Cultism’s Roots in MK Ultra

This article from EIR written in 1978 is useful to show that cults were set up in America by British Intelligence.

It also says that although MK Ultra was nominally a US CIA Dulles black operation it was in reality run into the US by British Intelligence SIS ie MI6 under cover of CIA and Rand Corporation.

Aldous Huxley, Albert Hoffman and Humphrey Osmond were Brits and key American was Gregory Bateson, husband of the late Dame Margaret Mead of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

The intention was to create cults among the general population through the use of drugs and Dionysian rituals.

Synanon is also mentioned which was a cult set up in 1958 and run by Charles Dederich. This was the forerunner of the troubled teen industry, of which Paris Hilton is a survivor and I wrote about here Paris Hilton Breaking Code Silence [4]

First is the Cultism’s Roots in MK Ultra pdf, then the screenshots then the text so search engines can pick it up.

Text of Document Cultisms Roots in MK Ultra


The immediate source for the Port Kaituma mass
murder-suicide can be partially traced to a recent
closed-door meeting of the Aspen Institute for Human
istic Studies in West Berlin, at which Rand Corpora
tion terrorist controller Brian Jenkins gave a five
hour presentation on coming terrorist scenarios. The
Jenkins scenario, which emphasized the time-bomb
quality of cults as sources of terrorism, was given just
prior to the bloodbath carried out by Rev. Jimmy
Jones’s Peoples Temple in Guyana.
The Rand connection, along with the appearance of
Dr. Joel Fort, lawyer Mark Lane, and the Glide
Memorial Church of Berkeley, California in the
dossier on Rev. Jimmy Jones confirms, in shorthand,
that Jones’s death cult is the offspring of British
intelligence’s 50-year campaign in the United States to
create cult formations among the general population
through the use of drugs and Dionysian rituals.
In official channels, the British Secret Intelligence
Services’ experiment was run under former CIA Dir
ector Allen Dulles, and conduited through the Central
Intelligence Agency, under the codename MK-Ultra.
The project, first named Operation Bluebird in 1949,
then Operation Artichoke, and renamed MK-Ultra in
1953 under direct orders from Dulles, studied the
application of LSD, psylocibin (hallucinogenic
mushrooms), peyote, and other hallucinogens in
mind-control and brainwashing techniques. The early
phases involved the administration of hallucinogens to
volunteers in university, hospital, and mental in
stitution settings. By 1963, it was openly stated in a
CIA document that “the final phase of testing MK
Ultra materials involves their application to unwitting
subjects in normal life settings,” a phase which began
on the U.S. West Coast in 1955, and which by the late
1960s had created thousands of counterculture
followers of the cult of LSD and other hallucinogens,
aided by the importation and mass marketing of
British ritualistic rock music.
Although MK-Ultra was a CIA black operation
nominally under the control of Dulles, it was in reality
a British intelligence operation run into the United
States under the cover of the CIA and the Rand
Corporation. Furthermore. the presence of the Office
of Naval Intelligence and Air Force Intelligence in the
original -Operation Artichoke and MK-Ultra task
force. and the subsequent importance of trained
operatives of ONI and Air Force Intelligence in the
creation of U.S.-based terrorist cults. points to heavy
contamination of these agencies in particular by
British SIS.

