UT5 – Kristy Allen Mormon Ritual Abuse and MKUltra

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Kristy Allen tells her story of her multigenerational incestually and ritually abused Mormon family who were part of the inhuman psychopathic experiments of the MKUltra programme.


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2018 Odysee WakeUpMirror Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating) [2]

The autotranscript is after the links at the end of this article.

This is from an article that includes information emailed to the author from Kristy aka Sue Ellen in 1998. I just include the Sue Ellen part here which is from the second of these articles. but full articles are here… IRAAP PHOENIX UNDEAD: THE MONTAUK PROJECT AND CAMP HERO TODAY Part 1 [3] Part 2 [4]

From “Sue Ellen”, a well-known Mormon singer: CONNECTIONS TO RELIGIONS AND

One thing which has been cropping up more and more in the info I’ve been getting is the tremendously extensive use of children in mind control operations and the unbelievable high level of infiltration into the child care and education systems on the part of agencies carrying out these operations. The following was emailed to me in 1998 by a woman who has lived much of her life immersed in the world of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, as well as government phychosexual-abuse mind control programs linked to military bases and kiddie-porn operations.

“First off, I am one of 13 children. I am also a professional singer. I have three CD’s and 9 cassettes that I have produced for the Mormon (LDS) music market. I am kind of famous in my market and have won what you might call ‘grammy’ awards. My albums sell all over the world.

“I was raised by Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Maria (Santa Barbara County), California. My sisters Eve and Louisa have worse stories than mine, but let’s just say we’ve all experienced some crazy times. My mother was a religious fanatic. She was third generation incest. My father was secretive and also religiously ‘affected’ even though he did not practice what he preached. His mother molested him. We were the ‘perfect’ large Mormon family. My dad was a music teacher. My Mom produced babies almost every year that I remember growing up. I was the second mom by the time I was six years old and learned how to cook and do laundry. My Dad was apparently into child pornography and ‘sold’ us to the government.

“When my sister Eve was reportedly gang raped when she was 11, she started running away and was put into a Catholic convent in Los Angeles–(this is really, really strange considering how Catholics and Mormons get along). I am sure she was MK ULTRA’d there. Her story is very interesting and is picked up in the military where there was a base she was on that served up a lot of drugs. She says that Crystal Gayle and a well dressed man asked her to mule drugs for her ‘country’. He spilled a file on my whole family in front of her on the floor. She picked it up and saw every one of us in it! She says we were all sold to the government according to him. She also says that everyone on that base almost is now famous! It was like an entertainment base…training ground for the MK stars. She names a lot of them. She is a multiple personality and a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. It took me many years to get this all out of her. Now her life makes sense to me.

“Louisa, my other sister had hysterical black out/non breathing spells since the day she was born. I know now that she was a victim of sexual molestation from my dad (her primary caretaker at the time). She remembers it until she was 4 or five. Memories keep coming up for her. She was also molested at age 16, when my dad ‘flipped out’ and had full penetration sex with her. He ran away to Hawaii and wrote me on an old garbage bag that he didn’t remember what he did and that he was sorry. I was a very religious girl at the time and thought the world had come to an end and was just ‘waking up’ to the possibility of these horrible things happening to people.

“Did I tell you that Louisa (one of my sisters that worked for the Pentagon), just told me about another memory about Vandenberg AFB where she remembers being hooked up to this helmet with wires. She got sick when the memory was coming up. She’s had so many of them, she knows what to expect now and gets through it all better than she used to.

“My family is a nightmare. Anyway, Louisa ended up working for a man that was third from the top at the Pentagon. She worked as his assistant and decoded top secret government files (all in Disney and Alice in Wonderland, etc. language), and made reservations for his regular trips to Santa Rosa where he would meet his buddies at the ‘good ole’ boys’ fart club there. You’ve probably heard of Bohemian Grove. She was ‘losing’ time on occasion and was eventually raped by this man. When she tried to go through even the proceedings to indict him, she was unsuccessful and bullied. She quit the armed services and has had a family of six children. She is just now waking up to what has happened to her and the memories are surfacing. I am worried for what they may have programmed into her when she wakes up!

“Anyway, to my story. As if my family of origin wasn’t bad enough. My husband’s family is involved, too! My husband’s dad was in the Army (a colonel) and Navy and is now retired. He would take the kids to Disneyland every year for ten years while he learned some ridiculous language school for the army (a language he cannot even speak hardly a word of to this day when asked, so I think this was a cover for what he was really doing). He was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and became a Mormon Bishop. Sounds great , huh? The only problem is, I found out he molested a niece in the family and had never ‘repented’ before accepting the ‘calling from the Lord’ as BISHOP! Red flags started going up all over for me. His family is even worse than mine!

“I could go on. It’s too long.

“Anyway, that’s a start. These are painful memories and I want to see that those bastards that are playing around with people’s emotions get what they karmically deserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I want to however stay out of fear and not give into hate. But let me know how I can help you GET THESE GUYS! THERE’S ONLY A FEW OF THEM AND A WHOLE LOT OF US!!

“I hope that’s enough of an advantage.

“There was a report done by the “Strengthening the Saints Committee” where they asked a sort of high ranking church official to do a study and report. He interviewed 60 victims of satanic ritual abuse. These Satanic Ritual Abuse victims pulled the lid off Pandora’s box by all saying pretty much the same thing: “They took me to the church/temple to get baptized. They dunked me. I think they were trying to drown me.

“They asked if I loved Jesus. I said yes. They dunk me again. They ask if Jesus will save me. I say yes, they dunk me again. This goes on and on and Jesus doesn’t save me. Then Satan comes and saves me and he’s the one who really loves me and now I will do anything he says.”

“They have all seen murder. Some have participated and remember it. They all have emerging memories in their 30s and 40s. That is when this stuff comes out. Anyway, a lot of them are under psychiatric care and many were referred by the psychiatric world where split personalities are becoming so common because of these rituals. They are so horrific that the victim simply can’t endure unless they run away into another personality that’s stronger or whatever. It’s the saddest thing in the world. These are sadistic soul murderers.”
–©”Sue Ellen” [5]

Gallery of Many Photos from the Video




My Brief Thoughts

Superb talk from Kristy, never self pitying but entertaining and informative but punching hard. I felt the questions at the end were disrespectful. The questions should have been addressed to Kristy not between the panel and the only one that was gave a false choice, but Kristy rose above it.

Both her parents had suffered multigenerational incestuous ritual abuse. CIA involvement as usual.

Kristy tells of human hunting, child hunting. c 36mins. Other examples are in my post Human Hunting [165]

Kristy talks briefly about leaked Pace Memo indicating widespread ritual abuse in the Mormon Church, which I wrote about here UT3 – Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Mormon Church [UT47]

Kristy’s brother was an athlete. The link of mind control to elite sports (and betting) is a very strong one and not one much written about, I endeavoured to draw some links here…

  • Mind Control 1 – Sports Slaves #MKSport [7]
  • Mind Control 2 – Sports Logos, Television and Mind Control #MKSport [8]

Kristy’s brother was best friends with Bruce Jenner, which probably indicates that Bruce Jenner came from a similar multigenerational abuse and mind control background. Bruce played college football for Graceland Yellowjackets and won decathlon in 1976 Olympics. He married Illuminati High Priestess Kris, previously married to Robert Kardashian, and with her he had two daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Later Bruce came out as a transwoman Caitlyn. As transgenderism is part of the satanic cult through Bahomet worship and Hermaphrodite then it would not surprise me if this was Manchurian candidate type programmed transgenderism or caused by chemicals given in MKUltra experiments. Transing the man who was billed as “worlds greatest athlete” would have been a great coup for cult and of course he was one of the first who publicly came out and with the aid of the Keeping up with the Kardashians Krap TV programming.

It was interesting that Kristy mentioned that she was fitted with a mind control chip, she mentioned which used to be installed in teeth. Cathy O’Brien wrote about dentists being mind controlled. Interesting also Kristy’s abuse links to Alex Houston, a handler of Cathy O’Briens.

