Globalist Cabal Coyotes – Child Trafficking Part 4

The globalists have a scam going.  One of many from the corrupt criminal cabal.

They traffick children and pretend those children are the children of the adults they are also trafficking to America. The children enable the adults to stay in the US. In fact the children are being used and trafficked and separately the adults are being trafficked used and trafficked and are in the US illegally.

These children are raped and tortured. They are properties that are used continuously as “anchors” which allow the illegal aliens to remain in the US long enough to disappear. The children used by coyotes are then taken back to the border and “recycled” into another fake family to be used for another illegal entry through the Mexican American border.

Thanks to DNA testing of these children, ‘El Blue’ says that these coyotes are losing the enslaved children now because the child’s identity can be proven. Because of this, many of these children are now being returned to the rightful parents bringing the issue of child trafficking through the US southern border closer to an end.  Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden’s Human Trafficking Compact [2]

As everything is illegal,  the traffickers, or rather the global cabal behind the trafficking, will also have leverage over the people trafficked. As we see in the higher echelons of power that leverage/blackmail is useful. It is also useful on a lower level. The whole country is run on blackmail, much involving abuse of children.

Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez is a Tijuana based Mexican journalist, with first-hand testament to the Coyote network and how it works in organized crime and child trafficking. You may remember that Trump mentioned Coyotes (traffickers) in a Presidential debate, and the ignorant thought he meant animals trafficking children, and the guilty pretended!

The trafficking has been going on for decades, when the same abused children were being taken both ways across borders to Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras, and even then thought to be run by the CIA, and tied to other nefarious CIA activities. David Ferrie US Child Trafficking and Abuse Network 1960/1 [7]

The cabal have their operatives watching over key areas eg Cindy McCain on Arizona anti trafficking committee, see  [10]

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Here is a video of El Blue…

Don’t lie Joe Biden, this is the truth about child trafficking in the Mexican borders [3]


Good evening everybody. I’m going to do a quick video. And I decided to come over here to show you the lies of today. And I believe that in this particular moment with our platform, we can help the American public to know the truth and the absolute truth about the influx of migrants the caravans but ultimately what has been going on for the past almost 3 years in our borders with child.

In this globalist compact of immigration. Why you’re lying? Joe? Why are you lying? This is the problem Joe. You know what is the problem that the person that is holding this phone right now. It’s a Mexican citizen. It’s a Tijuana citizen and I wanted to come over here so you can see that I’m actually in Tijuana and I’ve been broadcasting for more than 2 years about the influx of migrants and the trafficking of children that has been occurring in our borders and to support the president of the United States of America, which was telling you in front of everybody.

Who build the cages number one, you didn’t answer and number two lies about you and the child trafficking that is occurring in our borders. Let me flip the camera Joe so you can look at me.

Look at me I remember broadcasting from this place at a particular moment Joe back in 2008. Do you remember the globalist compact of immigration? Joe Biden? Do you remember it the global is compact of immigration? I know you do because under your administration and the Obama administration you signed it you actually remember the globalist compact of immigration or you forgot about the globalist compact of immigration that it was signed by 154 countries and all those countries want open borders to migrate.

And to every country to take care of them without no security measures. Without no identity and and migrating peacefully documented and with a purpose, do you remember that Joe Biden the globalist compact of immigration that you signed with president at that particular moment? Barack Obama.

Do you remember that and in that particular moment when you signed it also Enrique the president that it was in the government of Mexico signed it also do you remember? I think you’ll remember you don’t remember. I think you do. Even the knows. In 2014, more than 90000 kids, God lost and your administration and in 2015 you’ve got confronted by every mainstream media of the children in children in cages that you Ms Nbc Nbc, Cbs, Abc Washington Post Washington Times The New York Times The New York Post the LA Times every single.

Newspaper in mainstream media was asking you about the children in cages and there’s actually pictures about it. But it was until your President Barack Obama signed the globalist compact of immigration, which it is a globalist compact with the United Nations that pushes the influx of migrants where they commit International Commission of Human rights. Do you remember that Joe I know you remember it because you signed it. you remember it and and when you it, I don’t know if you’ve remembered Twenty-eighteen Joe do you remember 2018?

