Travis Scott Astroworld Decode Gina Phillips Part 1 & 2

In the first video Gina gives the background for the Astroworld Travis Scott Decode in Part 2. I include some of the photos she uses for reference and the autotranscripts at the end.

In the interests of getting this out quickly I have only listened once so please forgive any misinterpretations and omissions on my part. If important please write in the comments.

The first video shows the base programming of the brain – the freemasonic black and white, and red and blue. Further programming is layered on top of this, much referring back to this base programming. Blue being programming for the right brain, red for the left and the white represents the corpus callosum where the two sides of the brain connect, or the veil. One side is Star programming the other Galaxy.

Hillary Clinton (Tier 1 I think) tweeted the umbrella picture on Nov 4 th from an editorial in the Washington Post on Nov 1 [6] The programming is then picked up and rebroadcast by others in media (Tier 2 ) so the masses pick up the programming, which is in Part 2.

The umbrella is black and white, also with red and blue. The pillars on a checkerboard is the “tracing board” of first degree freemasonry, and the programming is related to this. The web is in the astral. Gatekeepers are Cybele and two faced Jannus

Slides Part 1

Part 1 – Now degoogled, please everyone stop useing google /youtube they censor people and I have to spend hours replacing videos in blog posts.

Odysee Truth Unveiled TV Part 1 [1a]Gina Phillips Decodes the Travis Scott AstroWorld Concert on Truth

Part 1 goes into how satanic ritual abuse works, and how it triggers certain attributes of those that are under the influence of mind control. Gina goes into great detail to prep you for Part 2, to bring it all together. If you have ever doubted that media is against us, these two shows will convince you otherwise. This is just the beginning. In part 2, we’ll bring in the Astroworld concert with Travis Scott, and how things were triggered by design.

The second video Gina analyses the NBC broadcast of the event and shows very informatively how the programming is continued in the NBC News with the red and blue programming of each side of the brain coming together to form purple, in the carefully edited piece, with chosen “witnesses” who are actors.

The event however is a beta test of the programming and was curtailed again by the use of words , colours and symbols such as the feet, the black and white images, stopping the purple colour, and words like “stop the show”.

For more in depth explanation of purple programming see cathyfoxblog MJ2 – Purple Programming – Monarch Mind Control Programming [5]

The red blue and white are based on the colours of the Eastern Star. Note the use of the split screen to programme both sides of the brain simultaneously.

Fiona Barnett has talked about her Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming whihc was layered upon the Eastern Star. cathyfoxblog Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked [4]

Similarly you can see the Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B Wet Ass Pussy video is layered the same way. cathyfoxblog Wet Ass Mind Control – WAP Beta Kittens [3]

Gina’s Slides and Stills Part 2

The Travis head is from an album cover but the one that should have been included which is at Astorworld is white, as were the two people trying to stop the concert.

What I found very interesting was that the programmes and Lewis Carrols books are based on the spiritual world levels.

Part 2

Odysee Truth Unveiled TV Part 2 Astroworld Decode [2a]

Show Notes – The first part prepped you for part 2, Gina decodes the Astroworld concert with Travis Scott, and breaks it down into terminology we can all understand. Pay close attention to how things were triggered by design. Bigger things are coming, so we need to be AWARE of what Satan is trying to bring into this world, and raise a Godly standard against it.

Prayer to break soul ties is called “Breaking Ungodly Relationship Bonds”

Prayers to Break ties w Cybele and Janus….the false Trinity and keys on Vatican Crest and popes Robe.

Programming to come – purple rain, rock, alien disclosure, fry programming , awakening snowwo white and antichrist rising . Possible polka dot programming

Also check out my thread Travis Scott Thread [7] which was collating data in the couple of days after the event.

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[111] This post 2021 Niv 20 cathyfoxblog Travis Scott Astroworld Decode Gina Phillips Part 1 & 2


[1] Truth Unveiled TV Part 1 – Gina Phillips Decodes the Travis Scott AstroWorld Concert on Truth Unveiled

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[2] Truth Unveiled TV Part 2 Astroworld Decode

[2a] Odysee Truth Unveiled TV Part 2 Astroworld Decode—Gina-Phillips-Decodes-the-Travis-Scott-AstroWorld-Concert-on-Truth-Unveiled-g3RLsWBU7TA:1

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[6] 2021 Nov 1 Washington Post Opinion: Partisan attacks drove me out of my job as a Texas elections official

