Cali Shai Bergandi (I Lack Eyes) Part 2

Updated 2022 Jan 5 as Emma’s you tube channel has been taken down

Cali (Claire Walker) has had another episode with Emma of the Imagination…

They have been receiving some ugly targeting on social media and so I am putting this online, before I have had a chance to listen properly.

I have included the autotranscript below and also the links to Part 1.

[2b] 2021 Nov 22 Bitchute The Imagination Podcast S2E3 S2E4 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P2 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL”

Shownotes – Cali is back again for Part 2 as promised! I asked you all to break the internet with Cali’s story… and you did just that, so I hope you enjoy this episode just as much! Cali is a survivor of elite child sex trafficking, occultism, SRA, and was involved in many government operations and MK Ul-tra experiments. She bravely shares her childhood experiences with us as we take a deeper dive into her father’s mysterious death and the loss of her son in the first part of the show and evolve the conversation into more details surrounding Ep-stein, MK Ul-tra, Disney, The Royal Family (Princess Diana anyone?) and so much more… Cali is a truther and her story is important. It would mean the world to us if you could help us get this story out by sharing far and wide, commenting, subscribing, and ‘liking’ this video. It’s time to make survivors the new MSM and look to them as authorities on answering the many questions we have about the world so we can work together to give survivors like Cali the justice they deserve and create a better future for the next generations of children. *The views, beliefs, and opinions expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the views,, beliefs, or opinions of the host or company. This platform exists to elevate voices of survivors and to have hard, unbiased, and unconventional conversations



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[1b] 2021 Nov 14 Bitchute The Imagination Podcast S2E3 “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

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[1] 2021 Nov 14 You Tube The Imagination Podcast S2E3 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

[1a] 2021 Nov 14 Hook Tube The Imagination Podcast S2E3 “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

[1b] 2021 Nov 14 Bitchute The Imagination Podcast S2E3 “Cali Shai Bergandi P1 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL

[2] 2021 Nov 22 You Tube The Imagination Podcast S2E3 S2E4 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P2 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL”

[2a] 2021 Nov 22 HookTube The Imagination Podcast S2E3 S2E4 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P2 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL”

[2b] 2021 Nov 22 Bitchute The Imagination Podcast S2E3 S2E4 | “Cali Shai Bergandi P2 – Occult, Child Trafficking, Epstein, NASA & SRA Survivor Exposes ALL”

