4 Responses to Portsmouth 5 – Cosham, Sofie’s Story

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  2. Once again we have more links and a similar tale relating to Portsmouth Social Services, Peter Prosser, and of course the Councillor in charge at this time would have been my late adoptive
    Father Alderman Bonner Pink, for some of that period anyway, his wife my adoptive on the Hampshire NSPCC board, as chairperson , busy ignoring children”s plight then, as per usual. Steven George.

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  3. treuddynboy says:

    I have been abused threatened and harassed by Dyfed Powys Police for reporting the 4yrs 8 months abuse rape and torture of a lady with Dissociative identity Disorder with 20 alters some children . Social services Ceredigion deleted returned evidence from 8th Oct 2016–Sept 2019 sadist finally investigated by one officer did a jeffrey Epstein tributes and condolences to family sick , His victim cannot walk and has conversion disorder but police and social services ignored me and victim . HIGH SUICIDE RISK AS AMNESIA IS PRESENT

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