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Save our Children Podcast with Bridget and Becky talks about grooming, red flags, education in how to get involved and parenting in an awakened parent/red pilled world.

It is a sister podcast to Emma’s Survivor Series – The Imagination, one of which I have posted Cali Shai Bergandi [5]

I was shocked but pleased to see that they are on Episode 36, as they have not been on my radar, but I hardly watch any videos due to time. Some of their other videos are here… Save Our Children You Tube videos [3]

Stand By Survivors is an LLC created and run by Emma, Bridget, and Becky. They started this organization as a way to connect survivors with each other. They noticed that everyone had their own story and knew if they could grow the circle, survivors could find others with similar stories. Their two podcasts (The Imagination & Save Our Children) are currently the main way they support survivors and help amplify their voices. They also have a website and are beginning a merchandise line. Their future goal is to raise money for organizations supporting survivors while continuing to connect survivors together. They discuss human trafficking, child abuse, the corruption in the world and raise awareness on society’s culture.

Their links are on… LinkTree Save Our Children Podcast [2]

In this podcast Bridget and Becky interview John Paul Rice. I thought I had blogged on John Paul Rice, I must never have got round to it, but his was the first video I uploaded to my bitchute channel, as I thought it important. I include it later in this blog [6]

or watch on hooktube…

2021 Nov 22 Hook Tube Save Our Children Podcast Episode 36: A Child’s Voice with John Paul Rice [1a]

We are always blessed to have such strong fighters on our podcast, and this episode will be a treat for you guys! On this episode we have actor and producer John Paul Rice. John began his career working on Remember the Titan’s in the early 2000s. In 2008, he formed No Restrictions Entertainment with director Edgar Michael Bravo. They have since released 6 critically acclaimed films. Next year, they will be releasing their 7th feature called Game Day.

A few years ago, they released a movie called A Child’s Voice…a supernatural thriller about a runaway teen who answers a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child’s killer. It’s a great movie if you get the chance to watch it. You may have heard the name John Paul Rice from social media and a video he created a little over a year ago where he exposed pedophilia.

Although John has been a huge advocate for human trafficking, he is a wealth of information and this episode covers all sorts of topics. Get your notepad ready and your thinking cap on because we’re talking about all sorts of things.

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This is the previous John Paul Rice interview on Hollywood that I have posted…

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Bitchute Jean Paul Rice Hollywood Insider Eposes Child Trafficking [6]

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[1] 2021 Nov 22 You Tube Save Our Children Podcast Episode 36: A Child’s Voice with John Paul Rice

[1a] 2021 Nov 22 Hook Tube Save Our Children Podcast Episode 36: A Child’s Voice with John Paul Rice

