Luciferian Baby Roast Affidavit

I include an “Introduction” to this post which I have put at the end so as to least distract from this post as possible.

Baby Roast Story

I post this latest addition to the baby roast story, as I was the one that originally blogged this story. 2020 Mar 23 Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) [3], and I perhaps understand the significance of what Jessie was saying better than most.

Others that do or should – the ROR “army”, the radio/podcast/video show hosts and listeners on shows that Jessie speaks on apparently never seek to summarise or pass the information on in a way that is understood better by the wider public. Quite why I am not sure. I will.

There is now one notable exception to this and that is a blog that listens to many of Jessie’s radio/podcast/video programmes and actually does the time consuming connecting of the pieces and explaining them. It is unrivalled work of immense quality and takes huge efforts in research. The blog I am referring to is Lifting the Wool [14]. The latest post from that blog, as I start writing is Ritual of Blasphemy [7] which deals with another of these affidavits released, although by the time I finish this post there may be more posted, as the work done is prodigious.

It seems from information that Tim Holmseth has released on his blog [11] that Jessie has made a series of affidavits and that they are now being released with her permission. The former judge who appears to have overseen the affidavit was Randi Lynn Erickson. However these releases by Holmseth seem to be in response to the release of some of the affidavits some time ago possibly by opposition lawyers, Droel Law but I am not certain on that.

Whoever it was that originally released some placed Jessie in greater danger, probably not so much directly from the people she named who would have been informed anyway, but from assassins from the brotherhood /illuminati system, of which there are several groups. The release could be seen as a means to flag or signal that certain action to be taken. Holmseth and lawyer Erickson I assume would be in danger as well.

I also believe that there was a court case to ask for protection due to this lawyer release of affidavits, but that protection was denied. Although I saw mention of a case a few times I did not follow it and I could be wrong. I am assuming that protection was denied and Tim Holmseth is now publicly releasing some affidavits on various issues with permission from Jessie, as presumably again, the public release of outrageous criminal behaviour of the Luciferian Brotherhood now is justified due to the downside of the danger they are in anyway.

An affidavit is a sworn statement of truth for which afaik there is no higher legal statement of truth. An affidavit is typically defined as a written declaration or statement that is sworn or affirmed before a person who has authority to administer an oath. In the USA when a person signs an affidavit, that person is eligible to take the stand at a trial or evidentiary hearing. One party may wish to summon the affiant (person who makes the sworn statement) to verify the contents of the affidavit, while the other party may want to cross-examine the affiant about the affidavit.

It would appear that Holmseth has also put himself in danger, even more than he was before from his work with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Hence also see TCH Operation Alert Donald Trump [10] for Holmseth’s story about the link to Trump and the FBI raid and the fundraiser.

What is the big deal about what is being revealed?

There are several affidavits so far. In this post I am just dealing with the baby roast one but there are other ones about Presidents and high level figures such as HRC in connection with torture and murder.[11]

In this “baby roast” Affidavit, a copy of which is reproduced below, Jessie is exposing the murder of babies by the Head of the Illuminati, the Queen Mother of Darkness, (QMOD), who was Jessie’s Proctor. [A Proctor is a trainer in the illuminati to enable the trainee or successor get the skills to take the position that they were chosen for.] Jessie is also alleging that the US Post Office delivered live babies drugged up and/or with their mouths taped up.

Jessie’s Proctor, the Queen Mother of Darkness, was also Jessie’s grandmother. She is named in this affidavit as Clara Odelia Acker Church. Jessie was chosen iirc about the age of 4, as the Successor to her grandmother who was the Queen Mother of Darkness.

[The way the term Successor is used by Jessie is confusing as it is used differently to the general usage certainly that I had come across before. Jessie being Successor to the QMOD does not mean that she succeeded to the post of QMOD. The title of Successor in the illuminati, for this example to the QMOD, seems to mean that they are chosen to succeed to that post of QMOD in the future, after they have undergone training. Until they actually become QMOD they are known as the Successor, not as we, the public, might use the term, that they are the successor only when they have achieved the position.]

