Corey Feldman Talks

Corey Feldman did an interview just before New Year that tells for the first time what happened to his Premiere of the film that was to tell all about his perpetrators, as well as much else of interest.

Corey Feldman, child film star, is also known for being abused by pedophiles in Hollywood and for trying to tell the truth about his childhood. He was best friends with Corey Haim who had a similar story. He has received blowback from powerful sinister forces for trying to expose Hollywood.

When telling of his abuse, in 2013, before widespread knowledge of the rampant child abuse in Hollywood, Corey appeared on the View only to get accused by Barbara Walters of “damaging an entire industry”.

2013 Corey Feldman on the View with Barbara Walters [5]

The recent interview with Corey Feldman which I have embedded toward the end of this article is the most informative I have seen on him. He is relaxed and tells of his childhood and later the many times at the playboy mansion, (which for those who do not know was a blackmail honeypot, and mind control operation managed by Hugh Hefner) plus many other stories.

I wrote about Corey when he released his documentary in 2017, in which he named his abusers as well as talking about the story of his Hollywood life at the mercy of pedophiles. He named the abusers. CIA Supply “elite” (ill-ite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named) [1]

However the premiere and video was largely a public disaster due to “technical difficulties” and he has remained silent since. In this time, Corey Feldman has had his share of knockers for being a grifter and trying to capitalise on his abuse. In this interview he explains how the grifter reputation came about.

Corey explains that 15 mins in to the live premiere which was also being livestreamed, they noticed it had been hacked. What happened was the hackers hacked his website, stole his film, set up a website to sell access to the film with very similar name to his, and then set up youtube sites to give it away free.

Corey did not discover that the fake website, which was one letter different to his, for months, and by mistake. He did not know the extent of the fraud that had been perpetrated. Then youtube took months to take down the site.

So the criminals and fraudsters stole money and effectively demonetised the film for Corey. Various globalist forces also control his wikipedia to constantly give bad press and fake news about him.

This interview is the first time Corey has spoken about all this.

In the blog post I made on Corey at the time of the premiere /youtube video, the video I linked to is now defunct due to copyright claim. I must have linked to the fraudulent youtube site and it must actually be Coreys company who has got it withdrawn. I listed his abusers in that blog. CIA Supply “elite” (ill-ite) Pedophiles with Children (Also Corey Feldmans abusers named) [1]

Corey is also an accomplished musician and he talks about his music career. Corey [2]

What is a huge surprise was this interview is by Steve O. I have written about Steve O before – he had the baby rape tattoo… [3]

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open… [3]

Obviously I am not a Steve O fan. However there is no doubt that it was a good interview. Perhaps he brought the best out of Corey due to the similar backgrounds, and them both knowing just how much to say, and what not to. These people in the system who are mind controlled by Monarch trauma based mind controlled of course have many alters, and in this interview there was no sign of his satanic sides.

Bearing in mind that bloodline are about 10% of the population and that they never asked to be mind controlled into the system and that many would like to come out, then blanket condemnation and ignoring them is not a realistic answer. They do need help and deprogramming.

I never trust these people but take the view that I praise the good they do, ignore the bad and condemn the worst.

Mind controlled people are always susceptible to being used without their knowledge as they can easily be triggered into a different alter of the handlers choice by a word, a sign, a colour or a sound. Then they can be in an alter that can be controlled and may be ignorant of their abusers and abuse.

Whatever alter they are in. I would never trust who SteveO recommends or allows to advertise. I do not normally watch the adverts, but caught the first one about counsellors /therapy. These may well be a mechanism to reprogram survivors. Do not trust them.

Photo of Steveo and Corey Interview

Unfortunately hooktube – a previous front end for youtube appears to no longer work – any previous hook tube links I have put in older blog posts will play if you replace the “hook” with “you”, but you now have to go through all the spying and adverts and associated nonsense with google /youtube.

This interview is worth listening to find more about the murky world about the criminal cabal, and what they did to Corey.

2021 Dec You Tube Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Podcast Corey Feldman – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #89 [4]

This post [111] 2022 Feb 25 Cathyfoxblog Corey Feldman Talks


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[4] 2021 Dec 30 You Tube Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Podcast Corey Feldman – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #89

[5] 2013 Corey Feldman on the View with Barbara Walters

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Auto Transcript

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now let’s get into it do you smoke i