[2] LinkTree Save Our Children Podcast

[3] Save Our Children You Tube videos

[4] Jean Paul Rice Hollywood insider exposes Child Trafficking

[5] 2021 Nov 22 cathyfoxblog Cali Shai Bergandi

[6] 2021 Aug Bitchute Jean Paul Rice Hollywood Insider Eposes Child Trafficking



hello and welcome to the save our children podcast we’re your hosts becky and bridget today on our episode we have actor and producer john paul rice john began his career working on remember the titans in the early 2000s in 2008 he formed no restrictions entertainment with director edgar michael bravo they have since released six critically acclaimed films and next year will be releasing their seventh feature called game day a few years ago they released a movie called a child’s voice a supernatural thriller about a runaway teen who answers a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child’s killer it is a great movie if you get the chance to watch it you may have heard the name john paul rice from social media and a video he created a little over a year ago where he began exposing pedophilia and talking about hollywood we are always blessed to have such strong fighters on our podcast and this episode will be a treat for you guys thank you so much for joining us today for our listeners who haven’t heard about you can you give us some of your background well becky that was an incredible introduction and thank you very much for both you and bridget having me on today um wow uh what could i tell you well uh 20 years working in hollywood 19 years living in los angeles um brought me to an understanding of things that about our world that was not what i had envisioned when i was a young man going out there at 23. and it’s not to say that there isn’t merit out there or merit in anything that’s done in the creative field no matter whether it takes place in hollywood or your own home art studio the issue that i i guess had to confront was the understanding of that openness that artists have and in some ways why that is and how that can be uh manipulated how it can be uh directed and betrayed and and um to such a level that uh it’s incomprehensible to most ordinary normal people um the willingness to allow a monster of greed consume all of your thoughts and being and so um you know i i went out as a young man to be an actor because i was in remember the titans a movie that i love to this day and would tell you one of yeah i mean it’s just it’s like it’s like a dream to be able to know that you’re associated with a film like that that when you say it it means something and and it’s been around for over 20 years and it touches people who weren’t even born when it came out i mean it’s it’s like that kind of film that is timeless because the story is universal and um these are the hardest kinds of films to make because everything has to be working in concert that’s the script it’s always in the script the heart of the story is in the script the foundation and the structure of the journey is in the script you don’t just throw a bunch of talent at it and see what shakes out yeah there’s craft to it there’s professional craft to it and i love that about the arts i love that about filmmaking i find it fascinating you can take an idea put it on a piece of paper and in steps you literally build this quote movie that millions of people are going to see and judge worldwide now because of the internet and um who i am is just a human being like anybody else like you are and everyone else that listens to this podcast i’m no one uh what’s his secret you know it’s not his you know what’s his formula for what he does or any of that it’s not it’s not any of that this is really about um a person undertaking a journey that they did not know where it would lead them a journey of purpose and meaning a journey away from my childhood and running away from it and going out to los angeles to try to find my future my life that i wanted and coming away with a book of wisdom that gave me the utility of understanding what this time is that we’re living in it gives me great hope in what is possible that we don’t see often it also showed me the best and worst of people consciously and unconsciously and so when i looked at you know coming into a child’s voice and making that film that was my sixth feature in 2017 to produce i had made five other films started in 2008 and each one of them traversed um a subject matter that was very different from what hollywood was showing in their films now that wasn’t the reason why i did them in fact the reason why i did them was a series of misfortunes which was me that’s always how life works right it’s like yeah oh it all just lined up and this beautiful path opened and here we are no it was a struggle mightily every which way to make those six films and now seven and i did it independently i did it uh in a way that most film producers would have never done um maybe once they would have done it tried it um i mastered it at seven and i still make mistakes of course this is not like oh i’m just like this perfect producer but um i had a love for the story and the story is what drew me to the to these ideas and it was a child’s voice that was a result of the election of donald trump right this is not political but this is the events yeah yep everybody yes training iraq no right doesn’t matter how you see it what you judge from it everybody’s got a view everybody’s got a point of view everybody’s got a perception and a perspective everybody’s paying attention and here comes all the conspiracies out before and i want to be very clear this is all before q so there was the wikileaks i’m just given the broad overview the wikileaks which there’s the hillary clinton email servers and then there’s the dnc emails and then there’s the podesta emails and there’s all these emails these damn emails right nobody knows what’s what and how it’s just all confusing but in some of these emails was language spoken back and forth by our political party leaders and some of the most powerful people in politics about children that does not that if you were to read it and say what do you think of this these grown 50 60 year old people talking about children in this way in their emails would you believe is above board and not worthy of questioning right because the language that they’re using is not about oh bring little billy and tommy you know all kids will play together it’s like it’s for us it’s for us it’s all turned into them and the bigger thing that i try to educate people on because i know nobody nobody remembers what happened in the news two months ago let alone four years ago right or yesterday oh or yesterday for that matter um but but i try to educate people i said if you go back to the original uh impetus of quote pizzagate uh it’s the same thing as q it’s a sideshow the real thing that’s going on is an information warfare that’s exposing the crimes of these people who have been doing these things to children over a very very long period of time jeffrey epstein has been in their circle for decades others like him for decades this is bigger than jeffrey epstein it can get very dangerous when you start talking about the implications of other things because you say well blackmail and sex trafficking and all of this this is just a nexus hub for bigger things this is an effect of their being this is the part of their world this is a reality this isn’t like a little vice on the side this is who they are and they have a right to do it and they are going to do it like a psychopath does and and so i know i’m kind of going around and giving kind of a swirling reality but i i came into the understanding of human trafficking of children on a level that i don’t think most people um outside of victims and when i say victim survivors outside of survivors and maybe a couple other investigators i don’t think most people have i’m not qualifying myself as an expert because i’m certainly not but i’m talking about on the level that i have been exposed to and the emotional depth that i have contemplated the realities of in relation to what this brought out was my own trauma as a child so there’s the relation and the marrying to all this no i was not sex trafficked but i grew up in a family of a mother and father who were very damaged people uh and i’m gonna tell that story a little bit tonight but but those two individuals um i was the fourth one and i was the last one and i was separated by 10 years and by the time i came along their madness was fully blown and i had uh what i would consider near death experiences near psychotic breaks i tried to kill myself when i was seven eight years old i was in the hospital i thought i had problems just by having thought i was a very functional kid i was a brilliant child i was uh i was an intelligent hyper intelligent brilliant child whose mind was uh enmeshed with a mentally ill mother who had schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder manic depression mood swings and realities that would come out of her that could terrorize the depths of most people and be unconscionable to the next to to the next person like it she was not perceivable perceptible by uh anyone’s standards looking on the outside that there was anything wrong with my mother she was she was a world-class level creation she was not some uh cruella deville you know manifestation evil witchy woman uh but she but she she was sadistic in a lot of the things she did and the torment that she i don’t speak for the others uh but the torment that she put onto me and my father uh what he did to me equally uh in his own expression uh created a child that was extremely dangerous and unconscious of how dangerous he was because all he wanted was to be loved and that’s all of us that’s really at the end of the day that’s all of us and that’s very hard for some people to understand that that your that love could be so distorted in a person and them not know it because that’s all they know because that’s what they were brought up as as children and so when i when i got into this whole world of hell my world was turned upside down for two years and i had a lot of crap to process and unwind and so it’s been i guess to conclude this introduction is just to say all the places i’ve been are the depths that i’ve explored myself in relation to the world and i called upon all the forces that i know to be true to help me and i found peace and love and joy in my heart as a child again that was reborn because i saw through the evil of man and i realize that it is our unknowing of what we are that creates these problems because we go seeking it out in structures of power to conquer and win and we don’t realize the the evil that we’re serving that’s underlying it it’s not a rejection of the world it’s how do you re-embrace the world in a way that is meaningful and everybody wants which is love it’s been distorted that’s why we have human trafficking of children that’s why we have pedophilia that’s why we have all of these overlays and child abuse cases where it’s endless because we don’t yet realize the preciousness magnificence and beauty of what we truly are and it doesn’t matter what relationship you have with that that is the personal relationship within you it’s how you actually feel it’s your perception cast upon the world um one of the things i i asked this question and i’m not some um you know like college professor although i think that would be fun um but uh but uh but but what i pose a question to people is kind of like this it’s like okay there’s a homeless person right there on the street that needs money and uh and and as you know it’s bad situation right but they’re begging they still got enough strength to beg and 99 people walk past them that one person and each one of them cast their own perception on the man whether they gave him money or not or walked on or ignored but you’re the hundredth one that comes by and the question that you have to ask yourself is my perception that i cast on this person here in front of me does that change reality and the answer that you have to come to is yes it does because i feel it right here in that moment with that person that’s where christ comes in that’s what it is it’s a power that is not in the structure in the hierarchical demands of the world of competition and acquisition and resource you know all of that resources see you and i we all kind of deal on this understanding of like what’s acceptable and that’s our perception of what we think is acceptable right so so you can’t imagine the higher levels of tyranny until they come at you because you’re just not that kind of person that can conceive of such things but in order to conceive of such things this is where the cycle has to be the loop has to be closed in order to conceive of such things you have to create scarcity you have to create fear in someone you have to be able to take fear that is not when you come up to them when they’re 30 years old and you’re trying to convince them santa claus is existing but you get them as children because children are only there to do one thing they are there to love yeah and they’re there to make make that whole thing happen there is no thinking in it up to the first six years there’s no thinking in these children this is a hundred percent hypnotic delta data brain brainwave state 100 programmable every moment her voice is there with you is like a washing of waves of electricity and sound and frequency resonating through your body your neurons all of this is firing up new pathways are being created every word that mother is speaking to that child is sacred it comes with a a vibrational color magnetic field resonance that’s going into the child like like a downloaded program and it’s starting to carve out and shape and sculpt the reality the emotional the emotional reality of that child that’s the only first six seven years is the emotional reality of childhood which is later banished from our knowledge because if it becomes traumatized we push it away we compartmentalize it as a survival mechanism we disassociate from it and we remember it but that memory is not what we actually felt back then that terror that fear it is as real to that child as it is real to you today real or imagined today that’s why we’re in the problems that we’re in today because we can take imagined fears and make them feel as real as possible and get people to do things against their own free will however you take that in this time and how you see it you can stack it on human trafficking of children all the way up to medical tyranny and the like of it it’s all the same damn thing i promise you not that i have to convince you but i’m telling it to your audience it’s it’s trauma is trauma is trauma is pain is pain is pain the expression of it the capacity for which that fear can manifest that is a dynamic that is very unique to the individual in the environment in which they grow up but the feeling and that emotion is as real to them as your fear and your terror is is real to you and once we start to begin to understand this this is where we can be empathizing with each other we can forgive ourselves we can we can take more loving care of ourselves unconditional love that forgiveness that flows in our heart first for the sometimes and in my case i know this for the very fact that i had to hold on to myself and only had myself to hold on to so that i didn’t crack up so that i didn’t lose my mind so that i didn’t follow a man into the car it was offered to me so that when my sister saved me so that when i looked back at all of these times i could see there was love and care for me in the darkest of places and this is where a lot of times you know i i don’t