[3] 2021 Nov 16 cathyfoxblog Cali Shai Bergandi (I Lack Eyes) Part 1


what’s up you guys welcome to the imagination  i’m your host emma and today we are going to do  the promised part to you with kate sabergandy  who was our guest last week um kaylee is in a  cult and human trafficking amongst way more things  um she’s a survivor of pretty much everything that  that you could possibly think of and she had an  absolutely incredible episode last week which went  semi-viral and a sense of my podcast is very small  it doesn’t get a ton of views on the episodes and  way over 10 000 people have have watched this um  she’s had about 12 to 1 300 views deleted actually  from youtube um comments deleted there was a lot  of censorship happening around this which tells  me that you know so many more of you than what you  can even see on youtube we’re tuning in and i just  want to thank everybody for that because her story  was really important she gave a lot of information  and i’m really grateful that those of you that  listen tuned in and i know that you’re all really  excited to have kaylee back and i had so many  requests saying yes please bring her on for a  part two so thank you guys so much for listening  and thank you kaylee for being here again with  me today no problem thank you absolutely man my  brain is still spinning from last week all the  information that that you gave i was processing  all week and it affected me at different times  just thinking about this you know and this this  network and how this works and i was telling  you before this call started you know people from  all over the world have alleged these same things  which is interesting because none of you know  each other this information is scrubbed off the  internet and that’s what i always encourage people  to ask is how do so many people know about the  same thing if it’s not true and i know with every  whenever you come out and talk about stuff there’s  always people that really grasp onto it and aren’t  really encouraged to learn and then there’s the  people that that combat it and don’t want that  information out um and i know you deal with both  you get a lot of support and you also get and i  know we’ll talk about that a little bit but you  also get people that come after you whenever you  try to talk about this and you mentioned last time  you were targeted individuals so i thought we’d  start i had somebody ask and i thought it would  be i didn’t ask this last time i wanted to ask  so you could explain to people why did you start  wanting to go public with your story because  first of all this stuff’s not easy to talk  about and second there is a target on on your  back or anybody’s back who tries to bring this  information up so i’d love if you could maybe lead  us into that um because i think that your story  it doesn’t do justice if people don’t  understand exactly why you’re doing it  uh the reason for me um and and many others i’m  seeing online and connecting with a lot of other  mothers uh whose children have been taken away  by the system by the same people that they’ve  been trafficked to through this network in these  networks and in florida in particular because  that’s where i’m from but that’s that’s the reason  why i’m doing it my son was fraudulently taken  based on false accusations all the dcf reports  were unfounded and he was removed from my home  and i was set up and framed by members of  the network attorneys and judges that i have  had dealings with their families throughout the  years and trafficked and raped by them through  the network in the system that i’ve grown  up in out of the government sexley um  so that’s why i’m doing it and speaking out  um you know for my son and because of my son  and and the many other mothers out there whose  children have been taken by fraudulent means as  well for the same same reasons i’m seeing it  it’s like a pattern you know and i don’t know  if you’re able to talk about um this at all what  were the reasons why did they come after your son  um well it’s my belief that this started  many years ago in 2016 i was hospitalized for  chest pain and shortness of breath so august um  about august 10th i was hospitalized in 2016.  by the 18th i was being prepped for emergency  surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor  from my uh behind my stomach and um and  that was done in sebastian river medical  and on uh august 18th was the day of my surgery  in 2016 i will never forget it because it was  like a huge inconvenience and i’m going i thought  you were gonna send me home with some heartburn  medicine now i’m being prepped for emergency  surgery like i don’t have time for this you know  so um after my surgery i got home and was  recovering and i had a six week recovery and  within three weeks of me being home from emergency  surgery and cut open and i had five inches  incisions on my abdomen um from laparoscopic  surgery um i was left uh for dead inside  my house um i believe my father and mother  participated in trying to make my attempted  murder look like an accident or a surgical  accident um i woke up in my bed and had been  strangled my throat hurt the back of my head was  sore like i had been slammed up against the wallwhile i was being choked choked  and asphyxiated but i woke up  in my bed uh you know recovering  from surgery my stomach was bloated  like it looked like i was about seven months  pregnant i was so bloated after surgery and i  just thought that maybe it was from the surgery um  but i had been raped i had been left in my bed um  my teeth you know my false teeth at the  time they you know i had the removables  in and out because i was still having my  teeth worked on before i got my permanent  so my teeth my false teeth were removed i had  no pants on there was fecal matter in the bed  i was completely discombobulated and confused like  i said my neck hurt my head the back of my head  hurt and i didn’t know what was happening to me  and then i i ended up taking myself to the doctor  and being treated for an infection that the doctor  told me was a bacterial infection and it was a  not a common bacteria it was a bacteria that  was um that only i guess showed up on testsi don’t know it was like a bacteria from sex  with corpse or something like that so i knew i  had been raped um you know when i woke up there  was a pot of soup on high on on my stove that  somebody had left uh maybe an attempt to burn my  house down with me in it and make it look like an  accident like i had just went and laid down or  something after my surgery and left the soup on  high on my stove so i woke up to that um three  weeks after my emergency surgery they were making  it you know look at a surgical accident and then  three weeks um you know three weeks after my  surgery was when my dad there was a body found in  his house um so it was september 8th so my surgery  was on the 18th and by september 8th three or four  weeks later three weeks later you know there was a  body that was found in my dad’s house there was  a lot of suspicion surrounding his death in um  september of 2016. there were members of the  family including myself that had seen him alive  within two or three days you know because after  the surgery he was he kept coming over to my house  and so the body that they found they  alleged was his and you’re saying that  it was just a body and it wasn’t him right that  he had planted a body in his house and disappeared  ever express to you about disappearing or what  would be the reason that he would want to do thathe did indicate to me that i was never going to  see him again and i didn’t know what that meant  i thought it meant that you know he thought  he was gonna die soon or whatever because he  think he had some ailments you know that he  wasn’t treating and he wasn’t really taking  care of himself by that point so um i didn’t he’d  fake his death to hide from something or else do  you think it would help him get potentially deeper  into these networks um more as an anonymous member  and people think he’s dead but he’s doing work for  them right both um so i think he was still being  used but i think he was being monitored i think  he knew possibly that he was being investigated  um one i got admitted to the hospital my father  and i were not on speaking terms for a long time  and it was just like in passing we would speak  but i didn’t allow him around my son i didn’t you  know i didn’t never went to his house to hang out  with him or anything like that we didn’t have that  kind of relationship and it was you know months  at a time we wouldn’t we wouldn’t speak so like  essentially i only really saw him or talked to  him a couple times a year but um no i think he  knew he was being investigated because when i got  admitted into the hospital that was the first time  um that i knew of outside of the network that my  body had been scanned um they did an mri and stuff  on me and they found they asked me the surgeon  asked me if i had ever been into a car accident  or had like a piece of metal or shrapnel in my  abdomen area and i’m like no well that was my chip  there was a chip in me and they found it  on the scan when i was admitted into the  hospital they also found a collapsed diaphragm  from strangulation of violent rape and he said  my surgeon told me that um most collapsed  diaphragms require surgery to heal and mine had a  lot of scar tissue on it he took pictures um you  know doing the uh endoscopy and the colonoscopy  and everything they did on me he took pictures of  the collapse diaphragm with scar tissue on it he  asked me if i had ever been strangled and  violently raped um he asked me about the chip  that was found in my um abdomen uh vaginal wall so  it was you know down my lower pelvic area where it  was found so that was the first time that my body  had been um actually like scanned um that’s the  first time you were aware of the chip too or  did you know before that and that was kind of  your first validation that you actually could see  it that was the first time i hadn’t seen it okay  that was the first time i had seen it i knew as  a child it was there but it’s something that you  just like forget about i never thought about it i  never told anybody about it i just like i told i  forgot about it you know yeah but the first time  i had actually like seen it so i think he knew he  was being investigated which is why three weeks  immediately after my emergency surgery and those  fans were taken that he disappeared planted a body  in his house and left and attempted to murder me  in the meantime so were you a mom did you have  your son yet or was this before you had your son  no my son yeah he lived with me my son  was just me and my son in the house  okay oh my gosh so he left the pot  there with your son in the house also  where so the pot of soup so if it did burn  down would he have been there also or else  was your son being cared for by somebody else at  that time while you were recovering when i woke  up my son had was gone so i had a i assumed  that my my mom had them you know at the timeokay so that instance so whoever and you know  you’re pretty sure who it was but it was that  instance that was when your son was taken from  you and when this battle started of you wanted  wanting to to get him back they were trying to get  him away from me so they could kill me and make it  look like an accident and they started doing that  in 2016 when he planted that body in his house and  disappeared we had a funeral service for him the  body was cremated it was covered up by the medical  examiner and other detectives they did not do  a proper investigation nobody actually from the  family identified the remains at all yeah the body  was cremated and i was given a death certificate  and it was just you know moved on i tried to  contact detectives and other people that were  there at the time when the body was discovered in  the house and um they basically just kind of swept  it under the rug they didn’t really help me or  give me any more information or really look into  anything at all and i’m going there’s too many  suspicions surrounding this so after um i took  all day they were inside the house they blocked  it off they put hazardous you know material tape  around the house they wouldn’t let anybody in  it was basically a hazmat so and i had to pay  a hazardous material crew to go in there and clean  up the rest of the remains once they got the body  out because it was like soup the decomposition  was so bad that there was actual body fluid going  through the living room and through the dining  room and out the back doors there was a puddle of  um you know uh body fluid out the back door it  was like running down the slab and down the grout  lines down you know all through the house so  it was really bad and i had to pay a hazardous  material crew to go in and clean all that up after  they removed the body um they sent me home they  said look you know it was about midnight that the  night that the body was discovered in his house  and they sent me home and i went and took  a shower at like midnight and my mom laura  walker actually stayed at the house while they  were removing the body from the house so they  brought the body out in a white body bag and she  sat in the front yard and watched everything and  was it your mother do what who found the body uh  supposedly uh a guy named art his name was art  he lived directly across the street there’s  something a little fishy about that guy  um him and the the lady that lived next to him  carrie and juan gomez um who i mentioned earlier  was like a coyote they call them coyotes  and they traffic people over the border  so he knew people you know to get people back  and forth he was from mexico he was mexican um  but they lived across the street my dad knew him  really well and apparently they walked you know  they hadn’t seen his car move in a couple of days  supposedly and um they were used to seeing them  come and go from the house so they actually i  don’t know it was like they said it was two or  three days and then they walked across the street  to go look in the windows and they were trying to  peek but everything was locked up real tight all  the blinds were closed but they could see a little  bit through the little you know cracks and the  blinds and stuff and they could see the bottom  part of what what appeared to be his feet laying  in the chair there were black flies all in the  windows and in the windowsills so they knew it  wasn’t good um they knew he was dead because  of the flies collecting around the windows so  that supposedly um they’re the ones that called  the uh police but i didn’t get a call from police  i got a call from a lady named donna halpin  who used to live in art’s house across the street  this guy art that supposedly went over there and  looked through the windows and found this body in  my dad’s house used that house that he lived in  across the street used to be donna happens somehow  donna halpin got word of all of this going on  across the street at my dad’s house and donna  halpin the old owner of art’s house called