don’t smoke weed now no cigarettes

cigarettes now

she’s like that naturally yeah

he went to a doctor the guy was like you

just suck at talking like he just like

strains his throat muscles when he talks


is that it but it wasn’t always like

that right um it it’s gotten a little

crazier over time yeah yeah

all right

let’s go man

yeah by all means

all right here we go

ladies and gentlemen corey feldman

what’s up

yeah dude you’ve met scott randolph

scott yes sitting here so nice and

intimately with you yeah

the gorgeous paul briskey howdy corey

how are you paul i’m great man thank you

gotta say i’m super excited about this

me too man me too it’s a wild ride yeah

that’s weird no dude i’ve uh i’ve

watched your stuff for many years and

all the crazy

nutty stuff you’ve done right yeah man

and you guys haven’t you ran into each

other before yeah i feel like we like

kind of met somewhere but never really

like talked talked right yeah i think we

met at the playboy mansion i want to say

yeah what year which i mean that would

have been surprised me i think early

like maybe like 2002 or something oh wow

how many times have you been to the

playboy mansion

and i got kicked out

i forgot i forget why i was kicked out

probably running around naked jumping in

the grotto i think it was more of a

cocaine thing oh really yeah i think i

was like caught you doing drugs i think

i was doing cocaine like really

blatantly out in the open right

and they’re like there’s bathrooms for


there’s cocaine room for that

of hard drugs right he was pretty anti

hard drugs from what i remember yeah you

never saw him touch anything really but

for sure you know he was definitely he

was a fan of the quaaludes i think that

was kind of well known you know you hear

lots of stories that he had his special

doctor that took care of special needs

you know how do you get invited to the

playboy mansion is it like a letter or a

phone call yes steve how’d you get

invited i can’t remember

i think i actually do remember

and that it was

uh it came through like the jackass

channels okay there was like the jackass


somebody probably around the time where

the movies came out and they got you up

there is like hey he’s got a new movie

out let’s get him up here it’ll be wacky

and zany watch him create all kinds of

problems and they’re like oh yeah

that’ll be fun oh wait his problem is

actually doing cocaine on the front lawn

no we can’t have that yeah yeah

we didn’t realize he was coming in


how many times have you been there

three thousand

like i was there every weekend oh really

wow that’s epic at how starting at how

young and was word these are like post

dated because there’s no more playboy

mansion yeah what is it what is the

place it’s not just a mansion a museum

without the playboy

without that it’s not even that it

should have been that if they were smart

that’s what they would have done they

would have preserved it but instead some

dude took it over bought it and like

literally like changed it all like how

do you go and deface a historical

monument like

to why why


i remember the story was

that heff sold it

while he was still alive yes but the

deal was that the guy had to keep it the

way it was until half died not only that

but have had the right to live in it

until he died so what that did was force

the people who had basically

taken over the company and taken over

all of his stuff to try and like make

him as uncomfortable and miserable as

possible while he was still there so

they were doing stuff like telling them

like you can no longer have you know

your guests over in the parking you can

never no longer have the parking guys do

your parking for you you can no longer

have your poker nights or your movie

nights or whatever these guests aren’t

allowed anymore you know whatever they

would just like take away all of his

freedoms to the point where he felt so

like isolated and miserable that he

didn’t even want to live and i think

that’s kind of sadly that’s that’s kind

of how it went down wow damn yeah and he

sold it because like financially he just

couldn’t personally keep it up yeah so

basically what happened was you know and

i don’t want to go too deep but there

was a uh let’s say a buyout

uh with a certain company because he was

in a lot of trouble say around 2007 2008

right around the time right after we

shot up there actually we did the two

cory’s shoot up there my ex-wife

where are we shot in the uh

right right not where we where we shot

up there no yeah yeah

we weren’t shooting up there but we were

shooting up there up there

uh yeah no so we so we were shooting for

the two coreys and and uh and have

asked my ex-wife susie to be in the

magazine on the show and that was part

of it and i got to actually direct heff

which was really cool wow because you


all the other show runners were like

scared to touch it like

we don’t want to talk to the guy what

are we gonna say i’m like don’t worry i

got this you know i mean so i was like

okay here’s what we need you to do

and he was great he was very helpful

very cool very cooperative um and yeah

he asked in a very kind of amazing way

like it’s so cool to have that footage

of i mean i’m not her so i wasn’t really

asked to be in it but

to be her

you know he like sits her down at the

dinner table which we’ve sat at with him

a thousand times you know it’s like

where he would like have the dinner in

between the movie do you ever go for a

movie night on a sunday oh yeah kind of

like that’s more like the casual chill

like only really close

right right right but you would have

been you know if you didn’t screw up and

do play

anyway um so so that’s kind of how it

happened for me i mean i went up to one

of the big parties you know and then

like five years later i was invited back

for a movie night and then like once i

went to a few of the movie nights

eventually i was invited to come sunday

during the afternoon by ron smith

and when i went in the afternoon a

couple times half liked me you know he

saw me around and he was like hey you

know what

you’re a cool guy i was like thanks he’s

like if you want to come on fridays or

saturdays anytime you’re welcome anytime

on the weekends you’re welcome so my

name was added to the permanent list so

basically i didn’t have to get clearance

i could bring whatever girls i want

unless it was a big party where you

still had to get you know

whatever authorized for your guests but

um but yeah i was like on the permanent

list so any friday saturday sunday if i

wanted to come up if i wanted to bring

three girls four girls it didn’t matter

i would just show up and and roll up to

the gate and they would let me in so and

you said that you were married at that

time i was married at that time yes so

was it your inclination to be married

and bring three or four girls no no no

this was not then oh gotcha right i’m

saying that’s where my status was and

then once i got divorced then yes i was

up there quite frequently with a lot of

guests three or four girls man that’s

pretty fun for somebody that’s never


for somebody’s never been like what’s a

party at the playboy mansion here was my

whole theory my old theory was i didn’t

want to

bring i i didn’t a lot of people say we

don’t want to bring sam to the beach

right right i didn’t want to take sand

from the beach

i didn’t want to be that guy you know

what i mean like because i knew that if

i was then i wouldn’t be invited back

very often you know i liked my status

and i knew that my status was there

because half saw that i respected the

boundary you know i mean it’s all about

respecting the boundary he’s the host

these are his girlfriends stay away from

his girls you know very simple i enjoyed

going up seeing my friends i had like a

second family up there so i enjoyed

seeing all of you know the people that

you see every week it was like a weekly

group and everybody got together we

watched movies we had fun we had laughs

stay away from his girls so were you

like i bring my own girls

super careful to bring like the hottest

chicks of course yeah but i mean that’s

i don’t date anything other than that

anyway right you know

seriously like i’m just i have very very

very high standards like always have and

like detrimentally so because those are

the girls that screw with your head the

most of course you know the hotter they

are the more they’re going to screw with

you right but whatever i was willing to

take that you know i love that

risk you were willing to take i love

that big one for the team i love that

and i love even more your candor about

that yeah just to say hey man like hot

chicks right i mean that was my deal i

just you know when i was a single guy

i’m like i first and it’s not because i

like i love everybody i love i love

people i love humans i love my fans

whether they’re big fat skinny small


rounds thin it doesn’t matter you know i

love them equally and i find beauty in

everybody so unless they’re just a total

dick bag and then if they have them

there’s no beauty there but you know his

slum buster’s like a prague model you


but you know for me it’s like it’s like

if i’m gonna have to be with that person

and wake up every day to them and be

excited about it then you know it’s got

to be really really good because

otherwise there’s going to be three or

four more running around the corner

they’re going to be like cory come here

this way

cool so it’s interesting man yeah and

being famous then in like the 80s and

90s is a totally different world even

you’re like oh no not then i’m talking

now oh yeah oh here we go i’m talking

like in the last ten years nice because

because no in the 80s and 90s i was shy

and awkward

didn’t really date now you’ve hit your


well in between okay let’s let’s back it

up so between my first marriage and my

second marriage i i had a lot of growth

between my second and my third marriage

i had a lot of growth and by growth i

mean boners

that was awesome


but yeah

no what i meant was that like i had a

growth meaning like self appreciation or

or feeling the value of my own worth

right like whereas because like i was

very shy i was very awkward and i was

very insecure because i was made to

believe i was fat and ugly my whole life

i was beat up by kids at school i was

beat up by my mom i was always bullied

so like i was told i was fat and i was

ugly and i believed that up until i was

35 years old man i was very insecure i

mean i know that when you’re a hugely


child star yeah which you were i mean

right like


i know that when you’re in a school

system and you’re the big child star

that there’s actually like a bullying

component right even though you have

like insane amounts of power or

popularity or whatever

you’re playing you’re not in school

you’re a celebrity yeah but so it’s a

different ballgame you’re like the

you’re you’re the dumb kid because you

leave all the time you’re the stupid kid

right you know and you must think you’re

special because you get to like not be

here when the rest of us have to slave

away at school all day that’s the way

they looked at it it’s pretty it’s

pretty incredible to me that that uh

you can be bullied in that kind of

situation but then what what

what else to to be

made to believe that you’re fat

when you were never fat i was a little

bit chubby like i had like what movie

were you fattest in

um i would say it wasn’t like maybe a

movie but i think definitely on the bad

news bears tv series i mean i got a big

round of applause for the [ __ ] 70s

yeah i was seven and eight years old

yeah but this is called screwed up in

the head

you know your mom tells you you’re fat

you think you’re fat i wasn’t allowed to

eat in those days she would literally

keep meals from me or like hide the you

know candy and the junk food because i

wasn’t allowed to eat it

um so that was then right then even all

the way up until gremlins like look at

me and grandma’s i’m filling out those

those pants pretty tight you know i got

like a chubby face i got the little bit

of a belly there gremlins was uh like

84. i was like 83. oh 83 i was shooting

it yeah 83 i was shooting it it came out

in 84.85 and then goonies we shot in 84

and it came out in 85 right right okay

yeah so by goonies i started to lose a

little bit of it and then by standby and

i mean

okay came into my were you already doing

coke on standby no no no no no no

no i was like those gremlins dude

no no no no that that didn’t start till

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it and now let’s talk about a much worse


