Mass Psychosis- The Monster that Devours its own Children

Mass Formation Mass Hypnosis Mass Psychosis

This post should be useful for all of us who can see through the nonsense, but cannot understand why other people, even intelligent ones, cannot seem to see or care what is truth and what is not, and keep behaving seemingly totally irrationally.

Pulp Journal says It has at times felt for me like a dream — that ostensibly smart, compassionate human beings who in many, many cases are well-credentialed, simply say nothing. They remain mute and just stare. As if the words don’t compute. It is the closest thing I’ve ever experienced in real-life to feeling as if humans were under a Manchurian-Candidate-like spell, and it’s something I’ve thought into the ground [9]

As someone put it in a comment on a video…

Coming to the recent understanding that my friends and family are under psychological distress and hypnosis, and not simply misinformed, has been a critical revelation. I can be more patient and loving with them by stepping back, instead of provoking conflict each time I try to “help” by presenting data or information.

Firstly I am grateful to Tao for this post on Ontmebarevrouwenweb Mass hypnosis key of totalitarian regime… Fear & Intelligence Dr Desmet explains [11] This video immediately led me to greater understanding of what is happening in the mad old world around us. He posts some excellent material and his blog is worth checking out.

Secondly, not wishing to reinvent the wheel, but wanting to present a summary in written form, I found that Dave Lee’s blog already does this, but from his own interview with Dr Desmet. I have not listened to Dave’s interview, but I include it in this post, and also the autotranscript from his interview. Youtube/google/cia are not remotely trustworthy to keep the interviews up, and it is best to have transcripts published, even via autotranslation. Dave Lee’s post is here Totalitarianism In The World – Professor Mattias Desmet [8]

The interview I choose to post first is the one I have listened to, with Dr Desmet interviewed by Chris Martensen.

2021 Dec 3 Odysee Mattias Desmet on Our Grave Situation [2]

or Hook Tube Mattias Desmet on Our Grave Situation [1a]

(Just to explain that in my bid to use the bad actors platforms less, I will usually give preference where I can to platforms that do not censor, and not owned by nefarious entities as much as practically possible eg atm Odysee as number one then Bitchute, Rumble, HookTube as front for Youtube but only you tube seem to do autotranscripts so I do use those. This means of course that the vids may not embed and if that is the case then I may put up a picture then if you click on it, it will open in a new tab, or just click on the numbered link)

Chris Martensens Odysee Channel is here – Peak Prosperity Vid Channel [3]

These following notes though are based on Dave Lee Totalitarianism In The World – Professor Mattias Desmet [8]

Professor Mattias Desmet is a clinical psychologist at Ghent University, Belgium. Dr Desmet has a double degree, he also has a masters in statistics.

At the start of what we were told rather quickly was a pandemic, Dr Mattias Desmet analysed it as a statistician. He started to study the figures, the graphs. Early on in the pandemic, around May 2020, Professor Desmet came to the conclusion that the fatality rates for the pandemic were dramatically overinflated.

The projected mortality rate in Sweden was approximately 50,000 people, if they didn’t have a lockdown. Yet, Sweden still did not go into lockdown and the casualties were only 6,000. Clearly the models were incorrect.The politicians didn’t correct the measures to the real data, they did the opposite, they continued as if the models were correct and the real mortality rate was the same as the faulty models. The measures continued as if the models were correct, even after they were proven to be completely wrong.

[iirc in uk they were predicted to be 500,000 which even taking into account “enthusiastic” and inventive and vastly overinflated death counts by a number of means, even on their figures it is about a quarter of that cfb ]

One thing that has never been discussed, is the long term costs of the lockdowns on countries, compared to the benefits of the ”flattening the curve” with lockdowns and other measures that cause long term damage to the economy. Governments never discussed the possibility that the lockdowns could in fact claim more casualties than the pandemic itself, even if no measures were taken to reduce the spread. [ie a cost benefit analysis of each strategy cfb]

The field of attention of the entire world seemed to be entirely on the victims of the pandemic as if all the rest did not count anymore.

In one way or another, people were not able to see the collateral damage caused by the lockdowns and the measures. They were only able to view the pandemic through this tiny lens, as if nothing else mattered. Dr Desmet came to the conclusion that the pandemic was not a biological crisis but more of a psychological crisis, and he started to view the pandemic through the lens of a clinical psychologist instead of as statistician.

Mass Formation – Crowd Formation

Professor Mattias Desmet came to the conclusion that society was suffering from mass formation or crowd formation. This is a specific type of group formation that emerges under certain circumstances.

Society needs to meet 4 certain conditions for mass formation to occur in society. These four conditions are :

  1. Lack of social bond. Or a lack of meaningful relationships in their lives
  2. A large amount of society feel a lack of meaning in the world (for example, more than 40% of people within a society feel that their job was completely meaningless)
  3. Free floating anxiety in society. And in some cases, anxiety that the society cannot point to a specific reason for what exactly is causing this anxiety (overuse of anti-depressants etc)
  4. Free floating frustration and aggression.

If a society meets all these conditions, it will become increasingly susceptible to Mass Formation.

Mainstream Media Causes Mass Formation

Under these conditions, mass formation can be caused by the main stream media, if

  • it tells society what the object of their anxiety is. The mass media identifies what the specific object of their anxiety is
  • at the same time it gives a clear strategy to deal with this object of anxiety.

eg, if there is an object of our anxiety (virus) and what the strategy to deal with that anxiety is (lockdowns).

New Solidarity – Social Bond Emerges

At this point, all the disconnected people in society, all suffering from free floating anxiety, connect their anxiety to a specific object of that anxiety. Then a new solidarity emerges, where all these disconnected people from all areas of society can become part of a new group, and a bond amongst them emerges. Many of these people are willing to join together by participating in a faulty strategy pitched by the main stream media narrative, so that they can deal with this object of anxiety together.

Regardless of how damaging the strategy may be, people engaged in this new solidarity will feel better about their own anxiety by simply engaging in a strategy (mass formation) regardless of the serious deleterious side effects of such a poorly devised strategy, that the main stream media has created a narrative for.

It’s as if everyone engaged in this new social bond are fighting a heroic battle together against this object of anxiety. They begin a new solidarity, a new meaning for life, a new social bond emerges over this heroic battle against this object of anxiety, which they are all fighting in solidarity.

The reason why people within this mass formation (mass hypnosis) all need to participate in the lockdowns, wear a mask, social distancing or take a vaccine, is because if you don’t do it, you are not showing solidarity to the new group that has been formed. Almost as if all the measures to defeat the object of anxiety are really just to prove to everyone else that you are a part of the new cult like social group. It has no real ability to defeat the pandemic, is not backed in science and is only designed to identify who is a part of their new cult like social group and nothing more.

How Totalitarianism Emerges From Mass Formation

These people who are engaging in this mass formation, have then started to create their own religious rituals. These rituals under these circumstances come in the form of pushing lockdowns, wearing masks, social distancing and a whole range of other measures that have been proven by science, not to achieve anything.

Because these people are hypnotised by the religious cult that they are now engaging in, any new science that conflicts with their current religious cult beliefs, cannot be accepted. They are closed off to new information, no matter how definitive that may be.

When the people engaged in this new social cult like religion receive conflicting information from people who are not hypnotised by the cult, the cult members can use the state to oppress the dissenters who disagree with this new religion. That’s when you see powerful people using the power of the state to lockdown innocent people, use of the police to assault innocent people in the street and this can ultimately lead to a totalitarian state like the soviet union, where the state exterminates people who disagree with them.

Most of the above text is adapted from Dave Lee’s blog Totalitarianism In The World – Professor Mattias Desmet [8] the following text is this blogs.

Thus this “Mass Formation” can and is even leading to people doing harmful things to their children. Masking /vaccinating which is in effect showing their allegiance to the cult by sacrificing their children’s health, all supposedly in the name of health! The monster that devours its own children.

Dr Desmet says it is about 30% who are under this mass transformation and that it has no connection to intelligence. The important factors that put people in this “mass formation” are repetition, strong visual images with numbers/graphs/statistics.

Dr Desmet also spoke about the difference between classical dictatorship and I think it was tyrannical totalitarianism. I will have to listen again.

He also believes that the people in power are lying but that they believe that they are justified in doing so it is the means to the end. The end that they believe in is a move from democratic to technocratic world, [with them at the top of the pyramid].

The “solidarity” explanation perhaps explains why the “political left” in the one dimensional political construct that people are placed or place themselves, have been so reticent to speak out against what to others is quite obvious approaching tyranny. They believe in solidarity and unselfishness, they are just being made to misdirect these noble aims.

I am thinking of the left in the UK, I do not know about Europe, but in the US, any good intentions of the left electorate were usurped years ago by their leaders. Polarisation has occured with the media acting as they did over Trump. The anxiety everywhere may be being duped by all their politicians.

People perhaps have also been made susceptible to the anxiety and free floating anxiety, depression and aggression in the UK due to the Brexit result, Boris De Piffle Johnson’s part in that and their stance on his perceived slow response to the “viral threat” and the diffficulty in reversing that stance.

What can we do?

Speak out, even at the risk of social isolation, as social isolation will only increase as the totalitarian state advances.

Try to connect with people and give them a sense of community that they were lacking and now deriving from action against a “virus”. This is leading them and further towards the cliff of totalitarianism. Try to make them less anxious.

“In my opinion, the most important thing for people to do is to continue to speak out. Even if it’s just to say that you don’t agree with the mainstream narrative: because mass formation is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to. Really, you have to take this literally. Totalitarian leaders know this very well: they start every new day with thirty minutes of propaganda, in which the voice of the leader constantly penetrates the consciousness of the population. So without mass media and without the ability to confront people, time and time again, with the voices of the leaders, no mass formation could continue as long as it continued in Germany and then in the Soviet Union. And the opposite of this is also true: if other voices are available in the public space, then the mass hypnosis will be disturbed.” [9]

This is Dave Lee’s interview with Dr. Mattias Desmet via hooktube…

Dave Lee china Hooktube Mass Hysteria in Australia (Lockdowns) Professor Mattias Desmet [10a]

Also worth checking out for more information is Journal Pulp “Why Do So Many Still Believe?” Dr. Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium, Gives An Exceptionally Incisive Explanation [9]

If you do not believe that people can be made to act in a mass hypnosis type manner then it is well worth watching this 2 minute video of Derren Brown causing a mass of shoppers to put up their right arms subconsciously by just by making shopping announcements over a tannoy.

2007 Darren Brown Hook Tube Derren Brown Controls Shopping Mall Visitors [7a]

However I believe that there is more than just the mass formation or mass hypnosis at work, which Dr Desmet perhaps generously puts much down to, I forget his words, but I will paraphrase as “events” rather than “design”.

Media are almost totally controlled by the CIA operation which has been in motion for 50 odd years… They will do as they are told. The misinformation that they are spreading now is intentional. Operation Mockingbird [23] It is back up by a plethora of controlled “fact checkers” and Trusted News Initiative propaganda and fear mongering.

The mass hypnotised have their ready made out for not considering more deeply anything they are told that does not fit their view- conspiracy theory.

We must also take into account that approximately 10% of the world population have undergone trauma based mind control. Bloodline Luciferianists /Satanists all undergo this as part of their training, starting around birth.

If you want to research more on this, then best follow these links in the twitter thread, or search for mind control, Monarch, mk ultra, Gina Phillips on my blog.

Mind Control thread on twitter [16] or pingthread [15]

Gina Phillips learns the programmes in her work of deprogramming individuals. She believes there is set to be a rash of end times programmes to be triggered soon, perhaps many at winter solstice. These may explain best Purple Programming Monarch Mind Control [13] and Travis Scott Astroworld Decode Gina Phillips Part 1 & 2 [12] or search Gina Phillips on my blog.

These mind controlled bloodline Luciferians control all the media, all the corporations, all governments, all organised religions and churches, all NGOs, all regional and local governments and so are in an ideal position to deliberately. See The Five Child Trafficking Networks and Structure of the Illuminati [22]

Their plan which they are quite open discussing is a global reset with them retaining complete control over us plebs by various means covid restrictions and movement passports, climate change carbon credits, financial control via ability to switch off our digital access to money etc. In short the New World Order, NWO, the plan that has been in planning for decades. See Myron Fagan from 60 years ago I think it was… Illuminati Plans for the New World Order – Myron Fagan [17]

The only part they are not really speaking about too openly, though it is obvious by their proxies in Hollywood and the music industry, is the Luciferian /satanic aspect. It is the restructuring of the world, physical and spiritual – the tearing down of the current order and the building up again by the “light” side of the dark side by the antichrist. Both sides have evil agenda afaik. For Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [18] and Illuminati Players and the Battlefield – Earth Realm [20]

Then satans hordes using severely abused children and magik intend to open spiritual gates and portals to storm the gates of heaven and take over Gods position. The illuminati is the monster that literally devours its own children to achieve their perverted ends.

It does not matter if you believe all this or not, or are yet ready to believe it. The point is that there is more to this situation than just the mass formation.

If you want to keep up with the latest happenings then the Lifting the Wool blog is the most impressive for keeping abreast of many many timeconsuming podcasts and videos on the illluminati and the truth surrounding, as well as many many resource links. Lifting the Wool [21]

Above all do not fall to fear, that means we lose before we start.

