Blogging – Now is a Great Time to Start…

I have been asked what to do to start a blog, so thought I would collect my thoughts and post it so that others can see if it is useful for them.

[111] 2021 Dec 27 cathyfoxblog Blogging – Now is a Great Time to Start…

The best way that I think to start blogging is to dive straight in. There are a couple of technical things at the start but once up and running it is straightforward and you can learn at whatever pace you want.

First choose your platform… There are several free blogging platforms afaik

I avoided blogger as I dont like the format but also it is google, and they spy on too much already.
I am happy with wordpress but am aware that when push came to shove they are probably not safe from censorship but in my 8 years I have had no problems in that regard.
Substack I opened recently as it is more likely to promote free speech and as a reserve to have a separate list of subscribers.

There are obviously others like Medium but I didn’t like that and I have also heard they have censorship issues.

Anyhow make your choice of platform, then you have to choose the look or layout that you use, I think it is called theme on wordpress. I do not even know what theme name I chose, but it has served me well.

I like the column down the right hand side that I can add things to, called widgets on wordpress, which add things I want like a follow button, a translate button, links to other social media, and a list of older posts etc.

I went for a free blog, as I never intended to be a blogger, I just needed to get out in public that I had managed to get released reports under Freedom of Information (FOI).

This is a screenshot of what my first post consisted of in total…

see 2013 Jul 18 cathyfoxblog The Munro Review of Child Protection :Final Report A child centred system by Professor Eileen Munro [1]

So I have improved!

In fact on checking it does not look as if that previous one was an FOI but I did release one FOI the same day, so I was probably testing how it worked with the previous one. This is the first FOI release… 2013 Jul 18 cathyfoxblog Heidi Koseda Report of Inquiry into her death, Hillingdon Area Review Committee, 1986 [3]

This is the screenshot of the second post..

I type and compose my posts on the site itself, but some people compose them in open office or word and then transfer it afterwards. I am self taught so just found it easy to compose on the blog itself, and add any photos or vids as I go along or when I want.

This can have its disadvantages working on long posts, everything gets a bit cluttered on a smallish window, and often I leave non essential corrections until after I first post and its easier to see how everything looks published. There is also a preview button which can give a good idea.

So dive in choose a theme and just write…

It is saved in drafts so you are not publishing straight away, you can come back to it, as and when you want.

If you prefer to write longhand, do that, and then transfer it by typing or even by a talk to text software. It really is horses for courses, whatever you prefer.

Just go through the process, write something, even a sentence or two, publish it, then delete it. Just to get a feel of how it works.

You can now self publish your thoughts to the world, it is empowering and something only available in the last 30 years with any ease or lack of expense. So take advantage.

Now you technically can get something out in public, it is time to think about what your objective is in writing.

Start to blog, we need more survivors and others helping to spread the information on child abuse and child trafficking.

Why are you writing?

Why you are doing it? What do you want to achieve? This will help you focus on the things that are important to these aims. These may develop and change over time.

When I started, I set out to find out if there was any evidence of the widespread child abuse that people were talking on a social media group, as if it was indeed true then it was astounding and yet I knew nothing, literally nothing about it. FOI was just part of this research, as I wanted to check official sources that could not be denied.

So my objective was just to show other people where these reports were located that were newly released in response to my questions, which I asked on the excellent UK FOI Request site WhatDoTheyKnow [5]

Thus I gave links to the sources of the documents so that anyone could check out everything for themselves. That was always important to me.

A survivors aim might be, as many many survivors wish is, to prevent what happened to them happening to any other child.

Their objective might then be to make public their abuse so the secrecy is broken and others might find out what happened, where it happened and even by who, and also for the public to learn whatever lessons can be learned from it.

Just the writing down of the memories is often a helpful cathartic process, sorting out the thoughts for the subconscious to then rifle through.

The reason for many peoples problems after abuse are that the body and mind has experienced abuse but it has not been processed by the mind. It has been locked away by their mind, since the abuse, for their own protection, as it was too difficult to process it at that time.