okay so the first time i did cocaine was

because my mom was doing it with

somebody on the set of the lost boys

okay this little hot little asian woman

who i was sitting there one night

because i was like falling asleep and i

was depressed because i’m like how the

hell am i gonna stay for these night

shoots i’ve never done a night shoot i

mean i’ve done like the friday 13th

night shoots but that was like we come

in at noon we work until midnight and

then you go home because like when

you’re a kid they’re only going to let

you work so late and then they’re going

to call it but like now

i’m still a kid but i’m 14 years old 15

years old you know when when you get to

those ages all of a sudden they start

treating you more like you’re an adult

right and the work code still applies

but they’ll be like oh we’re gonna do

like a half day half night so we’re

coming in at three in the afternoon and

we’ll work until three in the morning

and i was like wait what

i i wasn’t very good at that


i was a little frustrated like how am i

gonna do this how am i gonna stay up all

night and this little asian lady comes

up to me and she’s like hey you should

just do what your mom does to stay awake

and i was like what’s that and she’s

like cocaine and i was like

uh okay

i wouldn’t really know where to go she’s

like oh i have it just come to my

apartment we’ll do something it’ll be

easy and then you’ll be fine i was like

oh okay well she makes it sound so easy

and harmless i might as well if my mom’s

doing it how bad could it be you know

how old were you uh i was like i said 15

15. yeah when was the first time you did

coke how old were you oh [ __ ] i didn’t

do coke until i was


20 i think

yeah late bloomer experience i did it on

my high school lunch break

my senior year or something like come

over and i did oh it’s bad so i got okay

so the first time i did it sorry it’s a

bad experience

because it was it was it was good at

first like we did it we had fun it was

like you know we were talking we’re

sitting in this girl’s apartment she

takes me out driving she taught me how

to drive a stick shift high on cocaine

for the first time um jones and then and

then you know here’s the thing i did one

line and i thought that one line was

gonna last forever we’re gonna live

forever you know so that’s what i was

thinking at the moment fame um but what

happened was unfortunately i was wrong

and it did not and so i didn’t go to

sleep in between when i that whole thing

which was like say six to 12 in the

afternoon and then at 12 i go out with

my friend for the day and then i’ve got

like a four o’clock call and i never

slept anywhere in between and i’ve got

to work from four to four and so then i

say to the girl like hey you know what i

have a feeling this stuff might wear off

uh how long does it take to wear if

she’s like oh it’ll be worn off by the

time you go into work and i’m like well

i’m gonna probably need more than to

keep me up she’s like don’t worry i’ll

meet you there i’ll give you some more

well that was my first lesson and people

doing drugs are not very honest

so yeah found out the hard way that she

was full of it and uh waited for her to

show up she didn’t show up she didn’t

show up she flaked on me she left me

hanging right and so i’m sitting there

like you know showing up for work

getting my costume on like half asleep

like okay i gotta make it through this

she’ll be here any minute it’s cool and

i’m like calling her texting her i don’t

think we had text in those days that’s a

lie i was just calling her um

yeah and she didn’t show up like no

response no anything you know i’m

sending a birdie over to her house

um and so she doesn’t show up she leaves

me hanging and it’s now like eight

o’clock at night and we’re shooting the

very first scene that day which happens

to be hold for it wait for it yeah the

big truth justice in the american way

speech scene that everybody remembers

that moment was during this hell so it

was literally at that moment where i’m

like and joel schumacher’s like okay so

you’re gonna come to this spot you’re

gonna stop here you’re gonna pause for

two seconds you’re gonna deliver the

first part of the line then you’re gonna

wait and cory’s gonna clear over here

and then jamison’s gonna come over to

this point and then when he stops you’re

gonna open the magazine you’re gonna

look at it you’re gonna pull it down to

right here and then you’re gonna look

over the top i mean like all these

instructions i’m like

no dude are you dead i did not pull it i

didn’t it was it was a disastrous

meltdown was it was it clear to anybody

that the drugs were involved here’s what

was clear i’m a guy that’s very on my

[ __ ] all the time i’m very efficient i’m

very like i try to stay

you know i’m a professional i study the

night before i get all into my

memorization i come in the next day i

know my stuff backwards and forwards you

know impeccable i’m a professional i

don’t mess around but all of a sudden i

couldn’t remember one thing to the next

that he’s telling me to do

and he’s looking at me like what is

wrong with you like dude i just said

three times here’s the order of the

thing and you just you know i say come

to this mark stop you know freeze turn

around lower the thing and then say your

line you’re going over here you’re

walking past your mark you’re not

lowering the thing you’re saying you’re

lying without even looking at the place

you’re supposed to look i’m like uh

okay let’s do it again so that happens

like 10 times and eventually joel

schumacher’s like okay i don’t know

what’s wrong with you are you on drugs

are you on drugs feldman is that what’s

going on here like totally called me out

and i was like huh i wish i was on drugs

i wouldn’t be so screwed up right now no

so so yeah that was the problem i had no

drugs um so he knew there was something

going on and he fired this was at a time

when uh

when everything was still shot on film

oh absolutely yeah it was all filming so

to screw up a take was actually kind of

expensive at that time very expensive

yeah and uh you said he fired you yeah

he fired me he fired me right there on

the spot he’s like listen fellman i

don’t know what’s going on with you but

you’re fired you need to get your act

together i can’t have this on my set i

don’t know what’s going on but you’re

you know coming in all out of it looking

like you’re high

duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh like

for like two hours

but what happened was they were like

look the only way we’re gonna let you

continue is if you get some where’s your

mom that was the first question where’s

your mom why is she not here why are you

all out of it somebody needs to answer

for this

and i was like um good luck finding her

she’s probably off with some crew member

in the bar

wow you know doing

drunk getting laid who knows and so

they couldn’t find her they all did like

an apb to try and find my mom nobody

could find her they’re like this is a

disaster and then they’re like well we

can’t really blame it on the kid if he’s

got no adult supervision so we’ve got to

at least give him a chance by like

saying okay you’ve got to have like some

adult supervision around right and then

if you still mess up then we’ll fire you

for real so they decided to see like is

your dad available can your dad come

down my dad couldn’t come down because

he had his talent management company

which was basically like a false

management company where it was like

like like the powers remember jg powers

or whatever like where they’d like take

your money and do seminars and like

they’d pick like 100 people to like oh

yeah you’re the best looking one so

you’re gonna get a free photo shoot but

everybody else has got to pay fifteen

thousand dollars for that same photo

shoot in an acting class and maybe one

day you’ll get an acting part and that

was kind of like his thing but he had my

movie posters up all over the walls and

it was called new talent enterprises and

it was like over on the sleazy part of

kawenga there



he was doing that and he didn’t have

time to come play babysitter so he says

no i’m not available so they were like

well who can you get up here and that we

called marty weiss and marty weiss was a

guy who had been kidnapping me since i

was 11 years old

he was part of the science fiction

awards or whatever it was called the


he was not my agent he was literally

just like a stalker hangar on dude that

basically got into my life because he

worked for the saturn awards and was

trying to give me an award so he like

called me up but comes to find out that

he basically gave awards to all of like

or like got in touch with all the steven

spielberg kids so i thought he was just

a big steven spielberg fan big disney

fan he loved all those kids he was he

introduced me to another kid that became

one of my best friends at the time named

jason preston who was in explorers i

don’t know if you remember the movie

explorers with uh ethan hawk and river

phoenix but okay yeah that was a joe

dante movie um steven spielberg movie as

well but anyway so so he became friends

with him and then introduced me to him

and he became my best friend up until i

met corey haim a couple years later so

from like gremlins to lost boys this kid

jason president was my best friend so

anyway come to find out that this guy’s

like molesting everybody and so he’s a

pedophile and

then we find out that basically well he

comes in it’s in you know my book and in

my movie and whatever i want to get into

the graphic stories but let’s just say

that he took advantage of the situation


and at that time this was the set of

lost boys so you are 14

turning 15. turning 15. and like so

incredibly famously at the age of 15

you started the emancipation right so

what happened was like so i okay since

marty it wasn’t because marty was there

it was because i was embarrassed and i

was shamed that i went down that road

and i did drugs at all because i was so

anti-drug normally like why did i do

that drugs aside there was like

financial [ __ ] going on all kinds of

[ __ ] yeah but the bottom line was i was

just like dude my life sucks right now i

need to like try and keep this job

because otherwise i’m screwed this is my

only chance of like staying away from

that abusive household you know so

especially now that they realize my

mom’s the bad guy like that’s the best

news really out of all this is that i

have a chance to get away from my mom

because she was really wretched and your

parents were together they were not

together not together so that was the

