Helen – A Victim of Ritual Abuse

The video is interesting and tragic as many videos of survivors of ritual abuse are, but this video is particularly valuable as it shows several things of interest not perhaps normally found in videos about survivors.

  • Several changes of alter live on video which is relatively rare
  • Pictures of drawings of abuse from Helen’s diaries
  • The person interviewing and making the programme was a friend of Helen’s from school and can corroborate some stories eg Cosy Corner when Ruth Selwyn presumably thought she was talking with Helen and was actually meeting with an alter William, who told Ruth of the Cosy Corner story when they remet. This shows the alters were in place at a young age.
  • Interview with a teacher of Helen’s which can corroborate some of Helen’s early life/personality.
  • Ruth her friend learns about dissociation and alters as the video progresses

I suspect Helen has many more than 7 personalities.

Odysee FAC The Woman With 7 Personalities – A Victim of Ritual Abuse [5]

In The Woman with 7 Personalities, filmmaker Ruth Selwyn attempts to explain and define the seven alter egos of her childhood friend, Helen. Helen suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is better known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Her personalities range from young boys to young girls. And she never remembers the previous personality after she transitions into the next.

Several of the egos that overtake her existence have dangerous addictions to drugs and alcohol. While none of the addictions turn out to be fatal, Ruth discovers that Helen uses these destructive personalities to escape from a childhood filled with abuse. At one point, Helen shocks her friend by explaining that the characters she allows to take over her personality each have a unique role to help her deal with the traumatic pain that she had suffered at the hands of others as a child.

Respect to Ruth for writing and directing this, and I would love her to contact me on cathyfox@zoho.com

Transcript is after the links.

Gallery of some stills from the video of Helen, her alters and her drawings of abuse.

Gallery 2 of some stills from the video of Helen, her alters and her drawings of abuse.

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[1] You tube Dr. Joan Coleman : Abus Rituels Sataniques et Trouble Dissociatif de l’Identité https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfNdSxzXE5s 2 min (Ts at very end)

[2] Youtube Alex Lebreton Hélène: personnalité multiple et abus rituels sataniques – Trouble dissociatif de l’identité https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qLSua-029s&t=0s 14min

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In The Woman with 7 Personalities, filmmaker Ruth Selwyn attempts to explain and define the seven alter egos of her childhood friend, Helen. Helen suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is better known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Her personalities range from young boys to young girls. And she never remembers the previous personality after she transitions into the next.

Several of the egos that overtake her existence have dangerous addictions to drugs and alcohol. While none of the addictions turn out to be fatal, Ruth discovers that Helen uses these destructive personalities to escape from a childhood filled with abuse. At one point, Helen shocks her friend by explaining that the characters she allows to take over her personality each have a unique role to help her deal with the traumatic pain that she had suffered at the hands of others as a child.

[6] You tube Tacito Monroe The Woman With 7 Personalities – A Victim of Ritual Abuse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4YkqZ9Qi-Y 48 mins This documentary was made by Ruth Selwyn about her friend Helen. Helen was a victim of Ritual Abuse and this documentary illustrates the reality and tragedy of Trauma Based Mind Control. Ruth even visits the UK’s branch of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and comes to the realisation herself that they have their own agenda. Ruth appears at first to be unaware of the dark and nefarious world that underlies Trauma Based Mind Control, and it is interesting that this documentary is freely available on youtube and doesn’t seemed to have been aired on national TV.

[7] 2004 Watch Documentaries The Woman with 7 Personalities https://watchdocumentaries.com/the-woman-with-7-personalities/

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Full Transcript

Odysee FAC The Woman With 7 Personalities – A Victim of Ritual Abuse [5]

0:04 baby come back by

0:11 baby come back

0:17 it’s easy big guy I’m growing as it was here when I

0:39 arrived I’m another pop it all right

0:53 haha

1:04 this is Helen she has an extremely rare condition called dissociative identity

1:10 disorder commonly known as multiple personality disorder when she is Helen

1:16 she appears like any other 35 year old woman but she has several alter

1:23 personalities that she can suddenly switch to at any moment

1:33 Milind and I very high up the king at London you know what that is

1:39 over there Big Ben yeah and houses your palms that’s right

1:50 shocked and while the other personalities are out helen has no idea

1:56 what they get up to

2:04 helen hasn’t always been like this I’ve known her since we were eight she was