me  and told me you need to get over your dad’s house  that’s how i was notified so it was weird and you  were recovering during this time and you had just  lost your son did you have any idea where your  son was at this time no i didn’t lose my son i had  woken up like i said like that from this attempted  murder bloated with this infection and i took  myself to the doctor and i got treated and it was  like everybody acted like they didn’t have a clue  what was going on my mother acted like she didn’t  know anything you know my son was brought back  to me like that night by my mom i’m going oh god  i don’t think he expected me to wake up but i did  you know so it was like where’s keaton you need to  bring him home right now you know yeah they did um  they did um but i don’t think they expected me to  wake up so um when i did wake up and i called and  demanded that my son be brought back home they you  know my mom brought him back home but like i said  my dad disappeared my son was with me i mean we  we jumped in the car once i got that call um  from the uh the neighbor that used to live  in that house that i knew um i had sold  the house for her so um i don’t know how  they got a hold of donna and then donna got a hold  of me um because i had been her but uh i jumped in  the car with my son and went over there so we were  there in front of the house when detectives were  just making entry into the back doors um to get  into the house because everything was locked upwow and when was the last time you had spoken  with your father before this since before this  instance about three days okay over to the house  and he had said you know he was acting like umyou know like he was worried about me um he asked  me if i wanted anything from the store you know  because i was recovering and i and that’s really  the last time i talked to him and that was about  three days before this body was found in his  house so you know other members of the family  talking gathering outside of the house that day  and detectives wouldn’t let us inside so we were  all outside and everybody’s like we just saw him  i just saw him on tuesday i just saw and his body  was found thursday night or not his body but a  body was found thursday night um and everybody’s  like we just saw him on tuesday i said last time  i saw him was monday so and there was other people  that seen him on tuesday so within two days  there’s no way that that body was you know  decomposed that badly um the medical examiner and  even the autopsy report that i got said that that  body had been dead for two and a half weeks what  was the cause of death on the autopsy report the  allegedly the autopsy was uh mostly inconclusive  because of the amount of decomposition  but it did say that they were able to see some of  the heart um and they were able they listed it as  um what did they call it they listed the cause  of death as uh pulmonary emphysema and um  some kind of blockage and in the heart or  something that’s what it what what his death was  listed as and did you get at all to see the body  like did anybody was there anybody else that was  like hey this isn’t him um no not one person ever  saw the body or identified the body or was asked  to identify the body at all um not a single person  in the family and i was the one handling like  i was uh through the courts granted like executor  of the state or whatever yeah and i’m handling  everything because my my my only other biological  sister carol had you know moved away 10 years ago  to south carolina lived up there with her  husband and in-laws so i you know i handled  everything she flew down and and stayed  for a week or two after that and helped me  um but you know then she went back home so  i was handling everything myself and and i i  there was just a lot of suspicion surrounding you  know that death and the timing of it and after my  surgery and after my scans and after these things  were discovered my collapse diaphragm my you know  fractured vertebraes my scar tissue on my hip  bones and my you know you know chip in my in  my pelvic area so there is a lot of a lot of  suspicions you know and a lot of things that  were just not adding up to me at the time and  and really still aren’t i still have a lot of  questions i don’t know i i i think that he could  have been captured after the fact but long after  everybody thought he died i think he was still  alive possibly um still operating you know doing  what he does or um you know once he was eventually  captured because i think that they did use him for  information and captured him and uh pumped him  for information leading up to epstein’s arrest sookay and so connect that dot to you um so epstein  that happened what we saw in the public happened  relatively close um just within a few weeks  if i think or a few weeks or a couple months  i think you said the time frame what is the  possible relationship between those eventsum what the events leading up to epstein’s  arrest yeah well my dad’s death in 2016 that  was covered up was one of them and then um  in 2016 17 i was kind of summoned to go on  a trip to europe um in which i did uh and  i was supposed to be over there for like  10 days and it ended up being like two weeks  um because i was being used um i was being  trafficked i was drugged in that airplane i was  drugged several times throughout the trip but umyeah i was with one of my cousins rhett howard so  you know who i started to find out is like known  for this type of stuff so i think that he was you  know transporting me essentially and and helping  them drug me and slip stuff in my drinks so i was  being used after that in 2017 and flown to europe  and then you know after i got home from europe  there was a lot of uh weird things that kept  happening my mom’s old cia friend roger jenkins  i you know i hadn’t even been on the ground in  florida for 24 hours and i am resting and i’ve got  you know a headache a jet lag you know from flying  because it’s like a 12 hour flight and you know i  hadn’t even been home for 12 or 24 hours and and  my mom had this guy in my house this guy that you  know raped me my whole life this guy that broke  my hips as a child three times from violent rape  that trafficked me and used me and he’s disgusting  um he worked in town as a grave digger and a heavy  equipment operator and um she had him in my house  and i’m going what the hell is he doing here you  know so there was a lot of things like that coming  back from europe that started to happen you know  these certain people piping up and putting their  two cents in and coming around asking me questions  like who did you see in europe did you see any  family over there you know did you just when you  were in germany did you i said who are you talking  about you know i i just kind of played waited you  know played along and just said if we have family  in germany i was never told that no i didn’t see  any family while we were in germany you know so  he was asking me all these questions about who  i saw while i was over there and i’m thinking i  haven’t even seen this man in years like why  you have him in my house asking me questions  about this europe trip you know so all that  kind of stuff started happening my mom started  entering my house regularly and often unexpected  unannounced uninvited real paranoid saying that  that body that they took out of that house was too  big to be robert there’s no way it’s him she knew  he was still alive um she kept saying that to  us and we were like at the time i was like that  me uh you know we were kind of calling her  crazy at the time like i don’t think so  but you know if that’s true then eventually you  know we would have to know you know but my mom  started carrying a pistol with her everywhere  she went she started getting really paranoid  walking into my house like i said all hours of  the day and night you know anytime two or three  times a day she would come over and just walk  in what’s going on like nothing what’s going on  i’m cooking dinner you know i mean she just  got real weird i’d come home from being you  know at work or out with my son doing something  and she would be sitting on my back for smoking  cigarettes i mean the whole house is locked up her  car’s parked in the front yard and she’s sitting  on my back porch going what are you doing here  you know so it’s like odd strange behavior she  started getting real paranoid and i think it’s  because she just knew in her heart of hearts that  my father was still alive and the body that she  watched them bring out of his house was not his  and she kept saying that that body was too big to  be robert did you guys realize that at all at the  time because i know you said there wasn’t like an  identification but i’m sure you did see you know  if you were out there and there was ambulances  you probably did see it being wheeled out um  i mean it took hours for them  to actually bring the body out  it took them an hour to get the body into a body  bag because it was so like falling apart you know  because of the amount because so you know but then  they got the body in the body bag and brought it  out i had already gone home at midnight to take  a shower my mom is the one that stayed and saw it  so i did not see the body that was you know too  big to be my dad’s i just took her word for it  i’m like okay well if that’s true you know then  then i get i don’t know what to do what do you  want me to do i mean that’s just kind of a that’s  kind of a crazy thing and at the time i had just  gotten out of surgery you know i’m dealing with  all this death stuff now my dad became like a  really bad hoarder you know so getting into  the house paramedics getting into the house  being able to move around in there was difficult  because it was so cluttered with trash it stunk  to high heaven like death like the you know it  they had to put ozone machines in there for weeks  just to get the smell out um so yeah i mean there  was a there’s too much going on for me i had to  you know get with his family to do an  obituary and to do a service and to do a cater  and get food and get drinks and get you know  i had so much going on while and i’m still  recovering in the meantime still recovering um  that i i didn’t even i didn’t listen to a damn  thing she said at the time you know so no i wasn’t  really like highly suspicious at the time i was  just kind of going through the motions i guess  yeah did anybody ask to look at the body at all  and like if they did what was told to them or was  it just ignored no it was completely ignored um  i think that i even asked like you know am i gonna  be able to identify the body um and they were like  oh no we don’t do that in these cases because  they decompose about i always i just got excuses  you know and um i i didn’t know because we weren’t  really communicating i had not had contact with  my dad’s side of the family and probably a year  maybe two prior to his death so the first time  that i had talked to like my aunt luanne was  like the day that he died and then body was  found i’m sitting out in front of his house while  the detectives are inside dealing with the death  and you know i called her that was the first time  i had talked around a long time so we reconnected  um over my you know that that day that the body  was found because prior to that i had not had  contact with them for at least a year maybe two  you know my dad was just kind of updating them  on me or my in my surgery you know recently yeah  but i wasn’t speaking to them yeah i mean at that  time like i connected with them over over that  death and we were able to coordinate his service  and an obituary and i got a death certificate but  i didn’t know at the time like i said because we  weren’t really communicating that much but if  they had identified the body in conversations  you know months afterwards it was like no looking  back nobody ever even identified the body you know  asking around and asking did anybody contact you  i mean did no i mean just everything was so fishy  about it and it just you know when it’s happening  like i said you’re going through the motions and  then you know when the dust settles down and it  gets a little calm a couple months later you start  reflecting back on all this stuff and then you’re  like something’s not right here you know what i  mean something’s going on yeah it does it takes  months sometimes to kind of like realize that  and so your mother was kind of the first one to  question it which got you questioning and maybe  others if she was explaining that to others  what happened after that fact um when you guysit was just her and her strange  behavior and her paranoia and  the pistol with her everywhere she went i remember  taking a ride with her i’m going to walgreens do  you need anything i said yeah actually i do i’ll  ride with you so i jumped in the car with her  and she you know got out of the car that just  grabbed me this that and the other i’m going to  stay in the car and she’s like okay well she puts  her purse up on on the console and i was like you  know my pistols right here in case you need it i  said mom we’re in the walgreens parking lot what  is your problem you know so she started just  getting really really paranoid really bad like  you know obsessive compulsive type paranoid  behavior showing up all hours of the day and  night at my house saying what’s going on have you  talked to anybody have you heard from anybody i’m  like who are you talking about you know what are  you talking about so she just got really weird  um and i just you know started you know showing  up in my house and stuff i would like pay her  to clean my house because she was a house cleaner  you know um i would pay her to watch my dog  when i went out of town or you know my son didn’t  like going to her house because of the you know um  living situation she was in  so any time that i needed like  somebody to watch my son i would she would come  and stay at my house so she had my lock box code  you know if she needed to get in or out she had my  lock box code i always kept a lock box on my house  um with a key in it and then she started making  copies of my key and giving them to men these  men would come into my house and i wouldn’t even  know like they were in the house and like oh i  didn’t even know you know i remember sitting  on the toilet one time and looking up going  i can’t even go to the bathroom in my own house  with like you know no privacy i can’t even what  it’s going what are you doing in here you know  where they i don’t even hear the doorway yeah  um one of one of my handlers you know and these  people that she knows that she’s sold me to  so i mean there was weird things like that that  that was happening she was giving out my house key  i changed the locks on my house four times in 2018  so after you know the paranoia got worse and worse  and worse she started stalking me i’ve had some  of her friends tell me your mom is really you know  she’s driving by your house she’s you know using  people’s cars to drive by your house so you don’t  know it’s her because she won’t talk to