Devi Sridhar – Lies and Misinformation

How dare Devi Sridhar complain about other people spreading misinformation?

How dare she complain about being lied about when SHE has spread lies about children being 100% safe getting the vaccination and spread masses of misinformation?

How dare she link this with threats that others have supposedly received in a headline and not even detail what threats are supposed to have been made in the article. I’ve been lied about and others get death threats. Covid has shown the power of misinformation

Thats the type of woman this is. Every step is to further her agenda.

She plays the victim card when she is one of the worst perpetrators.

She pretends to be Snow White when she is more Cruella De Vil.

Barely past midnight on the new year she complains of lies and misinformation being told about her. 2022 Jan 1 Guardian I’ve been lied about and others get death threats. Covid has shown the power of misinformation [13]

What I have seen is her giving lies and misinformation, and in my opinion enough to call it deliberate disinformation, and if she has ever apologised I have not seen it.

As she has complained and got me unjustly banned from twitter before then I am keeping a copy of the thread here on this blog.

Unfortunately if twitter bans me, then all my threads will go, and I have not yet found a good way of saving them to cope with this eventuality. If anyone has subscribed to @threadreaderapp or @pingthread where mine are saved, as long as I have a twitter account, then if they could save my threads as pdfs I would be grateful.

As a temporary measure I am blogging the thread, and even if twitter bans me, then the writing embedded gets saved I think, even if not the rest. At least it will teach me what does get left.

This method is also not perfect, as some parts are not fully readable here, however in this information war when propaganda by the global “elite” ill-ite needs to be exposed then it will do for now. If anyone has better ideas, please tell me.

It often feels like a lonely battle, with many just watching not participating.

Thanks as ever to my photoshop man who never wants credit… but is invaluable.

Yes I gave a secret away, its photoshop not really her nose after lying…

…or is it?

Devi Sridhar talking about covid…

Devi Sridhar is a globalist puppet and her actions fall neatly into the agenda of the globalist World Economic Forums Great Reset and New World Order.

In my opinion she is a dangerous woman.

Update 2022 Mar 10 Due to twitter suspension and consequent loss of embedded tweets, I have added these screenshots from the archive of this post –

A lesson in the ephemeral nature of twitter… and the essential task of archiving everything.


[2] Yes I made a mistake of two number 3 posts…









This is my previous blog on Devi Sridhar which gives a timeline for her and other details, as well as her role in banning me from twitter to stop me pointing out her previous misinformation… Devi Sridhar and Covid Narrative Warfare [12]

This is the thread on Pingthread Devi Sridhar thread [11]

The thread is not finished, when she annoys me again I will do more.

This post [111] 2022 Jan 1 cathyfoxblog Devi Sridhar – Lies and Misinformation












[11] 2022 Jan 1 Pingthread Devi Sridhar thread

[12] 2021 Jun 23 cathyfoxblog Devi Sridhar and Covid Narrative Warfare

[13] 2022 Jan 1 Guardian I’ve been lied about and others get death threats. Covid has shown the power of misinformation Devi Sridhar

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The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – Edmund Burke

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men  – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Every time we act in the face of fear, we dilute it’s power and increase our confidence

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan

Let justice be done though the heavens fall – Fiat justitia ruat cælum

Put the enemy at unease by making information they do not want known to be known…

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

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I am not connected to anyones Patreon accounts, nor do I receive any money for my writing. I believe it is important to provide this information not hidden behind paywalls, and yes I suffer financial hardship for doing so.

I will not commit suicide and if it appears I have, then people may judge for themselves why this is so, after blogging these exposes of the top level of these “orders”. I do not wish to live in the kind of world that the psychopathic orders want to bring in, which is a world wholly and absolutely controlled by them. They commit horrific crimes of child rape, child torture, child cannibalism, child mind control and much more, which is why I wish to speak out and expose them. This carries some risk but if I am killed or go silent, my wish is for more people to tell the truth, they cannot kill us all… please set up your own blogs… replace me 100 fold…

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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