Leiden University expanded to The Hague which has now become home to Campus The Hague, with six of the seven faculties. To give some idea of scale and geolocation, below is a map of the Netherlands. The Hague and Leiden can be seen about ten miles apart in the West, with global child trafficking capital Amsterdam 40 or 50 miles to the North East.

For future reference the Netherlands speaks Dutch a similar language to German also similar to Flemish which is spoken in Flanders, Northern Belgium. The Netherlands is often called Holland, although Holland is just one part of Netherlands.

The “Minerva” lawyer, the new wife of the accused abuser, Lisa’s father, found Huig’s protest intimidating, and brought a legal case against Huig Plug. Huig Plug says he is the voice of Lisa and Huig apparently has evidence that he wished to bring forward in the case to justify the protest.

My information is that the “Minerva lawyer”, the new wife of Lisa’s alleged abusive Luciferian father is Larissa Alwin, who is in fact not just a lawyer but a judge. Because she is a judge, the State Attorney was able to represent her in the court case on October 7th!! The State Attorney is Sikke Kingma.

Judge Larissa Alwin was the judge for a recent court case involving Shell and ruled against Shell, meaning they have to introduce very strict measures to reduce their carbon footprint supposedly to help reduce climate change. Reuters Update 6- Shell ordered to deepen carbon cuts in landmark Dutch climate case [21]

Judge Larissa Alwin

The ruling in the Shell case, is very much “on message” to what the globalist cabal want from their climate change psyop. The end result that they wish to bring in, is a carbon budget for individuals, so they can be taxed, controlled even locked down. Along with financial measures brought in by the World Economic Forum being able to control individuals spending via digital currency, the cabal could then control the people via a Chinese type social credit score.

A step on the way is to exert control over corporations, who anyway are on message and I would suspect this was just a show trial to achieve a legal precedent.

Taking this information about Judge Larissa Alwin and State Attorney Sikke Kingma into account, it can be seen that the whole might of the Dutch state is against Huig Plug and abuse victim Lisa. The state appears to be protecting pedophiles in power. Not just ordinary pedophiles, but highly connected organised Luciferian pedophiles who undertake ritual abuse.

The Judge wanted to hold this case behind closed doors and Huig Plug wants to circumvent this to allow people to see the evidence. The judgment of the case is due Friday 15th October 2pm. This case appears to be an attempt to silence him. Huig Plug thinks it is because they are connected to the pedophile network at the Hague.

This is not some wild accusation. Very powerful Dutch figures including royalty have been accused for years of being child sexual abusers and child traffickers by many survivors and with many whistleblowers and much evidence. They have escaped justice due to their power and connections and the widespread nature of the child trafficking network infiltrating many if not most positions of power.

Joris Demmink who is one of the abusers named by Lisa, is a retired Dutch Justice Department official who has been repeatedly accused of child abuse. He was said to be involved in 1998 Rolodex child abuse case Joris Demmink Scandal [19]

Lisa’s mother is Marlies van Muiswinkel and although she is a lawyer she is not acting for Huig Plug but appears to be assisting him, perhaps as a legal adviser. She has been fighting in vain for years against her ex-husband and other people involved in the justice system. Her ex husband presumably remarried and chose Judge Larissa Alwin who instigated taking the legal case against Huig Plug.

Part of the Huig Plug evidence is a price list and order form to order children on computer it seems…

Note the name Big Daddy Candy Bouquet. Fiona Barnett was called Candy Girl and Cindy/Candy appear to be used as common mind control/sex trafficked names.

Information which tends to support the claims of child trafficking is from Svali, ex Jesuit 4th General, ex chief mind control programming trainer for the Jesuits who has said “that the worldwide centre for infant and child sex trafficking is located in South Amsterdam”. Child Sex Trafficking by the Jesuits [20]

There are also trafficking auction houses in Brussels, Belgium, in Berlin, Germany, in Amsterdam, Geneva, Moscow and other locations with the largest located in Paris. The Jesuit Father overseeing the child trafficking in Amsterdam has his offices located in a palatial private mansion with walled gardens, where he also lives. Child Sex Trafficking by the Jesuits [20]

The Netherlands is rotten with child abuse and child trafficking. State attorney Sikke Kingma calls Huig Plug’s claims “crazy stories about a pedo conspiracy in The Hague” but the perjorative slurs and ad hominem attacks are losing their potency and are worthless as it is undoubtedly true that the people in power are abusing children on a massive scale, all over the world. In fact these ridiculous infantile slurs are becoming signposts to the abusers and their supporters.

