Michael Tellinger – Sound, Magnetism and much more…

I was in two minds whether to post Michael Tellingers video. Of course it contains some amazing truths but it was tangential to my main topics of child abuse and for some time the illuminati – as they control so much of the child abuse.

Lack of time was pulling me in another direction but then I read Lifting the Wools latest missive. 2021 Nov 5 Lifting the Wool Behold a 4th Dimensional Reptilian [3]

Lifting the Wool‘s research is extensive, her linking together of that research and her analysis is superb and like any good seeker of truth has many references/links for those to follow up independently on her research. I know that is no mean feat as links/references are often the thing that takes the most time yet so valuable for others. For me it is the sign of who truly is primarily interested in passing information on and differentiates a true truth seeker and educator from those who put in no source links who are those who just want to vent, like hearing the sound of their own voice and use their platforms to make money.

Lifting the Wool’s seeking of truth takes her to places that she is not afraid to go – or if she is she has gone there anyway – eg the alien /reptilian topics. Ever since David Icke mentioned reptilians the topic has been a source for ridicule by the ignorati and by those who wish to curtail the debate for their own sinister purposes.

For the ignorati from their extremely limited world view and experience, the idea of reptilians or shapeshifters is so absurd that that they love to have a scapegoat that they can vent their ignorance upon. They are always safe in the knowledge that they will be backed up by a plethora of the small minded in the same position as them.

Many of them are afraid to consider aliens, demons etc precisely because it may invalidate their strongly held previous world view and it brings up topics such as dimensions, multiple timelines, time travel etc. Their cognitive dissonance wins out every time, and they have to cover this by attempting to belittle others and feeling erroneously superior. Reptilians are one of their judgment sticks for dismissing whoever brings the subject up as some form of conspiracy theorist, which they use as a perjorative term to ridicule and silence.

The “reptilian deniers” are quite amusing really, the myths (meaning old stories) of something reptilian ae many, varied and ancient. Indeed England’d flag is the flag of St George, with St George as its Patron Saint whose claim to fame was killing a dragon…

Nearby Wales has a red dragon, and Bhutan and even Malta have dragons on their current flags… Dragon Flags [5]

Vietnam also has had, and China many dragons on its flags in the past and the symbols of some dynasties. Chinese Dragon [6]

One might even talk about Eve and the snake on the reptilian theme – why so many stories about reptiles, that go way back before Christianity.

How do the personal experiences of people in either the spiritual or physical world actually translate to in truth? What is reality?

The actual truth is impossible to know at this stage, but I am happy with that. I just try and suspend any disbelief, have a few theories of what might be the case and add evidence to each one as it comes along. What if x, what if y, how does that change Z?

Time will tell on the rollercoaster of truth.

Without a doubt Monarch mind controllers try to distort the truth by faking scenarios, but that is precisely to obscure the truth.

I had to do some ground work blogs eg MJ1- Majestic 12 – 100,000 foot view… [8] before I ever first broached posting the alien/demon subjects with peoples experiences which had not been made public before… Anne’s Story [4]. Similarly I delayed even writing about ritual abuse for a year or so, a few years ago, until I could back it up with more sources. Now of course there is wide acceptance of ritual satanic abuse.

Lifting the Wool’s post mentions a couple of things that could link into or be useful when assessed with Michael Tellinger’s work, which is the reason for this post.

This Tellinger video from back in 2017 covers a great deal, most of the theme of sound and how that is the basis for much that we currently do not understand. It is a fairly simple and unifying concept.

The dragon lines /leylines /ether mentioned by Wool could be the same as Michael describes. He puts forward the view that earths energies are modified and amplified by torus stones and directed by cones and columns and pryamids. These could link to the magnetic grid/leylines/ether and produce a torus field matrix above the earth.

Michael covers much else – the ancient gold mines, the annunaki, cymatics, the tens of thousands of stone circles all over South Africa which are connected, the stones resonance, the thousands of torus stones and cones found there, the missing letter at the start of the bible, Coral Castle, perhaps Royal Rife. You will have to listen, I do not have time to summarise, though I have included the autotranscript at the end of this post.

One part I had not heard before was the anti gravity beetles wings. See the picture with the tweezers and the two brown wings. If you want to watch this – 2 beetles wings – just the wings – separated from the beetle – one will hover above another in an anti gravity manner – watch from 2 hours 0 mins 45 secs.

Its a long video, nearly 3 hours but packed with information, I recommend you take the time to watch…

2017 May You Tube Michael Tellinger 200 Thousand Year Old Technology – Sound Resonance Magnetics The Nature of Reality Michael Tellinger [2]

Or watch on hooktube via the link below so that you dont get spied on by google/you tube or have to go through their security. It will open in a new tab…

2017 Hooktube May Michael Tellinger 200 Thousand Year Old Technology – Sound Resonance Magnetics The Nature of Reality Michael Tellinger [2a]

How can sound travel faster than the speed of light?
How can our thoughts and words manifest reality?
What do we really know about science, physics, our Earth and the universe around us?
Can we truly be the creators of our own beautiful future?
Why don’t they teach us this basic stuff at school?

Michael Tellinger’s full presentation recorded in Sedona, Arizona, USA in May 2017 takes you on a rollercoaster journey of rediscovery of lost knowledge, only to realize that everything we have been taught is a lie. Michael shares new information on the origins of humankind, the vanished civilisations of southern Africa, ancient advanced technology, stone circles and other megalithic sites, and a deeper exploration of sound, resonance, frequency, magnetism and toroidal fields – the manifestation of matter from the vacuum or the morpho-genetic field and the strange anomalies we discover on this journey. Be prepared to keep an open mind and break down the walls of our personal dogmas.


