3 Responses to Survivor v Childrens Society 21 Feb 2012 (Southport)

  1. treuddynboy says:

    i am traumatized with the continued knowledge my former client abused raped and tortured in my adopted home town of Aberystwyth has symptoms of conversion Disorder as a result of trauma  last seen when i rescued her when homeless Nov 2012 . She was abused raped and tortured online by Keith Morris a sadist and Facebook friend of the presiding officer Welsh government and AM Mid Wales . Corporate manager and Director social services refused returned evidence or to take action re directives care act POVA and officers in Dyfed Powys Police who worked with me one who has  two relatives in Dyfed Powys Police one a senior commander Aberystwyth telling me the victim who has DID and has 20 alters from Littles young teens older teens to adult male and female .

    Having been targetted by the sadist Rachel her persecutor alter removed me to prevent me revealing revictimization . Chief constable , Corporate manager and Director social services all conveniently retired following one officer taking action and sadists suicide  .Lies told by police his widow perverting the course of justice  and coroners report threat to delete evidence and threats by telephone stating abuse did not happen 23rd March 2020 suggesting they have evidence a way of attempting to intimidate the whistleblower or using MH as a reason to discredit the whistleblower From 2017 ex client had tattoo on body and right wrist as she revealed written and photo link fetlife i received from child alter .How much effort would it take to check it out sensitively New corporate manager no change to previous offensive perverse corrupt and very frightening and distressing RISK OF SUICIDE HIGH AS AMNESIA IS PRESENT . Being told a woman abused since 18 months old consenting to abuse and nothing to do with me. I am struggling to survive . Robbie     


    Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 6:24 PM


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