For just a few of the whistleblowers on child trafficking and ritual abuse see this thread…

cathyfoxblog twitter thread Whistleblowers [22] or on the pingthread app Whistleblowers [22b]

With that background, hopefully the following article will mean more. It was written by Ella Ster and published on her website, Ella Ster * | source: 2021 Oct 10 Ella Star Huig Plug shows emotionally shocking evidence: “I am the voice of Lisa.” [10]

This is an autotranslation of her post which was in Dutch.

Huig Plug wants to reveal the evidence in Lisa’s case. A lawsuit was brought against him to silence him. The judge wanted to hold the public hearing behind closed doors, but as a result, an emotional Huig Plug decides to bring out the shocking evidence in a different way.

Huig Plug, whistleblower within the judiciary, had to appear in court this week. The reason was a protest action for the home address of a Leiden lawyer, who found this intimidating and initiated summary proceedings against him. According to Huig Plug, the lawyer is part of a ‘corrupt Minerva clique’. She is married to a man who abused his own daughter Lisa and buried her baby in the Scheveningse Bosjes.  

The story of the abused girl Lisa was brought out by Argos and also at Café Weltschmerz discussed . After Huig Plug came into contact with her mother Marlies van Muiswinkel, he also delved into her file. State attorney Sikke Kingma calls Huig Plug’s claims “crazy stories about a pedo conspiracy in The Hague, for which every substantiation is interrupted.” Kingma demands that these accusations stop, demands a correction on Twitter and that Huig Plug no longer harass the Leiden lawyer at home, on pain of a hefty penalty. [1]

Every night he went out the front door. Piemel- Penis The words by 2 say: Mes -Knife, Piemel- Penis

Huig Plug wanted to show in court that there is a lot of evidence to substantiate his claims. According to him, the lawyer and her colleagues in the justice system involved in the abuse would ensure that their crimes go unpunished and covered.  

Pedo network in The Hague

Argos made a report about the heavily abused girl. Lisa not only designated her father as one of the perpetrators, but also a number of other (top) officials within the judiciary. She also named Joris Demmink as one of her rapists. Her testimonies have been filed with the notary as a safe-deposit box. Lisa’s mother, Marlies van Muiswinkel, has been fighting in vain for years against her ex-husband and other people involved in the justice system. [2] [3]

1. Demmink is from/of the mean plans = does mean things 2. Demmink is a torturer 3.Demmink keeps us on a rope 4. Demmink is a child snatcher

Marlies van Muiswinkel submitted this 120-page notary statement, including children’s drawings of all the people involved, to the chief attorney general in 2015. According to her, it has all been brushed aside because a “certain group in The Hague,” a “pedophile network in The Hague,” participates in the abuse, according to Lisa’s mother.

“I am being served here behind closed doors. I want to protect the children. My grandchild is already dead in the woods, should the rest be added? This can not be?!” Marlies van Muiswinkel, mother of Lisa

Evidence of Child Trafficking

Marlies van Muiswinkel is a lawyer and represents Huig Plug in summary proceedings. She says she has a lot of evidence that Lisa’s story is not a conspiracy (theory). One of the most shocking pieces of evidence she has in her hands is an online order form. “There is trafficking in children.” In the video below she shows a form from 2002: “This is the price list of children.” Her daughter has mentioned websites from ten countries. “I want to investigate this. I’m being stopped here. I am a lawyer and am entitled to this. I have 24 pieces of evidence and I want a serious investigation.”

Price list and order form to order children

Pricelist for babies and children. / order date 2002. Submitted on October 6th 2021 by Huig Plug and swept aside by judge P de Bruin and Solicitor General Kingma
Kinderen – children; Totaalbedrag – total amount; Inclusief – including; Kind van Moeder 1- child of/from mother 1; Kind van kind 1 van Moeder 2 – child of child 1 of/ from mother 2; Inclusief kinderen – including children; (Refe)rentienummer -reference number

A cover-up that has been going on for half a century

Lisa’s witness statements were already submitted to the court six years ago — when an investigation into Demmink was underway. Nothing was done with it at the time. Demmink was ultimately not prosecuted, because there was insufficient evidence in his case.