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we’re getting ready for the kickoff to hit noises to us yeah – don’t Arizona drugs right all kinds of good finish muscle okaasan and this is the hardest core stuff you can get another great show tonight tune in whoa so firstly thank you very much for coming it’s lovely to see such a nice crowd here and yeah give us Alvarado a bullet it’s fantastic being back in Sedona having been useful I think three years now at least two years three years ago and nice to be back in the USA last year 2016 we skipped because we were in the elections in South Africa so it was a big year for us nearly killed me and for Emma was an introduction to South Africa and so I’m going to start this presentation personally thanks very much to everyone that’s helped here there are a bunch of people that have been working behind the scenes here but I haven’t even met and only beating now so thank you very much to everyone that played a part in spreading the word this is our first stop on the USA tour after this we go to another 12 cities in the USA and Canada and it’s lovely to start in any sadhana [Music] and yeah we’re filming this evening so hopefully this will be a video that many people can enjoy online as soon as we’ve got it edited and to chuck and Alyssa thank you very much for doing this wonderful recording and setting everything up your absolute stars and also to Neil for being behind the scenes in helping to organize this entire tour and let’s kick off I call this the hidden origins exploring the nature of our reality to earth because I’m going to start getting into some very interesting areas that I have not really covered before new research new information as it keeps going expanding so but before I get into it I just like to remind you of some of it which I wasn’t able to do at conduct in the desert so start doing it as part of the tour there’s been the Queenie and myself from the last sacred sites tour this was taken in Bushman’s cliffs that is full of hundreds if not thousands of bushmen rock art paintings and we just finished doing a ceremony sunrise ceremony and our faces were filled with beautiful Bushmen ochre and just to remind you that we do another sago types tour from the 19th of September to the 4th of October 2017 because the one in March is such a great success people loved it so much we decided we’ll do another Equinox tour in September so if you like this kind of thing please diagnosis us and email Dean go to that website and get all the details and email Dean and they do all the bookings and etc this is just to show you how happy everybody is when they get to Adams calendar it is a truly life-changing experience um I said that I am getting more and more into it and I can’t believe that the fourth year that we’ve actually done this to enough and the sacred sites to it too is around a very important site in southern that very few people are aware of exposing that part of a human history so this is getting out of the matrix of division into resonance and unity as you know by now I like to connect the dots from the past to the present and see what we can learn from the ancient past and how we can put the ancient knowledge to the benefit of humanity today and the question is why does this matter so many people say well I don’t really care what happens in the bus I just care well you know I think if we don’t know who we are where we come from how could we possibly know where we are going or at least beyond the part the right path so I believe that what we learn from the ancient ancient history and the the murky origins of humankind is a very clear indicator of what we should not be doing because it seems nothing that we’ve done so far has worked because why we’re in this mess so the more we learn about the ancient past the clearer it becomes as to what we shouldn’t be doing into the future and that’s how I like to see it so the there five or six points are like this stress before we start again or and we start that first of all everything is connected and this is where our education and information systems really written down because they compartmentalize everything for us and and you know the need-to-know basis now everything is hidden in boxes the whole pyramid structure of our learning and our corporate corporate corporate drive system and our lives is completely divided in so many ways and we forget that everything is connected everything on every level is connected so let’s keep reminding ourselves of that and how every every action that we make everything we do has a as an effect around not only around us but throughout the fabric of creation every thought we have has an effect on the fabric of creation everywhere and so through this connectedness is is how we can co-create a beautiful world for ourselves and for our children and for all of humanity our history is much older than we can imagine this is becoming more and more evident and our history is also much stranger than what we can imagine and that’s that’s been evident for a long time but that stration seems to have been hidden from us and things are not as they seem and this is where the nature of reality really kicks in everything we be told is a lie now thirty years ago I had a suspicion that we are being lied to you twenty years ago I was a lot more confident that we are being lied to about quite a lot of things today I’m pretty much very very sure that almost everything we’ve been told by our authorities and our government is a lie and it’s from that perspective that we need to investigate different ways and different roots for for humanity and everything we do we know very very little about what’s really going on the nature of reality who we are why are we here if anyone tells you they let it all figured out they lied to themselves and they lying to you this doesn’t just so we’re I’m sure I’m telling you that the things that you already know just just you know reinforce that in your mind and keep an open mind at all times we’re told that the ancient civilizations of primitive and they look something like this this is most historians tell us and and it’s fascinating that these primitive ancient civilization because obviously are the clinical pinnacle of civilization we’re the smartest we’ve ever beat this is it all of human history has led us to this point we now have industrialization we have cranes and machines we can we can fly airplanes and all this kind of crap and this is why we believe that we’re the most advanced and the pinnacle humanity well obviously that’s not true but this is how our history is depicted to us the ancients were primitive and yet on the one hand while they show us how primitive they were they show us what they’ve left behind and this is what they like behind they left behind things like this and this and this and structures that we just marvel at today and wonder how the hell they did this and they had nothing to do these guys they just sat around you know in they came and made a fire and say hey sure we just they’re all the time to kill wine we just make some big statues and file it often confuse future generations and hey we build a big wall and some of the stones can stick out and look like faces picking out the wall that could be cool it’s big a big hole in the ground and surrounded by big stones that’ll be cool or they didn’t have an alphabet they didn’t have a written language and somebody made a noise and it was like a ha and I said hey we got one letter let’s just call the letter out into hundreds of stones and like we have nothing better to do and then hey maybe we bother bunch of stones a rule that will look like it’s reaching up to the sky this will be cool let’s do this build that and oh hey there’s a rock face let’s take some hammers and chisels oh we know that chisels and hammers it we only got stones okay let’s take other stones and carve a whole city out of the rock face because that’ll be a cool thing to do and and then hey hey sump Elizabeth make pillars that could be cool and this is what they did they just had so much time to kill because they didn’t have anything to do they didn’t have jobs and they didn’t have to go to work they could do what they wanted and then stuff got covered by water and and we’re discovering all they’re they doodling out of rock and then they made beautiful statues out of rock that they hit in the jungles that window and these stretch permits and more big statues and elongated head and walk is strengthened and then they took solid rocks and they carved them out and they make holes into solid rocks could be they thought that it could be a really cool thing to do and and and then they covered them and then they played with them and they made sounds with them and and our giant blocks on top of each other and then and then this one here Borobudur oh that’s a really spectacular one and that was a real they were really really bored when I made this one and the top of Borobudur is quite spectacular what’s most important about all these ancient sites and these primitive people in the ancient times as they did all of this apparently according to our historians I did all this with ropes pulleys hammers and chisels well clearly you all know that this is not the case but the fascinating thing about this is that most of the stuff that I’ve just shared with you is either in the northern hemisphere or gathered around clusters around the equator this is the fascinating thing very little seems to have happened in the southern hemisphere over the millennia and thousands of years of civilizations on our planet very little ever surfaces in this southern hemisphere why is that the case and yet if the southern Africa seems to be the cradle of humankind and we read this in all kinds of surveys how come we can’t find any evidence of ancient civilizations and this kind of spectacular activity that I’ve just shared with you how can we never see that emerging southern in their solar hemisphere and yes this is why the discovery of the Sun rose in southern Africa is so critical and so important because suddenly brings some the Sun hemisphere and Southern Africa into the limelight and is a focal point of serious activity that we did not know about so discovering the vanished civilizations in southern Africa is really balancing the northern and southern hemisphere activities of ancient civilizations what we have what we know is that these vanished civilizations of southern Africa left behind more than 10 million stones circular stone ruins I’m not going to go into too much detail we could have done it over and over again so there are more than 10 million of these circular stone structures left behind welcome to my world of the stone circles in Madam’s calendar and they are quite spectacular most of them you can see from the ground you only see them from aerial photographs every one is completely unique all of them are circular none of them have the same and these stone circles cover most of South Africa or large parts of South Africa very extreme areas of Zimbabwe parts of Bucks Botswana and Mozambique sometimes they are beautiful flower shapes like this and and each and every one is completely unique this is what the walls look like from the ground they not very high some of them have been reused in more recent times and reconstructed and made higher what you’re looking at is the largest cluster of stone ruins found any way in the world until today until we find something else these stone circles of southern Africa are the largest cluster of ancient ruins anywhere on earth today as I said they are more than 10 million of these circles what’s even more interesting is that these they’re connected by these web channels they look like these wires that connect them together and also notice that we’ve kind of spider’s web a fact that goes away from the circle most on circle stands alone even though it might look on on photographs that the stone circle is on its own if you look carefully you’ll see that the hidden spider’s web effect or the channels that connected them to the other stone circles you’ll see those hidden behind but beneath the soil around the circle there you can see the channel at the top connecting the stone circles you can see the extreme edge in the erosion of these structures obviously much destruction is being done by by a town planning town development farming roadworks and that’s really mostly where the destruction happens there are huge parts of South Africa we if you fly over in a helicopter or with a drone these days at sunrise or sunset the vast areas that you can actually see many of these structures hidden under the soil but and when the Sun is of a very low angle you get shows it up beautifully you realize that their vast areas that just simply colored by these stone structures but we can’t see them they don’t even stick out of the soil anymore and these channels you can see channels that run cover entire mountains where these stone structures all connected to each other and there’s another great example of a channel running over there into somewhere hexagonal ruins structures cluster of hexagonal cells and says all they’re not far from my house actually and when we sit on the balcony it’s done circle like the Ubuntu office that’s what you look at the mountains around us are covered in all these structures that’s why we are located there and the other mystery is the the vast number of agricultural terraces 450,000 square kilometres and more of agricultural terraces keep in mind that all the aid all the history books tell us that Southern Africa was a sparsely populated part of the world apparently nobody lived there many you know until about a thousand years ago when the budget tribes eventually made it down to where they live today up to that time nobody lives there there was some you know some Bushmen hunter-gatherers that used to roam around but there was it well the 450,000 square kilometres of agricultural terraces clearly tell us a different story so who built those terraces when they were built when were they built and what were they useful were they growing food were they doing something else and how many people were they eating and what happened to other all those people that they were feeding these terraces cover entire mountains when you start seeing them you suddenly see them everywhere and the Google Google Earth images give you a very interesting idea of how widely spread they are as well again South Africa Zimbabwe they’re part of the Bob way that it’s almost impossible not to see these these terraces it’s unbelievable again this is not far from my house the entire side of the mountain is just covered in meat and it goes on until you eventually either forestry or some farms that have developed farming or so forth and then it obviously disappears and the other key thing is that there are no doors and entrances to these stone structures and that obviously immediately excludes dwellings for people or dwellings for animals so whenever you read in the you know very very naive history book so tell us the PISA dwellings for migrating tribes or for their animals this is clearly the very ill research author that put that down this is got nothing to do for dwellings for animals or people archeological drawings all the way from 1939 show us some of these clusters start of these sun circles with no doors and entrances and you can see how they clustered together in many areas you can see some of these collectives and often they actually carve on rocks sometimes you see these cars on stones when you walk among the stone woods and that’s even the that’s truly bobbled my mind it’s like what came first yeah that they first caused the stuff out and then they lay it out they first lay it out and somebody came and counted on a rock as a as a sort of late comer architect or town planner or somebody trying to document what they discovered there on a rock it’s just spectacular and sometimes these these stone circles concentric circles with no doors and inferences and then you start realizing that this is there’s a lot more to us that meets the eye and then obviously they were used for some very specific purpose the flagship obviously as you may know by now is none other than Adams calendar well that name just says you know when the name comes from when I first met Johann Heiner in 2000 2007 Yann Heiner was the guy that rediscovered the site and there he is also with his incredible discovery realizing that it’s a working and functioning calendar with a shadow of this of this rock here the Setting Sun casts a shadow on that rock layer and the shadow moves from this side across to that side on this side of the summer solstice and then you can tell every day of the year by the setting the shadow of the Setting Sun until you get to the winter solstice on this side and it starts to move back so it’s still an accurate working calendar and as far as I know is the old working calendar son calendar of this nature in the world and but that was just the built-in feature for the calendar that’s not by far far removed from the main reason why this site was actually there so when I first found it and I was writing a book about it I had to come up with the title for it and we’re all speculating it was very close to the origins of humankind so who was the first person alive or was Adam obviously we all know it was Adam so that’s why it’s called Adams calendar and somehow the name stuck that’s what it is and bye-bye crater wood so I told me I just released the book you can seed lying on the table there and when I showed him this book he literally looked burst into tears I was crying he said he never thought he would see that special place again and when he told me a lot of information about the place the fact that he was initiated there in 1937 that it’s known as anxiety or anger or birthplace of the Sun where humanity was created by the gods to be slaves in the gold mines it’s really that simple you know there’s no mixing of the words here it’s very very clear what the African shamans what knowledge and information they have held for a long long time and you can see the Eurocentric influence and the desperate attempt to destroy that knowledge and information by the Eurocentric history books that have replaced all the ancient knowledge not only in southern Africa but in all the native lands around the world when they were invaded some 500 years ago by the subs from Europe when they invaded the Americas Africa Asia Australia as they did the same they followed the exactly same plan of action they invade they take over the land they they kill all the knowledge keepers they destroy all their written material or any kind of artifacts it’s there that that that contain information from ancient times and that’s how they create a species with amnesia where you separate people from the ancestors so you create a gap and the generational gap separate the people from the ancestors replace all their books and knowledge with us history books on the Bible and the Quran and suddenly you’ve got a species with amnesia who no idea who they are where they come from and while we’re here and then we look at the some of the remaining knowledge keepers that have somehow escaped the the the massacre when they come out with all the knowledge and information we look at them like they’ve gone crazy because our history books don’t have this information limitless or what are you talking about you know our historians would written it down they know all the stuff so Adams calendar the spectacular place right on the edge of a cliff as you can see over there badly destroyed but in an attempt to render extant that’s what it looks like we have the stone man closest to you we have a Horace bird that looks out at the three stones of Orion and in the distance we have two parameters there’s actually a third line that aligned with the rise of Orion so we have Horace Ryan and the pyramids that line up and guess what not only the same kind of imagery and and information that we find all over Egypt is encoded in the site but the site itself is aligned on a 31° East longitudinal line there’s Adam’s calendar or Adams permits greater Bob where if you extend the line you get to Great Pyramid of Giza it’s all aligned beautifully along 31 degrees east and that tells us that whatever is going on here it was a very very important longer to know positioning for those ancients that put all these structures together as diagonally loincloths and their hammers and sun hammers and chisels is they were really busy up