How I Fought To Ban Child Sacrifice In Uganda

As this was on youtube and hence publically insecure as it is subject to googles evil whim as to whether it remains viewable I have transferred it to Odysee and added the transcript.

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Odysee Foxes Channel How I Fought To Ban Child Sacrifice In Uganda [2]



[1] 2022 Aug 8 Youtube Lads Bible How I Fought To Ban Child Sacrifice In Uganda

[2] Odysee Foxes Amazing Channel How I Fought To Ban Child Sacrifice In Uganda–LADbible-TV-VQTNB4ROSlI:f

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there was a witch doctor who had laid

0:02this child down

0:03and put herbs all around her body and

0:06was about to cut her

0:09before the security guard

0:13found her and rescued her and brought

0:15her to this baby’s home where i was



0:28i knew quite early on that i wanted to

0:31work in television

0:32i wanted to be a video editor i realized

0:35that in my teens

0:36and i put everything i possibly could

0:38into making

0:39that happen i’ve worked on love island

0:42i’m a celebrity

0:43get me out of here strictly come dancing

0:46x factor

0:46the voice made in chelsea uh

0:50what else too hot to handle um

0:53and four in a bed which is possibly one

0:56of my favorite shows

0:58what was it that inspired you to go from

1:00being a video editor to leaving that

1:01kind of pie

1:02as much as i enjoyed my job i felt just

1:04a little disillusioned by it and felt

1:06that i needed

1:07a bit of a shake-up and a friend of mine

1:10suggested that i contact

1:12a british lady who set up an ngo

1:16in uganda that looked after abandoned


1:20periodically she needed media volunteers

1:22to go over and make

1:23films for change and i just thought yeah

1:26why not

1:26so i got in touch with her and the next

1:29thing i knew

1:30like two months later i found myself on

1:32a plane

1:33to kampala uganda

1:37it kampala can seem really kind of

1:39glitzy and cosmic

1:41cosmopolitan and fun but you scratch the


1:45and there is there is a lot of sadness

1:49there and a lot of that comes from


1:51one of the ngo representatives was

1:54telling me about

1:55some of the children in the baby’s home

1:57where i’d be working

1:58and she told me about this little girl

2:02who had survived child sacrifice

2:05and i was like

2:08what you know i i’m part nigerian

2:12um you know so i’ve heard about

2:14witchcraft and juju and witch doctors


2:18you know my grandfather was a

2:19traditional healer so i’ve grown up

2:21hearing about the occult

2:23but never had i heard of child sacrifice

2:27the very first day i sought her out and

2:30she was a shadow she would cower in the

2:34corner of the room

2:35not look at anybody visibly scarred and

2:40and just truly traumatized she was

2:44found she was found on a construction


2:48by a security guard there was a witch

2:51doctor who had laid this child down

2:54and put herbs all around her body and

2:56was about to cut her

2:59before the security guard

3:04found her and rescued her and brought

3:05her to this baby’s home where i was


3:09and she’d been there about six months

3:10before before i arrived

3:15sorry it’s okay

3:22she’s really special to me yeah

3:25so i’d heard about this practice then

3:28met this girl

3:29fallen head over heels in love with her


3:33researched i wanted to know what there

3:35was to know

3:37about it so i read articles i spoke to


3:41i spoke to locals and very quickly

3:45recognized that this was a this was a

3:47real problem this was prevalent

3:49in uganda and there was always somebody

3:53who knew someone who had

3:55had their child sacrificed or you know

3:58it was very much

4:00a taboo subject but people

4:03were aware of it happening

4:06why do people do child sacrifices what

4:09is the reason for that

4:10there is a widespread belief in not just


4:14that when you sacrifice a child it will

4:16lead to

4:17riches to prosperity power

4:21so people will

4:24visit a witch doctor with an issue


4:33depending on what the issue is the witch

4:35doctor will say okay

4:36you go and bring me the head of a child

4:38you go and bring me the genitals of a


4:40you go and bring me the tongue of a girl

4:42and you’ll have what you need

4:44you spoke to other survivors can you

4:46give us another survivor story

4:49so there was one boy who

4:54who had been lured out

4:57by his uncle to go in

5:01uh to go and buy some soap

5:04on the way they had picked up this

5:05little boy’s twin brother

5:07so the two of them uh went off to buy

5:09soap with their uncle

5:11and the uncle led them into a bush

5:15and and

5:20cut off the head of one of the twin boys

5:23while the other one watched and then

5:25removed his genitals

5:27and left him in a pool of his own blood

5:33and the other boy ran away and was able


5:38explain what happened to his family

5:41um yeah

5:45and uh the uncle

5:48was burnt alive by the mob justice

5:53there was not an opportunity for it to

5:55go to trial because of that

5:57often the children are they’re

6:00sacrificed when they’re conscious when

6:02they’re alive they’re not given

6:04chloroform they’re not knocked over

6:05their head they are conscious and they

6:07feel everything

6:08it’s not quick um it’s incredibly


6:13and this boy watched his brother go

6:16through that

6:17and that is one of many many many

6:20stories that i’ve heard

6:21like that i thought i had a duty to

6:26do everything in my power i just felt

6:28like i had no other choice and this was

6:30something that in a heartbeat i wanted

6:32to dedicate the rest of my life to

6:34to stopping and

6:38you know i feel that passions they

6:41choose you

6:42i think to a certain extent i think it

6:44was a

6:46physical emotional um

6:50kind of kinship that i had with this

6:52subject and

6:54i think anybody in my shoes would have

6:56done exactly the same

6:58you know i was absolutely dogged about

7:00this and

7:02i was stunned to the core that this was

7:04happening and

7:07i was willing to do anything and

7:09everything in my power to help these

7:11children and to ensure that they had