point was like right if my dad was gonna

at any point come in and kind of save

the day because at least i knew with him

you know we’d smoke weed together and he

wouldn’t kick my ass you know i mean my

mom was just like psycho wanted to beat

me all the time wanted to abuse me he

wanted to do whatever she could to just

like hard drugs and physical violence or

versus everything’s pretty cool right

he’s a musician and like you know like

probably hit on all my girlfriends but

whatever you know this sort of thing um

so i went to the dad but that was after

we got back from santa cruz so once we

got back from santa cruz then my dad

says hey here’s a great idea let’s get

you involved in this thing called

hollywood kids say no to drugs and

you’ll be like the spokesperson because

we know you hate drugs and i’m like

perfect so i start doing that then he

introduces me to pedophile number two

um well actually i’d already met

pedophile number two which was alfie but

he came through

the whole because i knew him from being

supposedly bobby hoffman’s son bobby

hoffman was the head of casting for

paramount television and cast me on all

of my tv shows growing up as a kid and

many other kids as well and then he was

living with this dude alfie and alfie

started doing these underage clubs

called alfie’s soda pop club so that’s

when my mom invited me to go

to alfie’s club or whatever his party

with bobby at their house and he’s like

out and she’s like alfie’s gonna come

pick you up so you’re very special

you’re very lucky because alfie’s gonna

come pick you up and take you to this

party so alfie was one then john but

john comes through my dad and so my dad

over at new talent is like hey uh i

can’t be on the set with you during lost

boys all the time and i’m really busy

and stuff so i’m gonna get you this

assistant guy who’s basically gonna

drive you around and be your gopher and

be your chaperone and beer whatever

because again right the whole reason

joel schumacher wanted to get me

parental guidance and wanted to like

make sure that i was set before he kept

me on board was to make sure that i

didn’t get around some flunky who wasn’t

going to take it seriously and wasn’t

gonna care about my best interest right

well so what does my dad do i go to my

dad’s for better care and end up with a

new flunky who’s also a pedophile isn’t

that ironic like every time i get

swapped to somebody it’s like another

pedophile so anyway yeah that’s how

everybody keeping it in

who are you gonna tell yeah i mean your

parents are the ones that are bringing

them into your life right and by by the

way um nothing happened with the alfie

guy until after i was living with my dad

so when i was living with my mom the

only thing that was happening was that

marty weiss was coming and breaking me

out of my house in the middle of the

night and taking me out on drives but he

never molested me during that time he

was only kidnapping me and we were

having fun together so it didn’t look

like anything i would see that’s the

thing that’s how they get you right they

get your trust by like grooming you

right by being your friend and being

like hey i’m gonna be the cool guy

that’s gonna get you out of this bad

situation so then you trust them so how

does the emancipation

course how do we get there

so ironically it’s the guy


was hired by my dad john grissom who is

the pedophile who says hey you got to

get away from these abusive parents

and they’re taking all your money and

they’re screwing you over we got to get

you out of this situation chuck went up

for the pedophile because that was a

good call right so he’s like so we’ll

get you in was it though really who

knows that’s the thing

then he also introduced me to cocaine

because like after that so now that i’m

with him it’s like we’re hanging out all

the time like oh look at sam kinnison

all these guys at the comedy store

they’re like love you let’s go hang out

with them and then we walk into their

parties and there’s giant mounds of

cocaine on the table 15 year olds should

not have been there in the first place

but he walks me in he’s like hey man

this is a party and i’m like cool it’s a

party and then like i’m like but i don’t

do cocaine and i resisted it for like

the first six months hanging out with

all those guys and then eventually i

just got weak and i was like well they

look like they’re all having fun and if

they’re having fun i guess they weren’t

having a pretty good time at the comedy

store they were and they were yeah that

was before they crossed the imaginary

line so it was all good in the show you

know and is that when kennison had the

house like right up the hill from the

comedy store crystal that’s it so we

were chilling at crystal so anyway so it

was at the crest hill house actually

where i did my first like not the one

for my mom which was the one time one

line but this was like the first time i

actually did did cocaine okay so john

grissom gives it to me and he’s like

oh you gotta trust now you gotta try

crack now you gotta try heroin now you

gotta try lsd so every drug that i ever

did literally was because of the same

dude okay how soon after did you start

doing heroin oh like two years later two

years it was a process but i had to go

through my cocaine phase like where i

got really into coke for a while that

was like the whole thing lasted two

years but like basically i was really

into cocaine for like six months to a


and then

was like you know i see it destroying

all my friends lives i see it destroying

my life i cross that imaginary line

people are having that talk with me

they’re like you don’t see you have a

problem you have a problem i’m like what

is the problem i’m staying up for three

four days at a time and we’re having a

great time no problem you know they’re

like no that’s a problem

that is the problem right that pedophile

didn’t do everything

to help but

he was the one who said you got to get

away from your parents so i can have

more control over you and right

along with you and put you on drugs so i

can completely manipulate and control


but it wasn’t like some superhero right

right but did he did he get you set up

with some kind of attorney because yeah

i was fascinated by the idea yeah

like the idea and the journey

like that the uh

because you were like the first like

child star to legally

like become independent of your parents

before like when you’re only 15 years

old that’s not the first i believe

drew did it first audrey barrymore she

might have done it first okay so we’re

right neck and neck around the same

right yeah i mean it’s a pretty big deal

and and and what i read about it

was that you were a bona fide

millionaire at 15 years old but by the

time the court proceedings played out

like all they had to show for all of

your earnings was forty thousand dollars

you got your you did your fact check out

that very well done

so well let me tell you how it actually

went down i was really fascinated to ask

this question because to become

emancipated from your parents means to

become completely independent of them he

did this at the age of 15

and was like wow you know okay i got no

parents i’m an adult that’s fascinating

and you know what else is fascinating

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let’s try to figure out what’s going on

with this emancipation business

so so basically what happened was

in order to get emancipated i had to be

on my [ __ ] like i had to know what i was

doing i had to be able to like say okay

this is

right because otherwise they’re not

going to let you go they want to see a

that you know what you’re talking about

you know your finances you know where

you’re at and that you’re going to be

able to be self-sufficient and provide

for yourself

in the event that they turn over the

power of signature to you right so

um basically what happened was i went

down to the producer’s pension health

and welfare which is where everybody

who’s an actor their residuals go their

payment their you know futures their

pension it’s all put into there so

there’s an accounting it’s not part of

sag it’s a separate division separate

building are you a producer i was not no

no no it’s the producers pension health

and welfare meaning the producers have

to pay into this pension

for the on the behalf of the actors

right okay so there’s a certain amount

of money that accrues so they can a see

all the money that you’ve earned and

then b see what’s left in your accounts

because they’re the ones that make sure

that like with the jackie coogan law

they have to put like 15 percent aside

from every paycheck that keeps coming up

it’s crazy your parents are only allowed

to blow 85 of your money right exactly

but we’re gonna make sure you got a few

cents left don’t worry

and that’s what is not covered up right

because the way my parents did it which

was super slick because typically like a

manager gets 10 to 15 as you know right

well my my parents were both my managers

and they both took 15 wow so there’s

your 30 right there off the top then you

got 40 to taxes i don’t know about like

literary then you got your business

manager your agent your agent takes ten

percent business manager takes five

percent wait what’s happened where

there’s fifteen percent how do they

justify fifteen percent because they

figure they’re taking off of words right

that is a bit too much why should those

kids earn anything screw those kids

why wouldn’t it be like uh why not 100

percent or like no no

it should be yeah yeah kids should get

all the money yeah it should be 85 to

the kid and like

between all the managers right because

kids are doing the work right do they

figure because like their childhood

giving up their freedom

yeah somebody go ahead what’s even more

crazy i mean we could talk about the

unfairness of uh

all the all the money being the

commissions but but it’s just so

fascinating to me a judge grants you

emancipation and so now you’re 15 years

old but you are not legally an adult


waving the idea of minor so here’s what

happens so we go to the court right and

i prove okay so this is where that comes

in we go to producers pension health and

welfare they show me you have earned a

million dollars to this point at 14 and

a half this is where you’re at you’ve

earned a million dollars however

here’s what’s in your account right now

and that’s where the forty thousand

right i mean you gotta figure if you’ve

earned a million then that puts you in a

pretty high tax bracket so you can

almost ballpark it at 50 percent goes to

taxes until it fits down 15 year old

right you know yeah so there’s [ __ ]