blame anybody and i ain’t calling anybody out but this is where it’s hard for survivors to to reconcile that with god because you’re gonna go the did you put me through this for right why didn’t you save me and let me tell you something this is not um this is something you have to work out but i will tell you this on the sra satanic ritual abuse side they do exactly that to their children so that when they call out to god they know that god will not come so know that on the luciferian satanic dark side they deliberately and intentionally do that to their children so that it breaks that faith it breaks that connection when it’s the parents who are actually gods to these children and they choose otherwise so i i mean i look at the light and the dark side of the equation as deep and as densely as i can and i just try to tell people like if you go down that road where you’re bitter and resentful and hateful of god and you can’t see that in this moment in this existence that you’re here and alive and present and have a reality to offer the world in this time you with all your lived experience in all this crap that you’ve known and all the people that have come before you and all those who have failed yet struggled just like yourself and you’re gonna let it all go because you’re pissed off it’s like i had to come to the understanding of reconciling ancestral traumas really had to do with honoring them honoring them for the beautiful children that they were born to be that they were denied their suffering was my suffering my suffering was their suffering in emotion yeah i’m sorry go ahead i’m talking a lot no no worries at all it’s all so interesting but the that’s the idea of that they say when you when you fix your own trauma it actually generationally changes seven generations back and seven generations forward and i i really liked what you said the the idea of when you start to learn about these evil this evil that is in the world and that people are real really are capable of doing that you can’t even get to the depth of their evil because you haven’t even uncovered the depths of the trauma within yourself because you need to have light and if you have light then you can start digging into the darkness and and it’s it’s interesting because the people that we meet the other the other whether they’re survivors other advocates or wherever we’re at the people who have found the light have found the light because they’ve done their own work they’ve looked in and they’ve figured out why do i feel this way where am i at what am i doing and oftentimes it truly like you said comes down to what happened when you were a child and it could be something like i’ve done a lot of uh childhood emotional neglect therapy and different things like that and i came from a great family i didn’t have one of those i would you i was never neglected except i wasn’t emotionally helped either and and that’s where i look back and i see my grandparents and the way they raised my mom or or my dad and then the way that they raised me or my brother and sister and you can just see the patterns that have come in and for me it’s like no no i’m i’m breaking that right now and that didn’t mean that my boys are 13 and 11. for their most of their life i i raised them how i was raised and so now i’m having to undo a lot of those thought process the emotional trauma i’ve caused them because of all those things but that’s what we’re working toward and that’s what we’re we’re going to fix and again it’s this idea that if i can start changing here then this will move forward and start changing oh yes and and people don’t realize like going back to your your homeless uh person analogy nobody i shouldn’t say nobody that’s that’s very all-inclusive many people don’t realize that that person is there because of more than likely because of something that happened to them as a child that either something happened and they didn’t get acknowledged for it someone acknowledged it but acknowledged it incorrectly um or whatever and then that’s how you start that’s how you potentially end up getting into drugs that’s how you potentially end up getting into different situations because you’re my you’re just really trying to repress all the memories that you don’t want to deal with you don’t know how to deal with or you don’t know you don’t know why you’re angry all the time you don’t know why you’re trying to look for acceptance all the time you don’t know why you do the things you do well it’s because something happened to you when you were five and like you said all that that five-year-old wanted was to love somebody yeah and it’s kind of the analogy i think we taught when we talked about a couple weeks ago it’s the analogy of the dog the dog will continue to love you even if you kick it so will your children and that’s what we have to be really aware of even for ourselves what happened to you as a child and again your parents oftentimes and i’ll say this isn’t always true but oftentimes did the best they could with what they had you’re just a repercussion of all of that and so now it’s it’s up to us to come in and say all right i’m not going to continue the pattern right that’s a 100 um i think like about four or five years ago i remember is with this uh probably my last girlfriend i don’t know if it was that long but it was a while ago it was like three or four years ago but i remember saying to her that i had this feeling in me that i i didn’t want to live this way anymore and more importantly that i was going to spend the rest of my life i knew in that moment that i was going to spend the rest of my my life cleaning this out of me um and you know it wasn’t like i was some horrible terrible person or um or some kind of you know like one-dimensional uh villain yeah because because the truth of the matter is that i i’ve i’ve kind of come to the understanding that is so profound and fundamental that the love that the child has for the parent see if you removed yourself for a second as an adult and said anybody as an adult who’s a stranger on the street does that to you you’d beat the crap out of him you would ignore him you tell him to go f off but it’s your mother and father and you can’t why because you don’t have a choice and a say in the matter you need them to live and that’s not a child that’s not a deal-making uh decision that a child makes that’s the life decision that i can tell you like for all the things that my mother and father did to me i can tell you far many more great memories that i have with them yep because the child will hold on to all of those as though it is uh literally a in a box of literally as though it’s in a box of hope somewhere and and and it can be brought out and plenty of times to defend itself ego plays a major role in that of course um but i but i really uh i cannot tell you like so i wanna i don’t like to generalize about trauma in the sense that it’s all in childhood only and alone because a lot of times people uh have other things that occur to them in their lives at a later time but still leave its mark and its scar [Music] really the trauma scars that i i think are that are the hardest are the ones where it’s completely defenseless um where you don’t you you literally think you’re going to die and you feel like you’re going to die there isn’t there isn’t the moment where you can fight back or you fight to the point where you can’t fight anymore or you you know quote and and no survivor ever i would ever criticize him quote but you feel like giving up because the fear and the terror are so overwhelming um but but on a more important note the nurturing of that child and the parent the parent respective to what you were saying i could see where my mother and father also and i this is but i want to qualify this in a second that they also uh quote did the best they could given the fact that there was no language or words or resources to even begin at that time in our collective history to begin to even heal let alone diagnose accurately and 50 60 70 100 years ago the things that parents could get away with doing to their children on not just in this country but in around the world uh half of those people would be sentenced to death today um so we’ve come a long way in our child rearing and the i guess the important thing is the the the reversal on this on the flip side is to look back at everything that happened once before individually and collectively that brought us to this time and and what i want to say is that okay human trafficking horrific absolutely horrific but it is a symptom of something much bigger um child abuse i could say is probably the root cause of 90 of all the hell in the world when you have people that march with righteousness in their you know hearts but hatred and burn down two billion dollars of property damage for justice and peace there’s a contradiction there and that contradiction lives inside of them and that contradiction is why they can get swept up by the world events into a frenzy because the foundation and structure within them is so weak that billionaire-owned corporate news media politicians celebrities in hollywood along with tech agencies can weaponize their minds and get them whipped up to think that they’re doing something that’s actually helpful and good and not and not seeing the contradiction how they’re being used the other side of that equation though is that like the and i’m not picking on them but i’m just using this feel you can give me proud boys whatever i don’t care i’m not one of those guys that like oh my guys and my guys are okay but your guys are you know okay so any collective group that’s going out there to take on something um i’d even and i’ll even put up their human trafficking of children as as a as an as a movement because i i i’m not taking responsibility for this but i was the person said this is a movement that the mainstream media will not give you it’s a move that you’re going to have to do but it’s heart-led yep so it can’t be just banners signs and marches and talks it’s got to be okay what is what is a world with safety of children actually look sound and feel like you have to build it you can’t vote it you can’t argue it out of exit you can’t bully these people their world is built on things that don’t exist for you and i yeah they are never going to have a moment of self reflection upon the the billions of their wealth that they have literally created on the backs of whatever everyone everyone and and and then have some come to jesus moment and say you know my god you’re right we are codependent children of alcoholic parents who are in the back seat of the car right now as mom and dad are pretty much hammered driving down the highway and we are asking them begging them screaming at them shouting at them to stop pull the car over turn off the engine and hand us the keys and it ain’t going to happen you have to be the adult the thing that i i want to say about the trauma healing is that and and i could probably talk about this not today but in another time to really focus on it is the reconciliation between the inner child within you and the adult because the adult is the only one you are the only one who can care for that little girl or that little boy inside you are the only one and the only one that can love you more than any other human is you and god that’s it sorry no other choice that’s where you have to go that’s where i had to go gives you a deeper sense of faith when it’s tested spirituality is really easy and and all kumbaya and holy until it’s at your front door and then you got to deal with that yep and it’s it’s scary crap scary now i’m not talking about spirituality being scary i’m talking about the real terrors the real fears where it’s you those fears and god and that is it i’ve been there a couple of times i’m not proud of well when i say that i’ve been there a couple of times i didn’t dr overdose on drugs or anything like that but i i i relived my disassociation in my body this year twice and it was pretty terrifying in the initial phase because it literally felt like the world is coming to an end right there just just by you sitting there you literally feel like the world has come to an end and i i could go through all the things that were rushing through my head people who lie to me betray me who i can’t i can’t trust anybody all of that and then i had to realize that those were not my feelings they never were my feelings those were the feelings that were put there that’s why i’m feeling them because there’s nothing in reality around me observably to be able to manifest that fear and so what happened when that moment came i did call upon my angels but what happened is that fear and that terror in here just passed away and it went down into my body and my body still continued to move through the trauma that it was working through but i had total disassociation from the the physical mental i had taken the mental and the physical and i had broken the connection um and it it freed me my body’s terrors you know like the real terrors that uh the tightness in your legs or you know things that i didn’t even know to how your body retains the body that the body retains more than the mind body actually feels everything and records it and there’s a book by alice miller called the body never lies it’s a fantastic book highly recommended it’s uh therapeutic and it will give you um an insight onto many people who throughout history had very severe childhood whose artwork and literature and other things reflected that internal state but it also she really gave insight into the mind and the stories behind the torment and the torture of some of these individuals and the longing and the suffering that they had to go through as children and adults and yet look at this beautiful literature that they created or look at this beautiful artwork or these incredible ideas and this is maybe where i try to encourage people to look at it in a different way it’s like yes you were dealt a shitty deck really shitty but you have an enormous opportunity if you take the responsibility not to go out into the world and think that you’re going to fix it all but that you could still fix you could still fix your life in some way that is manageable and reasonable in such a way that you know you can do if you did it and then and then you don’t know what else you could do once you got there and i’m just saying this as a as a man who’s done six seven independent films about to do my eighth starting you know having my own company um working at you know major companies and corporations for the last 20 years and and and being successful at that um the potential that awaits you um is really goes back to the child’s mind and imagination that’s where you have to you have to go back and play it’s not a mechanic there’s no mechanical solution to this world let me just explain this there is no dismantling of whatever hierarchy you want to that’s going to solve the collective conscious problem the structures are a reflection a mirror uh of projection really and perception of our and you could take it all the way up to government institutions college university you name it it’s what it means to you right but the outside world has lost its meaning our institutions have lost their meaning they’ve lost their let’s say their luster right you may still want to every once in a while go back to them and you know poke at our favorite um you know uh blue check mark uh whatever you know your politician your flavor whatever you wanna you know get some rah-rah going fine but ain’t going to save us ain’t going to change us ain’t going to fix this problem this problem is us it’s not them they’re a symptom