Another added aggravating dynamic in this situation is that some positions, of which these top Mother of Darkness posts are included, are that the trainers [Proctors] know that they are training up a person who when that person succeeds to the position they are being trained for, will chop off the head of the very person who has been training them. A trains B who chops off head of A when B takes the position.

The QMOD was Head of the Illuminati, but was superceded by the antichrist on 24 April 2020, see my post from just before, 2020 Apr 14 Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [6].

The 5th and final ritual of the consummation of the antichrist did not actually take place due to Covid restrictions but the antichrist still assumed his position, see 2020 Jun 4 Obama is now running the Satanic Council [8]. I am extrapolating that the full months preparation and associated events that took place on the previous 4 readings of the books also did not take place for the fifth reading, but I do not know.

For a shorter version about the antichrist from before the event see 2020 Apr 16 AntiChrist Rising – The When and Where and How [9]

I believe the 5 Mothers of Darkness now take orders from the Antichrist and are now second in the satanic hierachy (or at least this part of it, if there are are other more secret parts.)

“Baby Roast” Affidavit

The source is 2022 Aug 17 TCH Breaking Now – US Court US Postal Service Delivered Children for Human Roasts Holmseth [1]

I pick out some items of interest after the screenshots…

Update I have just been provided the text of the affidavit by a very kind soul, and I have sourced a better quality copy of the affadavits than when I blogged this article.

Affidavit sworn October 11, 2021

In a recently publicized affidavit originally sworn and notarized on October 11, 2021, Jessie Czebotar lists a few individuals involved in the chain of command of the Luciferian Brotherhood system. Parts of the Affidavit text were released publicly on on August 17, 2022 in the article linked below. I transcribed the six photos of released testimony from this article, and its text is below. []

(Photo 1 of 6)

Truthful testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar

1) I (Jessie Marie Czebotar) sworn under the pains and penalty of perjury claim the following facts to be the truth.  And that I am of age, of sound mind, and competent to put these facts upon the record.

2) I would like to submit upon the record the knowledge that the Luciferian Brotherhood works in conjunction with the US Postal System to provide retired elite Members of the System with children for consumpiton.  In the early 1980’s I was present and witnessed that the majority of Luciferian Brotherhood High Priests and Priestesses I experienced in rituals from 1981 – 1987 retired in nursing homes in the Peoria, Il; Middleton, Wi; Stoughton, WI; Veronia WI areas.  These nursing homes are marked with the French Symbol, the Masonic Compass, or a variation of the male Symbol of hte Compass or the receiving female Chalice or V symbol.  These facilities supply children for consumption to the Elite through:

1.  The United States Postal Service

2.  Hand Delivery from local Human Farmers

(photo 2 of 6)

3) I testify that during the years 1981 – 1987 I visited many of these nursing facilities with Clara Odelia Acker Church.  During our visits I witnessed infants and children being delivered by hand and by regular US Postal mail to the facilities for the purpose of consumption by the retired Elite.

a) If they came by hand, it meant that someone who looked like a nanny or babysitter would bring the baby or child and hand them off to the person they were to deliver to.  The story was always the same, “They were the babysitter who was helpign the child to visit their grandparent.”  The first few times I witnessed this, I noticed that I never saw the child leave the facility.

b)  when by mail, the children came with a sedative and were sleeping.  There were times they were shipped with just string tied aroudn them and their mouths gagged.  When we started visiting the cooks in Peoria, IL; or Madison/Middleton, WI are nursing facilities, I saw children arriving in mailboxes or crates in what looked like plastic wrap.  I have

(photo 3 of 6)

horrific memories of people being suffocated with plastic bags over the head.  When I saw the children in plastic wrap, I would start to panic.