Kristy mentioned a high level abuser being in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The Pace Memo survivors also mentioned abusers from the Choir [UT47]. Interestingly the ritual abuse suspect named by two witnesses, the Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, has an elder brother Mike who in August 2021 became president of The Tabernacle Choir. The choir was started less than a month after the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847 and is one of the most famous in the world having sung to ten presidents.

Kristy’s DNA was used for breeding, and her eggs implanted in her sister who was a breeder. Kristy thinks she has many offspring. The cells/babies were put in incubators as soon as viable. The Mormons have long been interested in DNA databases and own Ancestry.com [9]

Update 2022 Jun 29 I missed one of the most important points – In the video and in this slide Kristy says that the whole MIA youth group that she grew up with was used in secret experiments, raped in their evil rituals and brainwashed…

The MIA stands for Mutual Improvement Association. From the 1959 until 2019, young women were sub-divided into three aged-based classes: Beehive (12–13 year olds), Mia Maids (14–15 year olds), and Laurels (16–17 year olds). The Young Women organization of the church was founded by LDS Church president Brigham Young in 1869 Also at the end of 2019, the Personal Progress program was discontinued and replaced by the Church’s new “Children and Youth Program”. [UT75]

So I think this means that although the names and structure changes slightly they are still going today and it now comes under the Children and Youth Program. If this is wrong please correct me.

A little Mormon structure and terminology may be useful for this point and also for understandign of previous posts.

In each ward (local congregation), all females (ages 11 to 18) are members of Young Women classes. Local church Young Women organizations are supported by a stake Young Women presidency, and stake and ward Young Women organizations are supported by the Young Women General Presidency. [UT76]

A stake is an administrative unit composed of multiple congregations in certain denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement. The stake is an intermediate level in the organizational hierarchy of the LDS Church. The lowest level, consisting of a single congregation, is known as a ward or branch. Stakes are organized from a group of contiguous wards or branches. To be created, a stake must be composed of at least five wards. The presiding officer in a stake is known as the stake president. [UT76]

Kristy said that “My whole MIA youth group that I grew up with was also used”. This means her whole cohort or group were mind controlled, experimented upon and abused. It is exceedingly unlikely of course that it was just that age grouping. Child abuse appears endemic in the Mormon Church, pervasive and pandemic.

Put simply the Mormon church is riddled throughout with mind control and child sexual abuse.

Another point whilst I am updating. Kristy made the point about “issue”. She states that when someone is enlisted to the military, then his issue, ie his children belong to the military too. If this is the case then of course this is slavery.

15:25 when he enlisted his children instantly belonged to the military too, now most people don’t know about a term called issue, an issue is like when they issue you clothing and you get issued children in the military basically in their demented minds the parts that in the military that have done this call you the issue and you are literally the issue of the United States whatever it is your father or mother joined up in this kind of trickery on paper is not consent blind trust is not informed consent this is slavery and why we have to put a stop to it.

end of update…

There is much else of interest but I will end my comments there.

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This post – [UT62] UT5- Kristy Allen Mormon Ritual Abuse and MKUltra https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2022/06/28/ut5-kristy-allen-mormon-ritual-abuse-and-mkultra/

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Part 1

Part 2

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[I started off including some photos in the transcript itself but it was too much work and there are many in the gallery instead]

0:06 [Applause] [Music]

0:22 my story is about a Mormon family who were part of the MKULTRA program started by Operation Paperclip and

0:30 masterminded by our original handler mr. green hog to us he was mr. green hog but

0:37 there is reasonable evidence to suggest that his real name was Joseph Mengele who always liked to use names with the

0:43 word green in them my family were used as entertainers child pilots and Wars

0:49 medics special messengers high-priced call girls presidential models sports

0:55 figures and international spies there were 13 children and then my mother

1:01 raised one more this story is about generational incest abuse CIA kiddie

1:08 porn distribution and satanic ritual families that have no idea what they are

1:14 involved in on a conscious level it’s about mind wipes controlling those that

1:20 have the most to offer it’s about how the priesthood sacred societies Freemasonry and a satanic pedophilic

1:28 agenda is widely used to control governments religions and local police to do their bidding the darkness loves

1:36 to hide behind the light so it may shock you to hear about a Mormon Bishop that tried to rape a friend of mine right

1:42 after she got married and this was the same high up Mormon priesthood leader that later officiated in a satanic

1:48 ritual where he almost got away with raping killing and offering my sister’s up to an unknown God in the Salt Lake

1:56 City temple but it’s also about the power of love and acceptance and Trust

2:02 it’s about one woman’s search for answers and healing and the story of how she found her true love he’s in the

2:10 audience today and I want you all to know that I would never have made it to this moment in time without him thank

2:16 you dude Dean’s astounding work talks about the

2:21 language of the body’s organs and glands the colon for instance is about eliminating that which no longer

2:27 nurtures us which is a function of if we stay true to our spirit we figure

2:33 out how to eliminate what no longer nurtures us and the hatred goes away another organ lesson for me was about

2:41 the thyroid the problem with all theories is when we have the inability to correct personal justice which

2:48 creates the emotion of anxiety anxiety is just a warning sign telling us that

2:53 something is not right so we can correct it but if you can’t or won’t do anything

3:00 about personal and Justices you will take on a drag that causes you to be numb or disconnects you from that

3:06 warning signal about what doesn’t feel right and that is what Dean and I called the dragon so where does that leave us

3:14 today today victims are blamed and perpetrators are led off the hook or ignored there’s a fuzzy line between

3:21 them even children are blamed for being raped in some sicker circles of society

3:26 Dean says there is no limit to the perversity of the dragon and this needs

3:31 to be corrected when my father went to prison for his crimes there was a collective sigh of relief for the

3:37 thyroids in our family the perpetrator was finally in a place he could not hurt us or any other children during that

3:43 time he was the guilty party and we were the victims Society came forward and by

3:49 putting him in prison showed us that and made this right it was a public clarification about who was guilty and

3:56 who was not but he was a victim too so

4:02 this is a tricky subject however when it comes to killing a child there is a line

4:07 that is crossed and even the worst perps know it today I speak for all victims of

4:16 a nameless faceless perpetrator that still hides behind ruling elite families

4:21 secret societies governments and religions all providing a cover for the

4:26 most heinous crimes on the planet and what doesn’t feel right to me is that these crimes for the most part

4:32 still await punishment and only when appropriate punishments are allowed will both victims and perpetrators be allowed

4:40 to heal Dean said that telling the truth is the greatest human trauma because it

4:46 has been punished over the centuries more than anything else so everyone has this in their

4:51 genetic memory and are triggered whenever they do it which is why so many keep their experiences to themself I

4:58 began telling my story in 1998 under the pseudonym Sue Ellen in a series called

5:03 Phoenix Undead part 1 and 2 by John Quin [see links in this post above] who published it since sharing it I’ve

5:09 lost a 20-year singing career lots of money my health and my home in an illegal foreclosure just this last

5:16 December that left us homeless my thanks to our dear friend Jenny for getting us here today and believing in me and what

5:23 I have to say my sister Nancy tried to tell and was shamed and got sent away to

5:30 aunt Daisy my sister Don tried to tell and got sent to a Catholic convent with

5:35 bars on the doors priscilla tried to tell and went to cps irene witnessed a

5:42 rape of her sister and she took a gun and shot herself in the stomach pamela

5:47 tried to tell and divorced herself from all of us for over 20 years and couldn’t bring herself to attend my mother’s

5:53 funeral April tried to tell and got her children taken away and put in prison

5:59 trying to get them back so I applied my I applied my brave sisters for coming

6:04 forward and having the courage to tell me their stories and I apologized to them publicly for not really hearing

6:10 them or believing them at first the first sex abuse story I heard in my

6:15 family was from my oldest sister Nancy who was 16 at the time who told me that

6:20 she had to leave home because my dad had fondled her breasts and tried to have sex with her she said that she told the

6:28 bishop and he told her to keep it quiet so as not to break up the family or hurt the church

6:33 I kept Nancy’s secret and didn’t even tell mom or the bishop that I knew which

6:39 was kind of heavy for a ten-year-old but if Nancy’s story was hard to believe

6:44 let’s just say that it was impossible for me to believe my closest sister April when her memories began to return