her she  doesn’t know why you’re not talking to her i think  they were afraid of getting caught they think they  knew they were like being investigated so you know  she was always wanting to get in my house get in  my business find out who i’m talking to drive by  my house see who’s cars in the driveway she was  like getting all this you know driving by my house  in in different people’s cars she was using her  friends cars and they were telling me this stuff  like your mom you know is losing it she’s paranoid  something’s going on i’m like i don’t knowand i don’t know what her presence  but i want her to stay away from me  and i changed the locks on my house  four times in 2018 and then come  2019 is when um i got set up through the courts by  them because i was not letting her around my son  um we got set up at the biltmore  in 2018 we had gone to the biltmore  and something happened there i’ll  explain to you about that later but umyeah like i said i changed the locks  in 2018 and then 2019 may 4th of 2019  is when they fraudulently removed my son from  my house based on false accusations the dcf  case they got a a way around the law because  they knew that if they opened a dcf case and  the invest the case was still open that was  the whole key for them was that they had to  open this dcf case removed the kid during the  open investigation before they had a chance to  finish their reports or close the case my  son had already been taken the dcf reports  when they finally came back in a month later  were unfounded but my son was already taken  and they kept postponing getting continuances well  after six months of doing that they established  permanent residency for him in putnam county and  considered him a permanent resident of putnam  county after dragging me through the courts for  six months but it went on for two years the court  hearings postponement post after postponement um  it was always delayed the and then it was covet  you know and then it was like okay so and  anytime a hearing would get rescheduled  it wouldn’t get rescheduled for 30 days it would  get rescheduled for 60 days out so here i am  you know six eight months into this and i’m having  to wait two more months for the next hearing now  you know so it’s like it drug on and on and on  for two years in the meantime i submitted to  taking their mental health evaluations  i took four mental health evaluations by  people they selected so there was no discrepancy  um they kept saying the first one wasn’t good  enough the second one wasn’t good enough they made  me take two more one they actually accepted um  the other one they said was kind of iffy and i’m  going what the hell i mean these are people that  you guys are sending me to i’m submitting to your  mental health evaluations i’ve taken four some of  them cost eighteen hundred dollars a piece i’ve  got about seven thousand dollars wrapped up in  mental health evaluations over the last two and  a half years and not one says that you know i  have any kind of mental capabilities that i’m not  capable of being a parent that not none of that  so they all came up and was that where they  were questioning the discrepancies because  they wanted to see something negative on there  and so they kept trying to get you to submit to  um yeah and the job allowed it the judge allowed  it not once not twice not three times but four  times i’ve taken i’ve submitted to four mental  health evaluations already and all of them came  out clear yeah and they keep trying and they’re  still doing it now that my custody case is closed  um you know i sold my house and bureau and  i was trying to get closer to putnam county  because it’s three and a half hour drive so  anytime i had to you know wanted to see my  son for an hour during a supervised visit i would  have to drive three and a half hours to go see him  for an hour and then drive three and a half hours  back home so it was like eight hours you know of  driving for me and i was doing that like at least  once a week in the beginning for months i did  so many of these supervised visits under um  these people you know that were supervising for  them that were you know getting paid to set me up  through the family resource center in palakka it’s  the only uh supervised visit place in putnam  county and they made it so difficult um that they  they accused me of doing all kinds of stuff  they told me i was not allowed to record  and you know i told them i know my rights like i  can record here this is a public building this is  you know where no expectation privacy you guys  have a camera in here i’m allowed to record the  papers that i signed did not you know for the  visitation did not say that i wasn’t allowed  to record so they banned me from the building and  now my son’s father is refusing to bring him like  out of the county to go bring him to a supervised  visit in a different county because it’s too far  away it’s too inconvenient for him so because  of that i haven’t seen my son in a year now and  they’re blaming that on me so now that they didn’t  get anywhere with the custody case and trying to  pin you know criminal charges on me and trying to  pin mental problems on me trying to get you know  they didn’t get anywhere with  that with the custody case now  they’re framing me for criminal accusations um  i had not been on my property my new property  in north florida once i sold the house and bureau  and i i found a property closer to my son that’s  about 45 minutes away from calaca versus three  and a half hours away um i hadn’t even been on  that property but i was required to give them my  new address at the end of my custody trial they  you know they said that you know you’ve moved we  need your new address so i was required to give  them my new address so they had my new address  and they’re the only ones that had my and then  like i said i hadn’t even been on that property  for a month maybe two um i started getting  harassed their cops were showing up i would be  working out in the yard and you know it was a  fixer-upper that i bought so i’m restoring it and  i’m putting sod down and i’m working in the yard  and doing a lot of junk removal and cleanup on the  property so i’m out there working and every time  i turn around it seemed like a cop was pulling  under my driveway oh anonymous caller you know  we were just checking on you saying that you  know you’re suicidal you’re having some mental  problems and i’m like no i’m out here lance  odd dude you know like what do you you know  so it’s like six times in a month these cops  showed up and two of the times were to serve me  papers and i’m going what is this for so he goes  over the paperwork with me and he’s saying you’re  being accused of stalking and having this silver  revolver pistol and and having mental issues so  now they’re trying to frame me in criminal court  now they didn’t get anywhere with family criminal  stuff um but they’re trying to frame me with um a  silver revolver pistol that i don’t have calling  in anonymous welfare checks girl they had every  department out there to my house they called the  police department multiple times they called the  county code enforcement and permitting department  multiple times because they knew i was doing  work out there they knew um they called they even  called animal control my lit my dog got a ticket  like the first month we were on this property  she wasn’t on a leash but she was on my one acre  of land you know but she got a ticket for not  having a leash on or whatever you know not being  leashed or whatever so they were they’re messing  with me and that’s what they do you know they’ll  they’ll target you they’ll start calling in  you know code enforcement violations they’ll start  calling in your dog your animals like they’ll just  do anything to target you that way and that’s what  was happening so i fled um when i sold the house  and bureau i didn’t have a place to stay so i  bought a travel trailer and i was staying in that  um when i purchased the property up in north  florida there was no power to the property at  all the lines had been cut because it was like  uh you know it was like a hazard out there when  i bought it it was a fixer-upper and the power had  been removed so i had all the utilities restored  underground utilities and everything piped in so  for the first two months that i owned it i wasn’t  even staying there i was staying in my camper you  know in a campground and then once i got power on  the property moved my camper over to the property  is when all that started happening so i was still  living in my camper i mean the cabin hadn’t  even been restored yet i was still working on it  but because of all that happening and me being you  know targeted like i said every time i turn around  i’m you know cops are pulling my driveway or or  the damn uh county permitting department code  whatever or the animal control you know i was just  being messed with for the whole first month that i  was on the property so i just left you know i kind  of stopped construction um i shut everything down  i put some surveillance up i’ve got some neighbors  some trusted neighbors that are looking out  and um you know helping me out with the property  and maintaining it mowing it and stuff like that  but i left i had to leave i’m staying in my  travel trailer and i’ve been staying in my  travel trailer now for about a year so that’s  where i’m at and why is that that you had to  leave were you were they invading you on your on  your property um several times men had entered  my uh entered my camper in the middle of the  night um you know saying saying things to me  um you know one of them held me down in my bed  like face down with his hand on the back of my  neck i couldn’t move or i was screaming as  loud as i could my neighbors did not hear me  um it was scary and i was screaming so hard  and so loud and i was crying and my face was  red and i had tears and i mean i was screaming as  loud as i could and nobody heard me um they left  and they left me alone after that but i have been  you know back to the property to check on it here  and there and one of the times that i did go back  to the property i stayed for a couple of nights  and somebody did enter the property so i believe  um you know the property is being watched  you know that’s the address that they you  know they have and i was required to give  it to them through the court so i i think that  property is being launched there is in a lot like  the the property is in clay county but  there’s an alachua county sheriff’s cruiser  that is sometimes parked directly across the  street from the property um that i think is  being used as a plant because it’s an out  of town cruiser you know i mean and they use  you know sheriffs all the time for this kind of  stuff um gang stalking or whatever but you know  they could have paid his lease for a year  across the street from me and moved him in  over across the street and parked his cruiser  there or whatever but i know that the the  sheriff that has the electoral county cruiser  across the street has been seen watching meso i think he’s a plant so i think they planted  somebody across the street there has been people  that have entered my house um and my camper and  you know held me down in the bed with my face  down and their hands wrapped around the back of  my neck i have and you don’t know that was no i  think they’re my handlers you know and um you know  i have been stuck in the in the leg with a needle  you know and then i wake up and it’s like  nobody’s there the house is secure the dog’s  asleep so it’s like nothing ever happened  when you wake up and you’re like what the  hell happened last night what the hell  is going on you know so it’s scary for  me i got spooked and i left and i’m not  staying there anymore because of that i  don’t want to get drugged in my leg anymore  i don’t want people watching me and i know  that that property because i was required to give  them the address in court is being watched soso i’m not there i’m actually out of state in a  secure location and i’m on private property right  now so i haven’t been messed with a whole lot here  but my car did get smashed in the parking lot the  other day i don’t know if that was intentional  or not but with all this going on i i tend to  lean towards you know somebody’s definitely  following me and i don’t think that things  like that happen accidentally i think it was done  purposely to let me know or warn me possibly like  and it was a hit and run right yeah i  filed a police report because i had to  um you know to give to my insurance company  but yeah nobody saw a thing convenientlyi mean there’s like people all around the  parking lot but nobody’s all things thoughwow i’m so sorry that happened to  you car trouble is so frustrating  yeah no it’s not the first time that’s happenedand so going back to you um i know we were talking  about um epstein a little bit ago i wanted to ask  you we have the big trial coming up this week i  wanted to get your thoughts on that um since your  insight on that is vastly different than than most  people and i wanted to see what you think about uh  maxwell and what’s going to be going on this week  and even some of the things that we’ve been seeing  with distractions coming up maybe pulling people’s  attention away from that elaine’s trial yeahum i don’t really know what you  want me to elaborate on like what  about like the whole i who knows what they’re  going to put out in in the media you know who  who knows what is actually going to be covered  yeah i mean i don’t really know what they’re  going to say do you think that she has some  type of immunity and that a lot of it’s for show  or do you think that there will actually  be a chance that something could happen  as happen as far as her getting locked up or some  progress and i know she’s already locked up but  like actually um criminalized and penalized for  what she’s been kind of holding off doing a trial  for i think i think i think so i’ve seen a couple  of the articles about how she’s trying to get  you know like don’t call these people victims  like she doesn’t want these people being called  victims she doesn’t want that language and in  there for a reason um i think that being from a  foreign country she’ll probably try to pull  the same card you know jeffrey did about  you know not being from here and that’s against my  beliefs or that’s not my religion that’s not what  i believe you know she’ll probably try some of  those um tactics like you know i’m not from here  um i just know from being a little girl and  being taken on maxwell’s yacht her father  um and and being naked being forced to  be naked i didn’t want to be naked and  i didn’t understand why i had to be naked  but i was you know forced to walk around  naked there were older girls around me i was  the youngest one um i was the baby they would  call me the baby not you know they were it  wasn’t a baby i was the baby you know and umgalain would basically groom girls like for  her dad i remember being taken by her we just  i didn’t know how to say her name