of the problem that we have allowed and we’ve co-created this world with them spiritually and physically we have co-created them because of our collective unconscious not being aware of the fact that child abuse has been with us through the entire time of our existence not just in our lifetime but that it really matters what human consciousness then be can become if it can in other words i pose this question to the people that are angry at god which is that’s not like a challenge to you but i want to ask you something if god’s work isn’t finished then what else can you imagine and bring forward the divine into the world god could be in a sense becoming more aware of itself in humans in human form by these very conversations new places new spaces opening up okay so is evil evil is also becoming more aware of itself it’s materializing more today than ever before in the third dimension it’s got psychic mind con it’s got psychic mind content it’s now going to have physical manifestations in the future of children with transhumanist agendas you know all the avatars the digital avatars becoming virtual reality spaces virtual reality pornography um immersive spaces places that are going to take the mind in different places that we don’t even see the social cohe let me just put it another way the social cohesion that once existed is gone it’s been shredded to tatters and what you’re going to have is a re-coagulation of authoritarianism and libertarianism okay republican democrat i’m not trying to paint a whole you know this is how it’s all going to happen but i’m talking these energy these energies that are out there and what it basically boils down to is this this is the shift coming out pascovit the shift is a mechanized form of human being it’s a dehumanized human being it’s a ai human being it’s a smart city human being it’s a digital technology that offers the illusion of upgrade but it’s an artificial intelligence ai non-human non-emotional non-feeling augmented reality perfect for a psychopath’s world to imprint its vision on you as a mirror and that’s what all of this time in its cashing out is going to result in so do we stop it can we stop it cannot stop the forces and the trajectories that are underway what you can do is begin to build a new world so that when you have new refugees in the years weeks months days whatever millennia to come they will have a bridge and a place to go with food and water and shelter and real care because the loneliness that people feel today is a lack of care from before it’s when we needed them and no one was there we only had ourselves that loneliness and ignorance is going to be preyed upon in people who fall under electronic hallucination manipulation it is the why there are online personas that people very strongly invest in and are tied to emotionally to maintain um it is basically picking apart the psychological um disassociation that our children collectively have been inundated with let’s just say all the imagery from 9 11 to now that’s 20 years plus an entire group of parents that have grown up in the digital uh world where pornography is readily available on their phone and 98 96 of americans have one um our children are getting access to information and are accelerating the growth of their minds and the stimulation of them at an all-time high rate most of us don’t even know who we truly and really are in in the depths of who we are just as our existence our own personal existence in relation to this whole place it’s a lot of work isn’t it sounds like a big task are you up to it yeah of course you are because that’s what you came here to do that’s why we’re here that’s that’s the whole point of being here alive and this time was to do this right that’s what we i mean if there’s a god if there’s not i definitely know there are devils out there i’m not i’m not trying to play that down like a joke but i’m saying i know what the devil monster people in this world believe and where they point their energy and how they want things to go and they use our collective unconscious reasoning and minds to make it all work that’s how conspiracy works it’s not because you’re in on the plan you’re doing your job and that’s just enough they just need you to go go through these lanes stay on these roads everything will be fine we’ll take care of the rest and the billionaire class wants to basically tell you that yes we know what’s best for you and we’re going to remind you of who is the authority in this case and if you don’t believe it’s a human we’ll offer you a computer if you don’t believe it’s a computer we’ll offer you an artificial person they will give you endless manifestations that that’s where all this goes how to stop it is what we’re doing right here is to acknowledge its possibility and its presence that is with us but it is their world not our world that is not our reality that is not the future that we’re creating to be aware of it is to know what you’re up against then you can probably go and put the divine in everything which is not fighting that structure which reinforces its existence and gives it power if you reinforce existence and power let’s say like art you create a real piece of art not propaganda and you put it out there and you go into that gallery and 100 people walk by again 100 different perceptions right all manifested from that one authentic expression of reality it manifested a hundred more and then those people what how what what course on the cosmos and the trajectory that they’re all on i mean i’m being a little hippie about it but i’m talking about where they’re going to go in life and what’s going to move them and what experiences are going to shape their life this is what we have forgotten we are watching becky and bridget we are watching the transfer of our authority go from a three-dimensional conscious manifestation into a digital transhumanist stage it’s all ones and zeros it’s impulses it’s chips it’s it’s it’s goggles it’s vision it’s it’s it’s bio upgrade mechanization but only because they’ve convinced and the majority of us that we are not powerful and strong enough and this is why they’ve lowered everyone down down down down down so hard because you prime people for change and you give them something in response to what you did to them well did these things to people and now you’re going to offer them something yeah i mean even even our family story presented me sitting around even even like you look at uh all the people you know it’s just easier to stay i’ll say in the matrix than it is to think for yourself they’ve literally created this and i say this all the time i was like man these people are geniuses and they’re slow and they’re methodical and they’ve done this isn’t like oh this has happened over the last year no this started decades ago if not more than that and we’ll take one generation and then the next generation and then the next generation all the way down and so it’s hard and we’ve talked about this before it’s hard to pull yourself back out of this world that we live in because it’s easy to just let it ride right and it’s not the physical it’s not the physical world that we’re talking about that we’re battling here right this is where you have to look at and this is why i point people’s direction the bible with all of its wonderful flaws um there are verses and passages in there that kind of give you an indication of the forces and the spirits that work in this place and ephesians 6 12 pretty much sums it up nicely it’s not the flesh that we fight um see i i i don’t try to have conversations with people that don’t understand these things unless they really want to know and then i point them to resources and material that they can then you know investigate for themselves i tell everybody uh anybody listen to this podcast before it’s taken down go to youtube and look up ronald bernard at the international tribunal of justice i think it was in september of 2018 uh when he gave this 30 something minute speech and he pretty much laid out everything in this time and i have to you know i’m not his buddy but um we’ve talked a bit over the years and a couple of years he’s aware of a child’s voice he saw it he loved it and um but he he understands what we’re up against and he’s trying to lay it out for people in a very like what i’m doing with you it’s like it’s not hopeless it’s not hating the world in fact that’s the one thing that i learned about loving it loving it putting love in beauty in places that’s what makes the darkness that’s what really shows the contrast to the darkness if if you if you allow things to become uh decrepit if you allow your citizens to just drug themselves like in other words government is only going to respond to its own incompetence its own ineptness according to the solution that suits it best so all these homeless individuals that are on the streets of los angeles the drug addicts the mentally ill first of all we need an overview to look at what real mental health is what real addiction is and the causes of it and there are people out there today healing that can be connected and can go in it is dangerous work of course but you can work through the local communities you don’t just need to go out there with you know not knowing what the hell you’re doing you know walking up to a group of people saying let me heal you not going to not going to be the best the best of your life um but but the thing is is that i wish to encourage people just it really is the matrix the matrix is the mind control it’s see i used to think it was one-sided and what i realized is that the matrix is whatever lives rent free in your head people on television could be a talk show host that you adore and every time you know your your favorite political enemy does something you go to hear what this person says and man do they really nail it and you’re getting charged like yeah i’m gonna post about that doing something about that no you’re amplifying their world you are reinforcing the arguments and the issues that they are giving you through the news for and against daily and i i i’m just offered this to people who think this is a shirt well john no you they did they did those bombs were shot in gaza and powers yes of course they were what did you do about it absolutely nothing other than tell everybody all about it and tell everybody what’s wrong with it and tell everybody what they need to do about it and and and where you need to post and say oh my god did you see this and how horrible it is and look at how terrible the united states government is and it just it’s a ritual it’s a ritual it just goes and goes and goes it’s like college football season comes and goes and we just do it over and over and over and guess what happened for four years again i don’t care what you thought about anybody for four years you had information level presidential campaign daily dumps of news for four friggin years and it weaponized and trained minds by the millions to be feeders on this crap and it lives rent free in your head and i’ll tell you the billionaires own the politicians including your favorite one that you think is mr smith in washington or mrs smith they own all the airwaves in the media and online they own all the icons that tell you what to think the taste makers the trendsetters all that is just energetic weaponized people who represent as an actor on the stage not that they’re conscious of like deceiving you in all ways they’re just as ignorant as the rest of us they’re trotted out because they have a certain energetic value and and an agenda that can be accomplished through that and the more they build up that image the more you and i start seeing people on television and having feelings about them and judgments about them and thoughts about them and you know they’re probably thinking i think they’re thinking you don’t know who any of these people are you’ve never met them spent a day with them heard them in a candid conversation before outside of a sound bite and maybe a speech that you went to that they had i mean seriously this is what we’ve invested ourselves in we’ve been drawn into this energy to have i mean mania level stuff right to where there are irreconcilable irreconcilable differences between people that are totally artificial and made up and imagined and what we got to get to the point i i just want to say there’s one thing the one thing that we have to do is we have to get to the point where we look at each other and say listen you me brother sister friend neighbor stranger we need to get to know each other on such a level that when i look at you and you look at me and shit’s going down we know where we stand because we know that the people on television who are paid millions of dollars to put all this in our heads are being paid so that you and i have a hesitation a moment of doubt so that they can win today when goes down that has nothing to do with you and i that’s their world and they’re pushing it back on us to deal with they’re making us pay the price for it and when we decide that they don’t want to we don’t want them to live turn it off turn it off watch what happens if you if you i mean i’m just saying this if you’ve got a diet you know pick some notifications to knock off that you don’t need just as a starter get outside put your feet on the ground connect with mother nature the earth is very healing in this regard you can look up earthing these are practical things people can do going for walks being out in nature the more connection you have to the earth and nature and all of its beauty and all of the stillness that it is and all the joy and the pleasure that it can truly give you when you get outside of your head um you’ll have a deeper connection to your spirit your soul other human beings your compassion will grow for people you’ve got to stop you’ve got to stop this this this thing here there is a reason there is a reason why all the people in big tech do not allow their children on this because they know what it’s doing to their heads they know the possibility of what this can manifest in the developing mind of a child you’ve got to stop feeding this crap because it can be easily taken and manipulated another way and you must maintain your human connections i’m not saying to be adverse to technology but don’t put your faith in it like you put your faith in science as though it’s just interchangeable with god or it’s interchangeable with authority because somebody up there gets up there and tells you this is what it is this is what identity politics does to people it creates class divisions because the identification of a in this case let’s just say a skin color in think about this the idea that a color of your skin encapsulates an entire lived and monolithic experience of a population of people and who are the people that give that to you the cultural engineers they reinforce all of it but it’s the establishment and the people in the media that are messaging and showing to you what those words are you see those words that are given to people who need identities in order to feel valuable and appreciated in the world they them i’ve not talked not knocking anybody transgender or whatever but those words i’ve seen people literally saying now that i have my pronoun i feel welcomed and why i’m saying that is so dangerous is because if that is what can make someone turn then there is so much more that we can be able to do to already let them know that no nobody from the university nobody from the media none of these people value you and gave you that word they gave you that identity that they wanted you to have so that they could move you and you are welcome here now and this is our space