Covid Resources 2 – Doctors and Other Specialists

I have compiled a list of medical Doctors, other specialists and organisations that appear to search for the truth and try and tell the truth as they see it.

This has often come at a cost of their career, as anything outside the official narrative driven from the top and coordinated globally is stamped upon by licensing bodies, authoritarian government and agencies, legacy corporate media and corporate social media.

The list of doctors, specialists and organisations has various links to their website and blog and sometimes social media only if I happened to come across it. It would help if everyone had a list compiled of all their social media contacts. Not everyone gets a line bio due to time. I have often included Totality of Evidence links so that further videos or articles can be explored.

The list should enable you to cut out the mockingbird media [9] propaganda, and go direct to the sources.


Other Specialities

I will have missed some, please feel free to add any to comments. Others are also here [28] Credentialed Experts


Disinformation Dozen

Twelve people were targeted and labelled as the “disinformation dozen” by the [HATE] Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)

The CCDHate of course has few if any qualifications to judge that these people spread disinformation, which is one reason no doubt that they feel they have to strip the Doctors of their titles in the list. The CCDHate is inversely named as it appears to promote hate not counter it. The face of CCDHate, Imran Ahmed appears to target those who can think outside the cabal brainwashing and are able to question the very questionable official narrative.

Imran Ahmed CCDHate

If you can’t question it, its not science… its propaganda…

Why do they try and stop you questioning? My guess is that CCDHate is an “intelligence” propaganda and pressure group front. The CCDH, as well as attacking individuals, pushes for social media to censor more and to coordinate their censorship on individuals. CCDHate wants to silence dissenting voices from the dictated centralised narrative. “Intelligence” agencies often use blackmail to get informants to carry out tasks like this.

I have included the individuals named main websites so that you can judge for yourselves. There are some crossover with Doctors listed above but some are not listed above or have large social media followings, who have got up the nose of the narrative nannies and dictators…

Another List of Doctors who apparently think for themselves (list not mine but forgotten where from, there will be overlap)…