going on but it wasn’t necessarily like

as crazy as a million down to 40 000

yeah it’s pretty


resume at that time you know like with

with goonies kremlin’s last boys like

friday the 13th right [ __ ] all the

madam speakers bad news all of it morgan

mindy with robin williams all of it

it’s it feels pretty shocking that you

would only have earned a million dollars

at that point well yeah because they

weren’t paying people like they were

these days right like there was no

backhand there was no

no stand by me

do you know what i got paid i’ll tell

everybody i got paid for goonies forty

thousand dollars it was that sag scale

for a principal role yeah because we

were on it for six months and all that

that’s forty thousand dollars for six

months later crazy right that’s like

slave labor if you think about it and

we’re almost where the [ __ ] we’re almost

40 years later and and now sag scale for

that kind of rolls 65 grand right



but that said if you do one movie you

get jumped up to like the million dollar

tax day i mean payday bracket you know

what i mean like you do one movie that’s

successful you’re getting an offer from

me yeah the kids inspired 15 number one

films and we’re still getting like here

license to drive how about a hundred

thousand dollars and i’m like what it’s

my name over the damn title and that’s

the kind of money we were making it was

terrible it was terrible could you

negotiate were you like told not to do

that or i mean what do you um my my

agents were like william morris at the

time so yeah they probably should have

made sure that that didn’t happen right

you would think

here’s a question i was dying to to ask

you because

you know i’m known for for all the

jackass stuff you are but i’m just


right but but i’ve since really like

established myself in the comedy world

during stand-up

and i’m still not known as a stand-up

comedian but i’ve been


way more successful in stand-up com from

a financial perspective okay i’ve made

way more money doing stand-up comedy

than i ever made from exactly exactly

thank you so that’s why a lot like when

he said to me like oh in the 80s when

you were you know big or whatever and

i’m like no no you don’t understand like

because in the 80s the way i look at it

was i was a slave i wasn’t making much

money i didn’t get much play from girls

because i was shy and intimidated and

awkward so like the 80s to me were not

some great glory days you know what i

mean it was more like i was a slave kid

that was just basically trying to get

away from the abusers trying to get away

from the parents trying to get away from

everybody that was trying to hold me

down and then i ended up a drug addict

then i ended up in jail then i ended up

in rehab so it wasn’t really until the

90s that i started even living my life

like quite honestly like 91 92 that’s

when i started feeling like a human

being and actually caring about myself

and loving myself and wanting to like

self-heal and all of that kind of stuff

and so it was interesting because that

point on that my life started i think

you were still like

on some pretty hard drugs until at least

95 right no man oh no no


wow okay i was sober in 89.

wow and how old are you then you’re like

20 or something i was 18 18. and you’ve

got some correcting to do on wikipedia

oh dude wikipedia is whacked don’t get

me started right i mean i i i no no no

no no no get me started

let me tell you about this okay let’s

talk let’s be real i’ve got i’ve got

some [ __ ] on wikipedia i’m on media

blackout do you know what media blackout

it means that there’s actually people

out there that are working on a 24-hour

basis to discredit and defame me and

change the facts of life

so they’re you know wikipedia is

supposed to be an open forum where

anybody user friendly can go in there

and edit whatever they want right which

leaves you open to the truth it also

leaves you open to lies right that’s

what you would think

but if me or anybody on my team tries to

go into wikipedia you can try it right

now and you try to edit something

it’ll stick for about two minutes and

then it goes back and reverts to

whatever the [ __ ] was that was there

okay then like if it’s me and i try it

say like multiple times two or three

times all of a sudden i get a notice up

that says i’m blocked my ip address is

blocked for the next two years wow and

anybody that tries to even try to change

wikipedia no remember being on a cookie

you should be able to the way that that

whole program is set up the way that the

website works is it’s a user-friendly

basis which means that anybody with a

computer and any you know basic

knowledge of html can get in there and

edit it and show the links that they

need to show to show the truth and like

it should all back up because somebody’s

got to go through it and go like oh this

makes sense this points to this

but they have some kind of system on

mine maybe yours i don’t know i mean i

don’t know how truthful yours is they’re

off you’re i mean it’s just like you

know it says i’ve been married twice and

i’ve actually never been married right

so that’s fine are they allowed to do

that though but here’s the thing

yeah good question right especially when

they’re purposefully blocking your ip

address or anybody associated with you

so yeah wikimedia is the company that

owns wikipedia and we’re probably going

to have to like send them some very

serious letters from our lawyers because

this is not acceptable they’re out there

lying about me everything on women

like what’s the malicious lie the

malicious lie is like you just said

there’s you know they say that i wasn’t

really sober

one of the things says that i went on

the today show in october and then two

months later i was arrested in louisiana


let me tell you something i was never

arrested in louisiana

right that was flash i was not arrested

members of my band were arrested

and a half a xanax pill


not my xanax bill not my weed i wasn’t

arrested let’s just be real so the

bottom line is there’s people out there

maliciously intentionally trying to make

me sound like a liar

trying to change my

credibility okay because obviously if

i’m lying about this or if i’m lying

about that then those really important

big stories that i told in my

documentary must not be true because

obviously i’m a liar all right you know

who’s telling these lies or is just

anonymous it’s connected to

the debunking of my truth so i put out a

documentary you know about the

documentary i mean i guess or maybe not

but i didn’t know about it until i got

ready to meet you today and then i was

like wow you know so where’s this

documentary available it’s not anymore

it’s not so what happened was i spent

1.3 million dollars making this film

uh we premiered at the director’s guild

there was 700 people there sold out


standing room only amazing incredible

and the night we get there we start the

film and it was streaming globally

because i was the first person actually

ever to do a live global streaming

vod premiere and people have paid to

pay-per-view right did was it successful

it would have been had we not gotten

hacked and pirated okay okay so as the

film started all of a sudden the thing



people all over the world who paid money

to see the film could not see it because

there was an interruption of service

it’s called a ddos server attack okay

okay so we got a ddos server attack that

shut down the film shut down the stream

they actually copied it they stole the


they copied the script

and then they created a subsidiary

website that was like a copycat website

that went up literally live the moment

our stream came down

and they started selling tickets for

thirty dollars

versus us who was

charging twenty dollars for the ticket

so they’re taking the same movie same

stream same script so it looks like the

same website they even pushed it up in

the google search so theirs was mine was theirs was

they put up a fake website the same

exact time that our premiere is out they

shut down yours did they direct all of

your traffic to their page correct

correct so they would have had to have

been able to uh

to edit your page as well but i guess

they hacked it yeah they hacked it they

stole the stream they copied the script

wow and they were able to build another

prototype of a website that looked

exactly like ourselves that went live

the moment that ours went down

by the

virginia and then somehow the media just

never talked about it

because the next day was kovid so nobody

wanted to talk about it and so i’ve

never been on any talk shows the news

won’t have me on the i mean like that’s

why i say media blackout because all the

mainstream media has prevented me from

coming forth and talking about this

story given that these hackers


actually monetize it they took money

isn’t it possible to follow that money

trail and and and get to these people

who committed the copyright yeah you’d

need a lot of expensive lawyers

and a lot of investigators were you able

to to

get any sense of of how many buys they

did well we can no i have no idea how

much these how many tickets they sold

for their

you know fake but i know that it was up

for three months

before we even knew about it i found it

by accident actually my my director the

guy who directed the film brian

herzlinger texts me one day and he goes

hey do you know about this you just you

just you just did a post for our movie

that goes to a different website and i’m

like what and he’s like yeah and it was

like an accidental thing like i put my

truths instead of my truth by accident

and you click on it and it’s an actual

website but it’s not our website and

he’s like yeah dude that’s an entirely

different website that’s not our website

i was like holy [ __ ] and it was uh

and they were selling

so that was multiple different websites

so there was that one that was the main

thing how they were pulling the money

out but the way they liquidated the

movie and made it worthless

was by putting it out for free all over

youtube so they put out about 200 free

links on youtube the first one got 250


before uh youtube would take it down and

we were sending them letters for weeks

and they wouldn’t listen because we

didn’t have like you know the exact

right trademark information or the exact

copyright information or whatever and

they like wanted everything by the book

before they would even listen to us that

this is our film even though i paid for

it even though it’s my name on it i

produced it it’s my lawyer hitting you

up but if you don’t have the exact

paperwork they’re not gonna listen that

makes me glad that we uh

got in business with that anti-piracy

company before putting out gnarly yeah

we spent like six thousand bucks to get

uh this anti-piracy company to like uh

you know stamp whatever redshift

anywhere my [ __ ] shows up yeah like it’s

gonna be like

you know flat trademark type thing yeah

yeah that’s gonna prevent the previous

from showing up on youtube i was so

naive man i had no idea i thought like

hey i found a foolproof way because look

i put out a book they edited my story i

put out a doc

a film on the lifetime network

that you know was a pretty good film

that i helped produce they edited and

changed the story even as far as like

changing the scenes to make it not what

it was supposed to be you know what i

mean so like everything kept getting

changed and edited how are you going to

get the truth out everybody kept saying

you got to get the truth out you got to

get the troop there fine

how do i do this so that nobody is

controlling the narrative

but me

right right well the only way that you

can possibly do that is to put it out in

a documentary format but even then

you’ve got to get your eno lawyers to

approve everything to make sure you

don’t get sued right you can’t put out

anything that’s like above and beyond

and you have to work really really

really hard to prove that

everything is corroborated like there is

not one thing in that movie that wasn’t

corroborated by like multiple people

that it sounded like that those were

some pretty

fiery allegation

right yeah but i’m confused i mean where

is it now the documentary was my truth

the rape of two quarries right again and

and even saying the word rape on youtube

i think uh gets you [ __ ]

have you not talked about it since then

i have not taught you this this is the

first time but you said that this

documentary is not available but so did

you ultimately get it all taken down

from youtube yeah so we got him finally

taken down but so 250 000 views at 20

dollars a pop how much money is that 250

000 views at 20.