Several of the larger nursing facilities had large refrigeration units.  I saw children hung in these refrigeration units.  Someo f the ‘meat factory” supply also came from nearby farms with large barns.  Because the areas had high Norwegian and Swedish cultures, they use the old procurement methods for meat.  I saw bodies hung with salt, smoked, or cured into sausages and blood sausages.  At one of the Peoria Nursing facilities, I would see the retired nuns working in the kitchen areas with old meat grinders grinding up the human meat.

c) I also saw children come in with crates of iced fish and would watch them get chopped up, baked and cooked.  The ovens at these facilities at the time were the older large brick ovens or big fireplaces.  Several times during the holidays I did see people roasted on spitfires like a pig roast, they were served like a turkey for holiday meals.

(photo 4 of 6)

d) as a child there were several special occasions that Clara Odelia Acker Church made her “Special Pot Rost”.  If you ask her why it is so special, she will say it is becuase her secret ingredient is Cordial Brandy.  The truth is that this pot roast is made usually with human meat, or a few times it was our pets or neighbors’ pets.  I witnessed her prep this roast several times.  In my younger years, I saw her put my cousin Amanda (Freye) Schroader in a large turkey roaster.  She would then have me help her peel carrots, potatoes, celery, etc.  At first, she made it seem like a game.  Amanda would sit still and play with the food being put into the pot with her.  When Clara took out the oven racks and started the oven I was terrified.  I started fighting Clara.  She looked at me and said, “We have to have dinner.”  I begged and pleaded for Amanda.  The catch was that Amanda’s life was spared but then a child was delivered to the door and that child became dinner.  What the family got that night was not a whole child roasted.  The meat had been shredded off bones, all evience tossed and just meat served with juices.

(photo 5 of 6)

In [sic] June 24, 2018 I witnessed what we call Command Structure going out among 9th circle and Order of Melchizedek Masonic Members starting from Clara Church. When commands go out, they will be initiated by a Higher Elite member such as a Mother of Darkness or a Satanic Councilman. From there they will go down the chain through the Grand High Priests/Priestesses to those who run the System’s business matters. Those involved in this chain are:

a) Clara Church (Queen Mother of Darkness) with assistance from Julie Cato (Church).
b) Brian Cain (High Pirest of the East/South Quadrants under Laurie Cabot Kent).
c) Christian Day (High Pirest of the East/South Quadrants under Laurie Cabot Kent).
d) Lanzifer Eligos Longinus (Head of Sovereign Military Order of Satanic Templars in TX)
e) Lucien Greaves (Head Protector for the Luciferian Brotherhood System. Lucien has direct contact with Clara Church and answers to no one but the Mothers of Darkness)

(photo 6 of 6)

The Lucifer Sigil shown on page 1 of Exhibit B, is the old guard seal or mark of a protector in the System.  They would have it tattooed on their upper arm, back shoulder blade, front peck, or back of neck.  If the Serpent circle is going around the sigil, it is a sign that they are a 9th circle member.


A few items of interest from the affidavit.

Jessie says that majority of people of prominence the Luciferian Brotherhood that she experienced in rituals from 1981-1989 retired to nursing homes in Peoria, Illinois; Middleton, Stoughton and Verona all in Wisconsin.

An american definition of nursing home is a place for people who do not need to be in a hospital but can not be cared for at home. In Britain we might call this a care home or an old aged persons home.

Jessie said that all the nursing homes that the Luciferian Botherhood retired to were marked with the “French Symbol,” the Masonic compass or a variation on this and the receiving female chalice or V symbol. I am unsure what is meant by the French symbol or if it is inclusive of the compass and V or separate.

Most people know the masonic compass and setsquare (v)

It was the nursing homes thus marked that provide children to the “elite”.

I found this nursing home which is in Peoria Illinois. I have no idea if this is one of the nursing homes referred to but Heartis Village could be said to have a variation on the compass and chalice.

Jessie’s affidavit says that when she visited the nursing homes with Clara Church, her proctor and grandmother, she witnessed babies being delivered. If they were from local “human farms” they were always with the cover story that the person delivering was the baby sitter delivering them to their grandparents.