elaine when  i was a little girl i would call her g you know  and a lot of people did that was kind of  like her nickname like and um i don’t know  she um she grew up in an occult family you know  it’s a very normalized behavior for her uh you  know sex and you know nudity and just you know uh  porn and you know just you become desensitized to  that when you grow up around it and clearly she  did and then she became a handler herself you know  and was grooming young girls for older men you  know and the men that she struggled with so umgrowing up like that there’s a good chance that  she really didn’t know because she was never  taught and she lacked proper leadership in her  life and you know whatever i mean there’s things  that i mean obviously she knew what she was doing  was wrong and she continued to do it um but i  think she’s gonna use that as an excuse like oh i  didn’t know you know because this is how i grew up  and this is what this was considered normal for me  and this was you know this was the society i grew  up in and you know i think she’ll use that a lot  like oh i didn’t know this was wrong type thingwhat do you think actually happened  to to jeffrey too do you think that  he is still alive do you think that there’s  another purpose for the the story that we  were told or do you think it’s accurate that he  actually killed himself no i think he’s aliveand what would they use him for if he’s  still alive why would they keep him alive  or what’s the purpose for that why not just  let him be alive and be jeffrey epstein um  you know because i think they have to push  the narrative that he’s dead he’s kind of like  dead forgotten about you see all these other  people you see bill gates and all these people  being asked in these interviews on these shows tv  shows you know what do you think of epstein and oh  well he’s dead now he’s like so we don’t have to  worry about him you know that’s kind of like their  response to and it’s like i think that’s kind of  part of the um you know part of the investigation  part of the setup part of the you know what  they’re doing to try to infiltrate from the inside  i believe that there is some internal  investigations going on and they’re called  it was explained to me there’s a difference  between a covert operation and a clandestine  operation it was explained to me that covert  operations are basically like operations  that take place that people know about and even  publicly people know that there’s an investigation  there’s an operation going on uh the clandestine  operations it’s like nobody knows that they’re  going on so i’ve been told that there’s been a  lot of clandestine operations uh going on over  the last couple years which um are things that  i’ve been used in undercover you know what is a  clandestine operation it’s an undercover operation  that nobody knows is even happening okay you know  you could be a part of it not even know that you  know you’re part of the investigation or you’re  part of gathering intel and not even knowing like  you’re not informed people won’t even know they’re  going on and it’s called clandestine operation  you can look it up and it was explained to me that  that’s what it was and what’s going on and the  difference between covert and clandestine though  and now you mentioned galen grew up in a cult  do you know and you were also do you know um  what cult in particular i’m guessing that there’s  there’s names for some of them do you know which  one she was in or the one that you were raised in  no no i just think it’s a cultism you know it’s  not like the specific cult it’s just a cultism  um these are occult families that do practice  occultism and these types of practices and things  um i just think that she she grew up like that  like i said naturally a lot of the royals british  people um europeans they all grow up you know they  don’t sexualize nudity you can go down you know  to various countries and you’ll see you know  boobs and butts on tv that they don’t show you you  know they’re censored in the united states but you  can watch tv and other countries and it’s like  they don’t sexualize nudity it’s like nudities  everywhere and it’s no big deal you know yeah and  now talk about the the royal family a little bit  um buckingham palace i know you mentioned  last time having had some affiliation  with that family would you be able to  elaborate on some of your experiencesbeing taken there yeah or any you know  interactions with any of them that are in  that family or some insight for people i had a few  people reach out and ask about that in particular  because i think that’s kind of unknown you know we  we know prince andrew we know epstein was involved  with that but there hasn’t been a lot spilled  about that family as far as um you know i’ve seen  well that’s the thing i’ve been taken to the  palace several times um a lot of times when i  was around these people it was not in the palace  or in the palace setting either formal settings  like that they they were um a lot of people don’t  know this but the royal family does and has over  the years rented estates in the united states like  the biltmore they will rent the biltmore um to do  uh you know satanic worship and ceremonies  and gatherings and initiation ceremonies  and stuff like that so they do rent these places  like the biltmore private estates you know and and  they do come over and do that i’ve seen them on  the islands um you know they’ll fly privately to  the islands or maybe they’ll get in underground  through a tunnel so nobody knows they’re there  um so it’s like more secretive type settings like  that i mean like i said i have been to the palace  i you know how i was given etiquette classes you  know so i didn’t embarrass them at dinner with  these people like i you know i do curtsy to the  queen i i’ve done all that i have been been there  and stayed there i was forced to stay with charles  one night alone like in his room and i was raped  by him um all night i was raped in front of diana  um you know and grew you know they were grooming  their their children showing their show that’s  how they educate their children essentially  about sex and sex education and bodies and women  and the difference between boys and girls like  you know it’s just like get naked and we’ll  show you type type attitude you know like they  they use the the girls to groom the boys and  you know they were like practicing making the  boys practice showing the boys what to do how  to do how to do it you know they would tell themi don’t know i mean i i was being raped you know  like i said in front of diana and then you know  charles would tell her like that’s how it’s  done you know like i don’t know insinuating likeshe she didn’t allow a lot of the aggressive  natured rape type stuff and in bed you knowwhat happened are you did you have personal  encounters i know you said diana was in the room  what are your thoughts on her in particular and  you know her her fate ultimately was she involved  was she good do you think she um participated  in this do you think she wanted to get out  what was your vibe on her being around her in  those situations i remember like you know being  hurt i was being you know raped by my handler  and while while we were there at the palace  and i remember like escaping him you know  and i’m in my little white t-shirt and i  remember like running into the kitchen and  she was in the kitchen um she was like upset  visibly upset about something you could hear in  her voice and the way she was talking i don’t  remember like what the whole thing was about but  i remember her being upset and then you know i  was telling her that i was hungry and she gave me  like a snack that was on the counter she kind of  flipped it to me and told me to like shoot me away  a little bit like okay you go over there like go  you know here’s your snack go but she tried to  help me um i remember you know being raped in  the same rooms as her you know she was being  used by some of the other men in the family as  well and yeah i mean it’s you don’t have a choice  you know women aren’t really given a choice and umyeah i remember being in the room being raped and  her being you know on the other side of the room  being raped also so there’s like nothing that  you know she could do about it she tried to uhi i i think diana was good i think she  wanted out of it i remember hearing  charles tell some of the men you know that he  thought he got himself like a virgin like he  thought he got a virgin when he married her and  then he ended up finding out after they had wed  that her dad had been using  her for most of her life like  you know for sex or whatever occult practice i  think she came from an occult family but they  kind of you know sold her off to charles like as  this virgin so he thought he was getting a virgin  i remember him saying things to other members of  the family like i thought she was a virgin when um  you know one when i married her and then i found  out you know her damn family’s been using her all  along so it’s like i don’t know just weird stuff  like that i remember them you know saying it justkind of makes me wonder about like you know the um  afghanistan’s believing in allah and getting like  you know having these virgins and whatever there  was like something significant about her being  a virgin or whatever and then he found out that  she wasn’t a virgin because her you know dad or  her family had used her or whatever so i remember  that and there was like animosity between her and  him you know i think specifically because of that  i mean i think he just kind of looked at her like  you know you’re not who i thought you were  or whatever you know who all in that family  are you um did you have encounters with  that sexually abused you um andrew mostly  because he would go you know to the island i  remember telling him one time his breath stunk  when he was you know raping me using me i was  with my handler and they were like they were all  you know participating in this like open gay sex  like everybody would be naked i remember being in  the bed with my handler and andrew you know and my  handler telling me to get comfortable with him and  to do the do do to him what you do to me you know  like it’s okay you know trying to really get me  you know comfortable with these other men  and andrew was one of them and i remember  you know telling him his breath stump i was a  little girl you know i mean i was five six seven  eight nine years old you know when all this first  started taking place all the way up into my teensand are there have you had any experiencing have  you had any experiences seeing the tunnels that  are allegedly under the uh the palace i’m assuming  that’s how they got me into the palace um was  probably underground you know they got me into a  lot of places underground just so that we would  avoid um you know anybody seeing us i remember  um being taken on like these back roads on the  way back of these you know hundred acre ranches  and estates like you you know i would be taken  down like these back dirt roads real secluded  and then you know my brother handler would be  there with like a dirt bike and make me get on the  handlebars of the dirt bike and ride me through  the woods all the way up to like the back side of  the property because there might have been like  cameras or something like that that were going  on out front that they didn’t want anybody to  see so they were like sneaking me um you know  on dirt bikes through the woods through you know  underground and all kinds of different ways to  get into these properties without being seen  so i remember you know going  and showing up one time and then  you know him kind of handing me over um to  the guys that were using me and saying sorry  she smells like gas i had to ride her in on the  motorcycle you know because i had smelt like fuel  when i got in there from riding on the dirt bike  through the woods to get there so it was crazy  stuff like that i was being snuck around a lot i  was being put in um you know disguises i would be  you know my hair would be put up into a cap and  i would be you know dressed in boys clothes so  i look like a little boy instead of a girl  um yeah they were changing my appearance and  my look too they would put me in a wheelchair and  make me look like i was like handicapped you knowwow were you ever flown to epstein island yeah  yeah where is there an underground system there  also i’m assuming yes but i mean on top of  the island it doesn’t look like there’s a lot  right but we know a lot goes on there  do primarily are there a lot of people  and events underground and everything above  ground is for show or is it are there different  things that maybe the public hasn’t seen  that exist on that island above ground  yeah of course there’s  underground tunnels there umi’ve been in so many tunnels i don’t even  know what was what but i know they’re there  you know i know people were being brought in  that way and by plane it’s the only way to get  to the property is either by boat by plane  or underground submarine and the water i  know personal experiences with epstein oh yeah oh  yeah i’ve known jeffrey since i was a little girl  he’s raped me a lot um i remember being on the  private jet and we were i was with my handler and  i i was kind of known for being like a  mouth you know and being kind of mouthy and  i was on the plane being mouthy and i was probably  like 10 9 10 at this time but i was talking to him  about something and then he just kind of he didn’t  even respond like he responded by punching me in  my face so my so i flew into the plane window  you know my head hit the side of the window  and everything and i just you know kind of cowered  down and crumbled and like started crying and then  my hand was like what the hell did you do that  for and i remember my handler got up and they  got into a fist fight on the plane in the middle  of the aisle they were like beating each other up  over over him just punching me in the face like  that for really no apparent reason so yeah stuff  like that he was violent um and no i think he  lacked impulse control so they were like he was  just really messed up i think from his own abuse  and torture that he really lacked impulse control  he you know like you know empathy and things  like that he wasn’t like an affectionate person  he’s just raped you know  which is just i’ve had a lot of experiences  with him i mean at times i remember like  telling him i’m a little girl and i’m going  you know i’m you know i remember telling him  like i’m human too you know i’m human too and  i’m like trying to tell him as a little girl  you know that i just wanted to be treated like a  human too because i would be at the properties andyou know when a time when it came time to like to  eat he would just like throw food on the floor and  i was so hungry i would like go get it you know  so i was like on my knees crawling around like  getting all these droppings he was just kind of  throwing on the floor and it was more like a joke  you know he kind of you know