6:51 she talked about secret rituals and babies getting their hearts eaten and stuff that made me think

6:56 she just needed medication or head maybe watched too many vampire movies so April

7:03 and I were best friends and she told me everything which was the problem

7:08 this is April way back when and here’s a picture of her when Bill Clinton was turning her into a high-priced call girl

7:17 then ten-year-old dawn started running away from home after being gang-raped and this was in a little town in Santa

7:24 Maria called Santa Maria or a little town called Santa Maria California and Priscilla was sent to a foster home

7:31 because dad had mistaken her one night from my mother and slept with her as she

7:36 was only 14 at the time dad wrote me from Hawaii months later on a little old

7:42 paper sack saying he had woken up from having amnesia and I believed him I

7:48 begged the judge to forgive my dad and guess what he did asking dad to never do

7:54 it again in 2002 when my brother died a sister attending his funeral told me

8:01 that he molested her often as a child he would promise her $10 molest her then

8:06 steal the money back from her April came in when John was telling me what happened and said oh yes he did the same

8:13 thing to me I was so mad I couldn’t even see straight at the funeral he was

8:18 honored as a high priest before he died and I thought what the heck is wrong with this family and this church I

8:26 needed answers I was 42 in 1997 when I

8:31 saw Cathy O’Brien speak there were only 13 of us in the audience at the little America hotel I had just had a

8:38 hysterectomy and could barely get out of bed so I wasn’t gonna go until I had a

8:43 heart prompting that was very strong to go hear her speak and I literally put on

8:49 a robe and I got in my friend’s car and we went Kathy and I talked afterward and

8:56 she told me that she remembered me and my family during her Mormon mkultra days

9:02 which later explained Alex Houston’s brief history with our family in our county fair days and that

9:08 was ace diner but finally my sister’s crazy stories began to make some sense because

9:16 I’d heard them all before but the next day I called dawn first to apologize for

9:21 not believing her when she first told me about being in the military I asked her

9:26 to again repeat what happened to her and told her that I would believe her this time enter operation Mockingbird when my

9:34 sister Dawn joined the army she was on a base where enlistees became Hollywood stars she repeated that experience where

9:43 a surprising number ended up being movie stars she gave me a long list and it would surprise you who they are or maybe

9:49 not talents were showcased lots of parties went on constantly and she noted

9:54 that drugs were everywhere present on the military base and literally free for

10:00 the asking she told me how she was asked to meet with a man across the street from the military base when she was

10:07 there she saw Crystal Gayle’s as sister of Loretta Lynn in white military garb

10:12 outside the door who saluted to the man she was to meet this coincided with

10:18 Cathy O’Brien’s story exactly about Loretta Lynn who was Crystal Gayle sister so now I was beginning to get it

10:25 it was a short meeting with this man when inside his office he asked her if she could keep a secret

10:30 she said yes he said well we’ll see she was asked to report back to him and

10:35 bring her guitar with her in two weeks at the end of two weeks she was sitting back in the same chair in front of him

10:42 he said well we found out that you can keep a secret he then began to read

10:47 something like a dossier that encapsulated her entire life story on a few pages she asked him how and why he

10:55 knew so much about her and he matter-of-factly answered your dad sold

11:00 it to us she was shocked and grabbed the pages he was reading and what spilled on

11:05 the floor were dossiers with pictures of each of her brothers and sisters including me of note these were military

11:12 dossiers funny thing I don’t remember joining military so why

11:17 did they have a military dossier on me April said we had been heavily you

11:23 and deserved that pay for our childhood so back to dime after helping this

11:29 military entertainment official pick the dossiers up off the floor he then asked her if she would mule drugs on cruise

11:35 ships for God and country if they gave her the opportunity to play her guitar and be a star on the cruise ship she

11:43 said no way in hell and threw her guitar right at him if Cathy O’Brien had not

11:50 come forward and told me her story how could I ever have understood what Don told me of country western stars being

11:57 drug mules and how a well-known Hollywood star had raped my sister Don

12:03 then I remembered in my early career a certain John Fisher that was a manager for the Eagles Travis Tritt George

12:09 Strait who heard me sing and said he’d like to make me into the next country music star I turned him down because I

12:17 didn’t like his vibe and looking back I’m sure I dodged a bullet right there so who gets chosen to be a CIA mind

12:24 control slave most come from poor families so if the abuse is discovered they can’t afford to pursue justice they

12:31 choose kids and teens that come from abusive families mental disabilities are a plus because if the victims remember

12:37 anything and report it they can claim the victim isn’t reliable the guilty

12:43 parties of this world love nothing more than to call a person that tells the truth crazy but there’s a problem with

12:49 that if you marry a man with a PhD in clinical psychology the truth is coming

12:54 out more the dots are being connected and those with stories are being heard this is my husband dr. Dean G Allen PhD

13:03 and they lived and if you want to know about this next picture here

13:11 there’s my sweetiepie we walk down the aisle with those sunglasses I asked him

13:17 when I realized it was him and couldn’t be anybody else I said Dean what’s our life gonna be

13:22 like and he said it’s gonna be so bright you’re gonna need sunglasses

13:29 what we’re learning about operation Mockingbird is that high-profile celebrities become CIA mind control

13:35 victims as children or teens who are still used by the CIA and when they

13:40 start to recall being forced to abuse a child or kill somebody they feel shame and guilt many commit suicide because

13:47 they don’t realize it was their programmer who committed those acts and not then in many cases they programmed

13:53 us to think we committed crimes that never really happened so in 1947 my father was a perfect

14:01 candidate paperclip to Andrews Air Force Base was from 1945 to 1959 and I

14:09 understand they took the Operation Paperclip through all the Air Force bases and my dad was right there in 1945

14:16 when this all started I understand they asked him 300 questions to find out if they had generational incest abuse so

14:23 they could be the perfect candidates and my father certainly was he spent the next several years in Virginia his

14:30 mother and father molested and a neglected him the church priesthood did also he suffered extreme trauma as a

14:37 child and his father was from colonia juarez mexico in a polygamy family and

14:42 there’s also a connection with colonia juarez with operation paperclip if you’d like to look that up his mother molested

14:48 him and hated his life and he hated his life until he joined the Air Force where he reported being fed regular meals and

14:55 taken care of for the first time in his life because you see these are the

15:00 throwaway kids and that’s the ones they like to use my father was a chosen one

15:06 because of his exceptional IQ which was over 145 his bloodline he claims he is

15:12 the illegitimate son of a Utah senator and that’s before hatch his desire to

15:17 follow orders his talent he was in the Air Force band a very elite band and most of all his patriotism he would cry

15:25 over any patriotic song when he enlisted his children instantly belonged to the

15:32 military too now most people don’t know about a term called issue an issue is

15:38 like when they issue you clothing and you get issued children in the military basically in their demented

15:45 Minds the parts that in the military that have done this call you the issue and you are literally the issue of the

15:52 United States whatever it is your father or mother joined up in this kind of

15:57 trickery on paper is not consent blind trust is not informed consent this is

16:04 slavery and why we have to put a stop to it now I’d like to introduce my beautiful mother now tell me if you were

16:12 looking for a breeder for DNA experiments in the military and secret government intelligence programs

16:17 wouldn’t you pick her too so with generations of unconscious baggage in

16:23 hand my mother was put into an orphanage and was not potty-trained until she was six she and dad who were both incest

16:31 abuse victim victims going back several generations got married after only knowing each other for ten days in July

16:37 of 1948 we lived in Glendale Phoenix Sunnyside st. Joseph Becherer and Wilcox

16:44 Arizona and all through until our family grew to seven children my dad started

16:51 out working for the post office which I now understand is the CIA CIA get

16:56 assignments not choices and his assignment after Arizona was to become a music teacher in Santa Maria California

17:03 which is 15 minutes from Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1967 our family competed

17:11 with 300 entries to sing at the Hollywood Bowl with the famous King sisters of the big band Hollywood era

17:17 and that after that we were made honorary members of the King family and we sang oh when the saints go marching

17:24 in and that kind of God has started on our big singing career I was the

17:30 daughter of the music teacher between 16 and 18 we sang at church a lot we played