However it is only when it is processed by the mind that acceptance and healing can really begin. So what is needed is to recall and process. However the body may also relive the emotions or “abreact” to the memories. Some people avoid triggers, but it was Fiona Barnett’s thinking that you have to face them and get over them to negate them for the future.

Care should be taken as memories will be released from their “box” that they have been kept in and they cannot be put back. A support network or therapy is very useful.

It is often two steps forward, one back or sometimes one forward and two back, but the overwhelming experience of people that have done it have said that it is a beneficial, though a difficult journey.

I think it was Cathy O’Brien who said that writing can sometimes be better than talking about abuse. The act of writing involves the less emotional parts of the brain, and so writing can be done with less rush of emotions.

Of course writing may not be an option open to some survivors who did not get the chance of education, and so some sort of voice to text software may help, to write a blog.

The “justice” route is closed for many for a variety reasons including previous abuse by police, justice system, freemasons, or lack of trust in them due to widespread corruption. The justice route is also long, tortuous, out of a survivors control and there no guarantee of success after a long period of time has elapsed since the abuse, which often means there is not enough evidence even though the abuse occurred. The “justice” route can often be viewed as furthering the abuse.

However many people have said to me that the public exposure of their abuser was enough, or even the story being told without even the abuser being named for legal reasons.

As a first option I would always recommend that the survivor and perpetrators are anonymised. It is a big step to go public, and it is best to keep your options open to go fully public if and when you want. Similarly with perpetrator, it is often best not to name them if still alive. Clues can be left without opening yourself to legal action, it is very simple to change a pseudonym at a later date. It is often ok though to name an institution and a time period.

An objective might be that a survivor tells their story or an incident or a part of it. Often when survivors told their story before, they were not believed. This is an important step for many, as people that should have believed them, a person in authority, police or even a parent did not believe them. They previously met with a denial of what they know to be true, a denial that may have happened many times.

So now having thought over aims, objectives back to the blog.

It is an iterative process, ie you do it, then learn from what you have done, revisit your aims or objectives if necessary. That is the nature of it, so don’t be afraid just dive in.

Back to the Blog

You could now how to improve the look of the blog technically. Anything that you cannot work out can usually be searched for on the internet net eg how do I use block editing on wordpress? How to load a photograph, how to add a widget to show links for past posts etc

One thing I took a long time to learn was to always include at least one photo in your blog, even if you do not think it necessary. When links are posted on social media like gab or telegram or twitter, the photo is picked up and displayed with the link. Quite simply more people click on a post with a photograph. So include one that can summarise the whole post, or a striking one that grabs peoples attention.

I also added a follow/subscribe by email button, a translate button as it is vital to try and link us all internationally across language barriers, I enable comments so people can give their view but there are also options to control if they can be moderated first. You are in control.

When you have completed your writing, the work is still not finished. To enable search engines to find your work you add tags; in order to index your work so people can find where other posts are on your blog you add categories; you can add a summary / excerpt that then becomes the wording seen on social media sites, and if you have more than one photo, you choose your featured image. I used to regard all this as a pain but it just becomes habit and a necessary part of what you need to do.

Archive, Archive Archive…

A must is to archive all your posts, not only your own but all your sources. I have lost hundreds of source links as I did not do this. These were mainly from regional papers who are bought out and change websites. However also Reports on child abuse very often are relocated on a government or local authority website either accidentally or deliberately reducing access to them. Now I always download the reports and upload them onto my blog, so they will be be available on the blog as long as that is there. Archives are and

Posting on Social Media

Now you can go spread the link to your post on social media, with hashtags so people find it. You can set this up to have your sites all connected. I prefer to do it manually, so I know what is going on at my own pace.

If you have small social media followings it can be difficult to spread your link. It took me years to build up a following in a subject like child abuse that is a specialist and distasteful topic. Even now it teeters on the edge of losing it all with the censorship if you diverge from cabal narratives. So its wise to spread out and use free speech sites like Gab, Telegram and build up followings there, but it is probably more difficult than facebook and twitter and instagram which may be easier to get a following but easier to lose it all if you don’t tow the censorship line.