2:10 one of my best friends for many years but we lost touch after leaving school 12 years later I bumped into her on a

2:17 train and I was shocked when she told me she had this strange disorder

2:24 this is me and Helen at my tenth birthday party she used to stay over at

2:30 my house and we’d have midnight feasts after my parents had gone to bed she was

2:36 popular intelligent and funny I thought she had everything going for her but

2:42 shortly after she graduated Helen developed her multiple personalities seeing her again after so

2:49 many years I couldn’t believe how much she changed we decided to make this film

2:55 to try to uncover the mysteries of Helens disorder I wanted to find out

3:01 what the hell had happened to my old school friend

3:09 this is a blast from the past

3:21 John I started hanging out with Helen her house looks like one big playroom and

3:27 hearing the banana splits made me feel like I was in a time warp

3:40 John I

3:48 the switching did take a bit of getting used to Adam was the first of helens

3:54 personalities that I met the first time he came out was a bit unnerving but I soon got used to this cute little boy

4:03 I knew that there were other personalities and I never knew what all who to expect when I went round to see

4:09 her I can hear a little voice in my head hey mr. William me till with me you and

4:27 I William d1 yeah I remember you

4:38 frenching down feet yes I do you

4:45 remember cosy corner that’s right

4:51 that’s right I remember Kathy Kohner as well can she gone now this was the first

4:58 time I met William I was amazed that he reminded me so much of Helen as an

5:04 eight-year-old cosy corner was at the end of the playground where we would sneak off to kiss our boyfriends I’d

5:10 forgotten all about it I used to do it we stir happy oh that

5:20 the original mr. happy yes mr. Payne and I stayed at your house and mr. Happy’s I

5:29 fell off a new daddy puts it back on for

5:35 me yeah William took me back 30 years to when

5:41 Helen and I used to talk in baby voices with that same doll she would say mr. happy sad and I would say why is mr.

5:48 happy sad I wondered if the reason why mr. happy was sad when we were children could hold a clue to why Helen is like

5:55 this today I know it mr. happy but

6:05 sometimes even mr. happy get sad yes

6:11 wanted you to cheer him up inside yet

6:18 mr. tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle when I was

6:25 14 I saw a child psychiatrist and I was always listening to the hill for faces

6:32 it says I’ve got for this for that for

6:37 the other and I don’t know which one’s me so you got your driving license Adam

6:47 it gets getting stuck yeah I just really

6:52 identified through this piece of music and it’s almost with hindsight I had

6:58 insight into the fact that I was multiple did you see that yeah I knew

7:06 something was wrong but I couldn’t pinpoint it and I’ve got more than four

7:15 phases

7:23 there’s William who’s six and William loves the mr. men

7:31 there’s Adam he’s ten who gets upset sometimes because he can’t play outside

7:36 with the other boys and girls and there’s Alex he’s five and Alex you to

7:41 everybody and leave it it’s quite

7:47 wearing after a while it gets on your nerves then there’s Brenda he’s not sure where

7:55 she’s 13 or 14 she doesn’t mince her words she and

8:02 another personality of mine Carl who’s 16 of both harm me in the past and Jamie

8:13 and Elizabeth but they don’t appear as

8:19 often so seven I’ve got seven it’s I’ve

8:25 got seven and I don’t know which one it’s me they’re all me as I’m so screwed

8:38 up god

8:44 after my first few weeks with Helen I had only met Adam and William I still

8:50 hadn’t met Alex Karl or Brenda I wanted to know if these more sinister sounding

8:55 personalities could help me unlock some of the dark secrets of Helens past

9:14 you get away from me

9:24 getting to know my old school friend again with her multiple personalities I saw had a strange disorder affected her

9:31 day-to-day life I wanted to know what it

9:42 felt like to switch personalities it

10:00 bizarre seeing and switching people have told me

10:07 that my facial expression changes and I know my voice changes because it I can

10:14 hear my like when they talk to me their voice is kind of childlike but I didn’t

10:22 realize that it comes out childlike as well and this is really bizarre whilst I

10:36 know when I switch well afterwards I don’t know what I’ve been doing whereas