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Autotranscript Part 1

ladies and gentlemen thank you forattending another show of truth unveilpaul over here and we have an excitingsubject today with an exciting guest ihave gina phillips back on the showtodayand uh you’re going to want to listen tothis you’ll probably want to take notesso during our commercial i would grabsome pencil and paperthere’s going to be a lot of importantthingsthat’s going to be said in this showand we’re going to pray that and ginaand i have already prayed before theshow but we pray thatour spirits be open to what is beingsaid and what we’re going to hear andsee todaythat we begin to understand the works ofthe enemy it’s very important that weneed to be wiseas a serpent harmless as a dub as thescripture saysgina phillipsfrom the private sector worldshe specializes in deprogramming sra andof course that’s satanic ritual abuseand mk ultra which is mind control aterm we’re hearing more of and all aboutthese days gina raises a biblicalstandard against thiswith her own ministry nowshe deals with trauma patients thatsuffer from identity disorder sravictims and government sponsored mindcontrol and yes i said that rightgovernment sponsored mind controlthe more we have dialogue about thissubject the more people will becomeaware of itand that’s what ginais going to do in this show todaythere arei’ve always as a minister my whole lifei’ve cast out a lot of demons but what icall those was surface demonsand what sra is about and what gina isabout iswhy did those demons even get there getthere in the first placewhat portal was opened in our heart andour soulin our established world what portal wasopen to even allow those demons to comein so it’s very important that weunderstand not only surface demons butthe depth of how far and deep demonswill go and workand that’s whatsra is all about when we return we’regoing to discuss the astroworld travisscott concert it’s going to be atwo-part series because there’s a lot tosay and a lot to showthere’s more involved than what the eyemay seethere’s more that takes place in thesubconscious mindthan what we perceive with our naturaleyes and ears but the powers behind thisconcert were so strong that even thecommon people that that were at thatconcert recognized that there wassomething going on there that there wasevil present and so we’re gonna watchdon’t go away i’m gonna be right backwithginahere we go[Music]hello i’m mike lindell inventor of mypillow thanks to your support you’vehelped make my pillow become one of thefastest growing companies in americaover the last 12 years you’ve helped mypillow create thousands of jobs righthere in the usa when i got my pillowi’m asleep almost immediately i stayasleep at night and i wake up more wellrested in the morning that’s why iinvented my pillow my patented filladjusts your exact individual needs andhelps keep your neck supported andalignedi’m interrupting this commercial rightnow retailers have canceled my pillowand to thank you for your support i’mgonna pass the savings directly on toyou for example you get my six piecetowel says regular 109.99 now only 44.98or my pillow dog bets for as low as19.99 with your promo codefor the best night’s sleep in the wholewide world visit[Music]gina thank you so much take the time tobe on the showand also uh we’re very appreciative ofyouwilling to shareand educate people with this informationof sra and mind control and the thingsthat take place behind the scenesand and also in front of our own eyesand if we’re not able torecognize what’s going on it just it’sjust another day so thank you so muchfor being hereit’s always a pleasure coming on yourshow paul i enjoy it thank you very muchlet’s get into this astro world concertas i said earlierthere was a lot of things that went onand sowe need to be aware and we need to beeducated on the signs that we need towatch for anda lot of this stuff was just blatant itwas just out therewhich iskind of scary because the devil’s on theforefront he’s warring with everythinghe has and he’s not hiding himselfanymore i remember years agowe had the subliminal things that tookplaceuh in music and in different things butnowit’s not so much it’s subliminal it’sjust out there so please hear uh whatyou havewell as you said in the intro this isgoing to take two parts two differentinterviews to lay this outso this first interview i’m going toneed toexplain to you guys how the brainonce it’s been fragmented into many manyparts how the programmers begin to setup structures in the brain how do theybegin to take thethe split and fragmented parts of themind and put them in an organized usablefashionto create this manchurian candidate tothis mind control soldier and you thoseof you who have seen my previous d codesyou know i’ve done them for theinauguration and super bowl on your showin the past we talked about the purplethe purple revolutionand how this isthe way that satan is ushering in thenew world order his antichrist systemso umsothis is building on that you’re goingfrom the purpleumthat’s been initiated it’s now in thesecond phase so we i had in previousvideos said there are twophases of the purpleend of the world new world order umprogram and we’re now in the secondphase per the the cabal um so yeahthey’re advancing and a lot and we’reseeing a lot happen on the stage of theworld soso um if you are able while i’m talkingto pull ups um the first picturesureumlet me add thisthere we goso this is a tweet that was sent out byhillary clinton on november the 4thand it happened a couple of days beforethe festival i believe the festival wasset for the 5th and 6th of novemberand those who’ve heard me in previousvideos of yours i’ve talked about howumthis mass army of programmed individualsthat are millions of all over the worldaremaneuvered how comms go throughmultiple tiers and activate programmingtake it out so you’ve heard me say thatwe call tier zero would be like thehybrid it would be like the entitiesthat are ruling territories of the worldand then you have tier one which isworld leaders like the pope and hillaryand people that are out front so they’regoing to get their comms and theirdirectives from these fallen entitiesand out comes this calmokay so this will notice this calmbecause it’s going to then pass to thethe festival but so what we see is anumbrella you guys remember the umbrellais a program and you see here in thisumbrella you see black and white programin the left cornerred blue and you see a star which isreally a pentagramsoyou guys may remember oh and also let meknow you that let me let you know thather tweet said another flashing redwarning sign for the health of ourdemocracyhashtag code redwowlots of code reds are going out if youguys do a twitter search you’ll see lotsof comms going out about code red beforethe days out you’re gonna know more whatthat means can i ask you a questionhere in interruptnow when they send out a com like thiswhat does it do and what is it for doesit trigger something in amind-controlled personyepyes so you see she’s tier oneshe would be a public person a person inthe public eyeand when she sends out her calm becauseof her level on tier one the next tabtier picks it up which is tier two whichis media musicmoviesand they are able to pass this messageto bigger masses of people right to makesure that they don’t miss it that thearmy the little not little but the bigarmy of mind control soldiers don’t missitso she sends this out as a tweet peoplewho would be underher train of command you know think ofit likea program in a computer where it startsoff and goes into many branches theyknow to follow her on twitter righteverybody has their people that are uptheir chain of commandsoum now that you’ve seen the colors blackand white and redand bluei want you to go to the um secondslide because this is what this is aboutso so this is a picture here of the umthe first freemason tracing boardthose who are in freemasonrywill have this know this learn all partsabout itand i want you to know thatum every item on this tracing board willnot only representsum some aspect of programming that isput in a personbut every structure every color everyitem there also represents an entitytied to itso you see there at the top the sun themoon and then the illuminati eye i won’tgo over the whole thing but all of itssignificant significant you see thegoddess is there on the ladder and theascension and the keybut right now i want to show you thefloor and the pillarsso you guys have heard me talk aboutblack and white base programming that’swith that checkerboard floor isit’s the base programmingit represents dualityofmankind you have the good self and thebad selfand so apart from christ man is doomedto constantly be fighting between hisgood self and his bad self and there’sno way outand so that’s what that checkerboardfloor representsyou have three pillars thereand those pillars they representsatan’s counterfeit ascensionsatan’s counterfeit way out of man’sdualityand it happens through near-deathexperiencesand the pillars are right cause theperson to rise abovethat floorwhere you can see the bigger picture andit’ll happen through near-deathexperiences i’ll explain that a littlebit betterbut so you see the floor man stuck onthe floor he can’t get out of his umfallen conditionbut through a near-death experiencethe soulfragments and leaves the body rises outabove through the pillars and he canoversee the bigger picture because he’sout of this realmand so that’s what you saw on hillarywith the um umbrella the black and whiteis representing thatand then these pillars i’m going toexplain to you how the brain is dividedupso i just wanted you to see that so ifyou’ll go to the thirdpicturesothe more divided that a person is themore fragmented they arethe less ability they have to have acontinued time frame right so it’s likethere’s dissociative walls between allof those split fragments of the mindand the more divided they are your willis divided so it’s harder to fightso part of programming is about justshattering you into so many piecesit’s hard for you to fight to get freeso one of the first things that they dois um and i’m gonna actually read younotes from a child that i worked with isthat they want the brain to not evenoperate normallynormally you have right and lefthemispheres of the brain which you seehere and that white middle line which isthat pillaris something if you ever heard thecorpus callosum in the brain it’s likethis line of nerve fibers that connectsboth sides of the brain so they cancommunicatewell they don’t want the brain of thedeveloping child to communicate theywant to divide itand so there’s a curse i’m going to readthe whole process to you of a child theythey put a curse on the brain they dosome other stuff i’m going to read aboutand they begin to teach the child to usetheir brain not flowing informationthrough the brain but the children callit jumping it’ll be jumping back andforth between right and brainhemispheres so that neither hemisphereknows what the other is doingokayand so we’re going to call these twosides of the brain the right side of thebrain is blueand you see the b you can see the bwhich stands for beautyum underneathyeah down there in the beauty and it’sthe feminine side of the brainit’s the bigger picture it’s theemotional side of the brain and then yousee the left pillar which stands forstrength and it’s the redwhat we call star program i forgot tosay the blue is called galaxy programokayand um the intellect is on that leftside a lot of the reasoning and rationaland so i’m gonna actually read to younow this was a child this happened toher between ages four to sixin a um public school situation she wasin like the more at four programso she was in the public school systemand this isher own word she was about eight when westarted working and this is how she saysthey divided her brainso just remember it’s from a childso it says my teacher put curses on theright side of the kid’s brainshe used the example of magnets toexplain what she was attempting to dowith the left and right side brain ofthe kidsmy teacher said sometimes the brain canbe friends and work togetherbut sometimes that friendship breaks upand the brain doesn’t work together andshe used magnets to show repelling andand coming together and she said myteacher mostly wanted us to practice notletting both sides of our brain befriends now remember a child’s brain islaying downnetworks memory networks it’s stilldeveloping so they’re literally settingup the structure of the brain to notcommunicate across that corpus callosumso you guys have heard of black gooyou’ve seen that oil running downpictures of people’s face and you canlook up black goo well this child calledit black oil that’s commonin all survivorsand so the child saysthe black oil stuffmy teacher gave us it caused our rightbrain to not be friends with our leftbrainwowmy teacher put curses on the right sideof our brainand that caused a tube to grow from theright side of our brainnow this is what they see in the spiritrealm because the kids are opened up tothatthat black goo that black oil on thecurse caused a tube to grow from theright side of our braindown to our right arm and through myspine and all the way down my back andto the end of my left leg and footthe tube went through the whole rightside of my bodythe tube carried the curse throughout mywhole right sideso you’re gonna later i’m gonna talkabout and show you threads and stringssome people call them ribbonsthese are things that are the the tubesare siphons and it’s going to allow theexchange of information to and from thebrain of the childuh without getting too in-depth thereare literally quantum computers that areset up between the child and the brainbut that’s what she’s seeing andexperiencing as a child seeing thesetubes some of you program folks may seethem as ribbons with colors but this isthe beginning stages of thatso the child says ummy teacher asked for a shipment of blackoilthe cabal companyships out this dangerous stuffmy teacher put the black oil in a shotand she put sugarand other stuff into the injectionmaterial to make it not be too dangerousso i asked the child how the theinjection affected her because they usedrugs and stuff andso there’s different um effects and thechild saidit caused a feeling of running wateronly on my right side we’re going totalk about this water entity and spiritat the conthe festival so pay attention to that itcaused a feeling of water running onlyon my right sideand the child said the shot did not makeher feel woozyum the teacher sent the kids home afterthe injectionand this child was told by your teacherthat the injection only works when kidsare at homeand the child said the black oil goingthrough the body carries thenot obeying your parents and doing badthings curse wowthe child said the black oil is like thestem of veins and flowers i’m going toallude to a flower program laterthe black oil goes through the tubes onthe right side of my body and the rightbody says we like itand i’m going to stop therebut um wow there’s more to it but thatwas like aexperience of a four-year-old child shewas eight when she was tellingabout the dividing of the brainsthe brain sidesum so let’s see where i’m at hereso we talked about hillary so let’s goback to the picturenumber threeand so i’m going to talk a little bitmore about these columns okaysoyou can see that the white column in thebackit is it’s in the background and the twoothers are in the foreground they theyform kind of like a triangle shapeall right so the right brainumis going to be your emotions it’s calledthe galaxy programand umwhat’s what happens with the child inthe umthe earliest programming here is they’regoing to try to break while they dothey’re going to break the child’sattachments healthy attachments they’regoing to break their attachments withgodthey’re going to break their attachmentwith their parents and they’re going tobreak the