and down a line they didn’t stop and and so what is all this activity about in southern Africa and it’s always about one thing it’s always about the gold and that’s the the spectacular thing you know we forget often forget that the Egyptian Empire was all about the gold as well you know the Egyptians had so much gold they were putting on the pyramids everything was made from bloody gold remember even when the when the Israelites were leaving when the Hebrews were leaving Egypt if that event ever happened because you know that there’s no real evidence that that actually is a historic event you know now there’s another whole page we can open about the lies and deceptions right so it remember that they were told by God to go and raise the Egyptians homes and steal all the gold take all their gold because you’re going to need it when we get to the desert so it’s all about the gold the Egyptian empires all about the gold when we forget about that and I was astounded when when we got into this desert town and I forget where it was what the town was called well they discovered hundreds of golden mummies made of solid gold in Egypt and I forget what the name of the countess is just and you start realizing and it’s all about the gold and southern Africa especially is all about the gold in the late 1400s and the Portuguese first came around the Cape of Good Hope on their way to India where they can emit a lot of native tribes from the Mozambican side and they they also found a lot of ancient stone ruins this is great embargo by the way from a side view of great and Bob way and when they after the the locals what you know whose languages they were given a very unusual bit of information they said rose known is that was called the terrible smoke amantes or the land of the makamaka people and the mahkumat ii people were Providian gold miners from southern india gold miners and gold villages they were already there in southern africa seemingly before these are the tribes african tribes came and settled there that land was re occupied by the Dravidians mining and trading with gold with the east and now this is definitely not information you’re going to find in any Eurocentric history book right but the gold mining goes back much further than a time 700 AD there’s some spectacular information in the new in Zanzibar how the gold trade was really very very strong between zanzibar and southern africa and specifically the port of safale which is in mozambique which is near the town of byra in mozambique today and then we meet in the 11th century when al biruni describes the prosperous gold exports from the port of safale and you can see the over there so far this is a 16th century Portuguese man and that shows all that and it describes that the gold was a month journey inland from the port of safale and this is a map again the 16th century Portuguese map of the port of safar it is a busy busy place and a well-known place where gold was exported to the rest of the world what happens if you go one month inland from safale there you go pirates today’s buyer and Mozambique and if you go one month one month journey inland you get to about there and that’s much bingo in Zimbabwe and what is it muslin go Zimbabwe the game Zimbabwe ruins and we meet the great monument upper kingdom the golden Kings that were never defeated the house of stone Zimbabwe and we meet the monomyth upper kingdom and it seems that those of the guide they were responsible for all the gold that was being exported for a long long time and it’s most likely that that’s working solomon got all his gold and the whole story of sheba and all the gold somehow could be related to there is there any evidence of ancient gold mines that produce all this gold in southern africa of course is because wherever they are stone circles they’re gold mines and there was a geological survey done in between 2005 and 2010 and I was given this information by geologists in the town of mouths breaks when I was doing a workshop there and he said he was part of the survey and anglo-american performed a survey and they found that there were 75,000 of these kind of gold mines found into the side of the size of mountains scattered all over that area and that just tells us that this is not something that was you know a low-level mining activity the the reason why these – no there because they up against the sides of the mountains so they probably didn’t get covered by the flood that covered and destroyed much of the rest of the the activity of the stone circles and so forth and I just jumped to a whole nother train of thought because I realized I hadn’t covered that part and so the the reason that the stone circles are covered by soil and sand is because it probably was destroyed by the flood from ten or twelve thousand years ago that’s why everything is covered by sand and soil the CSAT sediment everywhere we found seashells and fossilized fish in the stone circles on tops of mountains so there’s these loads of evidence that there must have been a large volume of water that came through there and sea water that probably destroyed that entire civilization so in the kind of Leiden Berg which is also famous for these for these very strange and unusual heads they known as the Leyden bill heads that a very out of place in that part of the world and I must tell you and in the town of Liman Berg around that area that’s where they they counted up to seventy five thousand of these ancient mines but there many more mysterious mines that have been fought all over South Africa in the northern parts of South Africa as well mysterious ancient tunnels found in the 30s full of tools and artifacts the vault back mountain on very close to Zimbabwe I was told by our archaeologist and a geologist from Vichy University that he walked two miles and miles of underground tunnels ancient mines and the mystery there was that there were they seem to extracted all the gold but they left all the platinum slag behind they weren’t interested in the black interested in the gold only then in the 1990s I was told by researcher here in the USA that the he was given information that De Beers found De Beers which is not owned by Anglo American and Oppenheimer family as you may know the that’s all Oppenheimer to South African leg of the Oppenheimer family they found a mine twenty-two thousand feet deep there was kind of absolute precision with technology that they do not position angular American or De Beers does not possess that technologies and I could clearly no one else possesses that technology because they have the leading edge of all technology so and then also I was told by the chief geologist by Anglo from Anglo and of Revere at a pub that they find many ancient mines they find old mines all the time mine shafts mine tunnels and then I asked him so what do you do with them and he said well our instructions are we ever come across there is to cover it up and move right on and at that time when I asked him at that time he said oh we just recently found an ancient shaft in bloom Fontaine the capital of the Orange Free State in South Africa and he said it was about five hundred feet five hundred meters deep and there were some skeletal remains at the bottom of this ancient mine and I’ll freaked out I said well so what’s going on are you going to reveal you know explore there or research the skeletal remains I don’t know we covered it up when you put all covered up and we move right along so you can just imagine the amount of destruction that the mining operations that Gates has have been responsible for but in December 2014 I was privy to a new this is a modern mine in South Africa and in one of these mines the side of it concaved in completely that exposed an ancient tunnel I was running just below it so all these miners went into the old tons of the ancient tunnels they started finding some really bizarre stuff that the tunnel was far more what followed mother and far below you obviously tools used there were far more advanced than the tools they were using to dig dig their tunnels so within within hours that entire tunnel was shut down that that arm of the that part of the mine was shut down no one has ever allowed in there again and that would never reopen it so instead of exploring it and sharing that and you know turning it into an interesting archaeological exploration it gets shut down never spoken about in fact that just reminds me now talk about it later in in Zimbabwe Nyanga the Northeast province of Zimbabwe very ancient ruins very very ancient ruins that yeah hardly you can just find little scattered evidence of it and we find water Pharaohs and slave pits water furrows that carved out of solid rock then run for hundreds and hundreds of meters all over the place and connect to stone circles and also connected to these so-called slave pits and and this is what archaeologists Televisa slave betwee the slaves animals or grain and then that because that’s all it can be right yet animal slaves or grain so you can think really sir you know put animals in there and then how do you get them out we won’t even throw them in there and grain yoona put grain in there that’s not a very smart thing to do right the first bit of rain or what are you going to have beer I would propose your brain what do you what you doing here and slave now that’s it that’s a good one because we can you imagine no slaves never going to escape from that so it’s just such nonsensical garbage that they come up with and and the fascinating thing is that one of the lecturers at Zimbabwe University and Kritzinger who the geologists wrote some phenomenal papers on her research about these so-called slave births and she showed that these are actually purification or extraction tanks for the purification of gold she found inlet valve and outlet valves and in the outlet valve she found up to two grams of ton two grams per ton of gold hidden in the other valves so it must have been involved in some sort of gold process she sent me lots of papers when she discovered I speak about her in my presentation she sent me all the latest papers which actually showed more spectacular evidence of her research but the other interesting thing about this vanished civilization of southern Africa other the connections to many many so-called northern civilizations like the Sumerians the Egyptians the Romans Phoenicians the Maltese the Hindus the vidiians the Dogon people of Mali and specifically my favorite are the Inca or the pre inca empire which and you can obviously all of these are all obsessed with gold right they’re all golden empires and the pre-incan civilization was found it accidentally in a sinkhole in a town called cult symbol which is also a big mining area I grew up on them known as the West range west west of Johannesburg which is just filled with gold mines there must be 60 gold mines there and every year more gold mines open up you know our country is being mined into oblivion that’s insane it’s just it’s just to become a mining colony for the elite and and in Carsonville was known for its sinkholes these holes are just appear out of nowhere and around 1975 a bunch of mine rescue team went into one of these to test the equipment and at the bottom of it they found one of the sides was caved in opened it up cleared it out and found this tunnel that was that went into the darkness and the tunnel was described to me to be paved all the way around underneath and paved all the way around something like this this is not the tunnel that bits I found so you can just imagine it it wasn’t when they founded the wouldn’t have been beautifully backlit for a photo opportunity so he said when they found it they walked in there and they were and they’re obviously very nervous because this what the hell is was doing here and and several meters into the darkness they stumbled upon one of these placing them in the dark and he said the this man told me that they got such a fright they just turned around and got out of there as quickly as they could and they never ever told anyone about this until he told me about this and then three months later he died so I’m glad that I listened to old man the fascinating thing about the these these ancient mines in South Africa that we also have a connection to Egyptian gold mines specifically whether the birds fiddled bento’s and archaeology British archaeologists had traveled pretty much he was a well-traveled I’m Egyptian Cohen spent several years in southern Africa and he explored great zimbabwe he’s actually one of the guys that left us the best clues and evidence from his excavation in great zimbabwe he talks about several meters of sediment that indicate gold mining civilizations that’s from his exploration in great zimbabwe and what he made a connection with which is fascinating other the birds on a pedestal in egypt – the birds on a pedestal and great zimbabwe now the burden of pedestal in egypt were also used as mascots or protector mascots of guardians of the gold miners in the mines of Egypt that he excavated he says that the carvings are the birds of bet on a pedestal like this were found at the entrances to the gold mines in Egypt for protection of the gold miners and that’s what the really interesting connection is the Zimbabwean birds the birds on a pedestal that I believe much older and I believe would have then been also the guardians of the ancient gold miners or the first gold miners on why probably in southern Africa and I found what I believe like even older versions of that these very basic rep stones that is the broad base and the narrow head that I believe are the very very early basic prototypes of these birds on the pedestal all these birds that we then see more refined as time goes by the Sumerian references to gold mining are quite spectacular because the we we find so much information about southern Africa in the Sumerian texts about the Anunnaki what they were doing but what I can tell you what I find even more spectacular is is the most recent discovery that I made literally a week ago is what what I couldn’t understand what what puzzled me is like where did these scenarios because this is the oldest deciphered language that we know right and there are others but we there’s not enough information about some of these ancient languages but this is by far the most understood at this stage and a lot of information is coming about the killa formtext this cuneiform kind of text and I found out that the cuneiform text is actually encoded with light energy where do they choose these symbols from how did they come up with these silly little you know where does this originated from and I stumbled upon the work of Michael evidence this incredible work that shows how light manifests itself if you turn if you create like a buckyball Buckminster Fuller ball and and and you’ve been out of these light rods what happens at the Junction’s of these light rods how light carries information hard manifests and this is what it looks like it looks like this can you see what I mean the exact shapes that are used in the cuneiform texts so I’m beginning to think that the Killah form texts actually coded with commend the light as information light carries Meishan and each one of these lights structures or structures that’s full of light will carry information and I’m thinking now that this is what inspired the Sumerians and those guys that came up with that cuneiform text is to use the essence of how light manifests itself in sacred geometry in the edges of sacred geometric patterns so when we read cuneiform texts we’re actually reading text that’s encoded with the information that carries the light this is a whole new spin on what we may be getting or what we may be missing in the cuneiform texts so I yeah this is the first time I’ve spoken about this so this is a whole new level of information that we need to go and look at but these these cuneiform texts give us a lot of information about the Anunnaki and I think that’s like the second tier information once we get back to to this and really studying this and how its laid out on the clay tablets we might find a whole nother 3d imprint of information that it carries so we learn about Anunnaki the other not gods obviously under Enlil and Enki and they work in the of zoom and observes been given many meanings but the primary meaning that I was attracted to his way this is where the gold came from and they refer to the gold all the time and this is some of the some of the translations great rivers they’re rapidly flowed and abode by the flowing waters Enki for himself established he established a fortress for his house and other places where the workers would live and were the bowels of the earth to enter place of deepness he determined for the heroes into the Earth’s bowels to descend to extract the gold and I often thought that maybe Great Zimbabwe was like the mine managers house you know I spoke about this before because the mining towns that I grew up on is always very easy to find a mine managers house just like stand around the town and look around and find the biggest house on the hill and that’s always where the my manager used to live and grades and barber is exactly that it means the house on the hill the biggest house on the hill in that whole area and I thought well maybe a twinkie used to hang out at their wooden house but I don’t know Lu why because when you look at Great Zimbabwe that big conical tower inside doesn’t really I think that the whole structure of grademon bhava is very similar to the same the way that the other stone circles were laid out and will you’ll find out what that is all about a bit later if you don’t know that yet so in the absolute inky plans was conceiving way to build his house way for Heroes dwellings to prepare where the bowels of the earth to enter and now we read about it his technology and so forth the earth splitter Anke they’re established there was in the earth a gash to make by way of tunnels earth in arts to reach the golden veins to uncover but to do all this mind work and to get all the gold they needed some serious health because they couldn’t get enough gold you should know this by now and this is where they decide to create a little slave and this is where we enter the picture as humans this is however a very very murky area you know I’m really simplifying it here and I’m sure that you are deeply aware of how murky and mysterious origins of human race is and what the potential genetic contributors are or maybe to our to our gene pool and this is a huge discussion but it does remain very there’s a definitely a key line here that suggests that we were created originally as slaves by the Anunnaki to dig in the gold mines and this is what many of the ancient cultures believe especially the African cultures believe us unquestionably so say I mister let us create a Lulu a primitive worker the hardship work to take over later being the toil of the UH not carry on his back and then a primitive worker shall be created our command will he understand our tools he will handle to the uninhabited relief shall come just notice here when we come to this later this is apparently a scene depicting the creation of Adam or Adama and this dude here is holding something in his hand at first I thought it was a flask or something I acted with some mixture but actually it looks like a cone shaped tool more than anything else I’m going to come to cone-shaped tools a little bit later because of the cone shape tools that pretty much did everything and then the mysterious stone tools and artifacts I was so happy when I found this one see you can see how happy I was that cone-shaped tool that just I can’t believe that they were completely ignored it’s just like it’s you know it’s like they’re so obvious now that you know that that they they are possibly the most critical ancient tool that’s ever been used by ancient civilizations and it’s like looking at the trees and not seeing a forest it’s like they’re everywhere but we didn’t see them until I started picking it up so these cone shape tools are just bloody everywhere and and then together with the donut shake stones or the Taurus Taurus stones there are thousands and thousands and thousands of these Donuts terms of Taurus stones or as our very clever archaeologists call them weights for digging sticks because that’s what the ancient people did they have nothing better to do as you know they both huge monuments and these things pillars and giant statues and things so to make a little donut shape stone with other stones