10:41 you know this kind of filled in the gaps

10:48 you know I could be walking along the street and be anybody and it’s kind of

10:55 like makes me feel a bit vulnerable

11:03 these periods of amnesia are particularly alarming because Helen is very isolated she has little contact

11:11 with her family and she only has one good friend derec socially I don’t feel

11:16 very confident and so consequently then I live quite an isolated life but I’ve

11:24 lived alone since I was 17 anyway so it’s no big deal really I tend to relate

11:32 better to people who are older than myself Ethel swallowed her brother by Helen I

11:38 met Derek four years ago he’s a highly intelligent Blake and I found that we

11:45 struck a chord in the sense that we could have some intelligent conversation

11:56 I just got to know him better and seen

12:01 this very vulnerable person you are I care about a great deal as a friend I

12:07 had in mind at Christmas because otherwise he would have spent two alone I would spend it alone and I had a good

12:17 time

12:29 okay lovie Adam crazy

12:43 for over 30 years oh that one Oh mrs. Arzu Helen

12:52 that story Adam how soon

12:59 Adam can be quite assertive and lively at times but on other days I saw a quite different subdued little boy I soon

13:07 learned how to lift his spirits and I knew exactly where to take him I would’ve liked to have gone for bike

13:13 ride but my tires flat simple religious

13:18 wish that I had some friends I could play with but they don’t see me as Adam

13:26 they see me as heaven alone together

13:34 that’s for babies oh my going on the side I know but just

13:47 go away and doesn’t mean that I can’t be

13:55 friends with people sometimes I come out

14:02 protect Emma from the bad days other

14:08 times I come out to play

14:26 I’m intoxicated there with alcohol and yet I don’t drink so one of the altars

14:35 must have been drinking and her annoys

14:43 me worrying to say that because could

14:53 walk out in front of her bus I wasn’t surprised to learn that Helen is now a

14:58 recovering alcoholic I remember going into town after school to drink booze that hadn’t had brought because she

15:04 didn’t want to go straight home for me it was a bit of harmless fun but Helen

15:09 was becoming more and more withdrawn we decided to visit our old form tutor mr.

15:14 Faulkner to see if he remembered anything significant about Helen

15:23 you’ve hardly changed you have hardly changed slipper to say

15:30 it how are you people help you I would

15:36 have known a recognizer straightaway Bridget I really want ya know feels

15:42 really strange than it does yeah does yeah I’ve been up your prison beam up been back here since you do it no no I

15:51 someone else is gonna come out in a minute

15:56 then as really explained to you about yeah yeah mr. Faulkner I remember you

16:22 from school will you miss gone now hmm this room

16:31 wasn’t here when you were here at school it this used to be a cloakroom exactly

16:38 there’s an open space all these walls you can see weren’t here they were elsewhere it looks a bit

16:44 different there it doesn’t mean that’s right no I didn’t have a beard when you would have no man much – that’s right see I can see a bunch of the

16:50 Worcestershire about in tablets remember what we used to call him – thank you all

16:58 I learn all these things afterwards you know never the time hmm cashy mm-hmm I think I dunno I think I

17:07 remember that yes dear

17:16 as I’m just came in to say hi all right sorry oh don’t have to apologize

17:23 with explode that let’s explained everything to me let’s have a look

17:30 around Helen was lovely she’s a really pretty girl really vicious you know a charming

17:36 lass but at times you you you couldn’t

17:42 you didn’t know where you were you know like like she wasn’t predictable there

17:49 were times when she’d be lovely and bouncing and labelling all the times when the shutters would come up and you

17:54 couldn’t get through I knew there were troubles for Helen because of discussions that have gone on in the staff room but my understanding was that

18:02 this was being dealt with by someone else within the school and it was going to work out okay for Helen I also

18:08 thought things would work out for Helen but her condition means she’s unable to hold down a full-time job she lives in a

18:14 council flat and survives on benefits conventional medicine doesn’t offer any solutions there are no drugs to cure di

18:21 D only to control the symptoms these are Prozac which is an

18:28 antidepressant and I’m on the highest dose which is 60 milligram IV been

18:33 taking those for 14 years they help keep my mood on an even keel and they take