I believe we will win… the truth shall out…

This post [950] 2021 Dec 5 The Monster that Devours its own Children


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Transcript Dave Lee China

2021 Oct 4 Dave Lee China Mass Hysteria in Australia (Lockdowns) Professor Mattias Desmet [10a]

welcome on um i i think you are the key to enlightening us as to what’s happening in australia um maybe introduce yourself and let us know a little bit about your research um now well i’m a professor in clinical psychology at ghent university in belgium and um i have a double degree actually so i i on the one hand uh i’m i’m a clinical psychologist of course but on the other hand they also have a master in statistics and during this crisis in the beginning of this crisis i started taking the perspective of a statistician and i i started to study the figures and the graphs and the numbers and all the statistics on the mortality rates of the virus the infection fatality rate and the case fatality rate and so on and so on and um by the end of may 2020 uh for me it seemed to be proven beyond doubt that uh the estimates of of the mortality or of the dangerousness of the virus were all dramatically overrated so i i uh for instance to give only one example uh the corona measures worldwide were based on the the mathematical models of imperial college in in london and these models predicted that in a country such as sweden about 80 000 people would die by the end of may 2020 if the country went into lockdown and if it didn’t if the country did not go into lockdown yes 80 000 people would die by the end of may 2020 if the country did not go into lockdown and if the country would go into lockdown i i think 50 000 people would die it was something like that and by the end of may 2020 sweden did not go into lockdown and the the virus claimed about 6 000 casualties in sweden so 6 000 which was about 13 times less than the models predicted so like something that is that is very important for me is that uh at that moment you would expect that uh the the measures would be corrected and that that that people or politicians for instance would realize that the initial estimates of the virus were highly overrated but they didn’t the measures continued if as if the models were correct and that’s what something that stroked me that well on the one hand we have a policy or or an approach to the pandemic that claims to be to be scientific to be based on statistical models but then when it turns out that when it’s proven beyond doubt that the models were completely wrong in one way or another the narrative just continues as it did before as if the models were correct so that was one thing that that for me was really fascinating and and that i and another example for instance is that uh throughout the crisis we’ve actually never seen uh mathematical models that uh included or that um modeled both uh the uh possible the the damage that the virus could cause on the one hand and on the other hand the collateral damage that the measures could uh um could claim so which was something very strange to me because on the one hand you would think that the first thing you want to know uh is whether uh the the remedy will not be worse than the than the disease whether whether uh and and then that was exactly what um institutions such as the united nations warned us for that the lockdowns could claim more damage or more casualties than the virus could claim so in in in march as early as march 2020 the united nations already warned us that there could be more people dying from hunger in developing countries as a consequence of the lockdowns then the virus could claim even in the worst case scenario if nothing if no measures at all were taken which at that moment which shows that in one way or another the field of attention of the entire world seems to be very narrow and focused only on the on the victims the virus could claim as if all the rest did not count anymore um in one way or another people were not able to see uh other problems and and collateral damage for instance of uh the the the corona measures um and that’s what at that moment uh at the end of may 2020 i started to switch perspectives i i i started to primarily take the perspective of a clinical psychologist rather than the perspective of a statistician because for me at that moment it was entirely clear that uh the crisis we were going through in the first place was a mental psychological crisis and not a biological crisis or a problem with the virus interesting very interesting uh and then then uh so obviously i think a lot of people are aware that there’s more damage being done by the measures uh then by the virus um and then what did you find yes so i started to think like how i could understand what was going on at the psychological level in our in our society and in the world and i ended up actually at well at a certain moment i suddenly i i suddenly i understood that what was going on in the world was a large scale process of what is usually called mass formation so crowd formation and the crowd formation or mass formation is a specific kind of group formation that emerges in a society under very specific conditions when very specific when four specific conditions are met and the first of these conditions is that there should be a lot of people who experience a lack of social bonds who feel who feel socially isolated and there was indeed research that showed that over 50 of the people mentioned that they did not have one meaningful good contact with someone else in the months before before the corona crisis so this first condition this lack of social bond is really the most important and the most central condition and from this first condition this lack of social bond follows the second condition which is that there should be a lot of people who experience a lack of meaning making in life for whom their life seems senseless or meaningless and that was also something that that that could be observed in a very straightforward way for instance um uh more than 40 percent of the people considered their job completely meaningless and somewhere i think this research was done somewhere around 2015 and things got even worse um in the year and years after that researches so we have a lot of people with lack of social bond a lot a lot of people whether who experience a lack of meaning making in life and then you have the third condition which is that there should be a lot of what psychologists often call free floating anxiety in society which means a lot of anxiety or psychological discontent that is not connected to a representation which means that people experience a kind of anxiety people feel anxious without knowing what they feel anxious for so that’s something very specific it’s a very painful psychological condition because if you feel anxiety and you cannot connect it to a to a certain object or to a certain mental representation the anxiety see seems uncontrollable this is if you have no mental control on this anxiety so and that was a third condition a lot of free floating anxiety and a lot of uh psychological discontent which was also really present in our society in a small country such as belgium every year 300 million doses of antidepressants were used 300 million doses on a population of about 11 million so that’s unbelievable actually what yeah yes yes 300 million those and that then we are talking only about anti-depressants there are also also and and there are all kinds of psychopharmaceuticals but even if you’re talking only about anti-depressants 300 million million doses a year so that’s huge and then the fourth condition is that there should be a lot of free floating also free-floating uh frustration and aggression so when actually all these conditions are connected to each other you have the lack of social bonds to begin with from the lack of social bond follows a lack of meaning making and if people experience a lack of meaning making and the lack of social bond they will also develop high levels of free floating anxiety and consequently because the situation is very painful or the psychological condition is very painful also a lot of frustration and aggression that they cannot connect to something so it’s this diffuse strange uh mental state uh if a lot of people are in or in this mental state then a society becomes highly vulnerable or sensitive to mass formation and what is what is mass formation mass formation actually means that a mass formation emerges if under such such conditions a narrative is distributed through the mass media which indicates an object of anxiety and at the same time delivers a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety for instance if there is a narrative on a virus and then and this narrative also tells us that to deal with this virus we should go into lockdown then something very specific happens in society all this free floating anxiety might connect to the object of anxiety indicated in the narrative and the large scale or or in many many people might be willing to follow the strategy to deal with the subject of anxiety because in this way all this free floating anxiety which cannot be mentally controlled is as connected to the object of anxiety and through the strategy described in the narrative to deal with this object of anxiety the anxiety becomes controllable people have the feeling that they suddenly are able to mentally control their anxiety and then there is a very important a crucial next step if a lot of people are willing to participate in the same strategy a new kind of social bond emerges a new kind of solidarity emerges and a new kind of meaning-making emerges it is as if all people all together suddenly fight a heroic battle with an object of anxiety and through this heroic battle through this collective heroic battle a new kind of solidarity social bond and meaning making emerges in society which is which is symptomatic but still it works it’s a new kind of solidarity and that’s what you see i think in the corona crisis actually ultimately the reason why they have why you have to participate in the lockdowns in the social distancing in the mass squaring and also why you have to take the vaccine is because uh if you don’t do it you show no citizenship or you are you or you’re or you’re not or you’re shown a solidarity and that’s so that’s something crucial to understand the psychological reason why people are willing to follow the narrative to buy into the narrative to go along with the narrative even if it is utterly absurd or blatantly wrong well the psychological reason they go along with the narrative is not because the narrative is correct it is because it leads to this new solidarity to this new social bond and that as soon as you start to understand that you understand that a narrative can be as absurd as it wants people will continue to buy into it or at least a certain part of the population will continue to buy in it about thirty percent usually not not much more thirty percent will buy into the narrative will be under hypnosis because this process of mass formation is exactly the same as hypnosis it’s it’s it’s one type of hypnosis and uh usually only 30 of the people are really hypnotized but there is an additional 40 45 percent who will never go against the crowd and so who who does not speak out and then there is a remaining 25 20 25 maybe 30 who is not under hypnosis and who wants to speak out who wants to do something uh so that’s that’s about the division in three and three groups so but that’s something crucial to understand is that uh people go along with the narrative because it leads to this new solidarity that’s something crucial and then uh uh so human human beings are really social beings and the process of transformation makes them switch from a very negative state of social isolation to a highly connected state don’t tell me i lost you of them can you come again oh i just lost you for a second sorry i lost you for a second yeah fascinating stuff yeah so that takes them switch it makes them switch from from a highly isolated social state into a very connected social state and this this leads up to kind of mental intoxication and that’s of connectedness of solidarity and that’s actually uh why people continue to to to buy into the narrative even if it is utterly absurd and you could even uh go one step further uh all these corona measures actually function as rituals and what are rituals rituals are a kind of behavior that merely has the function of connecting an individual to a social group and so an individual actually by participating in the rich in ritual shows that it’s uh that the group is important to it and the more behavior has no pragmatic meaning no practical meaning the more it is absurd from a pragmatic point of view and the more it demands that the individual sacrifices something the better it functions as a ritual and that’s exactly what the corona measures are in a lot of respects they are without pragmatic meaning like the several virologists and epidemiologists epidemiologists and experts just told this in the mass media here in belgium that actually mask wearing for instance and uh and and and the lockdowns in the first place were symbolic measures symbolic that’s what they said at a certain moment which was pretty strange of course but still that’s what they are they are ultimately they are a kind of ritual people engage in people uh people participate in because in this way they experience a new kind of solidarity and that process that process leads to the strange situation in which an entire population becomes absorbed by certain behavior or a certain a certain ritualistic behavior that is utterly absurd but then the one we are another that is a very necessary and rewarding for us for a part of the population and and again it’s not that much the sort of the part of the population that is really into this process is usually about 30 and then uh uh and there’s an additional 40 percent uh who just does not go against the current uh and in this respect uh does not speak out excellent it sounds like a population of people that feel a little bit isolated and disconnected have found a new form of religion yes religion in a lot of respects uh religion had the same function that’s true yes yes it’s it’s a new kind of yes ritualistic behavior or symbolic behavior to connect them uh to each other uh but with this maybe with this difference that uh in this case people do not admit or they do not recognize that they are participating in a symbolic behavior they claim that the behavior is very necessary from a pragmatic point of view while it is clear actually that it is not you see that if you compare for instance the states in the in the u.s which went into lockdown to the states with who did not go into lockdown such as florida for instance then you see that the differences that are at the epidemic that there are there were not really uh significant differences at the level of the number of victims uh the virus claimed and stuff so it seems that the pragmatic relevance and the pragmatic importance is very limited and and the symbolic importance to the contrary is extremely high now for you guys at home for you guys at home um share this video around uh this is very interesting interview that i’ve we’re having a chat really or i’ll be just letting mattias talk here uh share it around give it a thumbs up let’s uh let’s get this around i think this is very important for what’s happening in australia right now uh mathias uh so you you had four things uh you know people that uh some form of depression they were on uh medication they felt isolated they didn’t really like their jobs they didn’t really feel connected to society they felt a bit of anxiety which was also built in wherever you’re in belgium what was four things are you able to identify what they are and then as an australian i can try to figure out whether they connected to what uh we experienced here do you mean uh do you want me to describe how these far conditions manifested here in belgium yeah because there might be a there might be a relation to how that has happened in australia or anywhere else someone is watching this yes well oh i don’t know i think i think that the four conditions actually worldwide i think world almost worldwide maybe with the exception of of africa and southern southern america could be an exception as well but worldwide we’ve seen how these four conditions were fulfilled worldwide there was a like many people who who who for whom their only social contact happened uh through uh through the social media for instance which is not the same it’s not because you’re connected on social media that you have this feeling of really uh uh um um a social bond with someone that’s something really different so i don’t believe it was something specific for belgium indeed in belgium there were extremely high levels of of depression and anxiety um disorders but but i i i would be surprised if that if that was not the case in in australia for instance but you have i think i think that we what what we notice is that actually uh in one way or another our view on man and the world which is a highly biological reductionist is an uh highly biological reductionist and mechanistic in nature and one way or another worldwide led to the state of social social isolation and and lack of of meaning making and consequently also a lot of free-floating anxiety and and and free-floating frustration and aggression so i think it’s not something specific for belgium but it’s rather a problem that could be observed worldwide and that was also extremely important that was also very similar to what happened um in the beginning of the 20th century in the soviet union and in nazi germany because what we’ve seen there is that we saw the emergence there of the first totalitarian regimes and so the the which are usually referred to as stalinism and nazism and what people often forget is that a total totalitarian state is something radically different from a classical dictatorship because a classical dictatorship actually is based on a very primitive and elementary psychological mechanism which means that people are scared of of a small group of people the dictator and his and his regime which they experience as very powerful and consequence the consequently uh which they are uh obey and so they they want to accept uh the social contract that is imposed by the dictator to society but a totalitarian state is something completely different so before the 20th century um totalitarianism did not exist there has never been a totalitarian state before the 20th century so there are extremely important differences and the most important difference is that the totalitarian state is based on mass formation so mass formation is the key to understanding mechanisms and that was exactly what happened in the beginning of the 20th century there was also these four conditions we referred to uh were met as well then so there was a lack of social bond lack of meaning making a lot of free floating anxiety a lot of free free float free-floating frustration aggression and at that moment in nazi germany a narrative was distributed through the mass media which indicated an object of anxiety the jews for instance which also put forward the strategy to deal with this object of anxiety we have two two uh things very similar to what you’re talking about happening in australia right now the mainstream media is attacking right right wing nazi extremist anti-vaxxers they’re the enemy right now and the mainstream media wants to literally lock them up in gas chambers like seriously now what i want to make it clear i i actually got i’ve actually i’ve actually had both doses of the vaccine i’m not worried about the vaccine but i actually support the anti-vaxxers because they’re the opposing narrative that actually balances out what we wouldn’t have freedom without them you know these are the people protesting trying to push back without them this place would become a totalitarian nightmare the second thing that’s happening in australia is we have the politicians coming out and praising people for dubbing in their neighbors just like the soviet union dubbing in their neighbors and that’s not australian at all so that’s in line with what you’re saying yes there are a lot of similarities because before a totalitarian regime emerges there is a long period in which totalitarian thinking spreads through society and totalitarian thinking always has this tendency to locate all evil and all problems in one small group in society which then consequently should be destroyed or should be isolated locked away and eat in camps and concentration camps so but that’s that’s the final step in the process of totalitarization and before that there is a longer or shorter period in which totalitarian thinking spreads and i think that’s what we are in now in this period where totalitarian thinking really spreads in which people start to believe in an extremely narrow and narrow-minded kind of logic switch which which uh which states that all problems actually are caused by by by one specific group of people uh and and and once this small group is destroyed or locked away or or isolated then the process continues and the new group is indicated and that’s why ultimately the totalitarian system always is a as a as hannah aaron i don’t know if you know her jewish german philosopher yes i’ve recently discovered her yes hannah and i’ve gone down the whole uh alexander soldier nixon yes uh i’ve gone down the whole uh i’ve totalitarian all of these authors yeah she she actually says that hana aaron says that in the end a totalitarian system always becomes a monster that divorce its own children because that’s something strange about totalitarianism so mass formation actually is centered on uh anxiety and and and uh the the leaders of the masses know that if there is no anxiety anymore people will wake up from the hypnosis from the mass formation and what and and they will do something very specific then they will kill or destroy their leaders because because when they were in the state of mass formation and when they were in the state of hypnosis they lost they suffered enormous personal losses because that’s something typical for people who are in mass formation in one way or another just like people under hypnosis they are not aware anymore of what happens