attachment with friendsand because we must be bonded tosomething or we cannot livethey will force a trauma bond to theirhandler and these fallen entitiesand soyou’ll encounter trauma bonds i’ll givea couple of examplesum thetheoutcome is the same the methods vary alittle bit but the last little gal thati worked withum when she went back to this memoryof breaking attachment with god she ishurt she’s traumatized she’s druggedshe’s nude they they you know they throwher into a box and shut her in therewith holes in there and these older guysare like sticking their hands in andthreatening her and it’s just scaringthe mess out of her right she’s in thisboxand they’re asking her where is yourjesus where is godhe you’re evilyou’re too evil he he won’t help you andso this kid’s screaming and crying outto god andhe never comes rightand so eventually they take the childout and and you’ll have somebody dressedas jesus who further hurts the child andrejects themand so you begin to set up thisrejection that the child has against godof like you don’t love meyou won’t help me and your will has tobe involved right in order for this towork but the child’s deceived just likesatan does the child’s will does rejectgodbut it’s a whole set up scenario so thechild does begin to push themselves awayfrom god reject godand so that’s one part of theabandonment programming the second partis they’ll set up a similar programmingscenario to break the parental bondsit’s very common the mother’s thehardest bond to break it’ll often bea scenario where the child using virtualreality glassesis made to witness the death or murderof a parentthey’ll be made to and remember thechild’s vulnerable they’re alreadytraumatized they’re drugged this is realto them and they’re littleand so the child will have you know beenthrough some really scary situations andthey’re like your mom is deadand it’s like and it’s all your faultright because they’re always going toblame you it’s your fault that she’sdeadand it’s because you loved hereverything you love is going to dieright and so it’s like the per the childloves the parent and this just goes ontill the child is broken and they beginto believe i have to protect my parentsi have to protect my family because if ilove them i’ll kill themso you begin to have them push away fromthat the parental bond and there’sdifferent scenariosbut it gives you an idea they either endup believing one parent diedand that they killed them it’s theirfault so the other parent they rejectum as a way to save the parent with thatbondevery time that you go through a traumathey’ll traumatize you and then theperson they want you to bond to comes inand rescues youright because you want that child tothen be comforted it forms a trauma bondthis type of traumais all about all programming the mostpainful things thatall clients say they go through is thebreaking of the bond it’s not the bloodygoryit’s the them and it’s it’s hands downeverybody says it the most painfultraumas are the breaking of theirattachment figures and loved onesa child is soopen i mean their their minds are soopen for anything and everything andwhen you tell a child something it’sit’s it’s truth i mean they have theythey don’t know the ability they don’thave the ability to separate it fromtruth from from not true and i rememberat five years old i was uh sexuallymolested andtheperson who molested me she saiddon’t you tell a soul or i will beat youi will beat you every day because it wasit was a babysitter and i will beat youevery day that i come here and and whenyou tell a five-year-old that it’s it’sit’s gospel i mean there’s there’s noother life or truth other than thatso it’s it’s so important that childrenthat we protect our childrenit is and you’re right the more severethe abusethe cleaner the dissociative breaks sothese kids literally come home withamnesia so they they really can’t tellright it’s behind amnesiabut even the kids who remember thelargest majority never tell the researchshows soand so there’s remember they’re going tobreak on all three points god paranalparental figures and peers and so thisis setting up in umin these peoplethese uhthese people these mind control slavesborderlineborderline traits borderline personalitythey’ve set it up on purpose you seethat as a common diagnosis when it’sreally mind control this little ladythat i was working with that got thisprogramming out cried and cried when shegot free she said i’m not borderline youknow that they made me that umwhen she saw through the truth but forthe peers they’ll set it up where youhave you’ve gone through all this traumaand they have a little buddy that theyallow you to bond with and this is yourlittle friend right and so you havewe’ll say you have two little girls andthere’s a little boy that’s their friendwell they set it up where the the thelittle girl ends up having sex becausethey’re having sex a lot in thisprogramming with the little boy that isthe bondof the child being programmed to bejealousand rageful it causes them to have toreject that friendship bondand it’s setting you up so you don’thave friendships or romanticrelationships apart from what they giveyou or tell youand in turn as programming continuesyou’ll have the other little friendthey’ll bond their friendship again andthen the other friend betraysand this is the red and black and whiteprogram it’s called mickey mouseprogramming they’ll have mickey come andshow up and during this but what you’vedone is you’ve broken every bondthat was secure that this child had andso they’re so vulnerableafter this sowe call the the blue right side thegalaxy system whenever you’ve heard metalk about programming so far it’s onlybeen me talking about galaxy sideprogrammingin that sideevery alter personalityevery fragmented part of the brain therehas very rigid rulesthere’s nofreedom for that person to exert theirown will make their own decisions it’sall scriptedum it exists within that part of theprogrammingsystemum double binds and what what we mean bythat is like it’s the damned if you dodamned if you don’t so the child’salways jumping back and forth it’s likeyou knowthe double binds i’ve spoken of beforeumand that’s in the beauty feminine pillarthat’s blueso you have all these attachment needsthat you’re not allowed to get met andthey’re building up big time over inthis blue right side of the brain systemnow you can’t communicate with the leftside of your brain because it’s beencursed and set you know set up adifferent way than the natural waybut that era represents the streamingor the jumping between brain partsof those unmet emotions those unmetneeds are filtered over into the redstar systemthe left side of the brainwe’re going to find out in a little bitthat that left part of the brain is inanother realm called the other worldbut i’ll tell you that in a minute thatand what i mean by that it’s not thephysical person therebut people who are in the new age theythey learn how it’s taught to thechildren here that you can take your ownsoul you can form light bodies a lightbody and you can astral project to otherrealmsso that’ll be the part that’s over therei’ll show you the whole setup in aminutebut um sogo ahead can i interrupt anotherquestion yeah pleasewhere did he get the name galaxy andstarum the galaxy because the planets andstar systemswe know in the bible when you look upstars are likened to entitiesplanets are tied to entitiesand you will literally see fragments ofthe soul scattered like pixie dust iswhat they use across the cosmosum so these people are umtiedwith each different entity taking itscut and its partand i’ll explain better why when we getto the webbut it’s called the star system in thegalaxy system the star systemumis primarily dealing with stars andgalaxies dealing with planets moon sunso that’s just what they named it whenthey set up the programmingumsoyou’re you’re taking the unmet needsthat can’t be metin the galaxy system and that’s thethat’s the real life world here galaxysystem is thethe the living world the living realmthe realm of the livingand they’re being channeled over intothis star systemanother fragment of the soulin this realmthere’s no moral reservation rememberthe emotions are cut off it’s nothingbut the intellectthe individual can meet any need theywant any lust they can take out wraththey can they cancontrol everythingandi don’t remember who i learned this frombut years ago i learned from a teachingsomebody used the phrase that sin ismeetinga legitimate need in an illegitimate wayso you’re having true needs that are meton this left side in a sinful way apartfrom god without god being in there soyou have real attachment needs you havethe real need to be in control the realneed to vent your angerbut it’s being met in a sinful way onthe left side of the brainandthe right and left side don’t know whateach other’s doing so you can’t repentfor it you don’t know that you’re doingitumsolet’si’m trying to see what my next slide isso let’s put up the umthe next slidewhich is fiveso this is a visual that somebody madefor me that has been on the left side inthis realm we call the other world it’snot the same thing as the netherworldwhich is hadesthis is the celestial heaventhis is the second heaventhis is satan’s counterfeitfor the celestialkingdom the celestial citythis is where you get to fulfill thelust of your fleshsowhat you see is meant to belike a spider sitting on a weband you can see a little bit over thehead of the person it looks a littlelike a spiderand you see the the different threadsremember the the little girl who saidthe tubes came outand um the these represent ribbonsit’s like information going to and froand you see nodeson that on the threadssoi’m gonna readall right so i’m gonna read what thisrepresentsso the spider being at the head of theweb is a fragment of the person’s mindor soulum they actually the red and blue we’lllearn later are the twins from the movieof the shining but i’ll save that forlater they represent the split halves ofthe brainumsoshe likened it to being like this is away of power exchangeso if you sit and you think of the humanbeing part sitting on the webthink of her like a power stationstationwe as human beings we have light we haveessence we have frequencies we’recreated in the image of god andeverything about me has light poweressenceumand soit’s like i’m a power station myemotions when i cry you see energyreleased even when i’m excitedand so think of like um we’ll call thisgirl beth we’ll call her beth sitting onher web in the second heaven in herdomainher domain that is in the second heavenon this web and she’s the power stationso the threads going out that’s gonna beher her lust her sins she’s just fuelingout in her imaginationyou know we have the ability to createjust like god createspeople who’ve i’ve not astral projectedto the other realm but people who dothey say that realm is just as real andtangible as anything else and you don’tadhere to the same laws you do here onearthyou can create worlds you can buildworlds you can build kingdoms you candestroy them this is where real alchemyhappens that magic is true it’s realenergy is neither created nor destroyedbut can only it only changes form andthat’s what’s happening hereumthese people say that the cities and therealms that they build using sinfulenergy and we’re going to see in aminute sinful energy of othersbuilds this celestial kingdomand so those threads represent her lustsher sinsthe energy the iniquity force used tobuild thatforming a webso think of the nodesthat are on that web as the entitiesso there are these fallen entities thatshe’s in agreement with beth has madedeals with them she’s made oaths andand umthe entities are damned beings they’refallen they don’t have light of theirown they want their cutright and so they work together in thissymbiotic relationshipwhere beth can’t be everywhere all thetime but she can send out these entitiesto do whatever she wants to do to trytry and acquire more energy to build herkingdom to strengthen these threads orhighwaysand so you can think of the entities onthese threads as like awhat do you calli’ve forgotten the word what do you callthe a transformer transformers think ofthem like transformers on electric linesthe entities where you upgrade anddowngrade power going into a system theycan take their cut as it flows to andfrom bethokayso umbeth like any other human being has soultiesas human beings we all have soul tiesthere are good soul ties and they’re badsoul tiesand we hear about the example of a goodsoul tie in scripture between david andjonathan it talks about they loved eachother so much that their souls cleavedtogether they clung together they weretied and so i can have good soul tiesthat’s me letting somebody into my heartrealmthat’s me becoming one with somebodyelse that i loveokay butwhat god meant for good satan’s learn touse for bad so you can have ungodly soultiesum every person i’ve ever had sex withor done a sex act with you automaticallyhave a soul tie withbut anybody that’s been dominatingintimidating manipulating in myrelationship will create a negative soultieso beth has hundreds of soul tiespeople in the occult will sleep withpeople any chance they get just to get asoul tiebecause those soul ties are bartered andtraded like a commodity in the secondheavenum we’ve seen i’ve shared on a previousvideo with you that um in revelationwhen babylon falls it talks about inthat scripture how the merchants mournbecause they can’t trade the goods likecinnamon and silk but it says theybartered in this the bodies and souls ofmanthese soul ties are sold and barteredand weare hacked like batteriesuh if we have open soul ties we’ve notclosed in the second half of heavenso beth sits on her weband she’s looking out over her soul tieswanting to harvest energyand so let’s pretend that bethhas a church in on earth in her galaxyrealm that she wants to take downbecause they have tothey have to do this per theirprogramming and we’ll say suzy’s apastor’s wife and beth says i want todestroy that family i want to destroythat family andyou know you strike the shepherdand you scatter the sheepsobeth doesn’t have a soul tie with susieso she looks out over her web and goes ihave a soul tie with johnjohn’s part was in rituals with me iknow johnand johnmaybe has a soul tie with beth we’ll sayhe raped her when she was 14 john didand that beth doesn’t know aboutbreaking soul ties beth doesn’t believein soul ties rightso you’ll have a barter take place wherebeth will barter with john and trade asoul tie with susiejust say you let me have access to susieand i’ll do a favor so now beth hasacquired an inroad legallyinto the life of the pastor’s wife susieand she doesn’t even know itsobeth sends out the appropriate entitiesto begin harassing and raising cain andsusieyou know that’s tied it’s probably goingto be rape oriented and sex orientedbecause that’s the tie that susie hadwith johnand so susie starts getting riled upshe’s frustrated she’s angry she’sgrumpy and she doesn’t know why and soshe’s starting to take it out on herfamilywhat i haven’t shared yet is thatthe newer and younger a child isthe more pure their light and their lifeforce is that’s whythey sacrifice babies because anythingthat it’s the closer you are to havingbeen released from the hand of god andhim breathing life in you because it’sreally god’s light it’s really a sparkof life from himthe purethat it issothey the high prize is to pick a childthat’syoung the younger the better and getthem sinning their sin has more powerand bang for the buck rightsoso um beth is like i don’t want justsusie i see a light up on my web thatshe’s got a sun and it really does lightup in the spirit realm it might light upgreen in some area and she begins to seethat that little sun is starting to actout against beth best being grumpy withthem he’s starting to resent his momhe’s starting to hate his mom beth goesi want that energyso she goes and sends out the entitiesto begin