here so what do you want to do with it that’s that’s this is just i mean i know i’m talking off the cuff but i’ve just had to come to these these revelations it’s that easy it really is that easy it requires investment of your people and your time and real caring for others outside of that the rest as it happens is going to happen but the wreckage and the carnage and the damage that it does will be far less because you have a light that you are bringing into the world and it’s not just calling out all the darkness it’s actually bringing light into the world that is that is feeding and nourishing and allowing people to see and hear truth for the first time what it really means to be alive the survivors know the survivors of abuse know what it really means to be alive because they’ve felt death on an extreme level so they understand how precious it is but it requires what it requires is the good hearts and minds of those who are also strong but in their way which is loving caring compassionate the truth tellers are the ones that suffer the most that’s why they’re authentic that’s why they’re truth tellers because they’ve seen how bad it can get and they know the difference or at least they’re working in that direction everybody else can’t conceive of that horror so we need those who are loving and caring to listen to the truth teller and then take from it not not just vengeance i’m not saying that’s what they want but we look at only through the traumatization of that and we have to we have to we have to expand it we yes we fight these battles here here here and here we project our children here here here and here this is how they’re advancing this is how they’re doing it this is how they they move people this is how the school district all that stuff that’s all important but you must take the lesson of going where can i avoid a future that does not require me to have such suffering that i then learn the lesson after the fact after somebody spent 10 20 years living that hell before i realized how valuable this person is to my awareness my understanding that i can bring into my world okay i’m gonna stop talking i’ma let you guys ask some questions no i love that especially because one thing that society and just social media we’ve seen drastically change is we’ve lost that human connection and we’ve lost just even showing empathy in the human touch of everything so i love how you touched on all of that because most people will not really especially in the trafficking world care until a politician or a celebrity or they see a headline here and there which you rarely see on mainstream media then they’re like oh maybe that person isn’t a conspiracy theorist maybe i should listen and it’s so sad because most people even taking it back to even supporting small businesses and loving on people you know people don’t even support their own family and friends in their own businesses or everyday lives they create this reality of oh i care for you but it’s just filler words but they don’t put the money behind it or the love or even sharing a post or commenting or liking especially as we’ve seen censorship but yet they’ll go spend three to five hundred dollars on a pair of jeans or thousands of dollars on name brand purse because their favorite idol is wearing it or the new paris shoes of jordans and so that just like everyday things that you can see is people are like well i don’t support that no you do support that agenda because you’re putting your money and sometimes it’s not even your money it’s your energy and what you’re feeding so you really have to be conscious of where you’re putting your time and what you’re feeding because often times too that’s those beliefs are projected back onto you whether you want to believe it or not that is projected back to you and then it also projects back to your surroundings so if you only hang out with a certain group of people to do sunday fun day to watch football that then leads to your you only know that person to drink with an alcohol and it goes to that whole scene so you really have to narrow down of who am i what do i stand for and really look at what your beliefs are versus what the indoctrination is but then also the circle that you keep and so you really have to check yourself and the only way that we can move forward as well as being truthful with ourselves and holding our own self accountable in order to be able to in order to be able to love and project love we have to love ourselves and know that you are enough and you are worthy and so i love everything that you touched on because most people won’t go into that depth of checking themselves thank you well those are very very very true all of it um exploring the depths of yourself is you know depending on how you look at it um [Music] i personally being in the space that i’ve been in for the last couple of years [Music] i i personally think that it’s the exploring the depths of yourself does not have to be a a dark venture if you will a a terrifying adventure in fact i i think that if you really were to look at it is is to it’s really to dust off that old book and revisit it that you really love and one of the stories that i can tell you that somebody brought to my attention uh years ago is this girl that i met in la who was leaving she was 24 i think 24 years old i met her at a club in beverly hills probably like 10 15 years ago at least and i said well why are you leaving i mean not like oh this is so great i knew you know it already had its share of problems not like i understand it today but just rude people and selfish people and stuff and she she said well i went to school for four years in colorado for marketing or advertising something like that and i came out here and she goes it’s not for me and this is not um this is a tough girl so she wasn’t bowing down to you know it’s just not for me and i don’t know what i want to do i said so what are you going to do she said i’m going to go back to school and and and do what and said bank wedding cakes it’s like what learn to bake wedding cakes why she said because i went back through all of my memories in my life and i found the happiest and most joyful ones were in the kitchen with my mother cooking and baking with her she remembered that she was five and six and all of her excitement and i said you know that i knew gutterly at that moment that she had found a magic key and and that is when you take a step back and you realize that what most of us give up are the things that we love the most because we’re taught from the time we were literal to the time we become an adult or of working age that this is the way the world works and um the truth of the matter is well it does for some until they realize that it really doesn’t for many if anybody except the people who profit at the highest level that’s not to hate a bunch of billionaires and say well get rid of no it’s not going to change the way you feel about life but what it does is you have to re you have to deconstruct sometimes the fantasies that we hold on to we have to deconstruct um our emotional reality and our attachments to both people and the ideas of things and the only way and i’m saying this to a lot of people because i know that fear can creep in very easily when you start to let go of things that you know to be true and then you step into a place that’s unknown but it that’s why the creativity and the training of that practice of it each day doesn’t matter if it’s a ball doesn’t matter if you’re going into the dark for 20 minutes to lay down and just let your mind float get your thoughts out of it stop looking at the damn screen all of that stuff this is the this is the space that has to be created in order for there to be new things to come in that’s the trouble that we’re in we’re looking for a mechanical way out of the solution situation we need a solution the creative solution she’s going back to make those birthday cakes and wedding cakes and and travel all over the world and she got to hopefully enjoy that but that’s what gave her joy and someone encouraging her to not worry about the fact that she had just spent four years at school and had big plans and dreams to make all this money she figured out the secret before most people do in their 40s and 50s and go oh my god it really isn’t this way look at it this way bridget you’re you know in relation to becky and i you’re a little bit younger so your whole life yeah just a tiny bit no no but but the but but but the thing is is that it’s it’s true about young people and it’s not um it’s not a diminishing uh attribute you shouldn’t should never look at when people get when people kind of disparage young people they’re really doing it to themselves but the understanding one goes of course what else do you know not that you can’t know other things but there’s experience to life that hasn’t been fully realized yet you’ve had you’ve been in a package you came out of this little package right pre-packaged went into the educate you know went through the whole package in the program and you had years and years and this is not just you this is all of us 17 18 years of measurements of time and growth and it was all doled out to you right it was handed to you and you were given breaks and you were given recess and you were given summer break you were given all this time to play and do things you can do extracurricular activities mom and dad having to run around all weekend long with the kids and take them to this practice and that practice and this game and that game and this tournament that tournament going out of town and all that okay so it’s not but i know well i know that life yes it is yeah yeah yeah it’s like doing it for the kids all about the kids right it’s not all the parents it’s not all the parents looking at each other they’re like going i’m feeling psychotic i’m losing it jan i don’t know he’s like i need a support group for for the fact that i’m taking my kids to practice i can’t do tell anymore you’re not wrong it’s like there’s one more thing let’s do one more thing at work but they’re like they’re happy right so it’s like my kids appreciate me they appreciate me you know it’s like okay anyway but i’m saying it we have all these like we have all these like uh structures for us so at school my god you you ask questions and you get answers they give you info i mean you gotta of course do all the working through it but i’m saying it’s served up to you yes and college is the first sign of exploration but it’s still served up to you so then when you go out into the world it’s not served up to you on demand anymore because they’re now paying you you’re not paying them they’re paying you right and the problem is is that you go from all those endless summer breaks and fun to two weeks vacation until you can get up to three if you stay there long enough or maybe four if you’re at an executive or five after ten years five weeks of vacation with kids who have summer break not a good effective way to live and be happy except if you’re gonna just slave away and you know get them the best education they can and call it call it quits when they’re out of the house and you’ve got the last couple lives you know retirement is wonderful there’s nothing wrong with this but it’s not the only way well and assuming you make it to retirement because you have no idea when you’re done on this earth correct and now you’ve just worked yourself into whatever and you’re also then recreating the life that you lived that you could change your kids lives like it’s interesting you say that because this year my older son he’s in eighth grade and we spent the first uh quarter of eighth grade at school all and we’ve been dealing with all this coven nonsense for the whatever and this last quarter 10 days no seven days before fall break i was called and told that he has to go on quarantine because he was exposed well bridget was lucky enough to hear me rip the assistant principal a new butthole because i was not happy i was like no there’s no reason he needs to be out of school there’s no reason he needs to do whatever and they’re like sorry man that’s what we have to do so we decided then and there that he would be homeschooled and it’s been a three we’re on week three and yesterday he was able to ride down to tucson with my husband to go pick some stuff up he’s gotten to go um like he he kind of schedules his day and it’s still very weird for him because he’s like no i’m supposed to be at school for six hours then it’s and whatever like he gets luckily he gets to go back to school um because he gets to be in band and that’s his very favoritest thing is to play drums right now and he gets to go for an hour see his friends come back on the bus and like it’s the best of both worlds and for me it was i need you to be emotionally stable and because it was just wearing him going to school hearing because of course he’s got me as a mother who’s like indoctrination is crap and this is stupid and blah blah and then he goes to school where he’s hearing it and he’s like ah i’m 13 and i don’t know what to do and so to be able to step up and be like no we’re just not doing it anymore and will he go back to school in ninth grade maybe it’s open maybe he uh will like to stay home and and do this and and we do whatever i have no idea what’s gonna happen but it’s been a very interesting change this whole last what 18 months we’re in or whatever has been such you can either look at it as this has been the worst 18 months of my life and i hate it and i want to go back to the way it was and blah blah blah i think it’s been the most amazing change for myself and my family like bridget and i we met we started this podcast we’ve had all of this different change in love and light and with emma we started our organization and it’s changing me it’s changing my family it’s changing other people that we’ve met and it’s like yeah i don’t want to go back to the way it was because i was unknown i didn’t know what i didn’t know back then and i don’t like that person this is where i need to be yeah well two and so many people look at since the whole pandemic and they want to look at it and say oh however you want to view it on a scale of it was the worst time and there was so much shutdown and so much was taken from you but at the same time it wasn’t because america is so materialistic that when everything was it literally pulled the rug underneath from america and exposed all of our flaws and how much of a i’m going to say bully america is and profits off of the exploitation of the children whether some are still waking up to it or not they haven’t got to that point yet that moment literally should have been a time where people turn to their family and held on to what is the most loving asset of your life which is your family and your children and it allowed people to go back to their inner child you saw i know in our state you saw so many people buying bikes and riding bikes outside with their kids they were now getting to work from home and saving money on daycare and some didn’t even know how to function of how to one teach their kids school at home let alone it really gave you the view of what your child is learning at home and what’s being taught yeah or not and what’s being taught in the school system it made parents be parents because so many often turn their kids to so give them the tablet and their kids are on social media or gaming or oh yeah go here with your friends so it really made parents step up and be accountable and be parents and figure that aspect of their life out and so many people don’t want to face those emotions of themselves that it really shut down the world and said oh we can’t