because they remember they didn’t have any metal look at that stage that was done by stones people in the Stone Age so they just made them because they were bored what I find fascinating is that these ancient to the in come past life regressions that under Nucky overlords all the guys who are overseeing the building of the stunt circles they were apparently a lot larger than the humans had these doughnut shaped stones or hanging around their neck they actually had them as tools around their neck and they would use them as tools and you’ll see most likely what they would have been useful they hundreds of thousands of these doughnut shape stones and and I have number of them in the museum and and then the stones at ring on bells and and that was the big discovery when I discovered that the stones in the Sun circles and the tools and artifacts actually have very strong acoustic properties I realized that we’re dealing with sound and resonance here and just to show you briefly how the stones have been our mouth he goes through your watches on the internet then we also to show you awesomely other stuttering like belt this is what I bought and when as you can see we find many many of these you are going to start this on a full of a team and it’s think patina so it’s white powder you can still hear Leah Phil and this is a beautiful one this one actually rings at two different frequencies then they bring quite large emphasis look at this one and it looks also like it was inserted into something up to that point and also remember they all very not dolphin I summon magnet there we go that’s better that’s what you want you realize that this thing really rings like a bell and it reverberates for quite a long time notice it’s the same pitch all right and that’s not by accident so but the ruins are not dwellings for people animals so what were these ruins for this is a big question what why did they build more than 10 million of these structures what were they doing of all of us and to get the answers for that we have to look at creation itself we have to grapple with the deeper understanding of creation and where things seem to come from and that’s to do with sound and resonance the source of all creation but the moment we come up with that statement or we enter that domain we realize and start to face the horrible truth that everything we’ve been told is a lie and like I said earlier today I’m no longer surprised and I truly believe that every facet of our reality has been affected manipulated infiltrated and poisoned with half-truths it’s not always completely a lie but the best way to tell a lie is you keep a little bit of the truth and then you’re surrounded by a lot of falsifications and what people tend to do what we do because we bleeding hearts right by nature we want to be good we want to share and create and help each other so we always look for the good and everything so we find the truth in the lie and then we believe that well if there’s a little bit of truth in there then the rest must also be true and that’s so we actually become our own worst enemies and this is how they can pull the wool over our eyes all the time time and time again over and over again so we got to step out of that kind of naive position and start realizing that this is something as been going on not just a last few decades but our governments and our corporations and the bank and those that pretty much run the world but it’s been going on for centuries and has been going on for millennia the lies and the deceptions have been going on for thousands and thousands of years not just the last few decades because niacin and we’ve woken up and we realize we’re being lied to you so we think oh it must have just happened recently no it’s been going on for bloody ever that’s the problem so how do we now start to distinguish the lies from the truth and I’m beginning to think that many of the ancient texts could have actually been manipulated and been written in ancient times with the intention of finding you know in some future timeline and the dumb schmuck that find it will go oh wow this is ancient stuff it was written it must be true doors hidden in the cave somewhere so it must all be true so yeah that’s how you can also create deception down the line but okay let’s write all the scribe down here we’ll bury it in a vault somewhere and they’ll find it at such-and-such a time or they’ll guide us to finding it and discovering it oh wow we discovered Nahum adi texts and all this and we all believe it’s all true so this is we got to be really careful as what to what we actually believe and what what has been set up for us to keep deceiving us so I’m no longer bloody believe anything I say it’s like that’s not true I believe yeah I believe the children are a huge but there are some things I believe and what tell you what what what strikes me is that the bigger the lie the more inclined were to believe it because we can’t imagine that somebody would be able or have the capacity to create such a humungous lie and plan it for so long that it’s just beyond our level of comprehension because we just can’t do it so everything in history science technology health biology genetics the universe around us religion and money obviously but I mean yeah when I look up at the moon what am I looking at what is that thing up there what tell is it I don’t know what it is anymore I don’t know have you seen the this one camera photographer guy fantastic he calls himself Pro triple 7 or something been filming the moving for four years and he shows clearly that the moon every now and then has this like glitch like when you watch old computers remember old TV screens and computers when you get this little line that went up a real across your your computer or crush your TV screen what happens on the moon every so often there’s likely to go just over the surface of the moon so what and what am I to looking at when I look up at the moon so you know just step step away from what you think is real and and what you believe to be the truth and just just analyze everything with a from slightly different perspective because I’m going to show you an example that basically shows me think if they could lie about this they can lie about everything if they could pull this one off they can pull off anything and this is just to do with the Bible this is me whole Edwards my good friend that lives up in Rainier Washington he was the adviser to the Pope’s at the Vatican for 17 years he is a walking encyclopedia is one of the most incredible human beings you can ever meet you can discuss anything with him and he’ll launch into a deep level of comprehension of any subject historical Hebrew texts Killah form texts Sumerians ancient scriptures from the east from the west from everywhere he knows bloody everything this guy right and what he found out is that the opening phrase of the Bible was could was messed with completely messed with we all believe and we read the opening text of the Bible that says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth well he found out when he was still a student I believe that the original Hebrew text was messed with and that to do that is very difficult because you should know by now that the Hebrew takes in the scholars that write that it’s all a mathematical formula so there’s you know it’s very difficult to cheat it has to have so many letters across and phrases and they cost references so you can figure out very quickly somebody missed was one of these phrases and his paragraphs and yet they pulled us off that this is a bomb of my mind how could they pull this off to lie about it and he shows that the original Hebrew text begins with the letter birth bet the at the moment the Bible starts that is Bereshit bara she’s bara Elohim Natasha my my entire honest but starts as Bob the second letter of the alphabet it’s not possible because L all Hebrew sacred texts must begin with the first letter of the alphabet which is au are less so somebody messed that up that’s not possible when he added LS so at the moment it doesn’t make any grammatical sense actually it’s a non grammatical incorrect sentence grammatically incorrect sentences to any Hebrew speaking people here you’ll know what I mean and and it refers to Elohim here as the gods but it doesn’t make any sense so when he added are or are less suddenly it said al-bireh cheese butter Elohim made how shall my monetary artist which means the father of the beginnings created the heavens created the Elohim the heavens and the earth the father of the beginnings created the Elohim the heavens and the earth and suddenly the Elohim no longer is God or the plural of gods as we perceive it from the incorrect first statement of the Bible now if they could pull that off and lie to us about that section plate full of anything so this is how I see these the deception that we face on every level there are three holy cows of our education system that I love to talk about and these three holy cows that many people find untouchable are that we evolved out of apes humans evolved out of paper apes nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be converted from one form to another now if you mentioned these in any kind of scientific debate with professors and very clever people from universities they’ll all sit and nod and argue just absolutely Oh absolute life the theory of evolution remains view of evolution there is no scientific evidence ever show that we evolved out of aces or bogus crap that was put into our history books to remove us from a creator or any kind of creation process or the possibility of being created by other ETS or any such activity so the fear of evolution is all part of the long line of lies and misinformation and and deception that goes back thousands of years is not something it started recently right the fact that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light us was shattered already in 2005 but many ways has been shattered already even when you know when when Paul Dirac one is Nobel Prize in 1933 actually part of the Nobel Prize or his quantum theory that he that he won the prize for shows that subatomic particles move faster than the speed of light but that was never brought up while if while he was receiving his Nobel Prize so all these like it’s just such a nonsensical crap and we all buy it because we believe these people at university are very clever so at 2005 at the Middle Tennessee State University two undergraduates and and and and three high school students I believe propelled sound faster than the speed of light and this is very quickly written up in the American Institute of Physics in 2007 and then hidden from sight and again this is what they do all the time they publish it so they can use it as a trump card like oh we knew about this all along look we published it in 2005 or 2007 and and they hide it because they don’t want people to know that you can propel sound faster than the speed of light of course you can why because sound is the source of all things sound is the creative source of everything including light and nothing Syria we end and the the bit about this one is that we cannot create or destroy energy energy can just be converted from one to another and then the next breath they tell us that we all come from the Big Bang there was nothing and then suddenly everything is here so hold on to others you can’t great energy so what happened here honorably the energy was already there it was even a very very very tiny infinitesimal point called a singularity so it was always there that’s how they get away with a crap that you can’t cradle or destroy energy so I believe that this is all part of the agenda to keep us dumbed down and manipulate it if you look at the photographs from NASA if you can believe them of these spectacular pictures of nebulae and these you nebulize a host nebula and the Eagle Nebula and all this nebula an eye nebula and all this and they tell us that there are trillions of stars being born every second okay Wow but I thought we can’t create energy so surely it takes energy to stars to be born where is that energy coming from where is it or from the vac vacuum of it from space as a vacuum so in a vacuum nothing can exist so that that busts EMC square right so energy is equal mass times speed of light squared energy mass in a vacuum there’s no mass so if the vacuum is that if the mass of vacuum is 0 it means zero times the speed of light and zero that means there’s zero energy in space so how can anything be created out of what’s going on here they just light of every step of the way we’re being fooled and life too spectacular another great secret that they’ve been keeping from us is just thank you is my sounding horse another great secret that they’ve been keeping from us is that water seems to be everywhere in the universe so there’s a vacuum is nothing in space and then all these nebulae are creating stars all the time and worlds are being formed but there’s nothing it’s a vacuum so I don’t quite understand how they works you know where does the vacuum end and whether the nebulae begin and what is it the boundary at the edge how does that work and you know vacuum is a very powerful thing you should know that by now I mean a vacuum sucks right it’s like have you seen go to youtube and see some of the wonderful you know videos show you a chair like you know how how vacuum what happens in the vacuum is like you can’t do anything in the vacuum you can’t propel craft in a vacuum you know all the the nest the pictures of gravity and what so he can’t do that you can’t do them in a vacuum it doesn’t happen I’m not going to happen you can’t burden anything nothing can move there’s nothing zero energy good into MC squared zero energy you can’t do anything in a vacuum and then yes there’s water everywhere how is it possible so again NASA hides these things because in it was a 2009 I think when they published this that that they found falling clouds cold water vapor around a burgeoning solar system nearby called hydra hydra the water vapor could eventually deliver oceans to the dry planet dry fibers were forming in that solar system so they’re just telling us if there’s actually water out there and then but they have actually been telling us that there’s water all around our whole solar system isn’t it our entire solar system is surrounded by water in the form of ice firstly we have the Kuiper belt which is just you know trillions and trillions of pieces of ice floating around they like this this like this belt around also a big extreme part of our solar system and then that is within another big cloud of water or ice called the word cloud so you get the Kuiper belt and then the cable belt and the entire solar system sits in the word cloud that surrounds the entire solar system so so they tell us that this black this solar system called Hydra is surrounded by water and then actually I entire solar system is surrounded by water and it looks probably something like this so and there’s another nice artistic impression of what our solar system may actually look like the entire thing is possibly made up of water and suddenly I have a very different take the opening statement of the Bible the Spirit of God moved over the waters I could never understand that what does that mean how kind of is watered and nothing has been created he hasn’t even said let there be light you know and yet there’s already water so suddenly scripture takes on a very different different kind of meaning to me and is it possible that all of space or that water is the stuff that holds the universe together if the Spirit of God moves across the waters so what is it would that we look at when you look up at the night sky I don’t know anymore I don’t believe anything anymore I’m starting to question everything and suddenly this thing called a vacuum that we are told that space is becomes part of the myth and not a scientific fact how many of you have been into space handful of people that claim they’ve been to space can we believe them I don’t know how many of you believe that these pictures actually taken on the moon is that other any people that believe that these pictures are taken on the moon sit don’t be ashamed if you do put your hand up because it’s it’s important there’s one person that believes is taking on the word so it shows you the lies of NASA is starting to affect us dramatically and we no longer believe anything they tell us so if the moon landings were faked which by now you should know they were shot by all the moon landings that we’ve seen all the images that we’ve ever seen of the moon landings were shot by Stanley Kubrick on the set of Space Odyssey 2001 in England if you don’t know that please I urge you to watch a wireless spectacular documentary called the Kubrick Odyssey it is truly the best documentary on that subject and so if we if we fake the moon landings how many of us believe that we actually landed on Mars and these little things were put on Mars right who believed that I for one don’t I now believe that all that stuff was actually shortened northern shot in northern Canada on Devon island that they staged this entire Mars landing and all these if you’re going go and research this you’ll see this is exactly where they were this was the training area for the hard landing and they were training with actual pros that are going to go to Mars with being used here so all the footage we think we saw from Mars is actually from this place here so all this stuff is bogus nonsense that keeps us enslaved in neverending web of lies and deceptions but through all the lies and deceptions there is one common denominator that remains the source of all things and this is where it gets really exciting sound and resonance the common links of creation modern science tells us that we live in an electromagnetic universe everything spins and vibrates I would like to correct that I would like to say that it’s not an electromagnetic universe it’s a magnetic electric universe it’s a very big difference between the two and again it’s a small little subtlety but it’s a very important subtlety because magnetism is a thing that rules the universe not electricity sound magnetic ISM electricity and you’ll see how this chain reaction causes everything that we observe when we look up at the night sky all the nature around us everything in creation spins in vibrate everything has its own prime resonance frequency everything and this is why once we can identify a primaries in this frequency of a bacterium or a or an atom or whatever it is or a soccer field we can then manipulate that that that object would ascribe resonance frequency silent resonance common links of creation and religion in Christianity it’s the word Hinduism it’s um the Egyptians believed the universe was some integration and original people of Australia not the AB I forgot to take the a Bart they not had a normal day the original people of Australia to twist some words they remember keep that in mind so the original people of Australia believed that the world was created with three sacred songs and then we have the phenomenal similarities between the six days of creation in Christianity and the word that created everything the six aspects of on and the six aspects of the all-seeing eye of horus and you start seeing the connections between all these ancient cultures and the creation stories and then the creation stories get even more interesting when you read the Hindu creation story it says everything was so peaceful and silent that business slept understood by dreams emotion from the depths humming sound began to tremble [Music] it grew and spread filling the emptiness and throbbing with energy the night had ended Vishnu or Walker that’s just a little more dramatic version of saying God said let there be light same thing it’s just great when you start seeing these connections sound to the source of all creation sound and resonance is responsible for everything it is the breath of the Creator the prime reasons frequency and a source code for everything in creation including our DNA and our this is from Dan winters brilliant documentaries and work on the DNA and sound and resonance I would recommend you check out Dan winters work on that as well how cymatics and sound helps to form and shape our DNA and the structure of our DNA based on the cymatics and that word cymatics it comes from Hans Jenny in the 50s and 60s the brilliant work that he did and show that how sound and resonance is responsible for everything in creation