18:41 diazepam which is valium the valium just calm me down and keep me chilled out

18:50 these are olanzapine they’re an anti-psychotic then these the last ones

18:57 are peak Lane which is a sleeping tablet a lot of the tablets give me heartburn

19:02 so I’ve got loads of bottles of gaviscon these are just lem sips and my girl even

19:12 light bulb it was upsetting to see Helen

19:18 taking so many pills I wanted to know what was going on inside her head

19:23 she gave me her Diaries from when her alters first appeared I thought that they might hold the key to discovering

19:28 how her multiple personalities had been formed I saw some disturbing pictures and noticed that each personality had

19:35 different handwriting it was chilling to see some of the dialog between the different alters I read page after page

19:42 describing the pain Helen was suffering one entry particularly caught my

19:47 attention the sun is shining outside and I’m feeling really low part of me feels

19:53 like overdosing but I know that the next one might kill me and I don’t want that I just want to block it all out Karl

20:02 I’ve overdosed about 100 times it was not me as Helen it was Brenda Carla was

20:11 doing it and it wasn’t ever to kill myself it was to block out pain Helen

20:19 and her alters wrote about the pain that they were going through but it still wasn’t clear to me exactly what the root

20:24 of this pain was I cut my arm because that was shouting and screaming and I

20:29 was remembering bad things and needed to get it out I’m sorry if I hurt you it’s

20:35 not my fault because I’ve got lots of bad things in my head Brenda Karl and Brenda started cutting

20:45 myself and there’s some nice cars here but some old ones as well I cut an

20:53 artery once and that scared the living daylights out of me it’s been virtually

21:02 continual cutting myself for the last 10

21:10 years it was distressing to see the scars on

21:16 her arms it triggered a memory I had of Helen making two small cuts on each wrist when we were about 15 I kept

21:24 asking her what was wrong but she wouldn’t say when I picked her up from

21:30 hospital after one of her alters had cut her arms it saddened me she seemed to

21:35 have no control over the more troubled personalities like Carl Brenda and Alex who all seemed to be avoiding me and the

21:44 cutting is that who that was Carl as well right yeah I think so I don’t know I don’t know for definite

21:50 nobody’s confessed hi Helen hi hi how

22:12 are you I’m good what’s going on I can

22:22 hear he nice isn’t it

22:27 not like Phil the bird yeah that’s it

22:33 you feel me I am yeah I don’t as Helen go out and buy razor

22:42 blades to cut my arm to it it’s another part of me and they must hide them

22:48 somewhere but it’s very rare that I am

22:54 found

23:01 there must be one of the others so

23:08 I can say hand on heart that I haven’t drunk knowingly for 14 months who do you

23:18 think that was probably Brenda or maybe

23:23 Carl I couldn’t understand why Helen’s alter

23:28 personalities abused alcohol or harmed her so much I wanted to know what could have happened in Helens life to have

23:35 caused this much pain but what I found out next was almost too horrific to contemplate

23:56 it was hard for me to see how Helen Zille two personalities hurt her

24:03 I needed to know what could have caused my friend so much pain well I was

24:13 severely abused as a child and I cope

24:23 with that by blocking out so that’s why you never knew anything about it and I

24:30 never knew anything about it because what I did was create different personas

24:37 when I was being abused and so I could wake up as Helen the next morning and

24:43 not remember what had happened to me and I carried on doing that and as soon as

24:51 the abuse continued and so that’s where

24:56 the multiple personalities come in major

25:05 yeah yeah it was awful to think what

25:11 Helen might have been going through when we were so young I had to know if this

25:17 could be the reason that Helen had the disorder so I showed some of my footage to a respected psychiatrist

25:24 the main problem about the social team identity disorder is regarding our

25:29 knowledge about it is almost the whole thing we don’t know very much about it as all but the ideas that you know I’ve

25:38 read about and that certainly would seem to me to fit that a person who it has to

25:44 suffer intolerable distress will have to find a way of dealing with that I find a

25:49 defense mechanism of somehow so can be that you always split your mind maybe it

25:55 initially does into two parts the bit that faces the world and the bit that lives inside you that you feel safe that

26:03 makes you feel safe I was still struggling to understand why Helen’s

26:08 personalities hurt her if they are supposed to be created to help her when I finally met the elusive Karl