outside this small narrow focus of attention they are in and um and usually uh they they do the economy is the economy is dying yes they they focus they focus more on one or two people getting a a flu or or some 80 year old grandma dying when there’s been like a hundred suicides of people in their 20s and they totally ignore that is that part of this of course sorry i’m getting i’m getting a bit fired up because i want to let you know that i i actually i’ve lost two relatives over the last couple months due to this well related to this yes of course that that’s something that that’s that’s a consequence of mass formation because in mass formation people are so much into this narrative that they only see this part of reality that is indicated by the narrative and for and and then one way or another all the rest they seem both at the cognitive and the emotional level seems to be irrelevant they do not notice it it has no psychological weight or importance and then and then when the attention is focused so on a very smart part of reality uh uh usually all kind of destructive things start to happen outside of the small part of reality for instance that that’s really a very strange aspect of mass formation and which is also uh uh very much the case in hypnosis like when someone is under hypnosis and when a hypnotist focuses the attention of someone on on a specific aspect of reality um then people are really insensitive to all to to the rest of of of of reality and for instance in hypnosis is often used as a kind of procedure to make people insensitive to pain during surgical operations there is a hospital in belgium for instance where every year thousands of surgical operations happen under hypnosis and what happens is something very simple actually uh there is someone who applies a simple hypnotic procedure to the patient and then uh the the the surgeon can cut through the flesh of the patient he can even cut straight through the breastbone under certain conditions and the patient will not notice it just because his attention is focused on this one very small aspect of reality the hypnotist focuses on and exactly the same happens in the mass formation like now people are so much obsessed by or their attention is focused on on the virus and on the possible consequences of the virus and they do not notice that they lose everything their economic wealth their their psychological health their well physical well-being as a consequence of the measures in one way or another this does not count this does not have a psychological impact anymore so they are the only thing they see is uh uh the the the the damage the virus could claim so that’s one very typical specific aspect of of this process of mass formation the brain the brain is amazing i can’t so so they focused purely on cases protecting a few a few people from this virus they want to be part of a little kind of religion or group while the entire country burns around them is that is that really what you’re saying that’s the actual psychological thing exactly exactly it was it was clear from the beginning there had been in the beginning of the of the crisis there were many scientists there there are many papers academic papers were published all showing the same the the collateral damage will be far worse than the damage that could be caused by the virus that is it was so clear that that from the beginning i think that uh that the remedy would be far worse than the cure but still nobody wanted to see it or nobody could see it was able to see it or most people were unable to see it and in one way or another all these papers [Music] from the dramatic impact of of lockdowns and other corona measures they were not distributed through the mass media it was as if from a certain moment on the mass media were really captured by this uh uh by this corona narrative and all the rest uh disappeared in the darkness and and the entire population or a major part of the population was grasped in the same blinding process of mass formation yes yeah it’s just fascinating that is is this uh a uh closed-minded people and open-minded people is so for instance myself i uh january i was talking because i this channel’s actually being dedicated to china so i’ve been talking about china for a very long time and then by march last year i started to think hang on the the maths the numbers aren’t making sense and then i change my mind when you you information comes in i change my mind but people just i remember saying march last year when there was no cases in the hospital this girl told me look i’m so worried about the virus i just said look you’re actually better off getting the virus now while there’s no one in the hospitals to get the best treatment and you’re going to get you know antibodies she couldn’t believe that some people just haven’t caught up and they they can’t catch up why is that yeah yeah yes that’s a good question ed i think as i said i think it has everything to do with the fact that all this anxiety is connected to one object and and that’s the reason why the attention is focused on this one object if we truly believe that uh all uh yeah if if we truly believe that the one and the most important danger is this virus it’s actually in one way or another it makes sense to only focus on that virus but that’s the problem of course that’s a problem that there are many other things that are dangerous as well and people are unable now to to see it because at the effective level uh all their their attention is is is is is is directed at at this at the virus so that that’s that’s the the major problem in this situation i think um um yeah and as i said it’s we’ve seen exactly the same thing happened in the soviet union and the nazi germany and we all know what happened there in one way or another it was exactly the same then people who studied uh what was going on in nazi germany and in the soviet union all felt baffled they they felt as if they were looking at something completely abnormal the way in which people were prepared to sacrifice their lives their jobs everything that was precious to them because of this narrative of the totalitarian state that was the most surprising thing and that that’s what that was what really people did not understand for instance people were prepared like stalin he started to by by uh putting uh uh farmers and uh uh the aristocr aristocracy and the gulags but then he started to to uh to destroy all kind of other groups in society first first that were the farmers or it was the aristocracy then the farmers then the jews then the goldsmiths then the and he continued with one group after the other until he finally liquidated over 50 percent of his own of his own members of the communist party so and if if he would have lived longer he would have liquidated them all that that that that’s the self-destructive process of mass formation and of totalitarianism and and the strange thing was the strangest thing was that the members of the communist party who were who who were killed they actually behaved as if they deserved to be killed so they they they they they admitted uh that they were treaters and that they did all kinds of things wrong while they actually didn’t didn’t do anything wrong so it shows how much the minds of the people were grasped in this hypnotizing in in the state of transformation and exactly the same applied to nazi germany where we saw so it was in australia we’re not there yet i think the majority of people that are getting locked up in quarantine they still are pushing back they don’t like it they don’t think that they have done anything wrong and i don’t think that the protesters that are getting beaten up in uh melbourne right now uh they don’t think that they deserve it they still know that they know what freedom is yeah yeah indeed we’re not we’re not there yet no no indeed and it’s extremely important that people continue to speak out that’s the most important thing mass formation is similar or even identical to hypnosis and in hypnosis someone is seized by the voice of a leader or or a hypnotist then in the case of mass formation by a by a leader of the masses so and that’s why total italian leaders always make sure that every day starts with half an hour of propaganda so they repeat they they they make sure that people are confronted or or hear the voice of the leader so and the opposite is also true if there is a different voice a dissident voice that continues to speak out in the public space the hypnosis will become less deep and the crowd or the masses will not commit atrocities that’s what uh gustaf lebon one of the major scholars on mass formation wrote already in the 19th century he said like if people who think differently continue to speak out they might not be able to wake up the masses because that’s something very difficult but the hypnosis will become less deep and it will prevent the masses in the crowd of committing atrocities and that’s why the most important thing we can do in this situation is continuing to speak out we have to continue to speak out yeah that’s that’s great that you pointed that out because that’s what i did here that’s what i did as soon as i realized what was going on i just i just changed the icon on the the channel and then just started posting all of the insane things that have been happening in this country because you can see it it’s very i do have a question for you bud uh wanted to know does a western country need to become authoritarian government first before it becomes totalitarian as its end goal i don’t think so i don’t think so totalitarianism can emerge immediately from this state yes because it seemed like it would be the opposite way around from what i’ve read it would be totalitarian and then eventually turn into a dictatorship with one i don’t know what do you think yes well totalitarian leaders are often called dictators and in a certain sense that’s that’s uh that’s correct but but uh but there is this there is this huge difference that the classical dictator does not uh in a classical dictatorship the the the population uh is not is not uh uh in a process of mass formation or is not hypnotized and then that that’s that’s makes a a huge difference of course um um uh a hypnotized population or population mass formation behaves completely different and the the process of totalitarianism is also completely different from the process of a classical dictatorship for instance in a classical dictatorship usually the dictator becomes becomes less severe and less cruel and less aggressive towards the population once the opposition is silenced that’s something very typical once the opposition is silenced as is excluded from from public space the the dictator usually mitigates his policy becomes less aggressive and becomes less cruel and in a totalitarian state exactly the opposite happens in a totalitarian state once the totalitarian regime succeeds in silencing the opposition then it starts to to to show its most cruel phase and that’s exactly the moment that’s what was happened around 1930 in the soviet union and around 1935 uh in nazi germany it’s exactly at that moment uh where um where uh the opposition is silenced uh that uh that that the the totalitarian regime starts to commit its atrocities and that’s something very typical and understandable because at the moment the opposition is silenced at the moment the opposition does not speak out anymore in public space at that moment the hypnosis becomes really deep because there is only one voice any anymore in public space then hypnosis becomes really deep the crowd and the masters become completely convinced that all evil and all the problems are caused by this one group who does not want to participate in a mass formation and it becomes convinced that they have to destroy this this this group and and once this group is the one one is destroyed then they will pick another they will they will choose another group who must uh consequently be destroyed as well so that’s what typically happens in in a total state which makes it completely different actually from a classical dictatorship but that doesn’t take away of course that very often uh we refer to totalitarian leaders as dictators and and one way or another that’s true but uh then we should mention that classical dictators are different from totalitarian dictators it’s more fear-based there’s a dictator until they have total control and then yeah okay usually usually a classical dictator only controls um public space uh so he will make sure that there is no political opposition and so on that certain newspapers are censored uh and and so on and but but but uh um totalitarian dictatorship really also controls private life that’s a huge difference um uh yeah and then that’s my question speak speaking of private life i do have something that i would like to actually i’ll see if i can show it to you see if i can share this um i’ve got some videos here that are loaded up here uh what did i call it let’s see if i can share this can you see that yes i do see it can you guys at home see that as well leave a one if you guys at home can see this as well one one one okay uh i’ll just play it and hopefully you can hear it as well brief comment on indulgence just past the house the foreign intelligence legislation amendment bill this bill was introduced this morning uh it’s just gone through the house this evening uh members of the cross bench will clearly the opposition has this is an urgent bill according to the species that i’ve just said uh late into the evening uh just now and i want to make it very clear that uh as a member of this parliament i’ve had no opportunity to consider it at all did you hear that i did yes okay so i will i wanted to show you that this is how fast these new laws were rushed through indeed and i want to show you i want to show you one second i’ll get it up i called this the orwellian nightmare uh you can see this one yes yes this bill introduces a data disruption warrant which enables the afp and the acic to access data on one or more computers and perform disruption activities for the purpose of frustrating the commission of criminal activity a network activity warrant to enable the afp and the acic to collect intelligence on criminal networks operating online an account takeover warrant to allow the afp and the acic stack over a person’s online account for the purposes of gathering evidence of criminal activity and minor amendments to the controlled operations regime to ensure control operations can be conducted effectively in the online environment the bill has been reduced introduced in response to growing technological advancements that challenges the ability of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies to combat the most serious types of offending including human trafficking drug crime child sexual abuse and terrorism increasingly conducted on forums and places that most australians will never see madam academy president it is no exaggeration to state that particularly during the covert pandemic online crime has reached an all-time high evidence from the afp commissioner rhys kershaw informed the committee that so did you hear that no okay now what that means is that they rushed it through within one sitting in parliament you the first one was a an australian politician saying that she didn’t even get the vote on it and didn’t understand what happened that was another politician saying explaining what it meant and what it means is without really any judge or any real oversight they can hack into anybody’s account anybody’s phone i’m guessing but the real scary part is they it’s not just monitoring everything that everybody says and does in australia they can hacking just say they hacked into my youtube channel and wrote something that was illegal kill somebody or do something then they come and arrest me so they they have the ability to go and alter within your social media accounts or anything your website anything and they can alter it and then go back and arrest you for something that they actually did totalitarian state yes yes it looks like that yes it’s definitely as i i i i really believe that what we are witnessing now is indeed an evolution to a totalitarian state yes yes no it shows all characteristics of totalitarianism in the pre-stages now and and like you you see indeed how totalitarian thinking [Music] uh emerges and also like how uh governments uh have more and more power to interfere in the the private life of of individuals as was illustrated by the video we just showed yes it’s a no it’s a dangerous situation yes i think i i’ve got some other ones here that are very interested interesting as well there’s one more here that i i thought that i would show you which i think is very very uh interesting the how the police are behaving in victoria what do we got here you can see that yep yes now this is a protest where uh the victorian police just start bashing uh australian protesters and they attacked a we found out that she was 73 years old they attacked her um she’s disappeared we don’t know what happened to her so i just thought i’d let you know what you’re about to see [Applause] [Music] yeah so as you can see that lady that was on the ground she has she was just there to protest uh which is a inalienable right i believe and these two police officers in the foreground the one on the left pushed her over and then she as soon as she hit the ground they both sprayed her in the face with capsicum spray the mainstream media didn’t report on it the mainstream media did nothing at all and and actually this guy on the left i’ve made him the icon uh for my channel because i think i think he needs to be arrested for what he did um but uh that’s just one example of many and why isn’t from your point of view from a psychological point of view why isn’t the media you know the the media is backing the police on this one yeah yes well i think i think media always showed a to to [Music] choose for one narrative which which from which they consider society and which they represent actually they shouldn’t they shouldn’t because they should be as open as possible to all kinds of different perspectives and narratives but i don’t think that’s how it goes in reality and very often the media also choose a perspective and a narrative and they censor themselves i think in many respects if if what they observe is too much in conflict with this narrative that’s a difficult question i i i’m not really something someone who believes that what we are dealing with is a large-scale uh com conspiracy here i actually i’m not inclined to to to to consider it uh in this way there might be an aspect of conspiracy in this situation but for the major part i think what we are dealing with is a huge process of mass formation uh in which also the the media are absorbed and the media start to censor themselves into to to to report in a in a far too selective way in this situation and indeed it’s very yeah uh footage like that should be shown in the in the international on the national television on national media uh but it isn’t uh and that’s yeah of course that’s also part of the of the problem and part of the of the um of the danger uh we are facing now and another thing has happened is uh the mainstream media and the politicians are also they’re they’re skewing what our history is in australia too they’re changing our history so for instance uh we we have uh the our soldiers that fought in world war one and world war ii we call them diggers they’re called diggers they they used to dig trenches uh back then we were a very poor country and uh the diggers they they never really were they were like a ragtag bunch of soldiers you know back then we we weren’t really a very wealthy country and they never respected authority this is this is our this is our history this is what we are we don’t respect authority we don’t care if you because because a lot of us were criminals from uh you know from britain so we don’t respect authority we don’t care if you’re the president we don’t care how much money you have and that’s evolved over uh that’s uh what we call larrykin we’re at larrykins and that’s evolved into a more common uh thing that we could we we have uh tall poppy syndrome uh if you either the taller poppy you’re too rich or you you have too much status we don’t respect you the um the mainstream media uh what what happened was we had all of these protesters go to a shrine that represented those diggers now if you look at the police on one side with guns and you have the protesters they were a ragtag bunch of protesters just visually and understanding the the history those ragtag buns of protesters they represent the diggers yes they went to the shrine because they were pushing back against authority because that’s what they represent you know and i’m related to them as well i’ve got relatives that fought in all these wars as well and i’ve got relatives in the defense force today but the media flipped it and some of the politicians flipped it as if um they were desecrating the shrine but that’s what we are we desecrate things that’s what the diggers you know we’re and that’s what we don’t represent yeah can you explain that is that but the the rewriting of history is also typical for totalitarianism of course yes it always happens totalitarianism is so convinced of that what it is doing is necessary uh to create paradise on earth that’s that’s something very typical for totalitarianism that it feels it is justified just to to manipulate to lie to cheat and also to rewrite history in such a way that it confirms the totalitarian narrative and that it supports the totalitarian narrative yes even to put it upside down even to put history upside down if necessary [Music] for the sake of of the totalitarian project um yeah no so so you would would you argue that australia is a totalitarian state from what you’ve seen and heard so far i think it’s more correct to say that there is a strong trend towards totalitarian totalitarianism but i don’t know if we can talk about a totalitarian regime right now already um it depends i’ve heard terrible things about australia but i don’t know if the if they are right or if they are so i mean what have you heard what that camps camps are constructed there uh to to isolate uh people who are contaminated or who have a positive test is that true yes yes so in queensland uh they they’re creating