17:36 all kinds of instruments and so I decided to start a singing group with my sisters and there we are at the Santa

17:42 Barbara County Fair and after all those sisters we had a little brother named valiant as the years rolled by we kept

17:50 adding to the coming sisters and company with more sisters and than our baby brother valiant when we became this coming sisters plus one the

17:58 Santamaria times plastered us on the front page news when we won our singing contract in Los Angeles dad was also

18:04 working on an audition with the Lawrence Welk Show which he got but I was unable to attend because I was at Brigham Young

18:10 University this article was entitled that coming sisters hit the big time my

18:17 brother Paul Cummings was one of the few to beat the four-minute mile he was the NCAA mile champion right out of school

18:23 he went to the Olympics he broke a lot of Records and his best friend in this

18:28 world was Bruce Jenner ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all child

18:35 abuse the basic objective is to systematically terrorize children until they are forced to dissociate the

18:42 torture is the execution of a well-planned well-thought-out ritual often performed by close relatives the

18:48 only escape for the children is to dissociate where they will develop a new personality to enable them to endure the

18:56 abuse this new personality is very helpful to the abusers once the abuse is

19:02 over the core personality is not conscious of what happened dissociation also serves the purposes of the occult

19:09 because the children have no day-to-day memories of the atrocities they go through adolescence and early adulthood

19:14 with no active memory of what is taking place but continuing rituals through their teens and early 20s unaware of

19:22 their involvement the victims lead relatively normal lives until they get triggered and flashbacks or nightmares

19:28 occur now keep in mind that this is and always has been about money and power

19:34 it’s about keeping the drug cartels violent gangs human trafficking sex trade child trafficking child porn

19:41 industry and humans slavery as alive and lucrative as possible to give you an

19:48 idea of the large sums of money involved some children even immigrants are used in snuff films and dissected live for

19:55 organ harvesting for Planned Parenthood and their bodies parts sold to hospitals for between 90 thousand and two hundred

20:02 and twenty five thousand dollars depending on the Oregon children with great DNA are also sold to families willing to buy

20:09 them many of us have heard of the excretion called adrenochrome the Satanists remove children’s adrenal

20:15 glands right after they’ve been terrorized and right before they are killed in rituals to extract this

20:20 kool-aid the elites used to sustain their youth and extend their lives

20:25 now speaking of triggers as I was going through pictures I looked at the hands

20:31 that were posed like butterflies butterflies are the symbols for the MKULTRA program and the man that took

20:38 this pic were always were a big Masonic ring and that man was Ralph Adams as you

20:45 can see right here he was the also at the talent photographer he performed on

20:50 The Ed Sullivan Show he the Caesars Palace and Mike Douglas and he made me levitate in a show and my sisters

20:58 disappear and don’t ask me how he made me levitate or disappear because I

21:03 honestly can’t tell you this was the second magician we worked with the first was Alex Houston who raped Priscilla at

21:10 a County Fair the memory seemed to come in layers for example the first memory

21:15 might be of incest then they remember robes and candles next they realized that their father and

21:21 or mother were pregnant when they were being abused another layer is seeing in other people hurt or killed then they

21:27 remember having seen babies killed another has realizing that they participated in the sacrifices one of

21:35 the most painful memories may be that they were forced to give up or sacrifice their own baby each layer is something

21:41 that has to be processed when they are healthy enough to deal with it and sometimes the memory is as fresh as if

21:47 it were happening in the moment as the trauma relive explodes into the present

21:53 moment this is what happened to my sisters when their memories resurfaced

21:59 something sometimes right in front of my eyes they would get severe headaches body pains and they would often throw up

22:05 and then they would call me I guess I was the family therapist starting at 10 years old in the late 80s and early 90s

22:11 our memories began to resurface and this is my little sister Pam you haven’t seen yet and all the way back to my mother

22:19 and my grandmother in the back when the story started they kept coming and it

22:25 was all really really hard to believe by 40 however I concluded that if one or

22:30 two of my sisters were remembering these things I could just ride it off but that time I’d already studied this for 25

22:37 years and as a healer and researcher I’d heard over 50 other stories that were all as crazy as what my sisters had told

22:44 me and with disturbing clarity I was figuring out what was going on when I

22:50 was 52 I finally felt safe enough myself with some expert help from my husband

22:55 Dean to finally recover the following memory when I was a little girl I was

23:00 heartbroken when I was forced to accept my sister’s story as true I remember

23:05 being really young like five or six we lived in Wilcox Arizona on this night the women had me on a cart

23:12 in the kitchen at church the kind she would serve food on so I was really tiny

23:18 the women were preparing me and telling me how special I was to be chosen and that I should feel really good about

23:25 that the women from the order seemed to be enjoying touching my private parts and lubricating me for what was about to

23:31 happen to me after they were finished with that I was wheeled into a room to be raped by the men from church I knew

23:38 these faces why were they doing this to me I screamed and that’s when I disassociated next I remember covering

23:46 hovering over my body and for some reason I was allowed to connect to those

23:52 in the room and could feel and hear their thoughts of the men who were there several were like tigers with their prey

23:58 as they were brutally raping and sodomizing me with great enjoyment one of the men was feeling badly that he

24:04 wasn’t home for some reason another man was hoping that the bishop appreciated he was there because he didn’t want to

24:10 be overlooked next time the bishop chose new counselors then he took his turn I

24:16 was way too young to decipher the breadth of what I was picking up at the time but over time have processed this

24:23 and what I got is that these men were past feeling on a lot of levels some needed approval from their brethren

24:30 but still the perversion was enjoyment I cried for three days as an adult woman

24:35 when I saw what they had done to me it just so happened there was a healer in

24:41 our house one of Dean’s clients and they did an EFT on me and just loved on me

24:47 for two days so that I could heal from that experience one of my dad’s CIA

24:52 responsibilities was to create content for kiddie porn and distribute it this explains this memory for my sister

24:59 April we are in the back of the big house that is old and falling down there are expensive clothes and costumes in it

25:06 when we were in their control they would put these clothes on us wedding dresses vintage costumes and sexy negligees that

25:13 fit my little sisters a lady always showed us up to help us we hated her

25:19 because her help involved sex and pain in Phoenix Arizona there was a white

25:25 house next to a big park that I remember where we would roll down the grass in the summer to this day I’m allergic to

25:31 grass that’s where we would have to go to see dr. green hog I hated those big

25:37 hypodermic needles and the painful experiments but then dr. green hog would come in and give us candy April said I

25:45 think we proved some of their mind control methods unsuccessful because they could not fully control all of us

25:51 and we often escaped and would run out into the park Don Priscilla and I often took our cues

25:56 from Wanda Hulan as part of her ironclad will so back in 1971 I was 16 years old

26:04 and my sister Dawn was 10 she had just been gang-raped after that my brother

26:11 and dad had a terrible fight the worst thing I had ever witnessed I later found out what it was about it was about who

26:18 was going to have sex with her my brother left home and joined the army right after that my brother tried this

26:26 again later on in her life went in her 30s and she can she told me what he was up to and we were gonna have a family

26:33 reunion so before the family reunion I went to his apartment with my sister and

26:38 I told him that if he was going to continue on with this that he was going to

26:43 do it over my dead body and I got beaten up too he now writes porn for top magazines Don kept running away because

26:51 she obviously didn’t feel safe at home to solve this problem it was decided that Don needed to be taken to Los

26:57 Angeles four hours away and put behind locked doors at a Catholic convent with bars on the windows I’m thinking look

27:04 we’re Mormon why is she in a Catholic convent mom dad I remember thinking the

27:09 worst that could happen to Don at Catholic content was becoming Catholic the Mormon Church had foster homes so I

27:16 asked my mom why Don was sent to that place then her answer was oh well the bishop told us to April and I were

27:25 allowed to visit her we were shocked by the bars on the doors and windows but even more disturbing where the special

27:30 ritual she had to endure one of which left her with a rose necklace around her neck this was no longer our dawn she had

27:37 a flat affect and it was like where is my sister and what have you done with her it was all of all about shutting her