There are two Nobel Peace Prize winners and one nominee on this list.
Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP)
Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA inventor)
Dr. Peter McCullough (most published on CV)
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel PP Nominee)
Dr. Kary Mullis (PCR inventor/Nobel PP winner)
Dr. Rima Laibow
Dr. Naomi Wolf
Dr. David Martin
Dr. Luc Montaigner
Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Judy Mitkovitz
Dr. Carrie Madej
Dr. Vernon Coleman
Dr. Ben Tapper
Dr. Michael Lake
Dr. Christiane Northrop
Dr. Simone Gold
Dr. Sean Brooks
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
Dr. Jane Ruby
Dr. Ryan Cole
Dr. Kevin Stillwagon
Dr. Afzal Niaz
Dr. Rashid A.Buttar
Dr. Paul Thomas
Dr. Vanessa Passov
Dr. Jessica Rose
Dr. Christopher Rake
Dr. Charles Hoffe
Dr. Mark Mcdonald
Dr. Jeff Barke
Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Dr. Manuel Alonso
Dr. Amir Shahar
Dr. Patrick Phillips
Dr. Bryan Ardis
Dr. Franc Zalewski
Dr. Daniel Griffin
Dr. Zandra Botha
Dr. Rochagné Kilian
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
Dr. Henry Ealy
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
Dr. Michael Palmer
Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Steven Hotze
Dr. Dan Stock
Dr. Sam Duby
Dr. Francis Christian
Dr. Chris Milburn
Dr. John Carpay
Dr. Richard Fleming
Dr. Gina Gold
Dr. Kevin Corbett
Dr. Michael Mcdowell
Dr. John Witcher
Dr. Jim Meehan
Dr. Chris Shaw
Dr. Anne McCloskey
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Dr. Christiana Parks
Dr. Robert Young
Dr. Amandha Vollmer
Dr. Judy Wilyman
Dr. Michael McConville
Dr. Stella Immanuel
Dr. James Nellenschwander
Dr. Julie Ponesse
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr. Paul Cottrell
Dr. Lee Merritt
Dr. Rochagne Killian
Dr. Larry Palevsky
Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo
Dr. Hilde de Smet
Dr. Elizabeth Evans
Dr. Brian Hooker
Dr. Joel Hirschhorn
Dr. R. Zac Cox
Dr. Mohammed Adil
Dr. Ralph ER Sundberg
Dr. Johan Denis
Dr. Daniel Cullum
Dr. Anne Fierlafijin
Dr. Kevin Corbett
Dr. Pior Rubis
Dr. Pascal Sacre
Dr. Nicole Delepine
Dr. Lorraine Day
Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli
Dr. Nour De San
Dr. Kelly Brogan
Dr. Hervé Seligmann
Dr. Annie Bukacek
Dr. Mark Brody
Dr. Steven LaTulippe
Dr. Mark Trozzi
Dr. Scott Jensen
Dr. Byram W. Bridle
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Dr. Larry Palevsky
Dr. Tom Cowan
Dr. Dan Erickson
Dr. James Todaro
Dr. Joe Lapado
Dr. Richard Bartlett
Dr. Ben Edwards
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Heather Gessling
Dr. Bryan Tyson
Dr. Richard Urso
Dr. John Littell
Dr. Scott Jensen
Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Peter Schirmacher
Dr. Zandra Botha
Dr. Pamela Popper
Dr. Tom Barnett
Dr. Theresa Long
Dr. Nancy Burks
Dr. Russel Blaylock
Dr. Shiv Chopra
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Dr. Tori Bark
Dr. Meryl Nass
Dr. Raymond Obamsawin
Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot
Dr. Robert Rowen
Dr. David Ayoub
Dr. Boyd Hailey
Dr. Roby Mitchell
Dr. Ken Stoller
Dr. Mayer Eiesenstien
Dr. Frank Engley
Dr. David Davis
Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych
Dr. Harold Butram
Dr. Kelly Brogan
Dr. RC Tent
Dr. Rebecca Carley
Dr. Andrew Moulden
Dr. Jack Wolfson
Dr. Michael Elice
Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Paul Thomas
Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Dr. Richard Moskowitz
Dr. Jane Orient
Dr. Richard Deth
Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic
Dr. Chris Shaw
Dr. Susan McCreadie
Dr. May Ann Block
Dr. David Brownstein
Dr. Jayne Donegan
Dr. Troy Ross
Dr. Phillip Incao
Dr. Robert Mendelson
Dr. Theressa Deisher
Dr. Sam Eggertsen
Dr. Peter Doshi
Dr. Shankara Chetty
Dr. Elizabeth Eads
Dr. Kurt Malhom
Dr. Carolyn Bosack
Dr. Heiko Shoning
Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Dr. Patricia Lee
Dr. Daniel Nagase
Dr. Mobeen Syed
Dr. Bruce Patterson
Dr. Randi Juanta
Dr. Phillip McMillan
Dr. Peter Gotzche
Dr. Kurt Malholm
Dr. Sam Sigoloff
Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Dr. Ariyana Love
Dr. Pierre Gilbert
Dr. Nathan Thompson
Dr. Scott Youngblood
Dr. Peterson Pierre
Dr. Darell Wolfe


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[9] Whale Mockingbird

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6 Responses to Covid Resources 2 – Doctors and Other Specialists

  1. tricia0810 says:

    Kevin McKernan, main author of the human genome project which allowed the Nephalim descendants easy manipulatio in destroying God’s creation, spoke out early against the Drosten PCR. He requested it’s retraction along with Mike Yeadon citing 10 serious flaws.

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  3. David Howard says:

    Trumps Operation Warp Speed DNA altering poison will cause suffering and death for years to come. By signing the emergency bill, he transferred power to FEMA and FAUCI. No surprise that Biden renewed the bill.

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