go here you can’t do this so you were in this area where you had no choice but to face it and to deal with it so that made a lot of people uncomfortable because it’s not what they were used to and then now that you see so many people pushing back of oh well i’m gonna get the i’m gonna get the job because of i want to travel but now you see the people who are driving and flying those planes they refuse it and it’s like well now i can’t even do that so it’s a it’s a beautiful thing that i’m gonna say it’s been beautiful to see because when that happened and some people like oh well they’re not happy oh they want to preach i hate when people are like i’m all for your body your choice until it’s an inconvenience to them and then they want to bash the other party and it’s like no look at it from that pilot’s point of view and the airline point of view they sacrificed so many family vacations they sacrificed time with their spent away from their their children whether they’re working overnight or whatever their shift may look like same with the medical field to take care of and to put their passion of what they once had passion for and give us all of that love and everything that they taught but they were taught and indoctrination now they’re realizing did i really have a passion for that because now i’m gonna say that because now it’s changing their feeling and what they were taught and now that they’re seeing the reality it’s like wow i’ll spend all my money on this and learn this and it i now and potentially they have to forgive themselves of this wasn’t really what’s best for you and whether it be the vaccines or everything the indoctrination of what we were taught now people are recreating them themselves and saying okay who am i and they’re really going inner and standing ground on what their beliefs are and what’s in alignment with them and really recreating their everyday life so i see it as a blessing yeah no it’s um this time i mean i’ve looked at different things what this awakened what this whole time was um for people and it’s like anything you can see it different ways i try to like for me i i i try to get out of my head sometimes and listen to other people’s stories and and what they’re going through um because i can have my understandings even with a lot of data points but then there’s always something else that will surprise you and go oh wow i didn’t even consider yeah i mean you know when i heard the the um the statistics that they tried to suppress the suicides among teens and women that had spiked over the last year i mean in las vegas it was so bad they had to open up a school district in the midst of their shutdown because so many kids were killing themselves because their connections with their friends and their teachers had been lost star athletes that used to be like we’re talking about on their way to becoming ncaa scholarship level players who are now addicts because of the fact that their basketball or in some cases football which gave them the p the meaning and the purpose which is not a judgment of them that was that was their relationship their coach father figure those connections were broken the the positive that can come from all of this which i think is the purpose of your podcast and why we would even want to talk about these problems is to go okay what can i do and and the question that i tell people is that what can i do really starts with you it really it does not require a savior it doesn’t require a person in the world to give you the idea in fact the only way that you’re ever going to do something is the one that you feel that is right that’s why you make your decisions the way you do because it feels right if it doesn’t feel right and it’s just waiting on something to happen to come to make it all better tomorrow um that’s not the purpose of this world it and i mean that in the sense that in the time that you and i live in right now we are going to be faced with very daunting challenges things that we don’t see today how we respond to them well you’ve got your scorecard out see how we responded to covet they gave the fear of death to seven billion people worldwide and they were able to take people on a ride take them away from their rights in medical tyranny political tyranny bureaucratic tyranny corporate journey big tech tyranny you see all these things happening that will not last forever but the scars will be here with us for a very long time how we respond what imagination we have the podcast just saying podcasts can develop into round table roundtable can develop into community community can be go into action building things speaking them into existence pulling together resources that you have not waiting for the law not going for the petition not waiting for that favorite politician who can get it done in your state or in your your local municipality penalty all those things are important but they’re not the whole picture right that’s the show they want you to focus on because that’s where you feel let me just tell you it’s very simple people who want power rule powerless people and the reason why they do so is because powerless people give them their power it’s very simple close the loop and i tell people that a lot it’s it’s you don’t have to be the person fighting at the school board you don’t have to be the person outside at the vaccine mandate rally you don’t have to be the person out at the political rally you don’t have to be the person at the at the human trafficking rally but find something and stick to it because everybody needs to have something whether that means you’re going to stop shopping at big box stores maybe that means you’re going to turn off sports maybe that means you’re not going to follow blue check mark people anymore whatever it is you don’t have to do all of it right but you’ve got to do something you’ve got to make a stand to do something because it’s it’s it’s the idea that oh you know i’m just one person i can’t do it turn it off every one less person every one less follower and they want us to believe that you’re only one person oh yeah you don’t want you to they want you to feel alone trapped helpless vulnerable yep in fear scarcity scarcity versus abundance scarcity versus abundance scarcity scared afraid fear abundance love joy and it’s mindset i want to i do want to mention because bridget when we talk about this is symbolism right oh yes symbolism i wanted to explain we talked about this when we spoke and i want to explain this to you because this ties into what uh um psychic content of how people about how people feel what people think how they’re conditioned um so why don’t we get into that with you asking the question and then we can start and i i just kind of want to transition to this unless you guys want to talk about something else well that’s fun um let’s go into basically the sim i know when we previously talked we talked about the symbolism in whether it’s the music right or for example disney and your shows or your movies there is a frequency that that symbolism all ties back to can we go a little bit more in depth so so let’s just i i want to kind of paint a picture for people and i’m going to let you pull me back if i get too far um you live in a realm as nikola tesla described this and i point to people to go look at his work and his writings don’t just quote him but look at his work in his writings and you can look at mystics you can look at all sorts of people throughout thousands of years who have pointed in certain directions to say we the established history of the world as it’s been presented to you is in fact an illusion now that can get crazy for people but i’m just telling you um hollywood knows very well i’m not talking about miley cyrus but the people who run hollywood know very well what this place is and who you are okay i’m not talking about celebrities now i’m talking about the people at the very very top who control everything through the layers so that nobody sees the how it’s all being done they can feel it but so these are the people that wield the secrets of power they’re the esoteric secrets the dark cult now occult usually has a negative connotation but because of conditioning and social engineering um christians are oftentimes you know that’s pagan that’s all yes it’s used for all this purpose but those energetic values are in fact um they’re rooted in truths they just twist them and invert them for their own uses i’m not here to get an argument or tell people but like the nazi symbol was a cross of peace long before it was used and everything good and they ruined it that’s what we’ve discovered over there they twisted and invert yes they invert they use the inversion of that symbol so that it blocks that energetic value i mean nobody’s going to throw up a nazi symbol and say no it’s the cross for peace okay so why why does that matter because in this realm there are rules here and i’m not talking about just the rules of the occult and all of that but the rules of matter uh what we might call quantum mechanics or quantum field you can get it you could not part of that is the holy spirit there’s also other um let’s say petty blood drinking gods that have been manifested over millennia through blood ritual sacrifice that do also exist in psychic content among the collective unconsciousness which that’s a lot to phrase and unpack but really what it is is if you live in a spiritual realm and energy is harnessed for dark purposes it has to come from a place of terror and fear and death sex and death and their in the inversion of those so love that’s distorted and violence that’s that’s that is glorified psychopath right so those individuals know the history of this the real history of this place the real um secrets of this place which we don’t see really i mean i’m not talking about secret societies now i’m talking about the kingdom of god that is laid out before man that he cannot see what it what is really around him surrounding him uh in the fia in the quantum field and how human beings actually radiate light into the universe and the cosmos and this is not just john paul rice reising this is ian mcgill crest you could take jordan peterson’s work you can go back to ellen watts you can look at carl jung you can look at joseph campbell you put all these things together they’re all perceiving uh universal truths that transcend beyond uh matter why do you think they wanted us to stay six feet apart because the toriel field of our hearts in a in a field of fear is six feet less it’s it in other words six feet extension of your torito field of your heart which is a vibrational energy wave that interacts and influences everything both within and around you and and it gets really really intense very quickly and as to how that magnifies all the love and light and the structure of god and everything else simultaneously that we just go around you know just minding our business throughout the day but all this is happening right so because because it comes down we don’t know what we are we really don’t know what we are yet we’re trying to figure it out we’re a human being but you know wait a minute well i have a name and i was born yes all that is true but this is these are these are the these are the things that go beyond the words they’re just like forces of at work they’re it’s almost like a baby there’s no tree you know there’s a conscious being of color and you know and it’s talking to me as a child i mean i’m serious like this is crazy stuff but that’s that was all real it’s all real we just forget there are there are other beings here and they’re in metaphysical hyperdimensional way i don’t i don’t try to convince anybody i’m just telling you there’s more to this world than what we see and the more the more you become in tune with yourself the more you will start to see those things and so i didn’t mean to sidetrack you but no no no i have a very funny story for that happening yeah so my husband and i i don’t want to say we’re planning for the apocalypse but you never know if like goes down it’s a possibility in 2021 who knows but like the idea that you know we have a little extra food we have a little extra water we don’t want to get stuck you never know whatever so i literally say to him do they make chicken in a can like i feel like we could get that because you could mix it with gravy and like put it on rice like that would be a meal we wouldn’t die blah blah blah not a half hour later my because my aunt was coming over not a half hour later my aunt walks up to me with a can of chicken and says here you go apocalypse buddy and i was like i totally just manifested chicken in a can i’ve really got to work on my skills like could we manifest something bigger than chicken in a can because that seems real weak probably work on like well you know like you gotta upgrade your your magical you know force-like powers to you know padawan to then jedi you know like sort of like lou skywalker between empire and jedi you’re trying to manifest stuff and you’re you’re wielding the dark forces to like come towards you like you know i will have that can you know but you also got to learn to how to flow with it too so like when you want like okay i want to create this center right where is it you know and by million dollars damn done working with that yeah but i like i like the principle i like different but that’s but that but you know what but here here’s the thing we’re kind of trivializing in a way but that is actually part of the magic of this place it’s mental psychic content that is not necessarily in the third dimension yet but is happening simultaneously and when you get into tesla you understand magnetism uh on certain levels that you don’t really get into at school and then you can go even wilder stuff like where it really really trips you out like on a level that when you start to realize that there are endless possibilities happening simultaneously not just not just in the worlds that you don’t see but in your world alone your your your brain your consciousness is actually popping in and out of existence seven to eight times a second most people don’t know that oh wow so in other words you’re your consciousness is actually i and i don’t understand the depth of it because i haven’t but the the principle is that it it pops in and out of of conscious existence which you don’t perceive seven to eight seconds seven to eight times a second so as we’re talking here right now it’s popping in about like rapidly and what it’s drawing in and what it’s bringing in god only knows right right but but here’s the thing this is the thing you can be sure of 95 which is why we’re going to get into the symbolism 95 of all your thoughts and all the things that i’m saying right now are not premeditated they’re coming from your subconscious mind so your subconscious mind and in the depths of your subconscious mind are quite intelligent um your subconscious mind guides your reality your your your your construct of reality because it’s the only thing you really know because it is familiar i mean yes you have judgments yet all these things course choices and decisions but all of those were manifested first out of unconscious creation into conscious level creation sometimes outside observation but it has to match something inside that lights that fuse makes that connection goes aha and sometimes the aha is not the mechanical aha logical it’s the in the shower oh my god that’s it this is where it’s happening right and we’re babies we like have training we need training wheels on this stuff because what what people get out there in the world is about manifesting manifesting and you know a law of attraction and they’re