7:16a bright future to grow up in

7:19and i met the deputy speaker who

7:22you know said look if you’re interested

7:24you know we do have gaps in legislation

7:27and we could probably benefit from you

7:30know specific legislation you know but

7:32it’s going to cost money it’s going to

7:34you know take a lot of time and barbara

7:36and i was just like yep yep yep yep yep

7:38sign me up

7:38i’m i’m your i’m your woman so i had no


7:43understanding of what i was doing but i

7:44knew what the milestones were

7:47you know it’s to find a legislator


7:50you know have a draft of a bill present

7:52it to the speaker and then they find an

7:54mp to present the bill and

7:56you know the journey probably begins

7:57there why did you have to introduce the

8:00bill was child sacrifice not illegal at

8:02this point

8:03so obviously it’s it’s illegal to

8:06sacrifice a child but

8:07defendants were tried under the penal

8:09code um

8:11or other such laws which didn’t carry um

8:14particularly strong sentences there was

8:16no definition

8:17of child sacrifice you know so

8:21you know cases where a child was

8:24abducted and for example kept in a


8:28and gradually sacrificed that’s a that’s

8:30a case i have heard of

8:32they would be they would be charged with

8:34kidnap and torture which would not carry


8:37the an adequate sentence i

8:40spent the next or seven years actually

8:44going back and forth so i would go back

8:46to london earn enough money

8:48then fly back out to uganda mobilize mps

8:52let them know that there is a private

8:54bill that is going to be introduced

8:55are you interested in supporting this

8:59and very very slowly i built up a team

9:02and a network

9:03of people who would then you know

9:07later uh come to support me on

9:09parliament floor

9:10when this bill was introduced but there

9:12were a point where you felt like

9:15giving up

9:19yes um

9:22yeah um often you know i there there are

9:26challenges when it comes to

9:27something like this introducing

9:29something like this i was

9:31very much alone for the first part of

9:34this journey

9:35and child sacrifice is a nasty business

9:38more than once i’ve been threatened

9:42i’ve been told that if i continue

9:44terrible things will happen

9:46there will be consequences i’ve had

9:48people turn up to my house asking where


9:50was you know so i was scared

9:54a lot of the time but i think

10:01i i made a pact with myself that

10:08their lives are worth more than mine

10:13and that this was something that i’d

10:14pledged to stop no matter what

10:17stop as much as i could

10:20to giving up i thought about it but

10:23realized that i

10:24i physically i couldn’t

10:29i didn’t want to think about whether or

10:31not this bill would pass

10:33but it was the timing of it

10:36you know like we were just approaching

10:38the the end of the 10th parliament in


10:41and this was the tuesday and

10:44if the bill hadn’t passed by the friday

10:47we’d have had to start all over again

10:50and that would have meant another not

10:52seven years but at least another two

10:54three years i would have had it in me

10:55but it would have felt like a real


10:58um so we passed it in record time and

11:01i just remember

11:04we were told that it was unlikely to

11:06pass that day

11:08and we knew if it was going to pass it

11:09was going to be that week

11:11but i remember getting a call on the

11:12tuesday on the fourth

11:14of may 2021 um from my

11:18you know uh colleague in parliament and

11:22this is at 10 o’clock and i was sitting

11:23on my sofa in my pyjamas thinking i’ve

11:25got a day off

11:26and he was like annie we were presenting

11:30the bill

11:30at half past 10 and i looked my watch

11:32and it was 10 o’clock and i was like

11:34can i swear what the [ __ ] got on a boda

11:37boda which is like a motorcycle taxi

11:39was calling people on the way calling

11:41the mp couldn’t get hold of anybody

11:43and i said to the driver i was just like

11:44you need to leg

11:46we need to be there in record time it’s

11:48like a half an hour journey we got there

11:50in 10 minutes

11:51i got there with about two minutes to


11:54um you know it was meant to be i was

11:57meant to be there

11:58and i’m just so thrilled that i was and

12:01uh i sat there shaking

12:03uh for i don’t know two hours and

12:07yeah and um tonight i don’t know how to

12:11put into words what i felt when it

12:13passed really

12:14i couldn’t believe it i looked at my

12:16colleague the same one who who called me

12:18at 10 o’clock saying that the bill was

12:20going to be read

12:21and he just looked at me and he was like


12:24it just passed

12:29and i just i lost it i completely

12:33lost it

12:37you know something that i had been along

12:39with it

12:40my team fighting for for

12:44seven years it happened

12:49i will never forget that feeling

12:56in a weird way i miss it i miss having a


13:01like it’s like 80 percent pride and

13:04relief and

13:05joy and all of that but you know

13:08i grew up with this bill you know i

13:11became a woman

13:12working on this and it was a huge huge

13:16part of me

13:18and it was gone like that so in a weird

13:20i know that sounds messed up but

13:23um there was sadness weirdly attached to


13:27because my baby it you know

13:31it had grown it had grown up and

13:35was doing what it was meant to do

13:38and i just think


13:43i never growing up felt that i was

13:46capable really of doing

13:48that much or having that much of an

13:50impact on the world and

13:52in that moment i just

13:56felt like i was enough

14:00and that’s something that i along with

14:01the people that i work with had done

14:04had really made a difference in the

14:05world and had

14:08saved the lives of so many vulnerable


14:11and i’m just so proud of it




14:44and i remember unlocking my phone and

14:46what’s up was on and i kind of

14:47closed what’s up and clicked on the

14:49camera and the second i clicked the film

14:53i saw what i guess the whole world saw

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