If they arrived by US Post Office the babies were drugged and/ or had their mouths taped. Also she had seen them delivered in plastic wrap.

Larger nursing facilities had refrigeration units with children hung in there. Some areas had Norwegian and Swedish culture and she also saw children preserved by salting, smoking or cured in sausaged or blood sausages. In one of the Peoria facilities she saw nuns grinding up human meat.

Jessie also saw children arrive in crates of iced fish and saw them chopped up, baked and cooked and even spitroasted and served for holiday meals.

Jessie also witnessed her grandmother cooking special pots roasts of children. According to the affidavit, Clara Church put Jessie’s cousin, Amanda Freye Schroader in a large turkey roast pot with water and vegetables. When Jessie argued and started to fight her grandmother to save her cousin, she was told that they have to eat. Amanda was saved but a baby delivered who was then cooked. When served the baby was boned and just flesh and juices served so that it did not look like a baby. Jessie’s mother and father afaik were unaware of the extent of evil around them.

This is a mock up put out when cannibals making the real deal. They use images and symbolism to legally communicate what they are about.

In the Affidavit, Jessie described the Command Structure for the 9th Circle and Order of Melchizedek that she witnessed on a specific date June 24th 2018 and refers to an Exhibit B. It is not clear what this is. For information on the Order of Melchizedek see this post Lifting the Wool What is the Galactic Federation? [21]

from What is the Galactic Federation? [21]

The chain of command starts with Clara Church or Queen Mothers of Darkness or Satanic Councilman and goes down to Grand High Priests/Priestess then High Priests and Priestesses. Some people involved are named Clara Church, Julie Cato Church, Brian Cain, Christian Day, Lanzifer Eligos Longinus and Lucien Greaves.

Clara Church’s main demon principality is Ashtoroth also called Lilith or The Queen of Heaven.

For more on Lanzifer Longinus see Lifting the Wool Lanzifer Longinus [15]

I have written on Brian Cain and Christian Day who organise the events at the Halloween Ball in Salem, see Satanic Halloween [16] and Halloween 2021 [17]

Christian Day, Austin Shippey and Brian Cain when younger

Lucien Greaves has other names or pseudonyms eg Douglas John Kilrush Mysecko, Douglas Mesner and Douglas Misicko, and is a controversial figure. He was Jessie’s Protector and is the Chief Protector in the Luciferian Brotherhood system, which he managed to achieve as a child, through official fights against adults.

Doug took the role of any killing the pair were forced to do so that Jessie remained clean of all direct killing.

Doug is head of the Satanic Temple which certainly brings mainstream attention to itself over various satanic issues. Why? Other satanic organisations tend to be secretive.

Lucien Greaves

The affidavit again mentions Exhibit B, part of which is Lucifer sigil, an old guard seal or Mark of Protector in the system, usually tattooed on a protectors upper body.

This is normally the Lucifer Sigil

If there is a serpent circle around the tattoo the affidavit says it depicts the wearer is 9th circle member. Child Sacrifice Cult network

I have found this, perhaps the tattoos are similar.

Lifting the Wool has already blogged on the latest affidavit which details how James F Volpe Police Chief raped Doug/Lucien’s sister and killed all his family in front of him when he was a small boy, whilst he and Jessie had to maintain posture.[18]

This blog referred to Jessie first telling publicly of that rape and killing… 2020 Mar 29 cathyfoxblog Forged Through Brokenness (SBFIS Part 4) [19]

Lucien was Jessie’s training partner and protector. They were made to undergo rituals together. If you read or reread the Silence Breaks Forth into Song Series then Lucien was always the little boy, with the little girl Jessie.

One such ritual is in this post also with details of the Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast. Queen Mother of Darkness’s Special Pot Roast (SBFIS Part 2) [3]

To find a list all of my posts on Jessie see [4] 2021 Jan 15 cathyfoxblog Jessie Czebotar – My Whistleblower and Woman of the Year 2020.