camps but these camps are not they haven’t been finished yet the camps will be finished and built in 2024. yeah and what will they what’s the function of these camps or 2024 everyone will be vaccinated 20 times over and they’ll be heard immunity by then that’s another two in a bit years what do you think those camps are going to be used for and is this admitted like in the mainstream media that these camps are built well they’re they’re actually built they’re real they’re real there’s footage of them and there’s people in some camps being held uh for quarantine at the moment and there’s footage of uh uh palestine who’s the uh the premiere of queensland actually saying that they will be built uh they’ll be completed by 2024. it’s a fact this is this is not this is not a conspiracy it’s a fact i’ve got the videos too i can send it to you so but then and and how do they justify these camps do they say that it is to put people in karantina is that what they say how is that yeah in 2024 2024 oh how’s the range well that that i can confirm it’s real um i can send you the videos too i probably should have spoken to you before putting you on on on here and i could just light them all up for you what else have you heard that you’re not sure of because i’ve kind of got my finger on the page the army that the army uh is involved in uh to uh to control whether people respect the quarantine and the lockdown stuff that the army has um i understand yes so last year the the defense force was brought in to uh man the uh hotel quarantines and i’ve seen footage of the military beating up just people in the street and i’ve seen with my own eyes the defense force on the street uh when i go outside i actually i actually went met up with a friend today outside and we were joking that even if uh a bunch of criminals with machine guns and balaclavas ran by us we wouldn’t notice them the only thing that i notice when i go outside is the police i spot the police i walk the opposite direction i’m more fearful of the police than i am a criminal covered in tattoos with machine guns i would actually i would trust i would trust the criminal more than i do the police at the moment i’m not over exaggerating it i actually walk around and i i have the mask on my my chin and if i see the police i put it up and i go the opposite direction so and and you are vaccinated fully vaccinated but that’s not the cat that doesn’t matter i’m i even if you’re vaccinated the police can still harass you in the street for no reason yeah so and they they pretend they pretend that they arrest you because what because uh do not follow you know uh they’ll ask um uh there’s a new rule that’s come in that you can’t leave more than five kilometers from your home no only for the unvaccinated or also for the vaccinated everybody it’s absurd yeah yeah i think it’s it’s i in my opinion it’s better like this because if it if it would only apply to the unvaccinated that would make it even even more terrible i think but but but but i see what you mean but but still it’s it’s absurd for so so so there’s a new rule coming up that it’s in place it’s been in place i i uh they the police go around and ask people for identify identification in the street and they ask them uh where do you live what’s your name i want to check to make sure that you’re not outside of your five kilometer radius uh i’m i’m in sydney it’s not as bad as victoria victoria has just broken i think a world record for lockdowns uh 250 days or something ridiculous like that um in some parts of melbourne for most of that time they’ve only been allowed outside for one hour a day to do exercise have you heard of that i heard something very similar yes yes and and and quote and uh there’s a curfew so between i think it’s like 9 a.m and 5 p.m or something like that i forgot exactly what the hours were they weren’t allowed outside after 5 p.m and up until i don’t know 9am or something like that as well so the curfew as well so large large parts of australia are still in lockdown now uh mainly victoria i’m in new south wales new south wales is under lockdown as well um and what they do what what gladys berejiklian the leader of new south wales she actually just quit because she got caught uh being corrupt she’s under investigation for corruption surprise surprise um but she kept changing the goal post it was um oh we’re going to open up next month and then it’s oh we’re going to open up next uh when you hit 50 percent and then when we hit 50 percent she says it’s 60 percent seventy percent eighty percent um i think we’re at almost seventy percent uh double vaccination rate in new south wales wales and we’re over 85 to 90 percent first uh first dose in new south wales already yet we still have lockdown yeah okay um so it’s worse than walking how how do you look what perspective do you take on this situation how is it possible that something like that happens you think like why why i i think well this channel was dedicated to geopolitics so in the early stages i didn’t think that we would become this authoritarian or totalitarian uh shutting down the economy and shutting down trade in asia that reduces the amount of exports coming out of china which also reduces the amount of u.s dollars going into china while they squeeze china and then they pull out of the middle east and then they cause a ruckus over there to reduce china’s access to oil uh and then they we we cause a lot of trouble with uh china and we cut off coal so china is now having uh uh power problems so that that was connected but there’s another aspect to it that i didn’t foresee happening was full-on totalitarian lockdown where they might actually start exterminating aspects of the australian population connected to that the they’re gonna i believe they’re going to start uh seizing uh chinese assets within australia which makes sense geopolitically but when they start doing what they’re doing right now i think they’ve got to the level of you see they’re not going to win because they’ve gone too far if they start exterminating part of the population you know nazi or soviet union style but the other aspect of it i totally understood up until now now it’s they’ve gone too far they’ve lost their minds and that’s why i thought that you could shed light on that yes there is always several different aspects in such a situation of course you have on the one hand you have the mass psychological aspect the mass formation which explains why uh a lot of people are in a state of mental blindness and why so many people go along with the narrative and buy into the narrative even if it is absurd but of course there might be other things involved as well um it’s hard to understand by by australian politicians um in the beginning of the of the crisis there was this huge social pressure also on the politicians who who they almost didn’t have another option to go into lockdown because if they wouldn’t and people died because of the virus the other population might lynch them because they would be blamed for for for not having done enough to prevent the virus to spread and and so on but of course in this situation now it becomes harder and harder to understand why politicians would choose to uh to continue with this kind of lockdown policy as they do for instance in australia now so um i’m not pretending that they understand everything and um well also i’ve always been against an interpretation in terms of a conspiracy because in my opinion that usually is not how large-scale social dynamics emerge and and and and and and are structured but at the same time we can never exclude that uh that uh to a certain extent uh uh yeah there’s another thing happening where uh there’s minor party politicians popping up which i think is even more dangerous maybe you can shed some light on your thoughts on this uh there’s one guy i won’t mention uh but he’s actually calling for um i think he’s he’s calling for the death penalty for some of the politicians that are currently in charge now he’s starting to get some popular he’s starting to become quite popular with that idea but i don’t think that the people that follow him understand that that’s a slippery slope into something worse than what we’ve got at the moment possible putting in a dictator that wants to hang our current pro crop of politicians what do you think about that yeah yes you know i believe that some of the politicians who are in charge now indeed transgress ethical and moral boundaries and that they we should make clear that we expect justice to do its job and but that’s something else then giving them the death penalty i think uh because then when that ends up the death penalty ends up being used against other people yes of course indeed so and then the people end up getting it and then next thing where does that end where does it end is of course and people people it’s it’s like it reminds me of uh the exponential growth it’s like an exponential growth that people can’t understand yeah you know well so it’s probably worse here than what you thought or what you heard yes i i guess it’s worse yes well or at least you confirm the worst case scenario in my opinion and in particular the the camps that are being built or yeah so yeah it’s actually real it’s something very strange because why would you build camps now who will be finished in 2024 it seems as if you expect that even then there will be this pandemic state so indeed it confirms that that on the one hand this is not a temporary uh problem we are facing but i knew this from the beginning i knew from the beginning that this would lead up to permanent permanent changes of the social structure and of the but uh well it also gives this feeling that uh some people uh are planning things on the longer term like even for 2024 already so that’s a new element to me yeah something that i did not hear before yeah well i think you’re in a safe area of the world no i don’t know i’m not sure it’s hard hard to predict i think what the safe places will be um yeah i i can understand why europe would have stronger lockdowns because it’s such an eight year europe is overpopulated and it’s and it’s uh an older demographic yes on average in australia we don’t have that problem we’re we’re locking down kids we’re locking down people in their 20s where we don’t have that issue here which i which is probably too much common sense yes yes no no well it’s hard to find common sense in this situation because the the average victim of the virus here in belgium was 83 years old so 83 years old that means older than the average person who’s dying because the average age of dying here is 82 years and 9 months and the average victim of the virus was 83 years so it’s hard to understand to understand um why same same here in australia if you look at the graph the chart the chart that the government puts out shows clearly that there’s only a few people that died in their 60s and then at 70s 80s 90s the there’s there’s people that would have died regardless of the flu or anything uh and when someone dies in their 30s what they do is they put them on front page of the media and use them as the poster child to keep the lockdowns going because it meets the narrative yes but they they have not reported on one death from suicide they have not reported from all of the injuries from all the people protesting um anyone that protests is a right-wing extr what are the right-wing extremists yes yes anti-vaxxer lunatic or whatever they call that’s what they’re saying in the media yes so but it’s it’s very tempting under these conditions to think that the media or in a kind of conspiracy but the strange thing is when you talk to people who work in the media that they all confirm that this is not the case for the media maybe there is a conspiracy at the higher level well we never know and who will tell us i have no idea but the strange thing is that for instance also in the academic world at university of course many people ask me in a little bit a suspicious way why are you the only one who is allowed to talk at university and they said i said everybody is allowed to talk at university but almost none do most people either believe in the narrative or they feel the social pressure is too high and they and they and they choose not to talk that’s the strange thing that like if if i if i i know the academic world and i know the researchers who publish all these papers on the mortality rates of the virus who are blatantly wrong uh and and and i would also be inclined to believe that these people must make these mistakes in a willing and intentional way and that somewhere they are hired by a set of people who who try to to uh to cheat on everyone but once you know these researchers you know that they are not in a kind of conspiracy that that that they that they actually in one way or another really are so blind that they make all these ridiculous mistakes and continue to confirm the mainstream narrative that’s the strange thing and i’ve been seeing this already long before the corona crisis i don’t know if you’re familiar with the replication crisis in the sciences well around 2005 it became clear that uh more than eighty percent of the of the academic papers or the of the research papers are completely wrong they are full of absurd mistakes and they and then one that’s the strange thing is that well while the conspiracy always is a as a simple frame and the simple uh mental theory to to understand or to or to explain what’s going on and in a lot of the cases i think it’s wrong there is much more to be explained by this process of mass formation and all kinds of implicit social networks than by a conspiracy which again does not mean that there is no conspiracy at all i have to i i i i i admit that i just don’t know it for instance if you tell me now that they are building camps for 2024 so to me that seems very strange i’m i’m concerned about people of chinese background in australia i’m concerned of the chinese diaspora in australia and the seizing of assets um because when it comes to china i know what i’m talking about when i talk about the geopolitical stuff i’ve i’ve been running this channel for like we’re going on six and a half years and i’ve read everything not everything but i dig deeper and deeper and what i’m telling you about the geopolitical what’s happening and shutting down the economy i dare anyone to try and debate me on that one that’s that’s that cannot be no one will be able to uh disprove that but what is happening domestically if it’s really that nefarious it’s scary it is at this but on the other hand i think we should not make the mistake that the opposition made in nazi germany and then the in the soviet union and we should continue to speak out in public space that’s the most important thing believe me we should continue to speak out and we should try to discover as much as possible what’s really going on at the political level yes yes that’s a challenge we all know well the the world economic forum and uh and uh uh the role well i’ll take this opportunity if you guys at home watching this if you’re in australia make sure you keep uh putting out an opposing view to the mainstream narrative keep the uh keep opposing what the mainstream narrative is and keep the debate going and also i would say if you could go a little bit further and and actually uh i don’t know if you would agree with this but uh point out the fact that we could end up in a totalitarian state with gas chambers and just as a warning to those people and keep the the debate the public debate open because when that ends i’m guessing that that’s when things get really really dangerous here yes yes to continue to speak out in the public space is crucial i think yes we can’t protest by the way we’re not allowed to protest yeah and did you know that yes well we had the same problem here in belgium during lockdown but now not now we can protest here now and people do so but also these protests they sell them or rarely appear in a mainstream media and that’s also one of the one of the problems yeah unless they unless they’re making them look bad i think i think some of the protesters in australia they they make themselves look bad um i want to show you one one comment i think this is a great comment here because the narrative here is what we have is we’ve got two opposing sides happening in australia so we’ve got the we got the people who want everyone to be vaccinated but what is happening here is we’ve also got the anti-vaxxers saying that if you are vaccinated you’re the enemy as well yes yes yes and and and and so like i’m i’m in the middle like i i i’m open to new ideas and i’m happy i’m happy for both of them to make their own decision but you see what i mean you’ve got it’s like a religion for the anti-vaxxers the same as it’s a religion for the vaxxers yes the dangerous indeed if two people becomes radically convinced uh of the superiority of their own perspective uh yes you you yeah both uh seem to be blind for certain aspects of reality um yes i agree that’s also a problem yes yes i feel more sympathy for the anti-vexers than for uh for the people who really follow mainstream narrative much more but at the same time i also recognize that there is a danger connected to definitely if if you think in a too fanatic way in terms of conspiracies that’s also something dangerous because because usually reality is much much more complex than that um and we should try to to make space and to to to recognize the complexity of the situation because otherwise uh both sides are heading for destruction i think uh and that it will only speed up uh the destructive process of totalitarianism i think it made that makes much more sense to try to understand the perspective of the other and to try to talk with the other in as constructively as possible just continuing to to phrase a different opinion in public space and to speak out starting from the assumption that the other is also a human being that’s the most important thing i think um all the rest will only lead to to uh to uh to destruction yeah and i i this channel i’ve dead i’ve dedicated this channel to pretty much pitching um both sides and pitch you know freedom and these the the anti-vaxxers right to uh not get the jab they’re right protest that’s the only way to keep us safe but there’s a lot of them that just won’t accept someone that’s actually had the jab and that’s it’s like absolute thinking another comment here this is something that has happened and this is something that happened in china what did they do in china they got rid of the tibetans because the tibetans could coordinate right and as soon as they got rid of the tibetans because they they peacefully uh resisted then they moved on uh to falun gong which is a they mainly meditate right now they’re eradicating the uyghurs all religious people that can coordinate and organize themselves against the communist state in china now they’re shutting down religious groups in australia because they can coordinate and think for themselves oh indeed oh andy that’s what happens worldwide i’m afraid also during the lockdowns here in belgium people were not allowed anymore to gather for religious reasons and it could be this could be the case again next month if the number of contaminations uh increases so yeah yeah yeah on on your your other point that you made about science not being accurate over there another phenomenon i noticed is that as soon as we would have uh protests in we had protests in sydney literally days later we had a huge highlight this dave okay uh we had a we had a huge uh boost in cases the next day as if they were inventing cases the same thing happened in victoria the day literally the day after the protests uh dan andrews who’s the premier of victoria and the the premiere of new south wales they came out and they’re like oh we’ve got a thousand cases just making up cases but it is extremely easy to create cases of course if you just do a little bit more testing yeah you will always find cases but it might be but but usually they are not dangerous at all these cases so it’s it’s it’s an artifact so of course yeah and they they they never actually mentioned asymptomatic cases can you come again uh i seem to matter no no they don’t mention that no no no indeed yes yes that’s the whole most evil operation i guess of course do you agree with that yes of course that’s the one thing that i i made a video on this and i there was one thing that i was looking for was asymptomatic cases because that’s the key here in my opinion well what do you think about that yes it’s one of the yes it’s one of the things who are almost always ignored by the dominant narrative that indeed that most cases are asymptomatic and that actually the more asymptomatic cases you find the better because it shows that the virus spreads in the population and that it does know and that it does not cause harm anymore that it does not lead to severe symptoms so that should be the good news every time you find 1000 new cases without the hospitalizations increasing or the number of people dying from the virus that’s extremely good news but it’s used in the other it’s used in the other direction and oh dave i’ll have to leave you because i see it’s about 11 it’s about 11 30 now so i have a different appointment thanks for coming on i appreciate it uh hopefully you can pump out a book i will it’s called the psychology of totalitarianism okay okay oh okay um can you send me a link and i’ll put in the description um i will send you in the middle of mid november the cover will be available so maybe it’s better that they send you the cover when it once it is available isn’t it okay okay great and if you want you’re welcome to come back on uh whenever um this has been i think a very helpful channel i definitely want to i definitely want to come back uh maybe once uh like maybe i don’t know somewhere in december or something i don’t know just uh we can just of course exchange i think this is very valuable to uh everybody in australia thank you thank you yeah thanks for coming on um and um i guess yeah sorry guys i could talk for the next couple of hours but um we’re gonna have to go um thanks for watching everybody i’ll uh win the broadcast and um yeah thanks for coming on thank you very much thank you send me it send me an email and i’ll put in the description and i’ll share it around bye-bye see you later guys