The lawsuit that Robert van de Luitgaarden recently filed against the state in a case also does not lead to a new criminal investigation. He demanded a new investigation, because he says he can demonstrate the impropriety and involvement of the judiciary in covering up organized abuse. Joris Demmink was in charge during that period. That claim was also rejected. [4]

When the court in Rotterdam threatened last week to conduct the public case against Huig Plug behind closed doors, so that the evidence in the Lisa and Demmink case would again not be revealed, Huig Plug had had enough. He walked out of the courtroom angry. The enormous cover-up calls for transparency so that it becomes clear what is really going on. Marlies van Muiswinkel: “We cannot agree to behind closed doors.” [3]

(Lisa) I was raped by Demmink, Anton, Rene, Rob, Tom, Ton

“It’s been going on for fifty years!”


Huig Plug is authorized to speak on behalf of Lisa. He angrily reads out the names of the rapists she mentioned. He is visibly emotional. “These people can now immediately start a criminal case against me, but then the real evidence will come out. So you are most welcome. Bring it on!”

We have seen in the Bodegraven case that such a provocation can lead to very repressive measures from the judiciary. It does not matter whether whistleblowers and victims rightly (or not) mention the names of perpetrators, because the judiciary shows no interest in investigating serious sex crimes and infanticide. If necessary, the judiciary locks them up under the guise of ‘sedition’ or even ‘terrorism’, which happened to the prosecutors in the Bodegraven case.

While the accusers are being silenced, a criminal investigation into the alleged abuse or infanticide is not forthcoming. It’s always the same pattern. The said perpetrators have been released. At the same time, you often hear the same names in cases of organized abuse, such as in the Lisa, Demmink and Bodegraven case and other cases that have not yet been publicized. The frustration that this form of abuse continues with impunity is therefore great.

Authorization allowing Huig Plug to read Lisa’s notary’s statement.

I hereby grant Huig Plug to read my notary statement during the courtroom hearing on October 7th 2021 in the courthouse in Rotterdam Lisa (L. Vos)

Huig Plug wants to testify under oath

Huig Plug takes into account serious repression of the Dutch state. “If I get arrested and I die… they are capable of making false reports. I have mentioned names because I can prove it.” He has collected many documents and wants to be heard under oath by the House of Representatives, but people are not interested in investigating his story.

Huig Plug is a recognized whistleblower within the judiciary who exposed abuses in the prison system, including about safety and the culture of fear. In a recent Tweet he wrote: “According to Rutte, whistleblowers are protected in the Netherlands. However, the police showed up at my front door three times, I was three times arrested at the Binnenhof and once I was picked off the road by the police and an unknown unit.” [5]

Huig Plug also has a lot of knowledge about the Demmink case. As early as 2014, he tried to persuade MPs to ask parliamentary questions. Because influential people have not taken action, even more children and babies have been raped, tortured and murdered, Plug says. “I only come here to tell the truth. Now intervene!”

Lisa: “Hug, tell my story. My baby was killed.”

Victims receive little support from the judiciary

Lisa’s mother holds up a bag with the Constitution and the Bible. “Here… the constitution, but no one abides by it. You can’t touch a child’s body. This is not possible!” She continues: “What are they capable of? I think it’s scary! If you go over the border of children… Just think, there is a child sometimes so small… ” she points to the height of a toddler “… and then a little bigger, 15 was too old, so they could start talking. ”

“Where is the law in the Netherlands?”

Marlies van Muiswinkel

“They rape, they drug. It’s all about that body. That’s what they do, that’s what they enjoy. That should rule us. That is also in our government.” Her daughter was also tortured. For example, Lisa had wounds on her feet. It later emerged that the perpetrators liked “putting acid on her feet.” Marlies van Muiswinkel: “As long as my daughter is not allowed to talk, I will do the talking for her!”

Justice and the LEBZ (National Expertise Group Special Sexual Affairs) claim that there is no evidence that this form of organized ritual abuse even exists. Marlies van Muiswinkel: “As long as they don’t accept my proof, it supposedly doesn’t exist. But it is there: doctors, psychologists, medical (evidence) … there are witnesses, new victims, because they did not control the whole Demmink.”

Van Muiswinkel is also in contact with other children who are victims of serious abuse. “Some can no longer walk, they come to my house in wheelchairs, they have been raped so much. One needs a whole new hip, so they were raped apart.” According to her, there are at least 200 victims, but they are not accepted as new witnesses. These victims are in hiding, because they do not receive any protection.