Let me walk. You where it was do you remember this place? Don’t I sure do this right here? Joe is where the asylum seeker line was doing this is where all the people that they come from all parts of the world stand right here hungry. Waiting because of the globalist compact of immigration that you signed with Barack Obama and that you have ready with Hillary Clinton. To sign it. And you were all you were also you know you were so sight because you thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win the next election and that you were going to convert the United States of America and an open border agenda in a globalist country. you remember that job.

Do you remember it but oh surprise show what happened? Hillary Clinton didn’t win and who won President Donald Trump and he did not sign the globalist compact of immigration. Do you know about the globalist of immigration or you’re acting stupid and you don’t remember what the globalist compact of immigration is do you remember it because it’s signed by 154 countries and then. Caravans that the United Nations that globalist compact that is broken system it puts in danger every migrant to jungles through seas through deserts through mountains. And they migrate to more than nine countries to get to a border where you and your democratic system and your democratic liberals that they come to my country. Mexico violating the article 33 of the Constitution. No foreigner can get involved in a foreign country with foreign politics and that is where your American liberals are coming and this is. What you didn’t say in the debate you didn’t say anything about this show that indeed with all these influx of migrants were instigated and motivated to cross illegal to your country. They were instigated and motivated by leftist radicals and by leftist non-profit organizations.

Do you remember that you don’t remember it right because I was right here. Joe where all the American Liberals left this liberals that I confronted Antifa that I confronted right here. What the hell do you do the country making violating our Mexican constitution trafficking. And non-profit organizations that they’re making fake marriages and fake families to cheat on a loophole to cross to the United States of America. Joe Do you remember that Joe? Do you remember it because they are lawyers from your country? Joe from the United States of America that they’re living over here in our country of Mexico and they’re creating fake marriages and fake families so they can cheat on a loophole and cross the United States of America. you forgot about that joke or you didn’t forget about that I sure did not.

I’ve seen it. I have broadcast it I have seen how they have made fake families and they’re cheating on all these immigrants telling them that they’re going to get the asylum and they’re gonna get the refugee place, but they’re not Joe. You know how many kids they have been trafficked since two to 2018. Joe have you didn’t say that fraction huh you forgot about that? Joe thirty. 34,000 kids have been traffic since 2018. Thirty 34. 34000 kids have been traffic since 2018.

The do you you forgot about something? Joe? You forgot about something. Do you know what the administration of Trump is doing they’re asking about the 500 kids that they are separated from their families. Do you know that the International Commission of Human Rights was asked in Mexico? If they can do a DA test to the kids because those are fake parents and those are fake families and do you know what the International Commission of Human Rights told the Government of Mexico You’re violating the parents the parents right wait a minute that’s not even their parent. The parent doesn’t even remember when he was born. The American immigration law and you don’t even know it. Joe It’s so broken and it’s so easy to cheat that these liberals, what they’re doing is they’re making a humongous business by creating fake families and fake marriages and trafficking amounts and amounts of children through your borders.

Joe do you know the enormous trafficking the children that is occurring in Arizona, Joe and Yuma and Aho Arizona Do you know Bob your leftist liberal agenda that is the O’s non-profit organizations in Arizona like no more deaths did they happen? Trafficking children through that border Do you remember Pueblo? Do you know about that organization that is operating from Chicago all the way to South America and all the way to Europe. Do you know about that? Joe or you forgot about that border support Network? Caravan Support Network by all means necessary. Bam Antifa all of these non-profit organizations they’re operated in my country. Joe you forgot about that.

Do you know how many fake families that were registered in the year of twenty 18? 4800 families Joe 4800 fake families that were registered in the year of 2018 and in the year of twenty 1950. 5800 families that were registered crossing illegally to the border. And do you know why they’re separating them? Joe. It’s logic. Joe Let me change the camera so you will just look at this. Joe right here. Oh rushing the border. Joe. This is the Porter vent Chaparral of our beautiful city of Tijuana, Baja California. That is the United States of America on the other side, Joe All these people were rushing the border. Do you remember that sign in the globalist compact of immigration?

I have traveled Joe three times to Guatemala and three times to and I have seen it how all these children are being bought by coyotes and traffickers. That they’re making fake families and fake marriages to cheat on lulu to cross to your country of the United States of America. and then you’re asking why these parents are not giving their kids back. Do you know why Joe? Have you asked these so-called parents for their identification for their birth certificate? why they are denying the DA test.

