Tyranny is here. NWO Ottawa

Tyranny is now knocking on the front door.

This is the first post I am composing on substack, as opposed to copy/pasting from wordpress. My posts in future will of necessity/time be shorter, wordpress is more susceptible to being pulled as we get into deeper tyranny, and I suspect views are being suppressed there, so it makes sense to learn a bit more on substack now. Technically things may be dodgy with links/videos/twitter etc, you will have to work around, and check the site as oppose to the email as updates will appear there.

However just as I was posting on substack it keeps telling me they are having technical problems, and has now dropped altogether. hmmm, so now this is copy pasted from substack, still a useful exercise in logistics/technicalities, but quite a few changes are needed especially as this had to be resurrected from a test email. So this will be a tad garbled, referring to substack when it is on wordpress! Such is life

Ottawa is now under a State of Emergency. It was announced by Ottawa Council. What this actually legally means is unclear, as I have seen no legal paperwork, but essentially means the authorities will do what they want. The Ottawa Police also have several surrounding police forces, as well as riot police, and some are armed with guns.

Last night, after the state of emergency was declared and even before the midnight time that it was meant to come into force, police started to confiscate /steal fuel being taken to truckers. Lets not forget its very cold, subzero, I am not sure what but guess minus 10 to minus 20 degrees Centigrade.

Police also moved in accompanied by some sort of guns on a tented area, probably stores/HQ just outside the centre. Maybe a dozen arrests for “ aiding mischief” or similar charges. All peoples rights are being done away with on the flimsiest of veneer of law, which may well fail in court, but by then the authorities may well have smashed the truckers.

I have 3 threads on Ottawa of 100 tweets each, over the past week or so, which I will link here and about to start a fourth. News is available from a variety of live streamers who due to the cold seem to do about 40 minutes then stop. There is also Rebel News who are paying for everyones parking tickets and court appearances, and True North appears a fair source. However the livestreamers may all go down if internet services are cut off around Ottawa as predicted.

Get any links from my twitter threads, I will try and learn from what embeds etc, but any corrections after this post is emailed will only happen on the substack site.

I am not sure of embedding video links here, but I will try to put links to any important things, but also upload them to my vid channels. Another problem we face is twitter / you tube accounts being banned and so that footage being lost, so also we have to copy footage where we can. That also takes time.

This video is a source of information on the police action to come – hundreds of police, riot police, cell phones cut. Police exempt from vaxx, to cope with an anti vaxx mandate rally. Go figure… its about control thats why. Hopefully this will wake more people up.

Glynis Payne @GlynisPayne17 twitter

ok its looks like twitter embeds on a hyperlink, good.

The NWO will want to slap the truckers down hard, to set an example to the rest of the world. We will have to learn quickly what works and what doesnt.
We always have the advantage of numbers. We do need more people helping out in all aspects, on the ground, logistics, vids, podcasts, writing, spreading truth etc. Find your niche…

Whilst everyone is concentrating on the truckers Trudeau is going to bring an internet censorship bill to curb truth telling against the official narrative. 2022 Feb 6 Toronto Sun EDITORIAL: Trudeau tries to bring back online censorship bill [2]

Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications Commission will be granted permission to regulate a lot of social media content created by Canadians. This maybe will restrict posts, people, internet or even companies like Rebel News.

One good thing is Trudeau’s ex security is now working for truckers…

Corporal Daniel Bulford has become a dear friend in the past year and I support him 100% because I know who he is. He is a man who has gone through a process. A difficult process. To make the hard decisions that neither make his life easier, nor his family’s lives easier. He made those decisions because it’s the right thing to do. For the betterment of …


Here are my twitter threads on Trudeau, Truckers, Ottawa, 100 tweets each, these should have all necessary links to research further…

Thread 1

[8] Thread 1 Ottawa

Thread 2

[7] thread 2

Thread 3

[6] thread 3
[9] thread reader app thread 3

Thread 4 when available…

Thread 4 Trudeau, truckers and tyranny [10]

These were some livestreams last night from Ottawa fyi

Also for news and livestreams see https://www.rebelnews.com/tags/convoy_reports

I will go with this psot for now, due to all the tech difficulties.


These may be jumbled and unfinished, i may update if time permits.

[1] twitter link

[2] 2022 Feb 6 Toronto Sun EDITORIAL: Trudeau tries to bring back online censorship bill https://torontosun.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-trudeau-tries-to-bring-back-online-censorship-bill

[3] 2022 Feb 6 TNC News https://tnc.news/2022/02/06/ottawa-police-now-arresting-people-providing-convoy-with-material-supports/

[4] These were livestreams on Ottawa


[5] https://www.bitchute.com/video/fY64kifkDtDW/

[6] thread 3 https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1489747103719079943

[7] thread 2 https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1488177025739374597

[8] Thread 1 Ottawa https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1487490001382383616

[9] thread reader app thread 3 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1489747103719079943.html

[10] Thread 4 Trudeau, truckers and tyranny https://twitter.com/CathyCathyFox/status/1490680235418865668My links

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