Despite my differences with Jessie, many of which were apparent by the time I blogged the post above , I objectively felt that she deserved the accolade.

Introduction and Explanation about Jessie and other matters

I fell out with Jessie for the final time in April 2021 over the issue of misinformation/ disinformation being given to listeners of Right on Radio (ROR) by Jeff when Jessie went on the run. In the aftermath of that there was slander of me by David Zublick on his Dark Outpost show, which Jessie said she would correct and did not do so. I have not been in contact with her since.

I had told Jessie months before this that I felt she had betrayed me over her lack of proper explanation to me about the photograph that she provided, which I used in good faith. Although I believe that she genuinely thought it was her, it turned out that it was most probably not.

Before that I had made clear that I was very unhappy with the way she was raising money back to when the patreon first started. I believe she was getting bad advice.

Jessie is often her own worst enemy and the way that she dealt with this photo situation was terrible, counter productive and it did not need to be. I had used the photo in this blog You are a child… [2] as well as in Antichrist Rising – The When and Where and How [9] and months later had been the one who had first told Jessie of people posting about the existence of a very similar photo in an old library book. I had a responsibility to my readers to explain that, and Jessie refused to give me an explanation with which I could do that, after I had been waiting a considerable time for her to get the information from the library. I felt gaslighted and betrayed.

I realise, as some people have pointed out to me, that I was the first person to publicly support her in a strong manner and brought her to the attention of many, and thus I am responsible for many people following her. Some of those blame me for doing so as they have turned sour on Jessie. My responsibility to those people and all my readers for an explanation about the photograph is one that I still have not met and I realise that, and I am sorry. I apologise for that, but this is still not the time for a full explanation. What I will do is to add to the photo in that post a note to come to this post, pending any possible further explanation. Not perfect but better than leaving it as no explanation.

Suffice to say at the time of the fallout with Jessie, I was dealing with

  • a message from Glamis [12] [13]
  • attack from Jessie that I was somehow responsible for Glamis/ Belenoff’s message to her and that she blamed me for her having to go on the run. That I was responsible was totally and utterly false, as Jessie later admitted, after I had had 2 horrific days and nights of worry that her or her children might be harmed and that somehow I was responsible or would even blamed by police etc if something did happen to them;
  • Right on Radio spreading misinformation/ disinformation to his listeners about Belenoff and about Jessie not being on the run
  • message from Jeff Right on Radio, that I was not to blog until he said that I could!!
  • attacks from some Jessie’s supporters on twitter
  • slander from David Zublicks show
  • dealing with attacks on me from those who thought I was in league with a liar, all of whose information was false. This last issue also spilt over into moderators of my own Telegram discussion group
  • defending Jessie in private to several dissatisfied people, some with justified complaints and some unjustified attacks on her
  • and more…

Any statement that I made in that delicate and complicated situation needed to be backed up with the facts checked thoroughly by me. To write wholly accurately I needed to check hundreds if not thousands of messages. I was ill with my chronic illness for 5 months after the falling out and did not even blog. I have since not felt like wading into the relevant messages at all. I realise my failure to address the situation and apologise for it.

Many attacks on Jessie were unjustified by the facts but understandable as Jessie did not address properly the issues raised.

Several supporters of Jessie, who had even given money to her, but with genuine questions were banned and silenced from ROR platforms. Some of Jessie’s cult like supporters have a lazy, inaccurate and disgusting tendency to publicly categorise anyone who asks questions as being a satanist. Most of the accusers, contrary to their behaviour, claim to be Christians. I saw many many examples on twitter. Inaccurate and counterproductive.

I also saw part of one of the most disgraceful radio/podcast/video shows that I have ever seen/heard with several radio/podcast/video hosts on Right on Radio. The radio/podcast/video shows played the victim card and all claimed to have been attacked due to association with Jessie. No valid questioners were deemed to exist. If there were any good people they were accused of being cognitively dissonant, others selfish or high level agents! They also were threatened with magik against them! Yet all participants again afaik purporting to be Christians.