by now you should know that sound manifest physical form and this is the most basic example I think you might have to manipulate the sound here it might get a good hectic if used and ears of sensitive just block your ears because it could get a bit loud this is the most basic fundamental demonstration how sound and resonance manifest into physical form and I can I just cannot get enough of it I can watch is millions of times every frequency has its own specific shape prime resonance frequency are you only looking at a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional effect I think he actually uses rice on the metal plate here [Music] [Music] and this is just in the spectrum that we can hear you can imagine in the low frequencies that we can’t hear it does the same effect to higher the frequency the more complexes that the shapes the lower the frequency the based more basic and the larger the shapes the wavelengths get shorter and shorter as you get a higher wavelength is actually also just going quite do it you know because it’s not all it’s not really a wave that we’re dealing with here something very different far more complex it’s almost at the edge of our okay so the original people of Australia have a creation story that the time began when the supernatural beans awoke and broke through the surface of the earth to imagine the surface of the earth being something like this but metal plate being the surface of the earth and the supernatural beings broke through the surface of the earth and they created the surface of the earth were three sacred songs this is from Hans Jenny’s brilliant video cymatics this is powder on a metal plate it’s not a liquid or a jelly it’s powder you can see landscapes being formed here over extended periods of time [Music] Mountains conform valleys volcanoes or to do with the sound of the earth coming out of the earth now watch that [Music] so it’s interesting that that are linked us to the Aboriginal people or original people of Australia and the three sacred songs and it’s very similar to this picture that I took from an airplane flying over Western Australia and you can start seeing half the kind of landscape would have been formed from the cymatics of the side of the earth itself and then Eric Larsen is the guy that created the the cyma scope and this is when you can suddenly see how the human voice has potential to create infinitely with our voice we have the potential to create everything in anything we can imagine that we are indeed creators and remember every thought you have also has a frequency and a vibration as a resonance just like your voice you Oh oh hey yeah [Music] like the oil feel good watch me the shape manifests in the soil safe and some of these pictures images of the of this silent scope images shall give tell us that it was these sounds the images of the sound that actually inspired religious symbols that beautiful cross in a circle at the center of some of the somatic photographs give us a very clear indication that the creators of the religious symbols knew exactly what they were talking about that the source of self of creation is sound itself and that takes us to what sound does sound pretty much done everything you can imagine because it’s the source of creation do you guys want to take a break anyone you want to take a break if you want to take a break just go stand at the back do some stretching exercises I like some people are doing if you have any questions I suggest you just leave it because this on by halfway through ancient civilizations understood sound and frequency and they use it for everything they use it as a tool and they also use it to control and manipulate humanity this is nothing new we know by now that the pineal gland is pretty much what represents the all-seeing eye of horus it’s a receiver it’s a transmitter it’s a powerful tool that we should be using but we not because it was manipulated with it and probably compromised and it seems that these ancient beings these a lovebird headed beings or winged beings use these cone-shaped tools and other techniques to manipulate up on your gland and manipulate our DNA they controlled us the tree of life or the DNA and they probably use sargent frequency to do that with but what’s important is to look at thirds we got a pine cone a cone shaped tool in his hand and that weird wristwatch that has got these twelve cone shapes pointing at the center and then also this here this here is looks just like the stone tools that I’ve been picking up a cone-shaped tool on his arm seems like everything is encoded here when they draw these or call these things it’s not just accidental everything is good a reason why it’s there so you’ll realize why they’re so important because this that this wristwatch were those twelve cones pointing at the middle shows us that there weren’t only controlling our thoughts and our minds of sound and frequency and magnetics in ancient times but we’ve been doing it for for ages now there’s your all-seeing Eye of Horus there’s your six of half of that weird wristwatch or the six cones tracing the middle all controlling us with with sound and frequency and and this brings us to using sound as a tool and technology sound creates light it’s very obvious we know that God said let there be light and you can do this yourself by attaching a speaker to an LED light and see what happens the anchor is used as a healing tool we know that from from images like this and there’s a lot more to be said about this the Medicine Wheel is a cross in a circle that represents sound that primordial source of sound that choses the Native American healers knew that that sound could cure and could heal this is a Sumerian stele of stead represent sound and also this is where the schwa sticker has its origin in sound and resonance the Ark of the Covenant was obviously a very powerful sound energy generating device it it was a it was a communication device that Moses could communicate with God and were these people when he sat on the mercy seat below that the angels and the wings and was also a very powerful device that brought down the walls of Jericho because obviously gave off some sort of a low frequency vibration and then with a blast from a trumpet and a shout the walls came tumbling down so either an electromagnetic pulse or something of that kind that brought the words of Derek go down royal Raymond Drive we you should know by now that cured was the man that found a cure for disease with sound and resonance were converted to electric impulses and right here in Sedona in a library in Sedona is his handwritten manuscript that you can read all the his handwritten frequencies that he wrote down for cure all the just for cures for all the disease this all the different cancers this is for the theory ER and this is for tuberculosis and so it goes Legaspi the multiple wave oscillator that has got an incredible record of curing all kinds of diseases including cancers and more recently Anthony Holland who in a TED talk in 2011 shows how he cures cancer with sound frequencies unfortunately Anthony Holland thought he’d become famous and since then we’ve not heard anything of him he sort of disappeared and he did realize that the sound healing of cancer was discovered long before him because he mentions is there’s a new phenomenon these are the first videos taken we show these videos to our friends in the biology department they said they hadn’t seen anything quite like it seems to be a new phenomenon these organisms are being shattered by our electronic signals this is a harmless organism almost friendly a little bluffer yzma and normally they’re very fast swimmers but when you approach a frequency to which they are vulnerable they begin to slow down then they stop and then they begin to disintegrate within about three minutes so first we attack pancreatic cancer take a good look at this slide because the next one will look quite different after we treat these cells they change their shape and size we begin to grow long rope like structures out the side it looks something like antennas I call them bio antennas for Biological antennas it says if the cancer cells are trying to tune into our signal we now know that cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies of 100,000 Hertz and 300,000 Hertz so now we attack leukemia cells leukemia cell number one tries to grow a copy of itself but the new cell is shattered into dozens of fragments he scattered across the slide continuous cell number two then hyper inflates and also dies tinea cell number three and tries to make another cancer cell new cell is shattered and the original cell dies I think you get the gist illicit sounds continues to amaze us sunken libertate by now you would have seen this many times just a very quick idea that sound actually does let it a think this is not how the ancient is delivered a very big heavy object that is a very different technique used here it’s just pressure waves they can levitate they’re doing light objects that it does give you the ability to imagine that sound actually leather folks John Keeley levitated stuff and drilled sound holes with sound in 1888 already been a Davy boy ‘old water with sounds and students since 1940 and he died several years ago sound creates what’s known as a star in a jar called sonoluminescence when you take a sphere of water and you exposure to certain frequencies it gives off a very very bright light at the center of the of the of the the water called the star in a jar which is just absolutely not not really not quite one of this magnetrons are really just very very them it’s called a resonant cavity magnetron that is created through resonance sound sound resonance that creates a huge amount of energy that’s used in laser beams using microwaves laser beams etc sound acts as a cloak of invisibility sound can make things disappear this 3d / sort of plastic permit that they created when they expose it to certain sound frequencies anything they put underneath it disappears becomes invisible and then makes you wonder if that was the original idea for the the structures of some monasteries what do monks do monasteries they sit and charge and I’ve heard from many people that better that do a lot of chanting and monastery kind of work whatever that may mean that that there’s at times when they in a group and they chanting they look up and some people God they’re not there I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that but I’ve heard that from many people they claim that people simply disappear when they get into a deep state of of meditation and and toning and sounds great hurricanes they’ve guys two guys in 2003 that launched the patents to create hurricanes out of Salam’s believe it or not and I believe they were granted a patent to create hurricanes and mis made how they create the weather for us without us even realizing it and create super clusters galaxies super cluster galaxies this is from NASA from 2003 they say that they found a super cluster that was that was resonating 57 octaves lower than middle C and it’s in a key of b-flat a final interesting as b-flat and just a semitone up from a and as a is the first frequency or the source code of creation and b-flat and just a semitone up from that this is just how my mind works right so it’s very interesting like so is that like the first basic level of creation of one level from the creative source code itself that becomes visible to us who knows this is what it looks like these are images that they show us of this galaxy and it looks just like the the the somatic that means from one’s jenny’s the Lycopodium powder creating shapes and mountains there you go does it look just like that and just realize that this is how things great I’ve created these are the sound waves that they show us of this galaxy and if you look at very carefully it’s a very specific toroidal shape toroidal pattern and this is a fantastic one these kids from college here in the USA that created a sound fire extinguisher and this is years ago you would have thought by now the five we guys would be using it everywhere we’re both graduating from the electrical Computer Engineering Department at George Mason University this coming May we’re here we’re just going to test out our device that we use that uses sound frequencies to extinguish flames I see this device being applied to a lot of things first off I think in the kitchen it could be on top of a stove top but eventually I’d like to see this applied to maybe swarm robotics whether it be to throne and that would be applied to forest fires or even building fires where you wouldn’t want to sacrifice human life professor Brookline MA critic stepped in to help us just gave us a lot of support I think as a whole engineering is really just finding solutions to come from you know fairly simple solutions to complicated problems you know engineering is all about finding a way to make your possible possible that’s what we do you expect that to be a big tub by the fiber guys wouldn’t you no way then I’m going to do that imagine the big building on five pull up a couple of five trucks blasted with sound and fires out that’s too easy can’t do that we’ll need people to get injured and hood so we can get insurance claims we’re going to the hospital store we get the drug companies everything’s got to work we’ve got to get the corporate thing to function we can’t just solve the problem so I’m going to work for us alright so sounds great volcanoes this imagine the earth is ringing like a bell all the time so these frequencies keep coming out of the earth all the time what do you think Craig the volcanoes what creates the heat on the ground that creates the volcanoes more like a bubbling heat is just an expression of frequency right actually that we perceive as heat is actually three-dimensional we’ve become accustomed to seeing grass like this this depends Soundwave is moving in a two-dimensional pattern or here like a sine wave which does help us mathematically but is not a realistic extent this would be a more realistic depiction showing interference from all angles and is what happens when you crank it up we can do something sort of like this as your little volcano day of simply increasing intensity to sound energizes the air that we breathe and that’s actually one of the most exciting discoveries that I’ve made is because as you breathe in the air always puzzled me what happens to the oxygen that you’re breathing why is it that we breathe oxygen in and then we use some part of it and then we breathe oxygen up what happens what happens in that process we don’t use the oxygen up but if we did we’d be in big trouble because we nobody oxygen left right but so we breathe oxygen in and then you breathe oxygen out so what part of the oxygen do you actually use well it’s the energized part of oxygen but that and what energizes the oxygen is actually the the way that you breathe it in it’s the sound of the air that you breathe put your hand to your mouth like this you had to your ear and listen you make a lot of noise when you breathe but you can’t really hear it and it’s that sound of the air as you breathe as it goes into your lungs it speeds up all the time so the sound as of the air and it’s speeding up speeding up sleepers is getting into sinner and sinner capillaries all the time so by the time the air reaches the alveoli in your lungs it’s probably moving faster than the speed of light and it’s just full of energy and it’s the sound of that the energy of the sound that energizes the oxygen it goes into your bloodstream and the energy of the oxygen is stripped and then the district’ oxygen is released in back into into the air luke Montaner 2011 spontaneously generated DNA and water with sound frequencies if you go on YouTube you can watch his latest documentaries where he creates a virus with a sound frequency from Paris to Rome by sending a sound frequency of a virus across the telephone line and they reconstitute the virus that he has in the lab in Paris they reconstitute the same virus in the lab and in Rome this is just spectacular stuff all right so now you can see how we can manifest things we become creators and can manifest anything with sound and this is why we now know that sound is the ultimate source of free energy and Nikola Tesla knew this he knew that the earth rings like a bell and he used the sound of the earth where because it’s constantly rings it never stops to use it as a source of energy to create its free energy device and this is where we realize that sound and magnetism is inextricably connected it’s sound that creates magnetic fields and moving magnetic fields create electricity it’s in that order that creation seems to happen so we don’t live in an electromagnetic universe we live in a magnetic electric universe and there’s a lot less watch the DVDs and the videos online about the electric universe that is spectacular research tell us what the Sun is what the stars are and how things actually function so magnets give off sound do we all know what speakers are so there you go you’ve got electricity it comes out of a blood run down a wire it goes into a speaker magnet the magnet reacts and the magnet makes the air move and create sound and the reverse is possible as well it works one way and it works the other way and this is where we start getting into the real understanding of some of the masters and no matter how I look at it how much research I do I keep coming back to one guy that stands head and shoulders above all other researchers and inventors of I don’t know for how many centuries and that guy’s name is Nikola Tesla by now if you don’t know him yet I better I suggest you go and do some research into this size work he says if you want to find out the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration – exactly that’s exactly what I’ve been sharing with you here here is a picture of the elec of an electron there’s a picture taken about a decade ago they tell us that this is a light beam or electron riding a light beam can you see a particle anywhere in this picture no there’s no particle there resonant waves and yet they tell us it’s an electron can you see how we had brainwashed so this is what Nikola Tesla has to say about the electron from the interview 1928 on the whole subject of matter in fact dr. Tesla holds the view that are startlingly original he disagrees with a concept of atomic theory of matter and does not believe in the existence of an electron as pictured by science this is a shock to the system because we all think our electrons are all electrons electrons a rule and and you start seeing an agenda being developed here and agenda to being developed our mainstream university the mainstream scientific fraternity under the guidance of those that are trying to lie to us and make us believe things that are not so the Einstein this is what I started to say about the electrons in the theoretical treatment of these electrons we are faced with a difficulty that electrodynamic theory itself is unable to give an account of their nature for since electrical masses constituting the electron would necessarily be scattered under the influence of their mutual repulsion unless they are forces of another kind operating between them the nature of which has hitherto remained obscure to us so he says he served you know he doesn’t quite understand how electrons come into being and Ed Leedskalnin there’s another guy that we should pay attention to at least commoners the guy that built Coral Castle in southern Florida and in built Coral Castle and cone shaped pool cone shape tools with no ropes and pulleys big big giant stones and weigh up to 30 tons on zone and he tells us that millions of people all over the world are being fooled by the non existing electron and he has a lot more to say about this and you start seeing that scientists and inventors and researchers over the last 200 years have been really opposed to this whole concept of an electron and the atomic structure that has been forced down our throats and done all and through all our educational institutions that we just take for granted and we accept because we believe the guys that teach us this to be smart and they not lying to us we just accept the stuff well dr. Manjeera Samantha Lawson who lives in Manchester wrote this phenomenal book and I really suggest you get a copy of this if you can and read it a read like a novel to one of the best books you’ll ever read called Punk science it’s a quick read and she shows