they were laughing  about it and oh look you know she’ll eat it right  off the floor you know like i was this little  puppet and this little dog that was hungry  um stuff like that yeah i mean he wasn’t very nice  to me over the years he became a little bit nicer  i think um you know but it but it didn’t matter  and i’ve seen him in titusville on nasa property  i’ve been taken to nasa property for what  they told me was a camping trip i was invited  by wayne nighty jr we call him jr he lives in  titusville i grew up with him my whole life  he’s from a big occult family there and they have  ties to nasa and grumman and gary kimball who has  the private airport that jeffrey was playing  in and out of so i was invited by uh j.r um  to go to camping one weekend so i  thought i was just going camping with  you jay and end up at this property and it’s on  nasa property so it’s like you’re not getting  in there unless you have some type of clearance  or you know somebody and he knew everybody so we  got in without any problem i didn’t question and i  just like i said thought we were going camping in  it you know jeffrey was there there’s a lot of big  people there um and i ended up being drugged in  one of the campers um there was a lot of people  out there camping it was campgrounds you know  um and i ended up being drugged in one of the  campers and and raped gang raped you know men  were coming into the camper raping me and going  out and the next one would come in they were doing  that to me all night while i was drugged in this  camper and then i remember hearing like men come  in and saying uh which side because they had me  on one side and a dead girl on the other side  and i remember like hearing my handlers joke  about oh the dead ones over here the live ones  over here so it’s like you could you know the men  that entered you could either go you know have  sex with the corpse or they could go have sex with  the the live one over here and i was the live one  so apparently on the other side of the camper  um there was a corpse that they were using so  that happened on the nasa property in  titusville that i was taken to when i was  you know thought i was going camping with jr so  that’s horrific and abstinence there for thatand so not just on his properties but you  know in in brevard around nasa around nasa  space science crew a lot of my handlers  were nasa space science crew they were  into you know skydiving base jumping  all that adrenaline junkie type stuff  and um navy seals and you know and see  earth air land in space that’s what they doand what about disney i know that that’s a  huge hub especially in florida california also  what happens at disney that people aren’t aware  of i know you mentioned that you’ve also been  uh had experiences there also the underground porn  mostly um they were you know into entertainment  that was more of the entertainment you know  um you’ve got different divisions you know and  that was more like the entertainment division  so you know we kind of bounced around to them all  but that was you know where i was used a lot and  the underground porn the satanic porn the shows  the you know the on stage performances and  performing sex live in front of an audience and  you know things like that i would be forced to  participate in those but those were being filmed  a lot of the porn was child porn especially was  being sold overseas because of the walls here so  they were filming it here and then shipping it  overseas to be sold so i know some of the porn  that i was used in as a child was sold overseasfriends that not disney but what is kind of the  structure of hollywood because i know that there’s  always people that that sit at the top were you  ever um did anybody ever tell you or did you ever  have experiences with high up in in hollywood and  in disney and in the entertainment industry i’ve  been around the family you know that owned viacom  that owned cbs network that owned nickelodeon  that own um what are some of the other ones  there’s there’s more but those are some of the  main main ones um but they have they’re huge  conglomerates i mean cbs network owns like  hundreds of other corporations they’re all you  know it’s a conglomerate so they’re affiliated  with a lot of things and a lot of different people  but yeah i’ve been around the families that that  own them and that know what’s going on within  within the networks they’re not necessarily like  on set while they’re filming but they certainly  see what their companies are producing yeah  and where you had mentioned last time i didn’t  get to get in to this part with you but i’d  love for you to talk a little bit about uh  you mentioned mk ultra and that you’ve had  uh you’ve been programmed  with that experimental um  i don’t even know what you’d label it mind  control yep where where did that take place and  when did when did you become aware that that was  something you had experienced um that took place  in my you know i was very young four five six  years old is when they started programming me and  i think i was five when i got shipped so for  global tracking through the programs and they  were um they start programming you you know from  the time you’re young and they use gas they use  hypnotics they were using a lot of hypnosis  a lot of that type of you know stuff for mind  control they were using um you know a lot of  illusory setups and things like i remember goingthey train you know like i don’t know i don’t know  how to explain it but they would put us in thisroomthat was like dimly lit with like a blue  light or a red light or it was you know  different color lighting um you know they have  they had all that stuff that they were testing and  figuring out with like your brain and different  sounds and frequencies and touch and you know  uh eyesight and hand eye coordination type stuff  whatever they were doing but i remember being like  put in front of this machine that was pumping out  bullets like actual real ammunition being used  to shoot at these kids and we were being  you know taken in a line and it was like  you can kind of see you know the person before  you go ahead and they’re jumping around trying  to dodge all these bullets and you don’t know  which ones are rubber or which ones are real  so they were making us like dodge bullets um  we were very young and there was a lot of kids  that got shot by this exercise like right in  front of us some of them died some of them you  know recovered it just depends on where they got  hit if they got hit in a major organ if they got  you know i mean they always said to protect  your head and your heart which are your two  vital you know it’s you know if you get hit  in the limb you’ll you’ll survive but if you  get hit here or there so they were making  you like stare at these machines and watch  these bullets come out and try to dodge  them you know like i said you didn’t know  which ones were fake and which ones were real  but people were getting shot and some people  were getting killed right in front of us these  kids and what was the purpose for that experiment  i don’t know some kind of ballistics training and  being able to actually like see bullets coming  um to see them coming and to be able to get out  of the way they were using like heat seeker uh  goggles where you could actually see the trail  of the heat from the bullet you know coming  from hundreds of feet away they were you  know what i mean stuff like that so they  were training you and programming you and you  know to be able to do these things the mk ultra  like is that as a manufactured killer and they  were like teaching us ballistics how to dodge  bullets how to see them coming how to you know  do crazy [ __ ] like that a lot of kids were  killed in the process because they didn’t get  out of the way fast enough they didn’t move  you know uh quickly enough and those were the  ones that were kind of like considered like the  bad eggs okay the ones that don’t survive are the  ones that you know can’t can’t be a navy seal or  they can’t be you know whatever whatever it was  they can’t they’re not gonna make it you knowthere are experiments or any  other types of training that  they would put you through or  others through oh yeah that umyou know a lot of shooting a lot of um grappling  wrestling things like that and then we would  practice at home not just that these programs they  would teach us in the programs they would tell  us things in the programs that we have to go home  and practice um i used to kickbox a little bit and  uh you know my brother trained me up in  um mixed martial arts and things like thatwhen i was young wow probably before my legs  were broken too so um you know i was able to do  a lot of that stuff before my legs were broken  and then and then after i i mean i still did a  little bit of it but yeah i mean they would use  me for voiceovers um and movies and scenes they  so that you know they would use your voice  they would get you to sing and perform um  you know a lot of these people  have really good amazing  voices and they like have these like  huge lung capacities to be able to like  belt these you know notes out and stuff and  a lot of that is from like screaming you know  and and i’ve had voice lessons and all kinds of  stuff that they put you through and but a lot  of that is from like screaming from torture like  really letting your voice go you know what i mean  so that was kind of a practice um you know being  trained with your voice uh crowd control a lot  of them were trained with crowd control being  able to you know control a crowd these guys  were you know a lot of them were involved with  the coast guard and things like that where you  have to be loud and you have to be able to control  a crowd in an emergency situation things like that  so yeah a lot of that i was around a  lot of navy seals on and off of ships  um flown in tons of aircraft i’ve probably been  in more aircraft than most military personnel  and probably been on like 32 helicopters i’ve  been in all kinds of private aircraft air force  one helicopters apaches you know i mean you name  it i’ve been in aircraft carriers on naval ships  all kinds of stuff and i know last time we  touched on dissociation and uh dissociative  identity disorder how have you managed to work  through that from all these different types of  traumas that you’ve endured well i say i have  dissociative disorder but i was never really like  properly diagnosed with dissociative disorder  i just know that i can dissociate with my bodyreally um but how what how have you healed from  that i know that’s something a lot of survivors  of all different levels of trauma but specifically  satanic ritual abuse mk ultra can have a  much more severe effect on fragmenting the brain  especially as a child um how what are some because  you’re so you’re very well spoken and um you  seem to have a good handle on that are there  things that worked for you uh coming to terms  with that and making sure that it doesn’t happen  all the time or that you have more control over  it and different things that you’ve used to heali just think that i’m desensitized to a lot of it  i’m informed i’m educated i’m experienced and i  think that has a lot to do with it staying  away from uh you know the programming um  that’s on tv like i said i don’t allow tv in  my house so i don’t i don’t anything that you  see on television programming is programming  you know so i stay away from the programming  you know i know what’s going on i know what’s  happened to me i know what i know and that’s  that’s kind of why i feel like i i have a solid  foundation and i had a brother and a handler  that did care about me and does care about me and  you know has helped me through some of my worst  times like i said when i was 11 12 years old i  was suicidal and i wanted to die and he really  um had already done all you know  he hadn’t been through those phases  you know being 10 years older than me he had  already been through the you know the realmajor depression and stuff like that and he’s the  one really that just you know kind of made me look  at it from a different perspective um everything  is perspective you know and it’s kind of  like if you know if you look at things  a certain way and you know you don’t  like it and it’s not uncomfortable for you he  taught me basically like all you have to do is  just change your perspective you know change  your perspective about what’s going on around  you and it won’t affect you as negatively um look  look for the positive in it you know look for  you know you’re still here and there’s something  to be said about that so i mean he just really  taught me how to kind of dig deep and really look  at the positive side of it which is what i’ve  done and that’s how i made it through basically  everything that i’ve been through is just okay  you know i’m still here and  there and that’s what’s positive  about it so i’m moving forward i just i  don’t know just trying to find um meaningin my lifelearning um how to heal my body like i said  with herbs and natural healing techniques and um  learning you know yoga and breathing techniques  you know to to calm you know you know to just  counter any types of anxiety that might come up  i deal with anxiety all the time but then i also  practice silence a lot most of my days are spent  in complete and total silence without a radio  without background noise or tv running or anything  i i practice silence a lot um i meditate i pray umand i do yoga i’ll you know just walking  things like that i mean just just trying to  get through it make sense of it all yeah  do you get flashbacks often now that  you were dissociated from whenever you were  younger that you have to cope with and process  all the time yeah all the time i um i’ve  been awoken in the middle of the night  from these flashbacks you know i’ve cried i’ve  hyperventilated i you know just sick over it  yeah i have flashbacks absolutely i mean i think  that’s normal yeah how do you get that cause that  has to be so horrifying just remembering something  that you weren’t conscious of before and then  having to process that on your own especially  when your body’s reacting to it it’s hard but  i realized that it’s a process and that it is  part of the process so it’s just a matter of  like really going through it and just knowing that  it’s part of the process and that’s kind of what  keeps me strong is just knowing that this is a  process and that this is all part of the process  how do you handle when people try to  discredit you because obviously you’ve  you’ve went public recently with this and there  are people that come after you and say that what  you’re saying is not true or they want to and  they’re most likely um i think you would probably  and you might know different but i’m assuming  that these are probably people that that don’t  want you to talk or that don’t want this  information getting out there how do you  handle that and what has happened since you  started coming out and how do you handle that  well i think for people that have like a public  persona and