harassing the childbeth didn’t teach her children how torepent quicklyrepentance is a weapon on god’s side weneed to every day before we go to sleepcut out thesenodes in the web that’s why the biblesays don’t give satan a toehold you getangry but don’t sin by the time you goto bed you better get over it and repentwow and sothis is a way that really works againstthe church maybe the church isn’tprogrammed but if we’re not repenting ifwe’re not keeping a clean slate if we’venot dealt with ungodly soul tiesthey are literally harvesting thatnegative energy and building up in thesecond heaventhis celestial city wow now put bethwith millions of other people across theplanet and make beth one node and younow have a webthat circles the worldthat is satan believing that he’sblocking and he is the effectiveness ofthe church wowwow wowum so i you know i just wanted people tosee that programming affects us as wellabsolutelyand you know repentance is kind of likea currencyuh in in heaven it’s like okay i’m goingpaul said i died daily and which isrepentance and he’s decreasing himselfso uh the the light of the father canincrease within him so yeah it’s veryimportant that we repent every day andteach our childrenbecause like the devil likes to go afterour children when they’re little andthey’re so innocent and so teaching ourchildren it’s okay to get mad at mommyright and and being as a parent don’tthink because you’re a parent you don’tneed to apologize to your childrenum that’s those are just really reallyimportantso i just wanted to show in scriptureas you and i talked before i’m beginningto realize that what we think so much asfigurativeum language in the scriptures is reallyliteral um i see it so often literal inthe spirit realmso this is um it is isaiah 59 2-7and it says behold the lord’s hand isnot too short that it can’t save nor hisear impaired that it can’t hearbut your wickedness has separated youfrom god and your sins have hidden hisface from you so that he does not hearfor your hands are defiled with blood inyour fingers with wickedness with sinand justice and wrongdoing and your lipsbecause we’re gonna see the mouth whenwe do the umthe astro festival video but your lipshave spoken lies your tongue mutterswickedness and no one um suesrighteously but for the sake of doinginjury to others to take some undueadvantageand i’m just going to skip down to whereit says in verse 5. it saysthey hatch eggs vipers eggs that’s adifferent program but they weave thespider’s webwow and it goes on it says in verse 6their webs will not serve as clothing acoveringtheir webs will not serve as a clo as aclothing nor will they cover themselveswith what they make their works areworks of wickedness an act of violenceis in their hands and their feet run toevil and they rush to shed innocentbloodtheir thoughts are thoughts ofwickedness devastation and destructionare in their highways and then it goeson to talk about crooked pathsyou know there’s a scripture too inisaiah that talks about highways ofholiness that we build as we go to godand we forge in the spirit with godthat’s satan’s counterfeit there thosethreads become highways in the spiritrealmbecomes a weband he talks about that in thatscripture so i just wanted y’all to seei thought that was really interestingumso let’s see where we’re going and ialso wanted to say this tooso often you know we have a lot ofpeople in the church i’ve had a lot ifyou’re in the prophetic movement who whojust have these experiences like i go toheaven daily you know or i’mexaggerating but these people who arehaving they’re prophesying you’ve heardpeople say prophesying from the secondheavenbut there’s also a lot of people whothink they’re going to heavenand they’re really going to this secondheaven i’m told by people who are therethat it’s gorgeous and there’s beautifulcrystal buildings and and gorgeousthings that these people buildand it’s just so frequent that peopleespecially in the prophetic movement youdon’t see fruit in a lot of thesepeople’s lives and they’re just like youknow the bible tells us that the periodit’s the pure in heart that see god andi’m not judging anybody but i’m here tosay that a lot of people what they thinkis really they’re seeing heaven or thatthey’re prophesying is really from thissecondheavenand yes it’s glorious they think becauseit’s gloriousthe and it’s light that it’s god butit’s notkind of the kundalini spiritit is the kundalini spirit it looks realbut it’s really not if there’s a fakejesusand i want to just i want to share realquick testimony of a young lady thati won’t tell where she is but us arussian ladyand um she was watching one of my videosand about testing the spirits that i didwith you about the fake um spirits andyou know she’s having these lightexperiences with light and light beingsor whatever and so she said i’m going todo what gina said and i’m going to testthe spirits when she tested the spiritsshe this is her words she said i heardthe loudest horrible gut-wrenchingscreechthis thing came and grabbed me by theneck and tried to drop drag me somewhereshe said i was terrified i didn’t knowwhat to do she said i’m i’m likescrambling and fighting and i’m likeokay i gotta remember what do i do andshe used the name of jesusto get freebut then she started having lots ofmanifestations in her house and i’mwalking her through deliverance andstuff now but umi’m telling you more people than yourealize think that they are prophesyingfromauthentic it’s really the fake secondheavenumand the fake jesus it’s more common thanyou thinkright and jesus said in matthewthat even that these uh false messiahsandfalse prophets who visit the secondheavenwill even perform signs and wondersyeah so it’s it’s i mean i did a studyon the kundalini spirit and it’s it isthe closest thing to the real christthat we that we experiencepeople say gina it gives me goosebumpsit feels good and it you can’t go byhow it feels how it looks or themiracles you have to test by the fruityou have to test the spirit and thefruit of it um and it’s usually thesewell i’m not going to go there but[Laughter]i’ll stop therebut i just want i want people to be safei want people to see the truthand umpeople are deceived more than yourealize i want to show we talked aboutthe first two pillars on that freemasontracing board that are in the front thered and the blue i want to talk nowabout the white one in the backumthe white onein the back is called they call itwisdomand what that really represents in thisfirst tracing board is the heart realmthe realm of the heartumand so if i had to say you’re dividingup three parts here you’re having themind which is your intellect the redpartyour will which is going to be in thebackum the wisdom and your emotions in theblue and that makes up your whole mindthe mind will and emotions into threeparts being dividedumthis the man is a three-part beingflesh soul and spiritandtheythis white pillarrepresents the heart which is sometimescalled the seat of the soul it’s thatbridge between the seed of the soul orthe heart is the bridge between thespirit of manand the soul of manso that’s what thatpillar in the back represents itrepresents the heartrealmum and we talked about the breaking ofattachments and stuffumso it’s through the ascension of deathand resurrection we’re gonna see moreabout that in the umthe interview part two but the peoplehave to go through who are beingprogrammed near-death experiencesso they’re on that floor the black andwhite floor and there’ll be multiplenear-death experiences that they gothrough umeach we’ve talked about in the past howthe the elementals are the elemententities of air fire earth and waterum so they’ll have a near-deathexperience for each of those to each ofthose entitieswe’re gonna it’s the airelement that we’ll see when we’redealing air and water that we’ll bedealing with with the umfestivalthe astroworld festivalumsothe umwhat am i trying to dookay so in the middleyou ha you have umdon’t falli got so many papers heredo i have the oneanotherdo you have another one yeah yeah thisoneand then that oneyeah all right let’s do that one firstlet’s do that one okaysobetweenthe right and the left brainwe have the white pillar that representsthe white pillarthere are entities called psychopumpsand a psychopalm is a guide it’s anentity that guides the person’sfragmented soulinto another realm so they don’t getlostokay and so they sitthese two entities one’s called sybiland one is called janet uh janus are theentities that sit between this right andleft brain hemispheres um janus is knownas the two-faced godum he has two heads two facesum that face in two different directionsand they represent the fake fathergod and sonand then sybil is the counterfeit holyspiritum and she’s feminine with thisand that white line represents the veilit’s like going betweenpiercing the veil between this realm andanother realmand so the psycho pumpsgo with the person they lead you that’swhat a cycle pump is and we need to uhrememberthat uhveil right there that’s going to beimportant in in part two remember theveiland so if you’ll go backwards toslide sevenand so i said that these are thecounterfeit trinity these psychopathscrossing the veil because you’re goingto the the fake celestial heavenwhich was the red side that’s the secondheaven and the blue is the land of theliving which is where we’re at thegalaxy programmingand then the white pillar in the back isthe veilit’s the go-betweenumi want you to know thatthese two entities are linked to thevaticanthey’re called the keys of janus andsybil the pope wears on his robe twokeysand this is an actual picture on theleftof the um[Music]crest of the vatican the two keysnow the pope will tell you that they’rethe keys of peterthat peter um was given authorityover the church on earth and that thepope received that authority from peterand that he’s the little rock that thechurch is built on but that’s not truethe rock is christ that he’s built onit’s really what he’s wearing are thekeys of janus and si and sybilthat’s what he’s wearingumof those keys these keys actuallypredate if you go back to really reallyancient worship it predates the churchyou see the keys of janus and sybilwhich is crossing into other realmsso i just wanted you to know that thereare ties to the vatican and it’s thefake and counterfeit trinitysybil has many different names itdepends on what culture and time framebut she’s called the lady of the lakethe lady of the waterremember the right brain which was bluethe little child said with the black gooshe felt water running downher side she’s the lady of the watersybil is the lady of the water the ladyof the lakeshe’s the fake maryum in the catholic church he’s also thestatue of liberty if you notice that theliberty is the woman in the watershe is ishtar she umshe later took on attributes ofaphrodite and venus but that was muchlatershe also represents the wombs of thenephilim mothers in those illuminati whodo the um hybrid babies it’s somethingcalled a universal wombwith their genesis 6 project birthingthe antichristfalse prophet and beast and um anotherthing that she does this will berelevant when we see the videos in thenext interviewis umsybilemasculates menso part of her sacrificesumthey sit in the middle hereas psychopomps and and gatekeepers tolet you pass to the other realm itrequires a blood sacrifice to get acrossto that realmso if that person’s wanting to get totheir heavenyou know their celestial heaven thesacrifices have to be given to theseentitiesthe false father son and feminine holyspirit but sybil she likes to emasculatemenum and soyou’ll often see sometimes a bull willbe castrated and sometimes in well inreal life they do it to men tooum and so that you’re castratedand that becomes like the bloodsacrificeum to her you’ll see men who dress uplike womento pay homage to herthat’s umshe’s one of the entities you’ll seewith the peacock on the news that we’regoing to look at the emasculation of menlike the proud as a peacockand thenum she wears a veil if you look at hershe she wears a veil which is aboutveiling the truth the people don’trealize that she is the fake holy spiritit also reveals um it’s alluding to theveilum of passing through the veiland janus the two-faced godhe um he is he’s a gatekeeper but he’salso one of the things that’s kind ofinteresting he sees the future and thepastand in the water he can make the waterboilwhich is what the volcanoes are gonna umbe done withwe’re gonna see in the video with thevolcanoes of travis scottand so umhe opens the doors to warhe his gate and door is open when thepeople are going to war and shut attimes of peaceso that’s it for this one paul let meask you a question where does januscome fromyeah what’s the origination of janiceand sybil does it come from the secondheaven or does it come from[Music]um oh does how is it how does it fitintoall of this as far asprogramming and stuff like thatright the waterum she’s the woman of the water andthey’re both in the waterand water being like the waters abovethe earth in the atmosphereit’s not like waters like here likeriver watersumso that’s what she’s tied to you canlook up any of the movies called thewoman in the waterum she’s tied to the umking arthur legends like they these arevery very old entitiesumbut yeah i didn’t do a lot of study upon them because i figured we were goinglong enoughokayand i’ll have some prayers if peoplewant to pray these prayers i sent you aan email that had some links to someprayersprayers that would break soul tiesprayers to break generational sins andprayers that break ties to janus andsybilas well as the catholic church if peoplewant thosei could definitely put them at thebottom of the in the descriptionat the bottom of the videookay umwe will uh conclude part one hereand we will pick it back up with parttwowith gina gina thank you so much for theeducationit’s priceless uh so thank you so muchfor that and it also gives us anawarenessof what to watch for in our daily livesand as we begin as i said at thebeginning of the show the more we becomeaware of these thingsthe more we’llbe aware of them and then we’ll be ableto watch out for things and and now thatwhen i see concerts and you know thesuper bowl when we did the show at thesuper bowli look back and just every super bowlthatevery half time that a super bowl has isfull of satanic ritual it’s amazing it’samazinguh but just what i’ve learned from youi’ve learned to pick these things up andwatch for them andand now you just don’t watch tvwell my wife and i hardly ever watch tvbut we don’t want you the samethere’s something always out there thatyou can spot and you can pick up sowe have to be careful and keep in prayerrepent every day as gina suggestedbecause that’s going to keep our heartclean because there’s portals that canopen up in our lives and you know iheard i heard a message just recentlyand then we’ll close it up with thisi heard a message saying talking to thefathers about their pornographyand the minister said that that’sopening up a portaluh intothe enemy’s uh uh or where the enemy cancome inand he said a very important thing hesaid the enemy may not want you becausehe’s already got you but when you openthat portal he may be after yourchildrenand that’s so important that we becareful of that satan is after ourchildren and we have to you know morelessons are caught from children thanthey are taughtand so it’s those things that we have inour life that children will pick up onand that portal that we open upwith pornography or withsins behind the doors that we’re notthat we don’t think anybody is watchingor anybody is seeing it doesn’t matterwhether we see it or not the devil seesit and when that poor people that whenthat portal is open it’s coming in andit’s your children that’s going to getaffected thank you ladies and gentlemenfor watching another show of truthunveil uh pick up and become aware ofwhat you were taught today and we willsee youon the next show[Music]you