Try and find a sympathetic person with bigger following who will amplify your tweet or post by reposting it. Try also maybe to diversify in at least one social media. Post on different topics not just on child abuse or your main topic. Never ever just post your work and nothing else. I got very bored with seeing one person just post her book every single post for months on end, and nothing else, I had to unfollow. You cannot seriously expect people to repost your stuff if you don’t repost others. Maybe also reblog other peoples content on your blog.

It may also be worth opening a video channel for a couple of reasons. Firstly so that short video excerpts from twitter or telegram can be uploaded to there for safety, but also as you can write your information on your blogs and social media on your channel, where more people may view it.

Brighteon, Odysee, Brand New Tube, are probably more free speech, then a level down Bitchute, then Rumble, then Hooktube as front end for you tube. Try to stop using youtube.

Continue learning and adapting…

As I mentioned before it is an iterative process and you learn all the time and make adjustments accordingly.

When people who knew more about child abuse did not come forward, as I naively thought they would, to interpret the significance of the reports that I was getting released on FOI, then I had to learn how to. It certainly wasnt a direction I had ever imagined going in, as I was not qualified in anything to do with child abuse and knew nothing about it when I started.

Just publishing the link to the report didn’t really help many people unless they had time to study them and judge their significance somehow ie what was noteworthy or unusual about the report. My view at that stage was better than nothing.

My first try at analysing was some 6 months after I started blogging – 2013 Nov 22 cathyfoxblog Lambeth Part 2 – Loose Ends in Lambeth on Child Sexual Abuse [48] I suspected that the Report was a cover up, as the number of victims compared to the amount of perpetrators was just too low. Futhermore most of the perpetrators were dead – it just didnt add up to me.

I still was not confident of this as I was new to the whole idea of child abuse but I had voraciously read survivors books at the start of my journey of acquiring knowledge on child abuse, Books On Child Abuse 1 [17] and Books on Child Abuse 2 [8]. It seemed as though a perpetrator would often abuse dozens or even several hundred children.

I didn’t know what the truth was, Luckily the website Spotlight on Abuse [] was uploading old newspaper articles without which there would not have been sufficient information for an analysis. I just collected about 50 articles on Lambeth, combined with the report I had. I literally just took a line or two from each press report that I thought appropriate and asked a question about what I felt didn’t sound right. I didn’t have the answer but it was enough to suspect where to dive in and ask the question.

Luckily that article was well received and in fact I was contacted via a survivors therapist to thank me on the survivors behalf, as they had lived through the abuse at the time, and they thought it had all been forgotten. So I had helped at least one victim who got some validation from my work, that what she knew to be true was getting exposure 30 years after the events. That still makes me emotional now.

I only mention this to show that the objectives change over time and that you learn as you go along, and go in a direction that you may not possibly have known about. So within 6 months I was analysing, as I had about 30 reports released by then. Many of these are still unanalysed or even unread by me, just because the volume of work to do on child abuse is so great.

Listing sources/ links became of even greater importance. I was trying to recreating a plausible narrative of what had happened but from a limited perspective of reports and articles and later on, whistleblowers as they contacted me. I needed to show why I thought what I did and where that information came from. Furthermore I did not want people to have to spend time re-accumulating all the research which had taken me so long, I wanted others to be able to read it, benefit from my work and research and use it.

We need more bloggers, especially ones telling their own story and other survivors stories, we have only touched the top of the proverbial iceberg, of what is still to come out.

Just recall an incident, and write what you can remember. It might only be a sentence or two. As you write it may jog other memories. Don’t bother about piecing the writing together. Thar can be done later. As you produce and remember more you will be in more of a position to link them together perhaps chronologically, in flashback or other way.


Even though you have copyright just by writing, it is a good idea to make clear your choice of copyright I use Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which allows people to use it but not to use it for profit, see cathyfoxblog copyright where I give links to various options [6]

The Mirror newspaper stole one story I wrote about Niven Sinclair, and I had a rant exposing them in the middle of this blog Niven Sinclair – Three times convicted Child Rapist worked for the BBC for 30 years [9]

All a writer like me or an academic requires is often just a written link to our work, despite all the work that went into it, and that work was provided free. A link so that others may easily find it, and for the public benefit of all.