Do you know that the only country that is doing DA testing to real parents is the United States of America because of the enormous influx of migrants and the enormous trafficking of children and trafficking of kids that is occurring. Why you’re not talking about this, you know this statistic yo. I wanna tell you this statistic this small statistic you sign a globalist compact of immigration with Barack Obama God bless President Trump did that he did not sign it. Andres Manuel Lopez leftist socialist wanna be dictator president that we have signed the globalist compact of immigration and also Trudeau in Canada signed this globalist compact of immigration suffocating the United States of America with an influx of migrants with a strategy to break the system and to also open the borders. While you were not talking about that Joe and in all this enormous influx of migrants, there’s a lot of violence.

There’s a lot of delinquent. There’s a lot of rape. There’s a lot of trafficking of cocaine. There’s a lot of trafficking of organs and there’s a lot of trafficking of children and there’s a lot of trafficking humans. Do you forgot about how many do you know about this statistic? Joe Let me just tell you this little fact that you forgot about in the debate. You want people to migrate to to your country right because it’s a necessity and there’s a refugee is necessity right. Do you know that Mexico is number one for cartel activity?

Joe number two for killings of women in Latin America in number two for trafficking the children and Latin America number four for trafficking, Acute and Latin America in number five for bearings in the world show. So who is the inhuman you that you’re you’re you’re provoking and you’re instigating people to migrate through Mexico. And make Mexico a third world secure country when Mexico has more than 60000000 in poverty, 28000000 in critical condition, 68000000 without medical care more than 85000 people have been killed for cartel activity and this twenty some months of the administration of this recent president and you’re talking about immigration Joe you’re talking about trafficking the children have you have you have you haven’t read the newspaper.

How Joe you forgot about that? You forgot about how the administration of Trump yes probably is separating but not from their parents. Parents are not here that is a fake family that just bought this kid for them to obtain the loophole and to cross illegally to the United States of America to cheat on an immigration law and not only that kid has already been arranged to be trafficked to be violated, raped even sold in the United States of America. Why you don’t talk about that Joe. You don’t say anything about that. Huh. How are you gonna push an immigration system through a that is so insecure by my country, Mexico and tell everybody can be a refugee refugees from Africa. You’re Africa We have seen right here.

Joe I remember let me just walk a little bit with you. Joe Let me just walk a little bit with you right here there were migrants of Cameroon migrants of Ghana migrants of Angola migrants of Syria all migrants from across the world asking for. Refugee and asylum case Do you know the top five cities for violence and delinquents in the world? Yo? Five are from they’re not from Central America. I’ll tell you San Pedro Sula, a number fifteen of the world for violence and delinquent. Why you’re not talking about that? Joe? Do you know there’s this little statistic that get you forgot and this and this debate almost 72000 kids have been rescued from being traffic from an an unaccompanied unaccompanied children 72. 72000. 72000 the administration of Trump 4 years and they have rescued 72. 72000 unaccompanied children that they have been trafficked through our board. Earth of Mexico.

You’re talking about border security Joe Do you know how many illegal entrances were in your administration? Do you know how the enormous drug drug and cocaine and methamphetamine and heroin was crossing through your borders at that particular time Do you remember that Joe or you forgot you forgot about that? you forgot that in your administration with Barack Obama, You were the one that deported more Mexicans In the history of the United States of America and that Mexicans committed the crime, they committed a crime crime mostly that is illegal reentry and the gods. so you deported people and by necessity, they will come you deport them. They will come back you deport and they will come back and you will have a great human business with the private presence. Joe Remember that job.

What did you do Joe with all the children that they were traffic in your administration? I wanna ask you It’s just a simple question. I just wanna ask you Joe what you did with all the children that they were trafficking your administration. Why the LCD wants to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security? Do you know why Joe did the AC wants to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security because Donald Trump is hurting their business?

Oh, yes, Joe all these non-profit organizations and all these liberals that they’re coming over here to this place this place this place right here where you make your business all these. AC this these all these people all these American leftist liberals that they come over here. They’re hitting them in their pockets job because they cannot traffic like they used to they cannot make a fake family like they used to not make a fake marriage like they used to they cannot traffic children like they used to I have seen it. I watched it. I recorded it, I documented all of it You’re not gonna lie to me.