26:15 how old are you 16 another cool doomed

26:24 I would appreciate knowing who cut my

26:30 arms yesterday and why and the same goes with regard to taking of any pills all

26:36 of this upsets me a great deal why do you do it why Helen why do you do

26:43 because it’s easier to feel physical pain than it is emotional pain I think

26:54 she understands but she doesn’t like the fact their arms have been cut to shreds

26:59 dear Helen I’m sorry it was me but it was either that or taking the tablets I

27:06 cut because I hurt inside and I felt desperate I’m scared if I say what

27:12 happened people will think I’m evil in like what we called the team one of my

27:20 roles is to have some escapism and I’ve

27:29 learned not to do it dangerously now I used to be pills and he used to be

27:36 alcohol used to be drugs and stuff you know and sorry I can hear with him

27:48 talking in my head he’s just saying

27:55 hello mr. Harvey says hello Helen told me she

28:04 had created her multiple personalities whilst enduring severe abuse as a child but it bothered me that she herself had

28:10 no memories of what might have happened or who might have been responsible to my

28:15 horror I discovered that many people with Helens disorder believed that they suffered ritual abuse at the hands of a satanic cult I couldn’t believe that

28:24 Satanist abuse actually goes on in our society Helen told me she knew of a psychiatrist who has been working with

28:31 di D sufferers with these kinds of memories for 13 years so I thought I should go and meet her I can understand

28:39 people being skeptical but once you’ve come across it once you’ve seen somebody as different alters reliving the

28:47 memories and experiencing the pain all over again there’s no mistaking it a lot

28:53 of child abuse is either sexual or physical or emotional and psychological

29:00 well Satanist abuse is all is torture a lot of sexual abuse it’s not just a

29:07 one-off trauma it’s um relentless day to day prolonged trauma if it’s

29:13 generational it starts at a very early age often in babyhood and so it would

29:19 fit all the criteria for causing the ID I still couldn’t believe that such

29:26 atrocities could have happened to Helen in our middle-class suburban town I discovered that there have never been

29:32 any proven cases of satanic abuse in Britain but Joan Coleman is convinced that the cults exist and so is Helen

29:41 I wondered how Helen had felt when she first sent something awful might have happened to her I hurt a lot inside I had not fully

29:52 fledged memories but I was having flashbacks of something that was not very pleasant it was almost like cine

30:01 film in my mind and it would just flash by each caption and I couldn’t piece

30:07 anything together at first I was

30:14 actually diagnosed schizophrenic I was losing chunks of time and gradually more

30:23 till people came out people I just

30:33 thought I was going crazy basically initially Alex came out and was shooting

30:40 everybody and William came out and I

30:47 remember Brenda and Kings my head and I thought I hate the name Brenda why there

30:53 what’s the name Brenda guy in the head form and she was a bit feisty and hello

31:07 hey hi hi are you Brenda yeah hi Brenda

31:12 hi we meet at last yeah he diesel filming yeah what have

31:25 you heard about me is it all good I had all good I had your very feisty very

31:30 feisty yeah what’s feisty me the cute

31:36 giggly Brenda wasn’t quite what I expected she reminded me of Helen as a young teenager I wanted to know what

31:43 memories she had about what might have happened to hell him when we were still at school I remember some really crappy

31:49 things one of my abusers got me pregnant

31:54 and Helen was 16 at the time and I sorry

32:12 it’s hard to talk about and I

32:22 remember having to having the fetus of

32:28 what the embryo aborted making being made to eat it

32:46 I feel best about I’m remembering some

32:53 horrible things and I hurt because I feel robbed of everything I feel bad and dirty my innocence and

33:01 trust have been stolen from me as well as my body which I hate anyway and which

33:07 feels contaminated all I ever wanted to be was a normal girl not one who lives

33:12 in a prison and always has to be on guard Brenda

33:24 after hearing Brenda’s convincing account of what she claimed to have been through I felt I might be starting to

33:29 understand why Helens mind had created the other personalities but then I came across the British false memory society

33:36 and I discovered that there are many eminent psychologists who have a totally conflicting theory I came to the

33:42 inescapable conclusion that multiple personality disorder is an E actor genic