Supporters of Jessie but with valid questions were met with this onslaught of ad hominem attacks, demonisation and abuse and so I guess many so treated did not remain supporters and distrust and counter allegations increased. It was an object lesson in how not to address valid questions. However it was probably good for the radio/podcast/video shows – hits and subs, ratings and bringing in the dollar.

I spent hundreds of hours particularly on posts The Five Child Trafficking Networks and Structure of the Illuminati [5] written but not posted before I had even contacted Jessie and 2020 Apr 14 cathyfox blog Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [6]. I did this to put Jessie’s allegations which could be seen as “woo woo” into a context so that people would understand that what Jessie was talking about was real. I am proud of what I did.

In contrast many radio/podcast/video programmes thrive and get subscriptions and hits and money based on controversy and drama and that is not a good thing when matters of such import are at stake. Radio/podcast/video programmes also are not a format for accurate checks of what was said, as few people ever search through hours of badly catalogued, badly shownoted programming to find exactly what was said. Why are they not catalogued or shownoted and timestamped? This is a recipe for rumours and argument and so it has proved.

Just for understanding, although I promoted in my blog all the radio/podcast/video programmes that Jessie chose to go on some months after we were first in contact, in a bid to help her, I have only ever listened to half a dozen or so of her radio/podcast/video programmes. I did read the transcripts of all those I blogged and bits of maybe a few more.

Many people who have followed Jessie’s radio/podcast/video programmes will know more than me about what she has said – ironic when for months I was the only one actually summarising and spreading her information. Some people should think hard about that. Absorbing and understanding information is only the start not the end in itself.

Despite my disagreements with Jessie, they should not be used to try and discredit the vast majority of what Jessie says. Having gone through the experiences that she has then some leeway is certainly justified also. It made me smile when I read on a knockers blog, something similar to that I do not critically assess what Jessie says. Nothing is further from the truth.

I decided not to work further with her, despite recognising her courage and truth.

The above explanation is a brief one to enable me to post this “roast” story. I had not intended to ever post again on the issues she talked about, however I feel it is needed just now.

Tim Holmseth is good at releasing the information but not an in intelligible form for most people to understand the significance or often even the data.

Jessie’s information unfortunately is in bits and pieces of information all over radio/podcast/video shows, public and paywall that have benefited, many financially, from the audiences that she brought to them. Piecing the relevant snippets and puzzles together is almost impossible and the radio/podcast/video shows themselves despite the gain they get from Jessie do nothing to summarise the information or provide it in a more succinct format. Sad. Shameful.

There is one blog which has done the almost impossible, as I mentioned before. The blog took on themselves the Herculean task of listening to all the programmes and connecting the pieces and explaining them. It is unrivalled work of immense quality and takes huge effort in research. Lifting the Wool [14]

As I am praising the blog profusely, then just for clarity I am not part of the Lifting the Wools “locals” group and I do not have special password/paywall access to those posts, and do not agree with it. I despise money as a dividing factor or as access to knowledge especially of this importance, and because it is the means of control used by Luciferian oppressors, whilst we fight for the scraps. I think the blog started this policy due to blogposts being abused by anti-Jessie sectors. Anyhow read as much of the blog as you can as well as the free ebook. Lifting the Wool [14]

Finally I will not tolerate ANY abuse or answer any questions on my split with Jessie, from either side or any direction so please do not waste your time or mine.


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  3. evan says:

    No question, your blog is amazing. But Jessie is NOT who she says she is. She is NOT out of the system at all, she is part of it big time. She says lots of lies concerning herself mixed with a lot of truth concerning what is done in the system. She did not lose a child recently like she tried to pretend. Her son is very much alive, believe me. And she is part of a controlled speech made to confuse and manipulate the people. That is why you had some issues with her. Understandably.