us that everything manifests as a tourist in a toroidal field and including sound and this is what sound looks like when it manifests as a toroidal field sound just like everything else manifests as a toroidal field as a torus and this is why when our hearts beat we create a toroidal field around our body and that the Royall field creates an electromagnetic field around our body and so it goes this is what the toys of fields look like or that are created by the sounds we make when we speak and phenomenal research and work has been done to show us what the different toroidal shapes and fields look like of different letters and different sounds especially vowels and then as we speak these two Reuter fields that we manufacture we create with our mouths infinite forms infinite shapes infinite creativity that we can that we manifest actually become scale our ways and scale our technology and go into all of creation and permeate all of creation instantly it doesn’t take light-years for the thoughts we have or the words we speak to permeate all of creation it happens instantaneously because sound and resonance versus all of creation instantly not like light that takes time to travel through what we believe to be the cosmos and here the toroidal shapes of color incredible work shows us that the different kind of structures and torrents that color actually creates and how it manifests something different and the various sacred geometrical patterns that we come become familiar with and here’s a brilliant work of Eric Rankin and I really suggest you watch is sonic geometry documentary it’s fantastic it’s just watch it it’s a half an hour long on YouTube watch that it’ll give you a lot more information but this is how basic shakes triangles and shapes in nature how they all have sound and resonance this is the sound of nature around us as an experiment let’s take a look at the numbers found in basic geometric shapes then apply those numbers as vibration cycles to hear the tones they produce first let’s listen to what the hundred and eighty total degrees contained in a triangle sound light [Music] and here’s a squares and circles 360 in cycles per second a perfect octave up from the triangle what about the Pentagon at 540 that’s sounds like harmonic fifth of the other two that’s interesting what are these tones they are F sharp and it’s perfect for Monica fifth of C sharp let’s keep going what does a hexagon 720 sound like another F sharp here’s a seven sided septagon which totals 900 this is an a sharp which happens to be the note required to complete an f-sharp major chord in perfect three-part harmony [Music] and finally the Octagon where we get 10 80 another c-sharp suddenly geometry is expressed by tones and these tones just happen to create the most beautiful form of music a perfect three-part major chord in the key of F so if you watch is you goes into more ESU shows you the sounds of the Flower of Life and the seed of life and all that it’s just spectacular so now you start to understand that every time you look at something that’s carved out in a rock or a symbol or the caduceus everything carries its frequency and actually when you’re looking at it you’re picking up the image and the sound is entering your sub-conscience through the fact that you’re observing and looking at it so it has an effect on you so when people say I was just a stupid symbol no it has a severe effect on you and your subconscious but it is not aware that it’s affecting you because you’re picking up the sound frequencies of that image so if somebody shows you a finger you’re picking up the sign of that finger and the frequency of that image that’s an assault on you it’s not just a benign little gesture to serious assault on you so keep in mind not only your thoughts are powerful tools but the images and the words you write are powerful tools the words that we write this is why the original letters of the Hebrew alphabet the 22 letters of very specific shapes and size and inform each letters actually a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional sound of that letter that’s been reduced to 2d now you get a better understanding of how that is possible so the the tools that have been given to us of thought of language of vocabulary of letters of the alphabet are powerful tools and this is why wizards and witches could cost spells with their spelling right cost thousand we do spelling at school so we’re actually learning to cost spells without realizing what we’re doing and this stuff is just so brilliant when you start breaking this knowledge in this information down you get into the deeper understanding of the power that we have the incredible powerful beings that we are because we are one with God we are one with the Creator we come from the same creative source and we are all imbued with all the knowledge and information runs in our DNA and I believe this is my personal belief there’s some cuneiform text suggestions to this that when Anki was trying to hide the so called Emme tablets from those who wanted to destroy it or go or possess it he hid it in a place in the foot in a place that it could never be found and destroyed by others and where’d he put it he put it in the DNA of the being that he created we have the knowledge of everything in creation encoded in our DNA it is all there we’re just accessing it in small bite-sized chunks if we access it all together like some people can’t guess do and then they go insane because they could know how to deal with it but walking the streets mumbling so we’re going to now bust the dogma of science and remember that science means knowledge that’s all it is anyone with a deep level of knowledge of anything is a scientist get rid of this perception of scientists two guys with white lab coats and all that crap right anyone if you do this master shoemaker you’re a scientist if you’re a master baker you’re a scientist if you master movie maker you’re a scientist and we’ve distorted the meaning of science the Taurus electron model this is what an electron actually looks like it’s just a resonance field many brilliant work much brilliant work has be done by many many brilliant researchers and scientists electromagnetic models and formulas are being thrown together that actually there are consistent with the toroidal shape of it other of an electron and electron is simply a coherent resonance in a toroidal field that’s all it is it’s not a particle it is a resonance toroidal field resonating toroidal field the same with the atomic structure and the time the atom is a toroidal field it’s not the atomic structure that we’ve been shown by science throughout our schooling careers this is probably a lot closer to Adam look like here’s a picture of a molecular torus of the carbon monoxide molecule and you start seeing how the toroidal shapes appear everywhere here’s a toroidal stand the system the solar system as a torus and you’ve probably many of you would have seen the the fact that our galaxy has shown us to be as it is a toroidal field and so so we I guess this is probably one of the best descriptions of the nature of our reality and around us the fractal multi-dimensional toroidal nature of reality that’s a mouthful but but this is a beautiful image drawn by Alex gray who is just a spectacular artist that has done incredible work and this display when I see this this is this is what I imagine we look at when you look up at the stars in the cosmos this is a lot closer to the nature of reality that surrounds us then pretty much anything we get shown by NASA this is all to do with toroidal fields and magnetic ISM now everything is found in magnetism and this is really important are you guys holding out are you okay you’re the guinea pigs this is the first presentation that I’m doing I realize I’m going to have to I’m going to have to cut this a lot shorter I’m 15 this on you tonight I’m Janice I’m trying to see where which bartson would have to take us to cut this down with them so just hang in here okay so what most people don’t know is remember sound god said let there be light so it’s sound moving sounds sound manifested toroidal fields list of moving to oil fields great magnetic fields to toroidal field as well and moving magnetic fields create electricity that’s the sequence of events but what you this tells us that because sound creates magnetic fields it means everything must have a magnetic must be magnetic in some sort and is in some sort of way and if it’s not there’s a very specific reason why sort of magnetic so here’s an example this blew my mind when I found this little thing from Los Angeles from a UCLA I think this is such an important little video that will change your perception of what our universe or what our reality around us is and what might how important a role magnetic ism plays and everything that surrounds us you might not think of water is being magnetic but it is and so are graphite aluminum in glass this is a new and different category of magnetism called either parrot or diamagnetism and it’s different from the magnetism that you’re used to you’re probably already familiar with ferromagnetism ferro means I’m a nun magnetized piece of iron or nickel or cobalt becomes a magnet in the presence of a magnetic field the effect is strong and lasts even after the magnet is removed Kerr magnetism is a similar effect except that it’s much weaker and temporary aluminum is a good example of a para magnet and so is oxygen which is attracted to magnets here I have a few milliliters of liquid oxygen which sticks to the magnet I’ll explain why later gallium oxide and cupric sulfate are good examples of paramagnetic substances cupric sulfate is a salt that can be picked up by a magnet diamagnetic materials are exactly the opposite of paramagnetic they are always repulsed they would rather die than be in a magnetic field an important example of a diamagnetic material is graphite this specially made pyrolytic graphite is repelled by a magnetic field don’t be confused this is not static electricity or eddy currents graphite is repelled by a magnet always both by the north and south end pyrolytic graphite is a grown crystal of flat carbon layers which maximizes the diamagnetic effect of course the best diamagnets are superconductors which at low temperatures provide exact opposite repulsion to whatever magnetic field is present when they’re chilled they are perfect diamagnets so it gives you an idea how the nature of reality around us is we just don’t get taught to stuff you know we don’t think about it in that sense and our sound is actually the cause of all the stuff that we witnessing here and sorry let me go back here you might have seen this this thing before so this is sort of quantum locking is actually just a magnetic effect so what if we got here so we have quantum locking the spoken actor is locked in space and it stayed wherever I put it this is quantum trapping amazing as long as it’ll work and it’s super conducting again frozen with labored nitrogen upside down right and each day is long so the fact that it’s superconducting is locking the magnetic field in three dimensions right yeah exactly and that’s an airbase because this is a symmetric it can rotate without breaking result break the locking locking doesn’t break because it so it stays there on the X&Y but not on but the pivots on yeah on the axis of the magnets you see if I can move it up on the side it will again pivot around the X of the magnet because it makes sure that the magnetic field inside of it stays the same right Pastrana should clip it on the track force yeah let me get you above the track quite high I can just rotate it so it’s actually clothing above the surface yeah it goes wrong a lot about the surface so any thought you can yield it as an angle and yeah like this and you just go around like very heading because they go and very different height coming like this rocket at the high la city a different high different configuration and I can even lock it the opposite way you could just call I think it’s not good hang-ups washing it upside down and then it is suspended fantastic so magnetic fields do what they do exactly what sound does they create toroidal fields just if you do this you immediately see the toy fields being created by magnets around them little Tauruses and this is a full magnetic field toroidal field spectrum it’s both positive and negative on both sides there is no positive and negative in magnetic field this Aronian incorrectly thought it’s actually just one field that the work in opposite directions it’s centrifugal Xandra pedal forces that work toward against each other and oppose each other and the complete Sirois de field like the toroidal magnetic field like this has a both positive and a negative on both sides so it both pushes and pulls from both sides that’s a complete magnetic toroid it’s not north on the one and south on the other that’s an incomplete magnetic field this is very important information people and this this connects us to some of the biggest lies we even told about our reality and the world that we live in because we be told that the sound of the earth creates a magnetic field sorry it’s the sound of the earth that creates the magnetic field and not not the molten iron core there is no molten iron core in the center of the world that’s another theory has been proposed and most people believe it these days it’s a nonsensical idea it’s a sound of the earth that creates the magnetic fields around us by now you should know that sounds is the cause of everything and especially magnetic fields the problem was our world is that the Earth’s magnetic model is a harmful magnetic model it’s north at the top and start at the bottom that’s not a complete magnetic field and as far as I’m concerned it’s impossible for an earth-like object to be in a complete magnetic field like the toroidal shape of our solar system and be an incomplete magnetic field itself can you see why I would say that it doesn’t make any sense that our earth is a half a magnetic field an incomplete magnetic field floating around in a complete magnetic field called our solar system it would correct itself and over billions of years become a balanced toroidal magnetic field how that would affect the shape of the earth I don’t know I’m going to let you figure that out but this is what a complete and balanced toroidal magnetic field looks like and what it does it has an accretion disk in the middle there you can see that yellow accretion disk that’s the center of the magnetic field whichever way you turn it it’s the same as above so below we start to understand some of these basic fundamentals of creation all coming from the breath of God the breath of the Creator the words that we utter everything that we say and create has the same effect creating these complete perfect magnetic fields the Taurus equator plane emits energy and matter at its disk as a disc at the equator we accept this in the solar system all the matter in the solar system is emitted at the equator all the planets go out in this one disk from the Sun that rotates around the Sun and the same winner in the galaxy the many many galaxies that we’ve been shown photographs they all toroidal shared galaxies were the matter all spewing out at the Galactic equator who even told that we are crossing the Galactic equator because our solar system does this and we cross the Galactic equator I no longer believe that but in any case but so they’re half truths and half lives being woven together here and we need to run figure out which is true which is no longer which is a liar and Weavin spine this is some of the most beautiful new work viewing being able to actually see what a magnetic field looks like through the farallon’s this is a quite a new discovery only about ten years now we can actually see what magnetic fields look like this is when you look at a torus this is what a torus magnetic field looks like you can see see the magnetic fields some people would call this the ley lines on the surface of the earth you can actually see the magnetic fields so I’m suggesting that people that are reading ley lines actually picking up the magnetic fields that press the toroidal field of our planet and the ancients knew this they put all the ancient sites and all these magnetic lines because they their ancient structures were actually driven by these magnetic lines and these toroidal field these magnetic lines I mean when you look at the current shaped magnetic field under thorough cell look at this and you take a ferrous cell and you put it over a speaker like a speaker magnet look what it does these beautiful cone shapes that face the middle just like just like what just like this guy’s wristwatch can you start seeing one suggesting and these guys are using technology it was in their wristwatches there the cones also do with magnificent and sound we just never saw it like that until we got the Pharaohs cell given to us and when you bring a magnet towards a ferrofluid what does the cells would do it forms beautiful colors and just stick right out the ferrofluid and this stuff just gets better and better and now you start seeing how sound and magnetism plays a role in nature and structuring the flowers and the shapes of trees and and everything around us is driven by sound and the magnetic fields that actually create the shapes around us are you guys getting excited yes but how the stuff works and what we be missing sir has brings me to the ancient tools an artifact and the tourist stones and the cone-shaped tools now suddenly you have a very different take on when I get excited about the current shape tools and how why Ed Leedskalnin when our stole that heap here he was seen liberating the giant rocks with his cone-shaped tools with icecream cones I got extremely excited because I understood what it means and and I’ve been picking up these gun shape tools everywhere and suddenly you realize that they play a very important role in all of human history this is from the this is from an iron mine in England these are cones and Egypt they were completely ignored until I found them cones in Australia Mayan deity holding two cones just like Ed Leedskalnin was apparently seen these cone shaped hats that are found in some tribes that were used for special ceremonies while the Wizards have had as cones and why do wizards ones why are Wizards ones cone shaped and this gets really exciting dragonflies we you know we think of birds flying and and be easier you may be aware of the fact that it’s actually a scientific impossibility for bees or bumblebees to fly because their wings they can’t carry that body weight so this has been a mystery so I’m going to bust that mystery for you because dragonflies just like bees and bumblebees and other insects or bugs like that have actually hollow tubes in their wings those are not veins sort of blood as a hollow cubes that do what they resonate when they when the dragon flies buzz they their wings they don’t flap them they just say vibrate it sends vibrations to their wings and through those hollow tubes and at the bottom of those hollow tubes they got thousands of tiny cones and stick out that send out these these these sound waves or phaser beams we’re going to get to that it creates that creates magnetic fields around them and this is why they can buzz around Victor groovy Nicholas became famous in the I think it was in the 50s when he studied the bugs the wings of birds and bees and he was fascinated by it and then he boots would it would became a very famous levitation platform and he was seen and flying this thing faster than the speed of sound on one of those right and people think this is crazy and Hardy what was it made up it was made of bugs wings so when you tell people oh he built this a lot of bugs wings people got hurt what kind of nonsense is that you’re a bunch of idiots you believe that well show you he understood how these bugs wings worked and how they actually functioned and that’s why he would build such a device because he thought out of the box and this is to show you some experiments how these bugs wings actually have levitation capacity just this is a divine blade today we’re going to try to get one of these shells to hover over the other one the original of this video is what inspired me to do this series nature is fabulous so there you have an idea how Victor de benek of build these little levitation device out of bugs wings because he figured out how these things work and then we get to the cone shape tools