they’re using it through means that are meant to deliver a one-dimensional upgrade of you know manifesting wealth manifest you know it’s not looking at your emotional state the internal within you being in alignment for that which you’re manifesting quote from your heart and your heart this is the other part of it we’re getting into this your heart has brain cells 20 to 30 000 of them on the heart thinking it has a magnetic field that is ten thousand times greater than the brain your heart also manifests future states of existence ahead of your own thinking this has been proven your heart so the way that they try to tell people this is in cia documents is the hemisphere the hemisink of your brain the left and right hemispheres of your brain which is so fascinating to get into what it actually controls and does and they’re not it it’s almost like a master and a servant uh there’s the the the master and the emissary written by ian mcgill crest and it’s very dense but it basically describes the brain relationships and how how we create this but the sinking of those hemispheres together you basically put an idea which comes from the left hemisphere of your brain with a feeling that is on the right hemisphere and an imaginative future state that you actually are living in in the feeling which brings and draws in the change of the matter around you in order to manifest that as i’m being very like condensed by it but you’re basically drawing in your reality through your heart so if you’re living in fear if you’re living in fear you have a thought but the fear is not in the thought it’s in the emotion and that emotion connected to a thought no matter how logical or illogical is creating the feeling that it’s in the heart so if you have fear if you’re worried about dying and you have a terror of death for whatever reason that is and your thoughts are kovid 19 or whatever it is it doesn’t matter whatever threat is perceived it the body is responding to that fear for which you are thinking with that emotion connected to it and to break that up on uh is very very very hard you can tell me tell me in your life have you walked up to and told some things to and immediately changed their heart changed how they felt right then and there completely and totally said you know what you’re living a certain way today that is just out of this world crazy you’ve been doing this for 20 freaking years 30 frickin years i’ve watched you do it over and over and over again today you’re gonna stop i’ve had enough oh okay you’re right i’m sorry let me go back and you know but i’m just saying it it’s not you can change hearts and minds but you can really the truth is to do an act of love and inspire the good that’s there let god take care of the rest and move on if you’re trying to sit there and worry about like some predetermined outcome as though that being what you measure it by is the success of that then you’re really attached to it and you’re not open to other possibilities being manifested by that other person and what they bring to the table it’s got to be your way and not their way not the way they see it not the way they play in it so okay we’re talking a lot about stuff getting into this symbolism and why it’s so um potent is that what we don’t realize is that colors letters numbers have energetic frequencies that are vibrating through the air and going into our brains now you can look at it from a vision standpoint vision alone energetic hypnotic symbols they they are on the basis of the fact that there are sacred geometries and an alignment um in the cosmos in relation to how all these energies play out here and elsewhere possibly but definitely here the dark occult forces know very well the planetary alignments the cosmos the stars the energies that come in that are gateways that open you’ll hear about them in you know many circles online some of them are exaggerated or simplified others tell you really clearly what this alignment is going to mean but there’s a duality to everything and everything that they create here so they pull in all of what they can using it and spinning it on a certain let’s just say certain side of that disc where the other way is going they’re throwing it back a certain way because they’re pulling energy from that effect of the alignment to be able to come in with that message because it will hit at a certain point among a certain group of people that is that’s if you want to get deeper into this uh you can go into military experiments cia you can look at all the records of the hypersonic weapons and uh things that frequencies and energies and light and rays are actually doing we went way beyond atomic energy and nuclear bombs like a long long long time ago so these things are known by our united states military and other forces out there that we don’t even know so why is this important the energy frequency vibration in the capacity of color color has a sound and color has a frequency and color affects human beings on a psychological level by default we see certain colors that bees don’t see or other animals see and have sensitivities to that’s for our survival that’s our that’s our handicap right but it’s also our dependency in order to make sense of the world we live in red and blue are authority figure our authority colors that’s why you always see politicians wear the tie or the suit or they have always surrounding red and blue okay now this is very simplistic 101 stuff but i’m just bringing your whole audience along to understand the significance of this so when disney is putting on their cartoons these pedophile symbols and these colors what they are doing is they’re imprinting uh entertainment and that symbol is not directly talking to your child it’s going right into their subconscious mind the child will attach itself in different ways not consciously but unconsciously to that symbol in all forms of its entertainment and programming so so the the normally let’s just like pop out here for a second the reason why they do drag queen’s storytelling hour of course michelle t believes it her way and all that but the truth of the matter is is what they want to do is they want to uh normalize um distorted distorted a a distorted human being which is not a judgment against a transgender person what they want to do is they want to invert sexuality around children so that it strips them of that beauty and also conditions them to seek out these types of people who are very impressionable at an early age in their adult years not the same people but people like them to carry that energy that message trauma as as sold to them is virtue okay and when you when you as a parent give your child over to the entertainment industry it’s not that you’re offering your child up consciously what you’re doing is you’re allowing these symbols and these agendas to go into your child as though the child only sees it as true there is no judgment going on mom and dad you are feeding them all the information and if you turn it over to somebody else they’re going to talk to your child in a way that is not uh it’s not the way you would do it okay so what happens is that these symbols get repeated over and over in the sacred geometries and their use in almost every single thing that is around us on television in the cryons in the logos in the graphics in our brands this is all pre-planned so that it has an energetic register without your conscious awareness guiding it moving it directing it culturally socially otherwise and it becomes incorporated into as a part of the space that we occupy yeah my children are really really angry that i ruined that because i will be watching something i’m like did you see that that’s what that is whatever whatever and they get angry at me i i you know and let me say it’s it’s understandable because it is so prevalent and you could literally i mean i’m not trying to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do but you could you could literally go insane if you started to i mean depending on how you feel about things you could start to go pretty crazy about this issue and i’m not saying that people shouldn’t research it but i but i want to read something that i think will help um if i can and this was given to me by a hollywood producer of over 40 years who’s i i can’t give his name away it’s not anybody of an a-lister but he can be looked up um he um he had a business partner that was he’s known about the dark cult in hollywood for a very long time so i just want to um i want to give you this one thing that he wrote to me and that i published um last year and this really hits the head on the nail in a lot of ways we are made in god’s image and have within us a microcosm of the same forces aspects of our nascent unity when we balance the aspects of god within us by daily prayer and meditation judgment and mercy are reconciled in christ and we become shepherds ourselves what we guard against are the powers and principalities the kings of edom the unbalanced forces that are active within us that’s never to be forgotten the unbalanced forces that are active within us if you want to reference luke skywalker and the jedi are that’s george lucas he said it he said i took all the spirituality i took all of the religions and i combined them into a universal uh world where the proletariat was the one that used the propaganda to make it to its device it’s been the battle of our entire time we have not become aware of this cycle until now so the powers men call gods have been shaped by rituals and nourished over millennia by a blood sacrifice to produce entities which appear and act real think about what that means leaders our celebrities are our business leaders our billionaire class of people that we champion as somehow the great saviors of the world who we need to pay attention to and see what they’re investing in and what their what their thoughts are on the coming you see what i’m talking about this bill gates is not the end of this bill gates is not the beginning of this it’s been going on for a long time and i’m just being a little southern in my draw but i just want people to understand this is this is not like today they are conceived by us and they live in our imagination not in watery metaphoric sense but as autonomous psychic content mulak bal and the rest of the y head demon brands are represented by families associated with associated interconnected symbols signals and glyphs these symbols are the brands we now see all around us we’ve been conditioned from infancy to view as normal marketing of consumer goods recognizing these occult elements understanding how they insulate themselves into our consciousness and become automatic behaviors is part of what awakening is all about repeated exposure to satanic symbols seagulls images and glyphs embedded in advertising and entertainment media content content activates corresponding influences within us all so what they’re doing is they’re preying upon these energetic values words language all of it and they’re summoning into existence their reality so you have the media doing it then you have everybody following it right and in accordance to it and then you get the rest of the believers coming in because everybody it’s imitation it’s imitation it’s really what it is take away the media and put covet 19 out there none of this happens none of it take away the media and none of this this run around okay so this is how powerful this all this stuff is and when he’s talking about it from birth we’re not just talking about predictive programming and contagion and all the different movies and everything we’re talking about our actual reality and the concepts of reality and the constructs of reality in which we believe the world is that’s a very dangerous thing to start getting into but when you start to realize that you’re a child of god and you are timeless and eternal and this construction of reality is an effect of a very sophisticated machine but we could call it a simulation uh a um holographic type simulation uh that’s where it gets really crazy but like on a more practical level it’s like right but but what it does is it says well you can actually bend time [Music] see see and i’ll just give it like this when new information flows in that is greater than the lie what happens you change you you you have you have enough anomalies in the patterns that you have watched over and over again there’s enough anomalies now that now create a new ripple a new pattern of understand new understanding new meanings okay this is the power of human beings where we have infinite potential to create any reality individually and collectively this is why symbols and all of these things exist because you’ll follow them rather than realize what that power is but that i think scares them too because if we start realizing as a collective we have power that’s a bad oh yeah no they’re in this time that we’re living in right now evil is consolidating and it is going for the third dimension the psychic content of of mind control they don’t have the energetic this is true of like what a lot of people said to be that doesn’t mean they’re not going to try other things don’t get me wrong but what i’m saying is that they are cashing out they’re cashing out all that they have reaped and sown in people that’s why this is some being summoned that’s why it’s coming forward that’s why the so so the tyranny will pass like i said but the scars will remain tyranny under authoritarianism which is the delegation of authority under the guise of fear like hey you mom and dad people i don’t know take care of me fix this for me solve this problem tell me what i need to do i don’t think it’s a politic i i don’t i don’t i don’t go against left i was a leftist okay and i’m not being unsensitive i really understand the psychology of this whole thing and it’s very dense and republicans and conservatives i’m not here to bash them but dude you only understand one side of the equation and you don’t realize that you’ve staked all of your political positions in opposition of a false left that’s controlled by billionaires who are turning the dials before it was aoc it was somebody else it it they will put endless puppets in front of you to keep it all going and you will stake your positions and things in opposition of the tyranny and the bs and the authoritarianism so that you know who to vote for in two to four years not solving any of what we have just lived through not solving any of it yeah and it’s and it’s the same thing and that’s the one thing that because my family is the opposite they’re very republican and they’ll i’ll hear him say well if it wasn’t for blah blah blah it’s like no no no no no this goes across the board everywhere and i said if you can either watch this news thing where they’re gonna go fear fear fear for your fear or you’re gonna watch this news thing that says fear these guys right what they’re gonna do like a threat there’s always a threat there’s either whether it’s right or left there is a threat now or a threat on the horizon yes there is never there is never an end to the suffering or the struggle there is always got to be a villain real or imagined trump biden both sides have real and imagined uh saviors real and imagined enemies and all of it is real so it doesn’t matter because people believe it that’s the point i’m trying to get is that because you believe it is this way makes it possible and you’re getting a taste of it with covid and understanding the medical tyranny and standing up to understand they’re going to show you what they want possible you have to see what is also possible right and and so it’s unplugged right well because the the virus is a mind