Some alternative radio stations still use my work without this written credit. They are parasites, they use the knowledge gained from hours of research, given for the public good and do not give proper credit or sometimes any credit. They even use that knowledge to make money for their radio programme. They should be ashamed, even more so the ones that call themselves Christians. Right on Parasites.

Final Thoughts

Back in the days that I started looking into child abuse – maybe 2012 I would find, worldwide, about one post a day about child sexual abuse on mainstream media. Now there would be about 20 times that.

The only blogs about then were these, hava a look at them for some more ideas…

  • Operation Greenlight Database [10]
  • Aangirfan  [11] now aanirfan  [11a]     
  • Hollie Greig Justice [12]
  • Bryn Alyn Victims [13]
  • Spotlight on abuse [14]

Perceptions about child abuse has changed much in a decade. This may seem like a long time, and it is for a survivor wanting truth and justice, but to change round the juggernaut of public perception is a big task.

There is now widespread public knowledge and acceptance that child abuse occurs. There have been various barriers of acceptance crossed that various horrific activities occur, that people would not have thought possible eg abuse of babies, organised child abuse, ritual abuse, child trafficking and Monarch mind control /mkultra.

There is still a way to go, but everyone can make a difference and that is why we need more bloggers.

Suvivors have the information. Information is power. Use it!!

There are many sources of advice available. Search for “write a blog” or “how to write a blog” or similar… or just do as I did and learn on the job! There is no correct way to write a blog.

Dive in you have nothing to lose… Start NOW!


[1] 2013 Jul 18 cathyfoxblog The Munro Review of Child Protection :Final Report A child centred system by Professor Eileen Munro

[2] cathyfoxblog Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

[3] 2013 Jul 18 cathyfoxblog Heidi Koseda Report of Inquiry into her death, Hillingdon Area Review Committee, 1986

[4] 2013 Nov 22 cathyfoxblog Lambeth Part 2 – Loose Ends in Lambeth on Child Sexual Abuse

[5] FOI Request site WhatDoTheyKnow

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[13] Bryn Alyn Victims

[14] Spotlight on abuse included in Operation Greenlight Database

[15] Links of cathyfoxblog Posts 2013 – 2021

This post [111] 2021 Dec 27 cathyfoxblog Blogging – Now is a Great Time to Start…

cathyfoxblog social media links

UK Press Cuttings and Research Databases on Child Sexual Abuse

Bloggers and Tweeters on Child Sexual Abuse UK

Covid 19

Vaccination Reactions

Europe -EUDRA []





Open Vaers [] allows browsing and searching of the reports


Moon []


The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

If you have found this post useful, please post on other social media – facebook, instagram, pinterest, gab, twitter, anonup,  – whichever ones you are on. This is most helpful to spread the information. The people who do this are essential. Thankyou.

I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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  1. Best advice ever–archive everything. Archive internet pages you reference or link to, archive transcripts of videos, archive the videos themselves, archive the URL’s and URL of the channel for videos that don’t have transcripts. Archive your own posts on a regular basis, in case your whole blog goes down. Thanks, Cathy, for all your great advice!

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  2. Thank you for remaining a stable point of inspiration, and for daring to expose more than anyone else I have seen in this format (which I believe in your case, may now have reached up to the millions – the website hits reported to you may not always be as accurate as one would hope).

    And what I have learned so far with your reports has been very helpful, extremely valuable information. So many others are not anywhere close in attention to detail, accuracy and discernment. Your writings represent one of the best examples I have seen of putting that extra care into quality and detail, and it’s very much appreciated.


  3. christine alessandrini says:

    Dear cathy, how do you do to hide your location. In my country, if you adress too much this topic, one day you disappear…one has to take this in consideration before writing openly..

    Le lun. 27 déc. 2021 à 14:50, cathy fox blog on child abuse a écrit :

    > cathy fox blog on Child Abuse posted: ” I have been asked what to do to > start a blog, so thought I would collect my thoughts and post it so that > others can see if it is useful for them. The best way that I think to start > blogging is to dive straight in. There are a couple of technical thin” >


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