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de reason why people by into de storing even het is absurd is not the cause they believe in de naam des indes die kosten merkte niet dat de [Muziek] blokken met uw andere showtime hoog actief is maar een zin in twee show dus kunnen bieden meeste polar sneeuw of spin primeurs de kast used to brengen science’ code wal 3 hoesje cover black lg komen more specifically the way switch mini societies en culturele wereld principally countries holding western values of notice how over react in heb onder react en in een fantasie van dangerously fallen into what might be called mensen cosi mura shirley mes formation do research moment metal halte clients society the great harmless als in de anders is hij een rational over react to proceed in some times ontvanger the imaginary friends tree geest is professor matthias met game university hoes wonen the leading expert boys van discussie vector pack in addition the benelux ring professor in clinical psychology university joden masters degree in statistics professor dus met on your busy mee in die steeds denk so much for taking time baby was en wat moederschap welcome to pleasure to be a wel in theorie is een ander de heb je hier in de online guide inch wit zo de psychology komen info de familie van perspectief was jurgis risico willen een rotterdam de werelden gingrich pony pony salon was ik me voor you again concern maybe data wordt willen vallen in de science nou wel [Muziek] atm de februari 2000 wind die and wrote my first opium peper in which de in which hij woont hier in belgium at was er een een baby route en dat in detail warmte dat die high tea for device for devices to the more dangerous and defines het cel dat was de title of the opening peper en dit shows ipad linkage good to be entirely van het en lopen to you wait from the beginning eigenlijk witte kool perspectief zou from the beginning hij de vering nou ja hij is studie deur video’s en dus dat is tics en de een notice timide 3 or at least en het the impression easy clean en dat de denk fitness op de fogers was ogen rest i meet het westen rieten modelletje reeds de infectie vertellen die weten kees vertel het je weet als we de models of schuld bij een videocollectie landen een beetje worden beestjes of de corona measures worldwide het ik hoor het liefst in europa en in de steeds aan mijn lijst dat niet al die circulus krapste test ik samen met de medical models and je mee te vliegen the impression that de denk fitness of de viners was er over er tien meter en die mij op een you by the end of may 2020 dit was proeven beyond uit for instance om de met medical models of en bril collins predikt het dat in een kant researchers week bui 2000 people goodbye in sweet nog cursussen varianten west in case piek was het wassen exceptional in het in de kroon naam is is het ook ik was in dit ago hoe het loopt arm strategy in de en staf zo met by the end of may de koning te doen models bij the end of may 2020 het liefst eet die 1000 dpi website in zweden en by end of may 2000 when the only six houden people died of covert in screen en die 6000 dat het figuur of 6000 wazir en reach kleur met de very enthousiastic accounting met het dat we used in de kopen grange’s jij of een use dat werd enthousiast ik die kast en die winden people dying van de vloer accountant en usually de accountant and a much more conservative but anyway mediaan of mee 2020 naar de viering dat formi het was proeven beyond uit de f4 looked at video’s in de tuin steeds in de models in this krasjes derde de dingen groen is het bean drama de koe die over rest in midget of designers en de taino test quite some other things as well for instance dat uit de moment at the game klier dat de ene show met de met ook om alles over weet het de mortality rate of dividers worden mortale ik heb divider set de momenten die game pier one would expect dat een narratief corona nummer dus dat is based in dat claims to be due hebben scientific bases worden hebben due to be based on scientific models je moet x-pect dat uit de momenten die kans cream met de models waarom dat dit moment de nummer de en dan de measures de strategy dat is based on the narrative would be correct het of cards budget dit niet hebben de narratief continue er zich de models were right en de kronen measures de reactie natuurlijke we naar fires 3 meent by en de lodge dus een ruimte wil zo dat was want in het was very strong kingdom i he dat moment en de al zo even more important diging hij loopt u stuit in one way or another al die je tank see the attention of the population of the entire society was ruzie focused on one point in the world paul de danger of de corona fires of de om de casualty switch victims het could be claimt bij de kroon aanvallers en dit zien hij zal de rest dit not exist anymore for instance from the beginning of de grange’s de united nations and several other other large international institutions warm dus dat de number of people starving gordijn van honger en developping countries as a consequence of de lockdown strategies could be for hire and mike probably be for hire dan de number of people dan de number of factors divider scoot green koekoek claim even even nummers voor teken aantal zo onderhand in haar de denk er eens op de viber sun jar en wie op de cola de rol damage dat kan the coast bij de kroon a strategy en dit zien dus heeft nobel juridisch ik zie dit soort en general de population and the goverment en stof dit not manage to take boef sources of denk je into account at any time week zien en de in de mainstream media rini comparison of de number of people het goed die van dividers centrum of people that good guy van de verander van de corona measures zo en dep dep touch olie in itself is de meest basic swim with society shoot concealer of you think about remedy for disease in the first thing you think about miljoen euro je titan oom is witter de remedy will not be worse than de dan de daenerys en dat dit zo enorm weer een ander het zien dat people were so focus the attention of people so focust en zo limited to to to one specifiek limit dit aspect ook voor reality dat dit een see the other aspects of reality en humor en dat was de moment rand mee en may 2000 wind die en restart u de schrift de perspective and to drink in de bediening op de kruisen zou jij denkende dat deed ook een de in the first dat hij een vers prix stukken statistieken perspective on starten dus dat die de naam werd uw toestel graphs and answer on and then from may 2020 anders aan de viering dat dat de de korf de probleem was dat situated at a level of er op was nog de biological problemen dat het was een psychological problems and from then on mei starten te drinken met haar bij could understand what was happening en salami hij was het bossche bol dat is een site die en win twee proces like des oordeels zie je niet meer dat in many respect de wie wie wie heeft was absurd en de contraproductief en dit doet meer view month before my q3 die in my opinion zit een eland en en en instarten lyndensteyn dat was wordt dat wordt was happening in society puzzel a large-scale proces of kruisvorm meisje normaals formation sda sda ss be some times kolen tentzak om het oor en social psychology and de and looking we hebben net denken waar het naam het zien strange film derde to be zolang die kozen hebben in lecturing om this process for for quite some years before and it shows meeting uit duffel dus het is f en breng het op je legio hun die society is craft in een soort mini stroom snacken legal proces van de voetbal deze is deze zin individual to step back into groups from a distance and to understand what is hebben zowat ruimt en in lockes 2020 jaar rode en op in bij brand maas formation dat was de moment bijna in mijn een read i started to understand what was happening en uit de sector dieven level edgy media to the goede van de sprite is programma’s waarmee sleutel web-apps moeder was 12 jaar cel is roze house ik het stoorde jesse hexam denk dat dat emergence and society mijn very specific conditioner met de for instance the first and most crucial conditioner is that there should be a lot of people who experience and lack of social boom zodat ze moest import petit in in bugaboo e-mailbijlagen of social band lek of social band the pursuit experience and lack of connecten nes me dat de piek en lekker connecten dus we dat de piek you could use the werk livio laken kinect in de 7e eeuw surrounded by people oh yes of course of jongens oké dit is een just physical isolation die kennen nou naar de handel naar mijn analyse dbz uit wie het niet het 4 people filologie en die zo heet het in one you’re not able to connect emotionally te worden piepen reden dat ze dat ze century wat we waarnemen middellijk of social bom bennet was hjoed in de in the years before de corona crèches for instance en de yokai een minister was een point het en loneliness minister just to to to focus on the problem of loon is een soort zaken in de fles als we de steeds de government mensen dat er was een loneliness epidemic moorden 15 percent of de people mention that they had no minuut van relationships at all in de live dat nummer naar de on’y waar connecten for instance hem te vinden in de en de onder het roer the internet or en de online world dat de olie dat olie en de virtual space deed ertoe tolken buiter emoties en de probleem voor in zijn show er was een beetje de loneliness was yousendit het het binnen cree zing trouw te last decennium constantly zo aan de waarheid treft is dus mooi groen seconden is de lak op social band en de dennis ik hem wonen zoals mijn bord lack of miniem ik doe de de second one de lack of familie meting actually follow ron the first one and people feel this connected and people don’t f mini voor relationship social et bioland en bergingen en en en in een social network in the typical i will experience the life and their jobs en stof des minimes at something very big booty cause you may be in for social diens wending laak social bon dubbel zo lekker feeling over over vorm experience of meningen sense in life and for instance onze that can be very well de eerste weet het roer [Muziek] academic research for instance davy greger rodebush jobs in which describes aan dat voor keeper zender de we of de of de populatie had the experience in 2017 13 voor die persoon de beagle experience their job is kamplied i minus en de national wel 20% 13x princeton stroom lack of of of of of mini en de ecologie f je familie met een kip world of which fount dat wel draait worldwide only 13 persoon of de piepen ribboord het dat ik kon zitten de job de bimini voor monitor keeper cent in seks die 2% zet dat deed ik spirit een job is miniem les dat deze liep ball to the office the entire day just a flag got it shows that we zijn radical lack of mini baking het forensische te leven op de of of people’s jobs well into the sun dus in san diego even kort aan dit uit de smerigste mailadres america scenes of rational inside chanel dus andere stap uitnodigt de ik even fire chicco baby you’re having difficulty with and smacking zo of een zwarte coating simpel in pharming group sa wier recepten die carbonite city doos en patronen girly bent is een scientist historisch energy as van de met een excursie is wel wat shaft populaties kunnen die een workshop en i procent de gaucho ow dus nam ik een actie met rino thanks met het kosten zijn idea that really important as en ground islam is een resource and swimming a big nero diepste van de mijne lido nieuwe bikini van gegevens cratchit dan moet je vinger nee opbouwt groningen yes there a many reasons why the x-files is laos en smeking nou dit is dus la course and smacking [Muziek] has become stronger dua te last two centuries actuly het is moment adieus 20e manier script of het boek een boek in detail in de verf chapters descried de psychological evolutionisten water loss to two centuries and they they all black die die de de sluiten last two centuries de finale aan of maas voor mensen die game increasingly stroom en het was ik zeg be because people experienced less and less zo zullen de social bal social connected less and less and less essent smekingen meaning meegingen life that were to central kondigt zoiets quite complicated het zijn sociale that thing to de mechanistic view om en en de world watch the game more and more predominant te grote last two centuries is met actuele en balking nou bij de situation and psychological conditioner de populatie before de corona kansjes die kassa je niet je niet these conditions in orde voor large-scale maas voor meisje doen in machines of saai zo wie het is lack of social connected is is lek of mini meeting end het werk conditioner very important is wel eens dat er heft to the high levels of free floating en zou je die in de populatie free floating inside the in free floating psychological this content en wat doe mee met free floating inzakking freeflow de hun zaakjes het einde van zijn dat is not connected to remember het is een test watjes extreme import some times and i feel entjes wino wat wifi lentjes voor manly sea lion het dorp waar something de eentje dus en wie horse care de mino wat ruwe randjes voordat means that you high tea is connecten toen meppel representatie en dat means that we can mentor die controle jong oud the cause i know what were scared of emmy van ow wie hebben from the lion van de drank enzo want nu hebben soorten feeling of being en controle of haar we vouwen hem zou phoebe know what i can do to avoid the object of een site met santoni people orcon vond het we de kleine van zou je die het is not connected to mentoren zijn tekenen dat is de mooiste force of mental steeds the cause it puts people in a situation in the field where they feel and timely helpless the cause i don’t know what they can run a b of en zodat ze dat extreme een bord domino domino professor van bedstee a1 ambu miljoen a5 dat mijn guardians film guys video die op de trying breng de de paus die zo’n evolution early hardcore brengen wij ook al de bacterie inbreng aan tafel een ander straks gaat slapen dan tappen met final yar har har york artikel 10 gaat slapen in het water light starting met de duitse operating system en een ding op windows support service iphone apps van time time you this is free for ding zou drie saai dus is is dit mooi van morgex of is de stijl die emotioneel centers mening het iets iets somehow les object or wereldrecord legal professionals en er zwaar dus het leven naar een upgrade mij dancing kids het zand ingram en te verdrinken jumping very typical voor de hier mijn being en dus