“It’s going to come out now. The truth is terrible. You hated what I read? It’s much worse.”


Huig Plug: “There has to be a system change. Politics is sick. We have a beautiful country, but the people who legislate for us, fine us and put us in jail, they are the child molesters and they have covered everything. Everyone should know this in the Netherlands. Stop being dictated to by pedophiles.”

On October 15, 2021, at 2 p.m., the judge will rule in the case brought against him. His own whistleblower case is still pending in court and will not appear until 2022. Will the judge shut him up or take him hostage before then, as we have seen in other cases?

1] Leidsch Dagblad: Katwijker stands in front of home address with megaphone. ‘Terrifying intimidation’ of Leiden lawyer must stop, state lawyer demands
[2] Argos: The Story of Lisa
[3] LLNMedia: Why did Huig Plug’s lawsuit against the state suddenly have to go partially BEHIND CLOSED DOORS?!
[4] Blue Tiger Studio: Huig Plug speaks with Robert van de Luitgaarden and his case against the state
[5] Huig Plug is arrested again

Ella Ster * | source: 2021 Oct 10 Ella Star Huig Plug shows emotionally shocking evidence: “I am the voice of Lisa.” [10]


[10] 2021 Oct 10 Ella Star Huig Plug shows emotionally shocking evidence: “I am the voice of Lisa.”

[11] Wikipedia The Hague

[12] 2014 Oct 20 Cathyfoxblog Ritual child abuse Netherlands

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[15] Wikispooks LSV Minerva – an elite fraternity from the University of Leiden. A report from the newspaper Volkskrant reported “two-thirds of influential Netherlands was a member of Minerva in 2010.

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I have chosen to use the US spelling of pedophile rather than the English paedophile, as it is recognised better globally and therefore more easily found on searches.

I shall try and update the list of resources when i get time the last post with it on was the end of this post…

cathyfoxblog social media links

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK

Covid 19

Vaccination Reactions

Europe -EUDRA []





Open Vaers [] allows browsing and searching of the reports


Moon []


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

Notes (if any, intended to be added somewhere in due course)

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14 Responses to NL1 Pedophile Network in the Hague

  1. NancyB says:

    Your work is stellar. Just excellent ! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

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  2. Laur Fincher says:

    Unfortunately… this is the world. Every country, every government, it is everywhere. If you are famous and/or rich, you are the problem. You cannot get into politics or entertainment field and get anywhere unless you are one of them or agree to become one. This is not a new problem, it is an ancient one. They hid and slowly, carefully, moved into every facet of control everywhere. There are too many protecting these parasites and they have endless bank accounts to silence anyone be it by bribe or by hitmen. Children are the most vulnerable and we cannot protect them. People are finally noticing this, that the abuse is rampant and no justice comes… and what happened? They are doing everything they can to kill all of us. This vaccine is killing people, weakening many, as we are just waking up to the horrors they commit on innocent babies. I am afraid there will be no justice.

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  3. treuddynboy says:

    I have been abused since 2015 by Dyfed Powys Police for exposing 4 yrs 8 months abuse rape and torture online of a vulnerable adult in my adopted home town of Aberystwyth Mid Wales where pedophiles and sadists are seen as victims. Following suicide of sadist facebook friend of AM Mid Wales Elin Jones i received further threats from unidentified officer by phone threatening that they might invent some facts as they did at the outset when i first alerted . The victim has DID and her child alter informed . She is broken and cannot walk ( mobility scooter ) and i do not feel safe anymore . In the UK the IOPC only seems to investigate when there is a tragedy and the victim dies . Judge Henriques ( Jamie Bulger case ) states that the system is broken and has been for years . The Rotherham case and other continue to be repeated .


    Sent: Monday, October 11, 2021 at 8:18 PM

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  4. flashyflasch says:

    Cathy a saillant detail in the Bodegraven case is the name of one of the accused is in our OMT team that advices our government in the Covid plandemic, is mr van Dissel. He works for the RIVM (Dutch CDC). I forgot to mention it but maybe you already are aware of it. ❤️


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  7. Karin says:

    Thank you Cathy for your work and sharing this! At the moment a lot is going on in my country the Netherlands and I also wrote about this on my blog.

    The other day Gideon van Meijeren [politic party Forum voor Democratie] was interviewed by Cafe Weltschmerz, talking about childabuse. You can watch it here. It is in Dutch though ..

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