5 million


50 million wait 250 fifty million i’m

bad enough 250 000 views

of pop


it’s 50 million

i think it’s five it’s five million

twenty divided by four

yeah it’s uh because

divided by 250 though

it’s a quarter million 250 times two is

five hundred thousand maybe i’m good and

then you add one zero because it’s a

twenty six five million

i don’t think so

maybe that’s just one of the links and

then you know

whatever no that was definitely just one

of the links but the point is all

together it came out to like 80 million

dollars i mean it would have been it

would have been a lucrative business


it wasn’t and we weren’t doing it for

that you know at the end of the day we

just wanted to get the truth out but i

had bills i have to pay back people that

like a whole crew that was working on on

spec you know that was looking forward

to it doing well and getting paid and

then on top of it what we could have

done with the profits

would have been unbelievable i’m not

good at math either by the way so i

could totally be doing that

i don’t even know but we should pull out

a calculator

somebody already has don’t worry

somebody’s sitting there like you’re an

[ __ ] yeah on the comments

you’re an [ __ ] you don’t know how to

do math go bite yourself

it brings me back to the question i

wanted to ask which is for your prolific

film career and and you know the



success that you had in it


i would believe that it’s your music

career that’s been more financially uh

rewarding for you you’re right

you’re right yeah yeah because it’s been

the last five years that my music

luckily blew up and again this was i

believe just an attempt to try and like

knock me down and make me look like a

jackass sorry for the expression

but yeah i mean because we did the today

show which was obviously a setup i mean

like every single media outlet at the

exact same moment the second we walked

off stage was like what was that what

was that bizarre strange performance you

know corey feldman really blew the you

know donkey or whatever like it was

terrible what was he thinking


it was all across the board everybody

had the exact same headline like you’re

telling me that there’s not one single

media outlet that saw it a little bit

differently or had a different

perspective or wrote maybe a few

different words no it was the exact same

language across the board at the same

time isn’t that miraculous would you

piss off exactly so do you think about

pedophiles that are very powerful too

do you think that


in that case because there was so much

widespread uh

you know

coverage of this performance which was

critically panned like just the fact

that there was that much coverage do you

think that inadvertently it may go

through the roof right first of all it

was the most because of what they did it

backfired it was the most viewed

performance in the today show history

that’s what she said so tara um tamara

sorry tamara hall


said it on live tv she goes this is the

most viewed performance in the

ever boom right those are those

subscribe to the notion that there’s no

such thing as bad publicity in this case

well there isn’t as long as they’re

writing about you or talking about you

then you’re in good shape so that’s why

what they’re doing to me now is even

worse because they won’t even have me on

to explain what’s been going on they

won’t even have me on to explain what

happened to my film we’re talking about

a hundred million dollars worth of you

know liquid corruption that just

happened tax evasion who’s who’s paying

the taxes on all that money that went

through those fingertips i mean where’s

all that advertising money all that you

know if you can’t trace down the people

and the money for a copyright claim and

not only that but they were making dvds

they literally had dvds with the

packaging with the artwork with

everything and you’re like presumably

presumably the documentary

you know

even though you didn’t uh

make any money off of it right some

people made money off it and plenty of

people saw it so how is the documentary

critically reviewed oh amazingly okay

amazingly yeah i mean like anybody

that’s giving an honest review of it

like okay so what happened was they

tried to act like it didn’t happen at

all like i did actually read news

stories the next morning that said it

was all lie corey was scamming his fans

there was no movie

unfortunately what they didn’t expect is

they didn’t expect that i would have two

separate copies so we had the copy that

was streaming

uh for the whole world to see and then

we had a separate copy that was the

premiere copy of the dga so i actually

stopped the film 15 minutes in and said

look guys i don’t know if i should

finish the movie because it’s been

hacked online

and it’s not really fair to all the

people who paid to not get to see the

movie at the same time as you so i was

thinking about not even playing the rest

of it at the premiere and coming back

and doing it a separate day once we got

it all worked out and it was actually a

bunch of actors who rushed the stage um

you know like roseanne arquette was one

of them and she was the most vocal and

she got to the front of the stage she

said corey you need to do this now she’s

like do not back down she goes that’s

what they want they want you to stop the

film they want you to not play it she

said but if you do this you’re never

going to get all of us back here again

you’re never going to get a whole

premiere full of people like it’s never

going to happen

and i was like you know what she’s right

and so because of that i continued the

film and i played the whole movie out

and so the next day you added in

rolling stone l.a times entertainment

weekly everybody reviewed the movie and

said it was a good movie and we did the


you know

but then everybody that wasn’t in the

room tried to say that the movie never

played there was no movie there was no

they’re there it was a nothing burger

blah blah blah

so for people who are listening to this

and they’re just dying to see this movie

are you really telling them that it’s

not available i can’t it can’t because

number one i had to pull it i had to

pull it because of the safety of my my

life and my family you know there was

two attempts on my life leading up to

this which are documented in the movie

um the lapd for whatever reason will not

give us the video footage to prove that

i was actually attacked because people

tried to say that the attack never

happened that’s the way they spun it the

lapd officer for whatever reason after

photo i mean i have video footage of

them photographing the the wound and and

sizing the the scar and the laceration

right they’re literally like like sizing

it and taking pictures of it in the


they turned around and said there was no

puncture wound yeah and wow someone

tried to stab me in the back of the neck

and this side it was very tiny i mean it

was a god they they literally it was a

godsend i don’t know how i can’t explain

it but they missed so they didn’t get

very far they just got like the very tip

of the knife into me so i thought it was

like maybe a needle because i couldn’t

figure it out i remember the story being

that you thought it was somebody who was

trying to dermic needle yeah i didn’t

know but then later on when i was

showing the jacket that i got stabbed

into the cops we saw a slit this big so

you know that it was a knife because

there was a slit in the jacket okay so

anyway so i went and filed a subpoena to

lapd for the freedom of information act

and said i know you guys have the

footage you showed me the footage you

can’t see what they’re doing but you can

easily see that they break into my car

and they reach in and they do something

right right give me that footage from my

documentary where did this attack take


in on ventura boulevard when and was it

and what was the night this is just

random you were there it wasn’t random

they followed me they followed me from

where i was eating but it wasn’t at like

uh the screening of your movie or no no

no no i was having dinner actually with

the director and my friend jamison

newlander who played the other frog

brother and we were actually discussing

and i was showing them what i call my

bible of evidence and i was showing them

everything telling them everything that

happened up to that point and why i felt

it was necessary to make this

documentary asking brian if he was

interested in you know being a part of

it and honestly he’s sitting there

looking at me like is this guy lost his

mind like maybe he’s gone crazy this is

like over he didn’t believe any of it

and until he saw what happened to me

yeah because i left there that night and

i got followed and all this [ __ ] went

down and i ended up in the hospital the

next day so the the attack happened

while you were making the documentary

then we made the documentary before

right so then the documentary came out

you released it right since it’s been

released were there other threats or

something that makes you want to

like retract that and not leave it out

yeah i mean first of all it’s a constant

non-stop barrage on twitter on social

media um they’re constantly gaslighting

me they’re trying to accuse me of things

that i never did um you know basically

what happened was they sent some spies

into my life which are the girls that

were part of my angel tour a couple of

the musicians were not actual musicians

they were spies that were put into my

life to cause mayhem and destruction

they’re called the honeypot crazy yeah

basically same kind of deal

so so these girls were put in there to

basically cause mayhem and disarray

and then when i fired them because of

the mayhem and disarray they turned

around and made false allegations about

me which were investigated by lapd and i

was cleared of those false allegations

yet they keep throwing them out there

and they keep adding names to the list

like oh there’s like 10 girls who’ve

come forward there’s no 10 girls but

