Dianne’s Story

Thankyou to Dianne [a pseudonym] who has bravely told her story of sexual abuse.

Dianne was born in the 1950s, and she grew up on an estate in a city in the North of England with her parents and siblings.

She is a victim of child sexual abuse. She has reported the crimes to [redacted] Police but did not get any help or support.

When Dianne was only 9, her parents would go out to the local pub “The [redacted]” and leave Dianne and her siblings in the house. One particular evening, during this time, three youths from the estate walked into the house. “The front door had not been locked and they had opened the front door and walked into the living room where me and my siblings were all sat.”

A similar estate, not the correct estate.

Dianne’s sister was 11, Dianne was 9 and her younger brother 6 or 7 years old. “The youths were abusive to my elder sister… They had taken her clothes off and I remember seeing her under the table in our living room

The youths took money that had been left on the sideboard. They tried to bribe my younger brother and said that they would give him some cigarettes, if he didn’t tell our parents that they had been in our house (uninvited) and stole the money!

“My young brother told our parents when they came back from the pub. He wrongly assumed that we had invited them into the house and gave the two sisters a hard slap on the leg. My father went out to look for the youths, and came back after he had retrieved the money.

Dianne told me that one of the youths was about 16/17 and has now died. He was the brother of a tv football commentator.

When Dianne was 12 years of age she was locked inside a house by a 16 year old youth by the name of [redacted, name and address supplied] who sexually abused her and attempted to rape her.

He got two 12 year old girls to get me to go to his house….they were very close friends and were bullied… I was 12 year old and timid… they had told me that he was alone in the house as his parents were both at work, and they told me to knock on the side door …not the front door overlooking the [redacted] Road…(he must have told them this)

When I had knocked on the side door, he told me to enter. As soon as I entered, he had turned the key in the lock and I had immediately felt very scared and wanted to escape. However, I didn’t try in case he would use violence so I didn’t want to attempt to try and escape. The youth still lives in [redacted] city.

When I was 13, I was raped by a 15 year old youth who was a pupil at the same secondary school… I had invited him to come to my home to listen to some records. I had told him that my parents would be out at the nearby pub. This youth took advantage of me and both youths have got away with what they did to me. He has moved to Ontario, Canada.

I attempted suicide at age of 14 years of age by swallowing lots of aspirins but the tablets had only made me feel nauseous and I vomited.

I didn’t get support and had suffered trauma, but these youths had made me feel like it was my fault!

Aged 17 I got a job in [address redacted] London aged 17 years as a live in Mothers helper, advertised in The Lady magazine…I began work there in 197x. My employer went on holiday for two weeks, with his second wife to [redacted, abroad] and left me to look after their two young children alone. I left my job at the end of 197x one year later.

Dianne later found this man was a lawyer defending a paedophile in a high profile Piccadilly child sex abuse case. The lawyer also defended another paedophile in a separate case.

Aged 18 I was easy prey for a man [name redacted] who was violent. I got into relationship when 18 in London which turned violent. He coerced me into having an abortion when I was pregnant aged 18 years… I went to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) who referred me to Streatham abortion clinic. I was asked what blood group I as and when I said Rhesus negative I was given a blood product called anti D serum. I was Hepatitis C +ve.

“After 3 years in this violent relationship in London, where I had been forced into having an  abortion, I returned to live in my home city.”

I didn’t have any support and buried what happened deep inside I hadn’t had any help at all.


I reported the sexual assaults to the [redacted] Police in 2020 and later they helped me to make a video recorded witness statement… and they said that they would investigate and pass the case to the Crown Prosecution Service. I was told by the police, that it’s up to CPS to decide if there is enough evidence to take case to court. There have been bad things reported in media about some [redacted] Police officers… “Operation [redacted]”

Dianne has not heard from the Police or CPS since.


I have now reported this to IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse)

I contacted IICSA to tell them my story about being a victim of child sexual abuse. I was told to write my story in a booklet “The Truth Project”. I recently asked IICSA for copies of my correspondence. I received a large envelope  from IICSA in which there is a summary of my story.

Whoever wrote a summary of my statement had rewritten my story. Someone at IICSA had written that I had gone “for help” at the house at [redacted]. I am so upset because this is not true.

What really happened was that at 12 years old I had been bullied by two 12 year old girls to go to the house and after I had knocked on the door and gone in, I was locked inside and the 16 year old sexually assaulted me and had attempted to rape me.

I sent an email to IICSA asking them who had retold my story and they won’t tell me. They merely told me that they would send me a copy of the amendment. I am not happy with how I have been treated.

Before I hadn’t been able to talk about what happened I had to lock away the memories and I am thinking about what happened more.”


195x Dianne born

196x Dianne was 9 years of age when some youths walked into the house where she lived, stole money, took off her older sisters clothes ..she was 11 years…sister was 9 and younger brother 6 years 

196x When Dianne was 12 years of age I was locked inside a house by a 16 year old youth and sexually assaulted (attempted rape)

196x When Dianne was 13, she was raped by a 15 year old youth who was a pupil at the same secondary school.

197x Dianne went to work in London as a Mothers helper at age of 17 years…

197x Man in relationship forced Dianne into an abortion and he was violent

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