respect het voor nu means being such much more difficult than for animals to make sense of der wal die kosten der er zijn knokkels system works true lang which people use language to understand their world and language is a system that never end of that never leads to to clear coat and traditions of de wal en het zand in typical for for for human beings pinkett smith me connected to a moment of zestien toetsen piekolie human meppel system dan toe soort naar kan je koor oh oh positieve reacties beneden en de wat een en ik is het was very clear that just before de corona crèches de levels of free programs ideapad extremely high for instance one out of life was dayik roos tweede niks uit die de zorgen die voor de grange voor naar de from out of life zodat ze youtube en dit 11 kors trendy personen de biebel receive de bij genoeg is of een exacte de soort het much more people door confronteert we dankzijn en even much more waar confronteert wit psychological this content in general the growth heb je leuk in de ene kant researchers belgium for instance which has a population of levend million people i chair 300 miljoen doses of en die the presence of each er 300 miljoen deeltjes en olie en teddy presents were not talking about want bij codex en de al kan je vaders enkel pharmaceuticals matthew zo zul je zie dat als we dat en als we dat was deeply increase in de last trappelen de last decennium zo doet wat conditioners definitely met enorm society in maybe i can i live in a huge focussen my eyes wandelingen bad werden aan zelfde professional schoolbrochure limiet voor die was die haccp tabel keurde seks for stenen relations met software download funny snow and then psychologist at adwise openslaan xlii de precious outsider situatie nobel chemicals furry britse mannen wilden treatment gebeurde dus nieuw zijn hoed was een en minnebeelden vrienden van the story koningin te morrelen sation nieuwe koffie was de taal is defined is al loss of connection between your card in een map in de world your ex’ living in nou oké huizing anymore yes yes yes dat santing dat de publiek to this free floating effects such as free programs on the frustration and zoal juiste de koning het is dis-connectie en die between de cognitieve mapping of de world en tent en tent de wel dit zelf je coetzee between between the symbolic en drie jaar zijn of juist ja sorry sorry epidemic die van de voorkomen van zo lang in westervoort condition de voor conditioners en dat de herten biolab free floating aggression and first race and that also that follows that follows van de first time i condities en people feel socially disconnect het and they feel dat de live mixlot sensor hath no meaning and their kan fronten twitter al door free floating and science psychological this content dat is hard to de controle mentally den de wil twee pikken diep keel frustreert in de grassen van delden alles free floating verstoring in de gresham will also be met oud object people will not know why they feel aggressief blij wel vies worden wel veel vruchten weet het eind in this condition something very typical typical happens people start de look voor een object of of formentor presentation to which they can connector anxiety en de frustratie en denk eens aan de bies condities en narratief is distribute het insight into de maas medium en die keting een object of langzaam en dat de sametime provid je strategy to deal met is objecten van zij de zanding very specific hebbend something very hun vorm aldus freeflow dingen zijn die might connect to de opzichter van de zou je die en dieet het in de naar het er en people might be extremely willing to participate in de strategy to the we the object of een site die and the great het in een ander en een derde we in deze first aid dat hij is er specifiek psychological and found it all this free floating een site is nou connecten toeren mentoren zijn t zo which means that people experience more psychological control’ in de situatie and then something een extern steken santing hebben zet een ander level mening beacause moment many people participate in dus een strategy doet die we die objecten bang zou je een nieuw kan je of social band emailtjes een nieuw kant of solidarity zo people feel connected cam in een viewing and that’s that’s actually het zijn most crucial ding en geluk uit de corona kruisjes annual is met de minste hier is de de mainstream narrative die nu wel hier het everyting is het mode solidarity jungsheft’ tuber dus je bent die heftrucks actief ik zie in have to respect social distance in die kast if you don’t you like it is een chip chinese letter ze deze most crucial tinco wees een masker mist zodat de rio real de reason why people by into de storing even hebben dus putten liatorp is not the cause they believe in de naam des indes the customary this leads to use social band dat is de baby en de de razr vorm had van dit al de frustrerende grab can be directed at een object en toe dat opzicht is people who for one piece arno de doen not want to participate in de maas vorm is dat heb ik u historically timing timing in the sea dus een proces met een population for instance de drie the large-scale maas formations sd hebben jullie de french revolution which were not very large butt eeuwenlang de likes kingma formaties which led to the emergence of communisme en stal en is en en de sovietunie de large scale maas van nations which led to germany to the to the emergence of over of het totaal ik erin steekt een edgy germany they all share this een karakteristiek de populatie was exact lee die sport conditions will wervel veel and then you can’t of solidarity and works and all frustrerende griffie was channel beide richtingen op de beide richtingen het uit de people who en hoe dit not want to participate morgen couldn’t participeert in in de maas van mijn show en denk je het is very strange situation where people start from a very negatief en de verse mental steeds lack of social band lek of mini meting en free floating en site die en latte frustrerende give the switch from this very high inverse hem en toch steeds toe stilte maar ik was het er steeds where they feel connected de live make sense die kost deel of like start to make sense ik een true de schaar om ik struikel met die objecten langzaam people united’ in their struggle against carnavalsprins zo eind der mit is connected to mentor is dit percentage eind they can satisfy de verstrikt in de show dd-dat switch from a highly negatief mental steeds doe een positief mental steeds breng speaker in het eind of mental een taxi case that’s why people continue to believe in de naar het is even het is verder niet absurd en en je noden measures de corona mesjes voor een slanke social distinction de maskering de vaccination strategies d function for third part of book you lazy en en balking product gebouwd probiblio buiten char die persoon dat op je legt het now it’s not much more than that only trui die persoon of population juli is really into this process mans formation into this process ogen collectief het proces then there or no additional voorkeur 15 procent budget door belang bij de marges google neville evergreens de kern die koos in mango een andere tank het bad en op de douchen en dan er is een additional punt die percent zand en stem patiënten die pencil bed hoe lily is nood hebt net als de lol en to also wants to speak out and does something to change de de situatie met de first part of het op je leek niet werk procent mulini into the process of massa meisje voor die spiegel de mooi absurd de measures of de morgen de better day will work the measures and the more they will be inclined to buy en toen de narrative dit biedt kosmos is dit voor eens de bigger de big lie de berg zou oorzaak en abs en niet eens met de de de measures reedy functie en zo ritual en de rituals oren kan je of behavior that has to be met oud sprak met ik mini en dat haar studie maand en sacrifice of die individueel piper bij participating in a ritual een individueel shows dat de collectief is more important than the individual meaning that rituals heftig bier carnaby weduwe dat is windows sprak met het mini dat liefst dat huisnummer dwang de deuce voor voor people brak met de kat van de deuce eind dat voor dutch people has to sacrifice sushi zo dus dit is dat ze strange ding dat forse barre de populatie het really doesn’t make a difference bij de de mesjes oorlog roman en dat is wat dat is wat zo strange voor de people hoorde dat in de president morales ik het een hoek en dc whatsapp en hier doe je de people not zie dat het wat ik om een man is wat er die absurde dat het is intensieve dangerous met know they would they be because i bring this card free to the core of van ik dit is have found it is for miso children nader al religies statistiek niet eens naar een touchpad koop een super very few of ze komen binnen die axel sciences halo reach frans makeover al die rally door bieke sneeuw such the high en em unity de de slang en je turkey blatter zijn mini car charger the mask eeuwenoude snow science to support theorie in damascus anything except friday fans de child’s guide’ in social development skills u de code kopiëren faxen people and willing rituals te kneden sacrifice to children and the dutch power volt medische oorzaak gewoon that’s what you’re talking about a dutch chuckie wat beurtelings ben en dat blijft zo this brochures maas formation huis om symptomatic advantages britten dit het huis you use this out wanted us wel en in de war of de mes de first is dat de viel de verdenking league it’s very narrow people only see what de narratief indie games and that’s all the typical voor hypnose is is wel mijn sommigen is het nog best you will only be aware of de bartafel reality 3 protest focussen doen en dat ik zat hier is in mijn maas families hun massa meest biologie en werden paarden reality boven cognitieve 3 en the motion olie dat is een dieet het bij de waarde hypnotizing waarbij de bij de maas naar de en dat is de reason why people don’t seem to be aware of de op de kalender of damage op de measures in uw onweer en other people know some where dat de respawn leather op damage measures bed en huis no cognitief en die motional impact dat ze probleem is at its not add another as noodzaak magical energie attached to dismantle representations en dat zwarten hebben om impact adam sowieso wel in ik simpel maybe it’s ik steeds incredible incredibly uitbarsting hubbard a7 die rol de olie smeer me vooral door komen bij die the style of komen duits terrible van het connie robuust jim was schaduwzijde van uw eigen vel en twee diepte crash en een mentor actie net mijn fitnes level of detail’ wie het noorden dit is carl budgets naar die windas nieuwe in tactus ja zet wel hefboomeffect exact risico’s winden when all the songs die in anders verstreken en dat is de grange connects to this narratief dat in the kitchen opzichte van site al de psychological and edgy is connected to this narrative and what is not in de narratief is not is not connected to single energy and that things actuant je wat is de trimsalon nat en die keten bij de nerf mee en die hebben om emotioneel of cognitieve impact dx is titel hier er is collateral damage spiritueel have no impact nou dat je kan ondersteunt dat perfect lief nam een psychological perfecte en tent het was er al zo lijkt dit is er is een second probleem de plussen of maas van mensen die kruis formatie is simpeler is not identical to the process of hypnose is en dit also makes that people roer grust proces marshall mechi or not aware of de egoïstisch disadvantages de server zo when someone is een maas van maggy ben ik everyting away from dispersed even is om live i will not notice het je kunt leek is helpen waar is wel oké je kan dit verlengen we hier might lose his future and less and less in his freedom hier omdat bier werd het hier rouge dat is warme en hier zie ik zakje the same in de bloempjes die en denk je is zomer focused on one point en hebben troepen simpel heb dat ik pro ceed je dat je kan kutstreek true people’s flesh and bones lid rony met de sample het had ik plas i did you can make someone radical i insensitive to been to this extent het je kunt performance artikelen parijs nam de beurs dat je kan kat straight to de brug doen person will not noticed that shows de power of of of het blad in brazilië sandals oma’s families en dit was zo striking from a historical point-of-view ben historians schaal what was happening een germany in de sovjet-unie they felt like i have never be dit de het never seen thumping lang dat before the kast totdat ik het onder het tapijt erin steekt een totalitair minus something completely different from classical dictatorship het something completely different in een classic al dictatorship people gathered ik t dorp ik alsof een frisse coolpower bed in een totalitair regime everthing starts met dus programma’s vermeed en dit het grouse people in de core of derbi het brengt een andere kant of heb niks is in that makes net dat de tot ark erin steekt hij zijn extreme power over een derde djoez’ ons over dit private life en over de cognitieve national functie nu widgets compli the different from a voor om een klassiek als ik deed u’ stuk en dit is exact libie cause it is based on this process of maas formation oma’s het nk en werkspoor dus om zo de relaties met mozes en een mes voor misslipgloss a city in the big apple maps formation operating het eclectic level krassen cultuur amai keyboard susceptible to his nose naar everybody has a lot of salazar usually youtube ingebed eet die persoon op de piepelen diep en ze little bit het die ben zullen toch doet jack’s tent of het nu de de de dept of de het mos is will not be de dus een we for everyone wat en en magua meeste use free om hier met tony buzan de pi plus wie die is beanie je indrukt rooster masker is not much more oké in in voor de deur die procent door een relationship between intelligence in susceptibility to do not at all nogal willen doen en dat ze string thing that’s one of the major karakteristiek stoffen of vrouw door maas dat everybody die comes as intelligent of babybed er echt u vergist met de ddr lot en in de 3e derde prize to high intelligence en people en li-poly bellen ze een stoel is intelligence group in de dat dat huis winst arie de nineteenth century of met die varieert en het was very clean dat even door de de mooiste deel is een people were compatibel ein tent camp leakey insensitive to rational argumentatie for instance maassen sargon ii sensitive to strong visual image en toute proposition of ik of time and time again dus een message eind als