Autotranscript Part 2

Show Notes – The first part prepped you for part 2, Gina decodes the Astroworld concert with Travis Scott, and breaks it down into terminology we can all understand. Pay close attention to how things were triggered by design. Bigger things are coming, so we need to be AWARE of what Satan is trying to bring into this world, and raise a Godly standard against it. Prayer to break soul ties is called “Breaking Ungodly Relationship Bonds” Prayers to Break ties w Cybele and Janus….the false Trinity and keys on Vatican Crest and popes Robe.

Prayer to break ties w Janus.

ladies and gentlemen here we are againwith gina phillipsuh what a phenomenal show the first onewasand i hope that youlearned quite a bit off of that and ihope that you’re watching things nowwith a different perspective realizingthat the enemy just is lookingfor portals to jump into your heartand your soul and it’s so important welearned from the last one it’s soimportant that we watch out for ourchildren we watch for our childrenbecause that’s what the enemy is afterand the reason that the enemy’s afterchildren is because they have the purestheartand they haven’t grown up into a worldof sin and and be contaminated with thedifferent things that the enemy has forus as adults areso it’s very important one thing welearned very very strongly is that weneed to repent every day paul said i diedaily and basically what he meant was irepent every day because we need to washourselves cleanse ourselves every daynowuh before i recommend before you go tosleep late at night and just if you layin bed repent while you’re laying therebefore you fall asleep it’s so importantthat we do thissowe want to continue this showwith the astral world now the first showwe we walked intothe understanding of howone hemisphere is flipped to another oneand the and the three pillarsand i encourage you if you did not watchthe show go back and watch that showbefore you watch part twoit’s very important that you understandthe workings of the enemy in order tounderstandwhat we’re getting ready to see aboutthe astral worldtravis scottinterviewwe have gina phillips and we will beright back in about a minute don’t goanywhere[Music]hello i’m mike lindell inventor of mypillow thanks to your support you’vehelped make my pillow become one of thefastest growing companies in americaover the last 12 years you’ve helped mypillow create thousands of jobs righthere in the usa when i got my pillowi’m asleep almost immediately i stayasleep at night and i wake up more wellrested in the morning that’s why iinvented my pillow my patented filladjusts your exact individual needs andhelps keep your neck supported andalignedi’m interrupting this commercial rightnow retailers have canceled my pillowand to thank you for your support i’mgoing to pass the savings directly ontoyou for example you get my six-piecetowel says regular 109.99 now only 44.98or my pillow dog beds for as low as19.99 with your promo codefor the best night’s sleep in the wholewide world visit[Music]wow wow wow what a phenomenal show thatfirst one was ginathank you so much for the educationand as i stated in the first showit’s so important that we see more ofthis and understand more of this becauseas we do we become aware of it and thatawareness will help us walk away spotaway move away repent do whatever weneed to do to remove ourselves from thatsecond heaven atmosphereso thank you so muchthis show we want to talk about theactual concert so i just want to turn itover to you and please feel free tostart the programso you’re gonna see whythe first interview is needed tounderstandum the travis scott festival the astroworld festival you know that astro worldjust beginning with it astro meaningstarum i did a decode for you with weekendon the super bowl which his song is starboyit was also the red and the blue and thewhite so you know these are differentcode words that mean the same thing starboy astro the star programming the redstar programmingumso if you’ll pull up a video i mean uhthe first slide it’s a picture of travisokayand i just want to throw in thereeverythinghas a symbol even this guy’s nameby the time that we get through this uminterviewyou’re going to realize that i believethe entire systemis set up it’s nothing but codes i’vesaid this many times but all news allmedia all music allit’s all code it’s all set up to be ableto control this end time army of satan’sbut you’re gonna see just how pervasiveit issoin this picture now that you see thet-shirt you can seethat the little red menum this is the left side of the brainright the left intellect that was in theother world the celestial heaven you seethe white center pillar which issybil and janus who are sitting on theveil that you have to cross through theveiland then you see the blue side of thebrain which is the emotions the galaxyprogramflipping overyep and they’re crossing the veilthey’re crossing exactly the first showi mentioned pay attention to that billit’s going to be importantand so we knew and learned in the lastvideo that in order to cross through theveil sacrifice is requiredum preferably they like they like bloodto be spilt but death is good enough wesaw thateither in reality or simulated at thisfestival the death of peopleumso all of that’s right thereyou know i want to i want to bringsomething that may not have anything todo with it but it’s really making methink now that there was a celebrity uhjust recently that shot someoneuhby accidentbut i just wonder now with what we knowabout sacrifices what was really goingon i’m not saying it was i’m not sayingit wasn’t i’m just saying it just reallymakes when you become awareyou begin tosee things in a different light it’s alla show you’ll hear them say you’ll knowwhen we get to it stop the show stop theshow it’s really scripted for theprogrammed person now i didn’t decodethe shooting of somebody but i will tellyou in the attachment programming wherethey break the bonds of the parents agun is the signal a shootingum you’ll you’ll better understand thatas we go through and decode this but yespaul you’re seeing you’re seeing withdifferent eyesum these days for sureso umcan youback out a little bit so that i can seethe whole picture of this fellow so younotice that he’s wearing jeans wherethey painted like the globeum on his pantsum so this is like representing umawhole earth decode we’re beginning toseecodes i believe this was a beta testthat it’s not the activation of a realprogram but it’s lining it up in thequeueit’s the it’s the trial run to work outthe kinks for what they’re getting readyto release all across the world thereare so many comms happening right nowthat i justi’m i’m having so many people come to methat are be i’mdeprogramming that they’re seeing whatis rolling out and they are jumping intohard memories faster than they ever haveto get it out and you’re gonna see whybut um this is going to be worldwideactivation of thisit’s violent it’s uglyum you’ve heard me teach before thatumthe programsthat are meant to go off in the secondphase of the purple programthey want to time it to create masstrauma all over the world it’s going tobe a worldwide eventthey want it to coincide withwarum they want it to coincide with thesemind control slaves going off andreleasing violence and pillaging andrape and murderall over the planeti don’t know if you guys follow cosmicweather i do every daybut the meteors that are breakingthrough if you followed planet x or thebinary starit’s not really uh all these volcanoesand crazy weatherand um earthquakes it’s not reallycoming from global warming our entiresolar system is heating up and doingcrazy stuff the news isn’t showing itbutthe cabal wants to time the release andactivation of this programmingalso when we’re having these cosmicstorms and chaos for the the mosttraumatic effectrememberthey they want to activate a lights outsituation so when i look at the programthere’s going to be some kind of of anevent i can’t tell from the programmingwhether it’s going to be a cosmic cmecoronal mass ejection or warbut something causes the grid to go downum they have in there a plan for ournation to be invaded all of this theywant us to all happen all at one timeokay and having the cosmic events thatare causing all of these cataclysmicweatherandthey’re going to be hiding the top thehigh up ones and then they want thesesoldiers touh release the beast to release all ofthis red angerum the the emotions we talked about inthe last video that they weren’t allowedto release but do it here they want todo that and they want to time this allbecause remember the goal is totraumatize the rest of the populationwho is not programmed so that we say idon’t care what you have to dojust stopthe the craziness and they will welcomein the antichrist who can stop all ofthis with codesand he sets up his throne and our rightsare taken away that’s been their planall alongright this is just them practicingtheir beta tests for this sothat’s the worldwide for his pantsnotice too that he’s wearing a necklacethat has pearls on itwhich um if y’all if anybody watched myinauguration decode we saw how kamalaharris was wearing pearls and how thatties back to aphroditeum and venus and we said that sybilone of the psycho pomp entities that welearned about in the last interview waslater in later years identified alsowith aphrodite because she had manynames so that’s a nod to thatumso that’s slide number oneslide number um three let’s just go toslide numberthree so this is the eastern starpentagram and if you remember back onthe umbrella of the calm the twit thetweet from hillary clinton the starum is really this eastern star pentagramwe’re not going to talk about the greenand the red on the yellow but can yousee how the red white and the blue formsthat triangle of the two pillarsumthat’s them beginning to put thispentagraminto the mindof the mind control victim because theyliterally see these structures andconstructs inside of them so i justwanted to show you that that’s thebeginning the first triangle of thatpentagram being put inand you see up in the blueum the veil of isis you have a veilshrouded around across you see the cupup there which is like the bloodsacrifice the bloodof the red um and then the whiteum represents queen esther down therethe queen we’ll talk about snow white alittle bit later at the endbut um and theni want to talk a little bit about slidefour and then we’re going to watch somevideo clipsand sothe first thing that when i look at thisi just look at the kids look at thatcrowd guys that’s our children yeah youknow i’ve been saying for a long timepeople have no ideathat we have family members loved onesand our own children that are programmedthat’s the majority of the people therethey’re not going to a crazy show likethis for funit’s either peer pressure or they’reprogrammed butso so what you see here is this bigvolcano it looks like a volcano it’sobvious to anybody looking at it thatthe circle is a portalit’s a portal intoit’s crossing into the red side from theblue side you see a little bit of theblue tinge around the umvolcano wall like you’re crossing fromthis world of the living which is theblue galaxy programming into the otherworldwhich is the celestial going throughand you’re going through the fire you’regoing through the veilremember um i think in the last video wesaid that janus had the ability to heatup the water he can make the water hotor coldandhe’s tied to volcanoes and usingvolcanoes to make the water boilyou’ll also have sitting inon either sideof the program child partsthat identify with the sybil and thejanus there’ll be a child part that’stied like an interject of those entitiesone will have the form of a bearand he’ll be tied he’ll have a waterfairy only program people are going tounderstand this but if you have a bearinside a teddy bear who sleepswhen um galaxy system is up and wakes upwhen the red system is working thatteddy bear is going to be tied to theblue fairy which is sybili just want you to know that if you’reprogrammed and you’ll have anotherum inside part tied to janus for theother crossover and it’s going to besome type of an animalthat can be um is most likely a dog or awolf andthat’ll be important latersoagain you see the eye i think that someof the umsome pictures show uh this the sentencethat says see you on the other side soit’s obvious that this was a crossingoverto the other roundso if you can bring up the first it’s anews video reel it’s called minute byminute news clipand don’t play it yet but justpull it up because i’m going to have youstop at different times and explainso what what you’re going to realize thereason why i chose this umnewscastis i want you guys to seethat when people are giving the newsthey’re going to act like on this newshow that they’re just giving youinformation about the festivali’m going to show you that what they’redoing is passing the programming codesalongthey are taking what hillary gave inthat umbrella code on tier oneand the media and the music industry ispicking it up to reach the masses so ifyou weren’t atthat concert they’re gonna make surethey show this enough on every newschannel that you’re going to see thesame codes as if you had beenat that conference because they’relining up codesfor this crossover for the flipping ofthe red and blue systems and they wantto make sure everybodyum sees it so they’re fake these are allactors you’re gonna sit and see