33:48 phenomenon that is to say it is a creature of the consulting-room

33:53 something which patient and therapists both with all sincerity but in a

34:01 completely self-perceived way something which these two individuals manufacture

34:07 it’s a theatrical artifact it is no more than an elaborate role play I could say

34:16 excuse me I could show you that the new

34:22 Lego that I’ve got that I’m going to start building soon okay cook me have a

34:28 look at it later yes there’s no way that

34:40 I could consistently speak in a childlike mode I don’t see how you can

34:48 do it I mean would you be able to I know

34:54 this research that says that di D patients are very suggestible none of my

35:02 therapists have ever planted any memory it’s been a process whereby things have

35:10 come out and of course turmoil but there

35:15 isn’t there’s no way anyone’s planted anything in my head not as far as I’m

35:20 concerned anyway if they have I’m oblivious to it when something awful

35:27 happens we do not forget we remember trauma there’s no evidence

35:33 at all in the scientific literature for the Freudian notion of repression we do

35:39 not forget unpleasant things and bury them in some unconscious

35:46 I didn’t know what to think it’s true that Helen had a lot of controversial therapy but to Brenda the memories had

35:52 seemed so real it bothered me that the false memory society was a campaign group with its own agenda it was all

36:00 getting very confusing for me it was even more confusing for Helen I’m trying

36:06 really hard to understand what’s going on at the moment I’m fast reaching the point where by oh no I’m going to have

36:12 to talk about some things and hear things that they’re going to be unpleasant but I’m scared inside and

36:19 can’t seem to take the courage in both hands Helen what are you scared of

36:24 scared of facing the truth or what

36:29 I’m fed up I’ve got bad things in my head I keep being super Adam because I

36:35 want to be strong super Adam super Adam go away go away nobody can hurt me now

36:46 these are my Diaries ya know Helen was just reading it out I

36:51 mean I know that the abuse was severe

37:00 and my therapist confirm that for me it

37:07 in the end I had to say to my therapist you know like am I crazy or it these you

37:19 know real real memories she said only you can tell me where they were their

37:24 memories but are you not going crazy and so I deduce from that then then the

37:32 memories were real I still had so many questions was she abused and if so by

37:39 whom could she really have been the victim of a satanic cult or could the memories and the alter personalities

37:45 have been created in therapy maybe there’s a third possibility maybe she

37:52 was abused but not in a satanic cult but then where are those memories

37:57 after spending so much time with Helen I realized that none of this really matters this is Helens reality this is how she

38:04 leads her life and it is not always easy I feel sick why I don’t know that you’re

38:15 going to be sick yes really at times there can be some very amusing

38:22 things that happen but at other times you know like for example when I’m in

38:29 pain and I hear a child inside me cry the experience is so real of having a

38:37 child crying in my head and knowing that the child is invisible but it’s actually

38:45 part of me and not being able to console that child

38:51 that’s difficult and that makes it a difficult condition to live with

39:23 living with her multiple personalities is not easy for Helen so I decided to treat her to a special birthday outing

39:29 to London William Brenda and Karl didn’t

39:38 appear that day and I wondered if I would ever get to meet Alex I ended up spending most of the day with

39:45 Adam so I had no choice but to ditch my plans for the Natural History Museum and go somewhere a lot more interesting

39:51 instead how did that say it there

40:08 that’s brilliant isn’t it 2299 I might get that oh I think I’ll

40:20 get Adam cost me a fortune and let go

40:26 but I feel very close to Adam it’s like Adam allows me to have the childhood

40:34 that I don’t remember having missing doesn’t it say I’m there I’m gonna label

40:41 that’s over $99.99 chief yeah certainly

40:57 is hello hello

41:07 all right you having a nice birthday Helen yeah

41:13 what were we doing was fine well we’ve had a McDonald’s platform

41:21 how thoughtful helen appeared briefly so i grabbed the opportunity to wish her a

41:27 happy birthday i’d planned a day full of surprises for her and i even got a little surprise myself

41:34 hoo-ee hello Alex we’re in a taxi in

41:41 London going to another surprise to supply

41:49 coming a surprise I

42:20 happy birthday Alex sing happy birthday

42:26 to

42:35 there was never a dull moment hanging out with Helen but I did wonder if she’d ever get better if she could go back to