natuur toen de presentation of numbers and graphs and set it if you add you peace and numbers set 6 stuks in visual wij de bal hebben un poco de marges dat is william joden marcus part of my work is er wordt met live de actrice finger elektrisch ingenieur very flexible and creative mijn neefjes in science guy nood aan yogi de concerns als lily intelligence and really succesvol in de biggles als we de acteurs crew stilte de stay in this country fugue ik ook over you might end up in a hospital amrum deze vier in witte lingerie monoliet known for each month this that sense and it’s not state-of-the-art en een oliebol bitterste gefilmd authorizing de debiteur doctor in de rol wrapped up in een auto gehad hadden you mentally come back from wij knowing the pain of charme in mijn team territorium binnen anna jacoba met de budget nootjes in a drawing people in in fun travel show you once you watch garner harriet net zo valide gresham zo is extremely hard to een doel programma’s van meisje that’s very clear for instance if it is extremely hard nu toe doet doet de week someone who is in de professionele machine met gustave le beau enorm ver van milieubewust averbode ver import begon de ontmasker meisje nineteenth-century bij de psychology op de krans is het was kool in de descried horen die der dat f de people were not in in de masker meisje try to make up de people who corinne mans formation den de dl die kon fransen probably met vvd wel die kant van de defecte dat dat leora label toe doe ik op de maas is butties race nevertheless it is extremely important to continue to speak out the cause of people continue to speak out de hypnose is might be calm bles diep in het will be com missie gustave le bal praesent server of historical examen alsof situations in which in which people who werkweek continue to speak out and prevent het de massa’s van coming at rassen die die cassettes te bukken niet wat massa’s doen die keuze woonfunctie of de muis van messi is de satisfactie na val is verstreken en de gresham je nodig voor conditie maas is type kool-aid typically heb je 9 to show de tendency to hem toe kom met dat was het niet en dit heb ik niet doe het binkom venst dat deed performing all moest zeker op plek dat is omdat de de that they did you something dat is dat is het is er reed in beauty en dit en dat het huis te duwen de fact that people een as van missional conventie dat wat ik doe is voor de greater good for work for for well-being of de collector’s b’day voor dit of corrigeren this for voor de wel die of het surfen collectief en het de disadvantage show verder over of een andere of een ander apparaat de populatie het niw zo iets harder week de meisjes op unit in liepen de de banden view continu de speak de deur die persoon de bakje leeg was really into the process of maas een meisje die bal nu wel mee kudde gnoes is les diep in dus het park de population and you might prevent de marges from de van kom ik dingen trustee zoiets extreme je bord continue to speak en deze moest inboorlingen orgasme you why use my eyes denk ik voor je kindje speklappen bed weekend zij lussen mangopublic als expert for was want my een scoliose zijn mortality like my efforts yder meting source for meeting verder marley get wild wood van de website work or people died witte kool verafgoden blushes back-up en acuut zal iedereen die naar de steeds all-cause mortality is running wear barbie van like your in het zwembad workshop die zwak en zei hey ik denk profiling het is een hoesje die barry liet hem open question you notice coördinator bij de vijand motor people actie posing on a white ipver juffer hallo laatste modifiers die wat dit platform smart-shower x over hoe je als for the time that thing tank van de spanningen in het messaging we de perfecte voetzolen potion en won scratch sorry wat annie en trouble question yes dat wel wie effectief to certain extent hij beriep zo ja definitely oké fashion on beach michonne had in wie het lee and very large expect a very large effect het bij twee uit winkel ik denk nu als op will be able to make up some one hier een deur button op dat de large portion de populating wat dit seks extreme import that’s exactly how i am doing just try de tolk in een essentieel een half twee druiven continue to speak out try to continue to make sure that this edition choice in een in de bubbel xp sygic streamium borden die koos f you look historically for instance you can see that het was ik sakya demon dat die op positie was silenced and public space dat de wordt note this land voice in the war en en and public space dat de top erkenning steeds starten toe kom met de absurd het was het niet dat helpend in 1913 en en soviet unie en de rising 2 3 5 en na ziet sherman dat moment die oplossing was compleet the science was copy the wrist and public space in het dat momenten system die toont absurd voor eens een stalen in de sovietunie die star het toestel nomaden hoe en die hem gekilld hield 15% of is om of hij zou een party members for you wie het dan and eating zo en de dat het santing typical hij de morgen van miljoenen met de work of hannah arendt het jammen useful as het grassen vergroot is wanden vol boek the origins of tot valuta rinus [Muziek] ccs dat het een moment op ons issue the opposition is van de curry silenced en babbelen space and then moment een totalitair insteek bikram ze monster de the force is een chill dat is exact niet was used is de tot parker incest hem die kansen monster de the force is een chill de met dat exact mode zo et des choses ik in het something hadden kunnen de frank van mijn classical dictatorship en ik ben ik classical dictator’ managers to science die op onze youtube en i will become more friendly beacause deze guy and classical dictator’ hij is een soort akte collewijn misschien net uit een boom en tears and charge en en de bomen jullie over game alle processen keynote staat dat momen het zijn vorm voor hem toe show de bock je leeft met hij wil die robot leader dat is wat hier realizes bed en gene in het ook er in het totalitaire in states which is based on this process of of of of of sleep een tent en hypnose is de operator in liters or not wear or doen dat haar de de brein staat dat vormend to just know dat het wel be to de randen stad van ditzelfde is de fdic continue toen kwam met de trossen tease me dat is exact die wordt d doe even het even gets much worse once they were once in rehab op jonge the voice public space sowieso in bart bronders tenten difference between classical dictatorships een topper ik daarin processes for instance als zo totalitaire leaders chepogi of al zo hip nog best buy their own voice en de rand theorie your hypnotize gustave le bon’s is dat aan aan ergens is een czs wel your hypnotize by their own ideology meaning that they do not believe what they tell the people what they do kon gunst dat wat dr trying to doing society dat de ideology dat de you’re trying to impose tussen site is wilbrink society to account of paradise dso convinced that what you’re doing is de good thing that they feel de dit is justified to like to cheat de man heb je leert en zo lets typically put your absolutly ideological je contact your shipment angst by de radiologie dit soort somthing dat is wat ik er levend als een from classical dictatorships en japan zo module green of want ik ben in de professional with a de psychologist wortelnoot units in the uk and australian bolivia in bolivia spaghetti source ecology toestand hey gave met word ik help je die had de vier soda you can get people de duw bedenk iemand een bedoel we de kosten garmin is believing thank you like it feels right hem in de comment de vezels in het of niet dit is de right angle lingoda moeder using edgewood techniek sterren binnen hondeveld hem drie de nike premier pomp abonnees is already a very comprehensive superstructuur hou je billen balduinus branche over eens zien elk in een sponsor 1912 gebeurt de ramp in bed de technologie die ondersteuning neurolinguïstiek mapping in psychological precies op de bestaande beter zo zo dus viel zonder big bite doe is een agenda brachialis at saxion louis le grand in de western countries is de laveleye cb franse bed the knights aids kennen de nu zie je dat veel the uk and your itunes india struggling with this point on what could you give or dit is violet sky of localized western arneville maybe i think what happens naam is dat many of of de ook of our leaders of kon gunst dat we niet to move from a democratische system to attack no credit system uitging dat moest er de people orcon vind dat dit is joey solution for de en solvabel problems facing nou en ik ving kadett level theorie die buggy dat ik doe de righting zo ik denk decor convens tijd-efficiënte duw het climate change met de corona we willen de band mx bed met al kan je vader op mijn probleem wie niet te moe van het democraat ik doe het ik nog cradock system and that’s why they ga ik vind dat many of them er zo conventie derde in deep field er is just a fight to use the cultural techniques such as nudging enzo want to to to make people believe en de narrative and to to to convince them to go longer than a relief to buy and to the narrative het think that’s what happens uit link je hebt het dist english between the de level of ideology and deliver of de nether tips dat door distribute een tandem in de in society ik denk dat our leaders believe that at yellow ideological level d doe de righting de even choose for the only possible solution en hij denk dat many of them well not really believe en de narratives theo distributing ik denk dat many of them well concerten de managers als het einde van instrument to to to make de ideology hebben zo uit link uiting dat ze bouwt what happens hij dronk denk dat is jouw of van jouw nightwing something like that happens oké dus absoluut briljant zo zo ik denk wordt een foto’s de snel van familie in my investering miranda dit wel een van de shillings ook wat bleek te duur is klein en de steen of van nieuw perspectief zo die sleep at night they believed to a higher order god medido self-interest en shower and easily going green stad van kpn alles in 1 miljoen mijn god what they believe and son level in this life story which a file is een de davos grad economie specifiek wie de der werff controller at something great things we’ll widgets die patronen fifty wil niet drie planeten resources arianne young riders mission erwin mulder het is william youtube partner of species development work out chromed in te dyad shock aviation and garden in uw code p&id vmbo is technological bewoners technologie en zwaai knallen in major league coaching get me header en cauchy je sims relieken midden the idea that everybody needs to be on this web zien programma in de that’s the only way i like to the exclusion and a few other possible manager at all about getting a 3 bar irri jump in fans anne maxie programs ook effect op mijzelf in scare you must be released on some will be dingen site money empower de tijdens een race ingedeeld dead dead brings you go out links oh yes nu gaan met het steentjes of course is not the cost people believe what you’re doing the shooting daario not dangerous nono het is een langzaam midden die estilo jewelry watches and did you know that would be zo complex systems merge video’s ik een product wordt kunnen hebben dat de de exacte rij hij denkt ik denk ik een kind vol everything control yes yes yes yes e&i engineer at predicting outcome is de back-end of horses ja mama wel programma from a science point of view de zijn die of being able to controle everything is absurd als you you you were too complex dynamical systems to the amount of complex namelijk assistant bioloog dat complex de namelijk een systems or en predictable and ik wil een ik had ik vestig heb dus karakter rug of de term in dit de minister en predictability lawrence het wordt lawrence groottes wanden vol peper om dit de minister en predictability of complex systems which would read it all and then they should i realize dat is target santing dat wel lied up to only one thing to self destruction and that’s exactly that things at khlim what people like le bon en er een toren die descried dat tot naar italië is ow is destroy itself oh is en die kost het is het is iets wel het zo in port to realize i koos de people who do not buy en toe de naar het goede land over lang werden narrative and who wander what they can to be just deden the advisory heeft het zweten continue to speak out that is one important details met de second one is dat de best strategy oh is is non-violent resistance owens dat ze best strategy the car afrika in de finance used against a system will be used as het justification for the ja crashen en te enten en de frustratie toetsen op jou rust en de prestatie doe dat cool dat wanting en de second thing is that de second thing is dat de groepen dus by en toe de nummer dus not have to destroy the system dus dus de system always de strooi zichzelf oh is het zal iets intrinsiek olie self-destruct het maar het kenteken while of course and then that sprite it’s very often de jury to establish a kan de parallel structures that allow people to to to survive more or less or a little bit in de band en voor een independer van de system wat wel yes angry op week nieuwe dot dot dot dot people kan tank de kan controleproces als de want daardoor heb ik bij die kant definitely not science shows dus in in in in in in de moskeeën co2 ja absoluut gary tl-lampen seidio pearl structures en dat voor een duw het met mijn privacy policy wie wie er practicing microstructures betty de steps are one you had to be you were de this is happening gezet that’s my first line of defense en wanneer reed lodge en artikels rights of us one van al de olie cranberry en systeem oude v&d go and i’m looking hayward philip video artikel i reach for first person green science is in zuid-afrika of scrambling stiekem bij de leiding spread across the country of we nu in miami transmissie bal om een kroon varian is de rol grapples dus romy ding ding ding john stamos olomo chili charge inderdaad wat je single grandy dit soort free floating lokaal datingsite lightning speed 3 fire scribbling in de troonzaal ook al dat zijn dokters een zuid-afrikaanse video like it seems my god i know it’s like mike een item perform better journalism van e-people bad guy who bureau tussenschot nobody can teach this person or why did a religies nieuwe right way india zo stoornis ik pak een sieraad opening eyes’ kin die in miljoen from it in in septische tank miljarden find each other and and come together for no time and resources ja connect the