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The Detectives

The Detectives is a BBC series Documentary series which follows the detectives trained to deal with sex offences. Police investigate historic abuse claims about Ray Teret, a DJ and friend of Jimmy Savile. These are only available on I-player until … Continue reading

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Insurance and Child Abuse, Radio 4 File on 4 including transcript

BBC File on 4 Tim Whewell has made a radio programme on Insurance and Child Abuse that is only available for one month on i-player here [1]. It is also available immediately below [11] The transcript is available below – … Continue reading

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BBC ‘Payola Scandal’ The Neill Report

Originally posted on theneedleblog:
Many thanks to Martin Walkerdine for passing this report on to me. Firstly, a story from The Telegraph which will give readers some background to the scandal and below that are three links to the 33 pages…

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