  4. Cathy I so appreciate your blog and all the information you give so well documented. Not only of Jessie but so many others that have come forward. Yes, I agree so much of what Jessie says or does is confusing. Any honest person would admit that. She does have many cult like followers and she does speak out against it at times. I am sorry you’ve had a fall out with her. It seems she does leave a trail behind her. I know much of what she reveals is truth and I realize how difficult it must be for her in so many ways. You too are a target as well I’m sure.
    Collectively, everyone sharing this info honestly and with journalistic integrity is to be commended and applauded. The average person will never know what to believe or what not to. We must walk by faith, always trusting in the Lord and seeking Him with all our heart, mind and strength. These stories must be told and they must be shared because they are the key to taking down the blindness the world finds itself in. Thank you for your honesty and commitment.

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  5. Sapphy says:

    I know that Jessie has mentioned your blog in a few videos. She made reference to the details about the positions in the satanic council that you have diagrams of. It would excite every time she mentioned you as I took it as a sign that you’re still in contact and that we’d get more posts from you two collectively, now that her identity is known.
    Interesting that you mention the lack of cataloging and referencing in the videos as that was always a point of frustration for me. I’m not picking sides, but I do have some doubts about Jessie. Perhaps the reason for my doubts stem largely from the poor interviewing done by other hosts who fail to ask critical questions.
    What I’ve always appreciated about your blog is your transparency and when unsure about something you state it clearly.

    Thank you for this update and I hope you continue to shed light on important matters.

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  7. mengenlehre says:

    Thank you Cathy for this hard worked and well done article!

    Jessie might hardly ever had a “normal” moment in her life, so all of her ways are “different”. :-)
    I have no idea how she organizes her public intel, but it seems to me
    that these interviews have not had some good prior prepartations,
    like taking notes, doing mind maps, and gathering stuff in a comprehensive way.
    Jessie might not know, how to prep something like for trainings, power-point presentations and education … :-) And most of all, Jessie might still be learning, how we need intel, to cope with them and tie them into our concepts and honestly this is OUR cup of tea, we can do our homeworks, we need not eat any lies!

    I do not expect anything from Jessie and it is tiresome to work through her intel.
    My sense of truth tells me that of lot of her stuff is real, that it matches the others (we have a Swiss Ex-MOD, intel about Belgium is out, Fiona has stuff, lots of survivors intel, plus Springmeier and all of them). Its always better for each of us – and healthier – to answer our own questions or put them in the care of our higher self. Stuff always falls into place, over time. What we do not know today, might be for our best interest and safer!

    About this children-as-food Affidavid:
    This is horrific again!
    And this stuff about old-peoples-homes! Goodness!
    And the live-delivery like parcels or “babysitter” brings Grandkids to Granny …
    And the kitchen cooling-systems full of kids-meat!
    And the handy human meat farming right round the corner!
    Goodness, I hope this stopped!
    All got controlled and is a thing of the past by now!
    (And I guess its ongoing, like no Affidavid ever got out!)

    There is tons of other witness counts, about food and coolings from baby-corpses, like
    on occasions, events and parties and seen in homes. (Same with Adults)
    Besides variants of trafficking and SRA-crimes.
    And all of the Organ harvesting. Like now in Ukraine.
    And recycling after Snuff.
    And all variants of breeding, human cattle …
    And officially Aliens and Reptos are blamed. Basically offplanet.
    A lot is reveiled in comics too. Usually truth is in Games, Comics, Movies, Books, Psi-fi, Arts …
    And stuff all over youtube

    This all belongs into the courtroom of the living God!

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. MJM says:

    You definitely know what “spiritual warfare” is based upon all the attacks you have been dealing with. Jesus knows the truth about all of this, and one day it will all be revealed. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. restitsa says:

    Cali Shai Bergandi, you have post from her, warned about Jessie in her twitter. She in prison now and her twitter is blocked.
    I prersonaly find Jessie’s posts rather confused and I am glad to realise that my sences warned me no to trust her.


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  17. L says:

    Thank you for a lovely explanation. You are very much appreciated. Thank you for your dedication and efforts. What you have done is monumental. 💜

    Liked by 2 people

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