thatevery witness that they have is not realthey’re actors this is just how fake ourworld is so umthey’re all pretending and playing arolewowso umgo ahead and roll it and i’ll talk overit a little bit and i’ll just tell youto stop in a minuteokay that video from that music festivaltragedy helps them notice he’s wearingblueyeah keep going exactly what went wrongmsnbc anchor lindsay reiser joins us nowwith a minute she’s wearing redhelp us understand what happened herewalk us through some of these videoswe’re seeing yeah it really isincredible and right now we know thatwe’ve got blue nail polish rather whilefacts needed and see the peacock on theright i’ll explain that in a minute timethese videos really are giving us theclosest glimpse we have yet into whathappenedall right stop it real quickdid you guys just see that slide to theleft of the redblue black and white linesdid you see that if you didn’t play itagain go go back just a little bitat this point yeah that’ll be goodnow watch for a swipe across see thatwhatthat’s your code okay movement bluered white blue and black okay so i’mgoing to explain that real quick whatthis is umnow what editors you’re going to seethis happen twicein um in a decode here of thismovementis also a codeum so you have like pictures you havequotes color symbols but movement alsois giving information when they swipethat across the screensomebody who’s watching it who’sprogrammed will take what they just saidand it wipes outumthe comthe programand says we’re going to start freshit’s like a swipe across the screen ofyour programming and say move that outmove into the next thingum so they can put programming in theycan move it around they can take it outbut just notice that swipethat wasa movementwowyou can keep playingfrom the moment the doors to astroworldopened there was chaos at nrg park at2pm a stampede of concert goers explodedthrough security games with dozens beingtrampled in the processas the clock ticked down to travisscott’s arrival tens of thousands offans crammed into the venue to see therap star perform where your feet wereplaced is where your feet stayed thewhole night concertgoers told nbc newsthat around 8 30 p.m the crowd began tocompress and push okay pauseso i don’t know if you could see it umbut the girl the girl that is thewitness on there she’s she’s an actressshe was wearing red too if you noticered and whiteshe said where your feet were placed iswhere you stayed the whole nightso that’s like a code for umwhen this programming comes up it’sletting people know where you end upwhen the activation happens this iswhere you’ll stay when it’s the bigeventum and then if you notice her necklace idon’t know if it showed up on you guysi didn’t get to decode it but it’s not anormal necklace can you see itnomaybe it’s going to be in a later clipbut um she has this writing that lookskind of like hebrew lettersum and i wonder if it’s the um it isyeahnow i didn’t get to check it out butit’s not your normal lettering um theyyou often receive codes that come fromthe sephiroththere’s 10 of them on the kabbalah treethat would also be a code to say whichof the different sephirot they’re likelocations on the kabbalah tree thatwould be a code too i just wanted you tonotice thatwowso keep goingstaying the whole night concertgoerstold nbc news that around 8 30 pm thecrowd began to compress and push makingmoving even breathing difficult okaypause itokaysoyou notice that he talks of the wordsthat they’re wanting to use here are thecrowd compressed and pushedall right so what’s happening the codethey’re sending out is they’re wantingto take the red programming and the blueprogrammingpress them together let’s make the brainbe friends again and what red and bluemakes purple doesn’t it so it’s thecompressing it’s the pushing togetherof the brain they’re going to want tohave an exchange of informationin these programmed individuals of thered andthe blue right and left hemispheres ofthe brainum and so that’s what they’re meaning bycompression not only are people squeezedhere because this is going to have dualmeaningum but it’s also telling what the to dowith the program notice too i’m going totell you before you play it thiscountdownnow you’ve got a split screen here thisis right and left brainyou got it the blue and the red you seeit there’s a countdown on both sides aprogrammed person is going to watch thistheir right brain is going to be lookingat the the right blue and the left sideof the brain processing what’s on theleft but both of them are countdownswhenever the child has the near-deathexperience to the elementalsthey always see a countdown thecountdown to your death right thecountdown to this near-death experienceso as the bread and the and the bluebrain merges to be purpleyou have shared information it’s nothese children are going who are presentthey’re going to relive and see thoseoriginal trauma memories of theirnear-death experience related to air andbreathing that’s why they say i couldn’tbreathe it’s going to be the air entitythat’s seen here so just know thatcountdown is always shown as they’retaking the child to the near deathexperience split brainso go ahead and play itas soon as that countdown went to zeroit was just my my rib cage was sosquished that i couldn’t expand my chestexpand my lungs to catch a breathokay pause itso she’s using verbal cues to remindanybody watching this new show whowasn’t at the show do you remember assoon as the countdown goes to zero myrib cage was squished and i couldn’texpand my lungs to breatheumit’s going to trigger the survivorsbecause they’ve been told to compressboth sides of the brainand experiencethe the cross of informationi want to share with you guys we’regoing to see it a little bit laterbuta common way that they take a child to anear-death experience is they put theselatex suits on themthat look like a umit looks like a scuba suit but it coversyour whole body it covers your eyes andyour ears and there’s just this littlevent for your mouthand they can suck the air out of thatbody suit and it crushes themlike they’re smothering and they theymonitor them till they get to that pointin death you’ve heard me teach beforeabout how the spirit is layered in manylayers of death and death spirits soshe’s just reminding them graphicallywhat it felt like wow so um keep goingtrigger triggeryep travis scott took the stage and theatmosphere in the venue ignitedelectrifying an already feverish mob offans according to a video closetso now you see the purple is mergingover here right you got in the leftbrain you see a little bit of red leftit’s it’s going it’s compressing furtherthe two sides of the brain are beginningto share information or at least in theleft brain you’re seeing that now overin the right brain that’s blue do yousee the faint peacock they theypurposefully kept that little peacockfeathers in there remember sybilemasculates menright and so that calm is going to sitthere you hear proud as a peacock umthat peacock is often a symbol for thethegender confusion gender fluidity sothat’s sending a calm for that in theright side of the brain so we’re gonnasee more of that arising but i justwanted you to see thatso keep going you’re seeing the mergingof the two brain sides by 9 12 pm peoplein the crowd could be heard screamingfor help[Music]pause itso we said the right side of the brainis emotions you saw the word help on theright side the right side of the brainis screaming for help that’s theemotions and then you have the intellectwhich is already on the other sidemerging into the eventnow security so keep goingpolice say they first received reportsof people falling injured around 9 30 pmit was around that exact time whentravis scott briefly paused the showafter noticing an ambulance pause itokayall right so they use the word umsecurity shows up and people are fallinginjured the near-death experiences thatpeople go through they often feel it’slike you’re free-fallingokay you remember that song free fallingyeah and um people have when they’regoing through these memories horriblehorrible feelings of like i feel likei’m falling and there’s no bottomum so they they chose that purposefullyto say people falling injured that’sweird a weird way to say itumwow and the securityumwe’ll talk about that in a minutethey’ll do more about that so keep goingmoments later he asked fans to put amiddle finger up to the sky if they wereokaygo back to that if you canwe’re okayall rightso the purple it’s solid purple nowthey’re totally fused the blue and thered so the people in the audiencethey’ve experienced the panic of thenear-death experience now i want you tonotice he says if everybody good put amiddle finger up to the sky who do youthink they’re shooting the finger yeahthe godit is and they’re sitting here saying iwent through that death experienceand i’m doing just fine on my own andit’s like saying if you’re okay if yougot through this okay i want you to puta middle finger up to god it’s like idon’t need you god i can do this on myown i went through this you weren’tthere um during these times they had youcall out to him soum but that you can tell that theexperiences happen because it’s allpurple on that left side and that’s justmakes me sad to seeyeah yeah of course but keep goingseconds after a video was taken of 18year old aidan cruz trying to notify acamera operator of the dangers takingplace in the pit stopokay oh my gosh there’s so much going onhere umsoyou have this guyand we’ll get into him a minute in aminute the guy he’s dressed all in whitehis name is aiden cross or aidan cruzum aiden means little fire which isinteresting we’ll get into him in aminute can you back up a little bit andshow this zafal the little boy the boyin front of the camera and he has abutterfly in the word zafal therelet me see if i can find that on mynotesyeahsozafal is a bikecompany and they sell bike pumpsokayum the color that’s there if you if youlook at it in a minute you’ll see thathis ties on his backpack are made tolook like a butterfly righti don’t know if you can catch it likethatumthat is just like so chock full ofof code not only the butterflyrepresents the soul leaving the bodythe psyche you know when the near-deathexperiencebut zafalif you look up the company zafal they’vehad many different names and it saysthat their company name is a mixture ofthe word zephyr which which meanswind which is the greek god they theyquote it it’s the greek god zephyr andwind we’re dealing with air andsuffocation hereand they added the word the all fromtheir dur aluminum alloy used which isgoing to be a tied to snow white and thethe dwarves who who were metal workersbutand umso they call it zeph allumif you look if you read itbackwardszepholit’s le fezand the lefez the fez hat is the red hatit’s the shriners hat with the tasselumand we’ll just call it that it’s theottoman empire muslims and the shrinerhat that has significance in programmingand you know they have children’shospitalsand umthe black suits that they put the kidsinto suffocate them and take the air outand squeeze them they’re black like thatand they have that yellow or dots aroundthe face that neon yellow just so youknow so they’re going to see thatand also fez is aplace in moroccoand it’s a big portal there a big umgate so i just want you know everythinghas a purpose this is not a normalnewscast what are the chances of thishappeningumeven down to the names so let’s look atthis guy aiden cruz and listen to himtalkseconds after a video was taken of 18year old aiden cruz trying to notify acamera operator of the dangers takingplace in the pitso like the aidan cruz guy he’s dressedall in whiteum we’re gonna look um later on we’llsee the all-white head with the mouthumthe people walked in the mouth to getinto astroworld and it was an all-whiteheadof travis scott and some of you guys ididn’t put a picture up because i didn’thave time to i worked on this late lastnight but have you guys seen the thehead bust of the womanthat is in um overlooking manhattan it’sa white woman with a bunand um she’s called the umuhwaterthe soul of water she’s like snow whiteoverlooking the hudson riverso um that’s what this represents you’regonna see a boy in white and a girl inwhitethere and also the the snow white that’ssitting in the big apple that big whiteum bust of the females going shhit’s like the silence and don’t talkso you’re going to have this guy aidenand later a girland they’re trying to get the attentionthey’re trying to talk to the cameramencameramen are watching everythingfilming everything they’re trying to sayhelphe’s saying umpeople are effing dying and i want tosave somebody’s life that’s somebody’skid and i want to save them so thereit’s falling on deaf ears it’s going tobe the silencing of the mouth there’sgoing to be a big focus on the mouththat’s what this programming is after akid goes through this kind of stuff theywant to tell but part of the programmingis them to tell and nobody hears nobodynobody does anything and then you getthe silencing programming thisyou don’t tell but that’s why they’redressed in white that’s why the bust oftravis is white going through the mouthinto the park and it’s why you’ll laterwe’ll talk about snow white goingshushingand she’s sitting out overlooking thewaterandso keep going he’s he’s going throughagain what it’s like to saysome of the children will have watchedsomebody die and some of them gonethrough death themselves it