they pretend that there’s these fake

names so it’s three girls that were sent

into my um tour bus basically and we

know who sent them there and they were

put there on purpose to make me look bad

and then make false allegations but then

they start adding names of like other

people that either we know some of the

names we don’t even know who they are

we’ve never even met these people and

they just make these names and they and

they and they basically put a list out

there and they put it under false

allegations and it’s tied to uh for a

while was actually tied to this girl

named mindy who is uh running to be a

politician who claimed that she knew all

this stuff about me like i’d never even

spent more than maybe like two nights

with her and nothing happened and like

basically she was there as a

date we went on a date but she was gonna

maybe be part of my angel thing and then

i just decided against it she just

didn’t you know have the right vibe and

i wasn’t into it and that never went

forward so she was like okay when were

these guys sent into your tour bus well

basically the tour bus itself i mean

this is i don’t even know how much of

this i should say

i mean whatever that

it was a very nice one we hit a lot of

success right away we did the today show

it was very successful with the angels

and the angel band and all that but

unfortunately the girls that we used

they were good for like the one song

which was a fairly easy song but they

weren’t capable of like learning 30

songs they just didn’t have that kind of

skill so we needed more skilled girls

because they were spies no no no no no

just strictly professionally we needed

better skilled girls right we needed

girls that really knew what they were

doing because i have a very wide array

of music and you know we do everything

from like edm to rock to hip-hop i mean

it’s kind of all over the map so you

really have to be very versatile as a

musician to be able to pull it all off

so because of that we felt like we

needed some you know kind of better

talent to be the touring talent

um and so what we did is we threw an

open audition

so open casting call and we did it over

facebook so i start getting hit up by

like girls from all over the country you

know oh yeah check out my reel check out

this check out that

so we brought in you know a girl this

girl like she said she was like a hippie

she was like a a gypsy rather not a

hippie but a gypsy traveling from like

town to town and she would just happen

to be in town and let me come by with my


so she came over she auditioned we hired

her she had no place to stay so we let

her stay at our house

and then after she was there for a

little while she starts like saying that

you know she’s a stripper which we

didn’t know

and she wanted to like still make money

because we weren’t letting her

strip because obviously we didn’t want

that kind of a look around our branding

and she’s like no no just let me do like

cam stuff from inside the house and i’m

like hell no what are you crazy i’m not

going to let that kind of thing be going

on in my house like are you nuts

so she didn’t like the fact that i told

her no and i thought that was the reason

why she was doing all this terrible

stuff i had no idea that it was for a

darker reason which was that she was

sent there on purpose so we found that


based on the fact that she was making

phone calls and text messages to that


throughout the tour we found out that

the tour bus driver was his personal

tour bus driver we found out that we

were on his actual tour bus which we

paid for but yeah we got a really good

deal let’s just say that much the way we

ended up on that bus is because they

made the best offer out of all the

different buses we were looking at what

i’m trying to get a sense of is with all

the craziness surrounding the movie and

and the uh

you know the

just the controversy and

and everything

does that just fuel the success of the

of the music

it would if people knew that the music

was coming out here’s the problem right

now is we’re having a very hard time

marketing this new album we’ve got this

beautiful box set and this beautiful new

album and a great new single but the

problem is when mainstream media isn’t

supporting you

and you’re not popping up everywhere

like when we were you know we did the

today show we had the top 40 song on the

billboard charts

and it was everywhere like people

magazine rolling stone billboard

everybody broke the story about corey’s

new albums coming out so we announced we

put out a press release new album’s

coming out nobody’s picking it up it’s

crickets so let’s let’s see the box they

don’t support you how are you going to

get a hit right so it’s all based on you

now stevo you’re the

you’re the lifeline so is this on

spotify this isn’t finished yet so this

is this is just look at the artwork but

yeah wow and actually has the world’s

first ever hologram

uh on a box set so we’ve never had this

kind of technology before in history but

i am the first artist i believe to pop

up in a hologram on top of my own box

and dance across the top of it so you’re

gonna pop up here

you can open but the cds aren’t there

yet because it’s not finished actually

we get them tomorrow so if we’ve done

this interview one day later i could

have given you the cd wallet but you can

see some of the items inside

there’s the 22 magazine which was

specially made just for this

wow wow and that features a lot of the

artists who are part of the box um from

don dawkin

to michael uh damien mickey thomas a lot

of 80s dudes because this box box that

basically covers from 1986 to 1994

plus we have a brand new album so the

brand new album is a sequel the first

album was called love left and the

sequel is called love left to army with

love so the first album came out in 1994

we started recording it actually the

very first song was while i was working

on lost boys living in my dad’s

apartment and in the music video runaway

which is part of the box set and also

available for free on my youtube channel

right now

you can see the two guys that molested


dancing behind me in my dad’s apartment

at 15 years old because those were my

friends those were the guys i was

hanging out how do they find the youtube

channel you can just go to corey feldman

youtube just type in you know corey

feldman channel on youtube

corey feldman that’s it yeah or corey

feldman two i think you have to write in

the two yeah and um

so you started your music

your band in 94. no i started in 86. so

as i was saying the very first video was

during while we were shooting lost boys

look we got these cool sunglasses

how many of the positions are the same

from the original well the great thing

about this is like we got in touch with

everybody so everybody so okay the very

first song i wrote was called runaway

ironically and it was about a

15-year-old kid who’s getting abused at

home and is looking for some kind of

salvation so he goes and he runs away

and he gets on the streets and he gets

caught up in a sex trafficking ring

where they start feeding him crack now

this was all premonition because i had

not done drugs yet

wow i was an innocent kid i’m working on

lost boys

living in my dad’s apartment and all of

a sudden boom

uh it all happened so literally i tried

to run away which was me getting

emancipated and then i got you know the

crack in my face and all that stuff so

it all kind of played out exactly the

way that i first saw it including having

the two pedophiles in the music video

with me dancing around in the living

room so it’s really bizarre but you know

i felt like instead of running from it i

got to put it out there because that was

how it all started so this is a vinyl ep

and it’s like a eight song teaser uh so

that came out about three four months

ago which that sold really well because

we did it as a fundraising thing where

like basically people had to buy them to

press them so we like sold all of them

in advance it was like a pre-sale

pre-order yeah yeah i love the artwork

it’s a picture disc so it’s actually

really badass the the disc itself is

beautiful and how um do people get

themselves this if they are interested

in any of the above they can go to my

website and they can

buy whatever they want there there’s

anything autographed on there if they

want it autographed we’ll autograph i

want to get one i’m going to get one of

those autographs i look at you thank you

i appreciate this

he really does like

that means a lot to me he’s clean and

sober nice he bought yes he bought weed

yesterday to support jaleel white

it smelled so good

i smoked it last night it was

great i’ll give it a review yeah it’s

fantastic did you micro dose too no i

just went straight so i had a pure

review mushrooms from jewelry i still

have them yeah i haven’t used them yet

some guy on tour like just gave us these

like a shitload of magic mushrooms

they gave a hymn they’re real

and scott

because you know i was like i don’t this

guy’s like naming off all these

constraints and i’m like isn’t that

beautiful but scott’s like why don’t you

just eat all those right now like you

always expect me to do drugs you’re busy

talking about drugs no time for


dotnet yes is where you

get all things corey feldman including

the love returns ep

and the love left 2.1 box set which

features both my brand new album love

left 2 army with love and the remix

remaster of the original album and 18

never released songs from 1986 to 1994


four hours worth of video footage

including a brand new documentary not

this documentary that we were talking

about but a music documentary which is

kind of like more like

music which shows how it all started

with my music career when i started

recording when i started performing when

like how it all got to this point yeah

and then also the making of the actual

box set and the new album so it’s pretty


so that’s a very comprehensive box set

which covers your entire music career

not entire only 86 to 94.

