UT4 – Two accuse Leavitt of being Ritual Abuser

David Leavitt, Utah State Attorney outed himself in a press conference, as being accused of rape and ritual abuse when he waved about a 151 page victim statement [Witness 3 Statement] from a 2012-2014 investigation into David Hamblin, a therapist. The statement also named Leavitt.

Utah County Attorney at the time David Sturgill had described the allegations as “some of the worst allegations of sexual abuse that I’ve come across in the many years that I’ve been prosecuting these types of cases[UT2]

However Sturgill found difficulty getting a case together suitable for court “I’m getting resistance from DCFS (Division of Child and Family Services)… and then there’s other medical records that we’re having some trouble gathering. A lot of it’s due to just the age of this case. It’s an extremely delayed disclosure.” [UT2]

At a hearing in March 2014, Sturgill moved to dismiss the charges without prejudice in 2014, meaning they could be refiled in the future if the case comes together. [UT2] A new investigation was opened in April 2022 which somehow related to this older case.

David Leavitt, current Utah County Attorney lied and said that his predecessor, prosecutor David Sturgill, dismissed the case because “the allegations were so untenable and unbelievable.” Leavitt went on to characterise the statement as “151 pages of utter baloney” and called the woman who made the allegations “tragically mentally ill.” [UT2]

This is a common tactic for perpetrators to try and diminish a victim and deflect away from the actual testimony and facts. It is a particularly disgusting form of attack, as if a victim suffers from any mental health problems they are caused by the very abuse that the perpetrator has committed upon the victim. This technique is in fact reabusing the victim and possibly trying to make them change to a certain mind controlled alter.

Leavitt is clearly misusing his office to lie, mischaracterise and affect a case that is part of a current Utah County Police investigation, and as Attorney that he may be called upon to make a judgement as to prosecuting.

Leavitt is also clearly misusing his office to comment on a case in which he has a clear conflict of interest as he is named as a child rapist and ritual abuser.

A 6 year old could tell that Leavitt is trying to rubbish the witnes statement because he himself is implicated.

Leavitt has also called upon Sheriff Mike Smith to resign for political interference, despite admitting there is no evidence. Mike Smith is conscientiously investigating the offences and has not released any names of victims, perpetrators or suspects.


Leavitt is up for re-election as Utah County Attorney in a round of elections this week. Ballots will be delivered to Utah County voters on Tuesday and Wednesday, while people can vote until June 28. Sheriff Mike Smith is also up for relection. [14]

Apparently David Leavitt’s morality has not yet persuaded him to stand down from the election due to the obvious conflict of interest. Those against child abuse would probably vote for Mike Smith as Sheriff and for Leavitt’s opponent in the election.

Perhaps Leavitt’s calculation is that the best chance he stands of not being prosecuted for ritual abuse, is to try and be re-elected before more details of the case come out, whilst some people may be confused by his lies, and then attemp to thwart due process from the inside. However due to his behaviour if he does get elected it should be prosecuted as fraud, as he has attempted an intentionally deceptive action designed to provide himself with an unlawful gain.

However the accusation that the victim is “mentally ill” rebounded somewhat on Leavitt, as his outrageous comments prompted Jenny Hatch, a survivor to publicly release the case files, which had been obtained under GRAMA, which afaik is a system akin to Freedom of Information. see No More Secrets [UT3] for all document links.

Two Witnesses Claim Leavitt is Rapist and Ritual Abuser

I can reveal that in fact that there is not just one witness but TWO witnesses who allege that David Leavitt is involved in satanic ritual abuse and a child rapist.

The statement that Leavitt was waving round is Victim Statement 3, which I will address later. The second victim statement which states David Leavitt’s involvement is from Witness 4.

The statements are divided into a series of “experiences”. The Experiences I have found so far from Witness 4 that are relevant to Leavitt are Experience 122 and 171.

It should be noted that it is only referring to David Leavitt when specifically stated David Leavitt or David L. The other David referred to is David Hamblin and wife Rosie.

Full Utah County Witness 4 Statement [UT 58]

Witness Statement 4 Experience 122

Experience 122 states Leavitt raped her.

Witness Statement 4 Experience #171

Experience 171 states she was forced to take part in ritual satanic abuse. She was dressed in a black robe, then it was removed and she had to lie in a coffin trunk, and then she was “called forth from the grave” and made commitments to lucifer and she would fight for satan in the final battle. She was then raped by Leavitt.

Lucifer is often used as a name for Satan before his fall, ie before his expulsion from heaven.

Satanism appears to take every opportunity to mock Christianity and hence the raising of Christ after the Crucifixion is often a target. Satanists appear to use a mix of many different occult ceremonies and religions.

Being called forth from the grave reminds me of two things…

The first is the raising of the antichrist depicted in the Vanderbilt shrine, which I analysed at great depth in post Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [111] There were 5 ceremonies in multiple cities.

The shrine depicted the raising of the antichrist above the black hole of hell. This was the interpretation given to me by whistleblower Jessie Czebotar whose ritual name was Sunshine and she was depicted on the left as we look at it in the shrine. She was supposed to take part in the raising of the antichrist.