depends onwhich form of the programming it isrightyou can keep going cynthia lira foundherself at the bottom of a pile ofpeople and felt she wasn’t going to makeit out alive at first i was like helphelp i can’t get up and then when peoplestart coming up with me i was just likestop did you see okay you saw the swipeagainso it’s going to let us know after shedoes that we’re clearing out whateverparts we’re watching those codes andwe’re starting with a new sectionbut i want you to know again this iscynthia liraand um cynthia means moon goddess andlyra is one of the star constellationsjust so happens that’s her name by theway and she’s wearing red alsowhat are the chances everybody’scoordinating this on a new show she’stalking about her near-death experienceshe almost died she’s getting graphicagain she said at first i was crying forhelp i couldn’t get any helpand then we get the swipe so they’reswiping out for other parts to look at adifferent part of this programat one point lyra says she found herselfholding the hand of another strangertrapped in the pile both silentlyso you saw her go back there and you seeumwhen she’s talking about the deathexperience she’s she’sgiving in to deaththere comes a point when the the childjust gives in you know you know thatit’s inevitable she’s verbalizing thatbut did you notice they showed the deathbust of the head of travis scottum with that oneumshe said then people started getting ontop of me i was like help i’m gonna diehereand then it shows the travis head andshe said at one point you hear cynthiasay she found herself holding the handof a stranger in the pile silentlyaccepting deathholding hands is one of two things it’sgoing to be the twins that i show yousome clips i mean a picture of of in theshining the little i’ve never watchedthe movie but i’ve decoded it that’swhat the shining is is putting in thistype of programming the red and blue thelittle twins there have pink anduh blue dresses um pink is emerging redso you’ll have it when you’re littleit’s not a full red coat it’s emergingand the light blue is the emerging bluesoumher holding somebody’s hands issignaling those two twins that holdhands in that moviebut it’s also holding the hand of yourpsycho pump as you cross over rememberwe said those entities she said it shewas holding the hand of a stranger asshe accepts her deathum don’t click it yet because this isthen they’re showing shoes here this isanother big calm wowumfirst of all notice that at the verybottom are bootsum and i’m not going to get into it buti want you to know that from harrypotterthe main manky old boots in that moviei’ve not watched it but i’ve read itthey are a port key i’m not going totell you what a port key is you can lookit up if you want but in that movie themankie old boots is a port keyand then you’re seeing all thesedifferent shoes and notice the ones onthe top are mismatchedonly pairand then you see um the red bladebracelet in the top rightand the red striped pantsso shoes often are a symbol foroppositesmeaning whatever you see after this isgoing to be the oppositeis what it’s going to be reverse whatyou hear from the rest of this news clipit’s flipping of the red and the blueumand that’s what that the shoes representyou see the the red is on the oppositeside there so they’re saying flip it tothe opposite rightso yougo againit felt like an inevitable fatewe just felt like we were like in thattogether like it was just a tragedy likeit shouldn’t have happened in the firstplace but well we were stuck in asituation we couldn’t do anything sowe’re just like okayat 9 32 pm a young woman is seenattempting to alert the same cameraoperator she steps in front of thecamera but the concert continuesby 930. yeah so there’s the girl so we haveshe’s now we we’re seeing the oppositeit was a boy the first time aiden cruzhe’s the one that came up to tell thefirst time this time it’s the female wejust had an opposite queueshe’s the snow white in new york citybutum and notice too that here on the crowdyou see a crossyou have the emerging red and purplethe death thing has already happened doyou see that cross therehis name was aidan cruzand so it’s like the death event hasalready happened it’s getting ready tosayum a mass casualty event is now declaredbut it’s interesting that it comes inthe shape of the cross yeahafter she says thatwowkeep going mm-hmm a mass casualty eventhas been declared and populationall right so here’s what we here’s how iknow that this was not a real activationeventso what you’re going to see here if ifthey would have continued they they wentthrough thewhole compressing of the red and theblue to make the purplethe people in the audience the peoplewatching this relivethe red and the brain coming togetherand all the death experiencesthat they went through it’s an exchangeof information that happens with the twosides of the brainbut this is undoing it this is going toif you watch this you’re going to seethis rotatecounterclockwisethis is letting this is and they stoppedthe showright when he says stop the showthat’s letting them know we’re not thisis not realwe’re not activating this program rightnow we’re just lining it up so they haveto reverse it because if they don’t stopthe showthe kids would leave and carry out theprogram all they wanted was a beta testand a line upso you actually see this like a reverseclockgoing counterclockwiseand so you can that’s what this and itsays mass casual mass casualty eventdeclaredyeahmaybe this is why i took them once heyelled stop it said it took them anotherhalf hour to completelystop it close the close the muse stopthe music and close it downthe brain has to resettle itself andthat’s what i’m going to show you andthey show it in these news clips theyjust went through a traumatic event andthey’re literally showing you in thisnews clip what’s happening on the insideof these kids so this is like a hypnoticeventit’s going to ease them out of thepurple the brain is going to begin tostart settling back down and stop theactivationso keep goingto cut the show short three minuteslater security officials are seenrunning through the pitatpause a secondso the security you saw the dividedbrain again the rightside was blue and security’s comingthere’s security insidewhat they’re say they’re seeing on theoutside is also happening inside of themsecurity insight is to get your guardianparts that hidethis from the rest of the brain theydon’t want these kids to remember whatthey experiencedthey’re calling up internal securitywhether it’s demonic or parts to beginto put things in order back in the brainshut this down so that nobody remembersor seesum what just happenedyou can keep goingtravis scott pauses the concert midwaythrough a song and asks security to helpsomeone who’s gone unconscious say pauseso so he stops middle middleway througha songand here he’s finally asking for helphe’s like somebody jump in come onsecurity get in theresome of these people were stillunconscioussome of these people when you sit and dothis test they didn’t come out they’restill traumatized rightthis is a beta test and so it’s likecome on come on in here let’s get thesepeople up they’re testing a run caneverybody go through this becausethey’re wanting their army and so it’slikecalling this internally if somebodydidn’t snap out of it but alsophysically some people are probably soshooken up they’re not even functioningright and so that’s a call to this jumpin herewowkeep goingat almost the exact same time part ofthe crowd could be heard chanting stopthe showokay pause thatso you have the brain it’s beginning tosettle back down and work togetherthe right side that’s emotional isyelling stop the show but you see acrowd on the left side too the brain isnow saying stop the show it’s gettingthe message this was not real this wasnot an activation it’s the beginning ofthe two sides of the brainstarting todivide back out of the purplesettle downthe security team alerts the staff tomultiple people without pulsesat 9 46 pm members of the houston policedepartment can be seen in the pit by 954 pm drake has taken the stage and anumber of concert goers are seenstanding on top of an emergency vehicleand this is a code but i’m not going tobreak it down thereand the concert ends more than 30minutes after a mass casualty event wasdeclared eight people exhaustedall right so isn’t it uncanny that outof all the eight victims they all gotthe memo to dress in red and bluelike how in the world does all of thishappen in a newscastnow i’m sure there’s a lot there there’sso much in a code i don’t have time tobreak it downbut they all knew they needed to wearthose colors and i bet their names andthe numbers and all of that’s code toobut i just wanted you to see thatthere’s no way this happened by chanceat night they’re ages ranging from 14 to27. in statements to the public energypark and live nation both said pauseokay so you see here that written in theblueit says we are deeply saddened andheartbroken that’s the right brain withthe emotions we see on the left sidewe’re fully cooperating and workingclosely with police and localauthorities so they’re going to continuetheir other worldbuilding and all that they’re doingthey’re working it’s like a checkand i’ll tell you more about the policein a minute so that’s the red and bluecomms on either side of the brain againwith authorities as they work toinvestigate the situationtravis scott took to instagram toexpress his condolences for the causeokay so here he is there’s all kinds ofcodes i wish i knew what his hand signalrubbing his forehead was but i don’tum he’s black and white okay it’s splitbrain again this is him coming up to letpeople know this was not real he’s inblack and white he’s at the base it’snot a color program this was not a realevent and he’s trying to make sure thathis followersdon’t act this out that they shut itdown so that’s why he’s black and whitei knewlooking at it immediately i went okayit’s not in color anymore there’s got tobe something and the split brain now youguys know the split brain why i neededto do that first interview yeah yeahi could just never imagine this a reallyin a situation across i couldn’t imagineit it’s just a dream it wasn’t realyeahfivers continue to share their storiesraising awareness and hoping for changei really hope that my story and my workwill help to put guidelines andprevention so like this will neverhappen again it should have neverhappened usso as they always do remember the goalis so that they can put guidelines andclamp down on our rights and thisdoesn’t ever happen againso all of those programmed kids whateverthis guideline begins to be they’ve hada very traumatic experience and they’regoing to be fighting for thoseguidelines right yeah part of theprogram too and then here you see theflowers it’s it’s i’m not going to getinto flower programming but just knowthat that eastern star the pentagram hasa circle of flower programming around itremember the little girl said that umthe siphon or the tube was like flowerstems but that’s what this is alludingtowowthese user videos really do put intoperspective how and you can just pauseso there’s more there but that’s all iwanted to show you thereum you believe that this news was justreporting the news now paul not at allnot at all and i bet they showed this idon’t even watch the news i just gotthis offline when i’m looking um theyserve to propagateto the next level every program personmaking sure they relive it and get thecuemedia tier threeyeah tier two tier twookay so i want to show you a little bittoo in umthe next clip we’re only going to dolike maybe one minute it’s a anothervideookayand i just want to show you if you’llpause it this is entertainment tonightso it’s like it didn’t matter it’s it’snot just the peacock networkover here on entertainment tonightthey’re doing the same thing it doesn’tmatter which news you go to you have asplit screen here this one’s dividedinto five different screens or images oftravis and again he’s still black andwhite in the center so he’s letting hisfans know this was not a real eventumbut i just wanted you to sit and seethat they’re showing it to he’sreaffirming thatto his followers the black and white islike kansas like of oz program it’s notreal dissociate thisum put it behind a dissociative barrierso play it for just a little bit longerprayers to thesort of one see that rubbing hisforehead i wish i knew what that meantsituation travis scott breaks down intearsspeaking out for the first timefollowing the tragedy at his astralworld festival in houston my fans reallymean the world at me at least50. now here’s your polka dot shirtso this is the first time that we’vei’ve seen awhite and red polka dot outfit in idon’t know how many yearsand this is not a full co com yet thisis what i call emerging i asked peopleon my twitter account i said now i wantyou to start looking for polka dot comsso this tells me it’s going to beemerging right we didn’t see any polkadots and anything else but this anchorwearing thislets me know start looking for it i knowthat polka dot programming is tied topolka dot manwho was from the batman seriesand his polka dots are weaponsand if if you just look up polka dot manin the comic strip you’ll see what allthis polka dots stand for they stand foreverything from a germ warfareum tothey can be missiles and warfare butthey’re deadly things and soumi would also know when i said thatthey’re going to have