so that’s the whole idea is the starting

the beginning of the matter so it’s like

an 80s

rolling stones the first one exactly

exactly and then the brand new album so

that brings it up to speed but

everything in between all five albums

that happen in between are not

represented okay yeah and are you

touring uh we plan to we hope to but i

need to get a new book you need to get a

new tour bus a new tour but

um i i sure could i i went the rv route

not like the traditional tour bus okay

okay i got i did that too we did that on

one of our tours did you consider that a

mistake um that was my first full bus

tour yeah so that was it for no wait

that was my second full bus tour i’m

lying i did one on the last truth

movement tour uh for the last truth

movement album we had a big bus that was

beautiful and that was very nice and

very convenient but that said i did a

really nice rv tour as i think the

second angelic tourist like the mini

tour um and we got like this like 35

foot winnie type thing

but it was like it had like the

extenders that come out

yeah and it was pretty dope too because

the way that it was outfitted like the

extender would pop out and like when you

obviously you had to do that when you

were only parked like you couldn’t do

that while you were driving but the

thing is that like when it popped when

it went back in it shut off a wall and

inside those walls there were sleepers

so like it was great if you had it open

because you had a little area to chill

but as soon as it closed you were

basically locked in and you couldn’t get

out of your sleeper until like we opened

it back up again which means if there

was like a bad accident that’s like

super dangerous please tell me that’s

not the next one talk about a fire

hazard yeah

i did way better by it bro

i hooked you up bro i i’ll like come

into steve’s like room in the rv and

he’s looking at like a rv video that has

like 40 views he’s like dude look at

this thing and he’s like showing

everybody yeah it’s he’s obsessed was it

cool though it’s very [ __ ] cool

it’s cool

trains you know

no but you know look if you know if you

got like a shower you’re doing really

good i mean i don’t know if you got like

you know a little kitchenette the one i

got has a dishwasher a washer dryer

that’s what i’m talking about

up to nine people

that’s what i’m saying you’ll go check

out the rv’s and he knows more about it

than the people and the best part is you

don’t have to pay the damn driver i mean

especially if they’re crooked and

they’re there to just cause problems

we’re hiring a driver anyway so you are

yeah we won’t be paying a driver no i

wouldn’t i would see when we were doing

our mini tour i was driving part of the


and that’s actually how i got pulled

over and the whole louisiana thing


see if it had been a bus driver

then they wouldn’t have even been able

to put my name in the paper but because

i was the one that got pulled over

and then we had to take it down to the

police station because i was supposedly

driving on a suspended license which i

wasn’t aware of because we just rented

the damn thing and used my own insurance

and my own driver’s license like a week

and a half before but somehow like i

guess i forgot to pay something and it

popped up right during that little

period of time so all of a sudden now i

was like whoops bad timing i guess my

license is suspended and this is how i

found out so we get down to the police

station they couldn’t charge me with

anything because i didn’t do anything

wrong other than driving with a

suspended license which quite honestly

should have just been a warning because

it was within 30 days and within 30 days

it’s supposed to technically be a

warning louisiana that will nullify the

insurance said now you’re driving

without insurance and i think there’s

registration issues as well so like but

they didn’t they didn’t say all that

yeah and like i said i was never

arrested so they basically looked at it

and they went yeah he’s right this is

probably more than we should do so

instead let’s just go sell this story to

the press and tell everybody he got

arrested for drugs

press is good or it can be that was not

good price and wikipedia can suck my

you know what good

um so so we’re hoping to get back on

tour soon yes that would be great

but there are no dates as as yet not yet

and the box set is uh available for

pre-order it’s available for pre-order

right now and you can

come i would love if you guys can make

it out to my record release party

because the album actually comes out and

the box that comes out on january 12th

22. we’re on tour we’ll be on the road

yeah we’re on twitter but dude i would

love that yeah i would absolutely love

that what are you doing what are you

doing it’s comedy tour yeah that’s cool

we leave that for kalamazoo yeah leave

that day for kalamazoo really is there a

way you can push it back

we got kalamazoo we got on the 13th so

we got to fly out the day before and is

that the place where they all use um

those little things that go dinking

yeah yeah

but uh but dude i i would absolutely

love to support you and i particularly

you know i have a soft spot in my heart


for anybody who’s known for one thing

who has ventured out into another thing

and and been successful

here’s the thing you know we can’t

control the world we can’t control what

happens so all we can do is try our best

to like reinvent ourselves and try and

keep up with the joneses right sure and

especially when they try to put you in

that box you know they love to put you

in that box and say this is who this is

and this is how they’re gonna always be

and that’s the way it is and it’s like

no man i’m a human being and i evolve

you evolve we all evolve right we have

to have the ability and the freedom to

evolve from what i understand too your

music has like a really dedicated like

hardcore fan base absolutely yeah yeah

my fans love this stuff and and you know

what i mean i’m very grateful and very

like i love my fans i love them to death

they are everything to me but i do it

because i love it you know at the end of

the day it’s a passion

and i have really good taste in music

i’m friends with some of the greatest

rock stars and entertainers in history

which means basically i try to soak up

everything i can through those

relationships i go into the studio with

them i learn from them and i try to you

know bring that into my work so i take

my work very seriously when it comes to

music as you said but i don’t take

myself too seriously because why that’s

the way

you mentioned you they were on instagram

live so so yeah so what’s your instagram

uh it’s

22. c dog 22. i’m going to double g man

c d o double g you know what c

22 that’s right snoop dogg who’s on the

go for it single you know my last single


so is there anything else that we can

play we got your social media we got

here yeah twitter which has been

hijacked by thieves so you know it looks

very hackable it seems like it has been

in the past now

oh yeah now that we got jack dorsey out

everything’s gonna change right

right we’ll see no it’s not about

hackable it’s about there’s stuff like i

said this stuff is bigger than we all

like to think and there are there are

powers that be that are in control of

our lives beyond what we would like to


and and it is very abundantly clear when

you are on a platform like twitter

because they do things like they allow

people who are blocked from me to jump

into my thread into my timeline and post

something there like a link to some bs

article that’s not true or you know full

of lies so how do they do that how are

they allowed to do that and then when i

report them instead of them getting

taken down i get a letter back that says

we do not see how they have broken any

of our twitter safety violations and

you’re like really

what kind of twitter safety violations

do you have to do to actually get taken

down so we won’t promote your twitter

yeah no it’s great okay forget about the

twitter we like instagram it’s seeddog22

that’s right all things kroy and feldman

live at

you got it and you can still buy my

burnt ears you know i’ve got these like

burnt ears from the movie stand by me we

made like a replica and it’s available

at so you can get that too so

there’s an nft of burnt ears yeah yeah

yeah we did an nft of mine

here from stand by me we did like a

whole hybrid auction thing and then well

lo and behold that got hacked and uh

unfortunately they froze the bid button

for 12 hours making it impossible for

the number to go up and we got stuck

with a thirty seven hundred dollar sale

i’ve one at one east one uh that would

be about one eight yeah yeah yeah i did

i didn’t an nfc and i only got one


yeah but was yours because of uh

corruption and scandal or was it because

it really i was like i wish i could say

it went on for one eighth and then that

guy someone bought it and then someone

else up bid like 1.101

or you know like it was like that yeah

no no ours was like really hot and heavy

like everybody was bidding for the first

12 hours and then all of a sudden it

just stuck and it wasn’t changing and

i’m like that doesn’t seem right so i

like hit the people up who are running

it and they’re like oh yeah it’s a blunt

blunt brute force attack uh where i

guess they had made eight thousand

attempts to get into the server so that

they could shut it down entirely but

they weren’t able to do that they were

only able to freeze the bid button

preventing people from bidding it’s


that’s the plan and more nfts are

available are you on openc

i i don’t know about open c but is that

is that your gallery well that’s where

yeah that’s where we were running it

through but right now we only have two

nfts we’ve only made two so far under my

deal with cosmic wire we’re supposed to

be making a lot more we’ll see what

happens fingers crossed everything looks

like the way to find out about that is

to follow you on instagram which is

cdawg22 absolutely or

because you can always find out

everything corey at corey feldman i love

it man yeah dude thank you brother oh

yeah thank you i appreciate your support

that was amazing dude yeah

thanks guys

did i say we had bombshells or what i

mean dude

like there’s a lot there’s a lot of

hacking going on

there was uh a lot of conspiracies going


and um

it was entertaining so thank you guys

for sticking around to the very end you

know i love the street team

[ __ ] man it’s december 30th

and uh

so i hope everybody has a safe and happy

new year yeah dude


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