this image that they want people to  you know think about them um or that you know  this image that they they people try so hard  to maintain in a in a public you know setting or  to the public um people like that that you know  that work hard to push this idea of who they  are don’t want their dirty secrets being told  they don’t want their past getting dredged up i  mean i don’t either you know and there’s things  in my past obviously that are horrific i don’t  want that getting drug up but the truth needs  to be known and i i’m very transparent and  i’m an open book so it doesn’t bother me  um they can say whatever they want there’s a  lot of people that you know have been around  my family or certain members of my family  but they haven’t really been around me  um so they might think they know me or my because  you know they’ve been affiliated or associated  with my family over the years but they don’t  really know me um so it doesn’t matter to me  what they say i just you know when i see anything  negative i just block it now and that’s kind of  how i deal with that i just you know i block  it and i ignore it and that’s that i’m i’m  i’m doing what i have to do for me and my son  and you know i’m speaking out because the truth  needs to be known i i want people to know the  truth about me and who i am and and where i’ve  been and what i’ve been used for um it’s been  a long time coming you know i’m 37 years old  and this has been going on my whole life and you  know all these events leading up to jeffrey’s uh  arrest and you know in 2019 and and all the things  that have happened to me leading up to that also  like i just i’m ready for this part of my life  to be over you know i’m ready to move forward  so i’m not i i don’t feed into anything that  they say i’ve been discredited my entire life  i’ve been around people that don’t know me my  entire life and don’t know where i’ve been or  what i’ve been used for you know my parents  were divorced so there was like people that  you know oh i’ve known kaylee your whole life  uh no you knew my dad but you didn’t know  what he was using me for outside of you know  your family holiday i mean a lot of these people  and there was one that was saying that she was  like my cousin or he was my cousin i have no idea  who it was um but there was a lot of people we  were around and we were forced to call them uncle  so and so or aunt so-and-so or cousin but we got  cousins everywhere that i don’t even know you know  they’re supposedly my quote cousins unquote like i  don’t um i don’t spend any amount of time with any  of these people so nothing that they have to say  about me really even matters it doesn’t bother me  that’s an amazing attitude because that can be i’m  sure really discouraging um that’s been a topic  with other survivors of just you know it’s hard  enough to come tell your story it nobody wants  to have to talk about this stuff but when you  do decide to talk about it you get people that  combat you and it can be really hard to process  that so i think it’s great that you’re able to  feel that are targeting me are people you  know in law enforcement or they you know they  are in this network of law enforcement judges  and attorneys and things like that so they’re  using like the law oh she can say all this stuff  but she has no pictures or proof or evidence and  although that’s what that’s what i saw in some  of the comments and i’m going you know when you  wake up drugged and strangled with fecal matter in  your bed i mean i’m sure they’re not you know you  know nobody let me keep any pictures of that i’m  sure you guys have it all but i don’t have that  i mean nobody gave let me have the pictures i  know evidence like i said has been obtained and  dug up out of the backyard that you know that was  buried in a safe that was in the backyard there’s  pictures there’s videos there’s floppy disks back  from the 90s they were storing this kind of stuff  on there’s all kinds of stuff that has been  obtained i was i was denied access to robert my  dad’s uh safety deposit boxes after you know even  though i was granted executor of the state by the  courts they denied me access to two of the safety  deposit boxes that i know evidence was being kept  and so i know a lot of the stuff has already  been obtained and then like i said these were  the events leading up to jeffrey’s arrest so once  jeffrey was arrested i know even more information  and evidence has been obtained um but there’s a  lot of people from vero that are like oh she’s  crazy she was never trafficked to epstein but they  have no idea that i was trafficked that i’ve seen  and that’s the problem with them is there’s so  much that they don’t know they think that they  know me because i was trained to go back to vero  and act like a normal member of a society and like  act like i’m from this normal family and you know  i was trained to do that i was trained to you know  play both sides of the fence i was a plant a  lot you know around a lot of my fake friends um  you know that were involved in this type of stuff  and i was being used to gather intel and to get  close to these people’s kids you know things like  that so i had a lot of fake friends people that  think they know me but they have no idea like who  i am or what i’ve been used for or where i’ve been  yeah so that’s fine like i said there’s just a lot  of things that people don’t know and think they do  so yeah now one of the things you mentioned  earlier that you said we’ll talk about later  um i didn’t want to forget it was you were talking  about biltmore um what happened at biltmore  um i i went there with uh my son and with my  mom and i was like ambushed while i was there  um i think it was my mom’s job at the time to like  get me there and she did i like the boomer i like  going to visit a little more um but you know i’ve  been taken to biltmore before throughout my life  as a child prostitute and you know i remember  swimming in the underground pool while i was  there and remember you know being raped by cult  members and being used in ceremony and ritual andumthere was like a setup you know they knew  we were coming so they had a crew there  and there was people there one of them had  like this huge mohawk it was like a black  mohawk that stood like a foot and a  half tall they were dressed all likegothic like i don’t know it was just  really really like edward scissorhand type  stuff i feel like it was just really weird it was  like a scene in a movie you know and i’m being  told that they’re filming and they’re filming  this movie and you’re gonna be in and i’m like  what are you talking about and i’m going what the  hell is going on and then they made us like sit  at this table so my mom is sitting on the other  side of the table for me and they’re like forcing  us to have this conversation and i’m going what  the hell are you trying to say and then he’s  and they were telling my mom like tell her go  ahead tell her go ahead and tell her so my mom  like went ahead and told me because she was being  summoned and told to tell me the truth and i you  know with my eyes open right there in front of  everybody and my mom told me at the table that day  at the biltmore um that she had been using my son  and i got irate and i know they were filming but i  got up immediately and when i did my chair flew  back because i got up really fast and my chair  fell backwards and then i picked up the water that  i had in front of me and i threw it in her face  you know and then i took the glass and  i slammed it on the table so they have  you know they have whatever video or whatever  of me acting like that you know because of  what she had just disclosed to me and this  setup at the biltmore it was it was insane  it was absolutely insane and then i remember being  followed and told don’t look behind you just keep  looking straight but they were behind me likely  filming but they walked us basically all the way  back through the estate to the car parking lot  and once we all got in the car they drugged us  you know so it’s like they put us to sleep  and then when we woke up it was like we woke  all woke up in the car and we were like okay  yeah okay well let’s go into the the winery now  you know so it’s like it was almost like one of  those things that it was just a setup and that’s  how they do it you know they made us all get  into the car so that when we woke up in the car  it was like nothing ever happened and they were  gone you know and what would they drug you with  a lot of times they they have a chloroform  like these little glass jars of chloroform and  all you need is a little bit of that stuff and put  it over your face and you breathe it in one time  and you’re out you know and they know i think that  when they put you to sleep using certain chemicals  um or gas they’ll put a like you know a gas mask  on your face or whatever knock you out or stick a  needle in your leg so whatever whatever they’re  using they have anecdotes for and they can wake  you up just the same they can put you to sleep so  they’ll wake you up and put you to sleep wake you  up put you to sleep during these uh setups so  that you remember certain parts but you don’t  remember the parts that they don’t want you to  remember you know because they put you to sleep  and then they wake you up and then they put you  to sleep again so it’s like you get little um you  know portions of what actually happened it’s like  what you remember and then you try to piece it all  together yourself after the fact it’s sick and  it’s been going my whole life it’s been going on  my entire life i try to ignore it whatever they’re  using me for whatever their you know whatever they  whatever they’re trying to do i just i just try  to ignore it and move forward like okay you know  sometimes i’ll wake up and like peck myself and  pinch myself make sure i’m still alive oh i’m sure  i can’t even imagine god i would be like let’s go  eat some dinner or something let’s just get this  out of you know get this yeah it’s it’s freaky  it’s weird um and like i said these people show  up unexpected unannounced and uninvited did you  ever have any encounters with the the vanderbilts  um you’re younger or the coopers at all having  that got a lot of affiliations with cooper’s  because uh david jay cooper was the pediatrician  that would do house calls um he would come and  treat us at home you know for infections and give  us antibiotics because he had access to all that  but he used me a lot for rape and in labs and for  torture and experimenting different medicines and  infecting me with certain infections to try  to find cures for them and things like that  you know so there was um what inspections uh  just gosh anything i don’t i don’t even know  um to be exact but just everything i’ve been  so sick before with infections and things that  they would put in my body experimenting with  me i’ve almost died several times from being  you know sick from an infection but just  anything i mean it could be kind of drugs  it could have been a new drug that they were  trying you know yeah would you be in a lab during  this time or did they do this while you were at  home and recovering from being sick from these  things both um both but i would be put in labs  when i was a little girl um hooked up to machines  and left there for hours where you know with like  this i don’t know i hate to say it but it’s like a  dildo type thing going in and out of me for hours  they would just like rape me with this machine for  hours it was like this chair that they had with a  dildo on it and i would be strapped to the chair i  wouldn’t be able to move my brother would sneak my  handler he became my handler he would sneak into  the lab and get me out of my straps and get me  off the machine he’s like i remember him telling  me like he’s not allowed to do this you know this  is a university these are labs that these um these  guys are doing this stuff in and i remember  there being a huge discrepancy on my brother  trying to get me help saying he’s doing this to  her he’s not allowed to be doing this but he got a  he got away with it you know i mean he got away  with doing a lot of stuff like that saying that he  was doing experiments i don’t know i mean because  i was so young i wasn’t like orgasmic i don’t know  if they were trying to make me orgasm or whatever  they were trying to do with you know my lower  extremities and my you know orifices i don’t know  but they were doing some really torturous things  for hours at a time i would be sore i would have  a hard time walking i was a little girl you know  like i said five six seven eight years old being  used for this kind of stuff um and strapped down  so it was sick real sick um satanic just torture  and they just didn’t care i was like ah he’ll be  fine you know kids are resilient you  know they just they don’t they don’t  it’s not like a loving nurturing environment at  all it’s very dangerous you know when you step out  of line or you say the wrong thing you could get  killed very easily you know whether by drugs or  shot or you know just left somewhere that’s very  dangerous environment what do you recall about  these ceremonies and satanic rituals a lot of  people have heard of satanic ritual abuse but  not many have experienced it um or have have  learned what happened do you have some recall  on memories and and how that works during a  ceremony yeah i am would be taken i remember  going on a trip to west virginia with the uh diana  knightie canada uh wayne knighty jr jr all these  um it was his mom and her family they were from  brevard county but they um had family up in west  virginia that were like practicing satan as an  occultist and i remember going up there like they  rented a car packed all of us into this car and  there were so many of us there was people sitting  on each other’s laps um diane’s brother his name  was jim was like in the back seat with my brother  you know forcing him to perform oral sex in the  back seat like right next to everybody in the car  in the middle of the car just whips it  out makes my brother get on the floorboard  as a little boy you know with his head in his lap  doing this in front of everybody it’s just like  nothing nobody said anything nobody stopped  him um but that was on the way up to west  virginia so that they could do their ritual  or whatever it was it was some kind of big  thing that they were doing and there was a lot  of people gathering for it so when we got there  we stayed at his aunt libby’s house or something  whoever it was up in west virginia and um  i remember being taken downstairs in my  white t-shirt and being bent over the  table and raped and i’m on the same table  it was like this huge dining room table  and on the table like my brother was strapped  down arms out legs out butt naked on this table  candles lit you know all around the room there’s  men wearing garbs and black robes with hoods  some of them had masks on some of them had  like you know some people bring their like um  i don’t even know what they’re called but  they would have these like big