Joe you’re not gonna lie in front of the United States of America and tell everybody that trafficking the children it does not exist in our borders. Humongous exist You have been cheating why you don’t say nothing about about Antifa our borders trafficking children Joe Being radical and instigated and motivating people just yesterday was a protest show right here in front protesting for refugees Joe, Right there all the way to the front right there they were coming over here, United States citizens in Tijuana violating Article 33 of the Constitution protesting Joe of something political in a foreign country. How funny it is Joe Foreigners helping foreigners in a foreign country.

Joe Why you didn’t say anything about that. Why you haven’t said that President Trump has put children in the hotel in the Hamptons in El Paso and also in Arizona and he is deporting them or returning them back home and if you’re asking why you haven’t left what all those 500 some kids that you’re talking about. Listen Joe right here. Let me put a helicopter right here. Joe This is the immigration helicopter. Do you know which do you know the that authority right?

Joe, That is the United States customs right there. God bless their hearts. You were talking about the 500, some kids that they haven’t returned back and they haven’t been returned back to their parents. You were talking about that right. Do you know why they haven’t been returned back because they’re not doing a horrific and horrible job like the Obama administration was doing that they were returning them and deporting them back to coyotes and traffickers and the Trump administration.

They’re actually returning them to their actual parent Joe. And they’re actually working with the immigration system in Mexico, so they can actually take them back all the way to to the port of Guatemala and return them back to their legal guardian or real parent, Not why you the 90000 kids got lost in the year 2014 did all the kids were being returned back to coyotes and traffickers and all these people. Joe you haven’t remembered this huh you forgot about. Joe Why you haven’t said about nothing about the globalist compact of immigration Joe.

What are you going to and then why you haven’t talked that if you signed the globalist compact of immigration that Hillary was gonna sign it because you had it ready with Barack Obama for Hillary to sign it why you haven’t talked about the globalist compact of education that is coming. You are really good friends with your sorrows. How Joe that is your best friend? Huh.

Why you haven’t talked about the World Health Organization and the Commission to the International Commission of Human Rights and the Universal Commission of Human Rights that they’re changing their constitution and they’re applying the constitution to make it similar to every single constitution because if you sign all these globalist Compacts, you are a globalist country but you forgot about saying that Joe. Huh.

Have you talked about how all these children they’re suffering through countries? They’re they’re coming all the way from South America be in traffic being raped and being violated. I have documented and I have talked to migrants that they have been raped. They have been abused by coyotes and also they have kidnapped their children to sell them to another family so they can cross to the United States of America.

Do you forgot about that job? I think that you forgot about that huh. I think that you forgot huh, HM so there is no fakes families. Joe. There’s none. There’s not a globalist compact of immigration that you forgot to talk about that Joe and listen Joe. God bless President Trump first of all first and foremost, but before I go and before, I say goodbye to you, Joe.

Here is a Mexican citizen. that loves his beautiful country. Mexico There you go Joe there you go. This is right there. This is the boulder that connects to my neighbor. That is a beautiful neighbor that is the most capitalist country in the world. Yo for you to understand the most capitalist country in the world, the most beautiful country that exist that is the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, but here Joe I love my country of Mexico, My proud, Mexican Joe and I’m telling you this. That’s a max. Mexico Tijuana So you would understand that you’re lying.

And then nobody believes your lies and that you’re not going to win and and you’re not going to be The enormous trafficking the children it is being detained and children are being saved right now in the Trump administration and all the people. All the people that they’re crying right now are leftist liberals leftist liberals because they don’t understand that this is a broken system.

That the United Nations make this globalist compact on immigration to collapse the economy to collapse the borders and to open the borders and to forget about sovereign nations they made this globalist. Do you think that they care about migrants migrating through nine countries? Joe. Good global compact of immigration is that a good system. I’m just asking you is that a good system, Joe or is it not let me take you. Joe. Let me just before I go I wanna take you right here.

Let me flip the camera right here so I can take you to this place so you will forever remember this video and I don’t know if you’re gonna watch it. I don’t think that you’re gonna watch it. you’re too busy and you’re too old and you’re you’re gonna forget you’re even gonna forget what you said tonight. This right here is where hundreds of people come. To ask for a political asylum, hundreds and it’s like a human market, Joe and right here in this little space right here, there’s American Liberals coming all day every day to see if they can get a family and they can create a family or they can do you know with a non-profit organization instigate and motivate people to cheat on a loophole and to cross the United States and tell them that they have a. Humongous possibility to cross to the United States. This is the opening right here. Joe This is the door right This is like you see right there.