contents magua meisje emergence in het disconnected society zo people have to be socially autumn optimize hannah arendt call dit zo dftd socially isolate het derde raar te meer lekker social bamboe wansmaak formations is tablet en was het tot paludarium thinking emergence in de society and makes de social isolation even met chauffeurs het very te bekomen in internet tot erin steek er een chase de resoluut woonbond het is allowed en dus de bond between de dus tijd en the individual beknopte 20 individueel zo tot arianisme te pikken lee destroy zal de social bond between individuals and that’s why i herten de trein te doen die op als het wf te duiden connector each other de draait de connect as much as public zo speak out and connect with each other [Muziek] whether to very important to to extremely important to tanks ja zo ik wil kaas en het solo john charles mcrae super freeze bijbel god memories en de scene met mijn ansink in haar diego mede nerds met dubbel werk of science and see zonder slowly in one by one hoi john guidetti feel this magical aan is we come into de la parra deze aan qurius kisuma de this feels intentioneel timi yuro estimation het is kamertje this looks een tent chauffeurs dit is just auto’s het zijn mixture between the two legging so each puzzle games en het in people type culinair simple’ nation toe overestimate de intentional park we dat was min of corsa there is no intention of parttime baan was oh my degree benieuwen die alsjeblieft uit and many experts and leaders download dat de vaccination straten jack 2002 die bar voordat het licht de dus dit brengen spatten what would expect many export china dat ze vlees masker wearing a curious 1003 contaminatie show for instance and sometimes the experts als hotel des in de mainstream media er in amber one van rolletjes hier in belgium’s een dat de de maskering is a symbolic measures the kassen 2 members people everyday dat er is upon them ik nd nd shoot google aanbidden we de hunnebedden hebben de measures doordat de schiller en steekt u de measures zo hedging people nog met een diepe dating dat herken ik denk wat these people still believe that maybe this factie didn’t work but in the end het wel bieden best for everyone and people get vaccinated het realtime zie je er zo in dit is dit is dus ideological fiction dus believe that we should be placed en nature toe en artificial system net je wordt in unity toe en artificial 60 dit is zo’n type golfer totalitarisme dit was de tip ik er i may be people omdat de werf na te denken dat is wat tot lolita rinus is totdat ik heb in de soep always try to establish and artificial wereld in een artificial society which can be entirely rational die controle en manier great het dat is the ultimate goal of over over of zwarte mechanistic uit jongen die als we de base is of tot drie terriers ik zo de airride uw belief that the experts know that many of the measures and stuff don’t really work beleid think they were still kon vind dat der system and their eyes jongetje kool pro shop of of society wel bieden best ever wij denken en indiana het die kans entirely absurd of course be cause indian die al willing to sacrifice 15 percent of je mannen die theorie van 100% to make their oranje ideological fashion riem en dat die je die absurde mis of of of of this card of thinking ja wat de code burgers dat woord van god het als team one touch kleur aan een en cc en de military ons is een excellent choice is quincy dance met 3 times enemy action waarin view their final de dat best case you find yourself and third marginalized baby moeder john elie saab in de latere sahaj kosten speaking of which of course on a budget is dit is de wetenschap die per dag costigan’s that’s the times memoriseren weten split de difference for longer people to think up a volumes aan yes i speak a you know the ancient greek snoep en nieuwere die tijd en speaking getreurd is al eens denk je wie is die gast je kunt die fine troef s dat part of the lich dat is in conflict met publieke discours dient je niks u kunt ze dit lijkt dat en zoenen ze namen dit is dom en het en public space you will start to feel dat de negatieve zin compleet en dat in one way or another song anschütz een publiek sfinx dat er is een probleem met domme het narrative and the ancient greek sneeuw dat de wang hotel zet de one who tries to say whatever i bought the feels met de bus but no but the dance to say that person is in danger zo and that’s why but that’s what the in grieks concealer bespeaking de droeg het means they called een paar azië zorgen kanjers page which consists of justice stelling dat santing dat everybody feels and it should be told me that no but the death to c en f je doet dat door een denk je getstring en dat vink wie goed beschut continue to try te doen het wie kan ze de better you understand what is happening de mooie zie dat actueel is 0 andere optie de rust nog wat doen efficiënt op will be en denk je dus wel die belluna kolom met de narratief people know kolommen de nether they do not realise met de dingen die ik s’pose de mezelf door deden dit ding heaven de wijn die wordt zo waiting de jan dirk gegevens zei dat dit de is in spaanse vissers mee houden speak up all the more expensive ja definitely nu met one morning and of course i think we have to be careful en wie heeft de bso light en dus from the as possible and at wink wie wie doen aandoening heeft de speak for herself wo ze heeft dus piet voor de people believe in de narratives die kaas en die kent het wel die klier dat die niet dissel een voice en ten derde dat dat met dat is dus een advice de system will close and then will be calm radicale zelfde structuur en zij drinkin’ maybe can also learn something from them and sharepoint zijn niet met wie heeft de try to establish en een open converse ct as much as possible and society en dat u heeft u dit for ever knew were not only for our zelfs met onze voor people who korinthe de moslim worden op de machine ik was in die jent nu mijn team jazz bel en de zo goed campina item af’ een thinkpad voor de people of kwaliteit de inter de mensen koos is mijn neef globe wernicke comeback al wel commander zaak in de beek ogri lessons learned from een dosis in de kas english de single moeders free videos to be welcome back in de nis in de reality and psychology discoursen de reality tv shows per dikke mensen global messen solubility managers die optimistisch kamer facing youtuber de comments economical ecological you enter the ding is de wiel in iran beste my sony vol voor wie had het ability de heb een controle composities het nfi endura doran thumping is simpele shoot people take bodem en diurna in ook een altijd van hobby coming in oog in stock de steek nu riep annie voor hun krabbels like this important in oh timmy timmy feed is ruben wat shots cake is nearly everything my life living in een van dit wel functioneel society icing tanden al breek je voet miss miniver pointer currency clubs speakers middelvinger out to close the gap between me that’s why i have my abilities ph van reality volonté dan euro en trams eerlijke man nature sounds like a aanrader dus angelique and elegantly sizing guide to terrasque tony en rita yes my green paul green ja definitely en dat je dat seks euclides dus de de ultimately maas formation al eens destroys the core of de juwelier mindustries de je met die in de unity en zo wie humouring s nummers die draait de speak to the chillen ja en want dat dat dat de use language and the is de tablet is tapasya social band to speech is wat karakter en ze zich nu mijn dean en wat mixen different from another living beings and think that’s what we have to try to the present wie heeft de try to the present you mannen die in this kruisjes en to try to prevent that you man het idee cipiers en die harten doe het just trying to continue to speak to be respectvol to the other people to be to to give them the right te hebben roon op in je toegeven giften de right to be in een machine om te beginnen maar en maas formatie het bij just telling de wie will try to continue to speak to you and we will try to continue their own people moet flink differently het droog people goed hoe hoe lukt het van de dit punt perspectief en wie heeft er bsn september spons hoe is hanne steeds postbus insérez passen doen but that’s the only solution at ik hoor dat zien only way to prevent assisten to close and to destroy revolutie wat jij wil en doen brief het wel hij angry angry op de mystieke dessins bij believed that there will be a group of people de manage to continue to speak out en hoewel breng change en en en in die situatie we zijn mijn i’m not naïef en disrespect het de next years will be very tot vier bits wel die know what this is a good scarf californië size and found people like yourself theorie week hadden al de dokter zat er wat olie speaking natural power i dunno en ik was zo van gras en techniek wie van u was mogelijk orange we find us introductie honest and historian and a wonderful van dat ferry girly zonder is een voor stap 6 st en dit is wanneer u reshaping uiting cool ding sweep incommoded is verder van de factory live een miljoen people in belgium at consuming 300 miljoen dosissen 14 procent in hier zelfs een shirt things i can improve upon a oh dat is die hoop de hoop aang en in the opportunity in de stories de week in uw verder league vs en die en dat is de meopro om de real problem is not a fire meng de viruses als showen probleem en definitely heb je die of dividers it must be careful and sold it is not a bad bad met der wiel problem wie draait er fijne solution for we de uitnodiging het is de psychological this content in de psychological misery de site i was in the four de branches in de kruisjes en dus narratief om de groene vaders was een symptom met was a symptom of de real problem which was actually de psychological [Muziek] steeds of de populatie weet je in het stern was connected to our view om mijn in de boot powermac en mistig view om manager at our megan is matérialiste view om en en de we ook dat de wii u pro dual met een de world het dak jury is not scientific ado ik as if you look at saai en design ze de last van 115 huis in dikzak twee shows that would not biological machine en dat de universe is nat en mechanical system far from those which assist en de de zo er is cruncher’s assist en de traject stuwen conciousness dat dat de real revolutionair het huis toe hebben dat the old you want men en de wond is replaced by review dat is de en dat gaat ja ja ja dit is dit is waarop computers wel eens de site die jonathan de this might well be posting geen spat dit is een dit is dit is de molen argumenten die apache snitch steal comfort ondersteunend en coaches die coaches die interactie met het zelfmoord is afrika maar in realiteit is een coach of rekening en families ja in nature beloning dus experiment voor waalse riderhood stapte de plugins een niet waar for potential and more of an ipod s beugel i watch take us is a is polyphemos were the single is tibia participeer in aan een wheelie incredible mamaweb alicia en zo mee bladderde sleepy sun is just how ghostriders dus iets gadding born is nieuwe ruzie access and then that school show my personal hij doen flink dat doel te middelie wat wie jordi ring wind is een conspiracy is een ideological probleem dat is wat die brief ultieme of caraïben conspire from time to time mensen one but ultimately miljard earring werden bij de problemen met de level of over of power of en wie verdienen met een uitje wat je goed problematic people or en kracht en scheurde uit jonge diersoorten view om manager wel en dit is dus fuel men en de world dus de wiel probleem en in die situatie dat familie hadden ze zo de framing dandy komst de doosje waar wanna give this technique for a future bass fishing team de dat god hem us dicht dcs is dus future progression this is where we were all beschouwing van factor van god is back to world ideologie is not to one mini zo testen van de wereld engine in net story and spirits within a few en die de promising als everything but during as getest jos ja this work fantastic schaduw ihop johannes my travel the world on i bought this book the rising en analogie van de ontvouwing en microsoft edition find out what you say je een tank en 12 i did a higher well you you you help you already know by just giving me the opportunity to speak and to bring my my my story you’re my view on this programs which was very important ring uiting and if you want you can invite nieuw hadden time a knife innigste boek is dit finished it it will be published in john juliet is finished naber het still has to be translated in english the cause of rood index nou ja en woods de tidal de psychology of totaal italië jullie van wie wil heb je rakeback enkel are people in londen voor een online absoluut wel aan dokters denken summers real-time today tanki voor york in de wereld en dat is mijn video’s composition team kleine hebben vallen beurzen thank you very much for and by gmail voor mr [Muziek]

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8 Responses to Mass Psychosis- The Monster that Devours its own Children

  1. Joe Bognar says:

    Thankyou, I became suspicious when our Government here in Victoria were telling everybody not to wear a mask, around March April May 2020. I then deduced that either, there really is none, or very little virus, or that they wanted it to spread.

    On Mon, 6 Dec 2021, 5:06 am cathy fox blog on child abuse, wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” Mass Formation Mass Hypnosis This > post should be useful for all of us who can see through the nonsense, but > cannot understand why other people, even intelligent ones, cannot seem to > see or care what is truth and what is not, and keep behaving seemingl” >


  2. Joe Bognar says:

    I forgot to add, last year in Victoria they were locking down the whole state when we had only about twenty cases per day, now they say we are never going into lockdown again even though we are having over 1000 cases per day, and with over 90% vaccinated population, the virus is still spreading, as before vaccination. However they say the symptoms are less severe?

    On Mon, 6 Dec 2021, 5:06 am cathy fox blog on child abuse, wrote:

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” Mass Formation Mass Hypnosis This > post should be useful for all of us who can see through the nonsense, but > cannot understand why other people, even intelligent ones, cannot seem to > see or care what is truth and what is not, and keep behaving seemingl” >


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