posts these  like walking stick type things but they were  like these who knows who knows what they were  but they they were look like grim reapers  you know they look like reapers they just  they were and they were grim and they were doing  these you know these prayers and they were saying  all this stuff and they were you know torturing  him and stabbing him and fondling him and  mutilating his genitals and you know and i’m  over on the other side of the table being raped  he’s screaming i’m screaming i’m crying i can  remember being five six years old saying what  you guys are doing is wrong you know and and  bleeding you know after they were done with me  my mom took me back upstairs in my white t-shirt  and i had a hard time climbing the stairs because  i was bleeding down my legs um my back my vagina  had been ripped and torn um so i was bleeding  and she just made me change her bed and go lay  down on the floor in a sleeping bag because there  was nowhere for us to sleep so we slept on the  floor in a sleeping bag and when they were done  with him i heard him you know i just i just laid  up there and cried you know hearing him being  tortured down there and strapped to this table  and then when he when they were done with him i um  i had fallen asleep but i remember being  woken up in the middle of the night to him  and he crawled in my sleeping bag with me he  said they tried to lock me outside like they  left this little boy outside they were just  gonna leave him out there and it was so cold  up there in west virginia when he got into my  sleeping bag he was freezing so we just snuggled  uh in my sleeping bag for the rest of the night  and just kind of like found that safe haven  with each other and always have like such trauma  bonding we’ve always had that but yeah i remember  um you know seeing him strapped to the table you  know with these like sim symbols and a circle  drawn around them and candles lit and robes and  black robes my mom used to wear a robe every once  in a while we’d be taking alabama and other  various state parks and properties where they  you know they go out there to worship and to  conjure up this you know this energy and the  spirit and they’re using you know drugs and like  i said adrenochrome and you know harvesting it  from children and using us and raping us and just  who knows i i i i never liked it i always hated it  i hated going to these fires the bonfires over  going to a bonfire and i was like you roll your  eyes like i don’t even want to go you know but  they make you go and they make you participate and  you know and then and like i said after  being ritually abused like that it’s just  recovery after that i know i’ve needed you know  needed stitches after that my brother actually  they let him um even though he was very young  they let him sew my vaginal walls back up that  that particular time i was only five years old  so he couldn’t have been you know more than  you know 15 but he he sutured me so they were  letting him practice on me surgical suturing  techniques and things like that also i  mean he would use the cadavers when we  went to the church and scientology and other  other places but you know he practiced on meoh my gosh that’s absolutely horrificand i mean he did it my whole life you know sewed  me up um he knew field medics so anytime i needed  stitches in the field he always  had you know vials of things and  as you know in a bag or he had you know  suturing things where if he needed to  get you know so something up in the field  he could so yeah i mean that wasn’t normal  when when i needed him he was there and he he had  what he needed um yeah he sewed me up from that  and then we were brought back to florida you  know so like i said there was a lot of things  going on with my my parents were divorced so  there’s a lot of things my mom was taking us  and using us for and selling us to people that  my my dad didn’t know about and then my dad you  know was sneakily doing the same thing behind my  mom’s bag so it’s like i was getting it you know  everywhere i went when i went with my mom i would  get it and then when i went with my dad i would  get and they wouldn’t communicate a lot of times  they you know it took them 20 years to be in the  same room they kind of acted like they hated each  other for a long time and you know the only time i  really ever saw him get along is when my sister  had like open heart surgery and they had to be  in the same room you know but other than that it  took like 20 years for him to be in the same room  wow you know without fighting or making  you know rude remarks and whatever  and so where does this leave you now i know  people may ask you and i know i had it on my um  list of things to ask you somebody commented and  said how did she break free of all of this and  i know that that’s not that might be the  perception but that’s not necessarily  um true and i wanted you to give an update on your  current situation so people can better understand  i don’t think you’re ever really free  for a minute i think this is my life  you know it’s been my whole life um  lived for other people’s pleasures  um but you don’t you don’t get away from it i’m  trying you know i’ve left i’ve lost contact with  a lot of them over the years but um even in more  recent years i’ve distanced myself from them all  especially after the custody case i tried to  keep in touch with with some of them um still  but you know because i felt like i needed support  but i never really got it from them um so i just  distanced myself from them and you know  anytime you do that they get suspicious  and they get paranoid and they want to know what’s  going on and they want to know who you’re talking  to and then that’s when the you know the uh you  know common tactics of the cult i call it like  start you know with the harassment and you know  people really just trying to you know discredit  you and harass you and and you know dismantle  you and [ __ ] you in various ways like through  the courts like they’re doing with me and you  know by trying to say that i’m you know stalking  now serving me stalking papers saying that i have  this gun that i don’t have calling animal control  on my dog i mean this is kind of [ __ ] they  do um it’s just ridiculous anything to harass  you anything to try to cause you pain you know  that’s just how they are that’s their nature i  mean i’ve been around it my whole life and i just  look at it like you know i can’t let it bother me  and i don’t because i just i’ve been dealing  with it my whole life so this is nothing new  i know you don’t talk to a lot of your family  right now if you were to what would you say to  them what would i say to my family yeah if they  if you could what what message because i’m sure  that they’re probably even watching you like what  do you want them to know that maybe they don’t  uh nothing nothing at all nothing i have nothing  nothing to say to them i have nothing for them  there’s no love or affection there um there  hasn’t been for a long time i’ve been around  them i’ve been nice to them i’m nice to  their face i’m not a rude person to them um  you know i know what they’re capable of i  know what they’ve done to me i know they’ve  swept under the rug i know what they’ve  participated in um and i have nothing  nothing i can’t even you know nothing i  have nothing to say to them i have nothingnothing well based off what you’ve been  through and what would you like is there  anything that you would like people watching  that aren’t family members to know any messages  for them before we log off for today or  something that we didn’t talk about yet  uh i think that the truth will be known i think  you know with more and more survivors speaking  up about their experiences like you know in  connecting the dots and all these familial  ties and like you said there’s the same stories  being told by different people from around the  world that have never met before and then when you  start putting the pieces together and you start  putting the ties together in the places and who  owns them and the familial ties the corporation  ties you know they’re all tied together in  some form or fashion so the truth will be known  and you know you know for anybody that wants to  share it please do yeah there’s a lot of people  that you know don’t want to hear it they don’t  want to listen to it they don’t want to see it  it’s too grotesque it’s too sad it’s too hurtful  and i understand that too but it’s the truth and  it will be known and it needs to be known you know  so i’m making my truth known as well as others andyeah i think people are just gonna have to face  that eventually you know what can people do  people that are open to the truth and  and they’re listening and they’re saying  i believe this i believe these  stories i know that this is happening  what do people do what do we have to do as a  society and what can people do in their own lives  to contribute to a more positive feature that’s  devoid of this this system how do we break this  i mean you start sharing it you keep sharing you  keep sharing it i mean i think the truth for a  lot of people when they hear it it resonates with  them so you know when people hear somebody speak  or talk or tell their story you can tell you know  a lot of people are just you know intuitive like  that and they you know they can they it resonates  with them you know and that the truth resonates so  when when something resonates with you you know  kick it around with your friend share it with  your friends and your family and just say look  you know i mean just whatever resonates with you  and not all i mean some of this stuff might be  for a fetch but i’m telling you i grew up in  packing houses i grew up in the fruit business  around my dad and seeing the production you know  like i said i’ve seen the entire operation  from front to back um for most of my life  so whatever resonates with you just you know keep  digging you know and keep uh researching and keep  sharing and kicking around and kicking around  these things with your friends and family  you know that because it really is simple right  we do have to wake people up to what’s happening  in the world and that does come with being able  to have the courage to have these conversations  it’s not easy you know it’s not easy like i said  i’ve been going through this stuff for a long time  i’ve been discredited by my family for a long  time i’ve been told to keep my mouth shut for a  long time and you know it’s time you know like  i said not to be confused with time t-y-m-e is  time over a long period of time you know it’s just  it’s time it’s time i couldn’t agree more with you  and for people who are listening i’m going to  link it in the show notes but let people know  where they can connect with you too uh just  twitter i don’t have any other social media or  anything like that i don’t really check any other  emails or anything so just just twitter right now  i was encouraged to do that a couple weeks ago and  i mean so far it’s going good so i’ll just i’ll  keep that and if if anybody wants to follow me or  you know research the stuff that’s on my page or  or look at what’s on there or hear the  interview or reach out or have questions  i can be reached on twitter and remind people of  your handle that’s i lack eyes my name backwards  okay and i’m gonna link that in the show notes  and it’s on her past episode too and i encourage  you guys to listen to that um the story is  very complete between these two episodes i  feel we covered a lot of information and i know  it can be overwhelming to learn a lot of this but  we do need to start having these conversations  whether or not people want to believe that this  is happening or whether or not people um  want to face it or brush it to the side we  have to have uncomfortable conversations about  everything about child abuse about volunteers  about politics about all of it and we  have to stop each other and come together  around these things and say hey i’m scared of this  or it makes me uncomfortable but i need to learn  it because i understand that it’s happening and  i’m complicit in silence which is also a choice  um when i’m ignoring it or just pretending that  it’s not there and kaylie is very brave for  coming on here and sharing all this she is as she  says a targeted individual this she risks a lot  coming on here and and telling all of this and in  understanding that we also have to understand our  due diligence in having the courage to listen  and to share this information this episode all  the episodes that that have been on this show all  the stuff that people like kaylee are putting out  there for you to go learn and dig into yourself  um and kaylee thank you so much for being here  again i appreciate you sharing and i’ve learned  so much from you yeah absolutely no problem at all  and for everybody listening thank you again like  i said i i i knew kaylee’s story was explosive  personally but i was very overwhelmed with the  agreements that all of you provided in confirming  that and how many of you listened and tuned in  and really uh blew up my youtube so thank you  guys so much for that and and for contributing i  hope that you guys do the same with this episode  share it around listen to it again take notes if  you need to and go research what she’s saying you  know we tend to ask questions of well do you  have proof do you have this do you have that  i know we all want that and so i encourage all of  you to empower yourself with take some time and  go through this interview again take some notes on  some of the things that she said some of the names  and go do some research yourself go on her twitter  ask her more questions or ask her for a resource  on where you can learn about this because it is  really important that we all take charge of this  and and stop waiting for somebody else to give  us the answers or somebody else to do something  we have to be that somebody that does something  um please go follow our sponsor save our children  podcast that’s our sister podcast with becky and  bridget my teammates in this journey our podcasts  go together and they offer information on the  parenting side and then please follow hatchtruth  on telegram which is also linked below  um one of our sponsors they are just an  incredible platform they reached out after  seeing my podcast and said how can i help  get this information out more i really believe  in what you’re doing and it meant a lot to me  so i’d appreciate if you guys went and supported  them follow kaylee on twitter please she dishes  out a ton of information and you’re gonna learn a  lot um and just thank you guys so much for tuning  in and for listening like i said it it means  so much to me to see so many people caring so  keeley thank you again for being here i really  appreciate it thank you emma i appreciate what  you’re doing and i will see all of you  guys next week so thank you guys again  and we will have another episode next week and  i appreciate you and we’ll see you guys soon

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