waruh they want it to coincide when theyactivate this stuff so just be watchingpeople i just wanted you to take notethis is minnie mouse we talked aboutthat um the split brain and what a theblack white and red was mickey this ismini and i believe she’s minerva is theentity just wanted to show you that wowyeah it’s amazing there’s a lot of redblue and purple in thereand the eye watching in the back yep yepwasn’t fans were there to hear rappertravis scott when chaos in the crowdturned to panic eight people were youcan pause it for there i just wanted toshow you that it’s on a different oneand show you the to start looking forpolka dotswhat it means umif you will pull up slide no uh picturenumber fivebecause i haven’t shown it yetoh that’s not the right oneoh okayummy my my helper may have sent the wrongoneit should be it’s okay you can justleave it um people can find it forthemselves that’s the actual album ofastro worldum but if you look at the festivalyou’ll see a white headthat the people were walking throughthey’re walking through the mouthbecause mouth trauma is very bigin the red programming when you’reputting in the red if you guys rememberuh epsteinhe had the picture of the dental chairon the black and white checkerboardfloorum to put in red programming they use alot of dental trauma and mouth traumathough not only like pulling teeth andthings like that or justhurting the nerves in the teeth butyou’ll have them do things like pull thetongue out to the sky of the bare partand burn itand sopeople walking in and out wouldsubconsciously remembermouth traumas it’s going gonna also bethe being quiet and the silencing of thethe white that’s why the effigies arewhiteand umi just wanted to bring up here that thesnow white effigy that sits in new yorkgoingumi want to read a little bit of thearticle of what it saidthat they they named the woman snowwhite they call her water’s soulshe’s another woman in the wateroverlooking the water like civil wetalked about that psycho pumpit says it’s a tower even articles evenarticles that are written about fashionarticles that are coming out about thisare giving code to cue in people so itsays it’s a towering statue of a woman’shead pressing her finger on her lipsremember the finger in the lips in theisaiah 59 scriptureshe and so this woman faces lowermanhattan along the hudson riverinvitingthe chaotic metropolis to stop andlistenthe water when it moves makes a specialsound very specialthe message of this 80-foot statue is tokeep silentto listen to the profound noise of watertalking to usthe snow white head commands a sweepingview of the river in front of the forestthat’s there’s a forest program ofhigh-rise buildingsit’s four miles upstream from the statueof libertyand it’s a call to silenceso i’m i’m not going to get into it herebut just know that sleeping beauty imean snow white programming let me go tosnow white she’s snow white sitting inthe big applethere’s a programming one of the firstobjects that a child will dissociate onis the apple they play out snow whitethe child has a poisoning with the appletaking the biteand it takes snow white to her death andshe’s placed in this crystal casket andshe’s waiting for her prince to comeokay that’s that is a part of the coreoriginal personalities that are splitand she’s lying there and death waitingfor prince satan to come just like wethe bride wait for our prince jesus tocomebut there’s probably going to be anevent where um it’s played out snowwhite biting the apple and then it’ll umover the next few months it’s going tobe played out of the prince theantichrist rising upbut know that when you slice that applein the middlein the very core of that apple is thepentagram you see the core is got thefive points of that pentagram that ishowed youall of this is tied together you sat andsaw the male and female dressed in whiteat the festivalumso you got the white head oftravis walking through his mouth and youhave snow white the opposite like thefemale therebeing played out i’m going to tell you aquick rundown of what the programmingthey have to play outthey’re going to have they in theirprogramming it’s a flood eventand you’re going to have purple rainthey’re going to see purple rain flooddown inside when the queue is given likea floodand people who are programmed when theysee that flood of the purple rainthey’re going to run inside to thisplace in their programming that’s like arock inside and it’s made to be likepetra because you know petra is wherethe jews run this is going to becoinciding they want to coincide it withisrael being trampled down underfoot forthree and a half yearsand so that’s going to when they run theparts run to that rockthere it’s really a trick and if there’sgoing to be alien disclosure at the sametime the whole alien disclosure stuffand what it really is going to do isit’s going to fry the programming withthis flood that all has been workinginside of these programmed individualsand they’re going to begin with theawakening of snow white from death thenew world order program will play and itwill have fried the flood fries justlike it would a computer wow um butthat’s like the whole purple rainandanyway it’sa very cursoryoverview of that yeah let me pull thisup this is the other photo that was nextand that’s from the shining the moviethe shining and again that movie theshining is the creating of the red andthe bluethe dividing of the brain and it’s verybloody because it takes blood sacrificesthe people will have experiencedhomicide suicide bloodletting all kindsof stuff that is the shiningum in the movie you know where theelevator opens and lets out of the mouthif you look at the elevator it’s gonnalook just like the teddy bear of thelittle boy if you’ll show thati think it’s the next slide is it thelittle boy okay soyou’ll have to go back and look atpictures online and see that the mouthis really redum the little boy will have an insidepart that thinks it’s a bear a teddybear and if you look at the elevator inthe shining when the doors open and allthe blood flows out of the mouth itlooks like the mouth of the teddy bearand the eyes are like the dials over theelevator and so when they’re saying shhit’s like don’t let out all of the bloodand gore and the things that you haveexperienceddon’t let that open but they’re going toopen it up when they activate thisprogram because that’s going to be thewrath coming outbut i just wanted you to know that ifanybody wanted to read the plot to theshiningthat isthe programming for thisand i also i said that there would betwo children partsthat are fragmented parts of the mindone thinks they’re a teddy bear and it’stied to sybil which they’ll see her as ablue fairyand then the other internal fragmentedpart of the mind will think it’s ananimalokay and it’s probably a dog so put upthe nextlast slidethis is snoop dogg he’s going to beplaying at the super bowl and i want youto know thatsnoop dogg’s music he is that dog hismusic is about the dog part the teddybears with civil he’s the dog partthat’s tied to janusum and so the child has an internalizedpart it thinks is a dogand sosnoop dogg music is is going to be forthose type of programming if you look athis cues on twitter right now he’s gothashtag murderand a song by thatthat’sthe shining it’s the blood of all ofthis but look at it look at that um it’sgonna be emerging um in remember superbowl is an activation time it’s not justkeeping the comms going it’s anactivationumbut his music will be tied to that doginstead of the teddy bearwowcrazinessyeahcompletelyso now do you guys believe that allmusic and all news and all media thatit’s just everybody color coordinatesandoh and did i tell you that travis hisname travis scottyou mentioned it earlier that it meanscrossovernoyeah like it’s not his real name hisreal name is jacquesbearmanwebsterjacques meansher it’s like to usurp somebody by beingsneaky and bearmanmeans bear man in french like the bearthat we just saw the teddy bear andwebster means a weaver so we talkedabout the weavethat’s his real name and travismeans to cross over like what are thechances all of these names in the newsall of these artists choose names it’snot coincidence rightright now uh guys like this do they havewhat they call handlersyes yeaheverybody who’s programmed has handlerseven the tier twos like pope and hillaryum nobody has autonomy completelyumso everybody will haveboth where you’re the victim and thevictimizerright now basically a handler is someonewhocontrols them basically tells them whatto doprobably gives them their nameuh does a lot of controlling of theperson therethat’s below themyou don’t rise up to the highest ranksof any part of our world whether it’sbusiness and banking or music and moviesyou don’t get to the very top withoutbeing compromised you just don’tbecause the people in charge make surethat you’re able to be controlled sothese calms can get outthey can’t have a affordable mishap ofsome people now you see people whoseprogramming goes off um when it wasn’tmeant tobut um that’s why that’s why they don’tlet you one of the reasonswhich is so importantto follow christand here i want to share this because iknow that this can make people feel downin the dumpsworking with this population and i dealwith this every day and i’m not like anegative personwhat it did to me is it pulled me sofast out of the world system i don’twatch tv i don’t i i am so out of theworld systemand it’s about to be judgedand so as you as the body of christbegin to see that this world right nowwill one day it’ll be the kingdoms ofour god but it’s satan’s got it rightnow every aspect of ityou pull out of it when you see how uglyit is and when you see how sin what itwhat it does when it’s full grown itlooks like what we’re seeing now youdon’t want to play with it you might youstill need to repent every day but youwon’t back into it and see what you canget away with it is meant i say it againand again what’s happening in the earthis not being done to us it’s being donefor usit makes you want to let go of the worldsystemso it’s for your good it’s a good thingit’s easier to let go when you see itfor what it isyeah and uh it’s what what you’re sayingis that it belongs to satan and uh whenadam sinned in the gardenhe gave his dominion up to satanand you have to realize that adam andeve was kicked out of the garden but theserpent never waskicked out of the garden so he tookcontrol and then when you go follow itall the way to where jesus was temptedin the desertsatan looked at him and saidbow downto me and i will give you all of thislook at the world i will give you allthis wellif satan didn’t own it he wouldn’tdidn’t have the power to give itexactlyand that this world’s going to bedestroyed right with firewe’re going to have a new heaven and anew earth so it’s like why are weinvested in it yeah like he’s he’s goingto purify this with fire and we’ll get anew world but he’s pulling his peopleout of it and he’s showing us the truththat’s exactly what it is and i thinkthat’s the part that god haduhtrump playwasopen up begin tolet the people know that there’scorruption going on and you knowsomebody somebody told me a few weeksago said i’ve never seen so muchcorruption in all my life it’s just it’sa non-ending corruption and sin is goingcrazy and i went well sin has alwaysbeen therebut now it’s just being revealedand that’s what’s happening in the worldtoday it’s being revealed more than it’sever been revealed beforeso very very powerful which even goesback to show number one we got to repentwe got to repent on a continual basisand we’re going to rememberi believe the second heaven is clearedout before the return of christ you knowbefore his return just like the firsttime he came repent he’s askingeverybody to repent it breaks up thosewebsyou know in that spirit it’s breakingdown his kingdom the kingdom of satanand so eventually i don’t know if healready has or he will but he comes andfalls down to earth he loses hisstanding up there so i believe thechurch will repent i believe we willbreak out of that web but it’s an act ofspiritual warfarein the heavenlies absolutely it is ithink we’re going to that warfare nowgina thank you so much for uh educatingeveryone i hopeyou know i would that every person inthe world watch these two videos becauseit’s so importantto become aware yeah and and awarenessjust just puts you in a differentmindset so thank you so much for takingtime to do this thank you for what youdouh your ministry and people can contactyou i just put at the bottom of thescreengina phillips.comand on that website is your emailaddress they can follow you also ontwitterso it’s uhvery important that we keep in contactwith this and keep in control of thisand realize what’s going on so thank youso much uh for doing what you’re doing iappreciate youand uh ladies and gentlemen thank youfor watching uh you had to learnsomething on this and so for that we arevery thankful and let’s all pray uh forgina she’s in the midst of thisuh srh uhwhat do we call it deprogrammingyou’re in in the middle of that so wealways want to keep gina in prayer thankyou go to her website donate to herministry go and donate to herministry thankslet her know that uhwe understand that there’s an enemythat’s fighting us and we have to fightagainst that soi will see you on the next showand we will until then be blessed andgod be with you[Music]you

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