virus it’s a mind virus that preys on fear this is what the symbols all mean coronavirus symbol is a geometric shape of it and we don’t even know that it looks like that nobody has ever seen it under a microscope most viruses don’t even look like that so so the point i’m wanting to uh people to understand is like they have held up all of this in front of you so that you have an opinion on it or have some kind of reference to it so that when they bring it out in front of you again all that you have already decided before emotionally and otherwise comes out again they have awakened the trauma in all the people by giving them the fear of dying that’s why the human trafficking the harvey weinstein epstein maxwell four years all of that is there’s divine order to things but there’s also other things that you have to be considerate of and that is this you are in a world of unconscious people who are seeking power to control resources even with quote god on their side there is only so much a person in that system who is at that level can actually do it and i’m not talking about well we need no who do we need to put no no that’s the thing there is once you understand this world and what you live in all those who seek to lead you are in some way part of the folly they don’t realize what they truly are they don’t realize they’re a soul that they’re a child of god that’s why they feel that this is the way they have to do things because their whole life has led them in that direction in their understanding of it the media gets us on board with public positions whereas the reality is even if that candidate is saying all those things in that script and intends to do every single one of those things the actual meaning and the implementation if they get done is going to be far different than the one you thought four years before right when you first heard them and said that’s the person for me this is what i’m trying to get we are playing chase we’re chasing we’re chasing things that can’t be solved by elections by leaders by institutions but it’s not a protest to destroy and deconstruct outside these structures that’s going to make possible the change it’s going to come from within you the individual the creative unique and diverse individual and the collective of those people inhabiting the structures of power again maybe in a different way this time not not under socialism or communism the way we want it but actually throw the whole damn thing out and start over and go what’s what’s true natural law that’s where we can start we don’t need to write a decree or a manifest so it’s right there it tells you everything we need to do it says here’s how you build a safe world for all children natural law there you go and from there you can create anything you can create any kind of form of representation i’m not sitting here saying oh we’re going to overthrow this guy’s talking about all over from the government no i’m saying decentralize decentralize the whole thing of cryptocurrency for those of people that follow it are into it decentralized decentralized take the power away from the centralized sources take back your authority you’re here as a soul had a human experience you’re here on this planet to reclaim your birthright you came into this world what a child of god who knew nothing about taxes nothing about all the ills of the world nothing about these symbols none of what you just came in you came in you were something before you came in but you came into existence this world the soul came in and it’s like well then what are you here to do what are you really here to do and there’s some theories on this but it’s really about deciding whether you are a true son or daughter of the creator of heaven and earth and what does that really mean is it a story that existed only two thousand years ago or is it a story that continues to this day and i’m talking about the literal translation straight from the text of christ when he said you will do my excellent greater well are we all just going to sit here and and be sorry about the horrors of the world and pray and just you know pray that it all changes and that christ comes back and then when i die i’ll go up there well that’s very convenient you get to wait you get to wait not do a damn thing and just wait for it to end right it’s kind of crazy you know in a way i’m not i’m not knocking people but i’m like this isn’t this what i’m reading here is not bs like i’m not i’m not trying to instill fear in people i’m just letting you know like this is what you’re up against there’s a reason why you do a podcast and you talk to survivors of human trafficking i mean there’s different angles you can come at it but like ultimately why does that persist because what we’re reading here is about what these dark forces and these occultists which are very small very very small amount of people they don’t want us to know that no they want you to think they look at television and how they am anyway i want to i i no i mean this i think is a great discussion i know we got to stop here in a second but i want to finish this hypersexualized materials culture is not an accident it is the product of occult rituals ceremonies and sacrifices which produce the illusory materialist environment in which we are many of us confined these rituals are performed with the purpose to incrementally manifest a trans-dimensional parasitic unitary intelligence which propagates via cult initiation and or by cumulative exposure to satanic entertainment programming let me explain very clearly what that is and i’m not going to go into an academic we’re talking about a these rituals that they do on your children in television with the symbols in the cartoons or the um energetic reads that they put in there this these kinds of things that yeah to increase uh impulses in your children not joy pleasure nihilistic pleasure for the long term okay that’s why they want your children to exploit their bodies before they have words to understand what it is they want to destroy and invert it and they are going to do it to some of the children in this time that we’re going to see manifest into young adults but this unitary intelligence is a mind parasite it is i mean i’ve talked to a couple of people you guys may have had on there but it is multi-dimensional it’s another dimensional being that is in psychic content that’s how powerful our minds are that’s why when we align with god and and his son or whatever i’m not like here to judge what people but but those are real divine connections those are real powerful healing things they do exactly the same thing here and they transmit that antenna if you will to our brain by doing this as a result they are certain to exist pedophor cultists openly promote and worship satan and solicit kids on youtube to take part in ritual ceremonies desires disguised as theater art or comedy via hypnosexual mind control games satanic brands employ ancient runes and talismans and singles and glyphs to peruse our culture news and entertainment media content is pumped full of embedded symbols sounds and subliminal messages or images related to sex and death these occult influences combine over decades to produce and sustain a selfish shallow and violent material is conscious a culture where satan and his luciferians can most easily manifest the hierarchical slave society of petavor criminality they prefer this is the most important part i think to say and this is where it ends the freeze on apollo’s temple at the delphi properly translated does not say know yourself it says watch yourself and if we watch ourselves we will begin to add additional layers of reflection increasing our cognitive power as we learn humans appear capable of literally infinite self-improvement and the blood drinking petty gods do not like that they have expended so much cleverness in a feudal effort to channel and confine human consciousness constricted human consciousness harassed and distracted with unnecessary mandated tasks busy work initiatives social duties and financial harassment generally ensures we do not awaken to the real universe and the powers of the big g god inside us the satanists don’t believe in god because they can’t perceive a self-aware quantum field like the holy spirit all they can do is what they’ve always done with drugs sex illusion and nlp mind tricks that’s straight from the source in hollywood who is not my only source but is one of those sources that is 40 years into that industry and he wrote that to me one day after we met and i have gone back to it over the last three years and every day i get new insights on what the depth of that means so the beautiful thing that you all are doing is getting these stories out talking to people getting these ideas out making those connections not giving up that’s what it takes and for each person out there that wants to do something about this issue get involved locally there are people that go to strip clubs women i know there’s the ruby organization in north carolina that would be great to have on your show ruby ruby.i think it’s for christian women with almost no money go into some of the darkest places and they help those women get out of there and you know what here’s the one thing they told me they will let you go in to minister to these women because the people who own them say have at it like you’re not gonna get her out of here so that’s where evil stakes its claim to tell you no you can’t and you know what if you’re like those other 99 people it doesn’t happen but when you come along and you cast your perception on it you change the world and that is what is true [Music] i love that that was a perfect ending we’ll definitely have to come back and do a part two because i know that we still want to talk on censorship and we want to talk about your upcoming films that you’re doing as well as go back into talking about a child’s voice and the timing of when that came out and the whole uh wayfarer scandal and maxwell documents came out and how it got pulled off amazon so if we can really quickly share where can people watch that um it’s not a documentary either it is a people film because it’s based on actual facts and evidence so if you could just share where people can want that that way when we pick up for part two they can have something to really be ready yeah they’ll be ready and i appreciate you all for enduring me too for two hours just talking this has been fantastic when she said part two i’m like and three and four oh my god oh my god oh let’s take it one step at a time um but let me say this uh yeah a child’s voice for those who who want to see it and i’ll just give this kind of a disclaimer this is a movie about the road to redemption through love in one of the darkest places and it was probably the kindest movie that we could do um without showing anything graphic and giving you the idea and the world and it’s a supernatural thriller about two outsiders the homeless heroin addicted boy and the young immigrant woman who’s being abused by her boyfriend who started selling kids and you know kidding kids and selling them and i just got to say when you get to the end of the film um it’s it’s the beginning because the the truth is is that the child’s voice it’s a new beginning it’s the one inside of us that needs to be answered first can you hear me will you help me and our answer is yes i will and um if people want to see this film you’ll support us the majority of uh the money goes to um you know i’m not here to make a profit forever uh like you know millionaire but um if you want to see the film you go to no restrictions ent that’s our website and you can find uh the link to a child’s voice on vimeo on demand or you can go and look it up there the trailers on but you won’t find the movie there so and you may find it on a couple of other um streaming services for with ads and stuff like that like on 2b so if you don’t have any money i mean look 3.99 to rent at 9.99 to own it share it with your friends i don’t mind um but if you want to watch it for free i think uh some other streaming sites may have uh a child’s voice up there too and and it’s on our website too i put some other ones up there so yeah perfect we will make sure to share that in the show notes as well as your instagram and all of your social media handles so again we appreciate you taking the time out to really have these deep conversations with us and everyone who’s just listening and awakening i know this could be a lot to take in so if you have to pause in between feel free to do so we’ll be back for part two and probably a part three because we just love our conversations with you and we really do appreciate everything that you’re doing and even your powerful voice and especially that one social media post that really took off and i want to get more into how even you doing that you didn’t expect to know that to blow up the way it did so no and i want to just say this that one last thing that is the one thing you said one person who can change things your voice i was just a guy who was on a live stream with 700 followers one day on instagram and i went live and i talked to a max of five to eight people on that live stream and 150 million plus have seen it and it changed it changed a lot of things i don’t know i will never know the total of it but i know that people all over the world saw it for the very first time and heard it very clearly and it was translated into six different languages so never underestimate the power of what you can do just by speaking your truth the authentic person that you are and standing up for what is true and right and you know we’ll we’ll get into it next time but i just wanted to highlight that one point is never underestimate the power of what one person can do because if you had asked me or told me in my wildest dreams that’s what i would do i would have not taken that cup yeah yeah yeah i wouldn’t have taken it scary it’s quite scary when you contemplate the what i did that day and i didn’t even really realize what i had done um it just flowed out of me and it just poured out of me and and then that was it and and then the rest is history but you you can’t worry about you know you you do it for the reasons you do it and then you move on and and you’ve got to keep living you can’t live in that day every day but you but you know that you made your you did what you could and you move on and that’s that’s what you do every day from that moment on it doesn’t require another video it doesn’t require another this or that it’s your your your life and you’re going through it and you’re going for it and anyway all right that’s enough amen amen no no no i love that because i often preach about the power of one and that day you poured out and you you were the child you were a child’s voice and so many voices in hollywood and you took with your heart and your passion and everything that you’ve experienced and you spoke for so many who don’t have the courage and who just yet and you gave them light and you gave them hope and all we could do is pray that our voices even if it were just one person our one voice is giving hope to the next person and shining so that way they can reach the next day and that way one day i’d and as you both will agree is that we pray that god will give you strength to stand in your truth and to find your voice and know that you’re not alone so that’s right yeah everyone thank you for thank you for all of our listeners for the constant love and support and prayers we truly do appreciate it survivors as always we hear you we see you we stand by you sending you love light and blessings

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