For more information see Gloria Vanderbilt and the Rising of the antiChrist [111]

The second scenari that it reminds me of is the freemason re-enactment of the raising of Hiram Abiff, by freemasons. Note the “taking of the knee”.

This ceremony is re-enacted every time a person is raised to become a Master Mason, ie the third degree and is shown in the third degree tracing board.

The person is inside the coffin and the ceremony is described here… [2]

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, or Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints founded in the 1800’s was a prominent freemason.

Chelom Leavitt

It should be noted that although David’s wife is referred to in the statements as Shalom her official name appears to be Chelom. Shalom could be a mistake, a nickname or her ritual name. [4]

Chelom appears to be some sort of sex therapist and advises on teaching children about sex!! [3]

Witness 3 Statements mentioning Leavitt

For full witness 3 statement see https://cathyfox.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/victim-statement-3-1.pdf

Witness 3 statements include David Leavitt include experiences 49, 50, 77 and 110.

Witness 3 stated Leavitt raped her in Experience 50

Witness 3 Experience 77

In experience 77 Witness 3 states that she was told that the Hamblin and Leavitt families have been close since the 1800’s and Jacob Hamblin times. Jacob Hamblin was a Pioneer and Mormon missionary mainly to the native americans. Jacob lived the mormon doctrine of plural marriage and had several wives. One was Sarah Priscilla Leavitt with whim he had 14 children.

David Hamblin and David Leavitt were friends growing up, and called to the same mission for the Mormon Church, but did not serve together. Rosie has said the Leavitt’s were high ranking in the church but Chelom was not high ranking and Cheloms sisters involved in hokey things not connected to the main group.

Chelom became infatuated with David Hamblin and went to him for all sorts of therapy, to such an extent that Levitt became jealous and was therefore willing to support Rosie in her divorce from David Hamblin, by making “David [Hamblin] sound as if he was going crazy”

Note his m.o his methodology, which of course he is also using now against the witness.

The witness goes on to describe how she went for dinner at Leavitt’s house in Nephi and drugged and raped, whilst satanic “prayers” were said. Leavitt then got violent and asked Chelom to film it. Leavitt threatened to skin her and eat her if ever she told anyone what happened.

Witness 3 Experience 110

The witness tells of a time that the Leavitts brought a boy about 8 years old from “the Green’s Place”. The witness was told to have sex with him, but they just played with her toys. She was told to kill the boy, and tried to do so quickly. For various reasons – sadism, adrenochome production and I suspect demonic possession reason, satanists like to prolong the torture and death so she was not allowed to kill him quickly.

However after some time the witness spotted an opportunity and killed him quickly rather than torture him, which earned her the wrath of the ritual abusers, and they made her do vile things. They ate pieces of the body, which is common in this type of ritual abuse. That night she was raped by several including David Leavitt.

The body was put in a black bag and taken to Joe Bennion’s kiln for burning. Then they cleaned up. The house was partially designed so it could be easily cleaned up.

Sometimes the bodies were used for meat. Depending on status of the sacrifice sometimes the blood was used to die doilies and hankerchiefs for the ceremonies.


Witness 3 also gives descriptions of satanism and satanic behaviour. These are consistent with what I have learned from many other whistleblowers.

These families believe they are from the satanic bloodlines dating back to Cain. See Bloodlines of the Illuminati [6] Within these families people are chosen for their spiritual “gifts” part of which is their ability to converse with demons. The persons ability are aligned with that of most suitable demons.

They attach to demons or can be possessed by them, and the demons are powerful beings and give the person powers but the demons need to be given blood sacrifices often. Possession is when the demon lives in the body, although they can have several bodies to live in.

It is not me saying all this, it is me repeating what they believe.

The description of the High Council is also interesting. I am presuming it to be a High Council of the Mormon Church. Whether it is an official council called that i am not sure or whether it is an unofficial satanic offshoot.

Whilst these descriptions are disgusting, outlandish and at first sight unbelievable to people who have not come across this type of abuse, then in my experience of writing a blog on child abuse for 9 years, these accounts are totally consistent with many others of satanic ritual abuse.

For the documents in this case see 2022 Jun 13 Healthy Families No More Secrets [UT3]

For timeline and links on issues around Utah Ritual Abuse see UT0 – Utah Mormon Satanic Ritual Abuse Links and Timeline [UT56] This page is a work in progress and updated often at present whislt i catch up with the case.

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help in deprogramming see Deprogramwiki [7]

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  4. flyingcuttlefish says:

    UK –
    Woman, 66, says she was subjected to horrific SATANIC abuse by her own parents as a child – claiming they sexually assaulted her, used her for child porn, and made her watch them CUT OPEN her dead sister’s body

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  10. jakeandcrew says:

    “Satanism appears to take every opportunity to mock Christianity”

    This may be the reason Chelom goes by the name “Shalom” when engaged in Satanic activity. Shalom is a Hebrew word used in the Bible. It is often used as a greeting or farewell and it’s most simplistic translation is “peace”. But it really means much more than that. Shalom means completeness, wholeness, fullness, rest and harmony.

    Obviously, Chelom’s actions destroy every vestige of “shalom” in the lives of the victims.


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