27:43 down and shutting her up and a right to remain silent so what’s the purpose of

27:49 Satanism they want an army of mental robots that hide behind a light who with

27:55 the proper programming will do prostitution child pornography smuggle drugs engage in international arms

28:01 smuggling snuff films and all very lucrative things these Psychopaths at

28:07 the top believe they’ll create a satanic order that will rule the world at a high level of the US government there was

28:14 supported this kind of thing with operation Bluebird paperclip Mockingbird and of course MKULTRA still going on

28:20 today they justified it with winning the Cold War but it was more about money and ruling the world this is my first

28:28 husband Wade Lindstrom as I look back I can see clearly that it was an arranged marriage

28:34 as Wade and Wanda Lindstrom we did a few him albums with the Julliard trained pianist Marvin Goldstein set to a Celtic

28:42 field that went over really well with the Mormons I placed highly and international songwriting competition’s

28:47 had a radio show for three years called the sounds of the Sabbath and my CD album collection grew and was selling

28:53 all over the world and eventually I was named favorite female it’s kind of like the Grammy Awards for

28:59 the Mormon Church my husband was also part of my later career and we began also doing albums together now his

29:08 family was all boys and mine was all girls he had one token sister and I had four

29:14 sisters and Tim sisters our four brothers and ten sisters and I guess the

29:20 Illuminati goal was to connect one ritual family with another his father ended up molesting the granddaughter and

29:25 he is dead now I was married to wait for 25 years I couldn’t have children so we

29:31 became foster parents of eight children I also wanted to mention that his father was a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and he told me that he was he told

29:39 me that he was part of two branches of the secret government and I thought how convenient as I look back that he would

29:44 be going around with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir all over the world at the same time he’s a part of two

29:50 branches of the secret government so one of my kids had been chained to a bed from the time he’d been warned and

29:56 sexually molested by his mother and brother to age six and that really helped me to understand as a foster

30:01 mother what happened to my father I had heard similar things in my own family so being a foster mother helped

30:07 me grasp the patterns of what went on in my own family and contributed to my own healing I later accepted to calling to

30:14 serve in the United the Utah State Prison system in the relief society where I learned that 98% of them were

30:23 abused I was assigned to the bridging committee where I was often to the went

30:28 to the bishop storehouses for food for the women that were leaving prison and I found out later from Cathy O’Brien that

30:35 the bishop storehouses churchwide are also used to distribute drugs kiddie porn etc so going back I’m

30:44 fourteen in this picture at a girl’s church camp officiated by priesthood leaders and notice our military outfits

30:51 we were used in secret we were tortured in the next two years we were used in secret experiments raped in there evil

30:58 evil rituals and brainwashed my sisters and I were not the only victims my whole

31:03 mutual Improvement Association youth group that I grew up with was also used we were sold to the federal government

31:10 by our father and his priesthood and military leaders and I can tell you names if you want them Church camp with pearl Knight

31:17 she’s no longer with us but she was also in my church camp and she was also one of the women that did the experiment

31:24 experiments in the deep underground military bases at Vandenberg Air Force place faith I remember a red city in a

31:34 huge room in one of these bases one of these underground bases just absolutely

31:39 there was no into the ceiling it was so high up and the room was monstrously big

31:44 and there was this red settee in the middle and my sister April and I were just about ready to get our hypodermic

31:51 needle that we always hated and I remember saying you run this way April and I’ll run this way and we would run

31:56 and run and run and we could run just like my brother and so they always had a hard time catching us we hated those

32:03 hypodermic needles but we would run but we couldn’t hide from those white lab coats they did finally catch us and

32:09 strap us on to Gurney’s and they had their way with not only our pubescent bodies but our minds as well April

32:16 remembers the day I got my eggs harvested she heard my screaming as we were put through some terrible torture

32:21 with the electrodes since she was the breeder now I couldn’t have children because I had endometriosis which I now

32:29 found out was something they gave me they would use my DNA now this is gonna

32:34 sound really crazy okay if you are not familiar with this they would use my DNA

32:39 and implant it in her womb and then harvest the babies and to advanced

32:44 incubators when they were just viable we often tried to escape when I would wake her up using their codes I remember

32:51 horrible ear aches and a lot of time underwater there were some experimentation breathing underwater and

32:57 if you want to ever watch the Hollywood movie the deep that might explain some of these experiments that they were

33:03 doing to us as a result I hated to go swimming because if I got any water in my ear I would often end up with

33:09 horrible ear aches it’s because I had a hole in my ear April asked a lot of questions during the experiments when

33:15 she was awake and was actually told the answers about who the babies would be given to and what would happen to them

33:21 because they never thought should remember or tell buddy she remembers that some of them would be called April now I know that’s

33:28 weird but that’s what they told her like naming the model or clone after the mother to keep track of them somehow she

33:34 said that some they did experiments on and others were sacrificed in the ritual since she said for some reason a lot of

33:40 the boys were sacrificed in rituals now answer this girl her name is shir Ste

33:47 she is from Santa Maria California the town I grew up with but I didn’t meet her until she moved to Utah and I

33:54 moved to Utah and she came up to me in which she got to know me better I actually used her as a sign a signer

34:00 when I would think she would do the sign language and it was beautiful what she did and she finally told me her story

34:06 that her mother was a Satanist and the reason she got put into foster care was that she was taken away from her

34:13 satanic ritual family which is no surprise coming from Santa Maria California her story is that she is my

34:20 daughter now the jury is still out on this but we are going to have a gene test because her mother admittedly from

34:26 a satanic family said that my DNA was used when she got pregnant in the labs she said she was experimented on and

34:33 actually told that the DNA came from me the crazy thing is and we only figured this out years later

34:40 is that sheer STIs story can coincide exactly with April’s story that she was

34:45 used as a breeder to carry my DNA and the babies would be harvested early and put into the advanced incubators and

34:51 finished to be used as Manchurian candidates and selected homes April said

34:56 that several of these children were named after her April Cummings and she has kept track of some of them over the years because she

35:03 knew the families they had been given to gene and I found out one we actually looked we thought this is so crazy

35:08 we’re gonna look on the Internet look at the people we looked at that were named April Cummings has gestures and looks

35:15 exactly a lot wider like me her videos are the strangest thing because she’s a what do you call those an ant TV anchor

35:22 yeah she was in San Francisco when we first found her we just looked her up the other day the other day and she’s

35:27 moved to the Cayman Islands so you can look up April coming so is an EP anchor in the Cayman Islands so see what you

35:34 think so going back to when I was 15 years old this was my leading man in high school

35:41 and babes in toyland and I had I had some grooming I was the lead in every single play in my years in high school

35:49 his father worked at Vandenberg Air Force Base and eventually for NASA when they moved to Florida according to my

35:55 sister he was also in the elite MKULTRA program to train us we were hunted at Point Salle and guadeloupe Beach in the

36:02 middle of the night and we were lucky to escape this alive we had all been at the party at church there was a hayride that

36:08 we were all on Steve s who openly told me he worked for the CIA was the driver

36:14 he took us up to the los alamos and wrote entrance of the tunnel we were all strip naked and taken to the beach where

36:21 we were told that we would we had to make it to Guadalupe Beach without being

36:26 shot or we would not live we were going to be hunted we had to swim or climb around the first set of rocks to get to

36:32 the beach it was a low tide so it was fairly safe to swim the moon was out so we could see but then so could the

36:38 people who were hunting us we all stuck together at first but the slower ones who couldn’t swim very well were shot

36:44 with a tranquilizer gun but we thought they were real guns and we were terrified we used the shadows we helped each other

36:50 as much as we could there was one part of the rocks that we couldn’t get around or over without a rope and dr was tall

36:56 so he found a rope and set it up for the rest of us when we got to Guadalupe

37:02 Beach we used the sand to cover up in we then rammed through the sand dunes as a shortcut down the road we were running

37:07 down the road naked and had escaped there were six of us who never were shot at that night now it started out as a

37:13 lot a lot larger group and there’s the names now I don’t remember this but I

37:20 can corroborate that we hung out and did a lot of place together we were kind of the smart kids and called ourselves the family so as I look