Joe Hi is this institute National of Immigration. That’s a vehicle Joe from Mexico I’m right here in Mexico. I wanted to do this little video for you number one. When you’re talking about separation of families clean your mouth. Because you were the one that made the cages in 2014, you were the one that has that needs to be held accountable for they’re missing 90000 children that they were missing a 2014 and they haven’t appeared and your administration do deported more Mexicans in history to create an immigration system which they will will come back because of the necessity of going back to the United States of America.

You serve under an administration that invested our country with fast and and furious and invested with artillery to all the cartels in our country in our cities. You were in the administration where they bomb more the Middle East in history. And you’re talking about now separation of families. You wanna talk about racial division. Take all your liberals to your house Joe.

They’re in my country and they’re violating the law over here Take em please hold your liberal lawyers take them to your country here all these organizations of lawyers that they’re over here take them over there. The Antifa that is over here, take them over there all your liberal activist that they are in. Oh I forgot yo just for you to know 56 children worthy.

This past month and the Institute National of Immigration and there called 21st century and there were two American liberals outside of the immigration station asking for the 56 children to be released so they can have custody of them. Joe these children were unaccompanied children. That’s exactly what you’re demanding right now with 502 children isn’t that a coincidence yo have you talked about that? Joe? Why are you hiding? Joe Oh, my god the audacity.

The shame You don’t have no shame sir you don’t have absolutely no shame. This is the time for everybody to understand that what is left this Democrat radical liberals, what they want to do is destroy your constitution is destroy law in order is destroy and dismantle the Department of Homeland Security and also destroy the immigration system so they can influx and they can destroy your borders. This is what the globalist wanna do. They want to implement in our mind, fear tactics, so we can be afraid like they’re trying to do to you to go out and vote to go out and defend your borders and to go out and defend your country.

They’re not they’re not doing it only in the United States of America. They’re doing it around the world. Every leftist socialist communist, they’re doing it, the president of China Xi caught in saying we are ready for a fear attacked by a communist Carl Marx has said that one of the one of the tactics to is confrontation that is a communist mind fear tactic. And that is what Joe Biden is exactly doing. Not caring about his economy does Joe Biden know about about international affairs?

What’s going on in Venezuela with socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro that he’s trafficking metric tons of cocaine around the world and William Barr has exposed his head. Is he talking about how I ran in Iraq almost 4 months ago, threatened the United States of America by retaliating with revenge where the assassination of Cass. That your body didn’t know about what China is doing with the five G and the Chinese see where they’re they’re taking over Chinese see that doesn’t it doesn’t belong to them with 3.7000000000000. $3.7000000000000 of trade? Does he know about that?

Does he actually admitting that China has created this virus to decrease the population and to affect the population that the and to create a collapse that can you know to take over control? All these globalist all these elite think alike. They us to suffocate they want us to victimize the people they wanna feel victims. Oh my god. He’s a racist. Oh my god. He’s a narcissist. Oh my god. He’s a FA. Oh my god. He’s full of hate. No. there’s something that you’re trying to eliminate you that is history

That is the love for your country. There is the love for your country man. that is the love for your flag. Is a love for your anthem and ultimately the love for God you’re trying to eliminate that from every citizen and from every people around the United States of America, you’re trying to eliminate that. And Donald Trump is not gonna take it. I as a foreigner me as a foreigner, I understand what you’re trying to do. I saw awake about your lactose liberal agenda. About what you’re trying to do to the world with all these elite and all these communist leaders. Why you’re not talking about what is going on in loo socialist that Alexander Luca taken over by being put by bloody be in Russia.

Why you’re not talking about the you wanna enforce the mask in the United States of America, but you’re not talking about what is going on in Berlin and Germany with 1.5000000 people were protesting in Berlin against the enforcement of the mask. My god, you are so unprepared Joe you are so unprepared to run your country You don’t even know what international relations is going about You don’t even know about the five G testing you don’t even know what is coming or you know and you’re just a puppet from the globalist who’s behind you Joe because you wanna talk about the trafficking of children, you really wanna talk about that.