The British Priesthood
The three British intelligence agents heading up MK
Ultra as research directors from 1952 on were Aldous
Huxley, Albert Hoffman of the Warburg-owned San
doz drug firm (where Hoffman first synthesized LSD
in 1943), and Humphrey Osmond, a close Huxley
family friend and physician based at the University of
London Hospital where he studied schizophrenia.
The key American researcher complicit with
Huxley, Hoffman, and Osmond was Gregory Bateson,
husband of the late Dame Margaret Mead of the Order
of St. John of Jerusalem. Bateson headed a Veterans
Hospital in Palo Alto. California where he aided in
criminal experiments administering LSD to patients
in the hospital. Bateson is currently a special advisor
to California’s Governor Jerry Brown – the politician
with whom Reverend Jimmy Jones maintained a
close relationship for many years.
Huxley was not merely the ranking British intelli
gence officer in the MK-Ultra infiltration project, but
he was literally a high priest of the drug cult that grew
out of the California experiments. Aldous Huxley,
along with his brother Julian. was tutored at Oxford
University. England in the 1920s by futurist H.G.
Wells, head of British foreign intelligence during
World War I. Wells’s writings and those of his proteges
the Huxleys and George Orwell, such as The Time
Machine, Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm,
spelled out in fictional form the mind-control that MK
Ultra was later to implement.
In 1929, under the influence of occultist Aleister
Crowley. Aldous Huxley was initiated into the Isis
Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden
Dawn. a secret cult tracing back to the Scottish Rites
of the Freemasons and run directly out of the British
Colonial Office. At the same time. Crowley introduced
Huxley to hallucinogenic drugs.
From 1937 to 1945. Huxley lived in California where
he worked as a Hollywood scriptwriter along with
Christopher Isherwood and other British operatives.
Isherwood had been a British intelligence agent sta
tioned in Weimar Berlin through the 1920s, special
izing in cultural subversion projects. During this
period, Huxley and Isherwood organized cults around
the Isis Temple of the Golden Dawn and the trans
lation of Eastern mystical documents. Preliminary
investigations suggest that one of the centers of Isis
cult activity founded by the Huxley team in 1937-1945
was Ukia.Cal. – later the West Coast center of Jones’
Peoples Temple.
Huxley’s critical training occurred in Britain from
1945 to 1952 tandem with the British Psycholo
gical Warfare Division (then centered at the London
Tavistock Institute). He organized a study group at the
London National Hospital with Osmond on inducing
schizophrenic states through the taking of mescaline.
Subsequently. Osmond was hired by Allen Dulles to
play a leading role in the MK-Ultra project. In 1953. in
the U. S. , Osmond gave Huxley a supply of mescaline
for his personal consumption. The next year. as the
result of his psychedelic experience. Huxley wrote
The Doors of Perception. the first public manifesto of
the drug cult. advocating “expanded consciousness
through hallucinogens. “

U.S. drug networks in place
By 1954. MK-Ultra was fully operational. Dr. Timothy
Leary was already conducting LSD experi
ments at Harvard University. Hoffman had been
brought to the United States for continued MK-Ultra
work. And Huxley returned to California where he re
cruited his 1937-45 associates Bateson and Alan Watts.
who later became a propagandist for study of Eastern
religions. Osmond. meanwhile. was stationed at the
New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute in Princeton.
N. J ..conducting experiments on the effects of LSD in
In 1960. as MK-Ultra entered its “final phases. “
Huxley was appointed Visiting Professor at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.
There he created a circle paralleling his West Coast
LSD team. including Leary and associate Richard
Alpert. who later became “guru ” Baba Ram Das.
This circle created a following of thousands of LSD
veterans who were then deployed to proselytize for
One direct result of the Huxley Harvard operation
was the International Federation for Internal
Freedom Psychedelic Training Center in Zihuatenejo.
Mexico. set up and headed by Leary in 1963. Zi
huatenejo. an isolated Mexican resort town. was the
site for a two-year project involving 500 people –
chosen. according to Leary. out of over 5.000 appli
cants. The objective of Zihuatenejo was to train psy
chologists and other professionals. religious leaders.
teachers. etc. in the values of psychedelic drug use.
The center administered LSD to residents several
times a week.conducting group sessions based on the
Boston work of Leary and Alpert. the writings of
Huxley. and particularly Leary’s translation of the
Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Tibetan sacred book
was to be read by participants before taking the LSD.
then read aloud by another person as the subject sank
into a schizophrenic state.
Indeed. the death experience attitude was a central
consideration of the center’s profiling. After an LSD
experience. one group showed that: “Some now felt
convinced that there is no death. that life is really con
tinuous despite physical change. Death to them now
seems simply continuation toward the mystical goal of
oneness with God. . . . Associated with lessened
anxiety. greater acceptance of death . . . ” (Richard
Blum and associates Utopiates. London: Tavistock
Publications. 1965).
The names of the participants in the Zihuatenejo
project have never been made public although they in
cluded clinical psychologists.ministers. teachers. and
businessmen. In 1963, during the second year of its
operation. the center was closed by Mexican author
It is known that the Mexican project was one feature
of the “private.” i.e .. nongovernmental. side of MK
Ultra. The above-cited 1965 Tavistock Institute report
also featured reports by Timothy Leary. Richard
Alpert. and San Francisco’s Dr. Joel Fort. who has
already been identified as a principal figure in the
creation of Jones’s Peoples Temple.
Simultaneously. the Rand Corporation, home of
present-day terrorist specialist Brian Jenkins. was
conducting a “medically oriented ” experiment in
LSD. According to a 1962 Rand Abstract. W.H.
McGlothlin conducted a preparatory study on the
“Longlasting Effects of LSD on Certain Attitudes in
Normals: An Experimental ProposaL” The following
year, McGlothlin conducted a year-long experiment
with 30 human guinea pigs. called “Short-Term
Effects of LSD on Anxiety. Attitudes and Per
formance. ” The study incredibly concluded that LSD
improved emotional attitudes and helped resolve