37:27 back and have now become aware of technology used in the MKULTRA programs I feel that it’s more than probable that

37:33 a Mindwipe had occurred when we woke up on the beach early in the morning dazed

37:38 and anxious and all I could say is Erik you’ve got to get me home Erik get me home I was really worried about what my

37:45 mother was going to think what I do remember is that made us memorize the Jabberwocky that

37:51 was written by Lewis Carroll who is a famous pedophile he also wrote Alice in Wonderland now

37:57 this comes in handy a little bit later in my research I found that children have been used in all wars so for me

38:04 it’s not hard to believe that adolescent super soldiers were used for the Vietnam War what I have ascertained is that we

38:10 were used as soldiers we were taught to fly planes we had more than sufficient medical training

38:15 April reports that on several occasions we actually sewed each other up from wounds with remarkable skill during our

38:21 missions to Vietnam Romania Colorado and various underground dumb bases we

38:27 transported drugs and politicians to and from America to different countries and if caught they would always claim us as

38:32 children and make excuses that went along with that and this was really dangerous for the throwaway kids but

38:38 very very clever the craziest story is about Senator Jack Ryan April reports that he died on one of our

38:46 missions in Colorado right after he saved our lives she also reported that Bill Clinton was responsible for his death now I would

38:53 love Robert to have all of this looked into by intelligence sources now keep in

38:58 mind that I don’t remember this at all but I will say that when presented with the opportunity to fly a plane two

39:05 separate times both my landings were perfect and the people flying with me made comments like wow it looks like

39:12 you’ve been doing that all your life which is exactly what it felt like

39:17 April recounts it was the end of the Vietnam War the CIA had orders to take out some supply depots and oil derricks

39:24 in North Vietnam and North Korea without being detected they had just the operatives to do it the six of us had

39:30 been training for nine months we had flown the f-14 fighters that no one knew about yet we were doing formations we

39:38 could lay on and take off anywhere there were three planes that had two pilots each it was Mach 3 all the way to Midway

39:44 Island when we were fueled we were not told what we were doing we were only out on an exercise and we were in

39:49 competition with with each other to see who could follow orders the best and hit the targets on the game board it was

39:55 kind of like a road rally only we were using f-14 fighter planes this was no game we had to read the maps and follow

40:01 the directions that were in we had our own language it was cartoon character and Disney based and when

40:07 April was telling me for the this for the first time I really thought she was crazy then I read Cathy O’Brien’s book

40:13 and heard her testimony about how they delivered message messages to each other

40:19 that was cartoon and Disney based so over the years as I became more aware of

40:25 things like pedophilia used to trap politicians deep underground military bases the uses of children in these

40:31 programs secret societies and the evil nature of those in power I became more open to the possibilities that these

40:37 things did happen families involved are rewarded for making their kids into stars and even winning local beauty

40:44 contests which brings us to my next achievement which I thought was my achievement right after our stint in the

40:51 military as children I was encouraged to try out for the Junior Miss for our little town of Santa Maria I had good

40:57 grades and anyway several people said several of my church leaders told me I should do that and in 1971 I was crowned

41:04 at Junior Miss include a Santa Rosa that just happens to be as I look back by

41:10 Bohemian Grove and we were supposed to sit at lunch with all these old guys of

41:16 course not you know and I got to sit next to Charles Schultz who wrote the the Charlie Brown cartoons and he was

41:23 kind of shy and kind of sweet that year I also want a scholarship and theater to

41:29 Brigham Young University so it was a big year for me and the following year they had a big deal at the Ethel Pope

41:35 auditorium for me and that was the year my sister April was also competing for the juniors Junior Miss program at the

41:43 state level I won the physical fitness award where we danced take me out to the ball game with baseball bats to

41:48 choreographed routine and my brother had just won the n-c-double-a mile championship so it was a big year for

41:53 our family and I have to wonder what on earth did my father do for us to be involved in all of this April told me

42:00 that the programmers were hardest on me because I was so strong-willed hard to break and couldn’t be hypnotized she

42:06 remembers seeing the electrodes they put on me and the pain they would cause me every time I defied them she said that

42:11 my reward for compliance was to become the next junior miss pageant winner they were going to use me to spy for them

42:16 on an international basis she said we both proved to be unreliable candidates until they put an advanced implant just

42:23 under the skin in our heads called a cap at first they were in our teeth after that they did use us for a mission to

42:30 Romania where we delivered messages to top brass there behind the Iron Curtain this was during the reign of terror

42:35 under the Romanian President Ceaușescu with our College Choir and sponsored by The Reader’s Digest which brings us

42:45 to Nabisco my dad had many different jobs he was a music teacher he did lots

42:50 of music lessons after school with parents that trusted him to with their children and during the summer he had a

42:57 job that sold biscuits here in England or cookies

43:02 Nabisco I’ve since learned is a CIA front my dad was a cookie salesman I

43:07 would also stock shelves on the base Vandenberg Air Force Base where we got to help this was our time to go with

43:13 Daddy in the car and just one on one with a big family it was a big deal to be able to be one on one with dad

43:18 I remember getting there but when we left I always remember going through the day this the this style would go up but

43:25 it would go down and my dad would have to show his military past which I think is very interesting but I was always

43:31 super super tired apparently from the drugs they gave me each month when my period came I was rushed to the hospital

43:38 when my where my doctors would give me darvon or darvocet from my endometriosis and I would sleep for days just to

43:44 recover from the pain and you guys this pain was absolutely horrific it was not normal pain it was like shoot her up my

43:52 dog my doctor care omits they would take me in my mom I would get a phone call I would have to call her immediately they

43:58 would take me into the back and they would give me a shot just so that I could survive the next couple of days and as I look back who knows what

44:07 happened to me during the time I was asleep for those couple of days April said the ritual sacrifice has happened

44:12 more often than I ever want to know I hope that is the worst memory I have to endure we were copulated and sodomized after

44:18 some of the rituals they liked it and when the girls were on their periods so they could taste the blood this is the

44:23 same group of people I encountered in the basement of the Salt Lake City Temple as John Rappaport

44:30 people need to understand the history of the madmen and murderers within these professions who were content to use

44:35 torture in the name of science the psychiatrist who later went to work for the CIA in the MK MKULTRA program were

44:42 devoid of conscience any experiment was a good experiment human beings were useful subjects and is

44:48 still going on today this is the useful subject my poor mother I never knew my

44:55 mother when she wasn’t depressed a condition that Dean calls a deep pressure that is unexpressed when we

45:02 lived in that she was attacked by our stake president she was used as a breeder and always pregnant she had

45:07 untreated diabetes which looks like mental instability after box of seized chocolates and later they had her fixed

45:14 up with well I got to know my mother when she was finally diagnosed with diabetes and was taken care of the drag

45:22 drug her under when she sometimes would go after us with brooms and call us evil after a horrific life plagued by

45:29 diabetes my mother chose not to go back on dial s dialysis after eight years she died two days after that immediately

45:36 after I heard I started getting heart promptings to get my sisters together and start talking about what happened in

45:42 the temple I think mom wanted us to compare notes I was 17 years old and had

45:47 just graduated from high school there’s the Salt Lake City temple in the back dad was going to the solemn assembly in

45:54 place of the bishop for some reason which was very strange at this Utah State Capitol building in 1972 for the

46:01 solemn assembly there’s that picture so in March of 2000 I got my sister’s in the same living room and said it’s time

46:08 to talk about what happened in the Salt Lake Temple now April and Priscilla had been mad at each other so what followed

46:13 was kind of a miracle April began to talk then Priscilla finished her sentence and then dawn

46:18 contributed and pretty soon they were all talking at once dawn was hiding under the furniture in the living room they were crying and hysterical and it

46:26 was everything I could do to calm him and down what I pieced together from their testimonies that day is that on in

46:32 October of 1972 we were to sing in a regional children’s choir for the Saturday morning session my little

46:39 sister’s Don and Priscilla had gotten lost just before we were to sing so my father sent eighth I to run and go find them we heard them

46:45 screaming when we ran down some tunnels under the parking garage to the basement of the temple when we got close to the