42:42 being one person with one personality

42:52 hailing for somebody with dissociative identity disorder means more than just

42:59 curing the symptoms or somehow reintegrating all the different

43:04 personalities into one that would seem to be the obvious goal of treatment but I think we need to think in terms of a

43:13 person being able to live with whatever they’re suffering from and recognizing

43:19 that it’s actually a way that nature has provided you with getting five

43:42 so tricky issue earlier the issue of integration but I used to be really

43:50 really auntie integration whereas now I don’t mind certain personalities being

43:58 integrated than some of them are but

44:07 William alderman Alex I’d like to keep hold of really especially Adam because

44:16 Adams seen me through some tough times and I’d miss his little voice in my head

44:26 I’d miss all of their voices in my head

44:35 it’s kind of like bizarre because at the beginning I was having all these voices in my head and I think what the hell’s

44:42 going on you know I was going mad basically it’s the back way it’s got the

44:47 culture and that it would be easier to be mad than to have this condition

44:53 called multiple personality disorder and how the hell can you have multiple

44:59 personalities in the same body but then

45:08 sort of I’ve kind of moved on accepted that accepted the diagnosis and

45:16 gradually got to know my inner self thanks

45:27 you people like Adam and women Alex

45:39 they’re like the childlike parts of me and

45:49 I know I just I don’t I don’t want full

45:54 integration

46:07 I guess it will never find out what really happened to Helen I just wished

46:12 that her personalities would stop harming her and that her scars will heal both inside and out

46:23 I’m glad our paths crossed again Helen is just as lovely as I remember and I even gained a few more little friends

46:30 along the way I don’t I don’t I don’t

46:38 Adam Adam Adam I don’t I don’t really

46:45 like come out got your Adam is it yeah

46:52 what I don’t say that like survived

47:00 hostage in I don’t think so vendor quite nice for the green peppers in it very

47:06 peanutty isn’t it yeah well that’s good they all say disassociation and it’s not

47:15 bloody disassociation it’s dissociation

47:22 you feel me just playing with my toys

47:31 tonight

47:45 you

47:50 and there’s a free FAQ sheet available to accompany this program for more information visit five dot TV slash fact

47:57 sheets

Short Transcript

You tube Dr. Joan Coleman : Abus Rituels Sataniques et Trouble Dissociatif de l’Identité [1] French substitles

helen told me she had created her

0:06 multiple personalities whilst enduring

0:08 severe abuse as a child

0:10 but it bothered me that she herself had

0:11 no memories of what might have happened

0:13 or who might have been responsible to my

0:16 horror i discovered that many people

0:18 with helen’s disorder believe that they

0:19 suffered ritual abuse at the hands of a

0:21 satanic cult

0:25 i couldn’t believe that satanist abuse

0:27 actually goes on in our society helen

0:30 told me she knew of a psychiatrist who

0:32 has been working with did sufferers with

0:33 these kinds of memories for 13 years

0:36 so i thought i should go and meet her

0:40 i can understand people being skeptical

0:42 but once you’ve come across

0:44 it once you’ve seen somebody as

0:46 different daughters

0:48 reliving the memories and experiencing

0:50 the pain all over again

0:52 there’s no mistaking it a lot of child

0:55 abuse is either sexual

0:57 or physical or emotional

1:00 and psychological well satanist abuse is

1:03 all

1:04 there’s torture a lot of sexual abuse

1:08 it’s not just a one-off trauma it’s um

1:11 relentless

1:12 day-to-day prolonged trauma if it’s

1:15 generational it starts at a very early

1:17 age often in babyhood

1:19 and so it would fit all the criteria for

1:22 causing

1:23 the id

1:26 i still couldn’t believe that such

1:27 atrocities could have happened to helen

1:29 in our middle class suburban town

1:32 i wondered how helen had felt when she

1:34 first sent something awful might have

1:35 happened to her

1:38 i hurt a lot inside i i had

1:42 not fully fledged memories but i was

1:44 having flashbacks of

1:46 of something that was not very pleasant

1:50 it was almost like a cine film in my

1:52 mind and it would just

1:54 flash by each caption and

1:57 i couldn’t piece anything together

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