Have you registered all the families and all the fake marriages that they have been in the Department of Homeland Security and the Border Patrol Have you sat down with the border Patrol agent because I have I have walked through the mountains. Joe and I have bits and I have videos I have walked through the mountains to show the wall where it’s open where the trafficking enormous people walk through hours in the sun through snakes all the way to the top and show people.

But where they trafficking have you done that Joe have you sat down and talked to a border patrol agent? how he feels that he feels overwhelmed every day to be babysitting all these people crossing illegally illegally illegally everyday you’re unbroken system that is called the globalist compact of immigration. have you talked to a border and told Joe. You haven’t. You haven’t. This let me tell you what it is Joe. This right here is a human head. Inside of this part, right here there’s a brain. And right here on the left side, there’s a heart.

What all you globalist are trying to do are trying to take over this that is inside of this human head, but in the meantime. You don’t take this is not for sale. When we got this heart, we will fight against all your lion communist people all your demonic people like Hillary Clinton.

All those demonic and evil globalist that they’re trying to take over our freedom. That’s what you wanna do. Joe. If you take over the freedom, if you step all over the constitution you take over the freedom of people that God given right that were born free and they will die free. That’s why you’re trying to do Joe so people later on will be like in Venezuela. There will be dying of necessity you’re trying to make people believe in trying to make people forget about being human of loving caring with this enforcement of the and antibacterial gel and all these hazmat suit.

And all the social distancing you’re trying to take away love you’re trying to take away caring you’re trying to take away the conglomerate you’re trying to take away socializing with your family. loving your mom loving your dad hug your mom you try to take that away by what by this virus you know what you’re doing Joe and then when you put people on necessity what these people are going to want water food clothing. That is what socialism is. You take over their freedom and then you have them in your hand and you take em to squash them You make them believe that you’re gonna get everything to them. What is happening in Venezuela? Joe Nicaragua and Cuba. You don’t have no explanation, I will roast you man I will roast you God bless you guys. I’m about to leave. I will leave you with this beautiful picture of my uh beautiful city of Tijuana.

Unfortunately for this idiot, Joe Biden, he doesn’t even know the statistics Tijuana for the second year in a row is the most most violent city in the for killings and assassinations. but that doesn’t take away the fact that I’m a proud Mexican. I love my country and I love my city and I love my culture and I.

My history, it’s a beautiful history as the history we come from a descent beautiful and we were conquered by the Spaniards, but I you don’t get me blaming it all day because the Spanish I can’t move on no get your butt to work and try to do God’s work. God bless you all make you believe that you have to stay home go out there. Terry. right now. I told you guys in the morning more than almost 40000000 ballots have been checked, according to the New York Times who believes in New York Times nobody. so what they’re doing, they’re trying to do is a scare tactic to to make people that male imbalance is working so don’t believe that go out there and exercise your vote because if you don’t exercise your boat, they’re watering down your constitution they.

Keeping you at home, they’re telling you that you can’t go out that you gotta be scared to go out because of the stupid virus that it was made to kill the population of people to have control of population. go out there and exercise your right constitutional right. that is your god-given right God bless you guys. It’s beautiful. talking to you guys.

Follow my partner Real Anthony that is YouTube. And also at his Facebook page, you can also follow me on YouTube as Oscar, L blue and you can become a member and my channel is Oscar L Blue to receive exclusive content. Also you can follow my page right here at Oscar L Blue Facebook God bless every single one of you man God bless every single one of you.

God bless the United States of America and be a Sovereign nations. True love for your country all these leftist liberals saying that a nationalist is racist. No uh you got that. Boy nationalism is love for your land love for your country. love for your people. That’s what it is if you don’t understand and if you don’t like it get out simple as that God bless you all beautiful talking to you guys. Stay safe and like we always say, peace and love everybody because always your country’s first God bless.

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[116] 2020 Jun 11 cathyfoxblog Illuminati Sacrifices, Magick, Rituals and Gloria Vanderbilt also including Jessie Czebotar with Dave Zublick Interview 3, 11th June 2020

[117] 2020 Jun 20 cathyfoxblog Illuminati Midsummer Ritual

[118] 2020 cathy fox blog Illuminati Signalling Decodes

[119] 2020 Oct 21 cathyfoxblog Satanic Halloween


[A] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[B] Sanctuary for the Abused

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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