46:51 screams we heard a newborn baby crying the baby suddenly stopped crying as soon as we got to the entrance room with a

46:58 big red poinsettia on the floor where we found our little sister’s eight-year-old Priscilla was being placed on a black

47:04 altar with a red tablecloth we were frozen in fear at the door when we realized that a man in black and red

47:10 robes similar to the white ones more and more worn in Mormons temple ceremonies was cutting out the heart of the baby of

47:17 the little baby we heard crying we knew that this man was a high up leader in the church even then but who eventually

47:24 became the prophet of the church this man recently died he held a jeweled

47:31 dagger as he held the lifeless body and tiny heart and took a bite out of it April and I had seen enough dawn had

47:37 found a hiding place under a piece of furniture and while I was fetching Dawn April grabbed Priscilla and said those

47:42 are my little sisters and you can’t have him bullets whizzed past our heads as we ran but we somehow made it down to the

47:49 end of the hallway without being killed by the men in dark suits Spencer W Kimball was not yet president of the

47:55 church he was the following year he was a family friend from Arizona and the brother of Alice Nelson who was my mom’s

48:01 visiting teacher when we lived in Arizona he was not the man inside that temple by the way he was at the end of

48:07 the hall miraculously he was right there at the end of the hall and told him then to stop shooting and said leave them

48:12 alone they’ve had enough they hypnotized they hypnotized us when we were in the elevator and since we didn’t have enough

48:19 time to get into our proper seats we sang right where they put us as if nothing had happened you may ask why do

48:26 these people do this to children my husband’s conclusion after thousands of clients is that these people are kind

48:32 of dead inside and the only thing that makes them feel anything sexually is perversion the worst kind of perversion

48:39 is hurting kids so these folks have to hurt children in order to feel anything and the saddest thing is that research

48:45 indicates that is that the highest porn subscription rates are from Utah right

48:51 after the incident both April and I tried out for the prestigious sounds of freedom that’s April and either and

48:57 middle April and I were a feature duet and got to sing you and me against the

49:02 world as a sister act we turn areas where a lot of deep underground military bases were located the Four Corners area

49:09 Albuquerque we also visited Carlsbad Caverns in a secret chamber in the

49:15 caverns April recalls another bloody ritual I worried so much for the little

49:22 kids that were still at home with mom and dad I felt him go over the edge during this time looking back after I

49:29 left home and got married Priscilla was raped by dad Christopher was beaten and sodomized Pam and Andrea were preyed

49:36 upon and groomed and Roberta got pregnant at age 15 there’s my brother

49:41 Christopher after he had been severely beaten Pamela began to date a guy when she was

49:48 17 Pam said dad was actually jealous of him mom and dad were staying with me

49:53 after dad got out of prison so out of curiosity I asked him about that I could tell that he was instantly triggered by

50:00 a strong emotion when he looked at me and said why would she choose James when she could have me and I thought whoa my

50:09 dad is not okay still this is not a grown up this is a young boy with a

50:15 crush this is hosted development stage and then I knew why wipe my Pied Piper

50:21 father why he got along so well with children he was one of them

50:27 this is Roberta and overalls with Priscilla Val and Chris and she was

50:32 already pregnant there I remember going to visit the family and going to lunch with dad and my sister Roberta after

50:40 prison my dad was no longer a teacher but was a fundraising director for area schools in the Henderson Nevada area

50:46 when Dad showed up in his car he said he’d been fundraising all day the car was full of stuff in the back and not to

50:51 use it Roberta didn’t hear him and she opened up the car to put her purse in and out

50:56 fell a bunch of kiddie porn and now I wondered what dad was really

51:02 doing in the school fundraising business was it selling cheap jewelry and candy or kiddie porn and my final question was

51:09 who was he selling it to in the public school system I get now that pedophiles

51:15 are attracted to the teaching profession with few protection measures in place to identify and stop them looking back I

51:21 shudder to think of my father being in any public school system or doing those private music lessons after school you

51:28 may ask why do these people do this to children Dean’s conclusion is that they need

51:34 extreme perversion and the worst perversion is hurting kids repentance

51:41 has become a business for churches so even victims are told to read more scripture repent and paid twice as much tithing as part of the repentance

51:48 progress process but my question is what are the victims repenting for the

51:53 structure of our society education government and military is a structure of chaos and churches are a big part of

52:00 that this is a structure of brutality of insanity of sadism of fetishism of

52:07 cannibalism of exploitation of the innocent of torture a murder and of

52:13 death but love and compassion are the highest forms of intelligence and in

52:19 human evolution these elitists who program children have yet to evolve and don’t feel emotions like those much

52:26 higher on the evolutionary scale but dark games don’t fly in the light love

52:34 triumph as more and more are speaking out I now believe that ritual abuse

52:40 programming is widespread reputable sources are saying between eight and ten

52:46 percent depending on where you live it is systematic it is very organized and it is in every dinky stinky little town

52:54 across this world and it’s high time to shine some light on it I remember watching more roots and

53:00 seeing the people that were called slaves it was called slavery but the

53:06 worst kind of slavery is when those enslaved are so mindwiped they cannot even recognize that they

53:13 have been slaves that they have been unwittingly experimented on that their

53:18 children have been tortured at home at school and at church this is the face

53:24 of willing slavery because silence is our consent and there is no reward for

53:30 well-behaved slaves slavery is not upon us it’s been on us for quite some time

53:37 there are only two energies in this world one is the drag on spirit life force energy which encapsulate s–

53:44 confusion deception manipulation fear and force these are the powers of the

53:50 Dragon and the other energy is love and light the uninvolved dragon on spirit

53:56 life force energy thinks that if we don’t stop what it’s doing that we are going along with it which makes

54:02 tribunals such as this so powerful because once we as a society can see

54:08 what has been done to us we cannot unsee it and when those responsible for these atrocities are made accountable then

54:15 whatever agreement the dragon thinks it has with us is officially ended one of

54:20 my fellow singing friends is sandy from the Lawrence Welk Show maybe some of you remember her her sister is a therapist

54:29 and sandy told me once that her sister said if the lights went out in every home in Salt Lake City where there was

54:34 incest and abuse it would be dark every night in Salt Lake City because families

54:40 wittingly unwittingly become involved and bishops and professors can become

54:46 involved and co-workers can become involved and our own siblings can become

54:53 involved just by following orders in the military husbands and wives even our own beloved

55:01 parents can become involved without even knowing it with their eyes wide shut as

55:06 the cycle of abuse continues with generational victims of church and state to all victims everywhere I want you to

55:15 hear these words this was not your fault it’s the fault of psychopaths that have

55:22 long considered us slaves to be sex Floyd and experimented upon and it must

55:27 end now my father is 86 now and I don’t know if

55:32 he has crossed that and killed a child or not the point of killing children and spirit cooking is

55:39 to get them to cross that line yes they were all victims but this is where if

55:47 they are aware of doing it they have got always have a choice because the powers

55:52 that were have to get them in so deep that there’s no way that they can get out and until you understand dragon

55:58 thinking you won’t understand the dragon has its own philosophy and that is whatever it takes to establish maintain

56:04 and control there’s an old saying the truth will set you free but first it

56:10 will piss you off but we all have choices and there is that line that gets crossed again the lesson of the colon is

56:16 to hate that which no longer nurtures us to hate it enough to expel it and eliminate it which will only happen when

56:22 we become aware of it we are not supposed to love this the lesson of the colon shows us that we are literally

56:28 designed to hate it just like we hate stinky poop and eliminate it consciousness is the only elegant

56:34 solution and it’s high time to gather together and not let those killing children to get away with it any longer

56:41 how else are we ever going to have the peace on earth that we deserve for the sake of any soul that they have left we

56:48 must meet out the appropriate justice that each one deserves or it will just go on and on my suggestion is to offer

56:55 the worst offenders who admittedly are not interested in changing a pill that will end their lives or offer life

57:01 imprisonment because I am all for compassion but that will not extend to

57:06 child killers that can hurt children again and again now for those shocked at this it may surprise you how many

57:12 offenders choose this pill voluntarily rather than live in a world where they are being found out the dragon hates the