and the Rosicrucian museum somebody emailed me today see how you went and he saw these two of these these cones in the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose and they really there so he was surprised that I wasn’t making it up said I blew his mind and yeah and they are rich that can you see cuneiform text that actually commemorate the building of the temples in Sumer and one of them specifically refers to the temple of Inanna so somehow they were used just like Ed Leedskalnin was levitating the giant rocks of Coral Castle they were using these to levitate those giant stones or the temples of Sumer into place and here is our friend Ed Leedskalnin Coral Castle and he levitated those giant blocks I think the biggest stone they waste 30 tons or maybe even more and I called the ice cream cone phenomenon because that’s what he was described as you just said that he moved them with ice cream cones in his hands and to an uninitiated person that would sound ridiculous but now you all know why that’s so important it’s a spectacular place I’ve never been there but I’ve seen lots of videos of it and I can’t wait to go and then we get to our tourist zones are sacred tourist zones which are clearly not weights for digging sticks and they are far more important they are very very powerful toroid vortex field generators they generate huge amounts of energy around them just like our galaxy just like our solar system just like our body is just like our hearts great toroidal fields around our bodies and these they seem to suck in the ambient sound around them and actually amplify that they create scale our vortex at vortex technology that’s really what they are so these understand is that at the center of that torus is what what some called the zero point or the the vacuum is as as nassim haramein calls it that’s we enter into the infinite density of creation anathemas shown very very successfully with these papers that the density of the vacuum where everything out of that point out of which everything manifest into reality into this much much less denser thing that we think is our reality our body which is actually empty just full of a bunch of atoms and whatever it is just resonating that the point out of which out of which everything manifest has infinite density that’s the zero point so now you can understand why sound travels infinitely into the density sound and resonance travels infinitely fast but life’s travels infinitely slowly so that’s a very quick way to figure out why sudden residence travels instantly because it goes into the zero point of every of every atom in our body as we think as we speak it enters all that inside us and it enters the zero point and the fabric of all creation and traverses everything instantly so this when the stored toroidal shapes work they suck in the ambient sound and they create and and as it as I get as if it has two points hit each other they create this next scale R wave around it and that comes around and it enters it again but it happens simultaneously so this actual field that sits there all the time just resonating so it looks something like that and and this is one of the stones that we put in a bucket of water and the next morning and to have these thousands of bubbles that were swirling around moving into the center of the stone and then you may have heard the story of nassim haramein when I took him the stone and this stone over there when I flew via Doha to Chicago by the time I got off of Doha and got into the plane to go to Chicago plane was delayed and eventually I was called off the plane because because they said there was a security threat in my bag and there were five guns five guys with guns my bag and they made me open my bag we’re already 20 minutes delayed and by the time I open my bag I took the tourists don’t ask my god what am I going to tell them that said oh it’s those African arts and crafts you know it’s just the prison for my friend and by the time I got back on the plane when we said done my partner told me that when the captain came out of a cockpit he said that whatever is in that bag crashed the TSA security system and so they delayed the plane for 20 minutes they wouldn’t let us take off until they found the owner of that bag and what was in that bag what I didn’t figure out until like two years afterwards is like they didn’t even question what was I pulled out the stone and you know sweating profusely because there five guys with guns and the stone was wrapped in like bubble wrap and backing tape so there’s not easy to open it up and yeah I felt like a drug dealer because it looked like in movies of the drug Factory and eventually the stone pop-tart and it’s like okay cool put it back they never they never asked me to check the rest of my bag they they if they knew what they were looking for so I’ve only figured this out a lot lately you know because you you broses reprocess this and you go oh my god they knew exactly what they were looking for and and they just let it go but so we basically have TSA security homeland security you say to thank for – proving as giving a scientific proof that these are advanced ancient technologies it apparently shut down the entire offices put glue down shut down all their computers everything was shut down because of some sort of weird electromagnetic posture was given off by that by that stone and I have a present for you because I brought that son with me and this is it thanks to mark over they that drove all the way to Vegas to face the stone the stone has been sitting with not seen for a long time I thought they would do some research with it but they didn’t I’m not going to take it back to South Africa and we’re going to start a series of research programs for the stunts because we know that this is the one that actually worked this is the stone what I can tell you is that two scientists one in Slovenia one in Croatia and one in Germany two scientists that are experts in a new study of sound called hyper sound which very few people are even aware of sound that becomes a very powerful tool at high frequencies and high high levels of speeds that hyper sound is a tool that can be used for pretty much everything in in our society and that brings us to the next slide and let’s say the technology and I believe that these tourist stones that everything to do with creating ancient advanced phaser technologies or all the energy fields that were then focused to create save the technology through the cone shape tools creating a Sager beam so this creates the energy that goes into the that cone-shaped tool that then creates the size of beam and pushes it out of the tip of that tool I’ve had lengthy discussions hours and hours of discussions with some of the smartest physicists and scientists in Germany and in Croatia and ours on tour they how this technology works and let me tell you they are so excited about this they just want to lay their hands on these current shape tools on these stones so we can have to do some serious research but guess what you need money for that so what I’m going to do starting next year start a whole internship program to do more research on the ancient ruins and the tools and artifacts and so forth and I’m going do like three months a year of intensive internships are we going to do loads of exciting research from genetics to botany to soil science to electronics to etc etc archaeology archeoastronomy geology it’s all the different principles together to show all the people from the different areas how everything is connected and how the respective faculties has has have boxed them into boxes not aligned them to think out of the box and realize how their area of research and knowledge is connected to everything else we’re going to cross those boundaries but it’s getting quite heavy so a bigger one it’s a we can you know you can come and hold it later just at gunpoint I’m not letting that thing out of my sight ever again so so we’re dealing with some ancient knowledge it’s giving us a very clear indication of how we can use this ancient technology into the future keep in mind what have we got in our eyes in our arms we have rods and cones in our retina right what are the cones in our retina connected to the optic nerve is connected to is connected to right in the middle of your brain is your final black scalar correct so somehow a pineal gland should be controlling our eyes and our optic nerves and our pineal gland should be thinking about these are the frequencies all seeing our horas connecting us to everything every frequency and giving us ESP ability and much more but we can’t do that because those bastards several thousands of years ago screwed up our our pineal gland with us coach cones of layers but if you look at our eyes so in our eyes in the iris the iris is actually like Tauruses eyes look at the Tauruses and the highs and the Tauruses have lenses in them that focus the light which is also sound because every light frequency as sorry currency attached to it so it sends the sound and the light through the lens through the center of the Taurus into the cones in the retina so now I understand why I get excited about these Tauruses or the colors combined as tools that could be used to do things that we can’t even imagine yet we’ve got this technology encoded in ourselves and this is why when I say that we are advanced technology people don’t get it we are the most advanced technological tools walking around on this earth it’s encoded in us our DNA has all the knowledge of everything in creation that was put there by Enki and those bastard Anunnaki that turned us into their slaves but it seemed to be back here kicking butt with all those other entities that are causing trouble for us but that might be too much information for some people but what this all leads up to is that we should be able to do anything we should be able to think anything and manifest it instantly we should be able to use our eyes like Superman and do stuff like this we are absolute ultimate creators we are co-creators of our own reality and I’m getting totally distracted here but I get excited about this so this brings us to the question what are the Sun ruins all about are you guys tired you want to this is I’m not sure which of these which of this I’m going to have to cut off but I’m getting tired myself but so I know it’s much too long it’s already 25 9 so I’m going to I’ve got about half an hour to go and we’ll be out of here so what are the sun’s burgers all about by now you can see that clearly we’re dealing with cymatic patterns very obvious we’re dealing with cymatic patterns that’s what every stone circle is it’s just a representation of the sound frequency that comes out of the earth at that specific point that’s what this is all about and some of these cymatic blocks and on a metal plate but now these are stones right some of them some of the stud structures actually very distinct a magnetron and those flower shapes every time you see a flower shapes done circle it means actually build an ancient giant magnetron like this magnetrons that can that can cut metal in a split second and I asked to magnetron scientists how much energy would a magnetron forty meters in diameter generate remember that a tiny magnetron can create so much energy and a laser beam that cuts metal in a split second I mean it literally just melts the metal and and the answer was that a magnetron that size would create more energy than all the power plants on earth together combined one we have thousands of these magnetrons in southern Africa thousands of them so these guys are generating so much energy it’s insane and we know this but we measured it we measure the sound frequencies electromagnetic fields the loudness and decibels and it’s just insane what’s coming out of these circles I’m not going to bore you with that because it’s just it’s getting late Adams calendar is the most powerful of all these ancients of these stone circles Adams calendar is actually much much more powerful as if they all seemed to be sending their frequencies to Adams calendar and that’s like the collection point for all this the energies created by all these millions of stone circles that sort of seems like I can’t say it is that that’s what it seems like because the frequencies they were just ridiculous beyond 375 gigahertz coming out of Adams calendar at the site and electromagnetic fields it run horizontally and then vertically between the two stones in the middle so what we have at Adams calendar is very definite to avoid ‘el effect and it’s alive even today because we measured it and and that reminder that the stones at ring like bowser what they disclose is very very high in crystalline substance very rich in quartz and silica alumina silica carries memory quartz carries member you can store virtually infinite amount of information and knowledge in quartz crystals and this is why they don’t put them in our computers because that would make the computer industry obsolete you know they do buy a computer once and never again and that’s what we’re going to do in our boon to the community bloody supercomputers so because we know how to make them so when you look at ancient structures built out of stone you realize that these guys knew exactly what they were doing that understand that stone is the tool that carries with it in it information storage capacity it’s an energy source that’s why they used stone not because they were stupid because they were very very smart we’re the dumb ones but we’re catching up quite quickly so what’s very obvious now is that all these ancient structures from the pyramids borobudur etc or ancient machines they were giant machines built out of stone crystalline substance force to create or to perform specific functions it’s just the function that we haven’t figured out what were they built for why were they what were they supposed to new man do and this is why they are are aligned or the movement of the Sun because we’re always a major look what this was libeled equinoxes and solstices and all and we think all because they worship the Sun Oh stupid this is our stupid web imagining that the ancients are stupid they built this machine because the machine was aligned with the Sun because the Sun is the activator of these machines when the Sun rises on the equinoxes over there and the dispersed sunbeams come down this passage and hit the standing stone which is a crystal you know that because the all stones have crystalline so it’s like hitting enter on your computer boom it switches the machine on and the Machine does whatever function is supposed to do until the Sun moves over there and then and then the beam comes to another passage and then hits another the Sun the lights and the sound of the Sun beams or the sunlight hits another stone and it may make the machine either stop whatever it was doing or do perform some other function and this is why they aligned with a movement of the Sun so they work whether they being operated or not we’d have to sustain weight and then keep making it work it works on its own it’s powered by the sound of the earth and activated by the movement of the Sun I mean it’s bloody it’s so simple and now we figure this out and we know that the energies are still there because this is a photograph taken of the pyramids and there’s still huge energy coming out of the pyramid even the symmetrical patterns coming out of Stonehenge or those Stonehenge’s being completely reconstructed they’re still very powerful symmetrical patterns coming out of stone henges tells us original structure is was very specifically created as a resonating device an energy device and now we get to the very exciting first grid that is seems to connect all these ancient sites on earth by now you should know that this is a magnetic grid it’s not just ley lines or some fancy it’s actually very specific energetic patterns that created by the resonance of the earth and the magnetic fields that that’s create that it creates and it the ancients seemed to build all these ancient sites on these nodal points and breathe powerful points on this on these magnetic grids and this is an ancient Sumerian text that actually tells us a lot of very important information this is a real text it comes from the Shorin collection and it says in the distance data in those days after destiny it had been decreed after unn and endl had set up regulations for heaven and earth I mean regulations waiver on earth and Enki the exalted knowing God by the rules for heaven and earth the fixed rules we set up cities it seems to tell us that there was some sort of a fixed energy grid in the sky heaven and the fixed energy grid on the earth and based on the energy field in the sky and earth they they set up the cities on earth on these specific nodal points and then David Wilcock several years ago discovered that the the the emblems of the Space Command and the Air Force and so forth in the USA refer to the rules and they have these these bands around the earth these these white bands with these little Delta shapes on them and these and they refer to those bands around the world the world and the fools and they say they sense of energetic fields around the world they don’t know where it comes from but it’s always been there I’m so energetic filled up in the sky that this same Sumerian text seems Erfurt they built the cities according to this energetic good and here we have the same rules to read there says the fixed rules by the rules for heaven and earth the fixed rules they set up the cities and here we have the fixed rules in the sky on the military and their force logos and my friend Paul Craven slain in South Africa it was a remarkable guide but we don’t have time for me to talk about him he actually measured these rules or these energy grids in the sky he phoned me out of the blue and he was freaking out he said I don’t know how to tell you this I don’t know who else to tell but I messed up I picked up this bloody energy grid that up in the sky it’s just everywhere it’s like a matrix is like it consists out of ones and zeros it’s like a binary code powerful energy field up in the sky and he said he sent up a few energies of few energy beams where these devices was try and break it says it breaks above materially and it instantly reforms you cannot destroy says you can’t break it Scott it indestructible and I just realized that all this ancient stuff that we’re dealing with just like I said these ancient machines are just advanced technology on a gigantic scale these obelisks in Egypt they ring like bells if you listen to them they very very they ring like valves just like those stones in my museum and and when you go into these temples in Egypt you know we’ve told that they were built for this and offering it’s all nonsense offering and praying it’s just too many pillars not enough space when you look at them from this angle you realize this is just something very different and all those pillars clustered together why would they build them like that and then more I looked at it more I realized now inspired by realizing that the stone circles were powerful energy generating devices suddenly seeing aerial photographs of these temples in Egypt I realize there when temples but they were actually templates and we’re actually looking at gigantic energy circuits circuit boards on a gigantic scale that we could never have imagined it’s just beyond our imagination the scale that these guys are building things on is something way out of our perception because we just don’t have enough money to do that and macro processes of gigantic meso micro process has become gigantic macro processes you know and here we are told that these are these were places of worship and then this is where the people lived no these are giant learning macro processes and that’s part of the circuit board you know it’s what it is and you can start seeing that the pyramids were the same thing giant above our houses creating huge amounts of energy and just you know you start seeing things and recognizing how all this fits into ancient history sucks eyes what sucks a woman is also just a giant circuit board when you look at images from the air you realize it’s just a giant circuit board it’s not a fortress on top of a mountain to ward off marauding crowds and or guys and horses and Spears and no it’s a giant circuit board and borobudur Indonesia I mean look at this this is just insane it’s like it just by looking at it you see it actually resonating in front of your eyes it’s actually move