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“Grappling with Smoke” Paedophile Webs; Bernard Gallagher

The Daily Express printed an article [1] in 1998, and Spotlight on Abuse blog [2] which archives historic child abuse articles  has recently  uploaded an image of it. The article was about a Report authored by Bernard Gallagher, commissioned by … Continue reading

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The Home Office National Group on Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People – an inappropriate response to organised sexual crime.

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Tom Watson MP, on October 12th 2012, asked a Prime Minister’s Question to ensure that the police investigate claims of a powerful paedophile ring linked to a previous prime minister’s senior adviser and parliament. Watson said…

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Lambeth Part 2 – Loose Ends in Lambeth on Child Sexual Abuse

The CHILE 4th Report (CHildren In Lambeth Enquiry) was slick and seemed to give the impression that any problem with sexual abuse in Lambeth was investigated, sorted and finished [2]. That is, even 20 years later, far from the case. … Continue reading

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The Dirt Book: How the sexual abuse of children is used for political gain

Originally posted on spotlight:
In 1995, the BBC showed a Michael Cockerell documentary called Westminster’s Secret Service about the role of the chief whip, whose task it is to ensure MPs attend important debates and vote as the party leadership…

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