57:19 light the dragon plan is to shatter trust to create a system that can do this automatically and generationally

57:25 and to control those with the most to offer psychopaths love the light as long as they can control it use it abuse it

57:32 and own it that’s what pedophilia and child abuse is meanwhile untreated

57:39 pedophilia leads to wolves in sheep’s clothing and the sheer numbers of victims is staggering and these people

57:45 are only just effort after harm has been done to survive in a nation of sheep ruled by

57:51 wolves owned by pigs you must become a lion and to all lions everywhere I say

57:57 it’s time to roar because every child that is abused by a government is one

58:04 child too many every child that is abused by a trusted parent is one child too many and every child that is abused

58:11 by an authority figure in its church is one child too many the good news is that

58:18 this all ends when people start telling their stories only then can we see that they’re all the same story we are the

58:27 jailers and the liberators and by jailing key people right away we can

58:32 liberate ourselves so may this Tribunal eventually lead to not only compassion

58:38 for victims but justice for the guilty because we are the ones we have been

58:44 waiting for [Applause]


58:54 rather than have three questions this is a collective question and it’s directed

58:59 not so much to you Christy but to chief counsel here in relation to

59:05 the role of the Central Intelligence Agency we understand the the abuse sex

59:13 the drugs and everything else and we’re wondering if the chief counsel could comment on the the advantage of the CIA

59:23 being involved in these programs and if and the dangers that of disclosure like

59:32 when people do come out of do come out of jug drug induced and 6/6 induced

59:43 disturbance I was just saying to His grace before that into my associate

59:51 justice the friend of mine became addicted to cocaine and he basically

59:58 lost his mind he used to go to parties step mend by leading lights in the

1:00:06 establishment including judges and they were served drinks and cocaine by naked

1:00:13 girls and that was that was normal but he came out of it and he recovered and

1:00:21 he wrote a book and – the book is a best-seller it’s on the Amazon bestsellers and listen so some of the

1:00:28 people who were involved ended up in prison he didn’t and some judicial

1:00:35 reputations went down in tatters so wondering if chief counsel because Sir

1:00:41 John

I love being sandbagged and it is

1:00:49 the obvious question let me say that you’ll have a chance to submit additional information for the record including names if you wish and we can

1:00:56 coordinate something for follow-on videos yeah the obvious question is oK you’ve been a senior CIA officer and do

1:01:03 you believe this yeah I believe this however let me clarify that 90% of the people in CA are good

1:01:10 people trapped in a bad system and there are at least seven CIA’s okay so ci is

1:01:16 not a monolithic organization also when we against the orders of President Truman when Allen Dulles brought in all

1:01:24 the Nazi scientists and so forth they went to two places they went to CIA and they went to the National Aeronautics

1:01:30 and Space Administration which in our world we call it not a space agency yet

1:01:36 as Cathy O’Brien has said so clearly that’s where the bulk of the mind control has been done so just to mention

1:01:43 the seven CIA’s is a partial and very brief answer to your question there is the wallstreet CIA CI was actually

1:01:50 founded by Wall Street to be its secret control element this is best told in a

1:01:55 book by David Talbott the devil’s chess board okay and I have a summary review on it then there’s the White House CIA

1:02:01 which does dirty tricks for whoever happens to be President but the White House CI seems to have merged into the

1:02:07 black male CIA CIA at the worst level appears to have joined now with the FBI

1:02:12 the NSA and the Mossad and so there’s this aspect and then there’s the esra

1:02:18 there’s the there’s the drone CIA which has a 98% of sense an agent ring there’s

1:02:23 the Saudi Israeli CIA which does rendition and torture and then there’s

1:02:28 the real sort of CIA the old spies like me who do their best not realizing that

1:02:33 it’s all a joke and then finally there’s the bureaucratic CIA I mean I was threatened

1:02:38 with assassination in a specific country and two days later that a message comes

1:02:44 in I went underground and pseudonym and another hotel abandoned my house and a message comes in from a clerk at CIA

1:02:51 saying well we’re paying for your house we can’t pay for a hotel at the same time my chief of station sent back the

1:02:57 one-line message saying what part of assassination or do you not understand it okay so I’ve been there and the

1:03:04 bottom line for me is that the bulk of CIA is honest and worthless and that 10%

1:03:10 of CIA that does great evil needs to be routed out but I will absolutely assure

1:03:16 you that the FBI NASA FEMA DHS all have their own 10% and

1:03:22 so what we’re doing here really is moving truth tobert or clearing all of this out and Chief Justice you can get

1:03:28 me tonight over a glass of red wine and I’ll tell you the rest of it just as cleverly was there another question

1:03:35 Commissioner Lena Helstein a very little proposal there you’re all one I

1:03:42 am sure we shall discuss later on but we have a very brave and very still little

1:03:51 practice in Lithuania in the Eastern Europe and I’m saying this because I

1:03:58 remember your last sentence maybe tribunal maybe somebody will help this

1:04:06 goes in the air because everything has not everything those ten good percents

1:04:13 in the whole dead body first of all must be helped by the new rising forces and

1:04:20 new rising force is coming from population and that’s why tribunal is

1:04:26 born so tribunal pretty said yes we are

1:04:32 beginning to say about ourselves and we have a good code the same in UK the same

1:04:42 in the Eastern Europe none and that is the essence non-governmental

1:04:48 organization which has enough Souls behind it can stand in the court it’s me

1:04:57 who is doing that I am standing in the court together with such barristers as

1:05:03 Chris I go and stand in the court because if we tribunal people are only

1:05:09 yes speaking that’s good that’s the first step but it’s not enough we must go and stand in the code

1:05:18 we must go and stand in United Nations as a non-governmental organisations

1:05:25 having lawyers we know very well our

1:05:31 and this is written in the code non-governmental organization it has the

1:05:36 right to stand in the court that’s all thank you okay okay yes your grace you’d

1:05:48 like a quick word you have you have 90 seconds your grace thank you

Bishop Ria Abu El Assal just one

1:06:01 question I mean how long did it take you on if you woke up and was it fear or

1:06:06 shame that caused you to wait so long

Answer Kristy

1:06:12 it was righteous indignation maybe that’s what I would call it I had gone

1:06:17 to a Sunday School class and I read something from the Bible and I asked the

1:06:23 question I said why did Moses cut off the heads of 23,000 people and put them

1:06:29 on sticks and turn them upside down and let the blood run to the ground I said what God would ask someone to do that

1:06:35 and then to have the young children being given to the men and killing

1:06:41 everybody else leaving the women and the children and I thought what God is going to be doing this and so I I asked the

1:06:48 question and the there was some ruffling of feathers and there I could see the priesthood you know upset with me and

1:06:55 well you know God’s ways are not our ways and I’m thinking I’m done I walked

1:07:00 away and I never went back I went home and I remember the following Sunday I

1:07:07 decided to get out into the Sun to put on my bikini out on my deck and lay in

1:07:12 the Sun and I started asking questions Who am I Who am I Who am I I had heard

1:07:18 somewhere that that’s a good question to ask if you want to wake up and something happened to me I connected with

1:07:24 something and I’ve never really disconnected from it and it it just I

1:07:30 would ask a question and the answer would be instantly there Christie thank you for that [Applause]

1:07:40 [Music] we on the power behind the eye TMJ add

1:07:48 your voice sign the treaty [Music]

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  3. Sapphy says:

    Finally someone covers Kristy! I watched her testimony a few years ago – it is shocking. Or rather, it shocked me at the time and I felt disturbed for a few days after. My brain couldn’t fathom that mothers could do that and allow that to be done to babies. Thank you for this post.

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  4. flyingcuttlefish says:

    great in depth reporting!
    The entire series is also archived for safety.

    Also about Utah … the big guy behind the Central American death squads was Mitt Romney and the Utah ultra-rich.
    I read (I think by Seymour Hersh) in the New Yorker about the depravity of those goons especially against children and babies and pregnant women. It looks satanic in hindsight.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    International Tribunal of Natural Justice is Sacha Stone. Jessie Czebotar says Sacha Stone is part of system. I agree. It matters who you give your testimony to and what they do with it. Why would you give your testimony to those in system?

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