moves and look at the top of Borobudur doesn’t tell you these are energy generating devices shooting stuff into the sky so all of these ancients temples and structures somehow were built of many of them to generate energy and shoot up shoot it up into the sky so it seems like it’s these are the devices that seem to keep this energy grid up in the sky and possibly this is the matrix that keeps us enslaved and dumped down and and unaware of what’s going on outside of our own planet what is it what is actually up there what are we looking at when you look up at the sky as I said longer believe anything that NASA shows me and it seems that the human sound was actually the the source of the energy that holds up the matrix in the sky because you find these these beautiful antique theaters attached to what used to be these circuit boards so they get a bunch of people into these amphitheaters get them excited they make a lot of noise and they channel that sound into the circuit board it activates the machine and it starts to make a noise or whatever and shoots the energy up into the sky aboard the matrix there’s beautiful amphitheater beautiful resonating pillar of rose pillars that used to feed into the circuit board and so a ghost there’s another one the circuit board was on top of the mountain and the source code for it was the amphitheater on the side here’s another amphitheater right in the middle of the circuit board this is in Algeria North Africa and since 2015 this is shows you should update this nothing has changed in 2017 the templates and temples have just become churches and if you look at the tops of churches and mosques just hit the cones these cones that face the sky it capture the sound and the energy of the people and the church look at those cones facing the sky it’s just spectacular capture the sound and energy of the singing and the clapping and the fear and the anxiety and especially these ones here this is the mother of them all and then business centers and cities they just designed to to channel all the sound energy up into the sky somehow this is nothing has changed we seem to continue putting all this energy the city grids like giant circuit boards generating huge amount of noise huge amounts of energy and strangely enough all being connected by these channels he called highways that never stopped me noise just lava stone circles we never stopped making a noise and now I understand what Morpheus meant when he said that people are the source of energy makes a whole different kind of sense to me now for who for whom and why I don’t quite know but it seems that we’re the energy source that keeps this matrix or this energy field around our planet or up in the sky and that brings me back to the deception that’s been woven for us over thousands of years and especially the last few hundred years and this whole thing of gravity and the reality that we find ourselves in the Isaac Newton it had almost no knowledge of magnetism he actually mentioned that he didn’t understand it and they thought therefore he didn’t write about it if he only understood magnetism he would not have come up with a crap that we now has been shoved down our throats gravity doesn’t exist it’s all in it’s all an aspect of magnetism but you can’t sailors of any institution we observe it we can’t explain it it’s called gravity it’s just you know holds everything together and it’s there to support some very very important philosophies that have been shoved down our throats about the world that we find ourselves in in fact Coulomb describes gravity as an electric electric phenomenon and it’s very eloquently explained and very easily explains all activities around us especially supporting the whole toroidal structure of our reality gravity is much easier explained and explain all aspects of our reality through magnetism and not through this invisible undefinable thing called gravity sound creates magnetic fields moving magnetic fields create electricity everything is affected by magnetism sound and resonance and therefore gravity is a consequence of sound and magnetism and this is why it should be called a magnet Oh electric in the electromagnetic universe even the processional wobble of our planet remember we talked about the precession of the equinoxes this 26,000 year wobble even that can be explained with magnetism because magnetic fields have their own processional wobble like as explained here it’s spectacular how suddenly everything changes in our reality and we can start looking at the world we find ourselves in very very differently in 1887 there’s a very important experiment that was performed and I’m almost finished here people so you can you can just relax this is this is the home run man this just blows my mind okay and in 1887 these two brilliant scientists and they’ve pretty much pretty much pushed out of our knowledge pull out of our psychic michelson-morley the form Wood Wood became very important experiment because until then all scientists around throughout the ages were obsessed with the ether there’s known it was called the ether ether the breath of creation they exist what holds everything together what hopes creation together what holds the planets in place and so from that it was called the ether and they were obsessed with the ether and they couldn’t quite understand what the ether was they and they had all kinds of definitions for it if only they understood there was vibration and resonance that’s really what they were describing was the ether is vibration and resonance the breath of the Creator that holds everything in perfect harmony and and coherent Gregg meant harmony so Michelson and Morley experiment was performed to prove the existence of the ether and they wanted to prove that the earth moves through the ether well they did two very important things first of all they couldn’t find the ether I couldn’t prove that they either existed and they did this with sending out light beams in perpendicular directions and they were measuring the movement of the light bouncing back and they found there was no movement I’m giving it to you a very very basic so it’s easy to understand you can go and research as yourself and what came back is that there was no movement there was no deflection nothing so the conclusion was that the earth is not moving through space therefore the ether does not exist so I’m not worrying about the ether too much because by now we understand that it’s resonance and sound but the most important thing that they showed is that the earth does not move through space and as we sit here in this room right now today there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt other than the evidence that we’ve been shown by NASA or the other space agencies by now we know who they are and who is current controls them there is no scientific evidence that the earth actually moves through space I told you I’m going to push you beyond some of our capacity break down the walls of our own own resistance this has really shocked me and I no longer believe anything even Makar Kaku says of whatever you Michio Kaku SRI says that there is no scientific evidence presented today that that tells us unequivocally that the earth moves through space what the hell is this all about what it does tell us that ether has been replaced by the particle physics universe and we can start seeing the agenda that was put in place a few hundred years ago starting with the concept of gravity that replaces magnetism start then then we start seeing the discovery of the electron in 1897 where JJ Thompson discovers the theoretical particle the electron never proven to exist but the theoretical particle says it becomes reality and a few years later and let me remind you do you see anything physical in the of the electron no and this is why people like Nikola Tesla and and Ed Leedskalnin comments and even Albert Einstein and many others about the electron and that whole agenda of creating replacing the ether of the earth creation with particle physics particle physics get very quickly replaces the ether because that’s something they didn’t want to get us up empty and suddenly Rutherford comes with his atomic model in 1909 1911 and we are still stuck with the same bloody atomic model that was presented by Rutherford and that’s quite frankly if you go look at that experiment that that atomic model experiment I’m sorry I read it I’ve looked at that over and over again it is so naive it is so stupid and it can be so quickly and easily explained with magnetic fields everything that Rutherford experienced and reported on whether his rather bodies experiment could be very simply explained with magnetic fields and toroidal fields and then by the time Einstein’s Einstein released his theory of relativity that was the final death knell in the ether the theory of the ether was we call resonance and frequency what’s even more interesting and important is that the many experiments that have be done being done with the cosmic background radiation over the years have brought back some very very interesting results and Max tegmark from MIT in the principle and if you’ve seen the documentary called the principle very clearly tells us and he is the guy that drove that experiment they found that from our perspective the earth is the center of all of creation this is not this is not popular in in mainstream science and yet this is this is what the most mainstream science results the results are telling us that from our perspective the earth is the center of the universe not only that that all all the other observable galaxies and solar systems seem to exist in layers moving away from Earth as a center of the universe do this information what you want I’m going to bring you back to you that everything is connected through a fractal nature of resonance that create magnetic fields and throw a little fractals for an all of creation the atomic models the quantum theory all of that stuff can be very easily explained with the stuff that I shared with you with sound resonance and magnetism what happens is that the more questions we ask about this the more mysterious other things we find and this is what I call this presentation exploring the nature of our reality and really pushing the boundaries of our boundaries of our own capacity to tolerate new information because this certainly has shaken my reality and I no longer believe anything I’m told by any university professor anyway because they all like and yes max tegmark gave us some very interesting information what we do with it is what matters most what do we do with all this knowledge because we can’t affect what happened in the past but we certainly can affect tomorrow morning when we wake up and we enter the world and we share our knowledge and information with others and this is why I believe that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we are creating with co-creating a new reality now that you know how powerful your thoughts are how powerful every word you write every powerful if we message you leap for somebody on your cell phone every email you send how powerful all your communication and all your thoughts are you realize how quickly we can co-create and reality for ourselves because all this positive stuff the positive thinking the positive talking the positive calculation of a new reality for Humanity that is filled with prosperity and abundance is right here we are creating it as we speak it and as we think it no one can stop that it’s up to us and the more people say think it speak it imagine it the cooker we’re going to create it and we are more enslaved now than we’ve ever been before but when this enslavement comes the absolute understanding half of how important it is to liberate will liberate ourselves from this enslavement and it will require a whole new kind of thinking because we cannot we cannot solve the problems that were created for us or the same kind of thinking it created the problems so our system is broken it cannot be fixed we all need a whole new kind of system to get out of this mess we’ve been born into the slavery we now understand it we’ve grappled with it it’s okay the fact that we get it we understand it we can now do something about it and remember that it is the money system that has controlled us that has enslaved us money is the toolbar which where it’s late until we come to terms without money is where it comes from how was created we will remain subject of those who control and create the supply of money and if you don’t know this yet the Sumerian Kings tablets tell us very clearly that money was created as a tool enslavement and a very specific point in time in history it’s when he’s first priest Kings to were descended from heaven to earth and his first priest Kings created the form of writing they weren’t the clay tablets and the issues they kept they tablets from their temples and the first bankers and the first forms of money these are the first balls in many ways whether it’s 6,000 or 8,000 years ago who knows what it tells us is that the first kings and all the land they were the first bankers and their temples of their first banks and the way they created money is exactly the same way that our bank is created money today it was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement money is not a consequence of thousands of years of bartering and trading that eventually became this mobile tool to help humanity today money is not there to help us it’s there to keep us in slaves and turn us into dead slaves well now that we know this and I hope you know this by now we know what to do and this is where the Alinta movement comes in creating prosperity and abundance taking all this knowledge of information from the past and creating a beautiful platform upon which to build a prosperous and an abundant future for all of us not for some of us for every single one of us and if you don’t know thank you yes yes it’s for you I’m sick of playing it no it’s not true I’m not sick of saying it but I’m getting tired and hearing my own voice saying it because now you know it need it’s going to be everyone else saying it so after twelve years of sharing the simple philosophy of Ubuntu and contribution ISM it is not quarter to ten you have a four minute video to watch I’m going to leave you on a really positive note and I can tell you right now that and it’s thanks to Chuck who put this lovely video together right here from Sedona thanks Chuck and and I can tell you right now that already we have mayor’s in Canada in the USA in Brazil and even in South Africa we have mayor’s that have come forward and said I love this philosophy I want to turn my town into the first small town that implements this this philosophy and once you know that by the time the first town goes this route it’s going to be an unstoppable wave of creation metals that will spread around the world and no one’s going to be able to stop it no army no government no one will be able to stop this because it will come from the people millions of people in thousands of towns so our one small town strategy is a combination of 12 years of research work figuring on how we’re going to get out of this mess and this is the new spearhead and the plan of action the simple plan of action to get out of this slave this economic slavery we find ourselves in so thanks very much for being here thanks for coming hi our host at this we’ve taken you to new areas of core to thinking about who you are and what your role is in this world and this nature of reality around us which is not what we thought it was and we now know what we’re going to do tomorrow and live a beautiful life [Music] hello I’m Michael Tillinger and I’m the founder of the Ubuntu liberation movement welcome to the launch of our new strategy and plan of action which we call one small town can change the world so what is our plan first we find a small town of around 5,000 people who want to participate in their own makeover their own salvation their own rescue mission then we find consensus between the people the mayor and the council we identify the special skills and talents of the people we identify the industrial and environmental potential of the town then we develop a razor-sharp business plan for a variety of community projects to match these skills and individual potential these projects are actually meticulously well planned businesses but there is one huge difference between these and other businesses these belong to all the people of the town together with investors that made it possible everyone in our town who participates in the transformation will contribute three hours per week towards one of these new projects this creates a powerful free labor force that no other corporation can compete with then comes a really critical part of our plan we analyze how much our town needs to consume of everything we produce and then we produce at least three times as much as we need we can do this with ease because our co-operative labor fits everything we produce is distributed freely to everyone who participates and the other two thirds are sold on the open market to our neighbouring towns and cities or even exported maybe but herein lies the twist we sell whatever we produce cheaper than any other supplier how is this possible because of our free labor force and the ingredients that we supply ourselves and so in a strange twist of fate money will become the tool that destroys capitalism it becomes clear that contribution ISM devours capitalism wherever it may be this will lead to a substantial income stream from all our projects very quickly from food to technology healthcare to music tourism to engineering and so much more that would not be possible in a capitalist model why because it would simply not be financially viable set your imagination free and imagine how much wealth our little town will create from just 50 new projects but what do we do with all this money we keep it simple as we always should one cleared goes to the investors or the farmers or the factory owners that turn their businesses into a community project one third goes to upgrading and maintaining and constantly creating new projects based on the needs and skills of the people and the last third is distributed equally to everyone who participates in the projects this provides for an elegant and simple transition place no one has to leave their job because everyone has three hours a week and very soon if people of our town will be receiving more money from community projects than their jobs while getting most of the things we need to live for free as this abundance begins to grow and our town becomes wealthy beyond comprehension new projects will start up every week giving expression to the creative talents of our people one by one the people who work for the mines and other dangerous industries will leave their jobs because they earn more money and benefits from contributing only three hours per week and without any resistance opposition or conflict the nasty corporations will close because nobody will work there anymore and the existing system will simply shut down and fade from our memory as we create a new system a new social structure at this point we realize that we don’t need money at all and yet we have more money now than we’ve ever had before everyone will know that money does nothing and people do everything and so in a strange twist of fate we use the tools that enslave us to free us from that slavery and build an unshakable foundation in which the tools of enslavement had no more effect there has never been a simple way to unite people and create abundance and prosperity for everyone and has never been a more lucrative investment opportunity to conscious millionaires to participate in creating a truly champion future for everyone so which will be the first small town to start the domino effect just one small town change the world limes yours okay thanks very much how is it graduate few still awake I’m going to bring the stone out here if you want to touch it you can the sacred stone and yeah thanks very much for being here I’m exhausted beyond words I’ve been really sick both them and I have been very sick last week really bad throat infection body infection we both on antibiotics so I’m amazed that I’ve actually be able to stand up here I do feel a little dizzy right now but I appreciate you hanging in till the bitter end now God there and share the fuse with everyone bye bye thank you very much [Applause] [Music]

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