Also in California, the guinea pigs at Bateson’s Palo
Alto Veterans Hospital were being groomed as future
leaders of the drugged Isis cult. Foremost among
Bateson’s recruits was Ken Kesey who received his
first LSD dose from Bateson in 1959. Other “subjects”
included Jerry Garcia, later the founder of the Grate
ful Dead rock band. Another outstanding member of
the Grateful Dead is the son of Wharton School pro
fessor Eric Trist, the leading Tavistock Institute
operative in the United States and a principal con
troller of the MOVE black terrorist gang that recently
staged a gun battle with Philadelphia police.
Much of the LSD used to build the Isis counter
culture cult in the Haight-Asbury section of San
Francisco found its way into the streets from MK
Ultra channels. In 1963, when Leary left Harvard, the
Leary LSD operations were funded principally by
Billy Mellon Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s contributions to
Leary were paid out through a British West Indies con
duit known as the Fiduciary Trust – a wholly con
trolled subsidiary of the Investors’ Overseas Service,
which is and was an Israeli dirty-money operation co
ordinated on the U.S. side through the New York
holding company, the Dreyfuss Corporation. Hitch
cock, an heir to the Mellon banking family of Pitts
burgh, not only funded Leary’s pet projects, but
financed Leary’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love as a
major hashish marketing and LSD manufacturing
operation which was based, like Jones’s Peoples
Temple, in California and the Caribbean.
In 1968, Leary, Ken Kesey, Alan Watts, and homo
sexual poet Allen Ginsberg from New York organized
the so-called Summer of Love. This nationwide Dio
nysian celebration provided the context for a massive
infusion of drugs into every part of the USA which left
thousands of youth ravaged by their first experiences
with addictive and hallucinogenic chemicals. To
service the psychological disorders and human
misery resulting from the drug epidemic, institutions
such as the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic were
created. Today, these clinics serve as centers for the
movement to decriminalize “recreational” drugs, and
as recruiting centers for cult outfits such as the Glide
Memorial Church and Jones’s People’s Temple.
Dr. Joel Fort’s Project One mental health clinic in
San Francisco was part of the network of clinics set up
to service the growing number of youth who quickly
went from marijuana and an occasional hallucino
genic trip to hard-core heroin addiction and psychosis.
– Michelle Steinberg

The media cultists
Even in the atmosphere of untrammeled
sensationalism that followed the Jones cult mass
suicide, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post
managed to sink lower than even the orgy-of
death-peddling competition. “Deathcults on the
warpath” ; “Death in the jungle” ; “Slain aide
knew he’d be killed” ran each day’s banner head
lines. For political impact, Murdoch, a protege
of British press peer Lord Beaverbrook, went
page one with a story of extremely dubious
vintage headed “Jones cult planned to move to
Russia,” a story relegated by most of Murdoch’s
yellow-journal competitors to the back pages.
A Post editorial enjoined “Stop the evil.” But
the Post continues to act as evil’s propagandist.
Murdoch’s lurid brand of journalism was
brought to New York not to make money (as our
last issue revealed, it’s already lost Murdoch $18
million on a newspaper that cost him $30 million
in the first place) but to act as the media sup
porter of the Big MAC operation, whose can
nibalistic practices usually go under the
euphemism of “austerity. “
Another media star that thinks cultism is good
business is NBC, which this year has become the
National Broadcaster of Cults. Long before the
Jonestown events, NBC was popularizing cult
beliefs. For example, its widely touted “Holo
caust” series fulfilled the Zionist lobby pro
paganda requirements for instilling necrophiliac
paranoia in U. S. and Israeli citizens.
Rev. Jones got what he wanted by getting
people to lose their grip on reality. NBC is look
ing to do the same with the whole United States.
Even before the Jones blowout, NBC undertook a
comprehensive series on such U. S. brainwashees
as Synanon and the Hare Krishnas, to inculcate
the line that “the future of the world is in the
hands of the cults.” Now it has announced a new
bombshell, “Masada,” about 900-plus Jews who,
rather than fall into the hands of Roman legion
aires, killed themselves en masse.
But does cultism pay? Murdoch and NBC may
find there’s “room for one more” in the Kool-aid
set. Murdoch has been losing so much money on
the Post that last week he was forced to cancel
the recently inaugurated Sunday edition, after
his planned New York morning tabloid, the Sun,
failed to get off the drawing boards. And also last
week, NBC canceled half its weekly pro
gramming after a grim look at the ratings


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